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Published by Lighthouse Point Yacht Club, 2022-06-03 15:46:02


Diving Into Summer of 2022

June 2022

SDiUvinoMgf2inMt0o 2ER2

954-942-7244 •


Dining Hours - Patio/Dining Room Lounge Fitness Center Tennis Pro Shop

Wednesday - Saturday Wednesday - Saturday Monday - Sunday Monday - Friday Saturday & Sunday

11:30AM-8:30PM 11:30AM-10:00PM 5:00 AM-9:00 PM 9AM -12PM 9AM – 12PM
& 3PM – 6PM
Dress Code: Members, guests, and visitors are expected to wear proper and respectful attire in the bar
and dining areas. While inside the Clubhouse, sweat-soaked clothing, wet bathing suits, sports bras, Spa/Locker Rooms

bare midriff/cropped tops, cut-off shorts, and rips or tears in jeans are not permitted. For lunch, men’s and Monday Tuesday-Saturday Sunday
women’s attire should be smart/casual. Shorts should not be shorter than mid-thigh length. Sports attire is 5:00 AM-12:00 PM 5:00 AM-9:00 PM 5:00 AM-7:00 PM
acceptable, including caps/hats. For indoor dining for dinner (after 4PM), gentlemen must wear collar

shirts, dress slacks, regular jeans, or Bermuda-length dress shorts. Open-toe sandals, slides, or flip flops are Pool Hours Tennis Courts
not permitted for men For dinner, ladies should wear cocktail/dressy casual attire. Open-toe shoes are
permitted for women. For the pool area, all Members and guests must wear Club-appropriate bathing attire. Daily Daily

Cheeky, thong-style bathing suits for ladies are not considered appropriate bathing attire and are not Dawn to Dusk Dawn to 9:00PM

permitted. Proper bathing suit cover-ups are required. Sheer or fishnet cover-ups are not regarded as proper

and are not permitted.

Tiki Bar Saturday Sunday PoAonly variation of these hours will be communicated
to our members via eblast and social media.

4:00 PM-9:00 PM 12:00 PM-9:00 PM 11:00 AM-8:00 PM

Snack Bar

Friday Saturday Sunday
11:00 AM-8:00 PM
4:00 PM-9:00 PM 12:00 PM-9:00 PM

Happy Hour Little Skippers

4:00-6:00PM Wednesday - Friday Wednesday - Saturday
4PM-CLOSE Saturdays for Ladies Only

DIRECTORY Ed McCabe Jeremy Martens Gary Stallone
Executive Chef Fitness & Youth Director Assistant Dockmaster
Terry Paterson [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Owner/Interim General Manager Ext. 212 / 954-802-1099
[email protected] Ext. 227 Ext. 226

Jessica Easterling Damian Burke Jhonson Garcia April Gray
Owner/Community Outreach Director Food & Beverage Director Director of Tennis Staff Accountant
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
786-781-9691 Ext. 213
Ext. 217 Ext. 232

Tammy Shoffstall, MSM Toni Merlino JP Ghazal Harry Traystman
Director of Finance & Marina Director Director of Facilities Head Swim Coach
Human Resources [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected] 954-942-7244/ 954-263-8281 Ext. 226
Ext. 233 Ext. 212
Diane Elliott Gina Miller
Julia Robinson Assistant General Manager Director of Special Events
Membership & Communications & Human Resources [email protected]
Director [email protected] Ext. 214
[email protected] Ext. 211
Ext. 231

2 RESERVATIONS | 954-942-7244 • [email protected]


Terry Paterson Jessica Easterling
Owner Owner

Troy Ganter Matt Donoghue
Commodore Vice Commodore

Victor Bruzzone Jill Selbach Kristen Kiss Paul Alfieri
Governor Governor Governor Governor

Jen Midgett Kelly Donoghue Sharon Alfieri Diane Elliott Carlos Arce
Social Tennis Entertainment New Member Wine

Mitch Zelman Paige Dunne Michael Holmes Miriam Maguire Megan Serfass Danielle Dunfee
Fishing Youth Cruising Yacht Shop Fitness Travel


JUNE 2022


Key 4 Saturday 8 Wednesday 11 Saturday

TENNIS Saturday Sweat W/ Jenn Sunrise Session W/ Glenna Saturday Sweat W/ Glenna
MUSIC 10am -11am 6am – 7am 10am -11am
SPECIAL EVENTS Cardio Tennis 9am – 10am Yoga W/ Jenn L 9am – 10am Cardio Tennis 9am – 10am
FITNESS Ladies Night 4pm – 10pm Aqua Fit w/ Glenna 9am – 9:45am Ladies Night 4pm – 10pm
KIDS Tiki & Snack Bar Open Kids Summer Tennis Session A Tiki & Snack Bar Open
12pm – 9pm 4pm – 5pm 12pm – 9pm
HHAOUPPRY 4-6PM Live Music by Kids Summer Tennis Session B Live Music by
Alan Truesdell 6pm -9pm 5pm – 6pm Dave Roppolo 6pm -9pm
1 Wednesday Happy Hour 4pm – 6pm
5 Sunday Pasta Night 6pm – 8:30pm 12 Sunday
Yoga W/ Jenn L 9am – 10am Live Music by
Kids Summer Tennis Session A Sunday Funday 12pm – 7pm Juan Carlos & Aida 6pm – 9pm Sunday Funday 12pm – 7pm
4pm – 5pm Live Music by Live Music By:
Kids Summer Tennis Session B Will Bridges 12pm – 4pm DJ Jason 12pm – 4pm
5pm – 6pm Tiki & Snack Bar Open Tiki & Snack Bar Open
Happy Hour 4pm – 6pm 11am – 8pm 11am – 8pm
Pasta Night 6pm – 8:30pm
Live Music by Kool Kasual 6 Monday 9 Thursday 13 Monday
Steel Drum Band 6pm – 9pm
Group Fitness W/ Glenna Group Fitness W/ Glenna Group Fitness W/ Glenna
2 Thursday 9am – 10am 9am -10am 9am – 10am
Kids Summer Tennis Session A Kids Summer Tennis Session A Kids Summer Activities Begin
Group Fitness W/ Glenna 4pm – 5pm 9am – 10am 9am – 5pm
9am -10am Kids Summer Tennis Session B Kids Summer Tennis Session B Kids Summer Tennis Session A
Kids Summer Tennis Session A 5pm – 6pm 10am – 11am 4pm – 5pm
9am – 10am Couples Cardio Tennis Happy Hour 4pm – 6pm Kids Summer Tennis Session B
Kids Summer Tennis Session B 6pm – 7pm Prime Rib Night 6pm – 8:30pm 5pm – 6pm
10am – 11am (Reservations Recommended) Couples Cardio Tennis
Happy Hour 4pm – 6pm 7 Tuesday Live Music by 6PM – 7PM
Prime Rib Night 6pm – 8:30pm Alexandra Lewis 6pm – 9pm
(Reservations Recommended) 14 Tuesday
Live Music by Group Fitness W/ Jenn 9am -10am 10 Friday
Alexandra Lewis 6pm – 9pm Kids Summer Tennis Session A Group Fitness W/ Glenna
9am – 10am Yoga W/ Jenn L 9am – 10am 9am -10am
3 Friday Kids Summer Tennis Session B Cardio Tennis 9am – 10am Kids Summer Activities
10am – 11am Happy Hour 4pm – 6pm 9am – 5pm
Yoga W/ Jenn L 9am – 10am Tiki & Snack Bar Open 4pm–9pm Kids Summer Tennis Session A
Cardio Tennis 9am – 10am Live Music by 9am – 10am
Happy Hour 4pm – 6pm Yoel Hyman 6pm – 9pm Kids Summer Tennis Session B
Tiki & Snack Bar Open 4pm – 9pm 10am – 11am
Wine Committee Bordeaux Wine
Tasting 6:30pm – 8pm
(RSVP Required)
Live Music by Catfish 6pm – 9pm

4 *All events are subject to change. We will keep you updated via email blast and social media*

JUNE 2022


15 Wednesday 19 Sunday 23 Thursday 27 Monday

Sunrise Session W/ Glenna Father’s Day Lunch 11am – 2pm Group Fitness W/ Glenna Group Fitness W/ Glenna
6am – 7am (RSVP Required) 9am -10am 9am – 10am
Yoga W/ Jenn L 9am – 10am Live Music By: Kids Summer Tennis Session A Kids Summer Activities 9am – 5pm
Aqua Fit w/ Glenna 9am – 9:45am Terry Cooper 11am – 3pm 9am – 10am Kids Summer Tennis Session A
Kids Summer Tennis Session A Sunday Funday 12pm – 7pm Kids Summer Tennis Session B 4pm – 5pm
4pm – 5pm (Reservations Recommended) 10am – 11am Kids Summer Tennis Session B
Kids Summer Tennis Session B 5 Live Music By: Kids Summer Activities 9am – 5pm 5pm – 6pm
pm – 6pm Nikko 12pm – 4pm Happy Hour 4pm – 6pm Couples Cardio Tennis 6pm – 7pm
Kids Summer Activities 9am – 5pm Tiki & Snack Bar Open Prime Rib Night 6pm – 8:30pm
Happy Hour 4pm – 6pm 11am – 8pm (Reservations Recommended) 28 Tuesday
Pasta Night 6pm – 8:30pm Live Music by
Live Music by 20 Monday Alexandra Lewis 6pm – 9pm Group Fitness W/ Jenn 9am -10am
Joey Calderaio 6pm – 9pm Kids Summer Activities 9am – 5pm
Group Fitness W/ Glenna 24 Friday Kids Summer Tennis Session A
16 Thursday 9am – 10am 9am – 10am
Kids Summer Activities 9am – 5pm Yoga W/ Jenn L 9am – 10am Kids Summer Tennis Session B
Group Fitness W/ Glenna Kids Summer Tennis Session A Kids Summer Activities 9am – 5pm 10am – 11am
9am -10am 4pm – 5pm Cardio Tennis 9am – 10 am
Kids Summer Tennis Session A Kids Summer Tennis Session B Happy Hour 4pm – 6pm 29 Wednesday
9am – 10am 5pm – 6pm Tiki & Snack Bar Open 4pm -9pm
Kids Summer Tennis Session B Couples Cardio Tennis 6pm – 7pm Live Music by Sunrise Session W/ Glenna
10am – 11am Kool Kasual 6pm – 9pm 6am – 7am
Kids Summer Activities 9am – 5pm Yoga W/ Jenn L 9am – 10am
Happy Hour 4pm – 6pm 21 Tuesday Aqua Fit w/ Glenna 9am – 9:45am
Prime Rib Night 6pm – 8:30pm Kids Summer Activities 9am – 5pm
(Reservations Recommended) Group Fitness W/ Jenn 9am -10am Kids Summer Tennis Session A
Live Music by Kids Summer Activities 9am – 5pm 4pm – 5pm
Alexandra Lewis 6pm – 9pm Kids Summer Tennis Session A Kids Summer Tennis Session B
9am – 10am 5pm – 6pm
17 Friday Kids Summer Tennis Session B Happy Hour 4pm – 6pm
10am – 11am Pasta Night 6pm – 8:30pm
Yoga W/ Jenn L 9am – 10am Live Music by
Kids Summer Activities 9am – 5pm 22 Wednesday 25 Saturday Eric Hansen 6pm – 9pm
Cardio Tennis 9am – 10am
Happy Hour 4pm – 6pm Sunrise Session W/ Glenna Saturday Sweat W/ Glenna 30 Thursday
Tiki & Snack Bar Open 4pm – 9pm 6am – 7am 10am -11am
Live Music by Yoga W/ Jenn L 9am – 10am Cardio Tennis 9am – 10am Group Fitness W/ Glenna
Eric Hansen 6pm – 9pm Aqua Fit w/ Glenna 9am – 9:45am Ladies Night 4pm – 10pm 9am -10am
Kids Summer Activities 9am – 5pm Tiki & Snack Bar Open 12pm – 9pm Kids Summer Activities 9am – 5pm
18 Saturday Kids Summer Tennis Session A Live Music by Kids Summer Tennis Session A
4pm – 5pm Alan Truesdell 6pm – 9pm 9am – 10am
Saturday Sweat W/ Glenna Kids Summer Tennis Session B Kids Summer Tennis Session B
10am -11am 5pm – 6pm 26 Sunday 10am – 11am
Cardio Tennis 9am – 10am Happy Hour 4pm – 6pm Happy Hour 4pm – 6pm
Ladies Night 4pm – 10pm Pasta Night 6pm – 8:30pm Sunday Funday 12pm – 7pm Prime Rib Night 6pm – 8:30pm
Tiki & Snack Bar Open Youth Committee Bingo Night Live Music By: (Reservations Recommended)
12pm – 9pm Starting @ 6:45PM DJ Nikko 12pm – 4pm Live Music by
Live Music by Live Music by Tiki & Snack Bar Open Alexandra Lewis 6pm – 9pm
Violet Jeffries 6pm – 9pm Juan Carlos & Aida 6pm – 9pm 11am – 8pm

Fitness Class Spin & Pump Core Yoga Group Fitness
Information Focusing on a mix of Vinyasa yoga flow infused A fun group class that mixes
stretching, spin and core! with core strengthening all elements of fitness,
exercises weights, cardio, biking

***Please check member side of the website for more info on classes*** Questions: Contact Jeremy Martens at 954-802-1099

*All events are subject to change. We will keep you updated via email blast and social media* 5






Terry Paterson | OwnerJune 2022 We are so grateful to be part of the Lighthouse Troy Ganter | Commodore
Point Yacht Club. Our club is growing. We are
Summer is here and first and foremost I hope you all developing more robust systems, attracting
enjoy beautiful weather, great vacations, and outstanding members, and getting ready to build
memories made at the club. I want to reiterate that our community's largest and most luxurious
the clubhouse will not be shutting services off until development.
August 1st. In August, we will be shifting all Food &
Beverage services to our pool area where our We are so blessed to have such unique and
customized food truck and bar cart will be serving all open-minded owners and teams at LHPYC who
the classics along with some new items! Your July include us in this journey and value our
and August newsletter will contain all the updated feedback. Our wise VC, Matt Donoghue,
hours of operation as well as sneak peaks of the new expressed, "We all have a choice to make. We can
menus that will be available out there. look at this construction era as an obstacle or
To make it easier on everyone below I have included treat it as an opportunity and find ways to learn
some big bullet points for you all to note this summer and grow as we build the world's best yacht
regarding development: club."
• The main clubhouse will be unavailable for use It's one thing to have a brand new state-of-the-art
starting August 1st. Our committees are planning fun club, but the real value is within. We are all working
events for September like paint battles inside the so hard to develop synergy amongst our members as
clubhouse for our youth and adult members. We also we work together with the Paterson family and the
have tons of travel events planned throughout the yacht club team. We have shown our passion for our
summer, fall, and winter! community and willingness to help others grow and
• Only outdoor Food & Beverage services will begin be of service by helping others. We are building more
August 1st by our pool in our Food & Bar Trucks we than a yacht club. We are building a legacy here in
customized for our club. Lighthouse Point that will be the beacon of our
• Five tennis courts will remain available at all points in wonderful community.
construction and our tennis staff will remain employed. Let's continue to take each step into our future with
We will continue all our clinicals, league practices, and integrity and pride. Thank you for your participation
private lessons. and passion for our club. We are growing stronger
• The Pro-Shop will also remain open throughout the every step of the way. Thanks for making LHPYC the
construction period and be used to host fitness class, card place
games, and potential youth activities.
• Little Skippers will be hosted by the pool in the office "Always Learning, Always Growing"
of the fitness center by a reservation only basis.
• Current fitness center will remain in operation
throughout construction – as well as our fitness classes
being held in a variety of locations available throughout
club property.
• The Marina will be open and accessible throughout all
points in our construction period. D-Dock will also be the
primary path for access to the pool area and Marina from
available parking lots.
• The Pool will remain open throughout all of phase one
of construction and will continue to host Sunday
Fundays throughout this time.
• The Tennis Bistro plan review is underway, estimated
start date fall 2022 and completion 2023 (Q2).
We will be releasing more information and updates via
EBLAST, and Member text services please make sure you
are subscribed by reaching out your Membership
Director, Julia.

Terry Paterson Troy Ganter
Owner & Interim General Manager Commodore



Feast with the Beast



A letter to my family at Lighthouse Point Yacht Club, another we will see each other again. I wish tremendous
It is with a sad and heavy heart that I am announcing my success and health for you all and know that your newly
departure from this beautiful club. They always built Club will be the foundation of memories to come.
say,“having a baby changes your life”and I knew this With Love,
would be the case, but I didn’t realize just how much I Damian Burke
would miss her when I went to work. My career change
decision was only made to spend more time with my Damian Burke
wife Cristina and daughter Skyler. My last 3 ½ years Food & Beverage
employed here have been the most rewarding and Director
satisfying compared to any job I’ve had in the past, and I
will miss each and every member and co-worker.

Throughout my life I have never felt like it was saying
goodbye to people I care for because in some way or


As we welcome June, I can’t believe we already halfway you choose not to enjoy alcohol, our
through this year! I am grateful for all the members who bar has made a specially crafted
constantly show love to our club and participate at our non-alcoholic menu for you as well!
events! I hope you all enjoyed each special drink we feature
at events such as The Kentucky Derby Mint Julep and the On Father's Day make sure to try
Cinco De Mayo Drinko de Mayo Margarita. The Beer Daddy. We created this
drink to pay homage to all the cool
Your LHPYC Bar Staff works hard for our wonderful and fun Dads we have here at the
Members and their friends, families, and guests who visit club! As you sip on this cocktail,
LHPYC so that they can enjoy our specialty drinks every you'll find interesting flavors
season. Each cocktail we craft here at the club, whether for such as Smoked Añejo Tequila,
an event, on the menu, or the drink of the month is classic margarita citrus,and a mini Corona bottle floater on
handcrafted and made with organic, seasonal ingredients. If the top!

10 June's drink of the month is summer time favorite our
Ginny Mermaid Cherry Bomb. This cocktail is made by infusing fresh
cherries with vodka or tequila. It will be available all month
long and be included in Happy Hour for 40% off!

My Team and I would like to thank you all for making our
drinks a phenomenon. We hope to see you all at the bar
enjoying the music, cocktails, and good energy we have
here at the club. Make sure to set your reminders that all
summer long Happy Hour is Wednesday through Friday
and Sunday from 4PM – 6PM! Bring your girlfriends to the
club on Saturdays for Ladies Night from 4pm – 10pm and
enjoy 40% off all night long!

Geidys Santrich
Bar Manager



Summer brings the club new seasonal ingredients such rescheduling all the carnival games, wrestling show,
as extra sweet berries, cherries, summer squash, corn, and other surprises while your culinary team is
stone fruits, and everyone’s favorite watermelon! Be on planning a BIG cookout buffet for the day. I
the lookout for your culinary team’s fresh summer recommend making those reservations now!
seasonal specials throughout the weekends this summer.
In my next article, you can expect to hear more about
This month’s big holiday is Father’s Day, and you the menu of our food truck that will be in full swing
already know your culinary team is preparing for our this fall! I am excited to see all of you enjoy some of
Father’s Day Buffet Lunch and Sunday Funday our really creative and delicious ideas out there.
extravaganza on June 19th. In my house, Father’s Day is However, I do need some suggestions, what kind of
also known as my baby girl, Kayleigh’s birthday. Even late-night food would you all like to snack on? Let me
though it was one of the best Father’s Day presents know by emailing [email protected]!
sometimes it also feels like I got robbed but truthfully, I
don’t mind it being her day. Ed McCabe
Executive Chef
Since our Memorial Day party was unfortunately rained
out, we will be doing it BIG for our July 3rd celebration
party by the pool. The special events department is

Recipe of the Month: Ingredients:

Rum Cake one bunt pan
2 cups all-purpose flour
Directions: 8oz soft butter
1.5 cups sugar
Adjust oven rack to middle position and heat oven to 350 4 large eggs
degrees. Mix all dry ingredients first and then add wet 1/2 cup oil
ingredients to bowl whisk until combined. Bake for 40-50 1 cup rum
minutes, or until a toothpick inserted into the middle of the baking soda
cake comes out clean. (Don’t overbake!) baking powder

Glaze: Directions:

8oz butter In a medium saucepan, whisk
1 cup sugar together sugar, butter and water
2 cup rum until combined. Bring to a boil over
flame medium-high heat, stirring
reduce occasionally, and continue to boil for
5 minutes or until the sugar is
completely dissolved. Remove from
heat and gradually stir in rum
(carefully, as the rum will make the
sauce boil up again).
Serve with ice cream if you have it!



School is out, and summer has officially started! I If you have vendors coming into the Club for any
hope you remain safe on the water while boating marina-related work, they must check in with the
throughout our gorgeous state. If you're new to the Marina Office before beginning any work Monday –
state or just looking for fun summer ideas, here are a Friday, 8AM through 4PM. In addition, if you have a
few to add to your summer bucket list: car here on-premises, all Marina members must
register their cars in the Marina Office or Member-
- Visit the Hillsboro Lighthouse: To start the experi- ship Office. You will receive a decal that will allow us
ence, you want to make a reservation at www.hills- to contact you if your vehicle needs to be moved. You would go to Sands Harbor
Dock (off Atlantic), and a provided dive boat, the Finally, hurricane season has officially started. Here
Black Pearl, will transport you to the lighthouse inlet is a small checklist and some tips to help you and
dock. You and the family can explore the grounds, your vessel get through the season safely:
climb the towers, and soak in the beautiful views. It is
a great activity to do for the kids and to support the 1. Make sure to have a plan for your boat that your
historical society of Hillsborough. insurance company approves. It is suggested that
vessels be removed from the water and to have it
- Snorkeling near Boca Inlet: Just south of Boca Inlet stored as far offshore as possible.
and near Red Reef Park, they're very popular coral
reefs many boaters enjoy visiting. 2. If you stay in the Marina or on the water at your
home, it is suggested to double up all your lines
- Peanut Island in West Palm Beach: Designed more (Four aft & Spring lines). Be sure to check that all
like an all-day trip, Peanut Island's location is dock cleats are strong and appropriately installed.
26.7733° N, 80.0472° W, and has options for boaters
to anchor or dock. Peanut Island has sandbars, great 3. Ensure all your Marina documents, insurance
swimming, and snorkeling too. The park also has policy, and critical contact information are copied
restrooms, picnic areas, and footpaths to explore a and stored in a safe location or database that can
museum and a presidential nuclear fallout shelter. be accessed post-storm.

- Participate in the Fishing Committee Instagram 4. Take pictures of your boat before and after a
Kid's Fish Off! I have rulers available for anyone who storm, primarily if any damage has been incurred!
would like to participate. All you have to do is catch
a fish, snap a picture with the ruler, and post it to 5. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Don't
Instagram with the #LHPYCKIDSFISHOFF (plus tag wait until the last minute!
us @ _LHPYC_ )
Do not hesitate to reach out or stop by the Marina
You all may have noticed the perimeter dock Office if you need personal advice. We would be
improvements that are underway. In June, the happy to advise and connect you with trusted
majority of the rejuvenation will be focused on our vendors.
Face Dock. The upgrades to Face Dock will be made
in small sections. If you have a vessel located on B or We are wishing everyone a safe and fun June!
C Dock detours signs will direct you to the safest
path to your boat. Toni Merlino
Marina Director



I would like to introduce Cruise Group Members Julie and Jeff Turk who recently had their
boat renamed and christened at the Club! - Cruise Group Chair, Michael Holmes

of the


Plane Crazy is a 2019 49’ Tiara Coupe. Tiara
Yachts was founded in 1955, headquartered in
Holland, MI. Tiara has been family owned and
operated by the Slikker family for over 60 years.
Tiara is known for craftsmanship, comfort, design,
and being made in the U.S.A.

We have been boating for over 20 years. We enjoy
the lifestyle and love to share our experiences with
family and friends. Joining LHPYC over 5 years
ago enabled us to make lifelong friends with
similar interests. We enjoy cruising with our
LHPYC family on the water as well as other trips
on land.

Plane Crazy has two staterooms, 2 heads, and
ample seating for 8 in the saloon. As well as a nice
“L” shaped couch in the cockpit. She is powered
by Volvo IPS 800’s. We have just added a
Watermaker for our long trips and a good amount
of storage most needed when we go off the grid.
Plane Crazy L.O.A. of just over 50’, 15’ 4” beam
and a draft of approximately 4’.

We look forward to seeing all of you on our
upcoming trips.



Hawk’s Cay



Hawk’s Cay




Thank you Entertainment Committee! Cheeseburgers in Paradise was a
HIT!! Next up "ONE LAST LEI"! Save the date, Saturday, August 27th!

Gina Miller
Director of Special Events


The Art Gallery Of Lighthouse Point Yacht Club is

featuring Los Angeles based Artist Jill Mulleady in

The Point Magazine for the month of May, 2022.

Jill Mulleady was born in 1980 in Montevideo,

Uruguay. She studied theater at the École

Internationale de Théâtre Jacques Lecoq, Paris, and

received an MFA from Chelsea College of Arts,

London. She moved to London to study at Chelsea

School of Art, in 2007–09, where she received a

of LHPYC Master of Fine Arts. She lives and work in Los
Angeles, California.

Daniel J. O’Keefe • Fine Art Mulleady’s paintings are representations of
516-383-4000 • unsettling scenes and contorted bodies, oscillating

between the beautiful and the horrifying, the quiet

and the violent. Recognizable poets, writers, and

artists are often featured in her work, among them

the French playwright Antonin Artaud. Artaud, briefly a member of the surrealists and animportant figure of

twentieth-century theater, is best known for his writing associated with the Theater of Cruelty, an Avant Garde

form of theater that holistically assaults the audience’s senses. Artaud’s aim was to jar his public into a better

understanding of their own repressed feelings, describing the experience as, “the stage of an ancient theater

between actor and audience in a magic exorcism.” Mulleady’s exhibitions are similarly infused with a

consideration of the gallery as a theater; she often intervenes in the spaces in which her paintings are installed,

staging them with ready-mades and architectural interventions. She has had solo exhibitions at Swiss Institute,

New York (2019); Galerie Neu, Berlin (2018); Schloss, Oslo (2018); Kunsthalle Bern (2017); Freedman Fitzpatrick,

Los Angeles (2017); and Museo Archeologico Nazionale, Naples (2015). In 2019 Mulleady’s work was included

in May You Live in Interesting Times at the 58th Venice Biennale. One might consider Jill Mulleady a 21st

century Renaissance woman.

Mulleady is one of a group of Los Angeles-based painters reanimating Surrealism for the 21st. century.

The Art Gallery at Lighthouse Point is currently featuring a number of Gallery artists. All the art is for sale.
For information about the art please contact Daniel J. O’Keefe at 516-383-4000 or Diane at the front desk.




This month at the pool is busy! We are starting to get a lot of buzz Monday-Thursday 7am-8am. These practices will be
from Members who want to join the swimming teams and multiple mostly clinics, stroke work, and set based. We are
programs we offer, especially privates. Please make sure if you intend excited for an awesome summer of swimming. We
on getting some private lesson work, you reserve your spot ASAP as I will also be USA Swimming Certified by July! On
am becoming very limited in my availability! Our Summer Practice another note, my ISR Certified will be done by early
schedule is also starting June 6th. Gold will be in the water July as well and we will be able to offer that at the
Monday-Friday 7am-8am, Bronze and Silver will be in the water LHPYC pool! Make sure to email me to reserve your
spot in my first session by the end of June! This
program will be filling up very quickly and you will
have to register with ISR, so please make sure to
email me with any questions you may have!

Check out our new LHPYC Swim Uniforms coming soon! Harry Traystman
Aquatics Director


Shoutout to our two women's leagues, first to the Broward The kids are out of the school, and we want them out of the
County Ladies for finishing the tennis season in third place house. Just kidding, they are the best thing that happened to
and second to the East Coast Ladies for receiving the us, but activities at the club don't hurt either! We have kids'
SPORTSMANSHIP AWARD for the 2022 tennis season. Well summer tennis training available every day for all ages and
done! I want you all to know how much these ladies are levels. We do not want the kids out under the summer heat
putting in to make this happen, have these results, and too much, so we have a flexible schedule for you in the early
receive these awards. They all put in serious hours of practice morning for when you go to work or the gym, and in the
and continue to participate in our weekly tennis clinics to evening, when the sun is coming down, you choose what is
work on their tennis game aspects: technical, physical, mental, better for your family. If you need more information, don't
and tactical. As we can see from the results, their practice, hesitate to contact me directly at 786-781-9691, email me at
teamwork, and love for the game have brought them to their [email protected] or come to the pro shop to
success goals. Thanks to both team captains, Mrs. Alice Ring, discuss the schedule and rates.
and Mrs. Karla Young, for their hard work and time to have Good news, we now have a new stringing machine. My staff
these two teams on the Florida Tennis Radar and have our and I will be stringing racquets every day. So string your
ladies motivated to continue having fun and growing. My racquet with us! Please ask for any racquet and/or strings
team and I will continue contributing to have the teams ready advice you may need. If you need tennis gear, we can get it
for their tennis season, compete, become better players and for you. Be sure to mark your calendars for our July 10th
teammates, and have five tennis courts available. Wimbledon Style Tournament! More information to be
included in your weekly eblast!
Adult's Summer Clinics Schedule:
Monday at 6 pm - Couples Cardio Tennis
Friday at 9 am - Cardio Tennis
Saturday at 9 am - Cardio Tennis
Men's Double Round Robin June 25th, 8am – 10am
Come join us for all these fantastic adult
clinics and events. It's always fun and has
positive vibes.

Jhonson Garcia,
Tennis Director




We are so excited in the fitness department to have the use of our Classroom during the summer months again! As you are
aware the club will be open during June and July so that means business as usual for the gym and classroom classes. As a
reminder to all members, the gym will remain open during the entire construction period. There is no excuse to not get
your butt inside and get your workout on! I would also like to announce that as of Wed June 1st we will be reducing our
6am classes with Glenna to just 1x per week. You can catch her every Wednesday morning at 6am for the summer!

I am also very excited to announce the start of AquaFit, a new program created by Glenna that will be taught in the pool on
Wednesday mornings starting at 9am. This will be a 45 min class in water so feel free to bring some aquabells (amazon) if
you want to spice up the workout, but no equipment is required to participate. Please check out her BIO to learn about
Glenna and her role in our fitness programing here!


We are so excited to announce that our summer activities program is back! We kick off the summer on Monday June 13th at
9am. If you are a new member and have any questions regarding the program, please feel free to reach out to me. I have
structured the program in a manner that is extremely convenient for the parents. You do not have to register, which means
it is simply a drop in style program. We have full day, morning, and afternoon options to fit your needs. Please see our ad
on page 6 of the newsletter. We will have plenty of staff this year to help keep your kids very active as we fish, swim, and
play tennis multiple times per week! We also have guest pricing if you would like to bring a friend with you one day. This
program is limited to only members and their guests that they bring.

Jeremy Martens
Fitness & Youth Director


Glenna Weber

Hi everyone! I am Glenna Weber and I’ve been teaching group fitness at
LHPYC for two years now. I also recently joined all of you as a new
member. I moved to Florida at the beginning of my fitness career 20 years
ago. I started personal training and group fitness at the Lighthouse Point
Gym shortly after I moved to LHP back in 2002. I worked there for a few
years and then decided to start a more personal in-home training program
for my clients. I have been blessed with many clients that I trained multiple
days a week for as many as 15 years!

CrossFit has also been of a passion of mine over the years. I am level one
CrossFit certified and enjoy coaching those that love to lift, circuit train, and
do conditioning.

On June 8th I will be starting a new fitness class at LHPYC called, Aqua fit! I am excited about this new fitness
opportunity for so many of our members. I have a few other passions which include Pilates, golf, and tennis.

If you are interested in doing some personal training with me, please feel free to reach out or come to one of my many
amazing fitness classes during the week!
You can reach me at 954-461-5430 or [email protected]


New Member Megan grew up in a small town called Quakertown,
Pennsylvania, a small suburb near Philadelphia. She went
Spotlight to LaSalle University in Philadelphia, PA, for two years but
eventually finished her bachelor's degree at Florida Atlantic
Megan & David Serfass University. David grew up in a different small town in
Pennsylvania called Macungie. He graduated with his
bachelor's degree from Franklin and Marshall in Lancaster,
PA. He then completed his Master's and Ph.D. from Florida
Atlantic in Personality Psychology.

Despite growing up less than an hour away in Northeast
Pennsylvania, David and Megan didn't meet until their
paths crossed at LA Fitness in Deerfield Beach in 2010.
Megan stood David up for their first date, but he gave her
another chance. Now they are still together 12 years later.
David currently works at Facebook as a Staff Data Scientist,
and Megan works part-time as the office manager at a
childhood friend's construction company and custom pool
building company.

The couple moved to Lighthouse Point in 2011. They left
South Florida in 2016 for David's career, living in both
DC/Northern Virginia and Seattle, Washington. In Seattle,
they realized that they were beach people and not
mountain people and set a goal to get back to Florida.
COVID enabled David to work remotely, and they moved
back to Lighthouse Point as soon as they had a chance.
They love being back in the sunshine and out of the Seattle

Megan and David have two daughters, Kennedy (6) and
Logan (2). You will usually see Kennedy running around
the club on 'Sunday Funday,' and you will usually see
Logan crying attached to Megan. Both kids go to the Trinity
Christian School and daycare in Lighthouse point. They
also have an elder American Bulldog named stinky.

Megan enjoys fitness and running, and you can usually
find her at the club gym in the morning, training with
Jeremy or running around Lighthouse Point. She is
currently training for her fourth NYC marathon that she
will be running in the fall. She also enjoys coaching
Kennedy's soccer team for Lighthouse Point Recreation.
David also enjoys working out mornings at the club before
work. He is also a football fan and enjoys watching the
Dolphins during football season.

After moving back to Lighthouse Point a year and a half
ago, they joined the club. Their friends told them about all
the fun kid activities that the club offers. Since becoming
members, they have met many great friends, and Megan
now volunteers as the swim & fitness committee chair.
Kennedy enjoys the swim team and the kids' summer
activities program at the club. She caught her first fish at
camp! They don't own a boat ... yet. However, David is
currently obsessing over an upcoming boat purchase.


Member Julie & Mark Watson


Julie and Mark are both native Floridians, Julie was born and raised in Miami and
her parents were raised on Miami Beach, so that is rare to hear. Mark was born and
raised in St. Petersburg, Florida, where his family still has a residence.

The Watsons met in 1994 and are married 24 years this past April. Next year is the
big 25, they haven’t made their plans for that celebration yet. They met at the Irish
Bar, “Danny’s” where many musicians and media folks met every Wednesday

Mark is a musician by trade, in the early 90’s, he and his brother David Watson
founded DM Records and were early leaders in the Bass genre of music. BASS 305 is
their original and most popular Bass project to date. Mark and his brother David
are both Grammy- Nominated record producers. Today, Mark is more focused on
licensing music and other business ventures.

Julie owns and operates a marketing agency, JAWW Media + Marketing, focusing
on media projects for travel brands. She started her career at Miami’s Y-100 and
worked there for 25 years, making her a radio loyalist and media maven of sorts.
JAWW travels to the best places in the Caribbean for Sandals and Beaches Resorts,
Norwegian Cruise Line and many more….. bringing storytellers to showcase their
resorts and destinations on-air, socially, and digitally. If you’ve ever followed Julie’s
Facebook page, you know she works where we want to vacation.

The Watsons have two sons, Christopher (22) and Jack (19) who have grown up at
LPYC. Christopher is about to graduate from University of Florida (Go Gators) and
Jack is attending Palm Beach State and a verified You Tuber. Growing up on the
water, they drove a Whaler before they ever drove a car. Both love to fish and golf is
their new passion.

All the Watsons love the Florida Gators…. Mark (MBA) and Julie (BA) are both
Gators, as well as their mothers who attended in the 1950’s. They visit Gainesville to
watch Gator Football which is their universal love and being enveloped by Orange
and Blue is one of their happy places. The couple also enjoys afternoons cruising on
their Boston Whaler and SeaVee.

They joined the club in 2008 when their children were very young for the
community aspects and children’s activities. Ms. Jane knows them well from many
Friday and Saturday nights in the kid’s loft. If there is a family occasion or
celebration, they can usually be found at Anthony’s Runway 84, their favorite South
Florida restaurant. Second favorite hang? Their back porch with friends.

Last December, Julie and Mark cancelled all their holiday plans and impulsively
relocated to Charleston for the entire month, with family in tow. They fell in love
with Charleston and their residency at Zero George and hope to return very soon.

Watson Quote:
“Raising a family in LHP and at the Yacht Club has been a tremendous experience.
We love our street, 31st Court, and have the greatest neighbors anyone could ask
for. Being members of the club has also given our sons a traditional experience,
with a community they can always be part of and remember fondly. We are excited
about all the new members the club has attracted and the progress to come”

Ginny Mermaid


Summertime sunshine for the club usually consist of a regarding the benefits of the club now and in the future.
good tan (or sunburn) with a cold drink in your hand Remember that every new member referred by you they
and some good memories made by the pool. Thankfully, are food & beverage credit to your account ($500 for the
if it gets a little to hot out there our clubhouse is remain- 1st referral and $1000 for any thereafter within a
ing open until August. Come August our temporary six-month period!)
food and beverage by the pool will be in full swing. Of
course, we’ll have covered seating, air flow, delicious If you are interested in being the yacht of the month,
food and drinks, and live music every night! member spotlight, or new member spotlight please let
me know! I would be so happy to feature you in our
If you know anyone who is interested in joining the club upcoming magazines.
it is very important that they join prior to August as we
will be increasing New Member Pricing. As of now, Julia Robinson
initiation is set at $7500 but come August it will be Membership &
increased to $12,500 for new members. Membership
dues will remain the same at $388 plus tax per month. Communications
NOW is really the time to join, and I encourage anyone Director
who is interested to contact me for more information


Zack & Shauna Edwards Robert & Cindy Friezo Brett & Cara Normandeau Steve & Jennifer Miller Brian & Jennifer Paperny

Gerald & Robert Marc & Heike Tetzner Joanne& Brian Tracey Jill White
Swinger – Vargas


Employee Well, hello, I am Cindy Manno, your bartender.
I have a long history of being in the restaurant business,
Spotlight starting when I was 19 years old. I worked at a corner bar, and
in the evening, I was a cocktail server at a nightclub. (Wasn't
Cindy Manno this kind of club) I understood the difference between beer,
shots, and fancier cocktails. Working at my Aunt's nightclub
was the first time tending bar with my sister Sari. It was crazy
fun, DJ, bartending, and dancing with my sister. All the
experimental drinks made this job more fun than my daytime
gig. Plus, it didn't hurt that I made my aunt money.

I took a break from bartending when I was married. We had a
small farm with primarily sheep and goats—almost every
other animal, too, at one time or another. I opened a ceramic
and clay shop on the lower level of my home. I taught about
40 people per week in my classes. They learned to paint and
throw on the wheel, cast mold, and more.

My sister Sari called me in favor of me to bartend a big party.
So back behind the bar, I went! I stayed at the Bent Creek
Country Club until I moved to manage a very large
restaurant. The location was closed for a very long, but we got
it up and running. There was a NO BAR BUISNESS policy at
the time. So, I came up with a plan to bring people in, and
once I had them, they typically stayed. We added great food
specials, live blues, eclectic trios, and cover bands to add to
the ambiance. We had a blast! It became one of the most
prosperous places to go in Lancaster. After that, I became the
GM at another restaurant and, unfortunately, HATED IT.

I moved on to a very upscale fine dining establishment. I
knew everyone there. I wore many hats at this job, assistant G,
bartender, server, etc. I spent eight years there, but I also got a
divorce throughout my time there. I needed more money to
support my mortgage and home, so I started to work two
jobs, which brought me to work at a private college catering to
the President, trustees, and alumni. I also did the Green rooms
for Forbes, Bill Clinton, Margret Thatcher, Ray Charles, and Rudy Giuliani. We orchestrated dinners for up to 3000
people. I was able to fly back and forth to Florida to visit my sister Sari during spring break, Thanksgiving break, and
after New Year every year.

I got a call from my sister that a position had opened up at Lighthouse Point Yacht Club, and I knew it was time to make
arrangements to relocate. So, I started my first day at the club on January 18th, 2007. I loved the members from day one,
and it was easy to get to know everyone from behind a bar. We became family, and I enjoyed watching everyone go
through life's milestones.

I have one cat, which most of you know from the valet. Jeff's cat is now with me. She was captured by our members and
taken to the vet. I was initially to be only a foster momma but realized quickly I couldn't part ways. After MANY health
issues over a year, she has blossomed into my beautiful Tater (because she is a couch potato). Jeff has visitation with her
when I travel. He is still The Taters daddy.

I LOVE TO TRAVEL, and most of you have heard about my crazy vacation on a budget! I have traveled the world and
have much more to do and see.

So, let's talk COCKTAILS and Travel next time you're at the bar!




For an appointment & screening
call 954-941-5401
Email: [email protected]

2040 Sample Road
Lighthouse Point, FL 33064
Gateway Center Plaza




954.941.6447 CALLTODAY FOR A









We’ve Got a House
For That Boat

With our area’s fantastic inventory of waterfront
properties, the time has never been be er to nd your
boat’s next dream home. My inside knowledge and pulse
on new opportunities can help you nd the home you’re
looking for. Contact me today to get started and turn
what you love into where you live.

Domingos (Dom) Carlos

Director of Luxury Sales
M 305.301.4298
[email protected]

450 E LAS OLAS BOULEVARD, FORT LAUDERDALE, FL 33301. 954.874.0740.



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With two convenient locations in the area, Allied Marine invites you to visit and see our outstanding new inventory. As the exclusive dealer for
Ferretti Yachts, Riva, Pershing, Itama, and authorized dealer for Custom Line and CRN, we bring you the absolute best selection and service.


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750 S. Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, FL 33062
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