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19th November 2016

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19th November 2016



This newsletter covers the World outside the British Isles from information
supplied by members.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Compilers or of the Society.
International Editor (to whom all email and postal contributions should be sent):
Paul Griffin, 7 School Bell Mews, Church Lane, Stoneleigh, COVENTRY, CV8 3ZZ
Email: [email protected]
Deputy International Editor: Derek Woodward, 68 Church Street, Matlock, DERBY, DE4 3BY


Few people know that mainland France has a railway on an offshore island other than Corsica. The 600mm
gauge Le P’tit Train de Saint Trojan runs on the Île d'Oléron, off the southwest coast of the country north
of Royan, and is a reconstruction of the Chemin de Fer de la Forêt de Royan opened (or is that reopened?)
in 1963 and extended in 1965. The line runs for 6 km from Saint-Trojan-les-Bains to Maumusson on the
storm battered Atlantic coast of the island. Visited on the Siede/Rethel trip of September 2016, the
locomotive is seen running round its train at Maumusson, a terminus which has moved many times due to
erosion of the coastline and storm damage. The line is enormously popular and in peak season trains are


[450] Austria – Parts of two lines closing in December
A reminder that Weizelsdorf – Rosenbach (timetable 660) and Hermagor – Kötschach-Mauthen (timetable
670) close with the timetable change in December.

[451] Bulgaria/Romania - Two cross border services to end (but no lines close)
The daily train from Budapest to Sofia (481/480 “Bononia“ ) via the New Danube Bridge will end with the
timetable change. It was never well patronised and will be replaced by a CFR Desiro DMU between Craiova
and Vidin. Further east the border crossing between Giurgiu and Ruse will also lose its daily train service
between București and Sofia, though apparently it will run on a ‘seasonal’ basis – probably summer only. A
București to Ruse service will operate instead, presumably with onward connections.

[452] Czech Republic – Early observations on the new timetable
JR017 Chornice to Velké Opatovice will reopen.
JR122 Trains from Rudná u Prahy will no longer run to Praha-Smíchov Na Knížecí, but run to Praha Hlavni
and vice versa.
JR132 The service from Kadaň –Prunéřov to Želina is extended 7km to Poláky.
JR137 Cross border trains from Vejprty are retained (were removed in proofs)
JR244 The service from Ivančice to Oslavany is formally withdrawn. It is likely occasional steam specials will
run to Oslavany.

[453] Finland – Reprieve for lines threatened with closure
The full pdf for VR for 11 December 2016 – 18 June 2017 can now be downloaded, this appears to be a
final (and not draft) timetable:
Four routes were supposed to close during 2016, but were reprieved to 10.12. All four threatened routes
are shown as operating for another six months:
Joensuu – Nurmes: remains twice per day, Varkaus – Joensuu: increased from one to two per day,
Orivesi – Haapamäki: remains twice per day and Seinäjoki - Haapamäki – Jyväskylä: remains twice per day.

[454] France - St. Pol to Etaples to close ‘temporarily’
St-Pol-sur-Ternoise to Etaples will close as of September 2017 due to safety concerns about condition of
the tracks. Buses will replace trains. Remedial work will not start before 2020, which worries the local
Mayors, who feel that this gives time for RFI to conclude that the service works with buses and permanent
closure will ensue.

[455] France – Le Petit Train Jaune will continue to operate
A package of emergency funding has been agreed to enable essential maintenance to take place over the
winter months. 29 km of rails and 6,000 sleepers will be replaced during the winter between Font Romeu
and La Tour de Carol. Costing €6.5m, the package has been funded by the French Government,

[456] France – Cannes to Grasse branch to close for 12 months
Buses replace trains from 11 December 2016 to 10 December 2017 while engineering works take place.

[457] France – Potential closures in two of the new super regions
Region Grand Est may close these lines - but no dates.
035/040 Pont-St-Vincent – Merrey(Haute-Marne), 062 (Épinal –) Arches – St-Dié-des-Vosges,
085 Conflans-Jarny – Verdun and 205 Charleville-Mézières – Givet.
Region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes have no plans to fund these lines;
719 (Aurillac –) Viescamp-sous-Jallès – SaintDenis-près-Martel (– Brive-la-Gaillarde). By 2021 latest.
722 Neussargues – Saint-Chély-d’Apcher. To close within three years
784 Montbrison – Thiers. Closed already and Montbrison - Boën to be either modernised or shut by 2020.
798 Saint-Georges-d’Aurac – Le Puy-en-Velay. In 2019. 878 Oyonnax – Saint Claude. In 2018.
905 (Grenoble –) Vif – Aspres-sur-Buëch (– Veynes-Dévoluy). In 2018.
These lines will receive limited refurbishment, so may stay open;
702 Montluçon Ville – Guéret (subject to SNCF running the Lyon – Bordeaux IC service), 711 Clermont-
Ferrand – Volvic, 790 Brioude – Langogne, 707/705 Gannat – Commentry – Montluçon and 775 Tassin –
Lozanne (awaiting finance).

[458] France – Lines to reopen to passengers
177/174 Thionville – Bouzonville. The single weekdays only train pair is expected to resume from 12
December 2016. 556 Chartres – Orléans will also reopen from the timetable change with three train pairs.
Meanwhile reopening of 687 Orléans – Châteauneuf-sur- Loire appears to be on course for 2020.

[459] Germany - Freital-Hainsberg to Kurort Kipsdorf to reopen
The 26.1km railway between Freital-Hainsberg and Kurort Kipsdorf is the Weißeritztalbahn and it runs
deep into the Erzgebirge mountains southwest of Dresden. The line survived reunification as a steam
railway and was a popular tourist attraction, offering steam services daily. Disaster struck in August 2002
when floods destroyed considerable parts of the railway. Reopening has been a gradual process with the
current limit being Dippoldiswalde, 11.3km short of Kurort Kipsdorf. Rebuilding of Dippoldiswalde to
Kurort Kipsdorf is finally complete and trains should start running from 10 December, but because every
train kilometre has to be paid for and Land Sachsen says there is no more money, the only way they can
run the full length of the line is to cut services on the section that was already open! The proposed
timetables suggest a 20% cut in services even allowing for just one train a day to Kurort Kipsdorf.

The vulnerability of the Weißeritztalbahn to flood damage is clearly seen on this repaired section of the railway between
Dippoldiswalde and Freital-Hainsberg taken in June 2012.

[460] Germany – Goods lines to be used for diversion south of Leipzig
Due to track renewal south of Markkleeberg-Gaschwitz the parallel freight only line (6362) will be used for
about 3 km between Grossdeuben and Böhlen, certainly for S-Bahn trains to Neukieritzsch and probably all
trains beyond. A temporary connection between the ‘normal’ lines and goods lines will be provided as well
as temporary platforms. The diversion applies until September 2018.

[461] Germany – Train tram connection between DB and tram system now open
The connection at Chemnitz Hauptbahnhof between DB Netz and Straßenbahnnetz (BOStrab) was opened
on 10 October. It is now it is possible to travel from the Hauptbahnhof in the inner city to Burgstädt (line C
13), Mittweida (C 14) and Hainichen (C 15) using Citylink hybrid trains. For now train trams go to and from
Zentralhaltestelle, but from Dec 2017 they use new line 2 (yet to be completed) and the connection to the
Chemnitz - Thalheim line. From Dec 2017 the section from Chemnitz Hbf to the new tram connection will
lose all but special train traffic and assuming the line beyond to Aue does close there will not be any of
them either. The message is – do it next year!

[462] Germany – Hope for Thalheim to Aue survival
The local transport plan for Chemnitz/Zwickau agreed in June includes the possible extension of Chemnitz
tram trains from Thalheim to Aue. As matters stand the funding for Thalheim to Aue services ends in
December 2017, so what happens after that is anybody’s guess at the moment.

[463] Germany – Gera to Weimar double tracking nearly complete
The rebuilding to double track of the Gera to Weimar line will be complete in December. This includes
allowance for trains to use tilting technology, which should speed up journey times. Land Thüringen want
to electrify the line one day, but the 2032 date quoted seems ridiculously far away.

[464] Netherlands - NS Spoorboekje
Treinreiziger are publishing the NS Timetable again in 2017. For those who wish to buy a NS timetable from
the UK without paying extortionate postage costs our member Iain Dobson will be making a bulk purchase.
Anyone interested in participating should email Iain at [email protected] and he will put you on
the list to receive an e-mail update on how to order which will be sent out in late November. The closing
date for orders will be in early December. He anticipates the cost being around £12.50 but this does
depend on the exchange rate between now and late November.

[465] Netherlands – ICEs being tested for Betuweroute diversions
BLNI 1256.192 reported the possibility of the freight-only Betuweroute between Rotterdam and Germany
being used for passenger train diversions in 2017. It seems that these will come to pass as Deutsche Bahn
ICEs have run over the diversionary route for test purposes. A picture can be seen at:

[466] Poland – Closure in Lower Silesia
Part of line 283 (Jelenia Góra to Zebrzydowa) is to close on 4 December. This is the northern section from
Lwówek Śląski to Zebrzydowa last reported in BLNI 1239.303

[467] Serbia and Montenegro - Trip report 19-26 July (Part 4)
Monday 25 July
Our members had planned an early start on the 06:35 from Zaječar to Prahovo Pristanište, the only
morning they would not get any breakfast. The train was formed of unit 710-001, the unit that had given
them problems the previous day, however it had obviously been worked on overnight and it performed
faultlessly this morning. The train was well patronised, particularly with people heading for the town of
Negotin towards the end of the branch. Beyond Negotin the line principally serves a chemical works at
Prahovo and the quay on the Danube at Prahovo Pristanište. At Vražogrnac they had noted the previous
day that the third side of the triangle was well used and when the train got to Prohovo Pristanište they
found wagons in the yard there stencilled to be used locally between Bor (the copper mine seen the
previous day) and Prahovo and there was also a barge at the quay being unloaded.
After a 25 minute turnaround they headed back to Zaječar arriving a couple of minutes late, then
transferred to the waiting 710-004 for the journey to Niš on the 11:50 departure. Scheduled arrival time in
Niš was 15:09 so the hope was to join the 15:30 "Balkan" departure from there, with the last departure of
the day being the old EMU at 15:45 as a possible backup. Having boarded the train at Zaječar they
expected an on-time departure, but 11:50 came and went and nothing happened. They managed to find
out that they were being held to connect with the late running train from Majdanpek, due at 11:09 but
ultimately not arriving until 12:27! The train therefore set off 42 minutes late, so what would become of
the potential connections at Niš? They did pick up a few minutes along the way but arrival at Niš was 32
minutes late at 15:41. One of our members had already decided that they would be better off on a bus to

Beograd rather than spending five hours on the 15:45 unit and sure enough when they got to Niš an old
EMU was waiting in the platform on that service. Better news however was that they hadn't passed the
"Balkan" between Crveni Krst (where the train joins the main line) and Niš. There were passengers with
suitcases waiting on platform 1 apparently for that train, and there was an electric loco looking as though
it was waiting to take over the train. A member of platform staff told them that the ”Balkan” would arrive
in around 10 minutes - a little optimistic as it happened - but they were delighted to see it arrive behind
661-155 around 50 minutes late.
The train was formed of just four coaches, 2 SB SOs and 2 RZD sleepers, and after attaching electric loco
441-748 set off nearly 50 minutes late. The weather now was beginning to break and as the train headed
north the skies darkened and they could see thunderstorms sparking off all around them. The train steadily
lost more time due to a series of dead stands for varying reasons including crossing late running
southbound trains, but they were sure that there were also weather related issues. By the time Lapovo
was reached 121 minutes late they found themselves in the middle of a fierce thunderstorm, and water
was coming into the coach through many of the poorly maintained windows. For some reason they
attached a second loco to the train here (441-746) and set off again 135 minutes late. From Velika Plana to
Rakovica the train travelled very slowly, stopping every few km, so they suspected that the signalling
and/or communications systems had been knocked out by the storm. As a result, by the time they got to
Rakovica they were 202 minutes late and finally got to Beograd at 22:57. Pity the passengers on the RZD
sleeping cars though. They were due to be attached to the 21:50 Budapest service, but that had long gone,
so it was suspected that they would be spending the night in Beograd before possibly being attached to
the day train north the following day.
Tuesday 26 July
A relatively gentlemanly departure time of 10:25 from Beograd Airport meant that they could have an easy
start to the day. They were aiming for the 08:00 bus to the airport and walked over to the bus stand by the
station in plenty of time where we were approached by what they initially took to be a taxi tout who
offered them a ride to the airport. After initially rejecting this he produced a document showing he had a
pre-arranged pick-up there in an hour and offered them an outbound journey at the same price as the bus,
which they accepted. The flight back was uneventful and on time.
So ended a very interesting but tiring trip with energy sapping hot weather. Whilst SB has received some
new units which are a vast improvement on the stock they have replaced, and which appear to have
allowed them also to reinstate some services, the infrastructure is still generally in a dire state. There are
schemes underway, mostly Russian financed, to improve the main routes out of Beograd but they face a
massive task. Our members experienced chronic late running and it is difficult to get reliable information
on train departures and status. There were very few other English speaking visitors but sufficient local
people who had some English that they were always able to get by and the people in general were very
helpful. The lesson for planning future trips is to keep them simple and don't rely on connections, or at
least always ensure there is a backup option. Bur for all that it is still an interesting system and towards the
south it is very hilly and the scenery can be quite spectacular. Our members are already considering
another and possibly two trips next year to tackle lines not yet covered.

[468] Sweden - Romeleåsens Dressincykling
The railway between Malmö and Tomelilla via Dalby, Veberöd and Sjöbo, was opened in 1893. The route
closed to passengers in 1970 and freight finished during the 1980s. More recently Malmö has been linked

to Tomelilla by rail again, via Ystad. Part of the track of the Dalby line remains in situ for the use of cycle
draisines as a leisure pursuit. Romeleåsen is a range of low hills cutting across the south of Skåne. The
track traverses the northern slope of Romeleåsen going eastwards from Björnstorp to Veberöd, about
8km, and westwards for about 3km from Björnstorp to Önneslöv, just south of Dalby. To get there by
public transport, get the Skånetrafiken 160 yellow bus from stance O outside Lund Centrum railway
station. Ask for Knivsåsen, after Dalby. After the bus leaves Dalby look out for the turning to Björnstorp
and the stop (stannar) Knivsåsen on the bus display, about 3 or 4 minutes out of Dalby. Björnstorp is a
short walk (less than a kilometre) from the bus stop. Romeleåsens Dressincykling is on the right when you
get to the village. The remains of Dalby station, including the station building, complete with station name
still attached, and the adjacent water tower can be seen from the bus. The track can be traversed on Buda
Draisines. As well as the cyclist, there is room for a passenger on a wooden seat. The draisines are
surprisingly easy to pedal, even up hill, but are very heavy when it comes to turning them round! The line
is very picturesque, with wooded sections and a section on an embankment through farmland. Several
level crossings have to be traversed, one with gates that have to be opened across the road before the
drasine is walked over. It is open April - October and a session should be booked in advance on +46(0)705-
747622. The cost is 250 Krona per draisine. Beware, English is not always spoken. Further information is at:

Road crossings are a particular
problem for draisines, with a
number of devices used to make
them stop and proceed with
caution. This often includes an
instruction to get off and walk the
draisine over the road, but as any
gricer knows this means you have
not done the track! So in the
absence of any observation by
draisine operation staff, most
draisiners who are gricers find a
way to cycle across. The man in the
photo is clearly not a serious gricer.

[469] Switzerland – A visit to the Gotthard Base tunnel
A member visited Switzerland in October for a pre-booked Flüelen- Biasca journey through the Gotthard
Base Tunnel. This is the world’s longest and deepest rail tunnel and agreement to build the tunnel was
agreed in a referendum with 64% saying yes. It took 17 years to construct and cost 12.2 billion Swiss Francs
and the lives of 9 people. Waiting on the platform at Flüelen he noticed that the gathering passengers
were roughly the same age group as an average BLS member. Was this why two paramedics were part of
the train crew! The train propelled by electric loco 460-118 left slightly late. There was an ‘enthusiastic’
commentary over the train P.A in German, French, Italian and English emphasising that passengers were
true pioneers. Entry to the tunnel was to a musical accompaniment –yes you guessed it - The William Tell

Overture. Each passenger was issued with a Pioneer Passport i.e. a small information booklet with a page
for the application of a unique ‘Gottardino- I’m a pioneer’ stamp. Perhaps the highlight of the journey was
a visit to the Sedrun Emergency Station 800 metres below the surface and temperature of 28oC where he
was able to send a text home! Passengers were free to roam a section of the station, view information
stands, watch a multi- media presentation on the construction of the tunnel and stamp the above
mentioned passport. In the future the public will only ever visit this location in the event of an emergency
event. It is one of four such stations on the length of the tunnel.

[470] Switzerland – Nätschen station moved and a new deviation
Andermatt-Disentis was closed from 24 October until 5 November 2016 for a number of works including a
deviation and new station at Nätschen. The new station is described as 450 metres west of the existing
one. There is a reference to 1200 metres of new track in the project description, but it unclear whether
this is replacement rails or new track. The new station location is to fit in with the remodelling of the skiing
Further information, received on 13 November, is that the trackbed for the deviation appears complete
but there is no track or catenary present yet. The existing line is expected to remain in use until around
October 2017.

[471] Switzerland - New connection to Limmattal yard to open in December
Killwangen-Spreitenbach station, 16.02 km from Zürich HB, is where the main lines towards Baden/Brugg
and Lenzburg/Aarau diverge. It is also situated at the west end of the Rangierbahnhof Limmattal
marshalling yard. In order to reduce conflicting moves with passenger trains the Lehnenviadukt flyover,
marked in red on the diagram (e-BLNI only), is on schedule to open in December and will enable freight
traffic from Wettingen to enter the yard without conflicting with westbound trains. The map is from the
Swiss magazine Eisenbahn Amateur with additions by our member to make routes clearer. The numbers
beside the crossovers are the maximum permitted speed when diverging divided by 10 (linespeed through
the station is 140 km/h)

[472] Switzerland/France – Update on openings and closures
CEVA=Genève Cornavin(Hbf) - Genève Eaux Vives - Annemasse(FR) will open in December 2019.

Timetable 240 Delémont - Boncourt - Delle(FR). Delle - Belfort(FR) will open in December 2017. 10 trains
each way Delémont - Belfort and 6 Delle - Belfort.
Timetable 503 Sissach - Läufelfingen - Olten will close to passengers in December 2017.


[473] Australia - Progress in planning a new freight corridor
The Australian Government is seeking a technical advisor to realise its ambition to build a new 1,700-
kilometre rail freight line between Melbourne and Brisbane. DA recent report estimated the total cost of
the Inland Rail line at $10 billion. The project will take 10 years to complete and will involve the
construction of 600 kilometres of new railway. Initially, the line will be served by 1,800-metre, double-
stacked trains.
Inland rail will connect south east Queensland directly by rail to Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth avoiding
the need for freight to move through the congested Sydney network. It will also reduce the rail distance
between Melbourne and Brisbane by 200 km and remove 500 km from Brisbane to Perth journeys.

[474] Azerbaijan/Georgia/Turkey - Sleepers for Baku to Ankara train built
Stadler showed at Innotrans a first class sleeper (8 compartments, each with 2 beds) built for Azerbaijan
Railways (ADY). This is for the forthcoming Baku-Ankara train. All it needs now is a railway to run on! This
project has a long and tortuous history. In 1993 the Turkish-Armenian border closed. In January 2005
Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey agreed on a new railway and by August 2007 Azerbaijan agreed to fund the
section in Georgia. November 2007 saw the launch ceremony at Marabda (Tiflis) by presidents of the three
countries. A 700 day contract was awarded for the Turkish section [Kars - Akhalkalaki (Georgian border) in
May 2008. Construction work started at Kars in July 2008 with a target commissioning date of 2010.
However the Akhalkalaki - Kars cross-border section, constructed by Turkey, was held up by technical and
legal problems. Opening was postponed to 2015, then 2016, and then the end of 2017! In June 2014
Azerbijan Railways awarded Stadler the contract for coaching stock and in January 2015 the first test run
on the renewed Akhalkalaki - Tbilisi line was made. In July 2016 The Turkish Transport Minister stated that
87% of the line is completed and test runs will start in December 2016. Freight should start at the end of
2016 and passenger services during 2017. Maybe….

[475] USA – Dallas Blue Line extension opens
A 2.6 mile extension to Dallas Area Rapid Transit’s (DART) Blue Line light rail route opened on 24 October.
It runs between Ledbetter and the University of North Texas at Dallas, with an intermediate stop at Camp
Wisdom. DART Light Rail is made up of 4 standard gauge, overhead electrified lines (Red, Blue, Orange and
Green) comprising a total of 90 route miles. The Blue line was one the original two lines opened in 1996
(along with the red) and has 25 stations.

[476] USA - Crenshaw LAX Tunnel excavation complete for tunnel one
Excavation of one of the twin tunnels for the Crenshaw/LAX light rail line in Los Angeles was completed on
20 October, when tunnel boring machine Harriet broke through at the site of the future Leimert Park

station. Harriet will now be moved and reassembled to bore the other tunnel. The 0.9 mile twin tunnels
will include the three northernmost stations of the 8.5 mile north-south line, which is expected to open in
late 2019. The line will run from the existing Aviation/LAX station on the Metro Green Line, to
Expo/Crenshaw station.

IBSE – List of Special Trains on Lines without Passenger Services
Note: Entries marked with a “+” were updated within the last four weeks.

Germany 2016

19. 11. Osningbahn (Bielefeld Hbf - Herford -) Minden Oberstadt and return

27. 11. OSEF Railtour around Ubg Pirna

03. 12. IG Nossen Nossen - Freiberg(Sa) (- Chemnitz -) Pockau-Lengefeld - Marienberg(Sa) (- Olbernhau) -

Freiberg(Sa) - Nossen and rtn.

03. 12. + OSEF Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk (- Mikulašovice) and rtn. [DE/CZ]

03. 12. VCD Hochsauerland Sundern(Sauerl) - Neheim-Hüsten (- Marburg(Lahn)) and return

10. 12. IG Nossen Nossen - Döbeln Hbf (- Gera) and return

10. 12. + DGEG (Koblenz Hbf -) Ehrang Gbf - Trier Hafen - Ehrang - AB Trier-Euren - Abzw Moselbrücke -

Trier Hbf - Ruwer DB - Trier Hbf - Bitburg-Erdorf - Bitburg - Bitburg-Erdorf (- Koblenz Hbf)

10. 12. NbSE Egeln - Staßfurt (- Wernigerode - Erfurt) and return

10. 12. BSM Seitzsteg - Augsburg Ring - Seitzsteg - Augsburg Messe - Seitzsteg

17. 12. + EFZ (Tübingen Hbf -) Stuttgart-Untertürkheim - Abzw Nürnberger Str. (- Nürnberg Hbf) and rtn.

31.12. OSEF Railtour around Dresden-Neustadt - Dresden-Friedrichstadt

Europe 2016 + MLV Zwettl - Schwarzenau im Waldviertel (- Gmünd N.Ö.) and return AT
20. 11. + Turkol Railtour around Poznań [also 10.XII] PL
26. 11. (Praha hl.n. -) Kladno-Dubí - Skanzen Mayrau and return CZ
03. 12. KŽC (Wien Praterstern -) Paasdorf - Mistelbach Lb and return AT
04. 12. Landesbahn Ceva - Ormea and return FULLY BOOKED IT
08. 12. + FFI (Wien-Liesing -) Zellerndorf - Kadolz-Mailberg and return AT
10. 12. + Pro Klgb Schwarzenau im Waldviertel - Zwettl - Waldhausen AT
10/11. 12. + MLV Sulmona - Roccaraso and return IT
10/11. 12. Molise Shuttles Neuf-Brisach - Colmar FR
10/11. 12. + TRR Loudeac - St. Brieuc and return. [also 17-20.XII] FR
11. 12. CFCB Colmar - Neuf-Brisach-Volgelsheim and return FR
11. 12. + TRR Shuttles Novara - Varallo Sesia IT
11. 12. FFI Sulmona - Castel di Sangro and return IT
26. 12. + Molise

Germany 2017

21. 01. + DGEG Goods lines between Hagen and Köln
Special train to ???
18. 02. + DGEG Railtour including Stolberg Altstadt - Breinig and Eschweiler-Weisweiler - Frenz
18. 03. + DGEG Almost all lines tour (99 %) of Straßenbahn München
(Chemnitz Hbf -) Riesa - Röderau (- Hamburg) and return
29. 03. + Seidlitz Staßfurt - Egeln
Special trains in Saarland, Lothringen and Luxemburg [DE/FR/LU]
01/02. 04. + Siede Possible special train to ???
Special train to ??? [Possibly also 24. 09.]
06/07. 05 + zugparty Possible special train to ???

06/07. 05 + NbSE

15-18. 06. DGEG

21. 08. + DGEG

23. 09. + DGEG

28. 10. + DGEG

25. 11. + DGEG Possible special train to ???

Europe 2017 Special trains in Hungary
(Chemnitz Hbf - Forst(Lau) -) Żagań - Głogów - Leszno (- Wolsztyn) and return [DE/PL]
27. 04 - 02. 05. PTG Railtour around Amsterdam Docks HU
Special trains in Finland PL
29. 04. + zugparty Special trains in Poland NL
Special train in Montenegro FI
29. 04. Mercia PL
Special trains in Jordan ME
01-09. 07. PTG
08-10. 09. PTG

00. 10. PTG

Overseas 2017

12-17. 05 + BLS

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