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Published by Thelma Blandon, 2019-12-13 11:28:27

Baby Frog

golden frog

Baby Frog
Mariana Gpnzalez
Block: 9C

Hi friends, I am Liam
the monkey. Today,
I going to tell you a

very interesting
story of the ancient

kingdom of the
golden frogs.

In a very humid rainforest in
Panamá, lives baby frog and mom
frog. They are special frogs, they are
made out of gold. You can't find any
frog like this anywhere else around

the world.

The golden frogs, are well respected
species, nobody messes with them.

They are so powerful that one of
them can kill 10 grown men.

One day baby frog decided to go
for a swim at a local pond. There,

he usually ate some flies,
mosquitoes, and other small

insects that he loved.

As he swam in the pond he saw
something different. It was a
new sort of fungi swimming
towards him.

And suddenly it
was all over him!

Baby frog hopped vastly to his
mom, and when his mom saw
him she was shook. His beautiful
golden skin, was now brown and


Dad frog talked of how some men
came into the deep forest and left a
new fungi in a pond. But that small

amount suddenly multiplied, and
was now taking over all amphibians.

Baby frog was very sick, he was
totally infested by that bacteria.
His mother took care of him all of

the time.

Slowly every golden frog began to
loose their color, the fungi had

taken over their golden skins and
their kingdom. Lizards, frogs,

salamanders, and toads, were also

Baby frog started to make a potion
in order to save his kingdom. He

mixed banana, crushed leaves, ants,
and fresh water.

Baby frog had saved his
kingdom! His medicine cured

him and all of the other

And that is the
story of baby frog,
and how he saved
the rainy Panama



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