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26th August 2017




This newsletter covers the World outside the British Isles from information
supplied by members.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Compilers or of the Society.

International Editor (to whom all email and postal contributions should be sent):
Paul Griffin, 7 School Bell Mews, Church Lane, Stoneleigh, COVENTRY, CV8 3ZZ
Email: [email protected]
Deputy International Editor: Derek Woodward, 68 Church Street, Matlock, DERBY, DE4 3BY


A recent visitor to the second city of Slovakia, Košice, observed rails running north up Hlavná, the main street of the city. They
divide (as does the street) and run either side of the Elisabeth Cathedral before coming together again after about a kilometre.
There was insufficient time for further exploration, and an internet search revealed almost nothing about them. Clearly they
were once tram lines and there are brief mentions of horse drawn trams early in the last century. Can any member shed any


[314] Austria – New depot for Mariazellerbahn
The former depot and maintenance centre of the Mariazell Railway in St. Pölten Alpenbahnhof has
been demolished so that the site can be used for the construction of its modern replacement, which
will be opened in 2018. The new facilities on site will provide the NÖVOG’s company headquarters

office, a shed, a narrow-gauge maintenance centre for the historic and current fleet, and a paint shop
for narrow (760mm) and standard gauge rolling stock.

[315] Europe – Senior’s cheap travel website
This website gives invaluable information for our ‘senior’ members wishing to travel cheaply by rail.

[316] France - Saint-Claude to Oyonnax to close in December
Auvergne-Rhône Alpes and Burgundy-Franche-Comté have decided to cease services between Saint-
Claude and Oyonnax from 10 December, citing expensive maintenance requirements. Decrying the
decision, the local users' association was also concerned about the future of the Hirondelles line
between Dole and Saint-Claude.

[317] France - Mont-sur-Meurthe to Bruyères revisited
Line 065 ran from Mont-sur-Meurthe south to Bruyères, which is between Epinal and Saint-Dié.
Officially only the southern section between Bruyères and Jeanménil (km 34.0) is available for traffic.
There used to be traffic to a factory north of Jeanménil in the southern outskirts of Rambervillers.
Today a lorry parking area has been built over Rambervillers (km32.8) railway station and the tracks
north of here to Deinvillers (km 21.9) have been dismantled. On the upper section, which has been
closed since 10 November 1993, a draisine service started between Magnières (km18.7) and
Deinvillers called Vélorails Val de Mortagne. This was extended at some point north to Gerbéviller
(km9.7) and Haudonville. According to aerial photographs, the tracks are still present as far as the
crossing with the D1 road south of Mont-sur-Meurthe. North of here no trace of the railway and
former junction is visible to the uneducated aerial eye. On the eastern outskirts of Jeanménil is
"Fraispertuis-City", a theme park opened in 1966, in which a narrow-gauge railway running in a loop,
opened in 1971. In 2010 the railway became the "Far-West-Express" hauled by a by a steam
locomotive with new vehicles.

[318] France – Belfort to Delle reopening update
"Est Republican" newspaper reported, on 18 June, the following information:
Opening date: The title of the "Est Republican" article refers to completion in the second half of 2018.
In the first paragraph, the journalist reports that work should be completed in the second quarter of
2018. The SNCF Réseau director states that the project is on time and on budget. On time? Not really,
the current project was scheduled for completion in December 2017. But the original project was
planned in 2008/2009 with work to be completed in 2011 (year when the LGV Rhin-Rhône was
Infrastructure: Track laying is in progress, concrete sleepers are being laid out, rails are being welded
into 600 metre lengths, catenary poles have been positioned. New platforms are nearing completion.
At Grandvillars (a village of 2,900 inhabitants) two high footbridges (40 steps) over the future
overhead electric wires have been constructed next to a pair of new lifts (the same arrangement can
be found at Delle). Courtesy of The French Railways Society - Formerly the SNCF Society

[319] France - Montbrison – Boën to reopen
The region of Auvergne Rhône-Alpes has announced that the Montbrison to Boën section of the St-
Étienne-Châteaucreux - Clermont-Ferrand railway is to reopen in 2019 with a two hourly service,
despite the fact that funding for the trains has not yet been secured.
[320] Germany - Heritage trains extended to Osnabrück Hafen
Verein Osnabrücker Dampfflokfreunde e. V. operate a few trains each year from Osnabrück to
Piesberg via Eversburg. Two trains this year have been extended 1.6km from Piesberg to the junction
for Osnabrück Hafen, entry to the hafen itself not being permitted. Apparently these will continue, but
they do not appear in the Museum Kursbuch or, currently, on the homepage or the club flyers.

A DGEG railtour reached Piesberg in 2013 with a diminutive Köf diesel shunter, here seen at the platform at Piesberg having run
round and ready to return.

[321] Germany - Changes on the Böhmetal Kleinbahn
The Böhmetal-Kleinbahn is a narrow gauge heritage railway running on the former line 9141 (Walsrode
to Verden) between Klein Eilstorf (not far from Böhme) and Walsrode- Hollige West. The timetable
has changed from that shown in the museum kursbuch with a single departure from Klein Eilstorf at
13:00, returning from Walsrode- Hollige West at 14:00. On Saturdays these times are ideal for a bus
to/from Walsrode. Whilst at Walsrode- Hollige West the train now proceeds for a further 800 metres
towards Walsrode. More at Kleinbahn

[322] Germany – Einbeck branch to reopen to passenger services
Einbeck Salzderhelden is south of Kreiensen on the Göttingen to Hannover line, and is the start of a
10.3km branch west to Juliusmühle. This is line 9182, the Ilmetalbahn, and used to extend a further
7.2km to Dassel, but this section closed in two stages in 2002 and 2004. From 10 December 2017 the
4.2km from Einbeck Salzderhelden to a new station in the centre of Einbeck will reopen with hourly
passenger services. From some point in 2018 signalling improvements will allow some peak hour
services to run to/from Göttingen.

[323] Germany – Brohl docks available – to the end
The Brohltalbahn runs from Brohl (just north of Andernach on the Koblenz – Koln main line) to Engeln.
There is a short harbour (hafen) branch from Brohl BE to Brohl Rheinanlagen, normally only used on
Fridays (May – September), but on 16 and 17 August trains will run the full length of the branch to the
end of the Brohlhafen due to a festival.

[324] Germany – Less track to Eichstätt
Between Treuchtlingen and Ingolstadt is Eichstätt Bahnhof station, from where a short branch goes
north for 5.1km to Eichstätt Stadt. A new station has been constructed at Eichstätt Stadt, and as a
result the line is now 23 metres shorter.

[325] Italy - Varallo Sesia to Novara line to reopen
The [Novara] – Vignale – Romagnano – Varallo Sesia line is expected to re-open in December, probably
with through trains to Milano.

[326] Italy – Sacile to Maniago to reopen
The timetable change in December will see the Sacile to Gemona line in NE Italy open between Sacile
and Maniago with 22 trains a day. By the end of 2018 the entire line should be open again, with buses
used between Maniago and Gemona until then.

[327] Poland – Piła to- Kostrzyn electrification plans
PKP Polish Railway Lines have announced a tender for the preparation of pre-design documentation
for the electrification of this railway.

[328] Poland - Gniezno – Września - Jarocin reopening, but when?
PKP have announced that passenger trains will resume between Jarocin and Gniezno in December
following engineering works to increase line speed from 80 to 120 km/h. This is later than promised –
the original date was 11 June. Traffic on the line was suspended in 2012, though it restarted for a short
period in 2013. Eight train pairs are planned, to be operated by Koleje Wielkopolskie. However, the
Province have pointed out that while line speeds may be increased, the state of other infrastructure,
particularly platforms and station buildings, leaves much to be desired and work is needed to rectify
this. So the message is that the line will reopen, but maybe not in December.

[329] Portugal/Spain - International service reinstated
A new Entroncamento – Badajoz service will commence mid-September and will enable a daytime
Lisboa – Madrid journey in both directions, albeit with three changes.

[330] Romania/Serbia – Border crossing closes to passenger services
From 1 August Timişoara Nord - Stamora Moraviţa – Vršac services were truncated to only run
Timişoara Nord - Stamora Moraviţa. This effectively closed the border crossing to Serbia.

[331] Romania – Trains reinstated on Line 418
The 21km branch from Ilva Mică to Rodna Veche closed to passenger services on 15 December 2013.
CFR Călători reinstated a 3 train pair service from 17 July 2017.

[332] Spain – New development for the Mediterranean corridor
Tendering is to start in 2019 for a 62km double track high-speed line, designed for speeds of 350 km/h,
between Valencia and Castelló, according to the Spanish Development Minister. The line is necessary
because of an expected increase in traffic. As part of the Mediterranean Corridor programme, a third
rail is currently being laid along the double-track 1668 mm gauge line between Valencia and Castelló
to allow use by 1435mm gauge trains. The first dual-gauge track is expected to be ready for service in
the fourth quarter of 2017, after which ADIF is due to start work on the second. It is anticipated that
Castelló, Valencia, Alacant and Murcia will all be connected to the European high-speed network by
2020, and that 1435 mm gauge access will be provided to all the ports along the Mediterranean

[333] Switzerland - Additional information for BLNI1286.305 on the Laupen to Flamatt branch
A learned commentator points out that the section beyond Laupen which closed completely from 16
June 2003, is actually still in use for draisines by Schienenvelo - see two entries in

[334] Switzerland - Swiss Pass Travels 2017
The long awaited opening of the Gotthard base Tunnel to ordinary traffic meant that this year’s “Great
Escape” (from our member’s Ascot home during Royal Week!) could again be to Switzerland. The
itinerary planned justified an 8 day Flexipass. In his report on the Ferrovia Monte Generoso, he
mentioned some of the obstacles to getting there, but, in fact, the extra day in Zurich at the start
meant he could do that day the necessary track that he had initially planned to do from Konstanz at
the end of his holiday – that meant his stay there could be more relaxed. On the first day therefore, he
began by taking a return trip from Zürich to Erstfeld, to do the new alignment of the bottom of the
North Ramp; this now involves a “flying” junction. He then went down to the new Zürich platforms to
do the connection(s) in the Altstetten direction. He started by taking an S19 service and duly did the
single-track viaduct. On his return he went through a tunnel and over a different surface line to the
new platforms. The next day, he took the train to Lugano, which of course did the southbound bore of
the Base tunnel. Upon arrival, he left his wife and daughter in the hotel and went off to do the new
line from Mendrisio to Stabio. This is constructed to a very high standard to the Italian border, passing
a rail/road depot on the way. On the way out, however, he was the only passenger, with only one
other on the return! His steam run was the next day. The Monday was perhaps something of a “damp
squib” – he had tried to work out as he emerged from the Base tunnel the layout of the connections,
but with little success. He thought all he would have to do was a return trip to Biasca but, while he is
sure that some of that line was new, there was nothing like the north end. It was only on the Tuesday,

as he went north, that he realised that there was another very new flat connection, climbing up over
the tunnel mouths, which could only be to the south ramp north of Biasca. Looking at his (last ever)
SBB Timetable, however, he couldn’t see any service that appears to do it. The next trip was to get to
Montreux, complicated by extensive works at Flamatt between Bern and Fribourg. Their train from
Lugano, however was to Basel, so they were able to change at Olten onto a Zurich-Lausanne service
via Biel/Bienne, Neuchâtel and Yverdon.
The main purpose in going to Montreux was to do the line from Le Châtelard to Chamonix, which on
their previous visit in 2002 had not been available on a Swiss Pass. However, despite both SNCF and
SBB websites showing a normal service, it stopped at Salvan and became a bus, to his fury! This also
stymied his intention of going up to the Emosson Dam, although he fears that his terror of heights
might have stopped him anyway from using the connecting funicular, which is said, he thinks, to be the
steepest in Switzerland! His only consolation was a repeat run up to Rochers-de-Naye, previously done
in 2002, descending on that occasion by steam, and a trip along the Rhone Valley to Brig to do the
tunnel at Leuk, built since his last visit. The main complaint, probably justified, was from his wife that
he took her away from Lugano (which is her favourite Swiss town) to Montreux (which isn’t!).
The final “transit” trip was to Kreuzlingen where his wife’s cousin would meet them and drive them
into Konstanz – the parking and pick up there is much easier than in Konstanz itself. Again they picked
a service via Neuchâtel and Biel/Bienne, from Lausanne to St Gallen, via Zürich, where they had a 7
minute connection for the through train to Konstanz. As a through service, the St. Gallen train used the
new underground platforms, which meant they had to be right by the doors on arrival to stand the
best chance of making the connection. He could not therefore see what route they took between
Altstetten and the underground platforms, but he got the impression that they might have done yet
another route compared to his two previous trips (no tunnel that he could recall), perhaps over
another much higher viaduct, that is very visible from the Zürich complex? If someone with better
knowledge than our member can clarify this, he would be very grateful! They did make the
connection, just! His final grice was the line from Konstanz to Kreuzlingen Hafen, done on the Saturday
afternoon. It is also likely to be his “final” bit of Swiss track, because he and his wife are now of the age
when the scrummaging and other aggro of travelling by air, especially in “cattle” class, is getting too
much, even for him!


[335] Australia - Sydney Metro phase two construction to begin in 2018
The New South Wales Government has announced that tunnel boring machines will begin construction
of the second phase of the Sydney Metro by the end of 2018. Work on the first phase of the
project, Sydney Metro Northwest, is well underway. The second stage, known as Sydney Metro City &
Southwest, will extend the line from Chatswood to Sydenham and then west to Bankstown. The route
includes 15 kilometres of new tunnels between Chatswood and Sydenham. The announcement also
confirmed the locations of six new stations on the route: Crows Nest, Victoria Cross, Barangaroo,
Martin Place, Pitt Street and Central. NSW are also looking at extending the proposed route from
Bankstown to Liverpool.

[336] Costa Rica - Tren Turistico Arenal
A 600mm gauge railway, The Tren Turistico Arenal is operated in the grounds of the Hotel “Los
Héroes” in Nueva Arenal, around 20km from the famous Arenal Volcano. The Swiss themed hotel is
owned by a Swiss/Costa Rican family living in Costa Rica, and features a Swiss restaurant that made a
very passable Rösti! The 3.6km railway has a spiral viaduct modelled on the Berninabahn in
Switzerland and a reversing zig zag to gain height plus two tunnels and operates from alongside the
main hotel to a hilltop observatory restaurant. The line uses track and equipment once intended for
use in Switzerland, where a farmer wanted to install it on his land but subsequently sold when he
couldn't get planning permission for his line. The Tren Turistico Arenal line started operation in 2000 as
a shorter 1 km section with former US President Jimmy Carter riding on the first train. Three diesel
locomotives are in use, although whether all are serviceable is unclear and only one is normally used
per day - the "normal" service is one, sometimes two, round trips daily timed to allow lunch at the
hilltop observatory restaurant. The loco fleet comprises a diesel loco built by Raco-Saurer in Zürich in
1938 (RACO Type 1313 with C410D engine produced by Saurer) and two German built former
industrial locos from Diepholz (near Bremen) based DIEMA - these are both model D928/DL 20 with
works numbers 2556/1962 and 2580/1962. A selection of four wheel coaches plus a locally built 14
metre bogie articulated observation coach are in use. The hotel's website is: - but as they didn't answer emails a phone call a day or two in advance may
be advisable. If not staying there it would be a good idea to establish train times/availability - the
reception staff spoke good English.

[337] Japan – New lines planned in Tokyo
The Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism has decided to add eight new railway lines
in the Tokyo metropolitan area to enhance passengers’ accessibility and convenience.
The ministry has been seeking ideas for new rail projects in the Tokyo area to be completed by 2030 to
reinforce the city’s competitiveness, Sankei Shimbun reported. As a result, eight railway lines have
been selected for the projects that will enhance usability for both business and tourism. The proposed
lines include one that will connect Oshiage and Sengakuji stations, shortening the travel time to Narita
and Haneda airports; and a line to connect Tamachi and Oimachi stations with Haneda airport. Other
lines will improve accessibility between Haneda airport and Shinjuku and cities in Saitama Prefecture
by connecting Tokyu Kamata and Keikyu Kamata stations. Elsewhere, the Tsukuba Express will be
extended from Akihabara to Tokyo Station. A new subway will run from central Tokyo to the Tokyo Bay
area. There is also a plan to build a subway station under Shinagawa Station which is also the starting
station for the maglev (magnetically levitated train) shinkansen that will go into operation in 2027.

List of Special Trains on Lines without Passenger Services

Germany 2017

26. 08. DGEG Bochum Hbf - Dortmund-Lütgendortmund Gbf - Dortmunderfeld (- Hagen Hbf -
Ennepetal-Altenvoerde -) Hagen Hbf - Hagen-Eckesey - Hagen-Vorhalle - Hagen-
Hengstey - Hagen-Kabel - Hohensyburg - Schwerte West - Schwerte Ost - Hagen-
Hengstey - Hagen Gbf Bez. Ost - Hagen Hbf - Brügge(W) - Krummenerl - Brügge(W)
(- Lüdenscheid -) Brügge(W) - Hagen Hbf - Hagen Gbf Bez. Ost - HA-Vorhalle -
Wengern Ost - Witten Hbf (- Bochum Hbf)

26/27. 08. + Schwarzbachbahn Shuttles Lohsdorf - Ri. Unterehrenberg

27. 08. IG Unstrutbahn (Schleiz - Erfurt -) Artern - Roßleben and return

29. 08. + ZHL Shuttles Reutlingen West (ZHL) - Betzingen [also 5.IX]

01-03. 09. + OSEF Shuttles Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk [DE/CZ]

02/03. 09. Sauren Special train in the Prignitz

02. 09. Lumdatalbahn (Lollar -) Koblenz-Lützel - DB-Museum and return

02/03. 09. + Kleinbahn Güsen Shuttles Güsen - Zerben

02/03. 09. ??? Running day Erzbahn Schönborn-Dreiwerden

09/10. 09. + MKB Berlin-Schönow - Berlin-Lichterfelde West and Berlin-Lichterfelde West - Berlin-

09/10. 09. Schienentrabi Lommatzsch - Ziegenhain

09. 09. ??? Münster(Westf)Hbf - Sendenhorst

09/10. 09. NbSE Shuttles Gelände ECA Aschersleben

09. 09. DVB TdOT im DVB-Betriebshof Gorbitz (evtl. Shuttles Btf. - Wendeanlage Wölfnitz and
Kreisverkehr im Btf-Gelände)

16/17. 09. + IBSE Special tram train Dresden

16/17. 09. + DB Diversion of fast trains between Würzburg and Treuchtlingen via. Fürth(Bay) -
Abzw. Hohe Marter (Haltausfall Ansbach, Steinach (b Rtb), Gunzenhausen) [also

16/17. 09. Arnstadt Shuttles Bw Arnstadt - Erfurter Kreuz

16/17. 09. + DB Diversion d. EC-Linie 88 via. Lindau-Aeschach - Lindau-Reutin [also 23/24.IX]

16/17. 09. + Kleinbahn Güsen (Güsen - Magdeburg -) Biederitz - Altengrabow and return

23. 09. HE Mannheim Mannheim Industriehafen [also 21.X]

23. 09. DGEG Special train ins "Weserbergland"

23. 09. + ??? TdoT im EVAG-Betriebshof Urbicher Kreuz

23/24. 09. NbSE Shuttles Staßfurt - Leopoldshall (Bw)

23. 09. + BNR (Braunschweig Hbf -) Staßfurt - Staßfurt Bw - Staßfurt - Egeln and return

24. 09. + DVG Shuttles Oranienbaum(Anh) - Ferropolis [also 30.IX, 1.X]

24. 09. + Bayernhafen Shuttles Aschaffenburg Süd - Containerterminal (10.30 - 17.00 hours)

24. 09. EM Vienenburg Oranienbaum(Anh) - Ferropolis

28. 9. DGEG MuBa im Saarland, Lothringen u. Luxemburg [DE/FR/LU]
-3. 10.

30. 09. NbSE (Staßfurt -) Berlin-Wannsee - Berlin-Lichterfelde West - Berlin Goerzallee and

30. 09. TEV Gotha - Emleben, Straußfurt - Sömmerda

30. 09. Osningbahn Gütersloh Nord - Hövelhof [also 8.X]

03. 10. Lalsohammer Running day Parkeisenbahn Lalsohammer

03. 10. Sauren AB Heizwerk Silberhütte, AB Schotterwerk Unterberg, Wendeschleife Stiege

07. 10. + VFSEV Industriebahn Ludwigsburg

14. 10. OSEF Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk (- Pardubice) and return [DE/CZ]

15. 10. FME (Nürnberg Hbf -) Nürnberg Ost - N-Dutzendteich - Nürnberg Rbf - Fürth(Bay)Hbf (-
Nürnberg Hbf)

28. 10. DGEG Special train from Bochum to Dortmund area

04. 11. LDC AB Industriegebiet Cottbus-Ost, Heizkraftwerk, Werkstätten DB AG, KW

04/05. 11. + DB Diversion d. ICE/IC zw. Eberswalde Hbf and Berlin Hbf via. Berlin-Karow - Abzw.
Berlin-Karow West (Haltausfall Berlin-Lichtenberg, Berlin-Gesundbrunnen)

25. 11. DGEG Special train in Bergischen Land

02. 12. IG Nossen Nossen - Freiberg(Sachs) (- Cranzahl) and return

03. 12. EF Aken Aken(Elbe) - Köthen (- Wernigerode) and return PLANNED

03. 12. IG Nossen Nossen - Döbeln (- Leipzig - Saalfeld) and return
09. 12. Press Zwotental - Adorf(V)
10. 12. ET Shuttles Gütersloh Nord - Hövelhof
10. 12. TG Ferkeltaxi Neuhausen(Erzg), Marienberg(Sachs)
16. 12. FKS AB Silberhütte
22. 12. ET Neubeckum - Wadersloh and return
23. 12. ET Ennigerloh - Neubeckum - Münster(Westf)Hbf and return

Europe 2017 (Foggia -) Rocchetta San Antonio-Lacedonia - Lioni and return IT

25-27. 08. FFI Piešťany - Vrbové and return SK
26. 08. SPDŽ
26. 08. + Molise Isernia - Rivisondoli-Pescocostanzo and return IT
02. 09. CFTSA
02. 09. + Erzbergbahn (Amagne-Lucquy -) St-Omer - Arques and return FR

02/03. 09. VSVT (Graz Hbf -) Hieflau - Eisenerz and return AT
02/03. 09. + SMK Kraków
Round trip[ København area [also 9/10, 16/17.IX] DK
03. 09. FFI
03. 09. + Pro Klgb 2.IX:Zagórz - Krościenko Terminal Graniczny - Zagórz R101 - Nowy Zagórz PL
09. 09. KHT (- Zagórz) 3.IX:(Zagórz - Łupków - Medzilaborce - Zagórz) [PL/SK]
09. 09. TurKol
09. 09. KDS Kladno (Milano -) Novara - Varallo Sesia and return [also 5.XI, 10.XII] IT
13-17. 09. Kramer
15-23. 09. Matecik Shuttles Wien-Liesing - Waldmühle AT
16/17. 09. + APM
16. 09. ČD Zvolen - Šahy and return SK
16. 09. + FdBB
17. 09. TurKol (Wolsztyn -) Międzyrzecz - Międzychód) and return PL
17. 09. + FFI
23. 09. Veterá Kladno-Dubí - Skanzen Mayrau [also 28.X, 11.XI, 2.XII] CZ
23. 09. + ČD
23. 09. Keitele-Museo Karakuyu (evtl. Schleife) - Burdur, Gümüsgün - Isparta TR
28. 09. ČD
29. 09. steamrail Spišská Belá SK
30. 09. + TurKol
01-08. 10. Wendelin Cornățel - Hosman (10:00-17:00) RO
01. 10. FTI
01. 10. FFI Shuttles České Budějovice/Budweis - depo CZ
04-08. 10. PTG
06-09. 10. Steam Story Shuttles Mixnitz Lokalbahn - RHI Breitenau AT
14. 10. TurKol
15. 10. Żnińska KP Kołobrzeg - Kołobrzeg Port, Szczecin Dąbie SDA - SDC PL
15. 10. ???
20-22. 10. KŽC Isernia - Roccaraso and return IT

(Košice -) Medzilaborce - Łupków (- Sanok) and return [SK/PL] SK

Round trip from Bohumín on the AWT-Netz CZ

Äänekoski - Jyväskylä (- Tuuri) and return FI

Kojetín - Tovačov and return CZ

(Nurmes -) Lieksa - Pankakoski and return FI

(Poznań Gł. -) Rogoźno - Czarnków and return PL

Potutory - Brzezany UA

(Milano -) Novara - Varallo Sesia and return IT

(Torino -) Ceva - Bagnasco and return IT

Special train in Montenegro ME

Übg Timelkam AT

Kiekrz - Poznań Franowo PL

Żniń Wąsk. - Jezioro Żnińskie Małe PL

Tram Special train in Wien IN PLANNING AT

Knoten Česká Třebová seř nádr., Brno-Maloméřice St. 6 - Brno- CZ
Maloméřice - Brno-Zidenice (- Brno dolní nádr. -) Horni Heršpice - odb.
Státni silnice, Ivančice - Oslavany, Hrušovany n. J. - Hevlín

21. 10. + MhmP Round trip in Praha CZ
28. 10. Veterá (Košice -) Moldava nad Bodvou - Medzev and return SK
28. 10. + ÉSZAKERDŐ (Miskolc -) Papírgyár - Mahóca and return HU
28. 10. AJECTA (Longueville -) Provins - Villiers-St-Georges and return [also 10.XII] FR
11. 11. TurKol Poznan round trip [also 25.XI, 9.XII] PL
02. 12. ČD (Brno -) Ivančice - Oslavany and return CZ
02. 12. PPS Prievidza - Nitrianske Pravno and return SK

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