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The fortnightly newsletter from Avila College. In this edition celebrate the Students of the Term, take a look at the Year 7 and Year 9 Camps and learn about community service at Avila.

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Published by Avila College, 2018-03-29 01:09:53

Avila College Newsletter 29 March 2018

The fortnightly newsletter from Avila College. In this edition celebrate the Students of the Term, take a look at the Year 7 and Year 9 Camps and learn about community service at Avila.

March 29 | 2018

From the

Dr Michelle Cotter The Easter many months and staff, students and
Triduum parents are important contributors to
Principal our self reflection and future school
Exec. MBA, M.Ed. Leadership, It is the close of Term One and we improvement planning. A parent
M.Ed. RE, Post Grad. Dip. IT, are all a little excited that a holiday focus group will be held on day
Post Grad. Dip. Adult Ed., period is upon us. As well as being one at around 3pm at the College. A
Grad. Dip. RE, B.Ed a little exhausted we are most small group of parents/guardians are
definitely more learned. needed for a guided discussion with
35 Charles Street, our external reviewer. Any parents
Mount Waverley, I’ve learnt much this term; some of it wishing to nominate for this group
Victoria 3149 formal and some of it informal, some are asked to email their interest to
T 03 9831 9600 through reading, discussion and team [email protected] with the
[email protected] endeavours and other learning picked subject line “Expression of Interest in up through a “chat and a cookie” or a School Review”.
learning walk around our school.
Avila College acknowledges the Finally, an early greeting and blessing
Wurundjeri people, the traditional This last week there have been for the Easter season to each member
custodians of the land on which many conversations through parent- of the Avila family. The Easter Triduum
the College is built. student-teacher meetings. For all is upon us, the three-day season that
2 those who attended, thank you for concludes Lent and introduces Easter.
being involved in this important Over the coming long weekend we will
dialogue. We enrich our learning participate in the major feasts for all
community by talking with each other four days at the heart of the Easter
about what we have achieved and celebration: the evening feast of Holy
why, what we are yet to achieve and Thursday, Good Friday, Holy Saturday,
what we can do to reach our goals and Easter Sunday. The Easter
and milestones. Being clear about Triduum memorializes the suffering,
our personal growth plans (students, death, burial, and resurrection
staff and as a learning community) of Jesus Christ. Easter powerfully
the path to continuous improvement reminds us of the love of Christ for us,
is clearer for us individually and as a the joy and hope of the Resurrection
whole. and the message of the Gospel for us
to be faith, hope and love for each
In week three of Term Three on other.
Wednesday 9 May we will undertake
the first day of our external school Blessings for Easter and some Happy
review. Preparation for the school Learning over the Holiday Break too!
review process has been underway for
Happy Learning!

Dr Cotter

Easter Prayer

Lord, the resurrection of Your Son
has given us new life and renewed hope.
Help us to live as new people
in pursuit of the Christian ideal.
Grant us wisdom to know what we must do,
the will to want to do it,
the courage to undertake it,
the perseverance to continue to do it,
and the strength to complete it.



From the

Wishing you a safe Easter Break

Mrs Sally-Anne Petrie Board Members began the year Through an insightful presentation Dr
hosting a delightful afternoon Cotter assisted Board Members to
Chairperson tea to welcome all staff to the
Avila College Board year and acknowledge their • understand the structure of the
outstanding service to their roles School Improvement Framework
and responsibilities within the Avila of Catholic Education Melbourne
community. (CEM)

At this afternoon tea, staff members • deepen their knowledge of school
who had recently achieved improvement in our context
milestones (10, 20 and 30 years of
service) were also presented with a • expand their understanding of
certificate of appreciation and service school planning processes (4 year
badge. School Improvement Plan (SIP),
School Annual Action Plans) and
Over this first term Board Members reporting mechanisms (quarterly
have also offered their presence reports to the Board across the
at the High Achiever Assembly, five spheres of SIF and the Annual
the Opening School Mass, and the Report to the community)
International Women’s Day Breakfast,
organised by the PFA. • develop an understanding
of evidence based school
The Avila College Advisory Board’s improvement (sources of data,
first Reporting Meeting for 2018 role of interpretation and self-
occurred late in February. reflection to developing annual
action plans).
As Avila College continues to prepare
for it’s cyclical review As Board Chair, I will have an
later in 2018, a major focus of the opportunity to represent the Board in
first Board meeting was to continue the review process in 2018.
building the capacity of the Board
to support a continuously improving Hoping you and your families are
school. creating space to enjoy our beautiful
settled Autumn weather.

Sally-Anne Petrie
Chairperson, Avila College Board


Student of the Term Awards

Avila College 2018 - Term One Awards

The Student of the Term Award is an individual recognition of students who actively seek
to achieve excellence in their participation in and contribution to Avila College school life -
recognising and celebrating the “every day of school life” and contributing to our learning
community culture. Students and staff nominate students for this Principal’s Award.

Year 7 | Jessica Loeding

Jessica shows kindness and sensitivity, demonstrating the Presentation
values in how she interacts with others. When someone needs help
Jessica is quite happy and willing to lend a hand. She works very hard
in her classes and is actively engaged in her learning. She is willing to
support other students with their work and sees this as an excellent way
for her to learn as well. All of her work is completed with thoughtfulness
and she often asks how she could further improve.
In her own words, Jessica feels that she is "taking baby steps into the
Avila community" and she "would love to expand her relationship with
the school more". Jessica has been involved with the Australian Red Cross
and plans to join more activities when she finds her feet here at Avila.

Year 8 | Jessica Borstelj

Jessica is always smiling and spreads happiness to all she meets. She
shows kindness, patience and care for others. Jessica truly lives out our
Presentation values in daily school life by actively reaching out to others
in a friendly way and being attentive to everyone feeling a sense of
belonging in our school community.
Jessica studies hard and puts herself forward to test her own learning
and understanding by answering questions in class. She helps her peers
if they are stuck in their learning and she can see that she can help. By
doing this she supports others in achieving their goals and she learns
more herself too.


Year 9 | Selena Ahangama

Selena contributes positively to the school community and is a positive
role model for all she encounters. She is always respectful and helpful
to members of the Avila community and to the community as a whole.
Selena is involved in Drama and other areas of school life.

Selena is persistent and resilient in her learning, she never gives up
and keeps on trying when she encounters challenges. Selena is always
striving to conquer new challenges and opportunities and she will ask for
help to go one step further. Selena tries hard in all of her subjects and is
constantly supporting everyone around her to make them feel welcome.

Year 10 | Priyanaka Sharma

Priyanka is a keen debater who puts her team and their needs before
herself. She was an active contributor to the College celebration of
International Women's Day, in particular through her involvement in the
Avila vs Mazenod Debate on the day.

Priyanka shows commitment to Gospel and Presentation values by
caring and loving for others, putting their needs before hers and always
lending a hand and listening to others. She always shows an absolute
commitment in excellence. Priyanka seeks personal excellence in her
learning by getting involved in extra-curricular groups as well as always
seeking to excel in all of her subjects. She is a great role model by being
organised, optimistic, approachable, friendly and generous with her time.

Priyanka is part of the Students Create the Future Committee too which
she is entirely committed and tries her hardest to make everyday school
life the best it can be and safe.

Year 11 | Clare McMorrow

Clare shows commitment to Gospel and Presentation values as she
constantly puts others first and dares to be a person who is always there
for those who need.

Clare seeks personal excellence in her learning by constantly striving
to understand more. She never fails to add interesting points to class
discussions, which does not only result in personal benefit, but it aides
the class in their understanding too. She is persistent and works for her

She always shows that she is trying her best to make our school
community the best it can be by being a selfless, optimistic and a smiling
face around the corridors.

A particular example comes to mind at Indoor Cricket when the team
required someone to sit off during the Grand Final, and Clare nominated
herself. She did so humbly, and cheered loudly in the remainder of the
Grand Final, showing a great sense of character.


Year 12 | Sophia Grubnic

Sophia was invited to be a keynote speaker for the International
Women's Day Breakfast at Box Hill Town Hall which was attended
by over 300 people. Sophia showed her commitment to excellence
through this activity and spoke about the need for justice, respect
and dignity for women.
She reflected on Avila as a place where students are engaged in
conversations about politics and the need to generate change in
the community. Sophia celebrated Avila students through their
Action, sense of Community and their Daring and as young women
committed to transforming workplaces.
Sophia has a strong commitment to learning she strives to seek
excellence by always remaining focused in class. She is always willing
to contribute to class discussion and to be a role model for others -
she dares to be her best self and she shares her talents and energy
generously with the whole school community.


Faith &

Ms Carmela Marino Caritas Fund Raising

Director of Faith and Mission This year we celebrate ‘A Just Future for All’ in
conjunction with the Year of Youth. During this
[email protected] Lenten period and through the Project Compassion
initiative we were called to join in solidarity to
Tiana Chandraratne raise awareness and funds and help build a world
Chiara Smith of peace through courage and compassion.
Grace Guiliano
Caitlin Grima Pope Francis has said ‘the world looks
to the young to be reassured that “the
Faith and Mission Captains Father’s Mercy has an ever - youthful
face and constantly invites us to be a
8 part of his kingdom.”

Caritas Australia invests in young people to pave
the way for a A Just Future and to ‘cultivate with
love the seeds of goodness, beauty and truth that
God sows in every generation.’

Here at Avila the girls have taken on this challenge
and through their “Dare to Do’ approach have
been instrumental in raising funds and building
awareness for Project Compassion.

Today’s Caritas Fundraising event was a culmination
of all we have worked towards this term. The stalls
were set up with items made by Year 10 students
as part of their Community Service program and
sweets were largely due to the contributions from
our Year 7 and Year 8 students.

A huge thank you to the Faith & Mission Captains
– Tiana Chandraratne, Chiara Smith, Grace Giuliano
and Caitlin Grima and all the wonderful Young
Vinnies Girls and Miss Carley Spiteri for all their
work throughout the term.

Holy Faith and
Thursday Mission
Liturgy Important

Sunday's Gospel

Sunday 1 April
Easter Sunday
John 20: 1-9
The teaching of
Scripture is that he
must rise from the
Sunday 8 April
2nd Sunday of
Easter (Divine
Thursday 29 March
Thursday of the
Lord's Supper
Friday 30 March
Friday of the Passion
of the Lord

Saturday 31 March
The Easter Vigil in
the Holy NIght

Sunday 1 April
Easter Sunday

Sunday 8 April
Orthodox Easter


Year 10

Sanjana Nair "We make a living by what we
get, but we make a life by what
Year 10 Quill & Ink we give," said Winston Churchill,
Writers Guild one of the most powerful and
influential figures in history.

"We make a living by what we get, Our extra tasks included things ‘service’ and how we can all put
but we make a life by what we like putting up chairs, laminating, our words into action.
give," said Winston Churchill, one of photocopying or reading to the
the most powerful and influential younger children. I even sharpened Overall, Community Service gave
figures in history. Last week the about 200 pencils at one point! us as young independent women,
Year 10 students of Avila College an understanding of the amount
participated in their Community For us as students, who at times of work teachers and other staff
Service Program attending school get caught up in our own little put in to make sure their students
based preparation workshops and worlds, it also gave us an insight have an excellent level of learning.
visiting over 70 different schools into what a primary school
across Melbourne suburbs. These teacher’s life is like behind the It allowed us to ‘action’ and be
visits allowed us to assist teachers scenes, and how much work and a part of a world beyond our
in teaching and caring for their preparation goes into the activities own. Thank you so much to Mrs
students. The placements were students do in class. Marino, who gave us this brilliant
varied allowing us to get a taste of opportunity and showed us what
the early starts and responsibilities Most importantly, the girls and I true service is to our community.
that accompany the profession. got to venture into the mysterious, Helping out at these schools
My placement at St Paul Apostle exclusive room known as ‘The Staff opened our hearts as we saw how
North, Endeavour Hills, was a Room’ and by the end of the two much teachers do in their day that
truly rewarding experience. When days, we decided it wasn’t all that goes beyond the classroom.
we worked and helped with the extraordinary after all, but it was
primary children the smiles on a nice break from the mania and I know that many of us will want to
their faces made our efforts worth hysteria known as the playground. experience serving the community
while. Not only were the students I don't remember being that once again, someday soon or in
thrilled, but the teachers were ‘enthusiastic’ when we were younger! the near future because as in the
delighted, because we were able words of Mother Teresa, “Love
lighten their load and give them On our return to College on cannot remain by itself — it has no
more time to focus on their class. the Friday our Reflection Day meaning. Love has to be put into
reinforced the underlying values action and that action is service.”
and benefits of participating in


Goatias $120 can buy a
Ladder Jamunapari hybrid
goat so a young
Avila's person can learn
2018 Goat goat raising to make
Goal is 30! an income in Nepal

One of the experiences I most

enjoyed was helping prep 30
students who were lost. Being 29
of service in the most basic 28
way made me feel happy and 27
uplifted... 26

Mieke de Vries Camelot Rise Primary School 25

Being at service to both the kids 24
and teachers at Syndal Preschool 23
made me feel important and 22
useful and at the same time 21
helping out made me feel good
about myself... 20
It's definitely something I enjoyed 19
doing and I will do it again in the 18
future. 17
Elly Morgan Syndal Pre School

A quote from Andrew Shue - 13
'Community Service has taught me 12

all kinds of skills and increased 11

my confidence. You go out there 10

and think on your feet, work with 9

others and create something 8

from nothing. That's what life's all 7

about.' To me this quote is what I 6

feel about community service; not 5

saying something but doing that 4

something. Well Done! 3
22 Goats so far. 2
Natalie Marani Good Shepherd Primary School 1 11

Easter Servicesces

Holy Family Parish Good Shepherd St Christophers

236 Stephensons Road, Mt Waverley 34 Academy Ave, Wheelers Hill 5 Doon Avenue, Syndal

Holy Thursday Holy Thursday Holy Thursday
8:00pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper 7.00pm Celebration of the Lord’s Supper 7.30pm Celebration of the Lord’s
Silent Adoration follows until After Mass Adoration of the Blessed Supper
midnight. Sacrament finishing with the Evening
Prayer of the Church at 10.00p.m. Good Friday
Good Friday 11.00am Way of the Cross at Central
9.00am Stations of the Cross Good Friday Reserve (Cnr Springvale/Waverley Rd)
Followed by confession until 11.00am 3.00pm Celebration of The Lord’s 3.00pm Celebration of The Lord’s
3.00pm Commemoration of the Passion Passion
Passion and Death of Our Lord. 7.00pm Taize Around The Cross
Followed by confession until 5.00pm Holy Saturday
11.00am Blessing of Easter Food Holy Saturday
Holy Saturday 7.00pm Easter Vigil Mass 7.30pm Easter Vigil The Night of
9.00am Morning Prayer of the Church Nights
7.00pm Easter Vigil Easter Sunday
8.00am + 9.30am + 11.00am Mass Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday 8.30am + 10.30am Mass
8.30am + 10.30am Mass Easter Monday
10.00am Mass St Mary Magdalen's
St Simons
St Leonards 22 Bolwarra St, Chadstone
2 Taylors Lane, Rowville
349 Springvale Road, Glen Waverley Holy Thursday
Holy Thursday 7.30pm Mass
8.00pm Mass of the Lord’s Supper Holy Thursday Good Friday
7.30pm Mass 9.30am Stations of the Cross
Good Friday 3.00pm Mass
3.00pm Solemn Celebration Good Friday
of the Lord’s Passion (Church) 3.00pm Mass Holy Saturday
7.30pm Easter Vigil
Holy Saturday Holy Saturday
9.45am Reconciliation 7.30pm Easter Vigil Easter Sunday
8.00pm Easter Vigil Mass (Church) 9.30am Mass
Easter Sunday
Easter Sunday 8.30am Mass
6.00am Dawn Mass of Resurrection 10.00am Mass

9.30am + 11.00am Mass


Red Cross
Door Knock

Not words,
but Deeds.

Nano Nagle

Monique Mason Year 11
Tiana Chandraratne Year 12

On Sunday March 25, over 120 those who help and those who
students from Years 7 to 12 are helped. Thank you to everyone
embraced our theme of 'Dare to who wholeheartedly embraced the
Do' and participated in the Red experience through donating their
Cross Door Knock Appeal. time and money. We are proud to
say that approximately $3000 was
Our day began with groups of raised, surpassing last year’s total
approximately 15 students meeting donations.
in their allocated zone, with
each zone having two Avila staff The Red Cross Door Knock Appeal
supervise whilst the students is just one of the many ways Avila
completed their route. The groups, works for justice, where a sense
made up of various year levels, of belonging in our community
worked together as a single unit is strengthened by our Avila girls
collecting donations from houses making the act of faith.
in the Mount Waverley area. We
were very fortunate the skies Thank you to the many staff who
cleared, allowing us to enjoy the gave up their time to support us.
sunny conditions.

It is admirable to have so many
girls and staff volunteer their time,
especially on a Sunday morning,
with a vision of helping to create
a better world for those in need.
It is through this simple action
we form a community between


and Teaching

Mrs Madeleine Franken Edrolo help them understand and learn all
they need to know for their exams.
Deputy Principal Last week, senior students met with When students are at various levels
Learning & Teaching some of the experts from their online of understanding, Edrolo can really
tool, Edrolo. They were given an help to ensure that students do
[email protected] opportunity to ask questions and seek their best during these vital years.
guidance in how to get the most out of With comprehensive and engaging
this rich resource that supports their video lectures, supported by worked
learning in VCE. examples from past exams and
interactive quizzes, Edrolo flips the
Edrolo is a compulsory online tool for learning to help students understand,
a number of Year 11 and 12 subjects. clarify and revise the content that
Subjects which use Edrolo are listed teachers cover in the classroom.
in the booklist. Edrolo provides
students with engaging, informative
and comprehensive presentations to

Leisurely Learning

Ms Angela Torelli It has been great to see so many parents museums to extend learning in an
at the Parent-Student-Teacher meetings informal way. Some students may
Director of Studies Y10-12 this week. Such opportunities are choose to undertake master classes
valuable for taking stock and re-assessing in a hobby or favourite activity,
[email protected] changes that may be necessary to participate in sports clinics or compete
support the learning process. in tournaments that are both fun and
Ms Klara Baka challenging for their development of
Students are encouraged to use the skills. Of course sharing recreational
Director of Studies Y7-9 holidays for a relaxing break although reading, watching films or live
there is an expectation that senior performances and chatting about
[email protected] students will complete some homework them are other ways that parents can
during the next fortnight. Senior continue to support students in their
14 students should plan the break with a learning over the Easter break.
balance of relaxation and study time
to ensure that they return in Term 2 I wish all families a very happy and holy
refreshed and confident about moving Easter.
forward in their learning.
Madeleine Franken
Families may like to use the holidays Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching
to visit national parks, galleries and

Data Driven Dialogue Avila Calendar
Dates & Events
Avila College recently hosted a forum for Deputy
Principals of Curriculum and Learning Leaders in Thursday 29 March
local Catholic secondary schools. Leaders from 12 End of Term 1
different schools met to discuss and share strategies School Finishes 3.10pm
for the use of data to inform practice and drive
improvement. Victoria Myers, from Catholic Education Friday 30 March
Melbourne (CEM) facilitated the data driven dialogue Good Friday
discussion. Julie Stewart (CEM), offered advice about
the value of literacy initiatives and funded collectives Sunday 1 April
with multiple schools working together that can Easter Sunday
lead to significant improvements in student learning
outcomes too. Forums such as this not only build Monday 16 April
professional connections with our colleagues but Start of Term 2
provide a valuable springboard for ideas to improve
practice. Monday 23 April
Nagle House Day
Madeleine Franken
Deputy Principal Learning and Teaching Tuesday 24 April
House Athletics Day

Wednesday 25 April
ANZAC Day - School Closed


Wednesday 18 April, 1-4pm

Wednesday 2 May, 1-4pm

8am - 4.30pm

SCHOOL on 9831 9696



Ms Janine Bauman Apps for Mental Health & Wellbeing

Deputy Principal Students Nowadays parents and educators of teenagers often bemoan the
influence and inherent dangers of the internet and social media: bullying,
[email protected] inappropriate content, time wasting, sleep disturbance, unreliable
information etc. What is also emerging, however, is a growing number of
websites and apps which are a positive and useful tool for you in managing
the demands of modern life and the stresses you encounter.

Mrs Anne Stephens A recent study by a group of researchers “Dr Google”, these apps can be a vital
from Monash University dealt with the and effective solution for many, and a
Director of Pastoral Care Y7-9 efficacy and usefulness of the myriad of valuable adjunct for those with more
wellbeing apps available. They tested serious mental health issues. They
[email protected] many of the currently available apps concluded that these can help with
according to rigorous criteria, to assess “building insight, breaking cycles and
Mrs Anna Marvelli their usefulness and safety for young building resilience”.
people experiencing normal stress or
Director of Pastoral Care Y10-12 even those with diagnosed anxiety Many students, especially at senior
disorders. Listed are the ones that are level, find academic life stressful. It is
[email protected] deemed effective tools for anyone also common that many are reluctant
to use to help manage their general to ask for help. These apps can be an
wellbeing and give them self-directed excellent start point. Many of them are
assistance. They found that, unlike free, and available on both IOS and
Android devices.

Clare Manning
Year 12 Level Coordinator


Apps are divided into 5 broad Coping apps
groups, depending on the supply us with new and different tools, which we can
type of support required. impelement ourselves without having to seek advice
or speak to another person. They allow self-directed
and private methods to help us feel more in control.

can be used to identify and then deal with triggers BREATHE WORRY TIME MISSION
which can create feelings of being overwhelmed. They
can also assist in developing a better study/play/work
life balance.

FOR IOS work like digital, quick-style diaries. Often noting our
experiences and reactions to them can be a positive
way to put them in perspective or even out of our minds.


Mindfulness Diversity
apps come in many shapes and sizes. They can be Week
long meditations or short strategies to learn and
employ at times of stress. These three are deemed
the very best available at the moment. Like all
‘exercise’, practise makes perfect.


Mood Tracking From the 19th of March to the
can help with day to day management of stress and 23rd of March, Avila celebrated
allow us to acknowledge our emotions, and then gives Cultural Diversity Week. This
some doable ideas to counter negative and unhelpful Jacqueline was a very important week for
thoughts. Vincent Year 10 us because it advocates the
message that 'everyone belongs'.
PRISM KIT To honour this message we included a range of
activities over the days. One of these comprised of
displaying our heritage in our year level corridors by
writing our background on paper hand cut-outs and
sticking them to cut-outs of trees to show the roots
of our ancestry. In the morning, we listened to daily
prayers over the P.A system in multiple languages.
These languages were Chinese, Tongan and Korean
as well as praying an Aboriginal blessing. We did this
to display and incorporate some of the languages

or cultures in our school to all students. See the
following pages for activities throughout the week.


Harmony Day

During the week, Avila also held
Harmony Day. Students were able
to add their name and ancestry to
posters at lunchtime on Wednesday
while listening to songs from all
around the world. Harmony Day
was a specific day where we could
recognise our cultures together.


GRIP Student

On 13 March, three student leaders were able to gain new skills, new
Isabel Amoranto, Priyanka Sharma perspectives and new ideas for
and Emma Gare attended the GRIP making a positive contribution as
Student Leadership Conference in leaders.
the city. The Conference is unique
in that it concentrates specifically The sessions were interactive and
on training student for their role we were able to network with other
as school leaders. student leaders from other
Students were able to elect and
attend workshops to build their The presenters were engaging,
capacity as leaders, tailoring their enthusiastic and we feel motivated
experiences to their own leadership and inspired to bring practical
role to come away with a deeper ideas back to our school
understanding of servant leadership. community.

They reported that it was a Mrs Anna Marvelli
wonderful opportunity where they Director of Pastoral Care Y10-12

GRIP Learnings My experience with the GRIP leadership capabilities, maximising
Generosity Leadership Conference made opportunities to transform
Responsibility me feel more enriched and school pride and extending event
Integrity inspired me to become a person participation.
People of greater integrity and a positive
change maker within my school We were challenged in the way that
Isabel community. It was a day to develop we were encouraged to recognise
Amorant valuable leadership skills and gain the capabilities of the status
Year 10 insightful knowledge applicable quo and realise how, as student
to our student leadership roles at leaders of 2018, we can do things
school. differently for the good of our
school community.
‘Transform’ as the overall theme
of the day meant that we were Overall, it was all about
engaged in several activities opportunity, capability, and
that revolved around the idea of understanding the greater
making changes that help others, responsibilities and challenges of
as well as growing as leaders. leadership - to look beyond this
and realise that in the end, it was
We learned about creating all about extending ourselves to be
positive change, extending our of greater service to others.


No Way Day

On Friday, Avila held Bullying No Way! Day.
Students were asked to wear either an
orange, blue or green ribbon in their hair.
We received fabric strips to wear as
wristbands as a sign that we stand in
solidarity against bullying. During lunchtime,
a banner was signed by many students in
the school as we listened and sang along to
popular songs. Avila is a strong advocate for
Bullying No Way! and for bullying awareness.



Who Dare

Amy Burns

What a huge couple of weeks
it has been for our Avila girls
daring to do!

Full of so many opportunities
for girls to step outside their
comfort zones and excel in
something new! One of the girls
who took up these challenges
is Amy Burns.

Currently in Year 9, Amy is always Amy’s constant positivity was on

actively encouraging our Avila display on the hilly land of Eildon

community as she prepares to take during Year 9 Camp. As tough as

on SCSA swimming and trains hard it is, hiking and canoeing with a

for athletics. backpack of up to 17 kilograms, Amy

Amy’s dedication to sport at Avila tackled the challenge with a bright
does not stop with participation. outlook, enjoying the experience she
Always seen by the pool, field, or shared with her peers. She not only
court with words of encouragement Dared to Do Year 9 camp, but did so
for her peers, Amy is always the first with her signature grin and upbeat
one there and the last one to leave personality!

as she makes sure everything is A keen, visual communications

Abbey packed up. student who has stepped outside
Goullet her usual comfort zone of sport to
College A proud ambassador for the school, discover the arts, Amy’s artwork can
Captain Amy was recently seen with her be seen as you walk into the office
smiling face welcoming the next on display in the cabinet.
generations of Avila girls into the

school at the Open Morning. You will be sure to see Amy’s massive

Amy was also spotted walking the smile around the place as she greets
streets of Mount Waverley early everyone with a bubbly hello.

Sunday morning for the Red Cross We can not wait to watch Amy as she

Door Knock where she helped raise continues to tackle her school life

money for those in crisis across head on, taking up any opportunity

Australia. she can!


Lessons from the Jewish Holocaust Museum

The students of Religion and Society at the Holocaust Museum (pictured
Units 3 & 4 are currently exploring with some of the students). To
the meaning and purpose of life explore the context of a Jewish
and the question of how a good and understanding of history, beliefs
loving God can allow pain, suffering and rituals the students also went
and death. To come to terms to the Jewish Museum where they
with these difficult questions the were able to come to understand
students have been reading Viktor something of the heritage of Jesus
Frankl's reflection on the Holocaust, Christ and his understanding of the
"A Man's Search for Meaning". In world. The photos show the students
order to develop their understanding participating in the blessings that
the students were privileged to hear accompany the Shabbat meal. It
the powerful and moving account was a day full of wonderful Jewish
of a holocaust survivor, Gary Gray, hospitality and storytelling.

In keeping with the recent by a simple but delicious lunch Student
movement towards an increased provided by the Avila Cafe. After Representative
student voice in schools, Avila has refuelling, each representative Council
revived the Student Representative provided a snap-shot of the Years 8-12
Council, a body which has a long general feeling of their year level
and rich history in Avila’s annuls. along with ideas on how school Students also discussed ways in
life could be improved. A variety of which there could be a greater
At the Student Leadership ideas were discussed, including the student engagement at the
Forum held earlier in the year, a introduction of a one-off vertical Swimming and Athletics Carnivals.
representative from each of the pastoral lesson, wherein all year Some ideas about how to improve
year levels, Years 8 to 12, was levels could interact in some way. curriculum materials were also put
elected. The newly elected council forward. Each of the leaders proved
consists of: Sarah Loughnan, Year to be fine spokeswomen for their
12; Chiara Smith, Year 11; Priyanka peers. How to take action on these
Sharma, Year 10; Emma Johnston, ideas was also discussed.
Year 9 and Nishara Fernando, Year
8. The four Year 8 leaders will Next meeting > Term 2
rotate throughout the year.
The first meeting was held at
lunchtime on Tuesday, 27 March.
Students were greeted


SCSA Cricket Tournament

The senior team started the day

strongly and after 3 rounds, remained

undefeated and on top of our ladder.

Tricia Cowan, Three close losses followed, however

Indoor Cricket a win in the last round secured our

Captain place in the Grand Final. Although our

girls batted hard, followed by precise

The Division 1 SCSA Cricket tournament and accurate bowling, the opposition
was held at Box Hill Indoor Sports was too good, eventually running out
Centre on Wednesday 14th March. Our winners by 12 runs.

skills and efforts were great at training I’m so proud of all the efforts of

so the girls went into the day full of the girls on the day, with amazing

excitement and nerves, knowing it sportsmanship towards umpires,

would be a great experience. Our Junior opposition and coaches. I would like

team had a rough start to the day, to thank Mr Whiston and Ms Bauman

starting with 3 losses but redeemed for coaching and training the girls to

themselves winning their last 4 be able to preform at our best on the

matches by significant margins. The day and always encouraging, no matter

batting was very strong, as partnerships the result. I know that from the skills

reached mid 30s only facing 10 balls. displayed and the enthusiasm shown,

In spite of all their hard work, they next year will be bigger and better for

just missed out on a spot in the Grand Avila Indoor Cricket.

Final, finishing 3rd overall, an amazing

achievement by our Year 8 girls.


Swimming Age
Carnival Group
Wrap Up Champions

Overall House Results: Year 7
1st - Flynn 996 points
2nd - Nagle 920 points Champion
3rd - MacKillop 862 points Sarah Charlton
4th - Chisholm 670 points Runner Up
Abbey Russell
House Spirit Award: Chisholm
Year 8
The Avila Annual House Swimming swimmers at the school, taking out
Carnival was held on Friday 9 March. the “Splash & Dash” for the second Champion
straight year. Elizabeth Dinh
As always this is a fantastic Runner Up
opportunity for us to not The race for House honours was keenly Jasmine Fry
only embrace the School's contested all day, with Chisholm, Nagle
house culture and spirit and MacKillop competing desperately Year 9
but to also celebrate the to wrestle back the trophy that Flynn
wonderful swimming talent won last year. Although Nagle took an Champion
we have at the College. early lead, in the end it was Flynn that Amy Burns &
was again victorious and continued Lucy Searle
It was pleasing to see so many their recent domination of the event. Runner Up
students actively involved on the day, Congratulations not only to Flynn, Prue Roach
whether it was swimming, dancing, but to all students involved on the
singing, assisting on pool deck, day. A special thank you to the House Year 10
or simply supporting their fellow Captains and to all staff for their hard
competitors in the stands. work in helping to make the day a Champion
great success. Sally Barlow
The Points Swim as well as the “fill the Runner Up
bucket” race were highlights of the day Mr Tim Ross Emily Goncalves
with excellent participation in both Sports Coordinator
events. Audrey Charlton again showed Year 11
why she is one of the strongest
Grace Kim
Runner Up
Laura McBride

Year 12

Audrey Charlton
Runner Up
Carla Di Gregorio &
Georgia Dunne


Study Buddy

News, Congratulations to all the girls who In Term 2 we are introducing
Updates participated. “Study Buddy”, our after school
Homework Club that runs in the
+ Reminders library on Tuesdays and Thursday
3.15-4.30pm! This is supervised
Well, by staff and all Avila students are
what do welcome to attend. ‘Study Buddy’
you know! allows students to access support and
additional help with classwork and
homework in a safe and friendly
environment. Come along and join
us in Term 2!

Yr 7 & 8 Rocking Change
Trivia Mazenod MAD over to
Paige Bryant, The Avila Rock Band helped Uniform
Year 12 add music and atmosphere to
Mazenod's Mission Action Day Beginning Term 2
On Tuesday 27 March, Avila’s Year 7 (MAD) where awareness and funds
and 8 students tested their general are raised for the developing world. From the beginning of Term 2
knowledge in a lunch time trivia until Friday 27 April, students can
competition. The trivia questions wear either the summer or winter
were devised by the Public academic uniform.
Speaking and Debating captains;
Dinelle, Paige, Emma and Matilda. Students should not mix and
match the uniforms, and are
The girls surprised all involved reminded that navy tights or long
with their outstanding results as navy socks are to be worn with the
they challenged themselves to winter uniform.
answer random questions about
our school, sport, celebrities and Students are also able to wear the
all things in-between. Do you know full winter PE uniform to and from
which State government minister school on days when they have
was Avila's former Public Speaking practical PE class.
and Debating Captain or which
Masterchef judge learnt their skills
in the Avila kitchens?

After teaming up, and with the help The Avila College Uniform Policy
of Mrs Valladares, Mrs Carroll and can be downloaded from SIMON
Abbey Goullet, they showed one under School Links. Queries
another how much they knew when should initially be directed to your
they worked cooperatively together. Homeroom teacher.


She had the up’s of being Grease Lightning
successful and healthy, yet she
had the downs of obsessing over We have three students performing
the way her body shape was and in the production of Grease staged
the accomplishments she had for HiSense Arena on 13-14 April.
received. Once she had realised Our talented Year 7 students Alana
that she pushed herself too Moneo and Danielle Weyemar
hard, she found the resilience to together with Year 8 student
overcome her past, and to teach Madison Taylor are part of the cast.
teenagers exactly what to do, and We wish them all well.
how to take care of themselves. Go Grease Lightning!

Samara Egglezos 10 Green. 27

Dreams come
Vanessa Alford true for Holly
on being healthy -
mind, body, spirit

On Tuesday 20 March, the Year 10’s
were fortunate enough to receive
a beneficial presentation by an
inspiring woman named Vanessa
Alford. Vanessa kindly let us in
on her personal, yet dignifying
life story and how we can stay fit
and healthy, in the most healthy

Vanessa's advice was extremely Meet our latest billboard artist
informative about how to live a Holly Thompson (Year 10). Holly's
healthy lifestyle, not just about ethereal interpretation of the
being fit. She taught us to listen theme 'Dreams' was selected
to our body and not to push for the Creative Arts Poster and
ourselves too hard, as only we Billboard.
know our limit. Vanessa’s story was
a rollercoaster ride.

Year 7 Camp



Year 9 Camp



and Careers

Ms Jenny Dunn Make the most of A Day at Melbourne Uni
range of career
Pathways Co-ordinator focused activities This event is ideal for students in Years
[email protected] on these holidays! 10-12 who have started to think about
what they would like to study and are
As the year gets busier it is harder looking for more specific information.
to find the time to fit some of these
amazing activities in. SO DO IT NOW. Friday 6 April
9:00 am – 3:30 pm
It is strongly recommended for all The University of Melbourne,
students in Years 10, 11 and 12 to Parkville Campus
attend at least one event. Register here (FREE)

A Day in the Life of a Fashion Experience Clever at La Trobe 2018
Illustrator and Developing your own La Trobe University is reimagining their
Portfolio big experience days in 2018 and have
This hands on 1-day workshop will started with a new name.
teach you the golden rules of fashion
illustration, using a croquis and
developing your own illustration style.

Wednesday 11 April It provides students and parents the
9:30am – 3:30pm chance to not only see the campuses,
Box Hill Institute - Nelson Campus but experience them – by sitting in real
Book here ($75) classrooms, with academics from the
study areas they’re interested in.

Register your interest in the event

• Melbourne Friday 6 April
• Melbourne Friday 6 July
• Bendigo Wednesday 4 July
• Albury-Wodonga Sunday 1 July


Deakin University "This year for Lent as usual I gave up
Clever Talk Workshop chocolate but I wanted to do more and
This year Deakin has introduced a something for someone else. Someone in
Clever Talk series which highlights their more need than me. After much thought
work with some of their key academic and from an idea I saw on SIMON I decided
and professional staff. This is a free I would walk. For every kilometre I would
event with lunch provided. donate $1 to Caritas. Over the last 6 weeks
With workshops already filling up I have walked 84 kilometers so I am going to
fast it’s important for students to get donate $84 to Caritas.
in quick. Registrations are also open
for parents so mums and dads can During the 6 weeks I enjoyed walking on my
come along to get up-to-date on treadmill, around the parks and streets, with
Deakin's courses and general university my dog and I even did a few kilometers with
processes. my brother. I have enjoyed my experience
and hope to do it again next year."
Friday 6 April 2018
9.30am – 4.15pm Ellisha Sykes Year 9
Melbourne Campus, Union Building
Register here (FREE) Yahoo Email Account Issue

Deakin University Uni Tour Please update your email address
Take a 45min tour of your chosen
campus this school term with a current Avila is experiencing issues with the email server Yahoo
Deakin student. Learn more about uni in relation to those parents who have @yahoo emails. It's
life, study areas and campus resources. not guarantee that emails being sent from the college are
Melbourne Burwood getting through to these accounts.
Thursday 5 April 10:00am - 12.00pm
Thursday 12 April 10:00am - 12.00pm We urge all parents to consider updating their Yahoo
Geelong Waurn Ponds accounts to another provider. Many providers supplier
Friday 6 April 10:00am - 12.00pm free email address options. If you are changing your email
Friday 13 April 10:00am - 12.00pm address please notify the school via
Geelong Waterfront & Warrnambool [email protected]
Wednesday 11 April 10:00am - 12.00pm


Thurs 10 May 7pm
The Besen Centre
Book early for the spectacular event


St Christophers Tennis Club

Tennis Facilities & Coaching

All members of Avila College Community – Students, You are also very welcome to join us playing social
Parents and Teachers are invited to use the tennis tennis every Saturday and Sunday morning from
facilities at St Christopher’s Tennis Club in Doon 7.30 until 10.30am and every Thursday evening from
Avenue, Glen Waverley (just adjacent to the Primary 7.30pm under lights.
School, behind our Church on Blackburn Rd). We have Please contact Jack Krohn on 0433 124 473 or Shirley
3 excellent en-tout-cas courts under lights and a Debeljak on 9802 3642 for more information.
professional coach, Alexei Demajo (0418 369 763).


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