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Published by Thelma Blandon, 2019-12-15 19:28:33

Amanda the Panda

Amanda the Panda

Amanda the

By: Katherine Rodriguez

This is Amanda, she
wants to teach you
about her ecosystem,
and the things that

happened to it

Oh, hi! I'm Amanda but
you've probably already
heard about me, I live in
China, because there are
a lot of bamboos, which

is my favourite food

Let me tell you a story
that my mother once

shared with me.
Once upon a time there

were a lot of pandas,
like me, they were
beautiful, and there

were a lot of bamboos,
they all lived in China,
because they originated

from there.

That big panda is my
grandmother, and the

baby panda is my
mother when she was

really small

My mother said that
the bamboos were
even more delicious,
and that there were
much more pandas

than now

They lived happily,
talking to their

friends, and eating
their favourite food

every single day


humans started cutting our bamboos,
taking some baby pandas with them,
separating them with their families to

another place called America...
My mother said she heard other people
defending them, and saying that what
they were doing was called deforestation

My mother never got to her
mom, ever again...

Bamboo insects

disappearing, and
the things we
pandas eat as

But one

A kind woman
walked by the
bamboo forest and
saw the disaster, she
took every panda left
to a zoo and took
care of them

Now my
mom and I

live here

We live happily, but my
mother says she misses

her ecosystem. There
are more and more
pandas every day, and
we hope that some day

we return to that
beautiful place.

And this.. is
the story of

the Panda.

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