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Foothills Digest

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from the WINTER 2019

Hi kids!

I’m so excited to share this issue with you! For many
of you, it’s your first time seeing this magazine. We
hope that you love it, and also that you’ll send us
pictures that you draw, or anything else that you
think is interesting!

It’s winter and that means it’s cold outside.
Spending more time inside doesn’t have to mean
that you’re bored. We hope that you’ll use your
creativity to come up with new games, write stories
or draw pictures! There are a lot of other things you
can do as well, like read a good book or talk to
your family members and ask them questions. Your
parents and grandparents know a lot of things,
and I bet if you ask them, they’ll have some ideas
for you.

With love,
Mrs. Carmen

Visit our site, and

be sure to check out Foothills Digest!

Getting to Know YOU

Do you know what you have in common
with a snowflake? You are unique! Just like
a snowflake or a fingerprint, there isn’t
anyone on earth just like you. Isn’t that
so good to know? It means that you have
something special to offer to the world!

Have you ever heard of “peer pressure?”
That’s what people call that feeling you
have where you want to be just like your
friends, or just like people you think are
cool. That can be a big feeling, and even
grown-ups have it sometimes.

It’s important to know that you are allowed to be
you. Sometimes the right thing to do is what the
crowd is doing, but sometimes it isn’t. Knowing
yourself means listening to the little voice inside
you that tells you which is the right choice.

For example, maybe your friends all run down
the hall at school when no one is watching
them. Even though other kids are doing it, you
probably know it isn’t right to break the school
rules. In that case, you should listen to yourself
instead of following the crowd.

Or maybe there is something you really love to
do, and other people think it’s weird. I promise
you that if you talked to the greatest artists,
inventors and musicians in the world, they’d tell
you that people thought they were “weird” when
they were younger. If you love to do something,
you should practice it and get better and better
at it.

What makes you feel excited? For some kids,

it’s sports. Other kids really love art, or playing
make-believe. Some kids even like to build
robots or run marathons. If there isn’t something
that makes you feel excited, maybe you should
try new things, because that’s the way you find
new things to love.

A lot of people probably say to you, “What do
you want to be when you grow up?” Maybe
you have a great answer! Maybe you want to
be an astronaut cowboy or maybe you want
to be a policeman. But it’s also OK if you have
no idea yet. Right now, you just need to work
on a few things: learning about the world,
learning about yourself, and being kind. Along
the way, as you’re learning about the world,
and learning about yourself, and being kind,

you’ll figure out “what you want to be.”

When you look around, you’ll notice that
everyone you see is different. One thing we
all have in common is that we are different,
in fact. It’s important to remember that the
things that make us different aren’t things we
should make fun of! Our differences make the
world much more interesting!

On the following pages, list 4 people who
are important or interesting to you. Then list
two ways you are the same and two ways
you are different. This will help you know
yourself and the other person a little better.

Don’t forget to listen to the voice inside you!
It’s YOU!

Person: _______________________________
Ways we are alike: __________________
Ways we are different: ______________

Person: _______________________________
Ways we are alike: __________________
Ways we are different: ______________

Person: _______________________________
Ways we are alike: __________________
Ways we are different: ______________

Person: _______________________________
Ways we are alike: __________________
Ways we are different: ______________


Check these books out at your local or
your school library. Each of these books
explores the topic of being yourself,
which is very important.

I am unique!

No one else on earth is just like me. Something
I’m very proud of is ___________________________
__________ It makes me feel excited when I think
about _________________________________ A job I
think is very interesting is _____________________
____________. When I am bored I like to _______
__________________________. Something nice that
people say about me is _______________________
__________. Once something scared me, and I did
it anyway. It was ______________________________
___ and afterwards, I felt ______________________
___________. My favorite thing to learn about is
_________________________________. Learning new
things makes me feel___________________________
______. I like to_________________________________
and I also like to_______________________________
____. I have something special to offer the world!

Draw a self portrait!

How to Make Paper


Below are some examples of a few
snowflakes. Experiment and see which ones
you like most. Remember snowflakes are as
unique as people! What will yours look like?


Did you know that bears hibernate? That means they
go to sleep during the winter and sleep until it gets
warm again. But bears aren’t the only animals in the
Foothills that hibernate! Groundhogs hibernate, and
so do squirrels and bats! Keep an eye out for these
animals as it starts to get warm. You’ll know winter
is ending when you see these animals outside again.

Why do animals hibernate? Winter is hard for many
animals because it’s so cold and because food is
scarce. Animals have different ways of getting through
the winter. Some save food all year to survive, and
some decide to leave, which we call “migrating”. Many
species of birds migrate for the winter and then come
back. Hibernation is another solution for the problems
of cold and food scarcity.

If you were an animal and you lived outside, which of
these solutions do you think you would use to make it
through winter?

On February 2, we celebrate Groundhog Day.
This is an old tradition brought from other
countries. On this day we all wait to see if the
groundhog sees his shadow when he comes
out of his home. Groundhogs live in burrows
in the ground that can be very large! Since
groundhogs hibernate, seeing them means
we are getting to the end of winter. They can
be tricky though! Males usually wake up for
a little while to see how many ladies are in
their area, then they go back to sleep. Do
you think that the groundhog will see his
shadow? Tradition says that if he does, we
have 6 more weeks of winter. If he doesn’t,
an early spring is on the way. We know that
this doesn’t really mean anything at all, but
it’s a fun tradition and traditions have a way
of bringing people together.

Make Valentine

Paper Chains

1. Cut a lot of strips of paper. They should
be about an inch across and 4 inches long,
but you can make them larger or smaller
if you’d like. Just be sure to make them all
the same.

2. You’ll be using a stapler now. Put 3 pieces
of paper together in a neat stack and
staple them all at one end. This is the start
of your chain.

3. The middle paper stays upwards and
becomes the top of your chain. You can
use a hole-puncher at the end if you’d
like. Each of the other two papers bends
outwards and downwards.

4. Look at the image to the right. See how
you will staple two more of your strips
of paper, going upward, to your previous
pieces, which are going downward and
meeting at the center.

5. This leaves you with one heart and you can
bend those two outer pieces outwards and
downwards, then repeat step 4 to make
your chain as long as you would like it to

6. To end your chain, just staple 2 pieces
together without adding the 2 additional
strips, then punch a hole near your staple
to tie it up.

Find 10 differences!

What do you like to do in snow?

Use math to color this image!

When it snows, be sure to
play! The foothills are full

HILLSof to sleigh down!

Appalachian Ski Mtn

365 ft vertical, 12 trails, 6 lifts

Cataloochee Ski Area

740 ft vertical, 17 trails, 5 lifts

Sapphire Valley

200 ft vertical, 2 trails, 1 lifts

Ski Beech

830 ft vertical, 15 trails, 10 lifts, 95 skiable acres

Sugar Mountain Ski Resort

1200 ft vertical, 20 trails, 6 lifts, 115 skiable acres

Wolf Ridge Ski Slopes

700 ft vertical, 15 trails, 3 lifts, 72 skiable acres

Pilot Mountain

Pilot Mountain is a special mountain in North
Carolina. Most mountains are surrounded by
other mountains, but Pilot Mountain is by itself,
and it shoots straight up, about 1,400 feet in the
air. For most of our history, Pilot Mountain has
been showing people where to go. It’s a GREAT
landmark, because it can be seen from so far away.
When you are at the top, you can see hundreds of
miles of Piedmont to the east, and the Appalachian
Mountain chain to the west. Seeing so much of North
Carolina at once gives many people a special feeling
of belonging here.
The Native Americans in our region were the first to
use Pilot Mountain to help them get around. The
Saura people called it Jomeokee, meaning the “Great
Guide” or “Pilot.” That gave us the name of Pilot
The Great Wagon Road went by the base of the
mountain, and European Settlers were always happy
to see the landmark. Moravians used the Great Wagon
Road to get to their settlement called Wachovia
Settlement. One Moravian wrote, “We saw the Pilot
Mountain, and rejoiced to think that we would soon
see the boundary of Carolina, and set foot in our own
dear land”
In the 1960s, Pilot Mountain became a State Park so
that future generations would be able to enjoy the
natural beauty.

Draw this snowflake!

Use the grid to help!

Bowling Number Sentences

There are 10 pins in bowling and the object of
the game is to knock them down by throwing
the bowling ball. On each turn you get two tries
to knock the 10 pins down. If you knock them all
down, there are special names for that! A STRIKE is
when you knock all 10 down at one time! A SPARE
is when you knock them all down in 2 tries. Can
you make number sentences that show how many
balls you can knock down? Bo’s Entertainment in
Lenoir has generously given us free coupons to go
bowling, so you can give it a try!


First Throw Second Throw Total Down

10 - =

Total Pins Knocked Down Still Standing

Use these number FREE
sentence boxes to
record your game! GAME OF
How many pins can BOWLING!!
you knock down?
+= EXPIRES 6/30/19














is so very happy to bring this Foothills Kids
to you! For each magazine we sell, we give a
Foothills Kids to a local student. We hope that
you enjoyed reading this as much as we enjoyed
making it. If you have things you want us to write
about, questions, art, or anything else you want
to share with us, we hope you will!. You can send
emails to [email protected] and we’ll
be sure to answer you. You can also mail things
to 619 2nd St NE, Hickory NC 28601.
Be sure to remind your folks to pick up a copy of
Foothills Digest! It’s full of information they will
enjoy, as well as art and recipes. The magazines
are available online at or in
the following stores across Western NC: Publix,
Lowes Foods, Food Lion, CVS, Walgreens and
some Targets, as well as many local stores like
the Hickory Tree and the Hickory Station.

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