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18th November 2017

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18th November 2017




This newsletter covers the World outside the British Isles from information
supplied by members.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Compilers or of the Society.

International Editor (to whom all email and postal contributions should be sent):
Paul Griffin, 7 School Bell Mews, Church Lane, Stoneleigh, COVENTRY, CV8 3ZZ
Email: [email protected]
Deputy International Editor: Derek Woodward, 68 Church Street, Matlock, DERBY, DE4 3BY


BLNI 1285.272 covered a journey over the Chartres to Voves line which reopened 12 December 2016. Another
member visited the 25km line in late October and was the only passenger on the 12:15 from Chartres. The picture is
taken from the footbridge at Voves station with the train from Chartres in platform 4 on the left. Note the excellent
condition of the ballast and sleepers compared with the tracks on the Paris - Châteaudun – Tours line on the right,
where a single railcar awaits departure to Châteaudun from platform 1. This departed with three passengers on
board. Despite our member wishing to go to Orléans, there was no bus in that direction, so the only route available
was back to Chartres, into Paris Montparnasse, metro to Paris Austerlitz and train to Orléans. The train back to
Chartres was better patronized than the outward journey, there being double the number of passengers. It is to be
hoped that numbers improve when the Voves to Orléans line reopens.


[437] Croatia/Slovenia – Observations from a recent visit
Cross border: Đurmanec: Sveti Rok ob Sotli: Rogatec:-
Running as timetabled, it appears it is only possible to buy a ticket to Đurmanec from the HZ side,
while the SZ gripper only springs into action after Sveti Rok ob Sotli and will only sell a ticket from
there, so the intervening 7 km is free! Our member muses that there is a station at Hromec inside
Croatia only served by SZ trains - so how do you buy a ticket to there?
Osijek Tramways:- It has been noted before that the "right hand turn single track curve" shortly after
leaving the main Osijek station stop is used by up to 6 trams in the evenings to return to depot. These
can be travelled on freely and are easy to identify as the destination display says "Zelono Polje" and
the times of the trams are annotated ZP, which are 17:40, 19:12, 20:50, 21:20, 00:05, 00:35, but only
17:49, 21:19, 00:04 and 00:34 Sat/Sun/Hols.
Realignments Dugo Selo - Križevci and new "Cut-Off" from Vrbovec- Sveti Ivan Žabno:- according to the
usual "the EU paid for this signs" this appears ongoing until February 2020 but some quite substantial
realignments on the main line are well in hand although little work on track or overheads has
happened. Our member suggests that some of the realignments may come into use in a year or so.
What appears to be much more close to actual traffic is the single track unelectrified "cut-off" running
broadly North East which removes the requirement to reverse at Križevci from a journey between
Zagreb and Bjelovar. At Sveti Ivan Žabno a substantial station also appears under construction and a
three track layout fully extant. Track here on the new line is fully laid and signals await commissioning
while at the other end a bit more ballasting work appeared to be required although it is already
available to works trains throughout as these were seen passing.
The three small stations from Sveti Ivan Žabno to Križevci do not look like they generate much traffic
so the retention of this section (at least for passenger trains) once the new line opens must be
doubted, even though a big new motorway bridge has recently been built over it.

[438] France - Additional track to be built north of Strasbourg
SNCF Reseau have announced that an additional 8km running line is to be built between Strasbourg
and Vendemheim. At present the mainline, north of Strasbourg where it runs alongside Hausbergen
Yard, consists of two southbound and one northbound track. Traffic, particularly with increasing TER
services has now reached saturation point, and there is no capacity for further growth. The additional
running line will also allow improved scheduling, increased stopping trains in the vicinity and improve
reliability. The work will consist of building a new 6km section of track and renovating and electrifying
an existing 2km section. In addition a 400 metre noise barrier will be constructed at Mundolsheim.
Preliminary work on the €117 million project has been completed with public consulation taking place
until early November. A Declaration of Public Utility is then anticipated with the work scheduled to be
completed by 2020. Courtesy of the French Railways Society

[439] France - Abbeville to Eu expected to close in June 2018
There is no news about the future of this short 32 km line with one or two TER trains a day between
Abbeville and Le Tréport. It is expected that the line will close next June at the same time as the

Beauvais line. However, there is no information at present about any plans for a later re-opening. This
seems unlikely in view of the limited traffic potential. Courtesy of the French Railways Society
[440] France - Neufchateau to Gironcourt renovation
After a year major repairs to the 29 km Neufchateau - Gironcourt (Vosges) freight branch on the
Culmont Chalindrey - Nancy line are nearing completion. The €5.14 million project includes the
replacement of 9,000 sleepers, nearly two kilometres of track replaced, and eleven kilometres of track
re-ballasted. The line serves the O I glassware factory at Gironcourt with one or two trains a day
operated by Europorte. Courtesy of the French Railways Society
[441] France - Reims mini museum
Visitors to Reims railway station will find beneath the second of the two arches of the train shed
covering the platforms a fenced off section of track (two discrete pieces actually) which has several
‘museum’ exhibits. These include a level crossing with gates and signals, a signal frame labelled Poste
1, a main line signal, motor draisine and big black steam loco 140 C 313 with tender.

The concrete and steel canopy at Reims gives a light and airy feel to the train shed below, and also provides
protection from the elements to the museum items displayed between platforms. Mostly surrounded by a wire
fence, the display caters to viewers and photographers with a low post and chain fence along the side of the viewing

[442] Germany – Velgast to Barth in the balance
The future of the 'Darßbahn' (KBS 192) from Velgast to Barth remains in the balance. According to the
"Ostsee-Zeitung", the Minister-President and transport minister of Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern
are in favour of the reopening of the remainder of the line to the popular coastal resorts of Zingst and

Prerow. A decision from the regional parliament is awaited, and they have also asked for federal
financial assistance. The decision is expected in 'mid-December'. If it is decided not to go ahead with
the reopening project, then the remaining section from Velgast to Barth will definitely close as the
Land has said it will not support it on its own. According to a post on the DSO forum, the line will
however be kept open until a decision is made, so it may survive for a few days or weeks after the
timetable change.

[443] Germany - Lines to worry about in Thüringen
Yet again, some branch lines in the former East Germany are under threat, just as the threats in
Sachsen and Sachsen-Anhalt appear to be receding. The latest comes from Thüringen, which, as
reported in the Thüringer Allgemeine, is to review the following lines which have loadings of fewer
than 500 passengers per weekday:
Fröttstädt–Friedrichroda (section Waltershausen–Friedrichroda); Orlamünde–Pößneck unt. Bf.;
Saalfeld–Pößneck ob. Bf.; Grimmenthal–Eisfeld–Sonneberg: Hockeroda–Blankenstein; Sömmerda–
Großheringen (this is closing in part in December anyway); Neuhaus am Rennweg–Sonneberg ; Weida–
Zeulenroda ; Weimar–Kranichfeld; Rottenbach–Katzhütte; Nordhausen–Ilfeld (this is part of the Harzer
Schmalspurbahnen) and Wernshausen–Zella-Mehlis
Additionally, around 30 stations with fewer than 20 boardings or alightings per day are being

[444] Germany – Proposals for Land Brandenburg
Land Brandenburg have published their latest Public Transport Plan (see and click on "Entwurf Nahverkehrsplan" in
the box on the right. Among the various service improvements (some on previously-threatened lines
like Beeskow - Frankfurt (Oder) and Eberswalde - Wriezen - Frankfurt (Oder)) are the following track-
related proposals, to be implemented by 2022 apparently:
Reopening of the Bad Saarow branch (KBS 209.35/RB35) a further 1.6km to Bad Saarow Süd.
Reinstatement of the bridge between Ferch-Lienewitz and Beelitz Stadt to allow a through RB33
Jüterbog - Potsdam via Caputh service.
An extended RB21 Potsdam - Gesundbrunnen service via the south-to-east curve at Wustermark.
A new RB37 service from Beelitz Stadt to Potsdam-Rehbrücke to replace the altered RB33 - therefore
the section from Beelitz to Seddin does not lose its passenger service.
Most services in south-east Berlin to serve BER airport.
No mention of some of the other rumoured reopenings such as Joachimsthal - Templin or (more
fancifully) Werneuchen - Tiefensee.

[445] Germany – Railway Ramblings (part 3) – Nürnberg railway museum and the Rodachtalbahn
Nürnberg was the next trip, because our member had expressed the wish to visit the DB museum
there and possibly ride on the trams. He never got to ride the trams, but the museum is a very good
one and well worth a visit. Some of the descriptions of the exhibits are in English, but not many. There
is an English leaflet covering the main exhibits. The first thing that one meets is a cauldron waggon,
which looks uncannily like those seen on early prints of the Stockton and Darlington railway. Not
surprising, because it is actually a waggon from South Hetton colliery and is the oldest exhibit in the

This cauldron waggon is from South Hetton colliery and is the oldest exhibit in the Nürnburg railway museum

Of course the first line in Germany was built by Stephenson and so it’s not surprising that the first
locos and waggons bear a strong resemblance to English practice. There are two replicas of
Stephenson’s ‘Adler’ (Eagle) in the museum, this being the first steam loco to run on a German railway
line, (between Nürnberg and Fürth). The museum also contains Germany’s fastest steam locomotive,
the well-known ‘Flying Hamburger’ and a mock-up of the new ICE4. For narrow gauge fans there’s a
short oval of 600mm gauge and this has a Jung diesel loco providing the motive power. He forced
himself to have a ride (picture below)

The final railway jaunt was on 16 September, the day before they came home. This was a visit to the
Rodachtalbahn, which is a heritage line, part of a branch from Kronach to Nordhalben. The preserved
section is from Steinwiesen to Nordhalben. It’s a grand little line. No steam, but two ancient red
railbuses provide the service (picture below).

The occasion was the 10th anniversary of the opening of the preservation line and the 25th
anniversary of the closure of the original route. Sadly, there’s no prospect of reopening the line back to
Kronach as the formation is built over at a number of locations. Steinwiesen station is simplicity itself;
a single line, no run round or sidings, a solitary platform and a full set of station buildings (and an
excellent cake shop on the main street). Because it was a special anniversary the operating society had
got a 7¼” gauge miniature line laid out in the car park, with a lovely little coal fired live steam loco. Our
member couldn’t resist the temptation and had a ride. Once he’d got on, other adults seemed to lose
their inhibitions and had rides as well (picture below).

At this point a cavalcade of classic cars made their way into the car park and these were destined to
accompany the Rodachtalbahn special train up the valley.

They then rode up to Nordhalben, crossing the road a number of times and holding up the cavalcade
as they did so. It is remarkable that these road crossings seem such casual affairs, unlike here. At only
one crossing was there a signal and at no point were there lifting barriers. Attitudes towards H&S
matters do seem very different to those in UK.
At Nordhalben the whole station complex is intact, including a very fine two road engine shed. For
devotees of track-bashing there was a ‘draisine’ pump trolley available for hire at the exorbitant sum
of €1. He was forced to have a go and propelled the vehicle the length of the station from the engine
shed to the end of the sidings (picture below). Not quite a full track-bash, but not bad. All in all a good
day out.

They left Germany on 17 September. Local train from Pressig to Nürnberg, ICE to Frankfurt am Main,
ICE from Frankfurt to Brussels and Eurostar to St. Pancras. Apart from a problem on the new Belgian
high speed line between Aachen and Liege, which cost them a 20 minute delay, everything ran
according to plan. They caught the train in Pressig at 07:38 German time and arrived St. Pancras at
18:05 British time, i.e. roughly a 12 hour journey. It would have taken almost as long by air – and
perhaps longer if they’d been booked to fly with Ryanair!
[446] Lithuania/Latvia - Cross-border link to be reinstated
State railway Lietuvos Gelezinkeliai expects to start work shortly on reinstating the 19 km cross-border
railway from Mazeikiai to Renge in Latvia. In October the European Commission fined LG €27.9m for
dismantling the line in 2008, on the grounds that this had hindered competition in the freight market
by limiting the ability of other potential operators to serve Orlen’s refinery. It was also ordered to
‘bring the infringement to an end’, by reinstating the line. Latvian operator LDz Cargo, the port of Riga
and Orlen are in discussions for compensation. LG had claimed the line was unsafe to operate (Editor’s

note: Your International Editor was on a German organised railtour which travelled this line in 2008
and absolutely flew down the tracks, so he gives no credence to this statement whatsoever).

[447] Luxembourg - 17 major rail projects on track
The Grand Duchy has seen rail travel increase by 60% in the last ten years, creating saturation
problems at Luxembourg, Bettembourg and Esch stations. As part of a modernisation program 17 new
rail projects are planned for implementation by 2023 at a cost of 3.8 billion euros. These include
implementation of ECTS, which will be complemented by the implementation of the modern GSM-R
communication system for real time information.
A new two-track line, 7 km long is under construction on the Luxembourg-Bettembourg section and
involves two lengthy closures of the present line. The [Luxembourg] - Sandweiler-Contern - Oetrange
line will also be double tracked and will therefore require the construction of a second viaduct north of
Luxembourg. Another project is the extension of Luxembourg railway station, which will have a new
track in 2019 and three more by October 2021.

[448] Netherlands - Small gricing opportunity at Gouda
West of Gouda there is a short track, shown as freight only on maps, connecting the Gouda - Den Haag
Centraal mainline with the Gouda – Alphen aan den Rijn branch line. Since 4 September 2017 this track
sees regular passenger trains. South bound trains from Alphen aan den Rijn to Gouda use the single
track branch line to reach Gouda station. Northbound trains leave Gouda on the main line in the
direction of Den Haag Centraal and then use the connector track to reach the branch line to Alphen
aan den Rijn. This arrangement facilitates a train passing operation outside Gouda station, which
became necessary when the service on this branch line was upgraded to 4 trains per hour in each
direction (weekdays 06:30-19:00). At other times there are only 2 trains per hour in each direction, but
the northbound trains still use the connector track. It's only a very short track, but rail gricers 'doing'
the "Alphen aan den Rijn - Gouda" line should be aware of this feature so they know they have to
travel (at least) Waddinxveen - Gouda in both directions.

[449] Poland – Łódź interurban trams
The route to Pabianice (41) which is currently withdrawn as a result of the poor infrastructure is to be
rehabilitated from the third quarter of 2018 with a planned reopening on 30 September 2020.

A service between Konstantynów Łódzki - Lutomiersk (43B) unexpectedly resumed on 9 October 2017
after an eight-month break. This is still to be considered as threatened as trams run at a maximum of
30 km/h and only run approximately once every hour. The future of the route to Zgierz and Ozorków is
still not finalised so if you have a chance doing these lines is highly recommended as in parts they are
more like electrified NG railways than trams.

[450] Poland – Bytom to Ruda Śląska Chebzie route 18 stays closed
In the Katowice area services on line no. 18, connecting Bytom Stroszek and Ruda Śląska Chebzie, were
suspended in mid-February 2015 due to poor condition of the infrastructure and safety concerns. Two
years on the condition of the tracks has deteriorated further and the line cannot be used without
major works which are extremely unlikely to be approved.

[451] Poland/Czech Republic – Meziměstí border crossing reopening
GW Train Regio will run Wrocław - Meziměstí - Adršpach (near Trutnov on T47) on weekends from the
end of April to the first weekend of September. There will also be three train pairs Wałbrzych –
Meziměstí on the days it runs.

[452] Serbia – A visit to the Kraljevo area
Kraljevo in Southern Serbia, is the junction where the secondary line (east-west) between Stalać and
Požega intersects with the main line from Beograd and Lapovo that used to continue to Kosovo Polje
and Skopje. The line to Požega is in reasonable condition, but the others are run down. The condition
of the track imposes significant speed restrictions and trains have to stop at many of the level
crossings, because barriers and warning lights are not working. Average speed is about 30 km/hr. The
passenger service between Kraljevo and Stalać was withdrawn for a while, but has resumed. However,
there are only two journeys each way, with one of the departures from Stalać being at 04:20. Trains
take 2 hours 40 minutes to cover the 80 km. There are also just two trains each day between Kraljevo
and Lapovo, taking about three hours for 95 km. With such a slow speed and no through services to or
from Beograd, it is not surprising that the Lapovo trains have few passengers. The bus station at
Kraljevo adjoins the railway station and has frequent departures to Beograd. The bus gets to Beograd
in the time it takes for the train to reach Lapovo. The trains to Požega and Stalač are better patronised.
Srbija Voz, the passenger operating subsidiary of Serbian Railways, operates from Kraljevo to Kosovska
Mitrovica Sever in Kosovo. Although the trains are slow, modern Russian-built diesel units are used on
all routes from Kraljevo, and provide a comfortable ride. Connections are reasonably good as well.
There are arrivals and departures in all four directions at Kraljevo early in the afternoon. The train
from Požega is often late, awaiting a main line connection there, but the other trains wait for it.

[453] Spain – Leon to become a through station again
Work has at long last started on the rebuilding of the old León station to put it underground. Ballast is
being removed and the platforms demolished. The rather fine overall roof has been taken down and
will be re-erected when the new station is ready to take it. A descending ramp is being constructed on
the west side of the existing temporary station to carry two broad gauge tracks from the south under
the Avenida de Palencia. This work and the demolition of the old station are scheduled to be
completed by the end of this year. Construction of the underground section between Avenida de
Palencia and Avenida Doctor Fleming, and the ramp to bring the tracks back to ground level north of

there, is scheduled to be completed in August 2018. This will re-establish the through route that was
cut when the city council bullied RENFE/ADIF into closing the line north of the old station to eliminate
an unpopular level crossing with Avenida Doctor Fleming. It is believed the new station is due to open
at the end of 2018.


[454] Azerbaijan/Georgia/Turkey – BTK railway officially launched
The 826 kilometre Baku–Tbilisi–Kars (BTK), or Baku-Tbilisi-Akhalkalaki-Kars railway (BTAK), was
officially opened on 30 October. BTK includes 105 km of new track and will connect Azerbaijan to
Turkey via Georgia (and by extension forms an important link in the trans-continental transport
corridor connecting Central Asia and China to Europe). The opening ceremony was attended by
President of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev, President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Prime Minister of
Kazakhstan Bakytzhan Sagintayev, Georgian Prime Minister Giorgi Kvirikashvili and Prime Minister of
Uzbekistan Abdulla Aripov. A month earlier the head of Azerbaijani Railways Company, Javid
Gurbanov, along with his Georgian and Turkish counterparts attended the first test run by a passenger
train on part of the line.
The railway is Russian gauge in Azerbaijan and Georgia, so a gauge changer is provided at Akhalkalaki
(on the Georgia-Turkey border) to change to the standard gauge used in Turkey. The rail link between
Azerbaijan and Georgia was modernised under the project, which was launched in 2007. Its
completion had been postponed several times since 2011. No date has been announced for the
commencement of the passenger services, but sleeping cars have been acquired, so it should only be a
matter of time.

[455] India – The end of the Indrail pass
Indian Railways are no longer issuing Indrail passes. These allowed travel on all Indian Railways trains,
though reservations were still obligatory on long distance trains. A seasoned India traveller
recommends the Cleartrip website and mobile app as highly efficient for A to B tickets in reserved
classes, though you still need to initially go through the IRCTC registration system as documented on
the Seat61 site.

[456] Morocco - Beni Nsar Port service has ended, but when?
In the east of Morocco a long branch line heads north from Taourirt (on the Fes to Oujda line) to the
Mediterranean city and port of Beni Nsar, the station being called Beni Nsar Ville. The line continues to
a junction after 1.5km where one line continues on to the docks, and a 1.1 km branch goes to the small
station of Beni Nsar Port, sited in the northern outskirts of the city. This was formerly the terminus for
trains from Taourirt, but at some point in the last few years it has closed and now all passenger trains
start and finish at Beni Nsar Ville – referred to in the current ONCF timetable as simply Beni Nsar. If
anyone knows a closure date please contact the international editor.

[457] Swaziland - Swaziland Rail Link almost ready to commence construction
Construction of the 150km Swaziland Rail Link (SRL) project to connect Lothair in South Africa with
Sidvokodo in Swaziland is almost ready to begin. This is a joint inter-railway strategic initiative between
South African rail, port and pipeline company Transnet and the national railway corporation Swaziland

Railway. Existing lines in both countries will also be renovated. The project will create a dedicated
general freight corridor to both the Port of Richards Bay in KwaZulu-Natal and the Port of Maputo in
Mozambique. The target completion date is 2022.

[458] USA - Rerouting of AMTRAK services at Tacoma in December (correction)
Two errors crept into BLNI1292.436, the first being an incorrect link, the second a failure to include
maps of the railways in the area. The latter are now included in the e-BLNI of this edition.

[459] USA – Amtrak begins Roanoke rail service
Amtrak launched Northeast Regional daily service to and from Roanoke, Virginia on 31 October 2017,
returning passenger-rail service to the city for the first time in nearly four decades. It is the fourth
expansion of Amtrak service in Virginia since 2009. The Northeast Regional extends from Lynchburg
and provides a same-seat trip to and from Roanoke. The train will make stops in Charlottesville,
Manassas, Burke Centre and Alexandria, Virginia; Washington, D.C.; Baltimore; Philadelphia; New York
City; and other cities along the Northeast.

List of Special Trains on Lines without Passenger Services

Germany 2017 (Dortmund Hbf -) Abzw Buschstr. - Abzw Deusen - Do-Obereving - Lünen Preußen - Abzw
Horstmar - Abzw Herringen - Hamm RLG - Abzw Geithe - Uentrop Süd - Hamm Rbf - Hafen
25. 11. + DGEG Hamm - Hamm Rbf - Abzw Selmig - Abzw Bönen Autobahn - Bönen - Logistikzentrum Ruhr Ost -
Bönen - Unna-Königsborn - DHL-Logistik-Campus - (ggf. Anschl. Bundeswehr) - Unna (- Binolen
02. 12. IG Nossen - Dortmund Hbf)
02. 12. EFZ
Nossen - Freiberg(Sachs) (- Cranzahl) and return.

(Tübingen Hbf -) Stuttgart-Untertürkheim - Abzw Nürnberger Str. (- Regensburg Hbf) and return

02/03. 12. + DB Diversion of IC/ICE trains between Duisburg and Köln via. VBK Krefeld-Linn [also 9/10.XII]
03. 12.
03. 12. EF Aken Aken(Elbe) - Köthen (- Wernigerode) and return PLANNED
03. 12.
03. 12. OSEF Includes Übg Pirna
03. 12.
09. 12. + BEF 2 journeys around the Berlin Innenring from Berlin Gesundbrunnen
09. 12.
10. 12. OSEF Dresden-Neustadt - Dresden-Altstadt
10. 12.
11-16. 12. IG Nossen Nossen - Döbeln (- Leipzig - Saalfeld) and return
16. 12.
16. 12. Press Zwotental - Adorf(V)
16. 12.
OSEF (Bautzen -) Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk and return [DE/CZ]
23. 12.
ET Shuttles Gütersloh Nord - Hövelhof

TG Ferkeltaxi Neuhausen(Erzg), Marienberg(Sachs)

AVL SPNV-Probebetrieb Lüneburg - Bleckede

FKS AB Silberhütte

+ 5519 (Luxembourg -) Abzw Moselbrücke - Konz (- Saarbrücken Hbf) and return [LU/DE]

+ VCD Sundern(Sauerl) - Neheim-Hüsten (- Bonn) and return


ET Ennigerloh - Neubeckum - Münster(Westf)Hbf and return

Europe 2017

18/19. 11. + SŽS Special train over OKR-Netz CZ
Diversions over Hønefoss to Roa freight line by Oslo to Bergen trains NO
18. 11. + NSB
-04. 12. Diversion of ICE from Germany between Arnhem and Utrecht via. Betuweroute NL
(Wrocław Gł.-) Legnica - Jerzmanice Zdrój - Legnica - Rudna-Gwizdanów - Legnica (- PL
25/26. 11. + NS Wrocław Gł.)
(Brno -) Ivančice - Oslavany and return CZ
01. 12. TurKol Prievidza - Nitrianske Pravno and return SK
(Bratislava -) Skalica na Slovensku - Sudoměřice nad Moravou (- Veselí nad SK
02. 12. ČD Moravou -) Čachtice - Považany (- Bratislava [SK/CZ]
02. 12. PPS Nysa - Kamieniec Ząbk. PL
02. 12. + Albatros Ceva - Ormea and return IT
Bratislava Nové Mesto - Bratislava Petržalka and return SK
03. 12. TurKol 2 x Zwettl - Schwarzenau im Waldviertel and return AT
08. 12. FFI (Longueville -) Provins - Villiers-St-Georges and return FR
09. 12. + KPHŽD 2 x Zwettl - Waldhausen and return AT
09. 12. MLV
10. 12. + AJECTA
10. 12. MLV

Germany 2018

06. 01. ET (Lengerich(Westf) -) Münster(Westf)Hbf - Neubeckum - Lippstadt - Warstein and return
28. 04. Pursche "Unruhestandstour"
01-06. 05. DGEG Special train around Chemnitz
19. 05. + BSM Seitzsteg - Augsburg Ring - Augsburg Messe - Seitzsteg [also 18.VIII]
19. 05. ??? Running day Ziegeleibahn Herzfelde
13-15. 07. Press Shuttles Greifswald - Greifswald-Ladebow Hafen
26. 08. ET Shuttles Ibbenbüren-Aasee - Dörenthe Hafen

Europe 2018 BLS Special train in Central Finland FI
Steam Story Übg Čáslav [CZ/SK/DE/AT] CZ
20-24. 04. PTG Special train in Hungary [HU/HR] HU
05-08. 05. + PTG Special train in Balkans [BG/RS/MK/GR] MK
17-22. 05.
29. 09. + PTG Special train in Portugal PT
-07. 10.
18-23. 10.

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