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4th April 2015




This newsletter covers the World outside the British Isles from information
supplied by members.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Compilers or of the Society.

International Editor (to whom all email and postal contributions should be sent):
Paul Griffin, 7 School Bell Mews, Church Lane, Stoneleigh, COVENTRY, CV8 3ZZ
Email: [email protected]
Deputy International Editor: Derek Woodward, 68 Church Street, Matlock, DERBY, DE4 3BY


A diesel hauls a southbound train
through the outskirts of Colombo
on 25 January 2015. It is
probably train 8086 'Rajarata
Rejini' from Colombo Fort
(10:30) to Matara (13:50). It
starts out as Train 4086 from
Vavuniya (03:20) to Colombo
Fort (10:10), and has 2nd and
3rd class accommodation. The
locomotive is General Motors
Diesel (Canada) A1A-A1A EMD
G12 SLR Class M2b 594 'Prince
Edward Island', built in 1958.


[125] Bulgaria/Greece - The railtour of three alphabets (part 5)
16 September. Departure by steam hauled train from Burgas today. Burgas’ handsome station, with an
impressive clock tower, is one of the few major stations in Bulgaria not to have been rebuilt in concrete in
the communist era. It has a distinctly Art-Nouveau ambience; given that the port of Burgas was created in
1903, the station would appear to be the original from that era. Most of the station’s platforms were,
indeed, currently trackless, with work in progress. Loco 01.23 and three coaches were towed into the
station by a diesel loco. Whilst in the station yard ex-BR electric locomotives of class 87 and 92 were
noted. The latter still bearing its EWS insignia and grey livery: loco 92.025 OSCAR WILDE. One wonders
what the Bulgarians make of the name. The tour’s trusty Swiss built steed 01.23 , duly set off and achieved
‘link-up’ with the outward route at Karnobat, a source of considerable satisfaction to our member as he
had now completed a railway (and ferry) route, with steam traction, from Thurso to the Black Sea (and
likewise, steam traction from Blennerville via Fishguard to the Black Sea at Burgas). From Karnobat the
tour continued west via Zimnitza and Yambol (also sometimes spelt Jambol) to Nova Zagora. This was as
far as the tour could go with steam traction, and here, too, the train shrank. Locomotive 01.23 was
exchanged for BDŽ ‘Ludmilla’ Co-Co DE No. 07.124, built in the U.S.S.R.
The tour also lost Queen Giovanna’s day coach, as it was not authorised for use outside Bulgaria – and
tomorrow would see the tour in Greece. Thus they set off down the freight-only line to Simeonovgrad via
Radnevo and Lyubenovo-Predavatelna. En-route they encountered exchange sidings with a considerable
standard gauge electrified industrial railway network serving Lignite (brown coal) workings, which in turn
served a power station. The line from Nova Zagora to Simeonovgrad is not electrified; it was, though,
noted as carrying more freight traffic than seen elsewhere in Bulgaria on this visit. On the electrified
browncoal system no industrial locomotives were seen, but impressively long lines of bogie wagons
(possibly internal-user) were noted under the wires in the sidings. (More information on this very large
industrial system would be of interest. What line voltage and electrification system is used, for instance?).
A couple of towns along this line looked to be distinctly large places to have lost their passenger services.
From Simeonovgrad, the train comprising diesel loco, catering coach and the Shah of Persia’s coach
continued to the Bulgarian border station of Svilengrad (the stop for the night) passing through Harmanli, a
town with a Turkish name, a leftover from the era of the Ottoman Empire in these parts. Getting off the
train at Svilengrad proved an interesting challenge (the ‘softies’ had got off the train at Simeonovgrad to
be bussed to the hotel in Haskovo. At Svilengrad, all passenger train calls are presently replaced by buses,
as this is yet another strategic station being rebuilt. Alighting from the train in the darkness, onto the
ballast, about four tracks away from the station building, the participants had first to scramble over the
wall that will be the edge of a new platform, then to climb, via steps on the ends of wagons, over three
long lines of wagons. No sooner had the remaining members of the group reached the station building and
platform, safely, than the middle line of wagons started moving and departed in the direction of Sofia.
Phew! Three taxis had been arranged to take them to the hotel in Haskovo where dinner awaited their
pleasure at about 22:00. The hotel in Haskovo had originally been chosen as it had originally been intended
to include the Podkova branch in the tour, but this had been deleted because the junction station of
Dimitrovgrad was being rebuilt, affecting access to that branch on which Haskovo is located.

[126] Czech Republic - Final stage of Praha – Plzeň upgrading commences
Boring of the Czech Republic's longest rail tunnel was ceremonially launched on 3 February. The two
single-track bores under the Chlum and Homolka hills near Kyšice will be 4,150 m long and are the main
feature of the modernisation of the Rokycany – Plzeň section of SŽDC's Corridor 3. Completion is due in
mid-2017. Once upgrading of the route for 160 km/h is completed, the journey time between Praha and
Plzeň will be reduced to under an hour.

[127] Czech Republic - Olomouc to Sumperk to be electrified
The Czech Ministry of Transport has now approved the electrification and modernization of the 60km line
from Olomouc through Uničov to Šumperk. Speeds of up to 160km/h are planned, justified by heavy
suburban traffic. The line is one of the three busiest in the country with 4000 passengers daily. Expected
completion is in 2018.

[128] France – Closure proposals south of Clermont Ferrand
On the morning of 16 March Union officials were handing out leaflets to passengers in Clermont Ferrand
concerning future cuts and inviting people to a public meeting. The leaflet suggests that services from
Clermont to Le Mont Dore, Le Puy en Velay and Aurillac are all threatened with replacement by buses. In
addition the potential closure of Thiers to Saint Etienne is also mentioned. Part of this line has previously
appeared on lists of threatened closures. The Le Mont Dore branch is currently bus-substituted until May,
and it is believed the line will almost certainly close at the end of this year. Closure of Clermont Ferrand to
Aurillac fits in with the likely closure of the Ligne des Causses at the end of this year, leaving a huge area
without rail services. Basically Clermont Ferrand would become a dead end served only from the north.
A recent traveller in this area has supplied this report on a journey from Clermont Ferrand to Le Puy en
Velay. The line to Brioude is double track, and north of Issoire is recently relaid continuous welded rail
with concrete sleepers clearly designed for heavy freight. South of Brioude the line is not so new but still
double track. North of Brioude there is a frequent ( by French standards) TER service to Clermont Ferrand.
The junction at St Georges d'Aurac is very antiquated with mechanical somersault semaphores and short
jointed track on elderly wooden sleepers. Renewal work here will be relatively expensive. The line onward
to Le Puy was in reasonable condition but there were plenty of expensive to maintain sections in hills, high
embankments etc. The freight branch from Darsac to Sembadel was overgrown so presumably no freight
traffic. And perhaps the most important point was that the train, a single car X73500 DMU, had about 20
passengers on board between St Georges and Le Puy.

[129] Germany - Some notes from the latest editions of “der Schienenbus” and “Bahnreport”
Threatened lines. Pritzwalk to Putlitz, service only guaranteed until December 2015. Neustadt (Dosse) to
Pritzwalk and Pritzwalk to Meyenburg, services only guaranteed until December 2016. Other threatened
lines in this area include Lowenberg – Rheinsberg, Frankfurt (Oder) – Wriezen and Eberswalde –
Joachimsthal. In Rheinland-Pfalz, Gerolstein to Kaisersech has no current service and costly repairs are
needed to a viaduct. Also Bitburg Erdorf to Bitburg Stadt. This branch was until recently owned by the
town of Bitburg which allowed some excursions to run. The line has now been sold to electricity company
Amprion, which could spell the end for any special trains.
Reopenings. Heilbronn – Neckarsulm – Mosbach and Sinsheim. This AVG operated tram network
operating on a mixture of inner city tram tracks and heavy rail has still not opened in full. Heilbronn –
Neckarsulm has been open for some time and “overlap” onto DB heavy rail tracks at Neckarsulm has been
available since December 2014, but trams to Sinsheim are yet to run due to works on a viaduct at Bad
Wrist to Kellinghusen ( see BLNI 1163.268). Wrist is on the main line from Hamburg to Neumünster. If all
had gone to plan the 3km of line to Kellinghusen should have re-opened in December 2014. However
doubts about security of funding have meant that little work has been done, except for the creation of a
250metre long siding which will form a running line if and when the branch reopens.
Salzwedel to Klötze. Following clearance of vegetation and some repairs, three return journeys were
operated on 7 December in connection with a local event at Klötze. However, due to a lack of permission,
these were not able to operate loaded to and from Salzwedel Hbf – just as far as Salzwedel Altstadt.
Gotha to Gräfenroda. A local society (I G Ohratalbahn) has been formed to reopen the line. Several trains
operated by I G Hirzbergbahn e V ran between Gotha and Emleben in connection with a model railway
exhibition on 1 and 2 November.

Neheim-Hüsten to Arnsberg Süd/Sundern – despite a positive report on the merits of reopening, nothing
much has happened since – in fact some local politicians believe the community may be better served by
converting these lines to cycle tracks.
Dieringhausen – Wiehl – Waldbröl. Until recently it was work on the viaduct at Denklingen which was
preventing a full reopening to Waldbröl. This work is now complete, however there is now another
problem. The owner of an industrial building next to the track has extended it in breach of local building
regulations so there is now insufficient clearance. The local state rail office have imposed a temporary
closure order, presumably until the issue is resolved.
Other news: Lindau – Discussions have been going on for some time between DB and local authorities
about a “two station” solution. This would involve the construction of a new station at Lindau Reutin for
long distance trains, thereby avoiding reversal at Lindau, and increasing use of the avoiding line Lindau
Aeschach – Lindau Reutin. It would also mean a modernisation/downgrading of the current Lindau Hbf. DB
has warned that if funding is not resolved by 2018 then it may proceed with the
modernisation/downgrading of Lindau Hbf and long distance trains will simply cease to call at Lindau at all.
Partial reopening - Nossen to Riesa. In July 2014, special passenger trains ran from Nossen to Starbach.
On 23 and 24 May 2015 after clearance work it is hoped to run from Nossen to Ziegenhain in connection
with a railway festival at Nossen centred on the locoshed. These trains are listed in the IBSE Telegramm as
planned. IG Dampflok Nossen e.V. are the organisers.
Rendsburg –The bridge over the Kiel Canal (the Rendsburger Hochbrücke) had had just a single track over
it since 1992. Since 14 December 2014, there is once again double track. Passenger trains are allowed to
pass on the bridge, but freight trains are not.
Possible reopening Lollar – Londorf – there is regular freight traffic from Lollar (on the Giessen – Marburg
line) as far as Mainzlar Didierwerk. A local group, Lumdatalbahn e.V. wishes to reopen the whole line to
Londorf to passengers. Their website is They have so far carried out some
vegetation clearance work on the disused section and done platform repairs. Special trains appear to have
run annually in the past on the active part of the line, the last occasion being September 2014.
Possible reopening Seifhennersdorf – Eibau. Deutsche Regionaleisenbahn (DRE), a company with a history
of promising much and delivering rather less, and the town of Varnsdorf are in favour of a reopening of
this line, although DRE has recently advertised the line as up for closure or takeover by third parties. The
Czech local authority Ustecky Kraj is said to be in favour of opening a brand new link from Rumburk to
Seifhennersdorf (6km) to improve communications between Rumburk and Zittau/Liberec. The March IBSE
Telegramm reports that the service from the new halt at the brewery in Varnsdorf (Varnsdorf Pivovar-
Kocour) to Seifhennersdorf is currently suspended for legal reasons and replaced by buses.

[130] Italy – Cintura Nord may be completed
A Memorandum of Understanding was signed by the Roma Capitale and Italian Railways infrastructure
provider RFI on 1 December 2014 which should lead to the completion of the Cintura Nord (also called the
Cintura di Ferro ), which is the long delayed Roma northern freight avoiding line. This 12.8km link in the
north of the city has been on the cards for about 100 years, with some works carried out for the 1960
Olympics but the 1913 built tunnels then got used for vehicular traffic. The western section of the Cintura
between Bivio San Pietro Nord and Vigna Clara was actually largely completed at a cost of billions of Lira
for use in the 1990 World Cup, but was only used by eight trains from Roma Ostiense and afterwards the
line languished for some time and was eventually decommissioned, with the stations and tunnels "taken
over" by the homeless and by criminal activities. Now it is planned for the missing section from Vigna Clara
to Nuovo Salario to start construction in 2015 with completion in 2017. Bearing in mind this includes a new
bridge over the Tiber, and allowing for the inevitable cost and project over-runs this seems hopelessly
optimistic for Italy. Triangular junctions by long chords ( shunt merci) are planned at each end of the
Cintura and other major works are in the pipeline though not apparently approved as yet. These include a
new curve avoiding Maccarese onto the Civitavecchia to Ponte Galeria line, a new curve off this line

avoiding Ponte Galeria thereby allowing trains from Civitavecchia to reach Fiumicino Airport ( this curve is
shown in the supporting presentation for the Cintura scheme) and construction of the Cintura Sud from
Ponte Galeria to San Palomba ( on the old main line from Roma to Napoli). New stations ( shown as black
dots on the supporting map) are also planned.

[131] Poland - Łódź Fabryczna to reopen in 2015 – or not?
The former terminus station of Łódź Fabryczna closed in 2011 and was completely demolished with the
intention of building a new underground station. There have been delays and financial problems, and
although the completion date is nominally 30 September there are doubts as to whether that can be
achieved. One problem is that rails for the tunnel section cannot be delivered until the Łodź Widzew -
Łódź Niciarniana section is completed. That was supposed to open in September 2014, but didn’t.

[132] Spain – Alicante to Albacete
During a trip on the Iberian gauge line the following was observed:
1. A few kms north of Alicante at Monteforte del Cid the (bewilderingly!) extensive works to connect and
extend AVE operations onto Murcia and beyond are extant in that viaducts with overhead structures are in
place but trackbeds devoid of tracks also. It is really very difficult in passing to work out what every bit is
for, but services to Murcia are claimed to start in 2015.
2. Much closer to Albacete in the vicinity of Chinchilla the classic Iberian gauge route from Murcia connects
facing northwards around a long horseshoe shaped curve. This looks "new" and possibly represents a
deviation from the original. There is no corresponding south facing curve here now. Although not visible
this line must flyover the AVE standard gauge line to the west (another realignment) just as the line does
so on a flyover in passing over to the west of the layout at Albecete itself. So it appears there are at least
three deviations on the Iberian gauge network around this area caused by construction of the standard
gauge AVE line.


[133] Australia - Travelling Queensland’s threatened railways (part 4)
Brisbane suburban system. This fully electrified system of nine lines fanning out from Brisbane seems to
work very efficiently and on time. The QR pass does not cover this, so local tickets need to be bought.
There are single only ‘paper’ tickets but the best buy is a ‘GO card’ smartcard, rather like an Oyster card,
which you preload with money then touch in/out on terminals at stations to calculate the fares. This gives
a 30% discount, plus another 20% off-peak (08:30-15:30, and after 19:00). It covers buses, ferries and Gold
Coast tram as well. Fares are cheap, except to the airport (A$17, no discounts). All lines were covered in
the time available. Services are generally half-hourly, and more frequent in rush hours. At Petrie massive
earthworks mark the site of the junction for the new Moreton Bay link line, but this won’t be opening for
some time yet. It is rare for politicians to have any beneficial effect on one, but on his return from
Longreach there was a G20 summit that weekend and security everywhere, leading to the closure of the
railway through South Brisbane station with trains to Cleveland and Gold Coast being diverted via the
Ipswich line and the freight only Tennyson loop, which our member duly took advantage of.
Lastly, 2015 marks 150 years of rail in Queensland. To mark this there is a steam tour running Brisbane to
Cairns and return over the period 15 January to 25 February. This is done in small daily stages obviously to
appeal to locals to sample a vintage steam train with long layover periods in between on the way north,
but the return south is over just six days 20-25 February and might appeal to any British steam fans. You
need to phone up or consult the website. It is claimed there will be further tours ‘all over Queensland’
during the year. (And indeed there are – details now on the website below. Ed.).

[134] Canada – Gaspé line is sold
The Québec provincial government has purchased the Matapédia - Gaspé line - but only to reopen, for
freight, as far as Caplan, and NOT to reopen the intermediate section Caplan - Percé which is regarded as
too expensive to rehabilitate. Minimal maintenance, including weeding, will be carried out on the section
between Caplan and L'Anse-à-Beaufils. The isolated 40 mile section Percé - Gaspé would remain open
solely for the seasonal tourist train, L'Amiral. A return of the VIA passenger service - at least as far as New
Carlisle - seems unlikely as demand is not considered sufficient. Relevant mileages from Matapédia:
Caplan 78.6, New Carlisle 98.1, Percé 163.2 and Gaspé 202.3

[135] Sri Lanka – the LCGB Trip to Sri Lanka ( Part 2)
Another early start the next day from Anuradhapura. The train complete with loco No.213 was waiting
when they arrived at the station. No.340 was outside the loco shed ready to follow with the diesel. Today

the coach was being used to follow the train for photography, a practice on many days. At Maho Junction
locos were changed and No.340 took over taking them to Habarana.
Going north a few days before our member had talked to a signalman about a lady schoolteacher he had
met there 13 years ago. He had contacted her son and she had travelled by buses hundreds of miles
overnight to see them. Their hotel that night was the Cinnamon Lodge, an excellent hotel. For the next
two nights they visited the sea-side and stayed in excellent beach hotels. The loco used was No.340.
Unfortunately the train ran very late to both Trincomalee and to Batticaloa, our member arriving at the
former on the footplate. These towns could not be visited on either of their previous visits to Sri Lanka as
both were considered too dangerous to visit. It was thought that this was the first visit of the Viceroy
Limited to Batticaloa. No problems were encountered but they saw many soldiers with machine guns at
various places. After these two nights they returned to Habarana for the last night away from Colombo.

The Viceroy Special behind 340 waiting at Kalawewa on its journey from Habarana to Maho Junction on 23 January 2015.

All travelled on the Viceroy Limited until Polonnaruwa apart from photographers using the bus. Here there
were two choices, the first being to have lunch, view the town, a Heritage Centre, and then get the
Viceroy back to Habarana and the second to go straight to the Cinnamon Lodge by road coach to relax by
the swimming pool or walk in the grounds. However two group members spotted a service train at 13:00
to Habarana. This ran one hour late (as they expected by now). However, it was a mixed train stopping at
every station and goods were loaded or off-loaded at most stations. Living in the past but delightful. There
was only 3rd class the prices being 25p for the two hour journey but the ticket office charged them 35p!
What a rip-off! To recoup the money they walked the two miles to the hotel shunning the motorised
For the last day on the Viceroy they returned to Colombo. Rumour had it that the booked second steam
locomotive No.213 had failed again but like a lot of information they received, it proved incorrect. It was
waiting to take over from No.340 at Maho and gradually the train became later and later particulary after

being stopped for nearly two hours at one spot for other trains to pass. Obviously steam trains need to fill
up with water on route and this was usually by road tanker but on occasions they had had fire engines and
even tractors towing tanks. As always no-one was too bothered by their lateness. Surprisingly, after they
joined the main line from Kandy they were allowed to proceed in front of a passenger train and could see
it being held up behind them. It was allowed to overtake after a while. They arrived in the outskirts of
Colombo at 20:00 instead of 17:00, and stopped apparently because the steam locomotive was short of
steam due to packing gland leakage. The road coach was hastily summoned to take them to their hotel.
The group stayed another day in Colombo before flying home giving an opportunity to visit Ratmalana
Works and Dematagoda Locomotive Shed. There was lots to see. Just to name a few highlights, two Robey
steam lorries in the training school (plus a lady who was there 12 years ago), one in steam and one being
restored for a museum; a model loco built by apprentices that was steamed specially (unfortunately they
had to go just before it moved); two Garratts, one being cosmetically restored and one dumped for many
years; many dumped locomotives including seven narrow gauge tanks and the out of use Sentinel steam
railcar that our member travelled on in 2002. The group were meant to travel into Colombo Docks in an
old diesel but this was stopped by the new government as a security risk. Instead they just had a ride to
Maradana station. Here our member watched a platform packed with passengers waiting for a train,
wondering why some people were waiting off the platform between the running lines. When the train
arrived he realised why. They could get on the train from the other side first and get seats. Those on the
platform had to wait for those getting off. The next day the main party flew back to London, some others
were staying on in Sri Lanka for a few days while four people, including our member, continued to India.
But that is another story ( and one which will duly appear in BLNI. Ed.).

BLNI 1229.A10 reported the possible return of the Galveston trolley. A member has sent this picture taken 30 October 1989 when he
and his wife visited Galveston as part of a coach touring holiday and travelled on the trolley. Apparently the varnish still smelt like
new. The line opened on 23 June 1988 from the Seawall to the Strand and was extended in 1995 and 2005. The trolley is actually a
modern diesel-electric streetcar and not a trolley at all as it does not “troll” for power from overhead wires.


This is provided as a service to members and details must be checked with the organisers.

France - Draisine (velorail), freight and heritage lines in NW France
Well known German enthusiasts Gisbert Siede and Frank Rattel are running a 5 day tour in north west
France from 13 to 17 May. Extensive use is made of a supporting coach.
Wednesday 13 May. Vélorail d´Austreberthe from Pont des Vieux to Saint Paër (3 km) Velorail d`Etretat
from Les Loges – Etretat (5km) with diesel-railcar. Hotel in Caen.
Thursday 14 May. Vélorail Pont de Coudray from Pont de Coudray to Grimbosq (7km). “Train touristique
du Contentin”, diesel hauled special from Carteret to Portbail (9 km).
Then vélorail Vallee de la Vire from St.Conde-sur-Vire to Gourfaleur (5.5 km). Hotel in Caen.
Friday 15 May. Vélorail du Pont Érambourg from Pont-Érambourg- to the Tunnel des Gouttes near Pont-
d'Ouilly (6.5km). Then Velorail du St. Loup-Du-Gast from St.Loup-Du-Gast to the railway bridge over the
Mayenne (Viaduc de la Roserie) ( 3km). Vélorail des Andaines from Couterne to Méhoudin (4km) and
finally Vélorail Bagnoles de l'Orne -Ferté Macé (6km). Hotel in Caen.
Saturday 16 May. Awaiting final confirmation. Special train of the Pacific Vapeur Club Rouen, hauled by
diesel 63832 from SNCF-station Bréauté-Beuzeville to Le Havre docks, then to Rouen via SNCF-freight-line
Motteville - Montérolier-Buchy. Perhaps via Sotteville Freight-yard to Pont-de-l’Arche and then on the
freight line to Étrépagny. Hotel in Caen
Sunday 17 May. Tourist railway “Chemin de Fer de la Vallée de L’Eure”. Locomotive-hauled special train
on the complete line Pacy - Cocherel and then further on to Chambray. Return to Caen for connections to
Paris. Cost: Railtour on cost sharing basis, but €550 deposit required. The more that book, the less you
pay. Group hotel booking available. For booking form and full program details ( in English) e:mail
[email protected] or write to Gisbert Siede, Hochstattweg 3, D-86807 Buchloe, Germany ASAP.

Germany – Further dates for Ebersbach(Sachs) – Rumburk shuttles
The shuttles from Löbau(Sachs) to Ebersbach(Sachs) and Rumburk [DE/CZ] mentioned in the last BLNI also
run on 9,10,25 May and 19,20 September.

Germany – Potsdam tram tour
IBSE are running a comprehensive tram tour of Potsdam on 10 May, cost €40 ( €36 for members).
To book or enquire, contact IBSE e. V. , Mr. Sebastian Krollmann , Vogelherdhöhle C 1 , D-06110 Halle
(Saale), Germany or e:mail : [email protected]

Tunisia - Metre gauge railtour 16 - 24 May 2015
Advertised in the last BLNI, this tour has been cancelled due to the political situation in Tunisia.


Note: Entries marked with a "+" were updated within the last four weeks.

Germany 2015

05. 04. EF Helmstedt Weferlingen - Helmstedt - Gz-Umfahrung Hannover (- Lügde(Westf) -) Helmstedt - Weferlingen
05. 04.
17. 04. IG Nossen Nossen - Oberstößwitz and return.
18/19. 04.
+ ODF Piesberg - Osnabrück Altstadt - Hasbergen - Georgsmarienhütte and return.
21. 04.
25/26. 04. + DB Diversion of S 5/RE 16/RB 40 between Witten Hbf and. Hagen Hbf via Wengern Ost ( 18.IV 20:00 - 19.IV
25. 04. 23:00)
25. 04.
25/26. 04. + LDC (Cottbus -) Bautzen - Übergabebf Bombardier + Straßenbahnfahrt auf Testring

+ DB Services between Herford and Brake use the goods lines ( line 2990)

BNR Salzgitter-Bad - Werlaburgdorf

+ ??? Open day Feldbahn Domsdorf [also 5.VII, 13.IX]

Brückenbergbahn Schienentrabishuttles from BÜ Reinsdorfer Straße - n. Zwickau B3 u. Pöhlau [also 20/21.VI, 29/30.VIII]

27. 04. + DGEG 2x Lengerich-Hohne Pbf - Tecklenburg - Lienen - Lengerich-Hohne Pbf
28. 04. + DGEG (Bielefeld Hbf -) Paderborn Nord - Benteler Talle (?) - Paderborn Nord - Hövelhof - Gütersloh Nord - Bad Laer -
Harsewinkel West (?) - Gütersloh (- Bielefeld Hbf)
29. 04. + DGEG (Bielefeld Hbf -) Wunstorf - Bokeloh - Wunstorf - Nienburg(Weser) - Liebenau(Han) - Nienburg(Weser) (-
Bielefeld Hbf)
01. 05. + DGEG (Bielefeld Hbf - Kleinenbremen -) Minden(Westf) - Minden Oberstadt - Minden(Westf) (- Bielefeld Hbf)
02/03. 05. NbSE Shuttles Staßfurt - Westeregeln
03. 05. NVS (Gera Hbf -) Erfurt Gbf - Abzw. Dieselstr. (- Nordhausen) and return.
09. 05. ASM Helmstedt - Weferlingen - Anst Quarzwerke - Süplingen Abzw - Anst Dönstedt Steinwerke (Forsthaus Eiche) -
Süplingen Abzw - Weferlingen - Helmstedt
09. 05. + ET Lienen - Lengerich(Westf) (- Osnabrück Hbf - Bielefeld Hbf -) Gütersloh Hbf - Gütersloh Nord - Bad Laer -
Gütersloh Nord
09/10. 05. MEBF Shuttles Hafenbahn Magdeburg
10. 05. AVL Soltau(Han) - Hermannsburg and return.
10. 05. + IBSE Tram excursion in Potsdam (ViP) departing Hauptbahnhof ca. 8:40
16. 05. MBK Berlin-Schöneweide - Berlin-Lichtenberg - Rüdersdorf MEG - Fredersdorf - Müncheberg Übg - Buckow(Mark) -
16/17. 05. Bahnpark Bahnpark Augsburg - Augsburg Hbf (- Utting) and return. [also 19,26.VII, 2,9,16.VIII]
22. 05. + ODF Piesberg - Osnabrück Hbf - Salzbergen - Raffinerie Salzbergen and return.
23/24. 05. IG Nossen Shuttles Nossen - Ziegenhain(Sa) Planned
24. 05. ??? Open day Ziegeleibahn Herzfelde
25. 05. ET Osnabrück - Recke and return.
25. 05. AVL Shuttles Walsrode - Bomlitz [also 15.VIII, 13.IX]
30. 05. TEV (Weimar -) Erfurt Gbf - Erfurt Nord - Straußfurt - Sömmerda (- Großheringen - Weimar)
30/31. 05. EF Aken Shuttles Köthen - Aken(Elbe)
13/14. 06. FV BAE (Lutherstadt Wittenberg -) Pratau - Eilenburg
20. 06. Press (Chemnitz Hbf -) Cranzahl - Vejprty (- Lužná u Rakovníka) and return. [DE/CZ]
21. 06. + ET (Lengerich(Westf) -) Osnabrück Hbf Po - Stahlwerkskurve - Osnabrück Hbf Pu (- Salzbergen) and return.
27. 06. BmD (Berlin -) Neustrelitz - Feldberg(Meckl) and return.
27. 06. TG Ferkeltaxi (Chemnitz -) KW Schwarze Pumpe and return.
14. 07. + OSEF Werkbahnnetz Vattenfall [also 12.X]
25. 07. EMBB (Leipzig-Plagwitz -) Böhlen(b Lpg) - KW Lippendorf and return.
01. 08. + ET (Lengerich - Bielefeld Hbf -) Gütersloh Hbf - Gütersloh Nord - Bad Laer - Gütersloh Nord - Gütersloh Hbf (-
Bielefeld Hbf)
16. 08. TG Ferkeltaxi Shuttles Neuhausen(Erzg) - Olbernhau
05/06. 09. DB Shuttles Pockau-Lengefeld - Marienberg(Sachs)
12/13. 09. Krollmann Tram special trains: 12.IX:Leipzig (LVB), 13.IX:Gera (GVB)
26. 09. VFSEV [oder 27.IX] Hafenbahn Heilbronn Planned
27. 09. + ODF Piesberg - Osnabrück Hbf - Uffeln and return.
16. 10. + ET (Lengerich(Westf) -) Hasbergen - Georgsmarienhütte and return.
05/06. 12. FV BAE (Lutherstadt Wittenberg -) Pratau - Eilenburg (- Leipzig Hbf)
05. 12. IG Nossen (Nossen - Klingenthal -) Zwotental - Adorf(Vogtl) (- Nossen) Planned

Europe 2015 + MLV Shuttles Zwettl - Waldhausen AT
+ Landesbahn AT
04. 04. Mistelbach Lb - Dobermannsdorf and return. SI
06. 04. PTG Lupoglav - Učka, Divača avoiding line UA
17-21. 04. Wendelin u.a. Підзамче/Pidzamče - Личаків/Lyčakiv AT
18-25. 04. Landesbahn PL
19. 04. TurKol (St.Pölten Hbf -) St. Aegyd and return. CZ
19. 04. (Poznań Gł. -) Inowrocław – Kruszwica and return.
ŽelPage PL
25/26. 04. Brno dolní n. - Brno-Horní Heršpice - Ivančice - Oslavany - Ivančice - Rakšice - JE Dukovany -
Rakšice - Hrušovany n. J. - Hevlín - Hrušovany n. J. (- Znojmo - Šatov - Znojmo -) M. Budějovice PL
25. 04. Czerski - Jemnice - M. Budějovice (- Telč) PL
(Wrocław Gł. -) podg. Piekary Wielkie - Miłkowice Tow. - Węgliniec - Bielawa Dolna - AT
01. 05. TurKol Węgliniec - Zebrzydowa - Osiecznica Kliczków - Zebrzydowa - Jawor - Borów - Jawor - RU
03. 05. TurKol Strzegom - Grabina Śl. - Strzegom - Wrocław Zach. - Wrocław Gądów-Mochbern - Wrocław Gł. FR
(Żagań -) Żary - Lubsko and return. PL
09. 05. FdBB (Wolsztyn-) Międzychód - Wierzbno - Skwierzyna (- Gorzów Wlkp.) and return.
12-18. 05. DNV
14-17. 05. Siede Shuttles Mixnitz Lb - Breitenau Hst [also 25.V, 13.VI, 11.VII, 19.IX]
23. 05. TurKol Elbląg - Frombork - Braniewo - Kaliningrad [PL/RU] [also 14-20.VI, 2-8.VII]

Museum railways in North West France

(Wolsztyn-) Toporów - Sieniawa Lub.and return.

23. 05. ČD (Lužná u Rakovníka -) Protivec - Bochov and return. CZ
30. 05. TurKol (Poznań Gł. -) Kołobrzeg - Kołobrzeg Port and return. [also 21.VI] PL
01-03. 06. Steam Story Special trains in Slovakia SK
06-14. 06. PTG SE
06. 06. + KŽC Special trains in Sweden with over 20 freight lines CZ
07. 06. TurKol Shuttles Lovosice - Čízkovická cementárna u. Lovosice - Lovochemie PL
08-26. 06. + SMoK (Poznań Gł. -) Wągrowiec - Rogoźno Wlkp. and return. SE
13. 06. + MLV u.a. Bräcke - Vännäs, Bastuträsk - Skellefteå, Älvsbyn - Piteå AT
13. 06. TurKol Special train from Zwettl [also 15.VIII, 26.IX, 5/6.XII] PL
19. 06. TurKol Legnica - Rudna Gwizdanów - Głogów - Żagań (- Żary) -) Bieniów- Lubsko and return. PL
25-28. 06. TWKP Goods lines around Poznań PL
02-06. 07. PTG Special train on Białośliwie narrow gauge HU
04-12. 07. KŽC Special trains in Hungary SK
18. 07. TurKol Special trains in Slovakia and Hungary [SK/HU] PL
26. 07. + Störk (Poznań Gł. - Malbork -) Elbląg - Frombork and return. HU
26. 07. + TurKol (Miskolc 7:30 -) Papírgyár - Mahoca - Papírgyár 11:38 (- Miskolc ca. 12:00) PL
08. 08. TurKol (Poznań Gł. -) Wągrowiec - Rogoźno Wlkp. - Czarnków and return. PL
15/16. 08. kolmix (Poznań Gł. -) Międzyrzecz - Międzychód Letnisko and return. CZ
30. 08. TurKol Kojetín - Tovačov [also 17/18.X] PL
19/20. 09. Mercia (Wrocław Gł. - Legnica -) Kamieniec Ząbk. - Nysa (- Brzeg - Wrocław Gł.) CS
19-27. 09. DGEG Kosovo railtour VA
24. 09.-03. 10. + PTG Includes visit to Vatican city railway RO
25. 09.-05. 10. SFS Narrow gauge railways in Romania GR
26/27. 09. + ??? Sonderfahrt in Griechenland RO
03. 10. TurKol Shuttles Cornătel - Hosman PL
03-10. 10. PTG (Wrocław -) Legnica - Złotoryja and return. GR
09-11. 10. KŽC Special trains in Greece SK
12-20. 10. PTG Special train around Bratislava GR
15-29. 10. SERVRAIL Special train on Peloponnese peninsula of Greece GR
17. 10. TurKol Special trains in Greece PL
29. 11. Landesbahn (Toruń Gł. -) Sierpc - Brodnica (- Grudziądz - Toruń Gł.) AT
Wien Praterstern - Mistelbach Lb - Bullendorf and return.

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