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A special edition guest edited by Year 10 students.

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Published by Avila College, 2018-05-10 23:21:39

May 12 2018 Avila College Newsletter

A special edition guest edited by Year 10 students.

May 11 | 2018

Guest Edited by

Year Ten Students

From the

Dr Michelle Cotter Welcome to our Welcome
Year 10 Special to our
Principal Edition Newsletter Newsletter
Exec. MBA, M.Ed. Leadership,
M.Ed. RE, Post Grad. Dip. IT, It has been a pleasure and delight We’ve joined forces to
Post Grad. Dip. Adult Ed., to hand over the editorial reigns produce this newsletter
Grad. Dip. RE, B.Ed to four very competent, creative edition with a mix of
and committed Year 10 students design, management,
35 Charles Street, for this edition of the Avila College editing and writing
Mount Waverley, newsletter. skills direct from the
Victoria 3149 Year Ten corridor.
T 03 9831 9600 The newsletter is designed to provide
[email protected] all members of our community with an We hope we’ve insight into daily school life. achieved our goal;
to leave a Year 10
Avila College acknowledges the Who better to shine a light on what footprint on as much
Wurundjeri people, the traditional is happening on campus and in the content as possible.
custodians of the land on which classroom than our students?
the College is built.
2 In line with our commitment to
amplify student voice, we have asked
Beatrice, Renee, Sanjana and Mieke to
create and collate the content for this

I am sure you will agree that they
have delivered a terrific edition with
a particular focus on the talents, work
and experiences of the Year 10 cohort.

From the Arts to 3D printing and career
planning, they have researched and
interviewed students and staff to
bring you a taste of Year 10 from their

So grab a cup of coffee or tea, sit back
and enjoy the read.

Happy Learning!

Dr Cotter

Your Editors A Year 10 Prayer

Beatrice Van Rest written by Alicia Roy, Year 10
Beatrice loves Science
and English. Lord,
She offers her skills As we draw closer to the middle
to The Quill and Ink, of the year,
Yearbook Committee, Give us your guidance to dare to do,
Students Create the Future And to have courage to take this on,
Committee, Building Bridges, Wherever this may lead us.
Reconciliation Group and Pour your heart on us students
the Debating Competition, as we begin to prepare
reflecting her passion to for our further studies,
build upon her skills. Keep us in your mind
so that we may work diligently.
Renee Hang Show us your grace, so that we may
Renee is a passionate not fall into the struggles of stress,
student of photography But instead use this to better
and enjoys all things art ourselves.
and design. As we come into your arms
She uses her creativity to for strength,
influence the yearbook Be the source of light and comfort,
publication and has been And give us the gift of perseverance,
involved in creating stunning As we face our fears head on.
videos for whole school Be with us now, and forever.
marketing purposes.
Sanjana Nair
Sanjana is a debating and 3
public speaking enthusiast.
Her frequent contribution to
debating and public speaking
competitions in a testimony
to her extensive knowledge
and talent when engaging in
topical discussions.

Mieke de Vries
Mieke is a talented writer
and loves to be part of the
She is involved in the Quill
and Ink, Students Create
the Future Committee, Peer
Helpers and Debating and
always offers her valuable
time to participation in
community initiatives.

Faith & Faith in Action
Year 10 Faith and Mission Captain Grace Guiliano
Ms Carmela Marino shares her reflections and perspectives on faith
in action at Avila College and highlights how all
Director of Faith and Mission students can get involved.

[email protected] Grace Guiliano Grace also shares the history of the Santa Teresa
Year 10 Immersion Tour, a special program for Year 10
Tiana Chandraratne students.
Chiara Smith
Grace Guiliano Faith and Mission has always been Avila's connection to this community
Caitlin Grima an important part of life at Avila. began in the 1980's when girls from
Students have many opportunities the Santa Teresa Mission attended
Faith and Mission Captains to celebrate the gifts and fruits of Avila College and developed strong
the Holy Spirit, and to be a part of links with Mrs Anne Vadiveloo, a long
4 something bigger. serving teacher at Avila (1978-1999)
who is considered to be "the Mother
There are many liturgies and Masses of Reconciliation" at Avila.
in which students can get involved
and the Reflection Days are a great In 2005, a group of Reconciliation
way to deepen our connection and Group members travelled to Santa
understanding with our individual Teresa to reconnect with those who
faith journey. had helped shape the spiritual
character of Avila College.
Within the college, we also have the
chance to be a part of many faith Money raised by Year 10's throughout
based clubs and initiatives including the year from various activities goes to
Young Vinnies and the Reconciliation support this community.
Group. Meeting every week they
challenge students to grow, gain new We give some money directly to the
skills and use their gifts and talents to Spirituality Centre and also take raw
support communities. wooden craft items which the women
in the Spirituality Centre can paint
For Year 10 students Santa Teresa is a and then sell as part of their social
particular focus. Home to the Arrernte enterprise.
people, Santa Teresa is located 80 kms
south east of Alice Springs.

The Year 10 Santa Teresa Immersion Tour

Last year Tiara Chandraratne and Elise Cramer embarked on
the Santa Teresa Immersion Tour. Here they reminisce about
the program and offer advice for current Year 10 students
considering this "journey of a lifetime".

Tiara Elise Cramer
Chandraratne Year 11
Year 11

What an amazing experience A highlight was being able to We feel privileged and grateful for
we had on the Santa Teresa play with the children in the the opportunity to have been part
Immersion last year. Soon the kindergarten, who were always full of this Santa Teresa Immersion,
current Year 10 students will have of energy with bright smiles on which was filled with laughter,
the opportunity to apply for a their faces. appreciation of the Aboriginal
place to embark on the 2018 tour. culture and inspiration to make
Another great memory was helping change.
The application process includes out the Aboriginal women elders
a written application, an interview in the Spirituality Centre. We spent The Year 10 students who make
and active participation in time speaking with them and being the brave leap to go this year to
fundraising activities during the immersed in their culture as they immerse themselves in another
House Athletics Carnival and the shared their stories with us. world will feel nothing short of
Oral Reports Nights. grateful, touched and enlightened
We ended our journey in Uluru, in fostering an understanding of
Eight eligible girls will spend time staying in the Yulara campground. Aboriginal cultures; but they will
preparing for the journey and once We slept under the stars in swags also be confronted with the social
there, will offer their time and and had early morning starts to issues that are part of everyday life
energy to learning and helping. witness the sunrise at both Kata in a rural towns like Santa Teresa.
It truly is a once in a lifetime Tjuta and Uluru. We were well
experience. looked after by both Steve and We will never forget the experience
Bob who acted as our guides and and will cherish it for the rest of
For us, the five days spent in the master chefs. our lives.
Indigenous community of Santa
Teresa were filled with memories, We learnt about the importance
challenges and new experiences. of Uluru and the respect the
Aboriginal people have for their


Faith &

Year 10 - Building Bridges Interfaith Program

On Tuesday 8 May, thirteen Year 10 With facilitators to guide us through
students participated in their first discussion, we will be challenged to
evening session of the Building Bridges examine their own personal journeys with
program at Caulfield Grammar. faith and how it impacts the world we live
in today, and gain a respect for, and an
Beatrice van Rest This experience, exclusive to Year 10, understanding of, religious diversity.
Year 10 offers students the opportunity to visit
other schools and meet with students The dates for Building Bridges 2018
who believe in different religions, as are as follows:
well as others who share the same
religion. Tuesday 8 May, Monday 14 May,
Monday 30 July, Wednesday 8 August
Throughout the next few months we will partake in five and Monday 27 August,
nights of discussion and presentation and then host a
Creative Day at Avila, all the while learning and drawing Creative Day | Monday 3 September
connections with other students.
Presentation Evening | Thursday 13

The Jim Martin was only 14 years old when
Youngest he forced his parents to let him enlist
Anzac in World War One.
He said he would write to his home
Jersy Dix Draper if they gave him permission and their
Year 8 blessing, but he wouldn’t write home
if they didn’t give their consent.
He served in Gallipoli, Turkey.

Sadly, he became ill and died on a
hospital ship.

He was the youngest Anzac.


A message from Faith and
Avila Young Important
Vinnies Dates

GET IN EARLY Sunday's Gospel
BEFORE Reading

Winter Sunday 13 May
sets in Solemnity of
the Ascension
During term 2, we of The Lord
are collecting Mark 16: 15–20
Jesus commissions
non-perishable food items the eleven, ascends
f(osoudch) aansdr iwcearamndi tet imnnseodf to heaven.
clboethainnige s( sauncdh sacsa rgvl oesv)e.s,
Sunday 20 May
These donations will go to Pentecost Sunday
support those less fortunate in John 20: 46-23
The Spirit will
our community guide the Apostles
to all truth.
Baskets will be located in your year level
corridors 13-20 May
Week of Prayer
for Christian Unity

Sunday 13 May
Mothers' Day

Monday 14 May
Feast of St Matthias,

Sunday 15 May
International Day
of Families

Thursday 24 May
Solemnity of
Our Lady,
Help of Christians

Saturday 26 May
National Sorry Day

Saturday 26 May
of St Philip Neri


and Teaching


Mrs Madeleine Franken The National Assessment Program: Mathematics teachers have reminded
Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) students that they will need to supply
Deputy Principal tests are scheduled for all Year 7 and their own scientific calculator for the
Learning & Teaching 9 students in the first two periods on numeracy tests on Thursday morning.
Tuesday 15 May, Period 1 on Wednesday
[email protected] 16 May and Period 1 on Thursday 17 May. In 2017 there was a change to the
Numeracy Test. Students will only sit
Ms Angela Torelli In 2018 Year 7 and 9 students will one Numeracy test consisting of two
undertake NAPLAN in year level groups parts: Part A Calculator allowed and Part
Director of Studies Y10-12 and the tests will be facilitated by B non-calculator. This will be consistent
external invigilators. Key staff such as at Year 7 and 9.
[email protected] Year Level Coordinators and Homeroom
teachers will be present prior to the Detailed information from VCAA will
Ms Klara Baka tests to assist students. provided in a flyer that will be sent
home with the students.
Director of Studies Y7-9 The tests will be held in the Hall (Year
9) and the Gym (Year 7) to minimise Mrs Klara Baka
[email protected] distractions. It is important that Director of Studies Y7-9
students arrive to school with plenty of
time on the test dates so that they can
proceed calmly into their test venue.

The students are also encouraged to
eat a nutritious breakfast to assist
with their concentration and overall
wellbeing. Students have been
briefed in year level assemblies of the
requirements, materials to bring and
code of conduct during these tests.

To ensure that students feel confident
and clear regarding expectations for the
NAPLAN tests, English and Mathematics
teachers have provided specific
information to students about the types
of tasks and questions that may appear
in the different tests.


Coding Workshop
with AGL and

Over two sessions at the end of The partnership now means One can ask questions like, “When
April, a team of Year 9 and 10 Amazon’s Alexa can answer are school holidays?”; “What is
students worked in groups of questions about AGL customers the address for Avila College?”;
three to develop voice commands energy bills, making it easier for and “What is the phone number
related to Avila College, which customers to manage their energy. for Avila College?” and receive
can be used on an Amazon Alexa answers; all without lifting a finger!
device. The AGL Voice App and Skill lets
you ask Alexa things like - “Alexa, This experience was rewarding
Terence Le Grange, Digital Solution ask AGL: ‘When’s my bill due?’”; and fascinating. It encouraged
Architect, had arranged a team of “Alexa, ask AGL: ‘What’s my bill the girls to explore IT and
colleagues from AGL, an Australian amount?’”; “Alexa, ask AGL: ‘What’s programming tools, as well as
energy company, to help empower my account balance?’” showing the students that not all
his daughter and her peers at careers in IT are boring, heads-
Avila College to produce the voice The AGL Voice App was built by down programming jobs. They can
commands based on the work New the New Energy team who were include important skills that are
Energy have been doing alongside part of the team of volunteers engaging and interesting to learn
Amazon Alexa. who attended Avila College to and use, and it is essential to have
help the students - who can now be able to work in a term and take
Ten people from AGL, including control what questions ‘Alexa’ can initiative in order to make the most
Terence Le Grange, dedicated their comprehend and what answers of the tasks at hand.
time to guiding the students in ‘Alexa’ gives back!
building the Skills and Voice App The students and teachers
that could be used on any Amazon are grateful for this excellent
Alexa compatible device. opportunity, and appreciate the
commitment and effort from the
Initiated by the New Energy team, Terence Le Grange and the AGL
the Amazon and AGL ‘partnership’ team.
was announced on 16 January,




Xpect Respect is part of the Year 9 Living and Values Program, in which all
Year 9 students participate. The focus of Xpect Respect is building healthy
relationships, resilience and confidence to have conversations when
relationships are not respectful.

Ms Janine Bauman Recently, our Year 9’s experienced a These include physical, psychological,
session about ‘Dating Relationships,’ social, financial, sexual, verbal and
Deputy Principal Students run by our school counsellors. cyber forms of violence, which can
begin in a subtle way.
[email protected] This session explored aspects of
exclusive relationships, enabling A good relationship should be based
Mrs Anne Stephens students to develop a greater on equality between partners.
understanding about signs that An unhealthy relationship is where
Director of Pastoral Care Y7-9 show a relationship is sliding into one person exerts power and control
unhealthy territory. over the other.
[email protected] Giving and receiving respect is an
Students were encouraged to ongoing process and it requires
Mrs Anna Marvelli consider how they would talk about effort.
their concerns if they were in an
Director of Pastoral Care Y10-12 exclusive relationship that was
becoming unhealthy and how to
[email protected] assert for a respectful relationship.

Primary prevention has become
a central focus of community and
government efforts to address
violence in relationships.

Many young people are exposed to,
and influenced by violence in their
dating relationships.

The Xpect Respect program teaches
students to recognise signs of the
different types of violence that can
present in an unhealthy relationship.


If you feel uneasy about your Year 10 Peer Helpers
relationship, ask yourself these
questions: In 2015 the Year 10’s anxiously entered the
junior school building at Avila not knowing
• Do I feel safe? what the next six years would hold.

• Do I feel appreciated? Three years later, we have made ourselves a

• Have they got my best Delani David second home within the walls of our college.
interests at heart?
Year 10 We have also welcomed with open arms the
• Do I feel supported?
girls that were in the same shoes as us back
• Will they listen when
I have a concern? then through the Avila Peer Helper initiative.

Prevention programs must go beyond This program is designed to support new students and
attitudes and norms. Xpect Respect encourage positive involvement in our school community.
explores beliefs around entitlement,
stereotypes, gender expectations, and Being a Peer Helper at Avila is truly a rewarding experience.
cultural, collective and institutional We are continuing an important transition legacy that makes
underpinnings of violence. our college unique and special and contributes to self
growth within every young lady’s journey here at Avila.
Therefore, it is important that
individual beliefs, community norms As Peer Helpers, we value collaboration, connections and
and structural conditions that community spirit.
perpetuate violence are
addresssed. Together, we are so proud of the Year 7 students that we have
seen mature into powerful young ladies and Avila Girls of faith
The relationships we have in our lives and opportunity.
impact upon us in so many ways. They
affect our wellbeing, so it is important
that we nurture them to be healthy,
respectful relationships.

Charlene Augustus
(RMIT Bachelor of Social Work
Student on placement at Avila)


Mieke de Vries Jamie Fitzsimons Throughout the program we discussed and
Year 10 Year 10 participated in a range of activities encompassing a
variety of topics. These included Leadership Styles,
Monash All Schools Stages of Group Development, Team Building, Mental
Leadership Program Health, Diversity, Confident Communication and Public
Speaking techniques to name a few.
Last week a number of Year 10 students from
schools all over the City of Monash were invited We were encouraged to experiment and adapt to new
by Monash Youth Services to participate in the styles of collaboration and teamwork when faced with
Monash All Schools Leadership Program. limitations and obstacles. The program helped us
understand how we can ensure that we are not only
We were lucky enough to be recommended for aware of the needs within our community, but are
the program and jumped at the opportunity to also able to address them appropriately if need be.
The invaluable skills and knowledge we have gained
We began the week slightly hesitant about meeting throughout this week has given us confidence in our
new people and what was in store for us. However, capabilities as leaders within our school, home and
meeting such an incredibly talented and inspiring community environments.
group of students who were equally as apprehensive
helped us to bond and work well together. We believe this program is unique because it
encompasses not only leadership skills and qualities,
Interacting with such a diverse group of people and but provides young people with life skills that will
learning so much about not only ourselves, but so assist us in our future endeavours.
many other students made this week so worthwhile.
Words cannot describe how much of a positive impact
this program has had on the both of us and we would
like to thank all the students from Mazenod College,
Salesian College, Wellington Grammar, Glenallen,
Berengarra School, Mount Waverley Secondary
College, Ashwood School, Ashwood High School,
Wheelers Hill Secondary College and Highvale
Secondary College for making our week such a
fantastic and enjoyable learning experience.


Youth Forum

Jacqueline Kavia Pynadath Milagros Vargas We were introduced to the concept of the New Work
Mindset. Annie Buckeridge, our guest speaker
Vincent Year 10 Year 10 Year 8 explained that the New Work Mindset recognises that
the skills you gain from one job can be transferred to
Stresses to do with another. Furthermore, our future career pathways are
Education and Career not set in stone by the subjects we choose or the
scores that we may achieve.
What do you want to be when you grow up?
It is the most common question asked to Avila students found the Forum engaging and
everyday high school students, yet many interesting.
still aren’t able to answer it.
Milagros Vargas from Year 8 said, “Hearing about the
On Friday 20 April, 53 students from schools ideas of other youth around Monash was eye opening
in the Monash area were given the opportunity to and a great experience overall”.
discuss several key topics surrounding the issue of
stress with education and career planning at a As the day progressed we touched on several
Monash Youth Forum. controversial topics such as stereotypes, mental
health and even high expectations from family,
The six students who attended the forum from Avila friends and relatives.
were able to discuss common difficulties and
pressures, the fact that many students are going Young people experiencing these things may have
through the same demands to excel in their studies heightened stress, therefore the City of Monash is
and that this matter isn’t being addressed enough. trying to attain a Headspace facility in the area to help
out students during these times.
We came to the conclusion that the first step to
solving any issue is to raise awareness and in this The closest Headspace facilities otherwise may be too
case, promote the importance of career pathways far for students or parents to visit before closing time.
starting from younger year levels. You can also help support the campaign for a
Headspace facility in Monash by looking out for the
videos that feature students, watching for flyers and
banners or wearing a badge supplied by Monash.
Every small contribution helps to push the campaign,
so it would be wonderful if everyone could help make
a difference for our Monash youth.


Rotary's Model United Nations Assembly - MUNA

This past weekend, I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to represent
Avila College, alongside Martha Sarumpaet, Sia Mattoo and Angelina Li in the Model
United Nations Assembly (MUNA) run by Rotary.

MUNA takes place in the Legislative Assembly, Victorian Parliament House every year and

senior high school students from all over the state are sponsored by the Rotary Club to

attend. Martha and I were chosen to be the delegates of the Philippines, Sia and Angelina

Prabhloyan Gill were the delegates from the United Kingdom. All the delegations dressed up to represent
Year 11 their country, and excitement and enthusiasm filled the rooms of Parliament.

The resolutions that were debated were based on situations relevant to the international

community today, from North Korea’s nuclear weapons to China claiming the South

China Sea and even Rohinga refugees. The weekend was full of smart quips, intellectual reasoning and a large

number of very factual ‘points of order’.

The experience was once-in-a-lifetime and I am very grateful to be given the opportunity to attend. I know that
the people I have met and formed ‘alliances’ with are some I will cherish.

I would like to thank Mrs Valladares for staying up half the night editing and proofreading speeches and
the Rotary Club of Mt Waverley for sponsoring us to attend, as without them we wouldn’t have had this
enlightening opportunity.


Meeting Australian Children's Laureate Boori Pryor

We recalled things we have done
with our own siblings, realising
that stories are much easier to
create when you combine a
personal experience with

Caitlin Charlotte We also learnt aboout using the
Beyrooti O’Shea art of exaggeration, to the point
where it is almost believable and
Year 7 Year 7 overly ridiculous at the same
On Monday 30th April, Boori ask Boori questions - about the
Pryor, an Aboriginal Australian Boori's exaggeration of events stories that he’d just shared with
and excellent storyteller, came to from when he was a child was us and about what makes a good
share his engaging experiences hilarious and witty and the story in general.
with the Year 7 students. auditorium was filled with laughter
as he recalled his seven sisters and He shared his knowledge on
Boori Pryor has written many all the absurd and amusing things writing books and stories about
books and is working in filmmaking they did to each other; some growing up in an Aboriginal
as well. He shared funny childhood involving snakes, several broken environment, quite different to our
stories about himself and his many bones and the breakages of several own lives.
other siblings. Boori was very family possessions. Boori also
amusing, and everyone was talked about being an Indigenous We thank Boori Pryor very much
captivated and entertained by his man and his interest in for his visit - we are exceedingly
interesting stories which also environmental issues. grateful for the stories and
included Australian wildlife, such knowledge that he generously
as Boori’s pet frog. At the end of his humorous shared with us.
performance, we had a chance to
Boori’s stories gave us ideas.


Avila Mazenod
Music Workshop

Charlotte Kuek Mia Loh
Year 10 Year 10

On Monday 23 May, we travelled It was both an enjoyable and The workshop ended successfully,
to Mazenod College as part of a 16 rewarding experience. Not with a final performance
year collaboration where we unite only did this event allow us to showcasing all of our persistence
to share and embark on a musical showcase our musical talents and and efforts; a tribute to all
journey. hard work, but it also enabled us involved.
to intermingle and socialise with
This year’s theme was Dreams, the Mazenod community. It was an exciting night and we all
and under the skillful direction look forward to meeting up to do
of Ms Lyall and Mr Leutchford, we The workshop enabled students it again next year!
focused on a repertoire of three from all year levels and a wide
pieces; Fireflies, collections from range of skill to share our love for
Moana and La La Land. music. In contrast to our vigorous
rehearsing behind the scenes, the
With only a few hours to prepare, ability to share this experience
the pace was fast and furious, but between the schools made the
thankfully with the sharp wit of experience all the more pleasant.
Ms Lyall (as well as the promise
of pizza!) we pulled through and
diligently performed the pieces to
near perfection.


Top 15 Study Tips With the exams fast approaching,
students are getting ready to study.
From our Expert Panel Year 9 students will prepare for their first
three semester exams and Year 10
Alex Chant Chiara Smith Molly Feeley Tiara Chandraratne students will prepare to take on exams
Year 12 Year 11 Year 11 Year 11 for all of their subjects, for the first time.

Chiara, Molly and Tiara and Alexandra
have provided some tips and tricks on
how best to prepare for the exam period.

1. In the days leading up to assessment tasks or exams, 8. Revisiting past tests and doing practice exams can

remember to get enough sleep, eat healthy foods help to identify your strengths and weaknesses so

like fruit and vegetables and drink plenty of water! you can improve for upcoming exams.

2. Revising for a short period of time with breaks can 9. Focus on the things you find difficult, but don’t
keep you motivated - but remember to ensure you forget about the things you find easier. Make sure
are revising and working on tasks well in advance you are doing well-rounded study that touches on
to avoid last-minute stress. everything you’ve covered!

3. Make sure you maintain social activities with 10. Set small goals and break your work into small
friends and family and set times for relaxing. tasks per day.

4. A change of location, such as moving to a different 11. Use flash cards: they are portable, convenient

room or even going outside, can refresh your mind and you can test yourselves or ask your parents,

and kickstart your motivation again. siblings and friends to test you.

5. Find a study technique that suits you. Experiment 12. Reward yourself with something you enjoy like
with cue cards, handwriting your notes, colour a snack, a 10 minute break or some time to do
coordinating, kahoot etc. Make it something that something you love.
you enjoy and isn’t boring.
13. Don’t Stress! The exams are designed to test your
6. If you are unsure of a particular area of study, be knowledge! Make the most of them and try your
sure to ask your teacher for help! best, but don’t sacrifice your health and wellbeing.

7. Handwrite your summary notes: the act of writing 14. Keep a positive, open-minded attitude and put
cements knowledge in your brain and you can things into perspective.
write the information in your own words, ensuring
you understand it 15. Good luck!


We took a look at what the Year 10
students have been writing...

Operation Babylift Alissa Baldwin 10 Red

I can still remember the flight as if it was only yesterday.

I knew I had discovered a window because I could feel the sun beating down on me. Pressing my fingers
against it I embraced the heat radiating through the glass.
How I longed to be back in my own room, instead of squished against several other Vietnamese orphans
being evacuated from Saigon. I wasn’t an orphan, I knew my mother was out there somewhere that is of
course if she hadn’t already been killed.
My older brother and my father were both fighting in the army to defend our home, and what was I doing?
Being forced to flee my country when it was in the most need of help.
As I curled up into a tighter ball underneath the coarse blanket I had been provided with, I focused on
blocking out the whir of the aeroplane’s engine and trying to get some sleep before I left my culture, my
homeland for an arrival in Australia tomorrow….



aWchroesnstthheepglraonuenmd,aIdceouitlsdbaulmmopsytlsamndeilnl gth, iet was still the middle of the night. As it screeched
gravity again. rubber burning and feel the normal pressure of

Grasping the rickety handrail, oeiItnfmwopaauesdgtrehcoalmwlilenyedwwth‘aeaeyrierad-iscorto,wasnnnodditttihhnioeigcnksiintnwegapi’.tnshoavifurtplhgoearrtai,tityrhcIeracfofrtuoalsdntydaalsmtcmroeoswtseptadhseutrepe
my nose at the putrid stench
its disgusting presence. Soon
enveloping us. I later learned

AaWmcecoewnnegtrsaetnutdhsehvmoelr,ueImdcoeduoolwfdnthhteehaevrosaitcayeiosrus, Inucgnotguiillrdlw’ paused at a large office area. From the
it was a brash bunch of Australians.

Little did I know that that particular girl would become my adopted sister that very day.
As I was trying to get my bearings, a gentleman took me by the arm and led me towards
the girl who I had heard.

tThheeofltihgehrtschfrioldmremn yhcaodufnoturnydcoanftainmuielydalsonwgelacfotemriInhgaads
settled in Australia. I hoped that all
ptAcmThluboaairosntmrsuee‘eOtynsd.aptslueymmrrVaypoitrebniiotsetnhnesa,taBmtffhart,iebeeorynwrlIdihifhftiL’tasyehdh. aecIbdhhheiaclgadodudrmnenbneoteoetaiodntleesaaracenrhswneochnEuoendeltgddhbl.ieiedsIrchdnas,ihuodthestneeh’wtreVeahsiseawittvsaanettsaieltmlaotloeniwvsebiaenweigtssfrloiiornelendnptgihdeoefrrmosth.rheIett.ahlHlidenhofaaoowtnlrteemasvwcteekherdearId.tmwtehaes

Below the headline was a list aofnpaemoeplbeewlohnogihnagdtodiaedpeinrstohneIinlocvidedenwt.itAhsaIlsl coafnmnyedheitafrotr- Ly.
anyone I knew, I came across



Hirushi Desanayake
10 Red

An ominous silence hangs in the air.

No one has the strength to talk anymore. It is an absolute
waste of precious energy. My heartbeat keeps me sane,
pounding in my ears, wavering slightly when I run out of
breath. The sweltering heat licks at my face and the nape
of my neck; like a breath of hell. Sweat trickles down my
rough cheeks, pooling in the corner of my mouth, salty and
warm. I am unsure if it’s tears or sweat yet it is the only
source of water I have.
I lost my sense of direction a while ago and now I just
follow the few remaining people of our town. My hands
are numb yet clammy; battered and bruised. They look so
frail, so brittle. Scarred beyond recognition, useless and
deprived of all sensation.

That is what you get when you disobey.
Sounds of shuffling breaks my thoughts as the front of
the group comes to a halt. Abruptly, the heaving line stops
and every muscle screams in agony. My bones creak and
shudder, like a weathered building.
The men in the front begin mumbling, the others at
the back collapse onto the ground, crying, whining and
groaning. No one has any belongings with them with the
exception of sticks, faded fabric and burnt photos.

Burnt memories.

I clench my teeth and clutch my arms.
You must show no sign of weakness, child. They won’t dare
touch you if you show no sign of weakness.


Show no sign of weakness. The last thing my mother screamed at my face before
she was ripped from my arms and slaughtered before my eyes.
I gulp and touch the thin, unravelling, blood-stained fabric wrapped around my
shoulders. It once belonged to her.
I turn my face away. I don’t see the point of wasting energy by sobbing and
staring. They are all gone. Our home, our people, our dignity that took years
to establish crumbled in mere seconds. It is all gone. I had no chance to pack
anything, no chance to say goodbye.

No chance to say I love you, mother, one last time.
The men at the front holler, rounding us up we move and they slowly get up,
grunting in pain.
The people at the back are still sobbing; their tears mixing with the red, raw sand,
staining their faces crimson red.
I sigh and begin walking again. Slowly but steadily, gaining momentum. My
muscles are tight and sharp pain shoot up my hip every step I take. I have no
choice but to carry on. Disregard the pain, the pain in my legs and the ache in my
Every town we have been to has thrown us out, rejected; cast away like lepers.
Who in their right minds would accept us? Sickly, half dead people?
They stare at us with amusement and curiosity. As if we were animals. On a few
occasions they’ve thrown us into giant cages patrolled by armed individuals for a
few days. They stalk us as if we’re prey, watching and calculating our every move.
All we ask for is mercy.

We have nothing to offer. Nothing to give. We are nothing now.
We are but empty vessels.
It has been three winters since I last saw home. Three winters since I went on wild
adventures with brother, hunting for gazelles and picking persimmons.
Yet as my life unfolds in the arid desert, I know I can survive on barely a few drops
of water and scraps of jerky for at least a week but trying to survive without hope
is torturous. I want to scream at the stars and beg them. Beg them to save me
from the nothing I have become.
I rub my chapped lips together, tasting the metallic tang of blood in my mouth. I
tighten the fabric around my gaunt frame and continue forwards. If we manage to
find a new town in this barren land, I pray they will accept us. I don’t want their
riches and praises. I just want to feel surrounded by people, by warmth. To wake
up to the sound of chirping birds, not bullet shells clattering on my zinc roof.

Where do we go to now? You have nowhere to go.
We don’t have a home. It wasn’t yours anyway.

Our loved ones are dead. You should have died too.


Arts 2018

Creative Arts 2018 - ‘Dreams’

This year, Avila College Creative Arts has a surreal yet exciting theme, one that will capture the
imagination of the audience. The theme revolves around ‘Dreams’ allowing the student directed
festival to tap into the psyche and imagination of all.

Haris Imogen Galbraith
Andrikopoulos- Year 10
Year 10

With the night fast approaching,

student actors, directors and

choreographers are working

tirelessly in rehearsals, getting Arts Festival. The Year 10 Drama Andrikopolous and Emma Johnson.
ready for the big night. students have written and directed The innovative script has kept all
the act performed by the Junior cast members captivated
The Year 7’s and 8’s are using their Drama Club. The girls have worked throughout rehearsals.
Monday lunchtimes to workshop tirelessly to make this scene a
and rehearse their ‘Childhood success and, using their leadership With the theme ‘Aspirational
Dreams’ themed item. As the Year skills to coordinate over seventy Dreams’, the focus has been on
7’s are participating in the Creative girls on the stage in a scene and creating an original yet
Arts for the first time, they are manage their time exceptionally sophisticated piece to showcase
getting an insight into the unique well. the ideas and talents of those
Avila performing arts experience. involved. Year 11 and 12 students
Year 10’s are also involved in the have devised their own scripts;
In the drama department, there middle school act, written and writing, rehearsing lines and
are multiple ways girls from Year 10 directed by Drama Captains Haris directing at a very high level.
are involved in the 2018 Creative


The Music department is working hard preparing to
perform amazing pieces from movies both old and
new; including Dr Cotter’s favourite song.
2018 for dancers at Avila College is an exciting time.
This year you will see talented girls on stage
performing five new dances that all reflect the theme
of dreams. Jenna Di Gregorio and Imogen Galbraith,
along with the other choreographers, have been
putting in lots of work behind the scenes to create,
teach and master the unique routines.
Bringing dreams, nightmares, drama, dance, music
and art to life on stage takes a lot of preparation but
has been an incredible experience for all involved and
we are all excited to showcase our work. We know this
will be another successful Creative Arts Spectacular!


We took a look at what the Year 10
Art students have been working on...

A collation of some of the amazing artworks by Year 10 artists and photographers, Natalie Joss, Zoe
Sergianis, Renee Hang and Jocelyn Haynes. The students express themselves with various mediums
and are inspired by the ever-changing world and people around them.








We took an indepth look at Year 10 Visual
Communications with Nicola Cheer...

Nicola Cheer, from 10 Red, is a self-taught artist, an aspiring graphic designer and the face
behind the front cover of this week’s Year 10 special edition newsletter. We were fortunate
enough to sit down with Nicola and discuss both her love and talent for drawing, and the
concepts behind her incredible artwork.

What drew you

to Vis-Com?

The technical

Nicola Cheer skills. I wanted

Year 10 to see if it

would lead to

something after school and get

me thinking about what I was Would you ever consider
incorporating your art into
looking to do once I graduate. website design?

What do you want to do when I enjoy digital as well as hand
you graduate from Avila? drawn art so it would be really
interesting to get into Web Design.
Right now I am thinking about
doing designs for myself in my Explain your artwork on the front
free time and maybe joining cover and what the design brief
a business that is involved in was for you in class.
advertising or marketing.
It is an isometric based city that
What are you doing at Avila to took a couple weeks because What is your favourite
help you get into design based I had to come up with ideas of medium of drawing?
careers? what buildings would look like,
then create the shapes required, I used to love digital drawing
I have entered front covers for outline the buildings and then and that was what I was really
the Yearbook and tried to get my shade them in. good at, but when I came to
designs out into the community Avila I started doing more hand
to get people to notice my work. I wanted to add a lot more drawings in Studio Arts, which
detail to it, my ideas never was my elective in Year 9.
I am also learning how to seem to stop! My inspiration
understand client needs and was to design a futuristic city, In Vis Com this year, I’ve started
what the client wants. At this time incorporate transport and show getting more into the technical
Avila newsletters and Yearbooks how sustainable materials could side of design like sketching
are my clients. be used in the city. buildings and architectural
infrastructure like buildings.
What sparked your
interest in art? What would you tell younger
students with a passion for art?
When I was in primary I got an
iPad with a drawing app and I Try something you haven't
started to teach myself to draw. explored yet, like VisCom, which I
had never done but really enjoy
I wasn’t really interested in now. I think it has really started
drawing before that, I just found leading to what I want to pursue
it really fun and engaging once I in the future.
started and just couldn’t stop.



Big Ideas Abbey's
in Year 10 Time To Shine

Recently in Year 10 Big Ideas In written by Beatrice Van Rest
Computer Technology, we were
given the chance to utilise Time to Shine is a performing
Avila’s 3D Printer.
arts gala siSmiAlarTtoUthRe SDchAooYls 28 JULY 2018
Using a 3D Modelling program named
“Blender” and our I.T. skills, each Spectacular,2b.0ut0epxcmlusaivnedto7.30 pm | State Theatre
member of the class designed their
own 3D model. Catholic schools across Victoria.

We planned, we practiced, we created 2018 marks the ethveirwndtwaTwpiwhcpik.ecchaeerthamsnasco.eendsua.Aalebub/nTeoy2wSM!1a8rziano
and finally we rendered our models of the biennial
so that they were ready to be printed.
been previously held at the Regent Year 10
The printing process itself takes a
few hours to complete however the Theatre and Palais Theatre, but will
results are worth it!
now take on a much larger audience in the State Theatre.
Our models range from plants and
animals to vehicles and chess pieces It is an opportunity for students who excel in music, dancing,
and even the batman symbol. It was singing and other performing arts to gain experience in a
a really rewarding process as we were professional environment and display their impressive talents.
able to see our models come to life!
After her audition, Abbey Marziano was chosen as a dancer and
is involved in five items with students from Years 7 to 12. The
acts have taken on a jazz theme, featuring also some tap and
rockette items. Her rehearsals occur at various times during the
week with her main group rehearsing all day on Sundays.

“It really is so much fun because I have made such good
friends with people all over, some of them from schools I’ve
never heard of before, so it’s been a really great experience.”

The strenuous work and commitment that Abbey has
invested in Time To Shine will pay off in July, when the show
is finally performed to audience of over two thousand
awestruck viewers.


Who Dare

Each newsletter Mieke de Vries
our College Captain
Abbey Goullet profiles Our next "Girl Who Dares" is another
a student who is amazing student who consistently
"daring to do" in the demonstrates what it means to be an
school community. Avila Girl. Mieke de Vries, from Year 10
In this edition, Abbey Blue, might just personify the action
features Year 10 of daring. It is only week four of Term
student (and our 2 and already Mieke is diving into as
fellow guest editor) much as she can.
Mieke De Vries.
Last week Mieke was one of only two It doesn’t stop there. Mieke's
Abbey students selected to attend the Monash involvement with the Students Create
Goullet All Schools Leadership Program, where the Future Committee sees her doing
College she took the time to build upon her amazing work in order to make sure
Captain impressive leadership skills. all students have their opinion heard
on matters that affect them the most
The most outstanding and obvious including the school uniform and body
thing about Mieke is her interest in not positivity.
only helping others, but bettering the
Avila Community to reflect the values Mieke has also participated in the Red
of her fellow students. Cross Door Knock, demonstrating that
her passion for social justice does not
Mieke’s work as a Peer Helper has seen end at the gates of Avila but spreads
her become a role model for Year 7's, well beyond. Mieke is always daring to
who often look to her in the school step outside her comfort zone, evident
yard for advice or just a chat. in her amazing involvement in such
varied areas of the school.


Mieke’s willingness to DARE TO DO Year 7 and 8 Public
is inspiring. Her commitment and Speaking Competition
dedication is highlighted in her
involvement in the Quill and Ink Writing At the moment the college is beginning to enjoy
Guild. Started only this year Mieke hearing about the passions of students through the
leads the group with passion and Public Speaker of the Year Competition.
enthusiasm. She has been a contributor
to the Shared Stories Anthology since This is a competition where the student who has
Year 7, and crafts her written words in presented the most outstanding oral presentation in
a manner that is both interesting and her English class is invited to represent them in a final,
informative. competing against the students from other classes at her
year level.
Mieke is always taking up opportunities
to be involved in both Public Speaking However, this year some of our Year 8 students expressed
and Debating, capturing the hearts and their desire to offer students the opportunity to nominate
eyes of all that listen to her. themselves for a lunchtime competition and compete.

The list of Mieke’s commitments is My thanks go to Elizabeth Dinh and Milagros Vargas who
extensive and more than impressive. organised both a Year 7 and 8 competition.
Always daring to go beyond the norm,
giving up her own time in order to The students spoke on a topic of their choice with
make our school a better place for some entertaining the group and others stimulating the
everyone else. students through their exploration of world issues.

The way Mieke goes about her time Well done to Jyothika Nair, the Year 7 winner, and Nishara
at school is inspirational, squeezing Fernando and Milagros Vargas who were joint winners at
all she can out of her time in class by Year 8.
going a step beyond what is needed
and genuinely showing interest in her Mrs Christine Valladares
studies. Coordinator of Public Speaking and Debating

We honestly cannot wait to watch what
Mieke does not only personally, but
how she changes the school in the next
few years. It takes a special person to
be so active in the betterment of the
community for others, and that is what
Mieke does.

Thank you Mieke for always helping
others and for demonstrating the
many ways our girls can step
outside the norm and DARE TO DO.



Our Aerobics teams
are heading to the State Finals!

On the 21st of The first session for Avila consisted of
the Stage 1 girls performing to the song
April the girls who Dancing Queen, with both teams
showing the crowd that they had saved
had been training their best routine for the right moment.
The Wonderus 8 team secured third
extremely hard for place so will progress to the state
finals, and The Electric Queenz came
the entirety of 4th, unfortunately ending their aerobics
competition journey.
Term 1 performed
Two more teams, S&P and Amplify,
their aerobics competed in the Stage 2 category
consisting of more senior students,
Logan Sharrock routines to Both teams performed outstanding
Aerobics Captain perfection. routines to a mashup of You Can't
Touch This and Push and both made it
Together they through to the State Finals.

demonstrated the immense amount of With 3 out of the 4 teams heading to
the state finals on June 2, many more
time and hard work they had put into weeks of hard work are to come.

these routines and into their team. All team members should be
congratulated on their achievements.
With the day consisting of many
nervous girls and tightly pulled back
hair, the teams came together to
support one another and cheer each
other on.

All four Avila teams showed off their
best performances, making both the
coaches and themselves proud.


Avila Sport Profile Important
Rebecca Wright Dates
Term 3
Rebecca Wright has been playing baseball
since she was eight years old. Now, the SPORTS DATES
Year 10 student is competing in national Term 2/3 Sports
championships and has taken on the role as Netball, Soccer,
MacKillop House Captain. We asked Rebecca AFL, Volleyball,
about the sports and competition that hold Gymnastics and
special places close to her heart. the Aerobics
State Competition
How many large baseball How do you mentally prepare coming up!
competitions have you been for a competition? Friday 18 May
involved in so far, and which ones SCSA Athletics
are you looking forward too? I mentally prepare by visualising what Tuesday 19 May
I need to get done or what I need to SCSA Cross Country
I have represented Victoria twice at do to help the team win. Monday 21 May
a National level, placing second last SCSA Basketball
year and first this year. Last year I What are the biggest
went to Japan as part of the Victorian challenges you face? 31
team. The next big competition
would probably be the Nationals next Injuries, as I am often injured.
year, as we have just won Nationals I overcome it by trying to work around
this year and became Australian it, training in ways that don’t use what
champions. I have injured so I can still get some
training in.
What are your favourite sports, and
what’s a sport you’d like to try? What are your top tips for others?

My favourite sports would probably I think that you should try your
be baseball, gymnastics and footy. At best in everything, no matter what
the moment I play baseball outside of everyone else is like. Get help when
school. I really want to try pole vault! you need it. Don’t stop trying until
you achieve your dream.
Do you know what you want to do
when you finish school?

I want to be a physiotherapist.

What’s your ultimate
sporting dream?
To play for Australia in baseball.




Ainger Public

Emma Gare, Year 11 and Mila
Vargos, Year 8 represented Avila
College in the Ainger Public
Speaking Competition.

VCE Biology Zoo Visit They learnt and discussed these This is a prestigious public
issues in an education session speaking event with talented
The Year 11 Biology class visited the with some zookeepers. speakers from a variety of schools
Melbourne Zoo on an excursion across Melbourne, which runs for 4
that dealt with some of the content Students then explored the zoo, nights, with 22 speakers per night.
they have been studying in class. looking at the various animals and
observing any adaptations that the Both Mila and Emma delivered
In particular, they looked at the animals use to survive in the wild. polished, intelligent speeches
effect of temperature on the sex and impressed the audience
determination of the Philippines Discovery Dome and judges with their talent and
crocodile and the effects of poise. They were magnificent
the introduced fungus on wild Last week the Gathering Space representatives of Avila and did
populations of the Southern hosted the Science Discovery everyone proud.
Corroboree frog, amongst other Dome and explored the solar
things. system from within this amazing BrainSTEM
portable planetarium.
Year 9 BrainSTEM students paid
a visit to the Monash Institute of
Pharmaceutical Sciences.


City Experience Avila Calendar
Dates & Events
Next week Year 8 students of Blue, Gold, Green
and Orange will commence their week-long City Monday 14 - Friday 18 May
Experience. In speaking to some of the students Year 8 City Experience
over the last week it is evident that they are excited Tuesday 15 - Thursday 17 May
about the learning opportunities beyond the walls Year 7 + Year 9 NAPLAN
of the classroom this program will present. Tuesday 15 May
Avila Board Meeting + AGM
The City Experience program is an integral part Friday 18 May
of the wider Discovery Learning program at Avila SCSA Athletics
and it is vital that the students are present for the Monday 21 May
entire week. SCSA Basketball

The Year 8 students have been busy in the past few SECONDHAND UNIFORM SHOP
weeks preparing for the program in Homeroom, Wednesday 2 May, 1-4pm
Geography, Mathematics, and various other classes. Wednesday 23 May, 1-4pm

Mrs Elizabeth Trembath (Year 8 Coordinator) along AVILA COLLEGE
with other staff embarked on a practice train trip GENERAL OFFICE HOURS
to Glen Waverley for participating classes. This gave 8am - 4.30pm
the students an opportunity to use their Myki cards PLEASE CALL THE ABSENTEE
to familiarise themselves with the process. LINE BEFORE 10am IF YOUR
I look forward to seeing the student presentations SCHOOL on 9831 9696
to parents on Friday 18 May as well as reading
about the experience from the students’ 33
perspectives in the next edition of the College

Ms Angela Torelli
Director of Studies Y10-12

and Careers

Monash Scholars

Ms Jenny Dunn The Monash Scholars Program is a Discover Design
prestigious program for high achieving
Pathways Co-ordinator secondary school students. Discover Design is a creative school
[email protected] holiday program for Year 10–12 students.
It offers a unique head start Participants will develop a design
34 into university life by providing portfolio, broaden their problem solving
opportunities for personal and and design-thinking skills and work in
academic development. teams—just like in a real design studio! 
The program runs from 10-13 July.
The program also provides students For more information visit this link.
with the knowledge, skills and
confidence to make decisions about An Informed Choice
future study options and enables them
to build a network of peers, academic, The QILT website assists students in
and employment contacts. making informed choices about their
higher education options.
The Scholars Program is suitable It brings together survey data from all
for students in the top 10% of their Australian universities so students are
cohort who are university-focused and able to compare the student experience
demonstrate leadership ability and and also learn more about employment
a willingness to contribute to their outcomes of the different institutions

Students begin the program in Year 10,
continuing on through Years 11 and 12.

Applications for the 2018 intake will be
open from Tuesday 1 May 2018.

Students who apply for the program
must be endorsed by the school to
complete the application process.

For more information about applying,
including student eligibility criteria,
please visit Monash Scholars Program

A Different Way Book Review
to do Schoolies
Throne of Glass
The Antipodeans Schoolies Unearthed by Sarah J Maas
program offers a range of international
travel experiences. Newly graduated Year Stella Hicks Year 8
12 students can travel overseas, explore
new and vibrant parts of the world whilst Throne of Glass is a thrilling book
contributing to a sustainable community filled with death, love and mystical
project. elements. I started reading the series
last year and I am in love with the
Accompanied by an Unearthed leader, this captivating series.
is a chance to embrace a totally new culture,
discover some incredible food and live like It starts with a young woman called Celaena Sardothien,
the locals do. imprisoned in a salt mine, serving her life sentence after
Find out more at Schoolies Unearthed being caught during one of her assassination jobs.

Deakin Inspire The Prince of Adarlan comes to rescue her, but this is no
fairytale. He has come to collect her for a competition in
Aimed at Year 10, 11 and 12 students, Deakin which the king puts a group of assassins against each other,
Inspire is a free event designed to empower to find which ones are the strongest for them to be his
you to reach your potential and inspire you champion.
with exciting ideas of how your future could
look. Secrets and magic are unravelled along the way and friends
and enemies are made. When it looks like all hope is lost, a
Melbourne Burwood Campus little help from everyone keeps things going.
Tuesday 3 July 2018
If you are looking for a light-hearted happy book, this book is
Geelong Waurn Ponds Campus definitely not for you.
Thursday 5 July 2018

More information available here.


and Careers

What Do I Do After Avila?

Work experience, community service and career pathways are all factors
occupying the minds of Year 10 students. To find out more, we interviewed
Careers Teacher Ms Ann Boyce to gain an insight into pathways that students
like Nicola Cheer (see p.26) could view as an option for their future.

Ms Ann Boyce Nicola really enjoys graphic and Nicola mentioned that Visual
digital design. In terms of the digital Communications and Design as a
Careers Teacher aspect, what university courses subject really opened up a lot more
[email protected] or part time jobs are possible to options for her.
complete after school?
36 Where can Viscom lead to?
When you leave school, you might want
to immediately get into a design course You can take courses that design logos
or a business course. and emblems and you can also host
your own exhibitions, which is growing
Perhaps you could even do some into a huge field that has a lot of
casual work or internships to create potential possibilities.
an awareness of what you can do for
potential future clients. A lot of graphic designers have to be
entrepreneurs and will have very casual
and contract work. Although you will
have to be self motivated and have
good communication skills to be able
to talk to clients.

Are there any expos coming up to
help out Nicola or any other aspiring
design students?

Discover Design at Swinburne. Take a
look at the video here:

Digital opportunities specifically, in
terms of career are increasing, so
showing your art to the world, being
open minded, and making sure that
you showcase your talent are very
important things for an aspiring design

What is out there in terms of work experience Behind Our Cover
for art design students?
Nicola Cheer "The design
There are multiple areas to apply for work Year 10 brief was to
experience in terms of design. Places like graphic create a futuristic
design companies and industries are available for landscape drawn
work experience. in isometric".

What do you think is a suitable pathway? "When going through the design process I had to
consider what would be included in a futuristic city.
There is a Bachelor of Design course at
Melbourne University that involves an area of I focused mainly on the types of transport, street
study on graphic design. signage and environmental aspect of the city.

The best thing about it is that it gives students I wanted to try and create buildings that were
an overall idea of what they want to go into unconventional and incorporated a range of materials
specifically, as it is designed for students who and textures.
don’t know what area of design to go into.
It was a very challenging task because I had to make
For us Year 10’s as a whole what can we do? sure that the entire city followed the isometric drawing
principles which were unfamiliar to me.
Go to Open Days and go to Expos to become
interested and form an idea of what courses Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this task because I was
or internships you want. Just look around able to try something different.
Universities to see what’s there and get a vague
idea. Don’t leave it to Year 12 when there is hardly Although it was challenging I was able to learn new
any time amidst the studying. techniques and improve my technical skills".

Nicola for example could go look at an
architectural and design course!

Jobs are changing now, your generation will
change their areas and their careers multiple
times. You are going to be moving around
different jobs using the skill set you have.
You will be changing!

There is a world of possibilities out there.
You can’t always follow your passion and be
successful, but you still want to find something
that resonates with you.

Remember if you are passionate, you will find a
way. Just be aware of what out there. Be savvy!

Is it good for Year 10’s to start thinking about
career pathways seriously now?

• Advocate about following what you like and
what you find interesting.

• Be aware of what courses you want to do
and what the prerequisites are to get into
University in 2021.

• Think about what really engages you and
what you want to do as a serious job and
spend time and money on studying.

• Make sure that you start getting out there in
Year 10 and 11 to get you excited and see if it’s
really what you want to do.




A better start

10am - 12.30pm


You are invited to come and see our amazing
facilities and talk to our friendly staff!

TifmoNreet2wa0b1l9e ENxSQctaaeuteniaoddlniiantayrgldWeAAlFcnalolirmmmael!ActiKviidtises

Contact us for enrolment details

9560 8035

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