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Company Profile of PT Papua Global Investment

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Company Profile

Company Profile of PT Papua Global Investment

Company Profile


(Holding Company)

Papua Landto Invest in



ii Company Profile

Papua Overview page 02
History page 06
Vision and Mission page 10
Corporate Identity page 12
Organizational Structure page 14
Field of Work page 16
Scope of Work page 18
Our Clients page 20
Legality of the Company page 22
Company Address page 24
Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) page 26

PT. Papua Global Investment 1





2 Company Profile

apua is rich in More than 150 variety in
various natural the forest is a commercial
resources crop. Forests in Papua
potential. reached 3l.079.185,77 ha,
consist of conservation
P Mining sector forest area of 6​​ ,436,923.05
has been able to contribute ha (20.71%), protected
more than 50% of Papua’s forests 7,475,821.50 ha
economy, with copper, gold, (24.05%), production forest
oil and gas positions can 8.171606,57 ha (26.3%),
contribute to the economy. limited production forest
In mining, the province has 1,816,319 ha (5.84%), and
a potential of 2.5 billion forests that can be converted
tones of rock ore and 6,354,726 ha (20.45%).
copper, all of them located Plus other uses 821,787.91
in the concession area of ​​ ha (2.64%). Forests in
PT Freeport Indonesia. In the province provides a
addition, there are still some substantial contribution to
potential for other minerals revenue, Example, a total of
such as coal amounted to 6.3 323.987m3, lumber / timber
million tones, limestone barn as much as 1,714 m3, wood
on an area of ​1​ 90,000 ha, beams processed / block
quartz sand covering an area board as many as 1,198 m3,
of 7​​ 5 ha with a potential yield plywood / plywood as many
of 21.5 million tons of clay as 88 050 m3 and wood /
as much as 1.2 tons, marble chips a number of 45 289 m3.
as much as 350 million
tons, 125 million tons of In the plantation sector, out
granite and other mining of 5,459,225 hectares of land
products such as iron ore, that is no less than 160,547
nickel and chrome. ha have been exploited
smallholders (PR) and large
Because 90% of mainland plantations (PB), workers
Papua is jungle, featured with a total production
product was born from the of 62,153 tones. Leading
wilderness packed more commodities in 2005 with a
than 1,000 species of plants.

PT. Papua Global Investment 3



total production of 12,347 tones (19.87%), with a production
of 31,021 tones of oil (49.91%), cocoa with the production of
11,363 tones (18.28%), Arabic coffee production of 2,583 tons
(4.16%), red fruit with a production of 1,889 tons (3.04%) and
rubber with a total production of 1,458 tones (2.35%).
In 2005 the timber reached 20 711 tones and Jayapura with
production 2,444 tons in 2005. The production of vegetables
in 2005 only reached 13.99 tons, a decrease compared to
2004, which reached 25.78 tons.
This province has technical irrigated rice farming area of 3​​ ,845
ha in 2006, 3,696 ha of irrigated nontechnical. Total primary
irrigation canal reached 1,984 km, while the secondary
irrigation 23.45 km of tertiary 4.25 km. The rice field can

4 Company Profile

produce 61,922 tones of rice, and others. The potential for
an increase over the last two sustainable fisheries Papua
years reached 61,750 tons. at 1.40422 million tons
per year, with production
At the time of Harvest Rice in in 2005 reached 209,210.3
Merauke, on April 5, 2006, tons, an increase of 13.29%
the President hoped that: compared to 2004 production
Merauke be Sentara new which reached 180,612.4
growth, not only for rice but tons. About fish production,
also for other sectors. The 95.83% is the result of
President advised, when the marine fisheries production
growth of the rice fields, the by value of production
growth of sugar cane, oil during 2005 reached Rp.
palm growth, the future of 2,215 billion, down 44.86%
education and others, labor from 2004 which reached Rp
and others, please once again 2,451 billion.
be considered and improved
well-being of indigenous Large and small
people so well-propagating livestock population
equality is good, thereby during 2005 generally rose.
increasing brotherhood and Buffaloes in 2005 rose
harmony among all citizens in 14.54% from 1,131 head
this area. in 2004 to 1,292 head in
2006, while the horse farm
In the fisheries sector, has of 1,576 head in 2004 to
less than great wealth along 1,501 birds in 2005 increased
the 1,170-mile coastline is to 2,061 birds in 2006. The
filled with thousands of small highest percentage increase
islands. The province has a experienced by cattle (8,
rich reefs and the best in 6%), goats (5.37%) and pigs
the world. And the largest (19.50%). Small livestock
mangrove forest in the populations, among others,
world, with different types this village rose 18.99%,
ranging from large pelagic rising to 90% of broilers and
fish, small, grouper, shrimp, laying chicken increased by
sea cucumbers, scallops, 19.58%. (*)

PT. Papua Global Investment 5


6 Company Profile

apua and West Papua provinces in the eastern
part of Indonesia has abundant natural wealth.
However, the provision is very much from the
Lord can not be enjoyed fully by the people

P of Papua. The new era of government Joko
Widodo has brought fresh air
to the world of business in the
province of Papua and West
Papua. Local entrepreneurs are
given the opportunity fully to
manage natural resources in the
ground Papua.

Maximus is Tipagau, a local
businessman in Timika, Papua,
establishing ecotourism company

y PT Adventure Carstensz
in 2003. The company
has consistently bring
in tourists as many as
hundreds of people in
a dozen years. Tourists
who come are not
regular visitors, but
tourists who love the challenge of more and able to finance a
very expensive trip to the summit of Carstensz.

Since 2010, Adventure Carstensz expanding into foreign
countries to participate in various exhibitions. The exhibition,
which followed include ITB Berlin, WTM London, Ferien Messe
in Austia and Features Madrid in Spain. As a result, more
and more tourists to Papua, especially from Germany, Russia,
Austria, the Netherlands, the United States to China.

In addition Adventure Carstensz, Maximus also established
PT Mpaigelah.

PT. Papua Global Investment 7


8 Company Profile

y The company is focused on The company name is PT
the development of housing Papua Global Investment
infrastructure, construction (PGI). Through the company
of roads, bridges, until the engaged in a variety of fields,
water channels. Not only does PT PGI also partnered with a
the government projects, PT number of other stakeholders,
Mpaigelah also partnered such as local businesses,
with PT Freeport Indonesia the Chamber of Commerce
(Freeport McMoran Group of and Industry (Kadin), central
the United States). and local government, local
banks, as well as the Office
Partnering with PT Freeport, of the Special Staff of the
PT Mpaigelah perform several President. PGI provides access
important projects, such as to legal and accountable for
infrastructure development the foreign investors who
in the area of m​​ ining, heavy want to collaborate with local
equipment procurement and entrepreneurs in Papua.
human resource development
and reclamation of Hopefully, through the
mining areas. strategic partnership of
various stakeholders,
After 13 years working in especially potential investors
various fields, the birth of a from various countries, can
company Maximus Holding explore Papua fairer and more
Company which is quite prosperity of the people of
strong in Papua. Papua. (*)

PT. Papua Global Investment 9



10 Company Profile

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12 Company Profile





rtaittey PT. Papua Global Investment 13

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14 Company Profile

e CBoomamridsosfioners

Head commissioner :
Commissioner : Alex Rumaseb
Rini Indyastuti


President Director : Maximus Tipagau
Director of Finance :
Director of Operations :
Director of Marketing :

PT. Papua Global Investment 15



16 Company Profile

Agriculture and Farming

Include: Rice, coffee, vegetables, red berries, fruits,


Include: wood processing, management of
production forests


Include: Housing, construction of roads, drainage,
water supply, bridges.


Include: Petrochemical, garments, electronics,
building materials,


Include: Tour and travel, hospitality, homestay,
event organizer, MICE


Covers: Shipping, fish processing, cold storage,
marine transportation


Include: air charter services, aircraft maintenance,
procurement of bus, truck rental services


Include: Oil and gas, mining gold, limestone, sand,
copper, silver, granite, heavy equipment rental

Distribution and Logistics

Includes: Delivery of goods inter-city, inter-island.

PT. Papua Global Investment 17

wscoopre okf


18 Company Profile

P T Papua Global Investment (PGI) is a company
based in Timika, Papua Province. The scope of
work of this company includes the province of
Papua, West Papua Province and throughout
Indonesia. Has more than 13 years, we have a
good understanding of Local Regulations Domestic Investment
(PMDN) or Foreign Direct Investment (PMA) in accordance with
the applicable legislation.

okf PT. Papua Global Investment 19



20 Company Profile

T PGroovjeercntms: ental

Coordinating Ministry of Maritime
Ministry of Tourism
Ministry of Forestry
Ministry of Energy
Ministry of Public Works
Ministry of Health
Province of Papua
Province of West Papua
Regency of Mimika
Regency of Intan Jaya
Regency of Teluk Bintuni
Regency of Asmat
Regency of Wamane
Regency of Nabire
Regency of Paniai, etc

Private Projects:

PT Freeport Indonesia (Freeport McMoran, USA).
United Tractors (USA)
Iveco Trucks (USA)
Ferrostaal Group (Germany)
Animal Husbandry in Timika, etc

PT. Papua Global Investment 21

ClegOalMityPoAf tNheY


22 Company Profile

Deed of company :

License :

Permission Domicile :

Letter of
Recommendation Regent :

AtNheY PT. Papua Global Investment 23

acomdpdanry es

acodmpdanry e

24 Company Profile

s Headquarters:

Jalan Cenderawasih, Karang Senang, SP III,
Timika, Papua

Phone. :
Fax. :
E-mail. :
website :

Branch office:

1. Jalan Boulevard Barat Raya, Blok G-56
Inkopal Kelapa Gading, Jakarta Utara

Phone. :
Fax. :
E-mail. :

2. Jalan Sugapa, Intan Jaya Regency, Papua

Phone. :
Fax. :
E-mail. :

PT. Papua Global Investment 25

corporate social


corporate social


26 Company Profile

Flying Doctor Health Care
Training in Tourism Village Tourism
Porter Ugimba.
International Tourism Fair in Germany, the UK,
Austria and Spain.
Support for Coffee Moni towards the
international market.

PT. Papua Global Investment 27

The supreme
art of
war is
to subdue
the enemy

28 Company Profile


PT. Papua Global Investment 29

30 Company Profile

PT. Papua Global Investment 31

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