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Published by Lighthouse Point Yacht Club, 2021-11-03 15:17:10



November 2021

Cheers to you!

954-942-7244 •


Dining Hours - Patio/Dining Room Lounge Fitness Center

Wednesday - Saturday Wednesday - Saturday Sunday - Monday Tuesday - Saturday
11:30AM-8:30PM 11:30AM-10:00PM 5:00 AM-7:00 PM 5:00 AM-9:00 PM

Dress Code: Members, guests, and visitors are expected to wear proper and respectful attire in bar and Spa/Locker Rooms
dining areas. For lunch, men's and women's attire should be smart/casual. Shorts should not be shorter
than mid-thigh in length and sports attire is acceptable including caps/hats. For dining, gentlemen Monday Tuesday-Saturday Sunday
should wear collared shirts and women should be in appropriate outfits. Hats, ripped jeans, and revealing
clothing are prohibited. 5:00 AM-12:00 PM 5:00 AM-9:00 PM 5:00 AM-7:00 PM

Tiki Bar Pool Tennis Courts

Friday Saturday Sunday Daily Daily
11:00 AM-8:00 PM Dawn to Dusk Dawn to 9:00PM
4:00 PM-9:00 PM 12:00 PM-9:00 PM

Snack Bar

Friday Saturday Sunday Any variation of these hours will be communicated
4:00 PM-9:00 PM 12:00 PM-9:00 PM 11:00 AM-8:00 PM to our members via eblast and social media.

Happy Hour Little Skippers

4:00-6:00PM Wednesday - Friday Wednesday - Saturday
4PM-CLOSE Saturdays for Ladies Only

DIRECTORY Ed McCabe Jeremy Martens Gary Stallone
Executive Chef Fitness & Youth Director Assistant Dockmaster
Terry Paterson [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Owner/Interim General Manager Ext. 227 Ext. 212 / 954-802-1099
[email protected] Ext. 226
954-942-7244 Damian Burke Jhonson Garcia
Food & Beverage Director Director of Tennis April Gray
Jessica Easterling [email protected] [email protected] Staff Accountant
Owner/Community Outreach Director Ext. 232 786-781-9691 [email protected]
[email protected] Ext. 213
Ext. 217 Toni Merlino JP Ghazal
Marina Director Maintenance Manager
Tammy Shoffstall, MSM [email protected] [email protected]
Director of Finance & 954-942-7244/ 954-263-8281 Ext. 226
Human Resources
[email protected] Diane Elliott Gina Miller
Ext. 233 Assistant General & Human Resources Director of Special Events
Manager & Facilities Director [email protected]
Julia Robinson [email protected] Ext. 214
Membership & Communications Ext. 211
[email protected]
Ext. 231

2 RESERVATIONS | 954-942-7244 • [email protected]


Terry Paterson Jessica Easterling
Owner Owner

Troy Ganter Matt Donoghue
Commodore Vice Commodore

Victor Bruzzone Jill Selbach Kristen Kiss Paul Alfieri
Governor Governor Governor Governor

Cassie Ganter Kelly Donoghue Sharon Alfieri Diane Elliott Carlos Arce
Social Tennis Entertainment New Member Wine

Mitch Zelman Paige Dunne Michael Holmes Miriam Maguire Melissa Chluski
Fishing Youth Cruising Yacht Shop Fitness & Swim



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November 2021 We want to add another essential Board seat to our
Club and need help with recommendations for
October, DONE! From Change of Command, which we somebody to volunteer their time for the position as
ushered in our new Commodore Troy Ganter. To our Club Historian. This position would help us set and
annual LHPYC Social Committee Chef Shakedown follow Yacht Club traditions, keep a record, and
with Eat Drink and Be Local ®, which, in case you did preserve our history while helping us dig up the
not know, we raised $58,000 for Broward Children's past. It will be a coveted position on our board. I
Center at the sold-out event. October also hosted our would love for it to be somebody who was or is in
annual Ocean Reef Club trip, where we had 110 the Corinthians or has been with the Club for many
members in yachts and hotel rooms partying up a years. As with all other positions and Committees,
storm. Then, of course, we can't forget about a blowout we will have club staff assigned to help this
Sunday Fun Day and Yacht Rock Full Moon Party. member achieve their mandate. Please talk to me,
Finally, our Halloween Golf Cart Parade, Monster Bash Commodore or Julia if you have any thoughts.
and Trick or Tequila parties to cap the month of
October! November will be our pre-game into the very full
and busy month of December events. As the Club
Thanksgiving is here, and Fun At The Club is just gets busier is crucial for all of you to be making
getting started. I want to thank all of you, our reservations not only for events, dinner but also
Members, for doing your part to create the special and Little Skippers Wednesday through Saturday. This
unique community we foster here at LHPYC. month the Marina is hosting a Meet and Mingle
with Toni! I encourage all of you to take a walk
Giving back is just one way to show gratitude during down B dock, say hello, and have some
the Thanksgiving Season! Our Club enjoys complimentary appetizers. In addition, Toni gave
involvement with many charities, such as Broward out 80 complimentary boat show tickets to members
Pantry, where we partner to collect canned goods and last month. Thank You, Toni.
donations to supply the less fortunate with a bountiful
turkey dinner with our Club wide food drive. The Our committees are doing a fantastic job at putting
Thanksgiving food drive is happening now, and we together events and trips for you this season. The
need donations! In case you missed the announcement Entertainment Committee is hosting an uncensored
on our social media, together, we raised $58,000 for night of piano and singalongs with Rick Leonard to
Broward Children Center at Chef Shakedown. All I can kick it off! The Tennis Committee and Fitness
say is WOW! Thank you to everyone who came out to Committee are also hosting a collaborative event
the fundraising event and the sponsors who made it with Club Pilates! Reference the November Events
possible! A huge thanks to Commodore Troy Ganter, page located on pages 8 and 9 for more details.
Jessica, and the entire Social Committee for making this

Last month, we hosted our Change of Command, Since we are on the topic of committees, it seems
where Troy Ganter was officially passed the torch from like good timing to mention that if you are looking
Commodore Peter Hanssen. Please read page 14 to for good memories and an opportunity to bond
learn more about our Commodore Troy Ganter and his with members out of the facility grounds, look into
family as the Member Spotlight for November. As our joining the Cruising Group. Our Cruise Group is
board continues to evolve and our committees expand, the largest group within our Club, with over 170
I encourage those members who want to be involved to members being a part of it. We recently traveled to
reach out to Julia and express their interest. One of the Ocean Reef Club and had an outstanding time with
most significant ways to be engrained into our activities like kayaking, running, golfing, tennis,
community is through involvement—reference page 3 pickleball, dingy touring, amazing dinners, bar
for more information regarding the committees and
their chairs. hopping, and of course, boat hopping every night.

You do not need a boat to be a part of the group!

You just need to crave a good time. These trips help



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us all bond as a Club. 110 Members and kids came throughout the year! The employee holiday gift
to Ocean Reef this trip. fund is distributed to those you see on a day-to-day
basis, as well as those who have just as necessary
When we do these Cruise Group sponsored trips behind-the-scenes roles. Letters and forms will be
that are open to the entire Club or our Travel sent out with your November and December
Committee or Wine Committee trips, I would like statements with instructions on contributing. The
to remind everybody that the point of the group staff appreciates your contribution. As an FYI, the
trips is to mingle with everybody. Please make sure Marina does have a separate gift fund which can be
you make a point not to stick to any one group. Step contributed to by contacting Toni directly. Again,
out of your comfort zone. Mingle. That includes your generosity means so much to all of our
while at the Club. Remember, we have already LHPYC employees.
vetted our membership. We know that none of you
will bite, and we know that your personalities will I will give everybody an update next month on the
gel. We know your kids, wives, and husbands will development. All is going great, but of course, not
be safe. Don't be shy! Introduce yourself and get to fast enough for me. We just sold another townhouse
know each other. Making friends, having a safe for $3,200,000. We are now up to 10 sales with
place, and creating a community is why we all deposits paid. People are excited about our new
joined a Club! club facilities and want to live on property to
experience 5-star amenities and service like living in
We have also most notably started a Travel a hotel, but in 3,600sf to 4,700sf homes with friends
Committee Chaired by Danielle Dunfee. We are everywhere. Unfortunately, we are running low on
looking for members to be a part of it! If you are inventory, so if you are interested, please let us
interested, please get in touch with [email protected] know.
to express your interest. This budding committee
has already planned an exclusive and fun-packed The Club has just updated our phone lines. If
ski trip to Vail, Colorado, in March 2022. Our you are trying to call us, you must use the
members who decide to participate will be staying phone number (954) 942-7244. Please save
at the Vail Manor Lodge, a premium and LHPYC in your contacts with this phone
sought-after ski in ski out resort! More information number. Again, the only number that the Club
regarding the trip is available on our customized will be reached at is (954) 942-7244!
travel website: Terry Paterson
Owner & Interim General Manager
Getting into business, you all need to know that as
of November 1st, it is mandatory to be signed up
for ACH payments. If you have any questions
regarding this change, please reach out to our
accounting department for assistance. They can be
reached by calling the Club's main line at (954)
942-7244 or by emailing [email protected]

Christmas is right around the corner, and with
Santa only taking care of good little girls and boys,
it is our responsibility to thank the LHPYC staff for
their yearlong hard work and hospitality by
contributing to the holiday gift fund. We have
approximately sixty full and part-time employees
who cherish not only the Club but all of you




Key 4 Thursday 12 Friday

TENNIS Group Fitness w/ Glenna Sunrise Sessions w/ Glenna
SPECIAL EVENTS Kids & Afterschool Programs Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM-10AM
FITNESS 4PM-6PM Cardio Tennis 9AM-10AM
KIDS Prime Rib & Turkey Night After School Program 4PM-6PM
6PM-8:30PM Tiki & Snack Bar Open 4PM-9PM
HHOAUPPRY 4-6PM Live Music: Live Music:
Alexandra Lewis 6PM-9PM Eric Hansen 6PM-9PM
Entertainment Committee
1 Monday 5 Friday 8 Monday Uncensored Piano Night
Sunrise Session w/ Glenna Sunrise Sessions w/ Glenna Sunrise Session w/ Glenna
6AM-7AM 6AM-7AM 6AM-7AM 13 Saturday
Group Fitness w/ Jeremy Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM-10AM Group Fitness w/ Lauren
9AM-10AM Cardio Tennis 9AM-10AM 9AM-10AM Saturday Sweat Group Fitness
Ladies Team Clinic 9AM-10:30AM After School Program 4PM-6PM Ladies Team Clinic 9AM-10:30AM w/ Glenna 10AM-11AM
Intermediate Young Mom’s Tiki & Snack Bar Open 4PM-9PM Intermediate Young Mom’s Club Pilates x LHPYC Event
Live Ball Tennis 10:30AM-12PM Live Music: Live Ball Tennis 10:30AM-12PM 9AM-10AM
Kids & Afterschool Programs Will Bridges 6PM-9PM Kids & Afterschool Programs Tiki & Snack Bar Open
4PM-6:30PM 4PM-6:30PM 12PM-9PM
Live Music:
2 Tuesday 6 Saturday 9 Tuesday Kool Kasual 6PM-9PM

Group Fitness w/ Jenn 9AM-10AM Saturday Sweat Group Fitness w/ Jenn 14 Sunday
Cardio Tennis 9AM-10AM Group Fitness w/ Lauren 9AM-10AM
Kids & Afterschool Programs 10AM-11AM Cardio Tennis 9AM-10AM Tiki & Snack Bar Open
4PM-6PM Meet & Mingle w/ Toni 4PM-6PM Kids & Afterschool Programs 11AM-8PM
Tiki & Snack Bar Open 4PM-6PM
3 Wednesday 12PM-9PM 15 Monday
Live Music: 10 Wednesday
Sunrise Sessions w/ Glenna Nicholas Laraque 6PM-9PM Sunrise Session w/ Glenna
6AM-7AM Sunrise Sessions w/ Glenna 6AM-7AM
Yoga w/ Jenn L 9-10AM 7 Sunday 6AM-7AM Group Fitness w/ Jeremy
Kids & Afterschool Programs Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM-10AM 9AM-10AM
4PM-6:30PM Tiki & Snack Bar Open Kids & Afterschool Programs Ladies Team Clinic 9AM-10:30AM
Advance Live Ball Tennis 11AM-8PM 4PM-6:30PM Intermediate Young Mom’s
6PM-7:30PM Advance Live Ball Tennis Live Ball Tennis 10:30AM-12PM
Pasta Night 6PM-8:30PM 6PM-7:30PM Kids & Afterschool Programs
Live Music: Pasta Night 6PM-8:30PM 4PM-6:30PM
Juan Carlos & Aida 6PM-9PM Live Music: Yoel Hyman 6PM-9PM

11 Thursday

Group Fitness w/ Glenna
Kids & Afterschool Programs
Prime Rib & Turkey Night
Live Music:
Alexandra Lewis 6PM-9PM

6 *All events are subject to change. We will keep you updated via email blast and social media*



23 Tuesday 27 Saturday

16 Tuesday 19 Friday Group Fitness w/ Jenn Saturday Sweat Group Fitness
9AM-10AM w/ Jeremy 10AM-11AM
Group Fitness w/ Jenn Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM-10AM Cardio Tennis 9AM-10AM Tiki & Snack Bar Open
9AM-10AM Cardio Tennis 9AM-10AM Kids & Afterschool Programs 12PM-9PM
Cardio Tennis 9AM-10AM After School Program 4PM-6PM 4PM-6PM Live Music:
Kids & Afterschool Programs Tiki & Snack Bar Open 4PM-9PM Terry Cooper 6PM-9PM
4PM-6PM Live Music: Chenzo 6PM-9PM 24 Wednesday
28 Sunday
17 Wednesday 20 Saturday Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM-10AM
Kids & Afterschool Programs Tiki & Snack Bar Open
Sunrise Sessions w/ Glenna Saturday Sweat Group Fitness 4PM-6:30PM 11AM-8PM
6AM-7AM w/ Jenn 10AM-11AM Advance Live Ball Tennis
Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM-10AM Tiki & Snack Bar Open 6PM-7:30PM 29 Monday
Kids & Afterschool Programs 12PM-9PM Pasta Night 6PM-8:30PM
4PM-6:30PM Full Moon Party Elvis Edition Live Music: Rick Krive 6PM-9PM Sunrise Session w/ Glenna
Advance Live Ball Tennis 6:30PM-10:30PM 6AM-7AM
6PM-7:30PM Live Music: 25 Thursday Group Fitness w/ Lauren
Pasta Night 6PM-8:30PM David Morin 6:30PM-10:30PM 9AM-10AM
Live Music: Reservations Required Ladies Team Clinic
Juan Carlos & Aida 6PM-9PM 21 Sunday Thanksgiving Dinner 12PM-5PM 9AM-10:30AM
Live Music: Alexandra Lewis Intermediate Young Mom’s
18 Thursday Kids Fishing Event 9:45AM-4PM Kids & Afterschool Programs Live Ball Tennis 10:30AM-12PM
Tiki & Snack Bar Open 4PM-6PM Kids & Afterschool Programs
Group Fitness w/ Glenna 11AM-8PM 4PM-6:30PM
9AM-10AM 26 Friday
Kids & Afterschool Programs 30 Tuesday
4PM-6PM Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM-10AM
Prime Rib & Turkey Night Cardio Tennis 9AM-10AM Group Fitness w/ Jenn
6PM-8:30PM After School Program 4PM-6PM 9AM-10AM
Live Music: Tiki & Snack Bar Open 4PM-9PM Cardio Tennis 9AM-10AM
Alexandra Lewis 6PM-9PM Live Music: Kids & Afterschool Programs
Will Bridges 6PM-9PM 4PM-6PM

22 Monday

Group Fitness w/ Lauren
Ladies Team Clinic 9AM-10:30AM
Intermediate Young Mom’s
Live Ball Tennis 10:30AM-12PM
Kids & Afterschool Programs

*All events are subject to change. We will keep you updated via email blast and social media* 7







Change of



Did someone say ‘Picnic?’ I can help you with this dreamy set up! Gina Miller
Proposals, Anniversaries, Girl’s Night Out, (or maybe you need to get Director of Special Events
out of the doghouse!) Perfect Florida weather is upon us, take advantage
and book your date now! Custom colors, custom themes and custom
menus will make for that unforgettable day!



November, a wonderful time of year to give thanks and focus on provide an environment to meet other members here at the Club.
personal gratitude. As I look around my office and the Club, I see all Healthy living doesn't end at exercise but the quality of food we eat.
of your faces and the beautiful memories, community, lifestyle, and The chef does an extraordinary job at sourcing the highest quality of
network we are creating here. I want to thank the Club, Terry, ingredients to make delicious and healthy dishes. If you haven't
Yissella, Jessica, my team, and most of all, you, the members. I tried our vegan options, definitely do! Not only are they packed
wouldn't be here if it weren't for all of you, and I couldn't be more with nutrients, but they also have a mouth-watering flavor that will
grateful to have the Club as my second home, community, and keep you going back for more.
A sense of community is one of the most enriching aspects of life, On the note of personal gratitude, I feel very blessed to have
and we all should be so grateful to have access to one through the traveled to so many exotic locations worldwide. There is no better
Club. As a member of the Club, you are in the best position to be a way to relish life's offerings than through travel. The Club now has a
part of our growing community. The best way to access this amenity travel committee, which has planned a wonderful vacation for our
of the Club is to attend our events. Whether tennis, fitness, holiday, members to participate in! From March 20th to the 25th, the Club
or committee sponsored, it is your doorway into our community will be going to Vail, Colorado, for a ski-tastic journey. We have
here at LHPYC. Another avenue would be to join one of our many secured exclusive nightly rates at the Manor Vail Lodge in Vail,
committees. The LHPYC committees plan events and have a voice Colorado, and planned a host of activities for the participants on the
in the Club's direction as the future unfolds. While it isn't exactly the trip. I encourage all of you to check out their website at
traditional timing to make a resolution, I challenge all of you to get for more information
involved. Just like in high school or university, there is a niche here and to book your room!
for everyone. If you are interested in tennis and want, be more
involved, join the tennis committee! Interested in wine, youth, social, As 2021 comes to an end, your Club wants to provide a fun ending!
fitness, swim, running, travel, entertainment, or fishing? There are We will be hosting an array of events in November, and I hope to
committees geared toward those interests too! If your interest is see many of you come out! Please reference pages eight and nine for
missing, we can see if others at the Club share it and create a new more details. I hope to see more of your neighbors, friends, and
committee! family join the Club. If you
At this point in the year, I take the time to reflect and be grateful for know someone interested,
good health. It is a blessing to have it after enduring a pandemic and please forward them my
seeing so many lose their lives to Covid or other diseases. Health is contact information located on
another critical aspect of the Club, and one of our missions is to page two of the magazine.
provide easy access to a healthy lifestyle. If you haven't been to a Like always, if you ever need
fitness class, I encourage you to try one! Not only are they instructed anything, even if it is just a
for all levels of fitness, whether you are a beginner or a pro, but they Julia Robinson

listening ear, I am here. Membership &

Your BFF, Julia Robinson! Communications



Troy and I (Cassie Ganter) had the beautiful privilege of Member
growing up in South Florida. I was born in Ohio and
moved to FL with my family when I was 3. So you can say Spotlight
I am a naturalized Floridian now! Troy was born at Holy
Cross Hospital in Ft. Lauderdale… a true Floridian. We Cassie & Troy Ganter
met our junior year of high school when Troy transferred
from Cardinal Gibbons to my school, J P Taravella. We
had a few classes together, and both ended up at Florida
State University, where we had a few fun run-ins.

We own and operate Papa’s Raw Bar - which has taken
over our family legacy (Seafood World), which is now
your local Fresh Market, Restaurant, catering, and
Speakeasy venue (The Barrel Room). We also ship all our
stone crabs, fresh fish, and homemade delicacies
nationwide via, our online shipping
store. We are so proud of our big passion project, our
trademark and lifestyle brand - Eat Drink and Be Local®.
We are currently building a local directory at to create synergy amongst locals and local
businesses, and travelers that visit South Florida. Our goal
is transform this local directory to a local App and scale
and monetize this platform so we can help communities
grow throughout the entire nation. Our business is built
on relationships.

We have two lovely boys that we live for. Troy Joseph, TJ
is 13, and his younger brother, Gavin “GMAN” is 12. We
have 3 rescue dogs that live with us, Cain, Bailey, and
Lion. We are living our dream life. Healthy family, great
friends and living a life of service. We love to eat, drink,
travel, and spread good vibes. You can say we love to Eat
Drink and Be Local®. We are blessed and content with all
the gifts God has given us.

We originally joined the Club 7 years ago to get more
involved in our community and network for our business.
Now it’s more about passion and change. We see how the
Club and its members are making shift happen. We are
addicted to growth and thrilled to be part of this
incredible Club!

We have a team effort household. We are blessed to work
well together and inspire each other to stay aware,
open-minded, and create space to continually learn and
grow. Charging the social committee and Troy being
commodore fits right into our lifestyle. Spreading good
vibes, building stronger systems, creating synergy
amongst each other and our community, and serving
others. We love being at the Yacht Club and seeing the
growth! We are excited for today, tomorrow, and each
day we get to grow together. Being a member is more
than a privilege. It’s an honor.


New Member


Kate & Jake Beaverson

Jake and I both grew up in Ohio. I, Kate Beaverson, grew up in
Lakewood on the west side of Cleveland, on the edge of Lake Erie. Jake
grew up on a large farm in Pemberville, Ohio near Bowling green. We
met at The Ohio State University where we both went to school. We
started dating in the early 2000’s and have been married since 2005.
Before having children, Jake and I did some extensive traveling around
the world. We spent 5 years traveling the world and enjoying married
life before we welcomed Fynn and Beau into our lives. Our two sons
are Fynn who is nine and Beauden who is six. We have two golden
retrievers who we all cherish deeply named Toby and Ruby. We are all
battling for their attention, but they love whoever is feeding them more!

Living in Ohio our whole live meant we grew as accustomed as
possible to life in snow and freezing weather. However, the path that
brought us to Florida is a wild one, with Jake being a Commodities
trader we have had the privilege of living in many different places,
including 5 years we spent in Switzerland where Fynn was born.
Living in Switzerland for five years was a testament to our strength in
the cold. While living in Connecticut Jake had an amazing opportunity

to become the CEO of AvereCommodities and after
many moves, we decided to come to south Florida as
our long-term home base. It was finally time to ditch
the snow-covered cars and drives for sandy beaches!
No regrets there!

Jake is still the CEO of Avere Commodities SA, he
trades from his office in Boca Raton and has offices in
Switzerland and Singapore. I currently work part time
as an office assistant doing accounting and project
managing and am a full time Mom to Fynn and Beau,
plus the goldens!

As a family we all love to ski it is our form of bonding
time watching each other zip down the trails and for
me bandaging up my boys. As a family we also enjoy
boating and fishing, since ski-ing in Florida is a little difficult considering the climate.Being a
boating family new imported to the Sunshine State we currently have a 32’ vantage Boston
Whaler. As a full-time mom, I don’t have a ton of downtime but when I do I like to spend it
playing tennis here at the Club. Jake has always been a leader and in his spare time he enjoys
coaching youth sports and is an avid runner. Our two boys have always love sports and play
soccer and baseball with the city of Lighthouse Point.

We joined the Lighthouse Point Yacht Club because we really wanted to get involved with the
community. After hearing about so many wonderful events we ran to the membership office
and haven’t looked back since. I recently joined the Social Committee here at the Club and I
couldn’t be happier with my decision to do so. At first, I wasn’t sure what I was getting myself
into but after my first meeting I realized how much it benefited me as I started to form better
friendships faster than I would of otherwise.



Honor Flight South Florida – Oct 17, 2021

Thank you. The words are so small, but the sentiment runs so
deep. Months in the planning, and decades in the making,
Mission XXIII was an absolute success!

Thank you to everyone who was a part of it... From our We are humbled and grateful... The support and commitment from
veterans to whom we OWE IT ALL, to our Guardians without all of you contributed to a 'day of days' for our veteran heroes.
whom we couldn't travel, to our unsung heroes - the
volunteers who were up early in the morning and late into the
night, the HFSF Board and flight volunteers who make
thousands of details seem effortless, our GlobalX Airlines
partners, the First Responders keeping us safe along the
journey, the leadership and staff of Miami International
Airport - MIA, our bus companies, our breakfast sponsors and
partners at the Lions Club, Mission BBQ and the INCREDIBLE
families that made Operation Homecoming possible.


Miss Arc Broward Pageant – November 21

Tickets are on sale now for the 2021 Miss
Arc Broward Pageant! Join us November
21st at The Parker and see these amazing
young ladies sparkle on stage! LHPYC has
sponsored a contestant once again this
year, and we need YOU to come help us
cheer her on! Bring your kids (and your
tissues)! Email [email protected] if you are

Food / Turkey Drive November is the month of Thanksgiving
16 and a time to show our thanks and
gratitude for what we have. LHPYC’s goal
is to provide a healthy and happy
Thanksgiving to those less fortunate than
us. Starting November 1st, we will begin
collecting nonperishable items, FROZEN
TURKEYS, and monetary donations that
will be donated to The Pantry of Broward who will ensure that many seniors who
have nowhere or one to turn to will have the Thanksgiving they deserve. Donations
can be dropped off in the lobby between November 1st – November 16th.

The Art Gallery of Lighthouse Point Yacht Club features a

‘Master of Abstractionist’ in the November 2021 issue of The

Point Magazine. Before 1987 Arthur Pinajian was a relatively

unknown artist residing in the village of Bellport with his

sister. Upon his death, the family put the house up for sale.

A local resident and his business partner decided to purchase

the small house as an investment. To their amazement, they

discovered the attic and garage were full of approximately

three thousand artworks. Since Pinajian’s art appeared to be

tattered and moldy, the sister would have the art hauled

of LHPYC away to the town dump. But the new owners decided to
keep the art instead saving her the expense. What followed
turned out to be a fantastic discovery. So who was this artist

Daniel J. O’Keefe • Fine Art Arthur Pinajian and what became of his artworks?

516-383-4000 • Arthur A. (Art) Pinajian was an Armenian artist and comic

book creator from the late 1930s throughout the 1950s,

during the Golden Age of comic books, and as an artist from

the 1950s until his death in 1999. Pinajian grew up in an Armenian community in West Hoboken, New Jersey, and was a self-taught

cartoonist. His parents survived the 1915 Armenian genocide and then made their way to the United States.

Pinajian worked on many 1930s Centaur Publications titles and features, eventually joining Funnies Inc. Company. He served in the

US Army in World War II and received the Bronze Star Medal for valor. Pinajian painted portraits, landscapes, and abstracts and has

been cited for his work in abstract expressionism after discovering his art.

Many art historians such as Richard Boyle, Peter Faulk Hastings, William Innes Homer, Lawrence E. Joseph, and John Perreault
would examine the art in the years that followed. Each artwork that could be saved was and professionally restored if needed. All
the artwork was cataloged, and a price was awarded to each work. The price range was in the five to ten thousand dollar range each
to start. The first work fetched $100,000. Pinajian’s body of artwork spread throughout the art community like wildfire. The Pinajian
Collection was finally appraised at over $30,000,000.00. Collectors and dealers alike are always looking for this kind of a find. Rarely
does it happen? William Innes Homer said of Pinajian’s art, “ at no time in my career have I come across such a complete and prolific
collection of work from an unknown artist.“

“If realism has lasted all these centuries, so will abstraction, for the next centuries, and I am now able to work in both directions at the same time.”
Arthur Pinajian

The Art Gallery at Light House Point is currently featuring a number of Gallery artists. All the art is for sale.
For information about the art please contact Daniel J. O’Keefe at 516-383-4000 or Diane at the front desk.



Fitness Youth

I have been pleasantly surprised to see our class sizes getting Massive shout out to all the scary little monsters and
back to normal since summer has ended. I am so thankful to munchkins that came out to our Spooktacular Halloween DJ
all the members that continue to support our program and party at the club last month. It is always such a fun time of
our teachers! If you haven’t been to a fitness class and would year with all of the best holidays in a row. The club has
like to come to check one out, please let me know, and I will outdone itself again by putting on another fantastic spectacle.
arrange for that to happen free of charge. Our instructors are
top-notch, and we work with everyone from beginners to I want everyone to mark their calendars for our very first
advanced, from injury-ridden to perfectly healthy! So youth fishing outing! On Sunday, Nov 21st, a couple of our
naturally, we want everyone at LHPYC to be as healthy as very generous members have donated their boats to get our
possible. youth out on the water and learn how to fish. We will have
plenty of supervision on the boats, and for that reason, this
I would also like to take this time to thank Mrs. Jill Selbach for event is limit to 18 kids. Please see our flyer in this edition of
her time and patience over the last three years as the chair of the Point for all the details. Children for this event are asked to
the swim committee. Together, Jill, Coach Dana, and I have be between 5-12 years old. We will provide snacks on the boat
built quite the program, and I couldn’t be prouder! All you and lunch after the fishing adventure at the club. To sign up,
have to do is head to the pool around 4:30pm to see all the please call the club as this event will be first come, first served.
youth practicing their flip turns, start off the dive blocks, and
of course, their strokes! When I started at LHPYC four years **Please note this is our first time doing an event like this, and
ago, the program was in shambles and needed some TLC. we must limit numbers for safety as well as boat capacity.**
Fast forward to 2021, and we have grown leaps and bounds.
Even though a global pandemic, we could keep the program Jeremy Martens
afloat. Thank you to all who have participated in the program Fitness & Youth Director
and have supported it!

I would like to officially welcome Mrs. Melissa Chluski as our
new swim committee chair. Melissa and her husband John
joined the LHPYC family this year and have dived right into
their membership! They have two daughters Chloe and
Claire, who swim on the team. I cannot wait to work with
Melissa and Coach Dana on upcoming events! If anyone has
questions about our swim program, please feel free to reach
out to me.


Let's Welcome November, the eleventh month of the year, The Casa’s Secret Garden is 100% organic and skinny!When
can you believe how time flies? November will be both a sipping this cocktail,you will enjoy the slightly sour and
busy and exciting month for our adult and youth members of sweet pineapple taste combined with the cool and crisp
the club. We will have family events where you can enjoy my flavor notes of cucumber. Make sure you try it before the
delicious cocktails such as the Elvis Full Moon Party. month is over. As always, the Casa’s Secret Garden is
included in our Happy Hour at 40% off from 4PM-6PM!
We are very grateful to all the members who constantly show
an immense amount of love to our Club and enjoy our My Team and I would like to thank you all for making our
fabulous events that we host. We are only a couple of weeks drinks a phenomenon. We are available Wednesday through
away from Thanksgivings where we have the opportunity to Sunday. Don't forget our Happy Hour Wednesday through
unite with our families. I also want you to know that for our Friday from 4-6pm, Ladies night on Saturday's 4 till close, as
Thanksgiving Dinner event your bar has made a special well as Sunday Happy Hour 4 -6pm. Thank you all for
drink! The Thanksgiving Punch is a very crisp cocktail with supporting our club, we love you all.
hints of zest and bubbles!
Geidys Agudelo
For the drink of the month ... After many requests we have Bar Manager
made the decision to present. CASA'S SECRET GARDEN,
which is a delicious cocktail made with Casamigos tequila!

Ginny Mermaid


Thank you to everyone who came to Laps for Light-
ning. Whether you swam, donated, or just cheered
everyone on, you played an important role that day.
We were able to raise enough money for our lightning
detector and to donate $1,000 to The Sheldrick Wildlife
Trust. This was incredibly special because it was
donated in memory of Barbara Dillon who recently
passed away after a 2 year battle with cancer.

Practice Times:

• Masters - Tues/Thur 5:30-6:30 A.M,
Saturday 8:00-9:00am

• Bronze - 4:00-4:45pm
• Silver - 4:45-5:30pm
• Gold - 5:30-6:45pm

Upcoming Events -

• Turkey Classic @ Pompano November 6-7
• Santa Claus Invitational @ Lake Lytal December 4
• Winter Champs @ Plantation December 9

See you at the pool!
Coach Dana
[email protected]



Hey hey everybody it’s Toni! My first month here at the lunch and dinner. Please call me at (954) 263-8281 in
Club has been everything I wanted and more. Everyone I advance so we can be prepared when you arrive.
have met thus far has been very welcoming and kind.
Being the new fish in the pond can be intimidating but all I am so thrilled to be a new part of the LHPYC family and
the new and familiar faces have been fabulous! community. I am sometimes called the selfie queen, so
with respect to that title, I have included some pictures I
On November 6th from 4PM to 6PM I will be hosting a have taken with some of the wonderful members and staff
Meet & Mingle with Gary, who you all may know and I have met so far. Thank you everyone and please always
love, so please come out to say hello, have cocktail, and feel welcome to ask me questions or stop by our office to
feast on some complimentary hor d’ oureves that Chef Ed say hello.
has prepared for us.
Toni Merlino
If you have been wanting a burgee, your desires will be Marina Director
fulfilled as they are now available at the dock office for
purchase. Below I have included the available sizes and
pricing for you.

As reminder, anyone with a boat at home is more than
welcome to tie up to our face dock or available slip for



I want to thank everyone who attended the Change of development. The Club and its owners need our support.
Command Ceremony on October 9th, 2021. For those who Together we can be a united voice in our city to be advocates of
couldn’t make it, I assure you it was a night to remember. Thank change and progress. Our Club is growing stronger and we vow
you, Team LHPYC. to do our best to make sure we continue to grow during our
Peter and your lovely wife, Heather, thank you for all you have development. We will strive to show our members and
done for our Club , members, and community. We are excited to community that we can grow and adapt through all our
follow in your footsteps and continue to elevate the Member challenges.
experience at LHPYC. Let’s continue to make LHPYC the greatest Club. We are only as
It’s a privilege to be a member of LHPYC. I will work diligently strong as our Members.
with our new Vice Commodore, Matthew Donoghue, our I would like to thank everyone who attended and helped
governors, committee chairs, and owners to assure our Club is support the LHPYC Social Committee with Eat Drink and Be
constantly learning and growing. We are so proud of our Local® Chef Shakedown | Round 2. Our Club and locals rallied
committees and organization. We are dedicated to putting in the together to raise over $50k for the Broward’s Children Center.
effort and being of service to our Members. Special thanks to the LHPYC staff and teammates. You are the
Let’s give a warm welcome to our new committee chairs: heartbeat of our Club. We appreciate you.
• Melissa Chulski, who has taken over the swimming
Troy Ganter
committee, Commodore
• Danielle Dunfee, who is starting our new travel committee
• Megan Serfass, who will be starting a running & walking

We are excited about our future. We want you all to know we
have an open-door policy, and your ideas are welcome. We
encourage you to join a committee, play more tennis, swim some
laps, and make it a priority to stay involved with our new



The LHPYC Tennis Department and I want to begin with a focused on improving your tennis game via pilates. This
BIG THANKS to the Club and you, the members, who event is sponsored by LHPYC Tennis and Fitness
make it possible for the Club to have a flourishing Tennis committees and is entirely free! Please bring your mat and
Program. I'm GRATEFUL for all who have and continue to water bottle to the event.
participate in Tennis here. You have grown into a family,
and I couldn't be prouder! To the lady's teams, keep rocking. You are all doing
fantastic this season. Our energies are with you, and we
What a start to the season it has been with September and are all anticipating more success from you all.
October. We have launched a new Tennis program called Please, if you have any questions, see me in the pro shop
Cardio Tennis, which is a huge hit! If you have not given it or contact me through my cellphone at 786-781-9691. I'm
a try, please come out on Tuesday and Friday mornings here for you.
from 9 AM to 10 AM!
Jhonson Garcia,
In November, we will have some excellent tennis events. Tennis Director
The first is in honor of our beloved former member Robin
Selbach. Her family, friends, and tennis committee
organized a tennis round-robin morning followed by
lunch at the tiki bar. So let's celebrate you, Robin. We miss
and love your passion for Tennis and your kindness
toward other people.

On November 13th, from 9AM to 10AM, join us for a
FREE event hosted by Club Pilates Pompano Beach, our
community's newest fitness studio. The class will be


Employee Gina Miller, your Director of Special Events:

Spotlight I was born in Ilion, New York but spent most of my growing
up years in Montreal. The youngest of 4, and the only girl, I
Gina Miller learned to be tough at an early age. Having had to stay one
step ahead of my tormenters gave me the planning
experience I have today. No, I don’t miss a thing. I learned
the French language, how to ski and skate, and was
fortunate to experience the incredible multinational culture
of the city. It was there I finished my schooling and began
my ascent in the hospitality industry. And what a climb it’s

been, at times without a harness!

In October, I celebrated 30 years
with Lighthouse Point Yacht Club
(put your pencils down). It’s been
a rewarding career choice. The
emotional connection formed
planning every event has turned
many clients into lifelong friends
and I’m blessed to be working
with such a fabulous family here at
LHPYC. Amazing team and Club
Members, who have supported me
in both my personal and yacht
club life… Thank You All!

I live in Boca Raton with my
husband, Paul, and we just
recently celebrated our 11th
anniversary. When I’m not in the
office, you’ll find me outside,
usually on a bike, or entertaining
family & friends by the pool. I like
to stay active and make time for
exercise every day. Exercise makes
me a nicer person. I can still do
cartwheels. In the Club lobby.
Really. Ask Diane.

Looking forward to making more
memories at LHPYC!



The one month that sets off all the Holidays is Family time is so important in all our lives, and I’m
November, and after our fun-filled and spooky sure everyone knows how I feel about it since I’m
Halloween events, we are ready for some Turkey, always talking about my soon-to-be-born baby girl
family time, and laughter. Starting with the laughter, “Skyler.” Our little skipper’s child activity program is
our Entertainment Committee is putting on an event always coming up with new activities and arts and
you don’t want to miss on November 12th from 7pm – crafts programs for your little ones. We have added a
9:30pm. Have dinner and see a show full of energy, new team member Andrew to assist Katie with these
laughs, singalongs of Pop, Jazz, Broadway, and more activities. Please remember that reservations are
with Rick Leonard and Mailyn Soulfree required for dining reservations and the kid’s activities
(UNCENSORED… so leave your kids with our program so we can adequately staff and prepare for
Skippers). This dinner and a show are only $55 per your evening.
person, including a three-course choice pub-style
menu. However, seating is limited, and due to this, We have already had instances lately where members
there will be a 50% cancelation policy if the reservation arrived without reservations. Unfortunately, we were
is canceled within 72 hours of the event. at capacity due to our limited seating, so please call
954-942-7244 and speak to a team member to prepare a
Let’s talk Turkey now! I’m sure you know we have our table of your preference.
Prime Rib and Turkey buffet every Thursday now, but
it won’t be compared to our Thanksgiving Damian Burke
extravaganza on Thursday, November 25th, with Chef Food & Beverage
Ed’s buffet including whole Turkeys and all the Director
fixings. We will be taking reservations from 12-5 and
have live entertainment – concert-style - from the one
and only Alexandra in our Stateroom.


Monthof the


Syltbar is a favorite amongst many of our members and besides the taste there are many
benefits for ordering this Prosecco. It is very low on sugars and sulfites due to the long
fermentation process the grapes go through to reach their full ripeness. Sulfites are a natural
by-product of the fermentation process that act as a preservative against certain bacteria. Other
brands add more sugar to make the wine taste full and must add more sulfites so they can
shorten the fermentation process. Syltbar does neither and due to this process, it also makes the
prosecco vegan through self – stabilization though time which removes all the microscopic
molecules. Slybar is organic and 100% no additives. This light bodied Prosecco has notes of
pear, golden apple, white peach and lemon.




November is the month that kicks off the official holiday As usual, Pasta Night is packed and filling our
season, starting with Thanksgiving! I love this time of restaurant with the smell of garlic and the sound of
year. Traditionally, I would be walking the streets of N.Y. laughter. However, it has been brought to our atten-
to take in fall's wonders into winter seasons. tion that many of you have requested whole meatballs
in exchange for the freshly chopped ones currently
There are only two surviving documents that reference being offered. As always, I am here to listen to your
the original Thanksgiving harvest meal. They describe a feedback and want to improve your dining experi-
feast of fresh dear, assorted wildfowl, a bounty of fish ence. To do just that, my culinary team will make
and flint, a multi-color native variety of corn harvested smaller meatballs and keep them whole for you at
by the Native Americans. It was eaten as cornbread or your favorite Italian buffet here at the Club!
porridge. A far cry as to what we put out today. Speaking
of Thanksgiving Meal, make your reservations early. We Start looking out for the new Tiki & Snack Bar Menu.
will be busy and would like to ensure everyone has a There will be a few minor changes, and it will be
setting at the table. ready to launch very soon! The main dining menu is
to follow. My team wants to keep it fresh and give
Thanksgiving is a holiday that brings gratitude to the you something to look forward to as 2021 comes to an
forefront of our daily lives. I reflect on my own life and end. Where the heck did this year go... looking
realize how grateful I am to live in a home that has food forward to the bright future that lies ahead for all of
in the fridge and pantries. To allow others to have a us!
bountiful Thanksgiving Day meal, your Club has
partnered with Broward Pantry and is having a food Ed McCabe
drive here in the lobby of the Clubhouse! Our goal is to Executive Chef
have carloads of dry goods! Highly requested items for
the food drive are canned green beans, canned fruit
cocktail, canned yams, boxed mashed potatoes, canned
cranberry, fried onions, cream of mushroom, pie crust,
and disposable baking pans. If you want to go all out,
grocery store gift cards could make a difference for a
family in need on Thanksgiving Day!

Recipe of the Month:
Turkey Dressing


2lb dry crusty bread
10 ounces small diced carrots
10 ounces small diced onions
10 ounces small diced celery
1 ounce minced rosemary
1 ounce minced thyme
salt & pepper to taste
12 ounces cooked mild sausage.
vegetable stock as needed

Sautee vegetables until soft, then add herbs. Once the herbs are aromatic time to add and cook sausage to the mixture!
Ensure sausage is cooked thoroughly, crumbled, and well incorporated! Add vegetable, sausage, and herb mixture to
the crusty bread, then toss. In a separate pot, boil the vegetable stock and, once boiled, add to bread, herb, vegetable,
sausage mixture in small increments. Once the combination is moist, cover with foil or lid in an oven-safe dish and bake
at 350 degrees for 20 minutes! Remove cover and cook for an additional 10 minutes. Finally, let it rest and put it on the
dinner table when you are ready to dive in! Enjoy!



Your LHPYC Cruise Group will be featuring a wonderful couple and their vessel RESET
for the Yacht of the Month. - Cruise Group Chair, Michael Holmes

of the

Welcome to our yacht RESET. Our names are Steve &
Karan Seneca, and we are the proud owners of our baby

We are originally from North East Philadelphia,
Pennsylvania. So, when we moved to Florida and saw
the vast Atlantic Ocean, we knew we had to buy a
yacht. RESET is an 80' Fairline Squadron built-in 2015.
Fairline's are built in the United Kingdom. RESET is our
third vessel since moving to South Florida almost 22
years ago. We started out with a 32' Sea Ray Sundancer
(just wanted to get our feet wet) and then moved up to a
44' Sea Ray Sundancer before purchasing our 80'. We
looked at many vessels before purchasing her, but you
can say it was love at first sight when we came across
her. We love to entertain on reset with new & current
friends. With purchasing our new motor yacht, it was
essential for us to have an open kitchen, a large living
area, larger staterooms, and several heads with spacious

Currently, we keep our motor yacht at Lighthouse Point
Marina. However, that could change in the near future.
We became members of the Yacht Club about a year
and a half ago during the beginning of COVID. We have
met so many amazing people that we now call our
friends. We have taken a few trips with the Cruise
Group and have experienced such unique places that I
know we would have never done if on our own.

The LHPYC family has and always welcomed us with
open arms whenever we visit. I can't say enough about
the staff that we also consider our friends.We are
looking forward to spending many years with you all at
the yacht club.

Travel Safe,
LHPYC Cruise Group and Chair Michael Holmes


Fun These are the Signal
Flagswith Flags which correspond
to the Letters


Lighthouse Point Yacht Club


Fun at the Club





The Funnies





On Site Service, Inc. •Maindieselenginerepair
• Risers
• Exhaust

• Heat Exchanger

The Solution for • Oil and fuel coolers
All Systems Go! • Turbo diagnostics and

• Engine alignment

• Shaft alignment

• Engine mount replacement

Ed Mills • Generator systems
846 N. Dixie Hwy. • Battery testing and replacement
Lantana, FL 33462-1803 • A/C & chiller system diagnostics
Cell: 561-662-7836
Fax: 561-434-2730 and preventative repair.
[email protected] • Hydraulic systems including

trim tabs, steering and rudder


Brian Hermann

Yachts and Brokerage
Direct: 754-220-7835 • Cell: 954-993-4195
750 S. Federal Highway, Pompano Beach, FL 33062
[email protected] •


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