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Lloyd Anthony Thomas - ENV science children's book

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Published by Thelma Blandon, 2019-12-12 11:50:26

Tyron the Ostrich

Lloyd Anthony Thomas - ENV science children's book

Tyrone the Ostrich

Made by Tony Thomas

Yo what’s up, I’m Tyrone the ostrich. Right now I’m chilling with my boys
Demarcus and Lemar. We out here trying to find lizards to eat, but we
also eat small insects that we can reach with our long necks.

Because we are secondary consumers, we also use our long necks to find
and spot our predators like lions, hyenas, and more.

Where we live is in the savannah and it’s really hot and dry. What most
affects us is the droughts that happen occasionally. Our biotic factors
are our animals like the elephants, zebras, etc. Some abiotic are the
soil, climate, and natural disturbances.

Basically how the food works around here is like this

So we were chilling, everything was balanced in our ecosystem. Our
population was thriving.

However it all changed when people started to get greedy and needy.

Poachers started hunting my boys for some sweet ostrich fur for their
clothes. They would kill us and skin us.

This affected us badly because it dropped our population by more than
10,000. My friends were being slaughtered.

Not only did this affect us, but also affected the populations around us.
Animals that fed on us like the hyenas were greatly affected. They
didn’t have a lot of food now.

So in short please stop killing us, so me and my boys can live peacefully
and happily.


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