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Welcome to the new school year! In the first edition for 2018 we meet the school captains, discuss the uniform trial and visit the Orchestra Camp.

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Published by Avila College, 2018-02-14 23:40:10

Avila College Newsletter February 15 2018

Welcome to the new school year! In the first edition for 2018 we meet the school captains, discuss the uniform trial and visit the Orchestra Camp.

February 15 | 2018
'All things are possible for the one who believes' Mark 9:23

From the Principal
Welcome to Avila 2018!
The start of the school year is wonderfully colourful, joyously blurry and imaginatively undecided - it is full of possibilities. It’s about fresh starts and it’s bursting with daring potential.
This year, in many ways can be whatever we want to make it as individuals and as a learning community.
Our year ahead can see us imagine the days ahead with colour,
sound, spirit, challenge, faith and achievement in whatever ways our imaginations dare us to go.
We might imagine days when we can dive through branches to understand the environment we are called to care for in our daily choices. Or we can swim up to the sun to see what our highest levels of achievement
in sport, in performance or in social justice might be.
We might imagine days when grace and daring are all we need to build a bridge to form relationships that will help us grow and learn, relationships that will help us to be tolerant, inclusive and understanding of each other.
We might imagine days when we forget how to fall so when we encounter challenges that compel us to learn things we don’t yet know and to develop skills we don’t yet have.
We might see ourselves as daring explorers of learning in all of our subjects – in the ones we love and in the ones we nd the hardest.
We might also imagine days when a book swings open and a place you’ve never seen before welcomes you in.
The 2018 Avila chapter has now opened and we have welcomed
our Year 7's to their rst week of secondary school and they have done a marvelous job.
Our High Achievers from the VCE
and VCAL Class of 2017 returned to the opening school assembly to be acknowledged for their achievements and our College Dux’s re ections on her learning journey inspired us all.
I encourage all of our students to
nd their passion this year, perhaps
it will be in joining the Craft Club or Young Vinnies or a sporting team or a musical ensemble or another of the many co-curricular offerings available.
As we get back into learning
routines, curriculum programs and assessments I encourage our students to set their sights on imagining achieving their personal best and daring to do and be their best.
Dr Michelle Cotter
Exec. MBA, M.Ed. Leadership, M.Ed. RE, Post Grad. Dip. IT, Post Grad. Dip. Adult Ed., Grad. Dip. RE, B.Ed
35 Charles Street, Mount Waverley, Victoria 3149
T 03 9831 9600 [email protected]
Avila College acknowledges the Wurundjeri people, the traditional custodians of the land on which the College is built.

In the coming Lenten period we have
an important opportunity as a Catholic community to re ect on what it means to be faith lled people of Christ.
Students, staff and parents are all learners in our Presentation and Catholic learning community and with a focus on the Presentation value to “Dare” we can each take a leap into learning in 2018 with courage and daring.
Happy Learning!
Dr Cotter
A Prayer
from Caritas Bishop Patrick
God of all peoples and nations, you accompany us on our Lenten journey.
May we learn to walk your way of justice and compassion with all your people.
In a special way, we keep in mind the children, youth, women and men around the world...
...who are most vulnerable to extreme poverty and injustice.
In this Year of Youth, may we support young people ... they recognise that through their efforts, their desire to change and their generosity...
...they too are participating in the building of a better world.
Bless our prayers, our fasting and our Lenten gifts to Project Compassion.
Through these actions, may our hearts be open to receive your grace... we work towards a just future for all your creation.

and Mission
Project Compassion
This year we have lots of exciting activities planned for Project Compassion. Our aim is to raise awareness about important issues and for students at Avila College to take part in a social justice action.
The theme from Caritas Australia for this year is ‘A Just Future for All’ in conjunction with the Year of Youth.
We are called to join in solidarity
to raise awareness and funds and help build a world of peace through courage and compassion.
Thank you to the Young Vinnies girls for helping with the selling of pancakes on Shrove Tuesday which raised $460 for Project Compassion. This was a wonderful start to our Lenten pledge.
We have a number of other activities planned for Avila during Lent.
Thursday 15 February
Walk for Caritas.
How many kilometres can we walk in one lunch time? (Gold coin donation)
Wednesday 7 March
Balloon Raf e
Friday 23 March
Crazy Hair Day
Ms Carmela Marino
Director of Faith and Mission [email protected]

Photo from Anita
Faith and Mission Important Dates
Sunday's Gospel Reading
Sunday 18 February 1st Sunday of Lent Mark 1: 12–15
After forty days in the desert, Jesus proclaims the reign of God.
Sunday 25 February 2nd Sunday of Lent Mark 9: 2–10
Jesus is trans gured before Peter, James and John.
Tuesday 20 February
World Day of Social Justice
21 February International Mother Language Day
22 February
Feast of the Chair of St Peter, Apostle
23 February Memorial
of St Polycarp
Australian Catholic Youth Festival
On the 7th of December 2017, I was lucky enough to be one of the 15,000 young Catholics gathered in Sydney for the Australian Catholic Youth Festival (ACYF); a three-day long celebration of faith and worship.
The event took place at the Sydney Olympic Park and was hosted by
the Australian Catholic Bishops Conference (ACBC) in partnership with the Archdiocese of Sydney.
ACYF launched the 2018 national liturgical ‘Year of Youth’ making the theme of the festival ‘Opening new horizons for spreading joy’. This theme song ‘Joyful Generation’ became a constant celebration and anthem that united everyone present.
Highlights for me included the plenaries which had such an
amazing, energetic and empowering atmosphere, as well as guest speakers like; Sr Hilda Scott, Orange Sky and Melinda Tankard Reist, the pilgrimage walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the nal Mass in The Domain.
My absolute favourite part of the entire festival was the live music. World famous musicians Matt Maher and Steve Angrisano were so inspirational and their music never failed to rev up their enormous crowds.
We, the representatives of Avila, all returned to Melbourne inspired and hopeful for the future of the Catholic Church in Australia.
Anita Mandarino
Anita attended the festival with Kina Vaihu, Vanessa Dellarciprete and Grace Giuliano.

Shrove Tuesday

Ash Wednesday

and Teaching
Avila College’s homework policy is designed to support student learning and to ensure that our young people can enjoy a healthy, balanced life with recreation time too.
The following guidelines are published as a reminder of what the expectation is at Avila.
If students are spending signi cantly more than the recommended time on homework, parents may like to check whether the student is unclear about the work set. Encourage your daughter to speak with her teacher if unsure.
We seek parents’ support in encouraging the development of
responsibility, organisation and problem-solving skills in our students.
Homework Guidelines
Years 7 + 8 - 1 to 1.5 hours per night Years 9 & 10 – 1.5 - 2 hours per night
Years 11 & 12 - 3 – 3.5 hours per night (approximately 5 hours per subject per week)
Madeleine Franken
Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
1-1.5 hours
1.5 - 2 hours
3 - 3.5 hours
Mrs Madeleine Franken
Deputy Principal
Learning & Teaching [email protected]
Ms Angela Torelli
Director of Studies Y10 - 12 [email protected]
Ms Klara Baka
Director of Studies Y7-9 [email protected]

What a marvellous start the students from Year 7 – 9 have had!
Last Thursday our newest members of the Avila community arrived excited and eager to start their secondary school journey.
The Year 7 students have settled well into Avila completing both the Orientation and Transition Programs.
Within these programs the students have undertaken various activities in their homeroom groups, experienced their rst year level assembly, completed two sessions on “Getting to Know Your Mac”, went on a tour around the College, had a session on locker organisation coupled with organisation of books and folders for classes.
The students have risen very well to all the challenges starting secondary school brings and many have also made it to the Avila Café!
A reminder to parents that Year 7 students will not receive any formal homework for the rst fortnight as they transition into secondary school and become accustomed to new routines.
Klara Baka
Director of Studies Y7-9
High Achievers Assembly
At the High Achievers Assembly on Tuesday 6 February, we welcomed back to the College, our 2017 VCE and VCAL high achieving students.
We celebrated and acknowledged students who achieved outstanding ATAR scores of 90 and above, those students who attained the highest study score in their subject and our VCAL High Achiever.
Nicole Ng, our 2017 College Dux, with an ATAR score of 98.01, was unable to attend and her parents were presented with the Filomena Salvatore Dux gift.
Angela Torelli
Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching

High Achievers Assembly

2017 College Dux | Nicole Ng
Unfortunately, I was unable to attend the High Achiever Assembly, as I am overseas in Bangkok. It is however my great privilege to be the College Dux of 2017.
Firstly, I would like to give a huge thanks to my year level, for their supportive and kind hearted nature. 2017 was a challenging and unforgettable year, and our bond as a year level could not have been stronger.
I would also like to sincerely thank all of my teachers for their support and assistance and especially Mr Francis, who inspires me so much in Maths and Mr Kennedy, who brought humour and insights to Maths and Physics.
To the many other dedicated staff and teachers along my Avila journey who helped me and so many other students grow and develop into the determined, con dent young ladies who made up the Class of 2017 - thank you!
Also I want to offer a special and big thanks to my family, who have guided me along my Avila journey. To my three younger siblings, Ashley, Russell and Meghan who insisted on doing the dishes, washing clothes and cleaning the bathroom so that I had time to “study”, or so I told them. Whether it was out of love or out of fear for their older sister, they never once complained and for that I am grateful. I also want to thank my parents, who constantly told me to take breaks, and as cliche as it sounds, they constantly reminded me that “your ATAR does not de ne you”. Without them, the triumph at the end of Year 12, would not have been possible.
The past year was certainly hectic and eventful. I guess, the biggest tip I could give from my perspective is to not put too much pressure on yourself.
Year 12 is a year to give everything you have in this nal leg
of the race, however it is also a year to have fun and make long lasting memories with friends, family, and school mates. This may mean balancing your lifestyle so that your mind isn’t always in stress mode.
Throughout my time at Avila I was involved in many activities inside and outside of school, such as my involvement in sporting and debating clubs. However in my nal year of Avila, I had this crazy idea that I would wake up at 5am everyday and stay up to midnight doing nothing but study. Guys if you do this, you will go insane!!
Whilst I went into Year 12 with this mentality, studying full time was not ideal nor possible for me, and I did end up participating in activities in my nal year at Avila as a way to spend much needed hours away from the books.
So..making sure that you prioritise time for your family, friends and hobbies, is extremely important. For me, half way through the year, I would wake up early most mornings go for a run, or go on a running machine where I would put my phone on the machine and watch videos. Don't deprive yourself of doing what you like, but rather try to have a balance.
It’s never too late to make a change, you just need a goal, and a dream! I was never a straight A+ student. However, with hard work and determination, you will do better than you expect. I remember in Year 11 feeling extremely down hearted with my study score in Biology, getting a low 30, and thinking that I will never get an atar above 90, which was my goal.
However, If there are any Year 12s out there feeling disappointed about their study score, or anyone discouraged with their grades, don’t be. It is never too late to start working towards your goal. Whether it be to get that ATAR that would get you into your dream course or rejoice in the knowledge that you have tried your best.
So remember, have a goal, a dream, an action plan, and of course, DO IT! It is never too late to make changes. You need to put in the effort yourself and every effort you put in counts. No matter how small or silly you think it may be, all your hard work will count at the end. So don't just let your goal be a dream, but rather put your dream into action and just do it. It is never too late for change.
I wish you all the best in following year or years at Avila, and make yourself proud of what you can achieve.
Thank you. Nicole Ng

Pastoral Care
Welcome to 2018
As we start term one, we welcome returning students, new students and especially our Year Sevens. Parents play a vital role in guiding the decision making of their daughter and they do this far more effectively if they are aware of expectations.
Communication - SIMON
Parents are advised to take time to
read through the information on SIMON under School Links, Student Policies, and all correspondence from the College as it is assumed that parents are aware and support these expectations. Open and transparent communication is important in ensuring a strong partnership between home and school.
Should you have pastoral care inquiries/concerns please contact your daughter’s Homeroom Teacher as a rst point of reference followed by her Level Co-ordinator. Queries regarding progress in a particular subject are best addressed to the subject teacher, Curriculum Leader or relevant Director of Studies.
Care Monkey Details
Please ensure that the most up to date information is provided on your daughter’s CareMonkey pro le page.
In particular, we ask for your current contact details and that you have supplied an emergency contact number of someone who can come to
the College to pick up your daughter, should the need arise.
Health Information
If your daughter has had a change in her health status, please ensure that you contact Cathy Angus or Kerri Stiles, College Nurses, as soon as possible and provide them with information about health care.
We want to be proactive in caring for your daughter and can only do this if we have the correct and up to date information.
Parent Information Evenings
Parent Evenings are running across the rst three weeks of the term and we strongly encourage families to attend.
These nights provide an opportunity to meet your daughter’s new Homeroom Teacher, understand the learning and wellbeing focus for the year, hear from guest speakers, and meet other parents.
If you missed this opportunity please contact your daughter’s Homeroom Teacher.
Ms Janine Bauman
Deputy Principal Students [email protected]
Mrs Anne Stephens
Director of Pastoral Care Y7-9 [email protected]
Mrs Anna Marvelli
Director of Pastoral Care Y10-12 [email protected]

The holidays are over!
Young people often have mixed feelings about starting or returning to secondary school.
Some tell us that they are excited about making new friends or catching up with old ones. They also tell us of the thrill of starting a new subject and having new teachers.
Whilst others report being nervous about learning new routines, not tting in, making new connections or keeping up with the workload.
As a parent you might also have concerns about these issues, and wonder whether your child will have the skills and con dence to manage them. These feelings are completely normal. Here are some tips to support your daughter:
Tips and Ideas
2 3
4 5
Be supportive and available.
Provide them with opportunities to discuss concerns with you and help them think of strategies to overcome these challenges.
Normalise feelings of uncertainty for your daughter.
Ensure they eat breakfast each day.
This will give them the energy to focus on their studies.
Be available when things get tough. Encourage them to do homework.
Encourage them to revise their in-class material so that they don't fall behind in their academic progress. Be available in case they have any questions.
Back to School Checklist
Check and update CareMonkey details including all emergency contacts
Contact the Health Centre with any changes to a student's health status
Log into SIMON and read through school policies and other information provided on school links
Contact your daughter's Homeroom Teacher with any pastoral care queries
Download the Avila app from the Avila website for the online calendar
Keep up to date with the latest from the Pastoral Care team through the fortnightly newsletter

Meet the Pastoral Care Team
Ms Janine Bauman
Deputy Principal Students
Ms Marina Kelly
Y9 Coordinator
Ms Helen Tillinh
College Counsellor
Mrs Tracey Gannon
Learning Enhancement
& Enrichment Coordinator
Mrs Anne Stephens
Director of Pastoral Care Y7-9
Mrs Sophie Clapperton
Y10 Coordinator
Mrs Rachael Janssen
College Counsellor
Ms Jennifer Dunn
Pathways and Careers Coordinator
Mrs Anna Marvelli
Director of
Pastoral Care Y10-12
Mrs Fiona Wright
Y11 Coordinator
Mrs Donna Teekens
College Counsellor
Ms Anne Boyce
Pathways and Careers Coordinator
Mrs Cherilynne Kingston
Y7 Coordinator
Mrs Clare Manning
Y7 Coordinator
Mrs Elizabeth Trembath
Y8 Coordinator
Mrs Cathy Angus
Health Care Nurse
Mrs Kerri Stiles
Health Care Nurse

Uniform Options Trial
Avila College is delighted to announce that a trial of new uniform items will be conducted in the coming weeks.
In line with feedback from our Student Uniform Committee and community sentiment we are looking to introduce additional pieces into the uniform range. These are designed to offer greater choice, exibility and functionality for students whilst at school.
In the trial we will have a group of students wearing navy tailored shorts and a short sleeved white shirt. These are samples only, to test fabric and styling.
Based on the trial results we will then consider introducing new options into the Avila uniform range as additional pieces.
> Hear more about the trial from members of the Student Uniform Committee
Watch the video. Cant view it? Click here!

Student Leadership
Abbey Goullet
2018 Avila College Captain
I am currently studying ve Unit 3/4 VCE subjects; English, Further Mathematics, Biology, Legal Studies and Religion & Society. Outside of school, I spend my time on the football eld, teaching swimming, annoying my elder brothers and playing Wii Dance. Sport is my passion, from swimming to running, only behind spending time with my family.
But in the end my favourite place to be is Avila College. 2018 at Avila College will be the best one yet. I cannot wait to watch school events, from swimming to Flynn Day, be lled with spirit, happiness and involvement!
I am so proud to put on my blue tartan every morning because Avila College believes in empowering women to achieve everything they can - from encouraging STEM subjects to girls picking up a cricket bat for the rst time.
This year our leadership team is lled with vibrant, excited and energised girls. Each girl brings something wildly different yet extremely useful to the group.
The presence of these girls is their best superpower, always seen around the school encouraging and inspiring others through their actions, not just words.
DARE TO DO. Something very close to my heart. We chose Dare To Do for our 2018 theme in order to continue this act of inspiring girls to reach their potential. Too often we sit back in our comfort zones because it is easy, but now we set the challenge to go beyond what we usually do.
From making new friends from different primary schools, to trying a new study pattern at the start
of VCE or daring to not complain on Year 9 camp.
It is confronting, but more than that, it is exciting. Sometimes we all need to be reminded we can do more. The founder of the Presentation Sisters, Nano Nagle, a daring woman if there has ever been one, once said “Deeds not Words”. Hence the Do part of the theme. To change anything, we must physically act instead of sitting on the sidelines.
I think that importantly, we did not want to choose a theme for the sake of seeing some words on a screen. This theme challenges me
myself. It makes me want to
jump out of my chair and act.
So I too will be pushing all the many boundaries I have, running right beside everyone who takes up the
challenge as we all DARE TO DO.

Tiana Chandraratne
Vice-Captain Faith and Mission
I feel very humbled to be the College Vice Captain - Faith and Mission for 2018.
Although the year has just begun, I know it will be a very exciting and progressive one for Avila College. I am proud to be an Avila Girl because I am part of special group of passionate young women,
who take their learnings beyond the classroom.
Seeing the ideas created and led by students come to life is what I am most looking forward to this year. Studying English, Further Maths, Chemistry, Accounting and Business Management this year will certainly keep me busy, however I will be enjoying my favourite TV shows and time with my dog, to keep me relaxed.
Our theme of 'Dare to Do’ is a message
of encouragement and call to action, asking our College Community to step out of their comfort zone and make ‘daring’ decisions.
It invites the idea of setting and undertaking challenges, where we embrace mistakes and grow together.
I guarantee the leadership team of 2018 will bring lots of energy and enthusiasm, so we can make the most of this year together.
"Dare to Do’
is a message of encouragement and call to action"
Sarah Loughnan
Vice-Captain | Community
I am so honoured and proud to have been elected by my peers to be Vice-College Captain Community for 2018! I am extremely proud to be an Avila girl and love telling people that I attend Avila College as it such a fantastic school which has provided me with so many opportunities both academically and socially. I am especially proud to have been involved in the Avila-Mazenod musical for two years, as well as Creative Arts since Year Seven.
This year I am studying English, Further Maths, Legal
Studies, Business Management and Theatre Studies. In 2017
I accelerated in two subjects, completing Year 12 units of both Dance (externally) and Drama. I have been dancing for 15 years and hope to continue by completing a full time dance course after school.
So what should the Avila Community expect from the 2018 Leaders? Besides terrible jokes and cheesy acting, the 2018 Leadership Team wants to inspire and lead our college to Dare to Do. Our leadership team will be right beside you every step of the way. We want to strengthen the bond of the Avila sisterhood by getting people to dare to become involved in the nurturing and thrilling environment of Avila.
Dare to Do means to not hold back. I don't want to graduate at the end of this year regretting anything. I want to graduate knowing that I gave 2018 my all and I dared to do different and exciting things that I will remember for many years to come.

Student Top Tips
Tip 1: Remember your Locker Code
You can write it on a piece of paper or on your phone in notes to remember it. You can even change the password
to your phone to your lock combination for an even better chance to learn it off by heart!
Tip 2: Keep binder folders
for each subject.
Have a different binder folder for each subject to store your books in. This will save time searching through your locker to nd the right one.
Having different colour folders can make nding that folder easier.
Tip 3: Stick a timetable inside your locker
Stick a timetable inside your locker, so you can see what class you have next. You can also colour code it and make it look really pretty
Tip 4: Hang your Blazer on the hook in your locker
This way it won’t have wrinkles in it and be all crinkley by the end of the day. (Let’s save some ironing time!)
Tip 5: Keep an organised Diary/Planner
Use a Diary/Planner to write important dates and when assessments are due.
It makes things a lot easier!
To assist in the Year 7 transition into secondary school, Year 8 students Poppy Palma and Olivia Rowley helped produce a short video with their advice on how to get organised for school. Here they share their top tips and helpful hints.
Organisation is a massive part of high school life and sometimes it can get confusing and very stressful if your locker is a mess and homework is overloading. We believe these top ve tips can take some weight off your shoulders, save time around lockers and maybe get you early to class.

Proud Race Day 2018
On the 13th of February 2008, The Former Prime Minister of Australia, Kevin Rudd made an apology speech to the stolen generation. He said "Sorry" for the wrongs that have been in icted on a proud race of people and a proud culture.
So on the 10th Anniversary of this historical moment in 2018, as a school community Avila celebrated this day. We scattered bollards from Reconciliation group, around the school so that throughout the day the girls could have a read about in uential Aboriginal people.
We had the wonderful music playing
in St Teresa’s garden that incorporated famous aboriginal artists as well as the Avila girls getting involved by coming
to grab a sticker, have a chat about the day and have a nail painted in either red yellow or black to recognise the rst peoples of our land.
It was so great to educate the younger girls in the college and have so many come and celebrate a day of pride and respect for our aboriginal people.
Natasha Palamara and Caterina Abell
Avila College Fire Carriers

Orchestra Camp 2018


+ Reminders
Australian Open
Guess who was on court? Evelyn Ahumada and Isabella Di Fede! Evelyn was selected for a second consecutive year as Ballkid for the Australian Open.
In Full Bloom
A big thank you to Jersey Dix Draper, Felice Todd, Monique Korte Artinian, Shubhi Singal and Emma Gleeson who worked together with Mrs Beth Prendergast to brighten up a corner of Avila College by planting new ower beds. Whilst they battled the elements and had to plant using umbreallas, their efforts have paid off with all in bloom.
Blazer Pockets
For those who have purchased secondhand blazers recently at the Secondhand unifomr shop - please be advised that the blazer pocket with the correct logo is now available from the General Of ce or Secondhand Uniform shop and priced at $15.

Congratulations to three of our amazing debaters!
At the beginning of every year, the DAV holds trials to select students for the Victorian Schools Team (VST). Students on the team represent Victoria at the National Schools Debating Championships (held this year in Perth) and some even go on to represent Australia at the World Championships.
While the trials are open to any interested students, the DAV send personal invitations to a selection of high performing debaters from the previous year. This year we congratulate Vibusha Raghudhevan (Year 11) and Priyanka Sharma and Kavia Pynadath of Year 10 who have been invited to try out for this team as they demonstrated excellence in their debates in 2017.
Sophia Grubnic selected
for Women in Rotary Panel
Congratulations to Avila College student and Drama Captain Sophia Grubnic who has been invited to present on a panel at the Rotary Club Women's Day Breakfast.
The only secondary student student speaking, Sophia will be joining Lee Hamley, Chief Medical Of cer at the Alfred Hospital, 3AW radio personality Peter Stubbs and Detective Superintendent Deb Robertson on the panel. The panel will be discussing the theme "One Day I Will... Today's Girls, Tomorrow's Leaders".
Avila Calendar Dates & Events
Thursday 15 February
Y8+Y9 Information Evening | 7pm
Monday 19 February
PFA Meeting | 7pm
Thursday 22 February
Opening School Mass | 9am
Friday 23 February
Y12 Formal
Wednesday 28 February
Chisholm House Day
Thursday 1 March
Twilight Tours | 4-7pm
Thursday 8 March
PFA International Women's Day Breakfast | 4-7pm
Wednesday 28 February, 1-4pm Wednesday 21 March, 1-4pm
8am - 4.30pm

+ Reminders
Have you booked your breakfast tickets yet?
On International Womens Day, Thursday 8 March, the PFA will be hosting our rst In uencers Breakfast with guest speaker Paola Di Trocchio, Avila Alumnae and NGV Curator, Fashion and Textiles. $10 Tickets available now!
Secondary School Vaccinations in 2018
The Secondary School Vaccine Program offers free vaccines to Year 7 and 10 students. These vaccines provide protection against:
• Diphtheria, tetanus and pertussis (whooping cough) – one dose for year 7 students
• Human Papillomavirus (HPV) – two doses for year 7 students
• Meningococcal A,C,W,Y – one dose for year 10 students
Parents/guardians of Year 7 and 10 students should look out for the vaccine consent card booklet coming home from school with your child. You need to
read the information, complete and return the card regardless of whether your child is being vaccinated at school.
The City of Monash immunisation service may contact you about the Secondary School Vaccine Program. Schools are authorised to provide basic parent/ guardian contact details to local councils for this purpose.
Contact Avila College by 28 February 2018 if you do not want your contact details given to the City of Monash immunisation service.
To learn more about the Secondary School Vaccine Program, the vaccines, the diseases they protect against, or how you can prepare your child for vaccination, go to
Additionally, the Commonwealth government is funding vaccinations for all children under 20 years who missed scheduled vaccines. If students have missed vaccines, either in childhood or adolescence, and require catch-up vaccines, they should speak with their immunisation provider. (ie. local council or GP).

Pathways and Careers
Avila College Class of 2017 - Destinations
Students from the Class of 2016 have embraced a range of tertiary institutions and courses as they step forward into their next phase of education, training and study.
Destinations: Tertiary Institutions
University of Melbourne
11.3% RMIT 6.9%
Swinburne 5% Monash
University 31.3%
Other 5%
Tertiary Institutions
Australian Catholic University 6.3%
Deakin University 26.3%
Latrobe University 6.9%
Architecture and Building 2.5%
Creative Arts 9.8% Education 6.4%
Engineering and
related technologies 2.9%
Health 17%
Information Technology 2%
and Commerce 15.7%
Destinations: Tertiary Courses
and Culture 32.8%
Natural and Physical Sciences 12.3%
Agriculture, Environment and related studies 2%
Tertiary Courses
Ms Jenny Dunn
Pathways Co-ordinator [email protected]

Drop Off and Parking
For the safety of all students, drivers need to follow a clockwise route when dropping off or picking up students. Cars are not permitted past Portsmouth Street to the end of Charles Street.
Stewart Street
St Albans Street
Portsmouth Street
Charles Street

Avila Parents + Friends Association
Inf luencers
Avila College | The Gathering Space International Women'sDay
March 8
Up close with
PAOLA DI TROCCHIO NGV Curator | Fashion & Textiles
The Avila PFA is proud to present the rst in a series of breakfast events. Join us for this inspiring look into the world of international fashion with NGV Curator & Avila Alumnae, Paola Di Trocchio Time: 7.00-8.30am | Cost: $10 | Bookings Essential: www.trybooking/342352


Thrilling Rides
Children's Rides
*Petting Zoo
Dodgem Cars
Jumping Castle
Dunking Machine
(Malaysian, Sri Lankan, Filipino, etc)
PRE BUY Wristbands for
only $35 ea.
to enjoy Unlimited Rides!
Themed Raffle Hampers Face Painting Braiding Crazy Hair Colour
Show Bags
Trash & Treasure
Pre-Loved Books
Games and More.....
*Petting Zoo 10.30 am to 2.30 pm
St. Christopher's
Fete 2018
24 February 2018 10.00am - 4.00pm
5 Doon Ave.
Glen Waverley VIC 3150
(off Blackburn Road)
SAVE $$$!
Pre-buy Wristbands at only $35 ea. to enjoy Unlimited Rides!
scfete18 scfete18

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