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The fortnightly newsletter from Avila College. In this edition we celebrate Avila Day, share photos from the Italy Study Tour and Santa Teresa Immersion Tour and hear reflections from Year 8 City Experience students

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Published by Avila College, 2018-10-19 00:32:51

Avila College October 19 2018 Newsletter

The fortnightly newsletter from Avila College. In this edition we celebrate Avila Day, share photos from the Italy Study Tour and Santa Teresa Immersion Tour and hear reflections from Year 8 City Experience students

OCTOBER 19 | 2018

From the

The Spirit of Avila

Dr Michelle Cotter Our Patron Saint, St Teresa of Avila was a prolific writer, first
female Doctor of the Church and inspirational woman whose
Principal powerful legacy continues today, over 400 years after she
Exec. MBA, M.Ed. Leadership, was born. On October 15, we celebrated St Teresa and her
M.Ed. RE, Post Grad. Dip. IT, contribution to our Catholic church, faith and spirituality with a
Post Grad. Dip. Adult Ed., community day of reflection and fun.
Grad. Dip. RE, B.Ed
Avila Day is something special that we Avila Award for 2018. This prestigious,
35 Charles Street, share and which unites us as students, whole-school award acknowledges a
Mount Waverley, staff, parents and friends. It provides student who has enriched our Avila
Victoria 3149 a formal opportunity to embrace our family by generously sharing their
T 03 9831 9600 community and reflect on our shared skills, aptitudes and passions in a
[email protected] Gospel values, our Presentation charism way that grows our school’s Catholic and our heritage as a school. and Presentation identity and further
strengthens our excellence as a learning
Avila College acknowledges the It also offers the chance to pause for a community.
Wurundjeri people, the traditional moment and recognise how we harness
custodians of the land on which the spirit of Avila in our every day lives. This year's recipient Abbey Goullet is
the College is built. an active, passionate and committed
2 We share a rich heritage with powerful member of the Avila community and
role models and as individuals, year has dared to get involved in all aspects
levels and as a whole school, we are of school life. Whether it be a house
“Avila People” - for each other and for day, school performance, sports event
the world. In everyday school life when or open morning, she is always in
we harness the spirit of Avila and our attendance and willing to assist either
shared values we support each other in behind the scenes or in a more public
the ups and downs, in the challenges role.
and the opportunities. It’s the generosity
of spirit that makes us Presentation As college captain, Abbey has embraced
people and makes Avila the place it is her leadership role in a gracious,
and us the people we are. inclusive and collaborative manner
bringing others along with her on the
To this end, it was my absolute delight journey.
and privilege to present the Spirit of

Through active consultation with students Christ Has No Body
from all year levels she has listened to and
represented their voice and worked hard Teresa of Avila (1515–1582)
to showcase the achievements of others
across multiple platforms. Christ has no body but yours,
No hands, no feet on earth but yours,
As an Avila Ambassador she represents Yours are the eyes
the school with dignity and poise and with which he looks
demonstrates hospitality by welcoming Compassion on this world,
families and primary school students to the Yours are the feet
school. As a team player she offers words of with which he walks to do good,
praise and encourages everyone to try their Yours are the hands,
best, together, whether it be on the footy with which he blesses all the world.
field, in the classroom or on stage. Yours are the hands,
yours are the feet,
As a role model she inspires and Yours are the eyes, you are his body.
demonstrates through her actions that Christ has no body now but yours,
being an Avila girl is more than just being at No hands, no feet on earth but yours,
school. It is about having a go, sharing the Yours are the eyes with which he
experience and learning for life. looks compassion on this world.
Christ has no body now on earth
Enthusiastic, energetic and with a constant but yours.
smile on her face, Abbey is passionate
about bringing our community together and Amen
celebrating school spirit and we are very
pleased to acknowledge and recognise her 3
contribution with the Spirit of Avila Award
2018. Congratulations Abbey.

Happy Learning

Dr Cotter

and Mission

Ms Carmela Marino Celebrating St Teresa of Avila

Director of Faith and Mission

[email protected]

Born in Spain, Teresa entered a Carmelite Pope Paul VI on 27 September 1970.
convent when she was eighteen, and later
earned a reputation as a mystic, reformer, Thank you to Fr Pearce (Canonical
and writer who experienced divine visions. Administrator and Parish Priest of Holy
Family) our main celebrant of the Avila
St Teresa of Avila died October 4 1582. She Day Mass, together with Con-celebrants,
was beatified 24 April 1614 by Pope Paul IV Fr Christian Fini from Mazenod College,
and then canonised a saint 12 March 1622 Fr Joseph Amal (St Luke's Parish) and Fr
by Pope Gregory XV. St Teresa was declared Andrzej Madry (St Justin's Parish).
the first woman Doctor of the Church by

Tiana Chandraratne
Chiara Smith
Grace Guiliano
Caitlin Grima

Faith and Mission Captains


Faith and

Sunday's Gospel

Sunday 21 October
Mark 10: 35–45
Whoever aspires
to greatness must
serve the rest.
Sunday 28 October
Mark 10: 46–52
Jesus gives sight
to Bartimaeus.
Friday 26 October
Day for Daniel
Thurs 1 November
of All Saints
Fri 2 November
Memorial of All Souls:
Commemoration of all
the Faithful Departed
Fri 9 November
Memorial of the
Dedication of the
Lateran Basilica


and Teaching

Mrs Madeleine Franken STEM-4-All

Deputy Principal On Wednesday October 17 Avila Session one was an introductory
Learning & Teaching College hosted the 2018 STEM-4-ALL session which required the students
Presentation Night. The evening was a to work together and look at how
[email protected] showcase of all the work conducted by to develop a good focus question
the Year 8 students from Avila College and hypothesis so that they could
Ms Angela Torelli and the Grade 4 students from the begin to write their own question for
participating primary schools; Holy investigation. Students conducted small
Director of Studies Y10-12 Family, St Christopher’s, Good Shepherd experiments with the primary school
Parish School and St Leonard’s. The students as a way of introduction
[email protected] night was a buzz with excited students to how to form a hypothesis. The
proud of their achievements. subsequent sessions involved: the
Ms Klara Baka introduction of the concept of variables,
The STEM-4-ALL program was a how they could be controlled and
Director of Studies Y7-9 seven-week program that ran over changed; the difference between
term three. The aims of the program observations and inferences through
[email protected] were to improve STEM inquiry skills, conducting basic experiments. Groups
provide opportunities for Year 8 discussed and formalised the Method
6 students to consolidate learning and Data Collection for the inquiry
by acting as teacher/mentor and question formed from Session One.
to improve metacognitive, thinking
and communication skills, promote Primary school students visited Avila
the profile of females in STEM in an College to conduct the experiments
engaging and student-centred learning they had carefully planned for in the
environment. preceding weeks. Students had access
to real science laboratories which
This year approximately one hundred many of the primary school students
and eighty students across the five had not seen previously, outside areas,
schools participated.

expert teaching staff and it was amazing to see
how well the students worked together. In the final
two sessions, students were required to work with
their groups to report on their investigation by
analysing and presenting data, drawing conclusions,
discussing limitations and reporting on findings
which were displayed as posters and displayed
at the presentation evening where students had
the opportunity to discuss their projects with their

In speaking with several students both during the
sessions and on the evening, they were very proud
of their achievements. Some students said, “we
loved working collaboratively and being a mentor”,
whilst others stated “I have a new appreciation of
Science” and “I used my Maths skills to analyse
my data”. A wonderful celebration of the students’

Klara Baka
Director of Studies


Year 8 City Experience

My First Impressions

Jenica I felt very nervous as well as I think some of our challenges will be searching for another expert,
Rodrigues excited while heading to City maybe an artist, to ask questions and finding sufficient amount of
Year 8 Cite. Monday was the first day people who are willing to answer our survey.
of Term 4 and I wasn't looking
forward to waking up early. My group and I are very polite and, people are always willing to
It was quite a long walk from help us out. I realised this while going on the Scavenger Hunt, when
Flinders Street to the cite, but we had to take photos with the public, we always remembered to
I made it. As soon as I entered ask people nicely for permission to take photos. In my group we are
City Cite, I was welcomed and felt also having lots of fun together while staying safe outside.
very comfortable in the building
with all my peers. We were very happy that our first activity was the 'Art in the Lanes'
with Tash. Tash was our expert, and my group was very lucky to visit
We started the "Scavenger her on the first day. We took plenty of photos for our presentation
Hunt" and I was determined to get all the boxes and asked her all our expert questions.
ticked. It was quite hard at first because we had
no clue where everything was and kept walking in I have learnt that I can travel unaccompanied, but with my peers,
circles, but my group and I soon found our way. safely from the city. And also on the way back home. I learnt that
Nearly all of our boxes were ticked except for a the city is actually safer than what you think. I was pretty scared to
few and then we took the tram back to City Cite be going around the city without knowing where things were, but
and made it just in time. I'm getting better at navigating.

My group and I have worked very well on the first Today was very different compared to other days in the city
day and I think we will continue to work together because, I had no adult supervision and there was a lot of work to
for the rest of the week. We are always helping complete. It wasn't shopping or sightseeing that I would normally
each other and sharing our ideas which is making go to the city for with my family. I can't wait for the rest of the week!
the work easier.



Matilda Wik We walked with a purpose to
Year 8 our meeting point, carried away
with the flow of people on their
own missions.

People with briefcases speedily moved towards
their jobs, tourists leisurely strolling out of the
station while taking in all the buildings, other Avila
girls bounced around, unsure of what they were
going to do in this unfamiliar place.

With a steaming chai in hand it was so much
easier to walk the streets and laneways, a very
different experience to when we went out into
the world by ourselves. This time a map was in
our hands and we were leading ourselves to
victory. The roads were still filled with people and
cars, making the city around us so much more
alive, and as we passed each new person, car or
building, our confidence grew.

The sun gleamed on every surface, making our Reflection
backs warm and setting our hearts on fire as
we moved through the unknown excitedly. We Today was the first day of city experience.
stopped where we needed to, capturing each Travelling to and from the city was quite easy
place, our smiles and poses accompanying each as I am used to public transport and I was in a
shot. The stores drew us in as well, the familiar large group.
and unfamiliar making us move towards anything
that caught our eye. But we were on a mission and My favourite part of the day was doing the
could not be misdirected. With that in our minds
we powered on through the concrete, entering Tanika Whyte 'Our Backyard' activity. It was nice to be able
buildings filled with cakes and skyrooves, exiting Year 8 to walk around the city and find places around
onto a new street. We talked to strangers and Melbourne. I also liked how we got to do extra
made unlikely acquaintances, thanking people
as we left and they continued on with their days. things like taking a photo with a tourist or a
We looked up at only buildings and stain glass
windows and skies filled with clouds and warmth. policeman because it helps you become familiar with the city and

talk to different people. During this activity we developed as a

team, as without my group I would have been lost.

Soon we had reached our last destination, and I learned so many new techniques like how to use time wisely and
reluctantly made our way back to our office, schedule how long I could spend in one place. Just in one day
but not before indulging ourselves with Belgian my group and I have learnt so much and adapted to being in a
waffles. We stepped into our building with a whole completely different environment. I liked working with new people
new world in our minds, and that was only our because we stayed on task and worked really well together.
first time exploring. Who knows what else we will
find? My other favourite part is that we are given more freedom and
responsibility for our own time and how we use it because it
makes us plan ahead better.



Ms Janine Bauman The Importance
of Healthy Friendships
Deputy Principal Students

[email protected]

The Year Level Coordinators each have a
wellbeing noticeboard that highlight key events,
support networks and often have particular
wellbeing foci. Year 9 Level Coordinator, Marina
Kelly, gives an overview of what she is doing to
build resilient, respectful, compassionate and
independent young Avila women.

Mrs Anne Stephens 'Each term we focus on a particular to take to either modify a friendship
wellbeing issue for Year 9 students, if it becomes unhealthy or withdraw
Director of Pastoral Care Y7-9 with the most recent being on ‘healthy from one in a respectful way. I find that
friendships’. Term three and four often whilst students often come to discuss
[email protected] sees a shift in friendships as students friendship issues with me, it is rare for
become more comfortable in their them to want me to 'solve' the problem
Mrs Anna Marvelli homerooms and have changes in their for them. Instead they often ask for
elective classes. hints, tips or strategies for them to
Director of Pastoral Care Y10-12 solve the problem independently.
The factsheet is a summary of the key
[email protected] information from the noticeboard and I thought the factsheet was a way to
its aim is to create a 'how-to' guide give them that information and keep it
10 for managing common friendship for when they need it. I have also put
issues. These include making new them out in the corridor for them to
friends, establishing if an existing read and collect as they might need it.’
friendship is healthy, and the steps

We asked Marina what she thought Avila College Respectful
parents could do to support Relationships Family Survey
their daughter when navigating
friendships? At Avila College we want our students to feel safe,
supported and respected at school. Avila is a partner
‘If a student is having trouble school in the Department of Education and Training
with a friendship at school, I think Respectful Relationships initiative and is working closely
it can be helpful for families to with Leading School, Salesian College to implement a
have a discussion to highlight the whole-school approach to Respectful Relationships.
positive and negative aspects of To help us continue to improve we are looking for
this friendship. Asking questions feedback and suggestions and will be distributing a
such as 'what good things does Family Survey on Respectful Relationships to all parents.
this friendship have in it? What We strongly encourage families to have a voice and
positives are you getting from participate in the survey.
it?' can help establish if a young
person wants to maintain a 11
friendship or not.

If your daughter would like to
distance herself from an unhealthy
friendship, it is important for
families to remind her to do this
respectfully and ensure that she
can still be in the same space as
a former friend without ongoing
tension. By the time a student has
reached Year 9, they often want
to solve problems on their own
without other family members
getting involved, so allowing space
for this to happen is important.
Encouraging your daughter to use
the steps outlined on the factsheet
gives them a framework to manage
withdrawing from a friendship in a
respectful way.

Of course, if a parent has concerns
about an unhealthy friendship
their daughter is involved in,
they can contact their daughter's
Homeroom Teacher or Year Level
Co-ordinator to discuss it further.’

Marina Kelly
Year 9 Coordinator
and the Pastoral Team


Being a good friend:

How do I make new friends? How do I know if my friendships are



Debating and Public Speaking News

Round Two of the ...the Grand Final Legacy Junior
DAV Junior Debating Public Speaking
Competition... There were over 200 Year 7 and Preliminary Final
8 students from across the
It was a cold and wet night when metropolitan area competing Congratulations to Milagros Vargas
everyone made their way to in the heats of the Debaters who competed in the Preliminary
Brentwood Secondary College of Victoria Public Speaking Final of the Legacy Junior Public
to discuss emojis and whether Competition. Nishara Fernando Speaking Event. Mila's speech
they are damaging our ability to of Year 8, through her hard argued that self sacrifice is the
communicate. This proved to be work and dedication, made it to core quality of mateship and was
a very tricky topic as it was more the Grand Final along with the delivered beautifully. She was
about ideas than facts. other 12 highest scorers from chosen by the judges to proceed
across the competition. Nishara through to the State Final at
Our teams presented their cases spoke intelligently and delivered the Shrine of Remembrance in
well but only two of the five teams her speech with passion but, October. Good luck, Mila.
were victorious on the night. unfortunately, did not win on the
Congratulations to Milagros Vargas, night. We congratulate Nishara and
Maya Reef and Jyothika Nair who wish her well for the Intermediate
were awarded the "Best Speaker competition next year.


The 2018 Debaters Melbourne University
Association of Victoria British Parliamentary
SWANNIE AWARDS Debating Competition

The Swannie Award night is always a very Prabhloyan Gill During the holidays, I was lucky
exciting evening with speeches and excited Year 11 enough to take part in British
students waiting to receive a coveted award. Parliamentary debating at
We would like to congratulate Jocelyn Satya Melbourne University, alongside
Graha who was a "Medallion" recipient for her Vibusha Raghudhevan and Rachel
Pubic Speaking achievement this year and Iwuagwu.
Priyanka Sharma who was one of the top 10
Intermediate British Parliamentary Debaters in The event was run by the Melbourne University
2018. Well done, Jocelyn and Priyanka. Debating Society students. The whole weekend of
debating was a great experience to not only improve
On to the Final.... our debating skills but also meet some new people. It
was great to be able to develop our skills in a way that
Congratulations to Paris Collins and Sanjana will be useful for the Toorak DAV competition for next
Nair who have progressed on to the final of year, such as the ability to improvise, think of rebuttals
the Rotary 4-Way Public Speaking Competition. quickly and to be able to speak fluently and to the

It was weekend of learning how to improve our skills,
work our way up the ladder, and even come first in a
debate. The tournament was full of serious discussion
and heated ‘points of information’.

I would like to thank Ms Valladares, who organised this
for us and took time out of her weekend to accompany
us, even missing watching Collingwood play in the
Grand Final, and also thank the Melbourne Uni Debating
Society for hosting the competition.



Congratulations to the Avila students
who submitted entries in the
Wool4School design competition.
We are delighted to report that Greta
Cassidy was a Year 8 Victorian Finalist
and Year 9 student Hilary Wong
received a certificate of participation.

This annual competition encourages and
supports budding fashion designers.
Students are invited to design a multi-
functional outfit using a minimum 80%
Australian Merino wool. The outfit must
contain a maximum of four pieces, and show
the student’s creative and innovative side.
First launched in 2012, Wool4School has
involved more than 65,000 students
nationwide, not only learning the
fundamentals of fashion design but also
exploring the benefits and versatility of wool
and the fabric it creates.







CREATIVE STATEMENT The Great Puzzle Struggle!

DESIGNER NAME: Hilary Wong Those who visited the library in Term 2 may have noticed the
SCHOOL NAME: Avila College slow but steady development of a jigsaw puzzle. With 2000
YEAR OF SCHOOLING: yr 9 pieces it was challenging, but nonetheless completed piece by
NAME OF DESIGN: Black contemporary piece by a group of students who regularly visited the library at
CHOSEN END USER GROUP: Females with any occupation 19+ recess and lunchtime.
CREATIVE STATEMENT: Black contemporary is simple and
straightforward. The sweater in the design is Other students also contributed to solving the puzzle by adding
multifunctional as it can be inverted into a skirt. a few pieces as they walked passed, when they visit to read
This design is suitable for this type of end user but or photocopy and senior girls tackle it when they have study
it is also suitable for all ages. 19-25 years olds can periods. It's been a real group effort.
wear this design and look young and well put at the
same time. Students who can’t afford a sweater and a Now completed, the puzzle will be backed and hung in the
skirt, can wear this design without breaking the library for all to enjoy.
budget. Women in the office that are 30 years or older
can still look appropriate wearing the convertible
sweater to work, home and in public. It also benefits
users when there not in the mood to do their washing,
but they also want to appear wearing a different
outfit. The marino and cashmere wool helps keep you
snug and warm during the winter. They grey sweater
keeps your outfit simple and not too overdone like
wearing a rainbow shirt, it pleasures and calms the eye
instead of overwhelming it. Grey is a colour that looks
good on many people. The black bandeau and skirt
accentuates the sweater.


Italian Study Tour


Year 10 French Poetry
Competition Results.

The Berthe Mouchette Poetry Competition is an external
competition run by the Alliance Française and is entered by
thousands of students of French throughout Victoria.

This year's Year 10 students achieved outstanding results
in this prestigious competition. As well as reciting from
memory with correct pronunciation, intonation, rhythm and
speed, students were assessed on their ability to express the
meaning and emotion in the poem.

Two students, Sanjana Nair and Hasandie Vidanapathirana, Second Place in the
achieved perfect scores (20/20) in the competition and Dante Alighieri Poetry
each obtained the award "Brillant FINALISTE". Sanjana and Competition.
Hasandie went on to compete in the Finals of the competition.
This is a wonderful achievement. Congratulations to Year 9 student Karina Parisi!
Karina was invited to attend the Dante Alighieri
Every student in the class performed very well. Poetry Competition presentation evening and
Particular congratulations go to the following students on the night received an award for finishing in
who were awarded "Excellent" certificates for achieving second place.
a score of 19 or 19.5/20.

Alia Ahmed Isabel Amoranto

Sherlin Kalarikkal Mia Loh

Tiana Pincic Gianna Skafidas

Pooja Soni Beatrice Van Rest

Jacqueline Vincent Anna Zabalegui

Félicitations à toutes! SBS Competition.

Angela Patterson Entries are now open for the SBS National
French Teacher Languages Competition. Designed to encourage
and celebrate a love of learning languages in
Australia, all Australians learning a language can
participate by sending in a photo or drawing
that shows us ‘What amazing possibilities
learning a language opens for you?’


Avila Day!



Sport & PE

SCSA Softball

October 16th They gave it their all, an effort that Despite the girls’ tremendous
was a day of should be highly commended. efforts, they came out placing
second, but had a great day, with
determination The intermediate team put on solid teamwork and sportsmanship
a show all day, winning all four shown by all.
and triumph, of their rostered games, earning
themselves a spot in the grand The day was filled with lots of
despite the cold final. Against their toughest laughter, fun and Avila spirit. A
opponent of the day, the girls did very big thank you to Mrs Williams,
Natasha and miserable not let their previous wins get the Mrs Benton, and Ms Crowe for
better of them. They pushed right the support and coaching they
Stathopoulos weather. The day till the end, hitting home runs left provided in the weeks prior to the
and right. The final result was an competition and on the day of the
Softball started early, with outstanding 9-0 run win in Avila’s tournament. Also a very big thank
favour. The girls huddled and you to past Avila College Softball
Captain 40 eager Avila sung the Avila Hymn as a way of Captain Sarah Papadimitriou who
assisted the intermediate team
girls arriving at through training and on the day.

school promptly, ready for the day Congratulations to all the girls who
participated in this year’s SCSA
ahead at the Annual SCSA Softball Softball Competition. I can’t wait
to see what Avila has to offer next
competition. After many motivating year!

weeks of training, all the girls were

itching to play.

Each team was faced with fierce celebrating their win, and our very

competition; however, they were own Lucy Wales was named ‘Most

not intimidated by this. Despite Valuable Player’ in the Grand Final.

a narrow loss in their semi-final, Our senior team worked hard all
the junior girls each had learnt day. They found themselves with
new skills, made new friendships three out of four wins in their
and understood the meaning of rostered games, which secured
teamwork. them a spot in the Grand Final.



Santa Teresa Immersion fun. We made friends with a lot of the little kids,
a highlight for many of us being "walking into
Eight students participated in the the Recreation Centre and seeing the kid's faces
annual Santa Teresa Immersion. light up" (- Kayla Murray) once they saw us on the
This Immersion was enlightening second night.
for the students as we learnt many
things that we didn't expect, and Staying in Santa Teresa was especially enlightening
found this experience to be very for us because we learnt what it is like to live in
educational. rural Australia. The community is currently seven
houses down from the amount needed. There are
We arrived in Alice Springs with also around fifteen people living in one house, and
many sharing one bed every night. It was alarming
Jacqueline an open mind. For three days, we for us to learn these facts, but we understand that
Vincent Year 10 explored the history of the city and we need to change our mentality as well.
went to an array of places. These
Western culture believes that we need to rescue
included the Akeyulerre Healing Centre, Simpson's Gap, or pity Aboriginal people, but that is not the case
because "sometimes people in less fortunate
School of the Air, Desert Park and the Earth Sanctuary. situations are much happier and enjoy life more
than those who are more privileged" (- Neve
We were also lucky enough to go to Alice Springs’ Williams). We also understand how difficult it is to
live in this community because the government
Desert Mob Market and hear the Central Australian owns the people's houses. Therefore, this means
that if something breaks it may take months
Aboriginal Women’s Choir. Overall, the activities in Alice to get it fixed as it has to be cleared by many
subcontractors. We only had a brief taste of what
Springs, such as "the night at the Earth Sanctuary" it was like to live there, but it was an invaluable
(- Neve Williams), were a highlight for many due to the
For the final three days of the Immersion, we went
uniqueness and specialty of them. to Uluru. We watched the sunrise and sunset
over the rock, and we all found it to be incredibly
On day four, we travelled 85 kilometres to the rural serene. We also had the honour of cycling around
community of Santa Teresa. We stayed in Santa Teresa the base of Uluru as well as walking the 7.5 km
for five days and during this time we helped out the Valley of the Winds Walk at Kata Tjuta.
community in various ways.
Overall, this Immersion was irreplaceable,
Each day, two students would go to either the School, insightful and enlightening. We were reminded
the Community Centre, the Creche, or the Spirituality on many occasions to be ‘pilgrims,’ rather than
Centre and help out wherever it was needed. In ‘tourists,’ and we can confidently say that it was
the School, we worked with students, and in the one of the best things we've ever done.
Community Centre, we prepared meals and then
distributed them to community members who were
older or had disabilities. In the Spirituality Centre, we
painted and varnished the backs of crosses, and in
the Creche, we helped take care of children, aged 1-3
years. We also had the great privilege of going to the
Recreation Centre where many kids played and had



Holiday Work Experiences

desex the animals. I also observed lump removals,
dental procedures, x-rays and trauma treatment. I was
both surprised and reassured to find that I am not

During the first week of It was an amazingly insightful week, and I strongly
the September school recommend that anyone who wants to work with
animals in the future should take work experience at
a veterinary clinic.

holidays, I was fortunate I feel very privileged to have gained an understanding
on the behind-the-scenes job of veterinarians, who
enough to undergo work work wonders for animals and animal-lovers. Who
knows, maybe that will be me one day!
experience at Rowville

Beatrice Veterinary Clinic. During the first week
of these holidays
van Rest Over the course of the week I I completed work
experience at Melbourne
Year 10 helped the vet nurses with every CBD Physio. The week
consisted of early
day chores, observed fascinating morning starts and many
new experiences.
surgeries and, of course, comforted some of the dogs

and cats who had found themselves in precarious


It was an incredibly valuable experience, and I learnt Tamsyn Pascoe
many things that will help me when I take steps and Year 10
make choices before heading into tertiary education.

For as long as I can remember, I have wanted to While on placement I learnt a lot about how the
one day have a career involving animals - more body is treated for someone that may have a sports
specifically, involving horses - and since starting high injury or non-related sporting injury. I sat in on all
school I’ve been particularly inclined towards the consultations and learnt how to generally work along
idea of being a veterinarian. It’s a career path that with a patient/customer base. As it was a physio
could take me to many places and allow me to learn practice that is used by athletes throughout the week
about animals at all levels of detail. Having said that, I met many AFL players, basketballers, and track and
it’s also one that requires many years of study and field athletes.
the ability to remain calm under pressure. I knew the
best thing was to organise some work experience so I One of my favourite experiences was meeting the
could see what it might entail as an occupation, and if current Australian 800m male record holder, where
I could possibly see myself in that position. I listened to his many inspiring stories. I also got to
use the Alter G machine, which is a treadmill with
Throughout my week at the clinic, I immersed myself differentiated air pressure, allowing you to train using
in the everyday happenings of life as a vet. I helped different amounts of your body mass. It also has a
the vet nurses prepare and clean some of the mask which you wear and this simulates different
equipment, and was also able to look after some of altitudes, making it harder to train.
more docile dogs. But being able to observe the work
of the vets and how they dealt with both expected Work experience gave me the opportunity to see
and unexpected cases was definitely the highlight. what the industry holds and has helped me realise
this is something I will most likely do after I finish my
The most common surgery was the castration (in studies at school. It was a stack of fun and one of the
males) or spey (in females), which are surgeries that best experiences I’ve had yet.


Avila VCA Production | The Drowsy Chaperone Avila Calendar
Influencers Dates & Events
Monday 22 October
Australia’s nextAvila College Parents + Friends Association present Year 12 Celebration Day
big Drama Queen Year 12 Graduation
Thursday 25 October
Breakfast with Actress, Singer & Alumnae Twilight tours
Friday 26 October
KALA GARE Avila Open Morning
Monday 29 October
Influencers Breakfast Year 7 Immunisations
Wednesday 31 October
Friday 23 November | Season 2 VCE Exams Commence
Year 12 Parents Mass
Avila College is proud to present an on-couch interview with Kala Gare. We talk about her transition Monday 5 November
to the VCA, her involvement in theatre and her rising star. Don't miss this opportunity to connect with Mid Term Break - School Closed
Tuesday 6 November
Australia's next big drama queen. Seats are limited so book early. Cup Day - School Closed
Time: 7.15-8.30am | Cost: $5 | Book: Avila Facebook Event
Book your seat and hear Wednesday 31 October, 1-4pm
from Australia's next big Wednesday 12 October 1-4pm
Drama Queen!
The Avila PFA is delighted to invite all
members of the community to enjoy
breakfast and hear from former student,
actress and singer Kala Gare.
Join us from 7.15-8.30am on Friday 23
November in the Gathering Space.
Tickets are $5 and available via trybooking.

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