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22 April 2017




This newsletter covers the World outside the British Isles from information
supplied by members.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Compilers or of the Society.

International Editor (to whom all email and postal contributions should be sent):
Paul Griffin, 7 School Bell Mews, Church Lane, Stoneleigh, COVENTRY,CV8 3ZZ
Email: [email protected]
Deputy International Editor: Derek Woodward, 68 Church Street, Matlock, DERBY, DE4 3BY


There was a recent report that Zwickau was considering closing the branch of their tram system which goes to the
Hauptbahnhof. This picture shows a tram at the Hauptbahnhof stop.


[140] Belgium - Belgian Infrastructure Report
Mechelen Station and Line 25N - Line 27B - Mechelen Station is still undergoing its major rebuild and
the new formation on the works side of the station is now well advanced. From the end of line 25N
(the high-speed line from Brussel/Airport) there is a completely separate formation through Mechelen

Station and it joins Line 27B as it rises up to the platforms at Mechelen-Nekkerspoel. The new line
takes the kink out of the bend and ups the line speed from a bouncy 100 kph to a smooth 160 kph.
Eventually the new line will take the non-stop and airport trains and will enable these to run faster
through Mechelen Station. To begin with the extra platforms will enable the current platforms in the
station to be demolished and rebuilt. There is also a dual carriageway road under the railway which
gives access to the station and car parks.
Our member speculates that the new platforms and line will open sometime in 2018. It may be that
the tracks are used before the platforms are operational. As with Gent St. Pieters the actual building of
things can be finished but it is the fitting out (escalators, safe walk way, lifts) that take the time.
Line 37 - The re-building of the platforms at Verviers Central continues. The island platforms 3 & 4 are
in service and are at the new standard height and have a proper surface. Platforms 5 & 6 are being
worked on and are not too far off being finished. The use of only one island platform has been causing
problems but these will hopefully soon be a thing of the past.
Line 50A - The old tracks and ballast in the centre of the formation has mostly been removed from
Brussels to Sint-Katherina-Lombeek. There are some bridge works going on whilst the track and ballast
is removed, reproofing, re-decking, inspecting etc. In other parts geotextiles have been laid down and
fresh ballast spread over them. If Infrabel get on with the job the centre tracks could be in use for
December 2017, but our member suspects that the Spring of 2018 looks more likely.
The new outer tracks are Line 50C and the inner tracks are Line 50A.
Gent Station is coming on and the next two platforms are not far off being ready. Platforms 12 & 11
are finished and open with everything in place. Platform 10 is functioning with Platform 9 being behind
the screens. Platforms 7 and 8 are nearly ready. By December 2017 8 and 9 will be open and Platform
7 will be behind the screens. The work demolishing Platforms 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 & 1 is Phase 2 of the project
and starts in August 2018. Where the current 1913 subway runs, this area is being opened out into a
large undercroft which will be wider than Rotterdam Centraal.
There is a video at explaining
what is going on in Dutch, English and French. Watch the first part which has the railway interest.
Further on from Gent the works are on-going but there is a lot less happening. As with Line 161 there
has been compulsory purchase and demolition of line side houses in some of the villages. Where these
homes were is now a grassed area awaiting the road moving and railway construction.
From Gent to the loops at Landegem the railway is four track and the wires are up. What has not
happened yet is the country end of the loops getting connected up. Possibly they will be connected up
before the summer. Drongen station is four track and will have four platforms.
Line 161 - South of Etterbeek the two diveunder lines are in use and helping regulation. Note that the
schematic below (next page, e-blni only) is incomplete, and other tracks are present.
Line 161 Works - Generally the works on Line 161 have all but ceased. The Belgians have spent
hundreds of millions of euros on civil engineering works to make the line four-track from Brussel
Schuman to Louvain-La-Neuve-Université Junction. People have lost treasured gardens, homes,
amenity as well as putting up with years of works. Equally the travelling public have had years of
disruption and still have disruption as the Wallonian universe tries to squeeze down the two tracks of
Line 161. Meanwhile all these very expensive assets lie unused.
Our member is rather surprised that the short section of line from Ottignies to Louvain-La-Neuve-
Université Junction has not been four tracked. The civil works are done and it would be an easy job to

put the track in and remove conflicts for a 2.34 kilometre section of line. Yet again the assets lie
unused whilst trains coming down Line 162 are checked for those coming off the University Branch.

Line 162 - Things are moving better here with sections of rewiring done, some single track working
whilst the work is done and some catenary posts and arms in place. The connecting line from the
Chemin du Fer Du Bocq is being put back and has been re-connected. In some places it is down and
ballasted and in some parts just down. Our member expects the connection to be fully available for
the Spring. It would appear there has been a movement of stock off the Bocq Line but the track is not
up to passenger standard yet.

Libramont Station is nearly finished. The platforms have been extensively re-built and the track
relayed. Just one platform to re-wire and it’s done.
The first part of Line 162/CFL Line 50 to be converted to 25kV was supposed to be the section from
Luxembourg City to Y Autelbas as well as Line 165 from the 3000/25kV changeover point. CFL are still
busy planting new catenary supports on their section of line and it does not look as if the changeover
will happen anytime soon.
[141] Czech Republic/ Poland - Curves and border crossings
Your reporter caught the 05:53 Ostrava hl n to Warszawa service as far as Rybnik. This service uses the
Bohumin avoiding curve, which is quite lengthy as it passes alongside one yard then the remains of
another before curving away towards Chałupki. From Rybnik, after a stroll up to the impressive basilica
looking in vain for a cafe, your reporter caught the 07:47 service to Wrocław Główny, and can confirm
that it did cover the direct route to Sumina shown in EGTRE PL17/29. Our member returned to the
Czech Republic via Szklarska Poręba Górna, as the only previous time he had tried to do this border
crossing, this station was undergoing major reconstruction work, which meant that Czech services
were terminating at a temporary platform well short of the main station, and there were no trains to
or from Jelenia Góra. He still ended up with a gap, albeit a much shorter one, as Czech services now
terminate in a bay platform to the west of the main station. There is a through track but no through
trains. Incidentally, the arrival from Liberec turned out to be a single car unit, absolutely packed with
skiers, as there is a very popular ski resort at Szklarska Poręba Jakuszyce, the last station in Poland and
also the highest. There was still plenty of snow about.

Szklarska Poręba Górna – view of the PKP train from the CD railcar in the west bay.

[142] Czech Republic - AŽD reopens Obrnice to Čížkovice
Private company AŽD purchased and repaired the Obrnice to Čížkovice line in 2016 and have
agreement with Transport Usti Region to run passenger trains between Most and Lovosice on summer
weekends and national holidays until 2021. Timetable here:
linka-t4/. The company intend to trial a new signalling system based on the Galileo satellite
technology, then, if successful, to use it to control safety devices. The aim is to try to achieve a
driverless system. Test trains will run on weekdays.

[143] France – Paris tram extension finally gets started
The first section of rail has been laid in Montfermeil for an extension of the T4 tram-train route in
Paris. It marks the beginning of the project’s construction phase – five years since work first started on
the new branch line. The 6.5 km route will extend the T4 line east from Gargan station to Montfermeil.
The line currently runs north/south from Aulnay-sous-Bois to Bondy. The Montfermeil extension,
which provides a connection to the RER E Line, is due to open to passengers at the end of 2019.

[144] Germany - Museum Kursbuch 2017
Each year, in March, Eisenbahn Kurier and VDMT produce the Kursbuch der Deutschen Museums-
Eisenbahn which contains information on most of the heritage railways in Germany including days of

operation, motive power and timetable if available. It can
be purchased from many bookshops at German railway
stations for €7.50, and very useful the book is too. There
are changes from year to year as lines open and close, and
some of the 2017 ones are as follows:
NI/HB 04c Walsrode – Bomlitz is not included. Planned
changes at the railway could not be achieved.
NW 13 Feldbahnmuseum Rommerskirchen – Oekoven. The
length of the railway has increased from 800 metres to
1100 metres.
NW 20 Bocholt – Mussum. For technical reasons, the route
is still blocked until 2018.
NW 25 Alme – Büren. This line has disappeared from the
Kursbuch and the rolling stock is up for sale.
BW 14a Korntal – Weissach. Trains run through to
Weissach again.
BY 12b Nördlingen – Dombühl. 3-4 train pairs will go
beyond Feuchtwangen to Dombühl.

[145] Germany – Aartalbahn blues
The Aartalbahn runs north from Wiesbaden through Bad Schwalbach, Hohenstein and Zollhaus to Diez
on the Koblenz to Limburg line. BLNI 1242.361 reported on recent progress in reopening this line for
heritage and passenger services. Bad Schwalbach hosts the Country Garden Show in 2018 and it was
planned to reactivate the line from there to Wiesbaden in time for this event, but the cost has risen to
€1.2M and there are concerns that the work cannot be completed in time. A vote is expected soon,

but as an alternative the District Council is suggesting purchase of the route and the implementation of
the CityBahn project Wiesbaden with extension to Bad Schwalbach (but presumably not in time for the
Country Garden Show).

[146] Germany - Strassenbahn Mannheim
From 1 March until November 2017, tram lines 2, 3, 4 / 4A and 6 / 6A have been diverted due to
construction work on den Planken, one of the most important arteries of the Mannheim tramway. A
number of rare connections are therefore in use including Kurpfalzbrücke Ost - Alte Feuerwache (line
4A), Rathaus / REM - Paradeplatz (lines 2 and 6 / 6A) and Universität - Lindenhofplatz (line 3). Line 4A
has a further diversion, between Rosengarten and Gewerkschaftshaus “Geradeaus Durch”.

[147] Germany/Poland - The first passenger train over the Horka to Węgliniec line for 70 years?
Having stayed the night near Berlin Lichtenberg station, our member made his way to the station on
the rather rainy morning of 18 March and almost immediately bumped into two IBSE members. They
were there for the same reason – the 08:32 Berlin Lichtenberg to Wrocław weekend service diverted
via the recently reopened (after engineering works closure) Horka to Węgliniec cross-border freight
line. There are several weekend diversion dates through 2017 with details in EGTRE, but this was the
first. The guard was clearly something of a crank, and soon announced that this would be the first
passenger train from Horka to Węgliniec for 70 years. The claim needs clarification as special trains
have run across the line several times in recent years, often with steam, but certainly it was the first
crossing of a scheduled passenger service our member is aware of, albeit a diverted one. But first there
was bonus track to be had. The remodelling of the nearby Ostkreuz station has included reinstatement
of a curve between Lichtenberg and Ostkreuz (line 6139) allowing trains from Lichtenberg to call at
Ostkreuz high level platforms and then proceed towards Berlin Schöneweide. This meant new track for
our member immediately. But the highlight was always going to be the cross border section, and our
member duly made his way forward as the train approached Horka. The train comprised two elderly
class 628 two car DMU’s, and these afford an excellent view of the line ahead from behind the driver.
Our member was not alone. 8 Germans passengers, a Czech enthusiast and the guard were also
peering ahead with cameras in hand. The driver was clearly entering into the spirit of the thing as two
of the German enthusiasts were in the cab with him. As the train approached Horka Low Level station
it diverged left and curved to run parallel with the [Knappenrode]-Niesky – Horka High Level station –
frontier- Bielawa Dolna - Węgliniec line, and then rose steadily until both lines were on the same level.
The Niesky – frontier section is to be electrified, but currently only the masts are present. At the end of
the goods yard the two lines join and continue as double track with a 70km/h speed limit (apart from
one restriction at a foot crossing) all the way to the frontier. A red light stopped progress here,
requiring some button pushing on the Indusi in-cab controls and a short phone call before an amber
light allowed the train to continue, immediately crossing over to run wrong line through Bielawa Dona.
The Polish side is fully electrified and has been for several years, to much embarrassment from the
Germans who are not used to Poles being prompt and efficient. A PKP Energytyka train was occupying
the right hand line, so wrong line running prevailed all the way to Węgliniec. Our member remembers
his first journey from Węgliniec to Wrocław much earlier in the present century when only part of the
line was electrified and the infrastructure in a poor state, with line speeds to match. How times have
changed! Today it is a fast journey over rebuilt infrastructure, with the train having a wait at Legnica

before an on-time departure for Wrocław and an early arrival which saw our member hastily obtain a
reservation for earlier onward travel than he had anticipated.
[148] Netherlands - Hoek Van Holland line closes for conversion
The Rotterdam to Hoek van Holland line opened 1 June 1893 and was electrified in 1935. It has now
closed for conversion to an extension of the Rotterdam Metro due to open in September.
The actual section closed is Schiedam Centrum (km 0) to Hoek van Holland Strand (km 23.980). The
Metro line is to be extended 900 metres past the current terminus in 2018. Hoek Van Holland Haven
was a mixture of 4 bays (km 22.700) and two through platforms (23.066). The bays probably went out
of use when the last boat train departed on 09 December 2006 and all except platform 3 were
removed last year. The last day of NS service to Hoek van Holland was on Friday 31 March, although
the last train actually ran at 00:32 on Saturday morning. The 00:32 train was one way with invited
guests going to a farewell event at the Hoek and a RET bus back.

The scene at Rotterdam just before midnight on Friday 31 March. 2945 and 2978 stand ready to work the last passenger train to
the Hoek.

[149] Poland – Łódź urban trams under threat
In the last few months, line speed on parts of the system has been reduced from 20 to 10 km/h. Line
43 to Lutomiersk has been completely bustituted since 21 February. Line 46 to Ozorków has a new
timetable and now takes 116 minutes from one end to the other. Line 41 to Pabianice also has a new
timetable with additional speed reductions. There is apparently one chance to apply for EU funding for
modernisation otherwise a changeover to bus traffic is planned from January 2018 onwards.

[150] Poland – Assorted openings and reopenings
Between Kraków Plaszów and Zakopane, the newly built Sucha Beskidzka avoiding curve is shown as
coming into use from 11 June 2017 as the new station on the curve at Sucha Beskidzka Rynek now
appears in the all year timetable.
T418 Sławno to Darłowo. According to Polska Dziennik Bałtycki, trains are to run again to Darłowo in
the summer season 2017 after a six-year break, between 25 June and 3 September.
T381 Słupsk to Ustka. An agreement between PKP PLK and the Pomeranian voivodship was signed on
28 February 2017. In addition to the rehabilitation of the line it mentions two new stops, Słupsk Strefa
and Ustka Osiedle. The latter is one stop beyond Ustka on the former route to Sławno and closer to
the Baltic coast – something which has been suggested for a long time. Timescale 2017-2020.
T554 Rejowiec to Zamość. Services between Lublin and Zamość link the two cities with the largest
populations in the region and the route is to be modernized by 2020. The project looks to reinstate
both the Rejowiec and Zawada avoiding curves, which are 1.6 and 1.9 km long respectively. T556
Stalowa Wola to Zwierzyniec will be renovated in 2017 to accommodate diverted services.
Line 28 Wieliszew – Zegrze. The long-suggested reopening to passengers of this short branch off the
Warszawa northern freight ring NE of Legionowo is moving forward. After a declaration of intent
signed by PKP, the voivodship, ZTM Warszawa and 9 municipalities in 2015, PKP PLK started the tender
for pre-planning in early 2017. The route is part of the Regional Development Program 2014-2020.

[151] Slovakia/Poland – The Čadca to Zwardoń line visited
This cross-border line into Poland has a limited service of 4 return trips a day on weekdays, one less at
weekends. The first of the afternoon services, a loco hauled train with 4 coaches which was through
from Žilina, was very busy leaving Čadca, disgorging mainly students at the frequent stops up this well
populated valley. After the last Slovakian station, however, only three passengers remained, your
reporter plus two others, obviously tourists. Whilst at Zwardoń a Polish service arrived, but no one
transferred to the Slovakian train and the same three passengers went back.

ZSSK and PKP trains at Zwardoń


[152] Saudi Arabia – First passenger train runs from Riyadh
Saudi Arabia Railway Company (SAR) inaugurated its first passenger services on 26 February on the
Riyadh - Al Qassim section of the North-South Railway with an intermediate stop at Majmaah. Until 1
April there was one round trip Thursdays to Mondays departing Riyadh at 10:00 and returning from Al
Qassim at 15:00. The 200km/h day trains comprise two diesel-electric power cars and nine passenger
coaches which have family sections, prayer areas and a restaurant car. The next phase, which started
on 2 April saw a daily service departing Al Qassim at 05:00 and returning from Riyadh at 18:00. Phase 3
will be a daily service between Hail and Riyadh. From 2018, SAR will introduce two passenger night
trains serving Qurayyat, Al Jauf, Hail, Al Qassim, Majmaah and Riyadh. These will comprise two
160km/h diesel-electric locomotives and 13 trailer coaches including sleeping cars, restaurant car, and
car carrier wagons. All trains are designed to operate in desert conditions in temperatures up to 55oC.

[153] USA - Warm Springs extension opens
San Francisco Bay Area Rapid Transportation (BART) opened the Warm Springs Extension on 25 March.
The $890 million (more than $100 million under budget) Warm Springs Extension, which connects a
new Warm Springs station to Fremont station, serves a fast-growing community. Strategically, this will
link with a 10 mile extension to Silicon Valley, a Santa Clara Valley Transportation Authority project
that’s under construction and expected to open for service later this year. The extensions are being
part funded by the $1 Regional Measure 2 bridge toll increase approved by Bay Area voters in 2014.
BART was formed in 1957 and runs trains over 104 miles of 5 ft 6 in gauge, 1000V DC third rail
electrified track.


This is provided as a service to members and details must be checked with the organisers.
BLS participation in LCGB Overseas Study Tours.
The LCGB is pleased to repeat for 2017 its invitation to BLS members to participate in its Overseas
Study Tours. Details of the tours can be found in the Overseas Study Tours section of the LCGB
website, with contact details for each tour and these are updated every 4-5 weeks at
around the time of publication of the LCGB Bulletin. Annual or temporary membership of the LCGB is
required for participants for insurance reasons. Details of tours planned for 2017 are as follows:-
Baltic States - late August/early September - steam charters, museums and plinths.
Italy -late September/early October - major Railtour starting in Germany with many Italian steam
classes and some vintage electrics and diesels.
Columbia and Panama - mid / late September - steam charters, museums, workshops, superb scenery,
historic cultural sites.

List of Special Trains on Lines with without Passenger Services

29/30. 04. Sauren Short branches in the western Ruhrgebiet
29. 4.-1.5. + DB Diversion d. ICE-Linie 11 between Hanau Hbf and Fulda via Abbetween Zollberg - Burgsinn Bbf
29. 4.-1. 5. PE Vatterode Rides on Parkeisenbahn Vatterode [also 3-5.VI, 1/2.,22/23.VII, 5/6.VIII, 2,3,30.IX, 1,3,28/29,31.X] + DB Diversion several long distance trains between Düsseldorf Hbf and Köln Hbf via Opladen - Hilden
Sundern(Sauerl), Arnsberg Süd
30. 04. DGEG Gütersloh Nord - Hövelhof [also 30.IX, 8.X]
30. 04. Osningbahn Rides Lommatzsch - Ziegenhain [also 4./5.VI, 9./10.IX]
01. 05. Schienentrabi Oberhausen West - Moers - Rheinberg(Rhl), Landschaftspark Duisburg-Nord, TKS, Mathilde -
02. 05. + DGEG Recklinghausen Ost
WISMUT-Netz Cancelled
06. 05. + TG Ferkeltaxi (Chemnitz Hbf -) Riesa - Röderau (- Hamburg) and back.
06/07. 05. zugparty and a. Wanne-Herner Eisenbahn, Wanne Westhafen, Bottrop Süd - Hafen Cöln-Neuessen
(Staßfurt - Magdeburg Hbf -) Alstomwerk Stendal and back
06. 05. + DGEG Shuttles Hafenhubbrücke - Niedrigwasserschleuse Steinkopfinsel
06. 05. + FdV Diversion d. IC 2204 via. Opladen - Duisburg-Wedau [also 13.V]
06/07. 05. MEBF Diversion d. IC 2431 via. Berlin-Wannsee - B-Grunewald – B-Gesundbrunnen - Berlin-Lichtenberg
06. 05. + DB Shuttles Staßfurt - Westeregeln
06. 05. + DB (Hamburg-Harburg -) Bremervörde - Zeven(Han) - Tostedt (- Hamburg-Harburg)
06/07. 05. + NbSE (Piesberg -) Osnabrück Altstadt - KME Germany and back
06. 05. + Metrans Mannheim Industriehafen [also 23.IX, 21.X]
12. 05. + ODF Diversion d.IC 2432 via Berlin-Lichtenberg - Berlin Gesundbrunnen - Berlin-Grunewald - Berlin-Wannsee
13. 05. + HE Mannheim (Dortmund Hbf -) Dortmund-Derne - Abzw Horstmar - Bergkamen - Hamm Rbf Hde - Bft Bönen
13. 05. + DB Autobahn - Bönen - Logistikzentrum Ruhr-Ost - AB Am Mersch - Bönen - Schwerte(Ruhr)Ost -
13. 05. ASM Arnsberg(Westf) - Neheim-Hüsten - Sundern(Sauerl) - Neheim-Hüsten RLG - Arnsberg Süd - Neheim-
Hüsten (- Dortmund Hbf)
14. 05. ME Hamm Rundfahrten Hamm(Westf)Rbf
14. 05. + BmD (Berlin Zoo -) Seddin - Grünauer Kreuz - Berlin-Tempelhof - Berlin-Grunewald (- Berlin Zoo)
19. 05. Seidlitz Frechen - Kippstelle Fürstenbergmaar - Rommerskirchen - Umspannwerk Rommerskirchen - Kippstelle
Abtsbusch - Lst Frimmersdorf - KW Frimmersdorf - Frechen
20. 05. EMBB (Leipzig-Plagwitz -) Berlin Südkreuz - DTM and back
20/21. 05. Schienentrabi Rochlitz(Sachs) - Rochsburg - Penig [also 1/2.VII, 12/13.VIII]
(Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen -) VBK Stuttgart Nord (- Dettenhausen) [also 16.VII]
21. 05. + GES (Piesberg -) Osnabrück Altstadt - Bohmte - Bad Essen and back [also 11.VI]
21. 05. + ODF MuBa in Saarland, Lothringen and Luxemburg [DE/FR/LU]
25-28. 05. + DGEG Shuttles Diepholz - Sulingen(Han)
25. 05. Osningbahn Shuttles Darmstadt-Kranichstein - Abbetween Stockschneise (- Groß-Gerau-Dornberg) /- Darmstadt Hbf
25-28. 05. Kranichstein Rides Parkbahn Lalsohammer [also 1/2.VII(?),3.X]
01. 06. Lalsohammer (Chemnitz -) Zwotental - Adorf(Vogtl) and back
03. 06. SEM Chemnitz (Bielefeld Hbf -) Minden(Westf) - Minden Oberstadt and back
04. 06. + Osningbahn Remscheid-Bliedinghausen
10. 06. Sauren Heringen(Werra) - Gerstungen (- Apolda) and back
10. 06. SZR Müller Diversion of several t ICE-/IC-Züge between Hanau and Würzburg Hbf via Schlüchtern - Burgsinn Bbf
15-18. 06. + DB Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk (- Žatec) and back [DE/CZ]
17. 06. OSEF Shuttles Staßfurt - Leopoldshall (Bw) [also 23/24.IX]
24/25. 06. + NbSE Shuttles Greifswald - Greifswald-Ladebow Hafen
14-16. 07. Press (Löbau(Sachs) -) Peitz Ost - KW Jänschwalde and back
15. 08. OSEF (Chemnitz -) Döbeln - Nossen - Meißen T. (- Dresden - Chemnitz)
18. 08. SEM Chemnitz Special train Thüringerwaldbahn
19. 08. + Sauren Shuttles Olbernhau - Neuhausen(Erzgeb)
20. 08. TG Ferkeltaxi AB Ahaus, Spelle-Venhaus, Dörenthe, Ankum
26. 08. + DGEG Special train in der Prignitz
02/03. 09. + Sauren Shuttles Gelände ECA Aschersleben
09/10. 09. NbSE Shuttles Bw Arnstadt - Erfurter Kreuz
16/17. 09. Arnstadt Special train ins "Weserbergland"
23. 09. DGEG Oranienbaum(Anh) - Ferropolis
24. 09. EM Vienenburg Gotha - Emleben, Straußfurt - Sömmerda
30. 09. TEV

14. 10. OSEF Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk (- Pardubice) and back [DE/CZ] - e)
15. 10. FME e -) e t - - t e te c - e - t a )
28. 10. + DGEG
25. 11. + DGEG Special train from Bochum around Dortmund
10. 12. ET Special train in Bergischen Land
10. 12. TG Ferkeltaxi Shuttles Gütersloh Nord - Hövelhof
22. 12. ET Neuhausen(Erzg), Marienberg(Sachs)
23. 12. ET Neubeckum - Wadersloh and back
Ennigerloh - Neubeckum - Münster(Westf)Hbf and back

Europa / Europe 2017

26.4/-2. 5. PTG Special train in Hungary HU
29. 04. zugparty (Chemnitz Hbf - Forst(Laus) -) Ża ań - Gło ów - Leszno) (- Wolsztyn) and back [DE/PL] PL
01. 05. TurKol (Wolsztyn -) Leszno) - Gło ów - Ża ań - Ja kowa Ża - Jelenia Góra) PL
02. 05. TurKol (Zgorzelec) podg. Studniska - Turoszów and back [PL/DE] PL
02. 05. TurKol Jelenia Góra - Zebrzydowa (- Zgorzelec- Jelenia Góra PL
02-16. 05. + MÁV Diversion d. IC 246 between Zalaszentiván and Zalalövő via Zalaegerszeg avoiding line PL
03. 05. TurKol Legnica - Jerzmanice Zdrój and back AT
03. 05. TurKol (Jelenia Góra) - Legnica - Rudna Gwizdanów - Gło ów – Leszno (- Wolsztyn) CZ
05-08. 05. Steam Story L če ec - Somosköújfalu, Komárom - Komárno [SK/HU] FR
13. 05. FdBB Shuttles Mixnitz Lokalbahn - RHI Breitenau [also 5,10.VI, 8.VII, 12.VIII, 16.IX] HU
20. 05. MhmP Around Praha PL
21. 05. + TRR Volgelsheim - Colmar (- Metzeral) and back PL
27/28. 05. TurKol Po ań Gł.-) Koło e - Koło e Po t and back PL
Ő (Miskolc -) Papírgyár - Mahóca and back [also 22.VII, 28.X] FI
27. 05. ÉSZAKE Po ań Gł. -) I ow ocław - Kruszwica and back PL
15. 06. TurKol I ow ocław - Wapienno and back FI
15. 06. TurKol SK

17. 06. steamrail Nurmes - Vuokatti and back SK
18. 06. TurKol M ę c ó ) - Skwierzyna (- Gorzów)) and back CH
18. 06. TurKol (Wolsztyn -) M ę ec - M ę c o and back AT
23. 06. steamrail Nurmes - Kontiomäki and back SK
25. 06. TurKol Koło e - Koło e Po t, S c ec ą e SDA - SDC IT
01-09. 07. PTG Special train in Finland PL
01-04. 07. Steam Story PL
Vranov n. Topľo - T e šov, Me ev, o š á, Slavošovce, M áň, ľakovo - Somosköújfalu, Velký IT
05. 07. RTC K tíš, Ipol ta óc - L če ec, Zvole - Ša , a oš a, t a ké Pravno (od. elektrárna Nováky?) TR
Russian gauge line a ka př Koš c ac - Mat'ovce and back FI
11. 07. + Hell (Chur -) Übg Realp - Gletsch - Übg Oberwald (- Brig) [also 13.VII, 8,10.VIII] ME
20. 07. Club 760 (Mauterndorf -) St. Andrä - Tamsweg (- Unzmarkt) and back AT
21-24. 07. TurKol leksandrów Kuj. - Ciechocinek SK
05-13. 08. KŽC ``Holiday in the Railcar`` (Ostslowakei, e t p , Sta lwe k a ka př Koš c ac )

06. 08. Molise Sulmona - Castel di Sangro and back [also 20.VIII, 8.X, 5.XI, 26.XII]
12. 08. Veterá Koš ce -) Pleš vec - Slavošovce and back
12. 08. TurKol Po ań Gł. -) M ę ec - M ę c ó Let ko and back
12. 08. TurKol (Gorzów Wlkp -) Skwierzyna - M ę c ó and back

27. 08. Molise Isernia - Castel di Sangro and back

13-17. 09. Kramer Karakuyu (evtl. Schleife) - Burdur, Gümüsgün - Isparta

17. 09. Molise Sulmona - Castel di Sango and back, Isernia - Castel di Sangro and back

23. 09. Veterá Koš ce -) Medzilaborce - Ł pków - Sanok) and back [SK/PL]

29. 09. steamrail (Nurmes -) Lieksa - Pankakoski and back

01-08. 10. Wendelin Potutory - Brzezany

01-06. 10. + PTG Special train in Montenegro

01. 10. FTI (Milano -) Novara - Varallo Sesia and back

06-09. 10. + Steam Story Übg Timelkam

21/22. 10. KŽC a oš a, Topoľč a k

28. 10. Veterá Koš ce -) Moldava nad Bodvou - Medzev and back

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