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In this edition of the Avila newsletter we celebrate Resilience Week, play BlindBall and hear from students involved in the Science Talent Search.

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Published by Avila College, 2018-11-15 22:45:24

November 16 2018 Avila College Newsletter

In this edition of the Avila newsletter we celebrate Resilience Week, play BlindBall and hear from students involved in the Science Talent Search.

NOVEMBER 16 | 2018

From the Embracing
Principal Student Voice

This week the Students Create
the Future Committee have
been running a variety of
activities designed to celebrate
and develop resilience within
our student body.

Dr Michelle Cotter A range of creative activities have been O Lord our God,
run across the school campus for our
Principal resilience week. It has been wonderful to In whose hands are
Exec. MBA, M.Ed. Leadership, see so many students get engaged and the destinies of this
M.Ed. RE, Post Grad. Dip. IT, enjoy the little things that can make a and every nation,
Post Grad. Dip. Adult Ed., big difference to the way we feel about
Grad. Dip. RE, B.Ed ourselves and each other. We give you thanks for
the freedoms we enjoy
35 Charles Street, At the same time our Year 12 students in this land
Mount Waverley, have been diligently preparing for and
Victoria 3149 attending their exams. Thank you to And for those who laid
T 03 9831 9600 all the staff who have provided time, down their lives to defend
[email protected] encouragement and resources to assist them. our students throughout this period.
Every staff member has also received a We pray that we and all
Avila College acknowledges the card with the name of a Year 12 student the people of Australia,
Wurundjeri people, the traditional for whom they are praying and keeping
custodians of the land on which in their thoughts. Gratefully remembering
the College is built. their courage and their
2 I would like to thank you for your sacrifice,
prayers, support and assistance at this
challenging time for myself and my May have the grace to live
family at the passing of my mother. in a spirit of justice, of
generosity, and of peace;
It has been a blessing and great source
of comfort to us. It is at times like this Through Jesus Christ
that you truly value and appreciate your our Lord,
community and faith from which we
have drawn strength. Amen

Dr Cotter

and Mission MAZENOD
DAY I 2018
Ms Carmela Marino
Avila-Mazenod Day
Director of Faith and Mission
Planning has begun for the upcoming Other workshop options will give them
[email protected] Avila-Mazenod Day, themed around the chance to practice gratitude and
the quote from Pope Francis, "Make mindfulness, challenge the expectations
Tiana Chandraratne your voices heard". Year 9 students will of gender roles and explore how we can
Chiara Smith be spending the day together at the change the language we use to be an
Grace Guiliano Australian Catholic University on Monday upstander, and be more inclusive and
Caitlin Grima 3 December. They can select from a set compassionate.
program of workshops that cover a range
Faith and Mission Captains of faith formation and well-being topics. Year 9 students will shortly be receiving
the workshop outlines and will then have
Students will have the opportunity to the opportunity to select their preferred
have their say in the nationwide 2020 options. It promises to be a dynamic and
Plenary Council, explore the Ignatian reflective day of learning.
practice of finding God in all things and
experience prayer in some creative and
unexpected ways.

Our Deepest Sympathy

At this sad time, we keep Dr Cotter and
her family in our thoughts and prayers
on the passing of her mother, Carmel
Cotter. May she rest in peace.

Sunday's Gospel Reading Important Dates

Sunday 18 November Wednesday 21 November
Mark 13: 24-32 Watch for the signs of the Memorial of the Presentation of the
coming of the kingdom. Blessed Virgin Mary.

Sunday 25 November Thursday 22 November
John 18: 33-37, Memorial of St Cecilia.
Pilate questions Jesus about his identity.
Sunday 25 November
Year of Youth ends.


and Teaching

Exams, Headstart, Booklists

Mrs Madeleine Franken Years 10 and 11 students commenced During HeadStart students undertake
their exams on Thursday this week. three lessons in each of their semester
Deputy Principal Year 9 exams are scheduled for one subjects throughout the program.
Learning & Teaching Thursday 29 and Friday 30 November. Homework will be set to assist students
Students undertaking Year 12 studies to commence the new year with
[email protected] will sit their final written exam on confidence and knowledge regarding
Wednesday 21 November. the type of learning that occurs in each
Ms Angela Torelli subject. In many cases, the homework
Year Level Coordinators, Curriculum is designed to prepare students for
Director of Studies Y10-12 Leaders and teachers have advised school assessed coursework (SAC) tasks
students about how to prepare for their that occur very early in the course.
[email protected] exams, including details about specific
materials permitted in the different Any student who knows that she will
Ms Klara Baka subjects’ exams. be absent from any of the HeadStart
program must see her current year level
Director of Studies Y7-9 Students are reminded that they must coordinator. Students are advised that
bring their school ID card to each exam. absence may put their VCE studies at a
[email protected] Further information about pencil cases, disadvantage. Absentees are required
stationery, water, watches, mobile phones, to catch up on the work missed in
4 calculators and dictionaries is included addition to completing all holiday
in the “Exam Permitted Materials” link on homework.
Simon. Examination timetables can also
be accessed from Simon. Booklists

Headstart Booklists have been issued to all
students along with confirmation of
All students currently in Years 10 and 11 their electives for 2019.
will undertake the HeadStart program
from Friday 23 November to Friday 30 Booklists need to be submitted online
November. Year 9 students undertaking to Campion by Thursday 29 November.
a VCE subject in semester one should
attend the HeadStart lessons for Madeleine Franken
that subject unless they have an Deputy Principal, Learning and Teaching
examination or formal assessment
occurring in their Year 9 class at the
same time. Where such a clash occurs,
the assessment of the Year 9 subject
takes priority.

Science Year 8 students Felice Todd, Hannah
Talent Search Stone, Skye Nagel, Ava Harvey and Jade
Major Bursary Kong visited La Trobe University as bursary
Winners winners of the Science Talent Search.
Felice shares her experience participating
in the competition.

Felice Todd
Year 8

What have I gained from the Science STS gave me a wonderful opportunity to learn how to
Talent Search (STS) assignment? What properly structure a scientific research report, and I
started out as a simple school assignment was able to investigate a topic I was interested in. My
turned into something much bigger! investigation question was "What effect did various
fertilisers have on the growth of radishes and peas?
My report was selected for the Science Talent Search
competition along with about 20 other students in Year 8, It was such an honour to be part of this experience, so
and I won a Major Bursary award along with a couple of when you come to the time to complete this assignment,
other students! make the most of this wonderful opportunity! Make sure
you pick a topic that you will be interested in investigating,
On Monday, the students who won an award travelled to because you will have a lot more fun, gain more from this
La Trobe University and received our award which consisted experience and the report itself will have a better result!
of a medal and some prize money.



Ms Janine Bauman Respectful Relationships

Deputy Principal Students What's it all about?

[email protected] Recently, we had the
opportunity to attend a
Student Forum hosted by
Doncaster Secondary College
discussing the subject of
‘Respectful Relationships.’

Beatrice van Rest Mieke De Vries

Mrs Anne Stephens Year 10 Year 10

Director of Pastoral Care Y7-9 This conference was organised or enhance its presence in our
in response to the government’s respective schools. We participated
[email protected] commitment to imbed Respectful in a number of activities, discussing
Relationships programs into every gender stereotyping, boundaries and
Mrs Anna Marvelli school as a way to provide knowledge discrimination in terms of different
to young people and potentially reduce forms of relationships.
Director of Pastoral Care Y10-12 the rates of domestic violence in the
future. At Avila, we are imbedding this subject
[email protected] matter throughout our pastoral lessons
As we know, effective change can only and in other classes and settings.
6 be provoked by education. Among Further to this, families were recently
other students, we were able to asked to participate in a Respectful
discuss, collaborate and improve our Relationships survey and we look
own understanding on this concept forward to reviewing this feedback.
in order to find ways to introduce

Monday 12th of November: Creativity

C - L U N C H T I M E : Mural Creation and Chalk Drawn Footpaths
Tuesday 13th of November: Stress-Less

- LUNCHTIME: Meditation Space

Wednesday 21st of November: Hopefulness

- LUNCHTIME: Time Capsule
- LUNCHTIME: Board with Sticky Notes

Thursday 22nd of November: Technology

C - LUNCHTIME: Banners, Stickers, Lollies, Music

Friday 23rd of November: Connectedness -

L U N C H T I M E : Watching an episode of Friends

Come down to the oval on any of these days for some fun!

Students Create the Future Committee

As part of our ongoing commitment to this Resilience Week Activities
initiative, we are in the process of devising
an action plan which we hope to carry out in During the exam period the Students Create the Future
2019 to further stimulate awareness, interest Committee will be hosting lunchtime activities in
and conversation. This is part of a national response to the Resilient Youth Survey.
movement to sustain gender equality and Monday (12 November)
equip young people, especially girls, with the Creativity Mural Creation and Chalk Drawn Footpaths
knowledge we need to face both the successes Tuesday (13 November)
and challenges in life. Stress-Less Disco and Meditation Space
Wednesday (21 November)
We feel privileged to have had the chance to Hopefulness Video and Time Capsules
participate in this program and we are excited Thursday (22 November)
to continue this work in the future and gather Technology Phone challenge and lunchtime stall
more interest from our peers! Friday (23 November)
Connectedness Lunchtime - watch a Friends episode


Creativity @Resilience Week



Write a Book in a Day Publication Launch

Earlier this year members of the Avila Quill and Ink Writers' Guild participated in the Kids' Cancer Project "Write a Book
in a Day" competition. Together they wrote, designed, illustrated and edited a book within 12 hours. The book has been
published and is now available to read in the Avila library. The authors celebrated with a formal launch of their book "The
Hidden Tune of Stradbroke".

e School for
a school at
the glass
dbroke and

I wish my The Hidden Tune
use it. A Of Stradbroke
about how

fe” Dr Mi-



Legacy Junior Public RACHEL BOTROS
Speaking National Final
Congratulations to Year 8 student Milagros Vargas who qualified
for the Legacy Junior Public Speaking National Final in Sydney VCE Inspired x
after placing as runner-up in the Victorian state final. Design Award

Competing students had to deliver a speech based on the Congratulations to Year 11 Visual Communications
values of Legacy including caring, service, sacrifice and student Rachel Botros who was a finalist in the
remembrance and undertake an impromptu speech. Mila's VCE Inspired x Design Awards for her logo design.
speech was based on self sacrifice being the core value of Rachel explains her design: "Rachel's Canary
mateship with a particular focus on Edward "Weary" Dunlop. is a start up company that will give people
the chance to fly a small aircraft alongside a
Congratulations Mila on an outstanding achievement and professional pilot. The company is inspired by
helping us all appreciate and value the important ideals of Amelia Earhart, the first female pilot to fly solo
Legacy – voluntary service, caring, mateship and remembrance. across the Atlantic Ocean. The name “Canary”
was also the name of her plane. It aims to give
people the opportunity to experience what it is
like to fly a plane. This is the logo for the brand."



It was a PE class with a difference when Year 10 students popped on their
goggles for a game of BlindBall and utilise their other senses to play.


Year 11 Hospitality Year 9 AgHort

It's beginning to look like Christmas in the Year 9 students have been
Avila Kitchen as the Hospitality students busy redecorating the AgHort
finish their final assessment. Centre with paint and design.


and Careers

Early Childhood Scholarships

The Victorian Government is offering to
support students studying an approved
bachelor or postgraduate qualification
commencing in 2019.

Recipients will receive up to:

Ms Jenny Dunn MySci at Monash University • $18,750 towards their early childhood
bachelor degree and employment
Pathways Co-ordinator MYSci is a three-day science program incentive.
[email protected] for students in Years 11 and 12 in 2019
and includes workshops from Monash • $12,000 towards an approved
Ms Ann Boyce University’s Biology, Chemistry, Physics postgraduate teaching qualification
& Astronomy, Mathematics and Earth, and employment incentive.
Careers Teacher Atmosphere & the Environment schools.
[email protected] Further information can be found at
Run in Monash’s laboratories and outdoor
14 science classrooms, students will also have
access to Monash University’s research What is Cybersecurity?
scientists who will offer an insight into
their disciplines and provide students with Cybersecurity is the protection of internet-
potential career pathway information. connected systems, including hardware,
software and data, from cyberattacks.
Wednesday 9 – Friday 11 January 2019
Monash University Clayton campus In a computing context, security comprises
Cost: $95.00 cybersecurity and physical security - both
Register: MYSci Science Program are used by enterprises to protect against
unauthorized access to data centres and
The UMAT admissions Test other computerized systems.
is changing in 2019
Cybersecurity professionals are employed
For students intending to study Medicine/ in all industries, and they work hard at
Dentistry/Clinical Sciences courses an ensuring computer data stays out of the
additional aptitude test is required wrong hands. Cybersecurity is taught at
for some courses. Students studying numerous universities in Victoria.
applicable courses in Year 12 in 2019 will
need to register for the UCAT (University Although Cybersecurity Education is an
Clinical Aptitude Test). Further details can American organisation, its website is
be found on well-worth a visit just to begin to grasp
the broad range of careers in this field.

The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019

The World University Rankings 2019 were recently released with the world’s top ten universities being in the United
Kingdom and the United States of America. The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2019 includes more
than 1,250 universities, making it the biggest international league table to date.
This table is also the only global university performance table to judge research-intensive universities across all of their
core missions: teaching, research, knowledge transfer and international outlook.
Noting that the rankings are based on more than 1,250 research-intensive universities, the Australian universities that rank
in the top 500 on the world stage are:


World Aerobics in the Netherlands!

In exciting news, Year 9 students Lucy Searle and Emma Johnston competed for
Australia in the FISAF World Aerobics Championships 2018 in The Netherlands in
October. Performing against the best in the world, Lucy's team Amor placed second
and Emma's team Samba placed seventh. What a tremendous achievement!

Victorian The
Basketballer Knox
Congratulations to Year 7
student Jaida Reid who was Look out for Year 8 student Lynn Ng performing in the Grand
selected in the U15 Vic Metro Final for "The Knox Factor", performing at the City of Knox
girls basketball team that will Carols by Candlelight pre-show on Saturday 1 December.
compete in the Southern Cross Lynn successfully progressed through two heats, singing her
Challenge. songs "About Us" and "Secrets". Well done Lynn!

Jaida is also one of ten Remembrance Wall
girls in the state who have
been selected by the High Thank you to Year 8 student Maddison
Performance coaches at Taylor who designed and installed a
Basketbll Victoria to play in beautiful Remembrance Wall for the Year
Europe next June.

Well done to Jaida who has
been working and training
hard on the court for the last
twelve months!


Avila College Avila Calendar
Presentation Dates & Events
Evening 2018
Friday 23 November
Monday 26 November PFA Avila Influencers Breakfast
Robert Blackwood Hall, Monday 26 November
Monash University Avila Presentation Evening
7pm for a 7.30 start Tuesday 27 November
Late start: 9:30am
Please join us for an evening Tuesday 3 December
of music and celebration as we Year 9 Avila-Mazenod Reflection Day
recognise the achievements of our Tuesday and Wednesday
students in 2018. 4-5 December
Year 9 Careers Day
Invitations have been sent out Friday 7 December
to award recipients and Year 7 Year 7-9 End of Year Mass
families. All Year 7 students are
expected to attend Presentation SECONDHAND UNIFORM SHOP
Evening as they will be presented Wednesday 28 November 1-4pm
and performing on stage. Wednesday 5 December, 1-4pm

If you would like to book a ticket (limit of 3 per family) 17
please access the Monash Box Office via the web link or telephone 9905 1111.

NB. There is no need to book a ticket for Year 7
students, Year 12 students or award recipients as they
have been allocated seats.

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