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Published by Lighthouse Point Yacht Club, 2022-07-05 10:57:21



July 2022


all summer long!

954-942-7244 •


Dining Hours - Patio/Dining Room Lounge Fitness Center Tennis Pro Shop

Wednesday - Saturday Wednesday - Saturday Monday - Sunday Monday - Friday Saturday & Sunday

11:30AM-8:30PM 11:30AM-10:00PM 5:00 AM-9:00 PM 9AM -12PM 9AM – 12PM
& 3PM – 6PM
Dress Code: Members, guests, and visitors are expected to wear proper and respectful attire in the bar
and dining areas. While inside the Clubhouse, sweat-soaked clothing, wet bathing suits, sports bras, Spa/Locker Rooms

bare midriff/cropped tops, cut-off shorts, and rips or tears in jeans are not permitted. For lunch, men’s and Monday Tuesday-Saturday Sunday
women’s attire should be smart/casual. Shorts should not be shorter than mid-thigh length. Sports attire is 5:00 AM-12:00 PM 5:00 AM-9:00 PM 5:00 AM-7:00 PM
acceptable, including caps/hats. For indoor dining for dinner (after 4PM), gentlemen must wear collar

shirts, dress slacks, regular jeans, or Bermuda-length dress shorts. Open-toe sandals, slides, or flip flops are Pool Hours Tennis Courts
not permitted for men For dinner, ladies should wear cocktail/dressy casual attire. Open-toe shoes are
permitted for women. For the pool area, all Members and guests must wear Club-appropriate bathing attire. Daily Daily

Cheeky, thong-style bathing suits for ladies are not considered appropriate bathing attire and are not Dawn to Dusk Dawn to 9:00PM

permitted. Proper bathing suit cover-ups are required. Sheer or fishnet cover-ups are not regarded as proper

and are not permitted.

Tiki Bar Saturday Sunday PoAonly variation of these hours will be communicated
to our members via eblast and social media.

4:00 PM-9:00 PM 12:00 PM-9:00 PM 11:00 AM-8:00 PM

Snack Bar

Friday Saturday Sunday
11:00 AM-8:00 PM
4:00 PM-9:00 PM 12:00 PM-9:00 PM

Happy Hour Little Skippers

4:00-6:00PM Wednesday - Friday Wednesday - Saturday
4PM-CLOSE Saturdays for Ladies Only

DIRECTORY Ed McCabe Jeremy Martens Gary Stallone
Executive Chef Fitness & Youth Director Assistant Dockmaster
Terry Paterson [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
Owner/Interim General Manager Ext. 212 / 954-802-1099
[email protected] Ext. 227 Ext. 226

Jessica Easterling Dual Clark Jhonson Garcia April Gray
Owner/Community Outreach Director Food & Beverage Director Director of Tennis Staff Accountant
[email protected] [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
786-781-9691 Ext. 213
Ext. 217 Ext. 232

Tammy Shoffstall, MSM Toni Merlino JP Ghazal Harry Traystman
Director of Finance & Marina Director Director of Facilities Head Swim Coach
Human Resources [email protected] [email protected] [email protected]
[email protected] 954-942-7244/ 954-263-8281 Ext. 226
Ext. 233 Ext. 212
Diane Elliott Gina Miller
Julia Robinson Assistant General Manager Director of Special Events
Membership & Communications & Human Resources [email protected]
Director [email protected] Ext. 214
[email protected] Ext. 211
Ext. 231

2 RESERVATIONS | 954-942-7244 • [email protected]


Terry Paterson Jessica Easterling
Owner Owner

Troy Ganter Matt Donoghue
Commodore Vice Commodore

Victor Bruzzone Jill Selbach Kristen Kiss Paul Alfieri
Governor Governor Governor Governor

Jen Midgett Kelly Donoghue Sharon Alfieri Diane Elliott Carlos Arce
Social Tennis Entertainment New Member Wine

Mitch Zelman Paige Dunne Michael Holmes Miriam Maguire Megan Serfass Danielle Dunfee
Fishing Youth Cruising Yacht Shop Fitness Travel


JULY 2022


Key 4 Monday 8 Friday

TENNIS Group Fitness w/ Glenna Cardio Tennis 9AM -10AM
MUSIC 9AM -10AM Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM-10AM
SPECIAL EVENTS Summer Activities Program Summer Activities Program
KIDS Ladies Live Ball 9:30AM -11AM Tiki Tennis Social 6PM -7:30PM
Kids Summer Tennis 4PM-5PM Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM
Kids Summer Tennis 5PM-6PM Tiki & Snack Bar Open
HHAOUPPRY 4-6PM 5 Tuesday Live Music by 13 Wednesday
Will Bridges 6PM – 9PM
1 Friday Group Fitness w/ Jeremy Sunrise Session w/ Glenna
9M-10AM 9 Saturday 6AM-7AM
Cardio Tennis 9AM -10AM Summer Activities Program Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM -10AM
Summer Activities Program 9AM-5PM Cardio Tennis 9AM -10AM AquaFit w/ Glenna 9AM-9:45AM
9AM-5PM Kids Summer Tennis 9AM-10AM Saturday Sweat 10AM – 11AM Summer Activities Program
Tiki Tennis Social 6PM -7:30PM Kids Summer Tennis 10AM-11AM Ladies Night 4PM – 9PM 9AM-5PM
Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM Tiki & Snack Bar 12PM – 9PM Kids Summer Tennis 4PM-5PM
Tiki & Snack Bar Open 4PM-9PM Live Music by Kids Summer Tennis 5PM-6PM
Live Music by Dave Roppolo 6PM – 9PM Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM
David Morin Elvis 6PM – 9PM Pasta Night 6PM – 8:30PM
10 Sunday Live Music by
2 Saturday 6 Wednesday David Morin ‘Elvis’ 6PM – 9PM
Breakfast At Wimbledon
Cardio Tennis 9AM -10AM Sunrise Session w/ Glenna 8:30AM-10AM 14 Thursday
Saturday Sweat 10AM – 11AM 6AM-7AM Tiki & Snack Bar Open
Ladies Night 4PM – 9PM Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM -10AM 11AM – 8PM Group Fitness w/ Glenna
Tiki & Snack Bar Open AquaFit w/ Glenna 9AM-9:45AM Sunday Funday 12PM – 7PM 9AM -10AM
12PM – 9PM Summer Activities Program Live Music by Summer Activities Program
Live Music by 9AM-5PM DJ Jason 12PM – 4PM 9AM-5PM
Rick Krive 6PM – 9PM Kids Summer Tennis 4PM-5PM Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM Kids Summer Tennis 9AM-10AM
Kids Summer Tennis 5PM-6PM Kids Summer Tennis 10AM-11AM
3 Sunday Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM 11 Monday Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM
Pasta Night 6PM – 8:30PM Turkey & Prime Rib Night
Independence Day Celebration Live Music by Swimming ISR Begins 6PM – 8:30PM
12PM – 8PM Juan Carlos & Aida 6PM – 9PM Group Fitness w/ Glenna Live Music by
Live Wrestling Show 2PM – 3PM 9AM -10AM Alexandra Lewis 6PM – 9PM
Live Music by 7 Thursday Summer Activities Program
DJ Nikko 12PM – 4PM 9AM-5PM 15 Friday
Live Music by Chenzo 4PM – 8PM Group Fitness w/ Glenna Ladies Live Ball 9:30AM -11AM
Tiki & Snack Bar Open 9AM -10AM Kids Summer Tennis 4PM-5PM Cardio Tennis 9AM -10AM
11AM – 8PM Summer Activities Program Kids Summer Tennis 5PM-6PM Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM-10AM
Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM 9AM-5PM Summer Activities Program
Kids Summer Tennis 9AM-10AM 12 Tuesday 9AM-5PM
Kids Summer Tennis 10AM-11AM Tiki Tennis Social 6PM -7:30PM
Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM Group Fitness w/ Jenn 9M-10AM Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM
Turkey & Prime Rib Night Summer Activities Program Tiki & Snack Bar Open
6PM – 8:30PM 9AM-5PM 4PM – 9PM
Live Music by Kids Summer Tennis 9AM-10AM Live Music by
Alexandra Lewis 6PM – 9PM Kids Summer Tennis 10AM-11AM Eric Hansen 6PM – 9PM

4 *All events are subject to change. We will keep you updated via email blast and social media*

JULY 2022


16 Saturday 23 Saturday 28 Thursday

Cardio Tennis 9AM -10AM Cardio Tennis 9AM -10AM Group Fitness w/ Glenna
Saturday Sweat 10AM – 11AM Saturday Sweat 10AM – 11AM 9AM -10AM
Ladies Night 4PM – 9PM Ladies Night 4PM – 9PM Summer Activities Program
Tiki & Snack Bar 12PM – 9PM Tiki & Snack Bar 12PM – 9PM 9AM-5PM
Live Music by Live Music by Kids Summer Tennis 9AM-10AM
Violet Jefferies 6PM – 9PM Dave Roppolo 6PM – 9PM Kids Summer Tennis 10AM-11AM
Wine Committee Dinner 6PM Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM
24 Sunday Turkey & Prime Rib Night
17 Sunday 6PM – 8:30PM
20 Wednesday Tiki & Snack Bar Open Live Music by
Tiki & Snack Bar Open 11AM – 8PM Alexandra Lewis 6PM – 9PM
11AM – 8PM Sunrise Session w/ Glenna Sunday Funday 12PM – 7PM
Sunday Funday 12PM – 7PM 6AM-7AM Live Music by 29 Friday
Live Music by Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM -10AM Alexandra Lewis 12PM – 4PM
DJ Nikko 12PM – 4PM AquaFit w/ Glenna 9AM-9:45AM Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM Cardio Tennis 9AM -10AM
Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM Summer Activities Program Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM-10AM
9AM-5PM 25 Monday Summer Activities Program
18 Monday Kids Summer Tennis 4PM-5PM 9AM-5PM
Kids Summer Tennis 5PM-6PM Group Fitness w/ Glenna Tiki Tennis Social 6PM -7:30PM
Group Fitness w/ Glenna Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM 9AM -10AM Happy Hour 4PM-6PM
9AM -10AM Pasta Night 6PM – 8:30PM Summer Activities Program Tiki & Snack Bar Open
Summer Activities Program Live Music by 9AM-5PM 4PM – 9PM
9AM-5PM Joey Calderaio 6PM – 9PM Ladies Live Ball 9:30AM -11AM Live Music by
Ladies Live Ball 9:30AM -11AM Kids Summer Tennis 4PM-5PM Eric Hansen 6PM – 9PM
Kids Summer Tennis 4PM-5PM 21 Thursday Kids Summer Tennis 5PM-6PM
Kids Summer Tennis 5PM-6PM 30 Saturday
Group Fitness w/ Glenna 26 Tuesday
19 Tuesday 9AM -10AM Cardio Tennis 9AM -10AM
Summer Activities Program Group Fitness w/ Jenn 9M-10AM Saturday Sweat 10AM – 11AM
Group Fitness w/ Jenn 9M-10AM 9AM-5PM Summer Activities Program Ladies Night 4PM – 9PM
Summer Activities Program Kids Summer Tennis 9AM-10AM 9AM-5PM Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM
9AM-5PM Kids Summer Tennis 10AM-11AM Kids Summer Tennis 9AM-10AM Tiki & Snack Bar 12PM – 9PM
Kids Summer Tennis 9AM-10AM Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM Kids Summer Tennis 10AM-11AM Live Music by Chenzo 6PM – 9PM
Kids Summer Tennis 10AM-11AM Turkey & Prime Rib Night
6PM – 8:30PM 27 Wednesday 31 Sunday
Live Music by
Alexandra Lewis 6PM – 9PM Sunrise Session w/ Glenna Tiki & Snack Bar Open
6AM-7AM 11AM – 8PM
22 Friday Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM -10AM Sunday Funday 12PM – 7PM
AquaFit w/ Glenna 9AM-9:45AM Live Music by
Cardio Tennis 9AM -10AM Summer Activities Program Catfish 12PM – 4PM
Yoga w/ Jenn L 9AM-10AM 9AM-5PM Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM
Summer Activities Program Kids Summer Tennis 4PM-5PM
9AM-5PM Kids Summer Tennis 5PM-6PM
Tiki Tennis Social 6PM -7:30PM Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM
Happy Hour 4PM – 6PM Pasta Night 6PM – 8:30PM
Tiki & Snack Bar Open Live Music by
4PM – 9PM Kool Kasual Steel Drum Band
Live Music by 6PM – 9PM
Terry Cooper 6PM – 9PM Youth Committee Bingo Night

Fitness Class Spin & Pump Core Yoga Group Fitness
Information Focusing on a mix of Vinyasa yoga flow infused A fun group class that mixes
stretching, spin and core! with core strengthening all elements of fitness,
exercises weights, cardio, biking

***Please check member side of the website for more info on classes*** Questions: Contact Jeremy Martens at 954-802-1099

*All events are subject to change. We will keep you updated via email blast and social media* 5






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July 2022 on all the good, bad, and the ugly of the trips since
every day is new and share worthy experience!
Summer is always slow at the Yacht Club since many August 18th to 21st is our Club wide Bimini Trip!
families and couples are traveling our amazing country This is a must for all the members. If you don’t have
and the Bahamas. That doesn’t mean that we don’t a boat and don’t want to fly by float plane, we will
have a lot going on. For those of you staying in town get you a ride on a boat. Book your hotel or marina
this summer, please come join us at the club. stay at the Hilton World Resort or Bimini Bay
Our kids camp as usual is a great hit. Members can Marina now! This trip normally has over 120
invite a non-member friend to join your children four members and 30 boats joining us. Book your trip at
times per month. This always introduces the kids to where our Travel
our program and I will guarantee you those kids will Committee has organized us a 30% discount for
be bugging their parents to join the club. We know we LHPYC members. Our weekend Itinerary has been
are doing something right when the kids are dragging posted here too. It’s a fun-filled weekend for all
the parents to the club to see Miss Katie and Miss Jane ages, all committees, and even some LHPYC staff
for camp or to go upstairs for the evening while you will attend. We will also head out to the Sapona
enjoy yourselves alone in the lounge or at the pool. Shipwreck for snorkeling and Honeymoon Harbor
The club Exumas yacht trip had 15 boats and over 40 for a relaxing day swimming with the stingrays.
members. Whenever we all travel together to the There will be many boats to do these day trips on,
Bahamas we attract new members out there because and the cruise group members love sharing these
they all see how much fun we all have together. This experiences with the rest of the club members
trip we picked up 4 new potential memberships. See without a boat. Plus Dock hops and Casino play at
the 2 page picture spread in the Point. Also follow us night. The hotel has a rooftop swimming pool for
on Facebook and Instagram for videos of these trips. our private party.The swim-up bars on beach front
One of the best parts of this trip (besides the people) or hotel pools will be a must for the days we spend
was that we had 3 smaller center console boats and a at the resort. We always golf cart around the island
smaller cruiser come along. Either those members and get fresh conch salad or drink coconut juice
stayed in land accommodations or when we were on straight from the coconut. Book early, book your
anchor, they stayed on other members’ yachts. This golf cart, get your sunscreen, and get ready to have
allowed us to all get in the smaller vessels and go on another “best trip ever”! This is one of our highlight
much father and longer daily expeditions all together. trips of the year. Many will stay from Thursday to
They were great for early morning fishing trips, and Monday, but many will only do Friday and
late night bar runs. So please don’t shy away from Saturday night too! Our group experiences will
these long trips because you think your boat is too mostly be on Friday and Saturday afternoon and
small. We take all shapes and sizes! There is no better evening.
way to get comfortable with your boating skills than to The day is upon us that we have all been waiting
be way out in the Bahamas, with all of us. Thank you for! LHPYC Clubhouse will shut down on July 31st
to all who were on this trip. We all grew, bonded, and in preparation for our DEMO DAY (2 weeks)
learned a lot together.We went through tough times, starting after Labor Day Weekend.Thank you to the
scary times, fun times, and all around everybody amazing effort from our City Staff under the
agreed it was “another best trip ever”, but that’s what direction of our Mayor Kyle Van Buskirk,we are
we always say. This trip was surely electrifying! ready to go full speed ahead. Obviously, none of
July is the Abacos, Eleuthera, and Berry Islands trip, this has been easy and there are many bumps in the
which is also 13 days. If anybody wants the itinerary, road, but with our City’s attitude of “we are in this
please ask Diane or Julia. This trip will have 10 vessels together”, we get through those hurdles efficiently.
and about 40 members again. On this year’s trip we are The Mayor insists on a weekly meeting with me so
mixing it up a little and trying out 4 new Marinas, but we can iron out and plan ahead for all situations.
sticking to our usual amazing anchorages. Our group LHPYC can’t thank our City Staff and Mayor
dinner will be at The Abaco Inn overlooking the bay enough for all they are doing for this project to be a
and the best sunset bar ever! We never want our trips success.
to get stale. Also, once we have completed these trips,
we will be giving the Cruise Group a full presentation



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I am sure you have all seen the new perimeter docks want to see and experience in your club. Soon he
that are underway, being built by our very own will start joining in on some committee meetings so
member John Piotrowski of The Dock Experts. Our your committees can get to know him.
civil drainage well is drilled already, our temporary
utilities are running, the food and beverage trucks Chef Ed has been interviewing many candidates for
are up and running, and the new tent at the pool is a sous chef position that has opened up. We are still
installed and inspected ready for service. This interviewing and taking our time to choose because
month we will be decorating the pool area creating this person is one of the most important positions in
the atmosphere we are trying to project. Chef Ed our kitchen. Keep an eye out for that new face
and Geidyhave come up with amazing new menus coming up.
for our new “SHIPWRECKED”outside restaurant.
So please come spend the month of August with us Chef Ed has named our new outside restaurant
at the pool restaurant and bar. September 5th we SHIPWRECKED.This is appropriate for our current
will need to shut down the food and beverage situation. Since we are trying to keep all our staff
service for 2 weeks while we demolish the employed through our clubhouse shut down July
clubhouse and clean up. But by the time we get back 31st, we are extending operation hours from August
from our Cruise Group Fisher Island Cruise in the 1st while out by the pool. We will now server
3rd week of September, we will be back up and breakfast, lunch, and dinner from Wednesday to
running. Sunday. Plus bring Taco Tuesday back in the
evenings from 5pm until 8pm. We will be closed on
We will be accommodating the morning work out Mondays. Please all help us make this work by
classes in the Tennis Center building. By 11am each taking advantage of these new hours. Our menu is
morning, our staff will transform this space into our published in this months newsletter! It is a simpler
Card Room for the daily card games. Then by the menu with many healthy options. Our breakfast
evening, this space will be Miss Katie and her staff’s menu is well suited for your before or after morning
kids activity center. The tennis will be cut down to 5 tennis, gym, or workout class session. Our lunches
tennis courts, the pool training will shift to the east are easy, quick, but still unique. Our dinner menu
lanes, gym and marina will be un-affected (other may be smaller, but still give something for
than a few modifications here and there). Every day, everyone and will be accompanied by nightly
we will have a parking attendant to direct members specials and action stations like Wednesday Pasta
where to park and give any other assistance on night. Our bar truck will serve full bar and cocktails
where to enter any part of the club. At night, Jeff will plus be equipped with a new Pina Colada LHPYC
continue to valet your cars with enthusiasm, while style machine. So send your kids for their virgin
being a wealth of information for you. drinks or get a rum or tequila floater for yourself. I
am actually quite excited about this new experience
If anybody missed out on my State of the Club and I’m confident you will all enjoy it. Thank you all
address a couple months ago, if you would like a for helping us get to this point!
copy of the speech, please email [email protected]
in Membership. Terry Paterson
Owner & Interim General Manager
Last month we said good by to Damian who was a
great addition to LHPYC for the last 3 years. With 9
his new baby, he felt it was time to move on to other
opportunities. We are so happy to welcome our new
Food and Beverage Director Dual Clark. You will
recognize him by his iconic bow ties that he ties by
hand (no clip on’s he says). Dual was the choice
candidate after many interviews with potentials. His
vast club experience in places like Boca Woods and
Boca West make him the perfect person for the job.
Please all give him a big LHPYC welcome. Get to
know him, and tell him, like you tell me, all that you



We are halfway through summer as we enter the month until 8PM each evening. Tuesdays we will be crafting $3
of July. Did you know that July was actually named in Tacos with your choice of fillings, Wednesday will
honor of Julius Ceasar after his death?! July was continue to be Pasta Night similar to how you
originally named Quintilis, which in Latin means “fifth remember, Thursday’s grill night with rotating Chef
month” representing where it fell on the Roman Specials like filet mignon, kabobs, porkchops, and
Calendar. We have come a long way from then. ribeye! Friday be prepared to be bibbed as it will be a
classic seafood boil night with clams, shrimp, mussels,
Starting in August I am excited to announce the opening sausage, potatoes, and corn seasoned to your liking!
of SHIPWRECKED by the pool. Your culinary team Saturday, get the posse together for chicken wings,
thought the name to be fitting since we will be a bit Hangry Cluckers specialties, and huge beer specials all
wrecked for the next two years. Shipwrecked will be evening long. Sunday will always be a FUNDAY at the
operated from our food truck and bar cart for the length club and we won’t be changing it anytime soon.
of construction switching up the menu each season to
keep the ingredients fresh and seasonal. Please enjoy looking at the menu that we have included
in this month’s issue! As always, I am here for any of
One edition to the menu we are very proud to announce you and if you have a question, you know where to find
is we will be serving breakfast five days a week me!
(Wednesday through Sunday) from 9AM until 11AM!
Classics like Eggs Your Way with traditional breakfast Ed McCabe
sides to grab and go items after your morning workout Executive Chef
or tennis play.

Lastly, we wanted to keep each evening we are open fun
and delicious. Your culinary team has crafted theme
nights to enjoy Tuesday through Saturday from 5:30PM


I'm super excited because made withPatron or Casamigos tequila and Coronita
we are already in the beer for a floater! Be sure to order one before the month
month of July ... YAYY!! ... ends!
I wish everyone the best of
health and a fabulous I Invite you all to come stop by the club so you can savor
summer. all of our great Drinks. Remember our happy hour is
available Wednesday to Friday 4PM-6PM on Saturday
My Team and I have Ladies night 4PM-to-close. PlusSunday 4PM-6PM
always made sure to be happy hour at the Tiki Bar. I hope to see you all soon.
creating and innovating in
Organic drinks with Geidys Santrich
skinny options for all our Bar Manager
members. We will continue
to have a craft cocktail menu even when we are only
based around our pool! In addition, we will continue
crafting specialty cocktails for our events and for the

For the month of July, after record sales on Father’s Day
the special drink of the month will be the BEER DADDY

10 Ginny Mermaid

Employee My name is Dual Clark, your new Food & Beverage Director
at LHPYC. I was born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, and
Spotlight currently live in Lake Worth with my wife, Amy, and our two
children, Tayler (8) and Hunter (6). When not at work, you
Dual Clark will find me spending time with the family by the water,
chauffeuring children to and from karate and gymnastics, and
either dining out or cooking at home. Both Food AND
Beverage are true passions of mine, especially wine! (In Vino

My first restaurant was at a sports bar in downtown
Knoxville, TN While attending the University of Tennessee,
and it was there that the hospitality bug bit me. I relocated to
Jacksonville, FL, in search of warm weather, beaches, and
excitement. After a few jobs at local Mom & Pop restaurants, I
stumbled into an opportunity with the Carrabba's family as
they were being franchised. Over the course of three years, I
was very fortunate to be a part of their expansion and was on
the new opening team for both Mobile, AL and Hilton Head,
SC restaurants.

I moved back to Nashville to be closer to my family and,
seeking a fresh start, took an opportunity to work at the
original Houston's across from Vanderbilt University. While I
always knew it to be a busy restaurant, I was unaware of the
extensive training and discipline in upholding their

standards. Nevertheless, it was an
incredible experience, spending almost
three years there.

An unusual opportunity posed itself,
having me return to South Florida. It was
a sales job over-promised and
under-delivered, and I soon found
myself looking to return to the food and
beverage world. I recently took up the
game of golf and found a restaurant
manager position offering free golf as a
perk. It was at a country club and
industry I was familiar with, and I had no idea what I was in for. I spent the next
nine years working for the country's most prominent and number one country
club, Boca West. During a major renovation project, they needed to downsize
their management team, and they helped to place me at the club at Ibis in West
Palm Beach. I was quickly promoted from restaurant manager to Director of
banquets, overseeing nearly $7 million in private function revenue annually.

After a few years, I was approached with an opportunity to take over as
Director of Food and Beverage at Boca Woods Country Club, where I oversaw
day-to-day club operations for nearly 3 1/2 years.

Now, I find myself joining a fantastic team of professionals and what is already
proven to be a lovely membership here at LHPYC. I am thrilled to be selected to
be an integral part of the club at such an exciting time. Thank you so much for
having me!



I hope all enjoyed reading my spotlight on the previous Fridays we will have a seafood boil and Saturday chicken
page. I am looking forward to personally meeting each and wing specials. Of course, Sunday will remain our
and every one of you! I am very excited to be working coveted Sunday Funday with a waterslide, DJ, and
with our Executive Chef, Ed Mcabe, and Bar Manager, lifeguard. Geidys, will have drink specials to match each
Geidys Agudelo. In just the short time I have been here, of these fun and festive evenings. Live music will
we have been working diligently on menus and continue each evening outside for your enjoyment!
beverages for your new dining experience poolside at We hope to see you dining at our Tiki Bar and A La Carte
Shipwrecked. Shipwrecked will be open Tuesday for restaurant in the month July and are even more excited to
Taco Tuesday from 5:30PM until 8PM, Wednesday welcome you to Shipwrecked. If you need anything at all
through Sunday for breakfast and a la carte. Wednesday or have any question, please feel welcome to email or talk
through Sunday our “Seas the Day” breakfast menu will to me at the Club! Wishing a fun and active summer, see
be served from 9AM until 11AM then lunch and dinner you soon!
will be served 11:30AM through 8PM. To keep it fun and
interesting out by the pool our F&B team has created Dual Clark
theme nights for each evening. Wednesday we will Food & Beverage
continue our family pasta night with a few minor
revisions. Thursday we will have our renowned singer Director
Alex continually performing while you enjoy grill night.

Summer is in full swing and so is hurricane season! I FROM THE MARINA
wanted to reinclude the preparedness list from last month
JUST in case you couldn’t read it or didn’t save it: Toni Merlino
Marina Director
1. Make sure to have a plan for your boat that your
insurance company approves. It is suggested that
vessels be removed from the water and to have it
stored as far offshore as possible.

2. If you stay in the Marina or on the water at your home,
it is suggested to double up all your lines (Four aft &
Spring lines). Be sure to check that all dock cleats are
strong and appropriately installed.

3. Ensure all your Marina documents, insurance policy,
and critical contact information are copied and stored
in a safe location or database that can be accessed

4. Take pictures of your boat before and after a storm,
primarily if any damage has been incurred!

5. Prepare for the worst and hope for the best! Don't wait
until the last minute!

As a reminder, if you are keeping a car on property it is
required for you to register your vehicles with the Marina or
Membership Office to keep your car overnight on property.
Please stop by at your convenience Tuesday through
Saturday between 10AM and 5PM. In addition, we are still
in the process of resurfacing our perimeter dock. We will be
notifying each marina slip holder as to how to access your
dock and which path to take as the resurfacing moves east
around the property. Shout out to the Youth Department
and Gary for all his efforts over the summer with aiding our
Summer Activities Program with all their fishing!

Ginny Mermaid






The Exumas 2022
(continued on page 18)


The Exumas 2022

(continued from page 17)



WWII Veteran Tribute Wine

On Veteran’s Day 2021, Caymus Vineyards released the first ever, WWII Veteran Tribute Wine.
The wine that they chose to use with this label, is the finest wine that Caymus makes. (Special
Selection-- $190/bottle at Total Wine).However, the fact that only 500 bottles of this limited-edition
wine were made, makes the value $500+ per bottle. *At live auction in Tampa last month, the
bottles were auctioned at $1,500/per bottle.
This is not only the 1st ever WWII Tribute bottle, it’s with a wine that can be drank today (or aged in
your cellar for 20yrs). It’s a great gift to give to a friend, family member, or client that appreciates
wine and has special ties to WWII.
Additionally, there is a QR code on the back of the bottle, which gives a short film of the 18yr old
kids on the front of the bottle, showing what they did in the war and after the war as well. It is truly
a remarkable wine bottle to own.
Lighthouse Point Yacht Club was lucky enough to secure 5 of these bottles to auction off (exclusively
to our Members).
The best point of all of this: 100% of every penny raised goes to serve more of our Nation’s oldest WWII, Korean War, and
Vietnam War Heroes through 501c3 Honor Flight.
So please purchase as many raffle tickets as you can because win or not, every penny will go to such an incredible cause.Tickets
will be $20 per entry, and you can purchase as many as you’d like.


Greetings from North Carolina! Bistro opens and club construction is complete. We have
We hope everyone is enjoying their summer. Summers are all enjoyed learning to play tennis and look forward to seeing
about spending time with your loved ones on vacation. It’s you all on the courts. We have so much to look forward to!
been a tradition for us Ganters’ to travel to our home away Let’s get excited for our Labor Day festivities planned by our
from home in the Pisgah Forest. We are blessed to spend Entertainment and Social Committee.
quality time with family and friends and grateful to experi- I hope you have all had the opportunity to meet our new
ence the best of both worlds. Living in Florida, we enjoy the Food and Beverage Director, Dual. He seems to be the man
beach and yacht club life, then we escape to the fresh moun- for the job, able and willing to help us grow stronger systems
tain air, scenic wild hikes, waterfalls, rivers, and great as we continue to grow. Our future looks bright, which is a
outdoors of North Carolina. direct dividend of all the effort going into our club and
We are jealous of missing out on all the fun with our Cruising development.
Group. The pictures from the Bahamas look amazing. We Thank you for your participation and passion for our beloved
hope to join our Cruisers on future trips to Bimini, Ocean Reef, club and loyal members.
and Fisher Island. Our Cruising Group is on fire, already Always Learning, Always Growing.
planning trips for 2023. You guys are doing a fantastic job. Thank you for making LHPYC the place to be!
Since everyone is traveling, we have postponed our board
meeting for July and will catch up in August as we plan for Troy Ganter
club construction. Commodore
We can’t wait to return to LHPYC. We hope to see you all by
the pool and tiki bar and perhaps on tennis courts for cardio &
tiki tennis. Jhonson and the tennis committee are putting
tremendous effort into tennis play. Our tennis courts and pool
activities will be the highlight of our club until the Tennis


of LHPYC The Art Gallery Of Lighthouse PointYacht Club’s July 2022
issue of ‘The Point’magazine is featuring some of the
Daniel J. O’Keefe • Fine Art American artists who have painted the American flag as
516-383-4000 • part their art. We discuss the artist’s reasoning behind
painting the American Flag: & either as art, whether it’s
patriotic, political, or for purely artistic value.
Before talking about the artists, I would like to thank Terry
Paterson and Jessica Easterling for the opportunity to
operate and share all the original art with the members and
their guests of the LHPYC. Also to Julia Robinson for
producing my articles and Diane Elliott for watching over
the gallery.

The early American Flag was not a stand alone original design that Betsey Ross & George Washington
was sprung up out of nowhere, it was the culmination of important
historical events and artistic meaning with roots aging back to
England. The Betsy Ross American flag was heavily inspired by
the British flag. It is commonly accepted by historians that the
Grand Union flag was the first American flag but in an unofficial
capacity. It is strikingly similar to today’s flag. The first stars and
stripes American Flag would keep the religious stripes not only to
represent the original thirteen colonies but the rebellious nature of
the colonists as well. - The Epoch Times

Jon McNaughton is America’s foremost conservative artist.
McNaughton strives to paint images that express his ideas and beliefs.
Viewers from around the globe write about the unique perspective of
these paintings that seem to tap into the heart of American Patriotism.
"The purpose of my painting is to communicate my ideas. American
politics is filled with nuance and shades of grey, but I see the world
through a prism of light and truth. My art reflects who I am and
doesn’t use nuance or shades of grey to make my point. I want future
generations to know exactly how I felt during this time in our
country’s history.” Washington Examiner

McNaughton’s “Crossing the Swamp” literally crosses a new
boundary into uncharted territory of contemporary conservative art.
Jon McNaughton is probably the greatest conservative artist of our

Crossing the Swamp

In 1954, Jasper Johns began painting what would become one of his signature
emblems, the American flag. As an iconic image comparable to the targets,
maps, and letters that he also has depicted. Johns realized that the flag was
seen and not looked at, not examined. The execution and composition of
Three Flags elicit close inspection, he said.

The painting draws attention to the process of it’s making through Johns’ use Three Flags
of encaustic, a mixture of pigment suspended in warm wax that congeals as
each stroke is applied, resulting in a accumulation of discrete marks that
creates a sensuous, almost sculptural surface, adds to its complexity. The trio

of flags projects outward, contradicting classical perspectives in which objects
appear instead to recede from the viewer’s vantage point. By shifting the
visual emphasis from the flag’s emblematic meaning to the geometric
patterns and texture of the picture surface,Johns explores the boundary
between abstraction and representation. As he remarked, this painting

allowed him to go beyond the limits of the flag, and to have different canvas


Keith Haring was an American artist who emerged from the
subculture of the 1980s. His pop art animated-imagery has become
a widely recognized visual language. Haring’s popularity grew
from his spontaneous drawings in New York City Subway’s chalk
outlines of figures, dogs, and other stylized images on blank black
advertising spaces.
After gaining public recognition, he created colorful larger scale
murals, many commissioned. He produced more than 50 public
artworks between 1982 and 1989, many of them created voluntarily
for hospitals, day care centers and schools. In 1986, he opened the
Pop Shopas an extension of his work. His later work often
conveyed political and societal themes, anti-crack, antiapartheid,
safe sex, homosexuality and AIDS through his own iconography.

Keith Haring American Flag

On July 4, 1976, Peter Max began his Statue of Liberty
series leading to his efforts with Chrysler CEO Lee Iacocca
to help in the restoration of the statue.

Max had also been commissioned to design bilingual Keith Haring American Flag
welcome signs for the US borders, and they were set to be
unveiled in 1976; the signs, however, did not go up. Max's Beginning in 2005, artist Sara Rahbar undertook what would
stylized signs were considered 'too psychedelic' which to become a fifteen-year series of mixed media works based on the
the then government meant that they encouraged drug United States flag. The series now numbers over 50 works of art,
use. Despite Max's objections to these accusations, the signs and each unique composition embodies a complicated narrative of
remained in storage until 1977, when the administration politics, aesthetics, and biography.
change brought a change in attitude. The signs remained in
place until 1984, when they were replaced by 'more
conventional signage.

Dust and Ash Flag #52, completed in 2015, is among the last works
in the series. The earliest flags included fragments of vibrant
domestic textiles such as rugs, pillows, woven bags, and clothing.
Rahbar subsumed the
American flag’s red and
white stripes with the
chromatic exuberance and
inventive patterns of Middle
Eastern weaving, and
revealed only the
unmistakable blue field of
white stars in the upper right
corner of the composition.
Peter Max: American Flag Dust and Ash includes the
Peter Max: field of stars, yet incorporates
Serving none of the vibrant domestic
Lady Liberty textiles that distinguished the
early works. Instead, the
brown and olive-green palette
of military gear dominates
Sara Rahbar this later work. The long arc
of Rahbar’s fifteen-year series
manifests a shift in materials and aesthetic forms, from the warm
luxury of home comforts to the darker fabrics of utility and war. Dust
and Ash speaks to the artist’s changing engagement with international
conflict and identity.The artist describes the American flag as a
“foundation” for every work in the series.

In this, yet another election year, it would be great to take a moment and contemplate our flag and freedoms
as envisioned in the creation of our country. Wishing you all a safe and happy 4th of July!

The Art Gallery at Light House Point is currently featuring a number of Gallery artists. All the art is for sale. 21
For information about the art please contact Daniel J. O’Keefe at 516-383-4000 or Diane at the front desk.


Hey everyone, some very exciting stuff is coming to the because of our location in Florida and most people having home
pool! ISR (Infant/Child Survival and Swimming pools and boats. We want to make sure every child is safe around
Resource) will be starting the first week of July 11! This the water and even if they do fall in, they know what to do! This
is an integral program to have at the Yacht Club program starts with children as young as when they first learn to
sit up, all the way through 5 years old! I will be running this
program in sessions that fill up very quickly! If you are interested
in this, please email me ASAP to reserve your spot and receive
the inquiry sheet! Our swim team practice schedule is still in the
summer hours, and we have just sent out of application to USA
Swimming to become a certified and recognized swimming
program in Lighthouse Point! Stop on by my office in the
workout room or email me anytime at [email protected] for more
information about joining our swimming program! I will also be
continuing private lessons for individuals who want either get
better at swimming as a whole or learn more advanced
techniques! Please don’t hesitate to contact me anytime!

Harry Traystman
Aquatics Director


The Entertainment Committee en
route to an event planning

meeting! You don’t want to miss
what’s in store for “One Last Lei”

– Save the date, Sat. 8/27!

Gina Miller
Director of Special Events

22 Ginny Mermaid



Happy 4th of July everyone! I hope everyone had a safe and happy holiday with the ones they love. We have officially
entered into the summer (if you couldn’t tell) and it is HOT! But that is no surprise to any of us that have been living in
Florida for years. I know many of you have the good fortune to travel during the summer on boats to beautiful islands but
please don’t forget about your stretching and fitness routine! Our classes will be going strong until we get the word that
the demolition that will close down our beautiful class room. Until then I want to keep encouraging you to get to class or
into the gym! **Reminder the fitness center (across from the pool) will remain open during construction except for the brief
time period during the demo of the main building which will be unsafe for us to access the property. Please stay up to date
on the latest happenings with our weekly Eblasts.


I’m so excited to see all the familiar faces at our youth Summer Activities! The silver lining to the clubhouse not being
demolished this summer was that we got to get one more year of our famous Summer Activities Program in! It takes a lot
of staff to plan and execute an entire summer of fun with your kiddos so please make sure you let them know how much
appreciate them. If anyone is unfamiliar with how our summer program works I can tell you in 3 words….Just show up!
We do not require you to reserve a spot just show up at 9am in the morning and Ms. Katie and Ms. Ingrid will be happy to
take the little ones and let you go on your way! We also have ½ day options so if you want to pick up or drop off at lunch
that is totally fine as well. If you have questions please reach out. Our Summer Activities Program will run until the end of
July. However, as we move into our construction era some August, I want to assure all of you we will have Little Skippers
available but by RSVP only. In addition, the Youth Committee and the Club will continue to place fun events for the
LHPYC Kiddos! [email protected]

Jeremy Martens
Fitness & Youth Director



Have you checked out the Shipwreck menu?! Staff got the Are you coming to Bimini and want to ride by boat with your
privilege to try some of our new items and must give you the fellow LHPYC members? Vist
scoop! Everything I tried was delicious! I highly recommend LHPYCTRAVELCOMMITTEE.COM and click on the Bimini
the breakfast Portside Sandwich and Lemon Ricotta Pancakes. Trip. At the bottom of the page if button to fill out a request
For lunch, go for the Veggie Burger with vegan ranch, I form so I can match with you members taking their boat.
couldn’t stop eating it even after I was full! Need more protein
the Cuban was equally as to die for. Are you a fisher or need some fishing buddies? Let me know
so I can add you to the Fishing WhatsApp chat for LHPYC.
The time has come for New Membership initiation to increase You can also scan the code below to enter the chat and start
and the deadline for your neighbors, friends, and family to making friends this summer to hook n’ cook with!
lock in our current pricing is the end of July. As of August 1st,
initiation will be increased to $12,500, so get those applications Julia Robinson
in. As you know, membership dues will be collected Membership &
throughout construction but not without reason. We are still
offering amenities like F&B, tennis, fitness, marina access, Communications
group travel, and social events to keep the club lively and Director
social. I always let our prospect know that the best part of the
club is all of you! I pride myself on vetting each new member
to make sure they are friendly, have good personalities, and
like to have fun. Don’t be shy and make sure to spark up a
conversation with your fellow LHPYC members.


Lynn & Ike Abolafia Roland Broeman Dariusz & Joanna Felis Kevin & Kelsey Hastings

Tom & Sushayla Scanlan John & Natalie Valdes Bernard Marsh & Lizette Valera


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name on the water since 1983.

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Sea Tow Fort Lauderdale

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