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Reynaldo Callejas Baldizon - ENV science children's book

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Published by Thelma Blandon, 2019-12-11 12:06:22

Demarcus the Crocodile

Reynaldo Callejas Baldizon - ENV science children's book

Demarcus the Crocodile

By: Reynaldo Callejas

Once upon a time there
was a crocodile named
Demarcus was a
Philippine Crocodile. He
Lived on an island in the
Philippines named

Demarcus only liked to eat meat. His favorite meals were
fish, birds, and frogs. When Demarcus grew older, he

became very independent because he lost his parents
when he was 7 years old.

This was what he
considered his
home. Demarcus
would come here
most often and he
enjoyed it. He
would eat and
sleep here.

Sometimes other crocodile would come over to where Demarcus lived, and they would take his
food and Demarcus did not like that, but he didn’t do anything to them because he was not a

hostile crocodile. So he would let them be there while he enjoyed his food

This is Marc. Marc’s hobby was to fish any type of animals and
he would usually fish in the ocean but he wants to try
something new.

Marc asked a construction worker to build a house near a river so he
can fish whenever he wanted, and so he could have a small vacation.

But sadly, the place that they chose was beside Demarcus’ house, and
they didn’t consider the ecosystem and the animals living there

So the cabin was finished, and it was built on top of the
home of Demarcus, and there was nothing that
Demarcus could do about it.

Marc was
ready to go

whenever he

which would

affect the
even more

than he
already did
by building
the cabin in


Demarcus found it very hard to survive after his house was invaded,
and he lost his home, so he had to find a way to survive, but it didn’t go

very well for him...

because back at Marc’s cabin he was disrupting the
ecosystem even further by fishing and eating all of the
animals in the river, and the saddest part is that he did

that just for fun.

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