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Maricarmen Vargas Sotomayor - ENV science children's book

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Published by Thelma Blandon, 2019-12-10 14:44:55

A day in the life of a cheetah

Maricarmen Vargas Sotomayor - ENV science children's book

A day in the life
of a cheetah

By: Maricarmen Vargas

Hello, my name is Copper and I am This is me!
15 years old. Since I was a baby I Gazelles

have long legs, a long narrow tail for
balance, and a deep chest that
contains large lungs.

My typical diet in order to
survive consists mainly of

gazelles, especially
Thomson's gazelles. I can be

found in any wide-open
habitat where I can easily

hunt prey.

- I can mostly be found in dry We are found in a wide variety of
forests, grasslands, open habitats and like to live in open
plains and desert regions. areas of land like the African
grasslands and savanna.
- As a result
of warmer - Humans are
temperatures, that causes our
I am being prey species to
affected, so I get killed, so we
have a harder later have
time nothing to
reproducing. subsist on.


Before humans and climate change l
started to kill us we were all around
the world living peacefully in our safe l




Today there are just 7,100 of us left in the

l wild. The key to the survival is trying to stay
l alive outside of protected areas but we

need your help.

As our world grows and the population of
humans increases, we continue to lose our



People will then sometimes kill us if they
feel like if we are threats to where they live.

An unstable ecosystem will be more
likely to lose species. Some of us
already live in protected areas like

national parks, where it is safer and
the animals experience less threat.

Help us!! We need you :)


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