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Published by Thelma Blandon, 2019-12-10 13:03:59

Jack Dingo

Jack Dingo


bY: maRIa joSE

Hi! My name is Jack
Dingo, and I am a wild
dog specifically a dingo!

I am a medium sized, and I
have strong legs that help
me run really fast!

Phew that was a run!

I have short hair that helps
me stay cool, and its light
orange so it helps me hide
really well! Can you spot

My 12 family members and I are
carnivores, and our diet includes sheep
and kangaroos, which are our main meal.
However, I will never eat Peter and
neither Lola... they are my best friends!

This are some of my
family members

I have two best friends, Peter Kangaroo
and Lola Sheep. We love to play and run
around while I howl!

Wait for meeeh!

Jump faster!


We all live in the Australian desert which
is very hot, and we have little rain. I have
heard that deserts are away from the
coasts and beaches. I wonder what a
beach looks like, maybe we can go there
to visit someday!

Me too!

I want to go there! Me three!

One day some strange animals called
humans were building a fence... we didnt
know what was about to come...

We need to make it
even longer

5 years went by, and the humans
separated us with the fence. That fence
turned out to be the longest fence in the

Dingo barrier

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The humans separated the kangaroos and the
sheep from the dingoes. We don't know what we
did wrong, we were only eating our meals. Now
because of this, the dingo population started to

I miss you guys

Dingoe barrier

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+0982 123 4568 | +0983 123 4568

Luckyly, through the years we talked
through the fence, until one day I found
a hole and I could pass to the other
side. The play and fun still continued
after that discovery, and we lived
happily running around as once we did!




- animated rolling bush
- animated dingoe
- animated kangoroo
- animated sheep
- animated builders
- animated dessert
- animated fence


Three friends play around in the
Australian dessert when a barrier
separates them maybe for ever,

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