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3rd February 2018

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3rd February 2018




This newsletter covers the World outside the British Isles from information
supplied by members.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Compilers or of the Society.

International Editor (to whom all email and postal contributions should be sent):
Paul Griffin, 7 School Bell Mews, Church Lane, Stoneleigh, COVENTRY, CV8 3ZZ
Email: [email protected]
Deputy International Editor: Derek Woodward, 68 Church Street, Matlock, DERBY, DE4 3BY


Your International Editor is presently off on his winter travels and will not return until March, so any
contributions sent by post before then should be sent to the Deputy International Editor in Matlock.

Polish DMU SA134-014 at Głuchołazy Miasto with the SSuO service from Opole Główne on a snowy 3 December.
The line is cut at the end of the single platform and there is a considerable amount of ballast and sand in front of the buffers to
stop runaway wagons from the yard near Głuchołazy station, 1.64 km to the north, and slightly uphill. Our member walked a
further kilometre along the track to the former terminus at Głuchołazy Zdroj where there was a long platform set in woodland.

[051] Bosnia - Una line to have electrification restored to Bihać
A contract was let by FBiH Railways on 16 January for performing works on the (re)electrification of
the Una railway line from Blatna to Bihać, a distance of 47 kilometres. Once complete passenger traffic

will be re-established after 27 years between Sarajevo and Bihać, and ŽFBiH will have fulfilled its goal
of connecting all major BiH cities.

[052] Czech Republic – Seasonal train to Brewery branch
Plzeňský Prazdroj and České dráhy have agreed to run seasonal trains from Praha to the Velké
Popovice brewery. The brewery is on a 4.5km branch from Strančice, which is between Praha and
Čerčany. The present plan is for a locomotive hauled train on Saturdays starting in May, subject to
some work on the track being completed. The advantage for the brewery is that visitors partaking of
the Kozel beer that will doubtless be for sale will depart on the train, and not try to drive home.

[053] France/Luxembourg – Passenger trains to be diverted by unusual curves
There is a complete closure of the railway between Luxembourg and Bettembourg between 10-18
February with some rare curve use from Monday 12 February until Friday 16 February. The PDF linked
below confirms that there are 2 pairs between Luxembourg and Thionville running via Petange, Esch-
sur-Alzette and the Bettembourg avoider and 2 pairs between Luxembourg and Metz via Rodange,
Longwy, the Thionville avoider and Uckange. In each case, trains are to Luxembourg in the morning
peak, and from Luxembourg in the evening peak. Details can be found atévrier%20

[054] Germany - Adorf to Zwotental line saved
The 12.9 km Adorf to Zwotental line in Sachsen, which links the Zwickau - Klingenthal [- Sokolov] and
Plauen - Bad Brambach [- Cheb] lines, lost its residual weekends-only passenger service in December
2012. DB Netze subsequently put the line up for sale or disposal, and total closure seemed likely. At
seemingly the last minute, it has been taken over (presumably purchased) by RIS Sachsen, with a
guarantee that the line will stay open for at least five years. This was done with the assistance of
enthusiasts' group OVEB, who are running two train pairs over the line on 17 February to mark its
saving. Details and a timetable are in this forum post.

[055] Germany – Stuttgart 21 delayed
The Stuttgart 21 project to replace the city’s terminus by an underground through station is likely to
cost €1bn more than planned, and completion may be delayed from 2023 to December 2024. Work
commenced in February 2010 on the project which entails construction of an underground through
station with eight tracks serving four platforms at right angles to the historic 16-track terminus. There
has been considerable controversy, with tens of thousands of protesters marching against the
demolition of the two wings of the main station building. The project also includes a direct link from
the Mannheim – Stuttgart Neubaustrecke and a connection through the 9.55 km Filder tunnel to reach
a planned new station serving the airport and the city’s trade fair site. Beyond that the new alignment
will continue to Wendlingen, where the new high speed line to Ulm commences. Another
underground link will run in tunnel east from the new through station to join the old main line to Ulm
via Esslingen.

[056] Greece – New tunnel opened
All traffic was to be diverted through the new tunnel south of Leianokladi from 1 February 2018,
initially with single track and diesel haulage. The new line is expected to be fully operational with
electric traction about 2 months later.

[057] Italy - Avellino-Rocchetta revival continues
The 118.72km railway between Avellino and Rochetta Sant'Antonio-Lacedonia was built between 1888
and 1895 as one of the first secondary railways, connecting three regions (Campania, Basilicata and
Puglia). It closed on 12 December 2010 and appeared to have no future, but the spectacular scenery
and railway architecture led to the line becoming the subject in 2016 of a declaration of cultural
interest by the MiBACT, supported by the Department of Architecture of Federico II. It therefore
became the first Italian railway to have obtained this important recognition. The eastern end of the
line reopened for tourist trains between Rochetta and Lioni on 22 August 2016, and this was extended
from Lioni to Montella on 25 August 2017.
A ‘day of study’ attended by many senior politicians, academics, local authorities and other interested
parties was recently held, the objective being to develop a ‘memorandum of understanding between
the Region, the Municipalities, MiBACT and the Universities, aimed at the sustainable development of
the line and of its territory.’ The FS Foundazione have played a leading role in the reopening, and
according to Wikipedia the remaining section, Montella to Avellino, should reopen by Spring 2018.

[058] Netherlands - Hoekse Lijn delayed by one year
The line between Schiedam and the Hoek van Holland Strand closed on 31 March 2017. The aim was
to have a major engineering push and get the line back up and running as a Metro by September 2017.
The re-opening has progressively slipped and is now Autumn 2018! The Hoekse Lijn website says "The
construction of the stations and the railways is completed by the end of this year (2017), but then
there will be a long period of testing and test driving". The problems appear to be software related as
they were doing gauging runs in August 2017.

[059] Spain – Catalunya line extended
The FGC Vallès line extension from Sabadell Plaça Major to Sabadell Parc del Nord opened (at last!) on
20 July 2017. The opening ceremony was performed by the then president of the Generalitat, Carles
Puigdemont - now residing in exile in Belgium! The short stub from Sant Quirze to Sabadell Rambla
closed on 12 September 2016 and the extension from Sant Quirze to Sabadell Plaça Major opened the
next day. Work on the extension began in 2008 and was planned to open in 2012, but budgetary
problems stopped work for a time. The new service is forecast to increase the number of users from
2.7 million in 2017 to 3.5 m by the end of 2018, an increase of 32%. This is in contrast to the extension
of the other Vallès line branch from Terrassa Rambla to Terrassa Nacions Unides on 29 July
2015, which resulted in a significant transfer of patronage from the Rodalies (RENFE suburban
network) line to FGC.

[060] Spain - Granada Metro (Tramway)
Opened on 21 September 2017 after a protracted 10 year construction phase, including some
complete halts to progress during Spain's financial crisis, this 16km 26 stop tramway runs from the
satellite town of Armilla to the south-east of Granada, skirts the old centre in a three stop cut and

cover section and continues to another satellite town of Albolote. Serving 26 stations the western leg
towards Albolote also serves the main RENFE rail station (still under reconstruction) and the main bus
station which is fully 3km from the centre. The line has a fleet of 15 standard gauge CAF Urbos trams
offering spacious journeys that can last almost 50 minutes end to end, although probably very few
normal passengers undertake the full trip! The tramway on its eastern leg also serves a massive
shopping centre, the regional hospital and university sites and so perhaps not surprisingly has proved
very popular, figures approaching 30,000 per day being reported and trade clearly brisk when visited
on 29 December. There appear to be no real complications in terms of traversing the single line, there
are no short workings and even trams coming on or off depot would not apparently traverse any
unusual track. At both terminals the left hand platform road as approached appears favoured but the
opposite track is not completely rusty so occasional use appears certain. Services run daily and vary in
frequency from 30 minutes in the small hours on Friday and Saturday nights to 8-10 minutes in the
bulk of the daytime/evening. A tourist/daily ticket can easily be bought from machines at all the
stations for €4.50.

309 arrives at Alcazar Genil with a service for Albolete

314 departs from Jaen tramway stop with a service towards Armilla with the snow-covered Sierra Nevada in the background

[061] Switzerland - Summer closure
Lausanne to Puidoux (on the mainline from Geneva to Bern) will be closed to all trains from start of
traffic on 7 July 2018 until end of traffic on 26 August inclusive due to engineering work. This is not yet
reflected in the SBB journey planner.

[062] Ukraine/Poland - Across borders by broad gauge and standard gauge trains (Part 3)
Resuming UZD travels the next afternoon, the plan was to stay in Rivne which is 189 km north east of
L’viv, this being chosen as the Chełm – Kovel’ train had recently been extended via Rivne to Zdolbunov,
(10km from Rivne) and Zdolbunov is not much more than a railway junction so had no UK bookable
hotels. The journey to Rivne via Zdolbunov took 2¾hrs, so our members were in position ready for the
09:19 through train to Chełm the next morning, not due to reach Chełm back in Poland until 13:41.

Rivne Station entrance

2M62U 0171 at Rivne station. The train to Chełm departed from the platform adjacent to the locomotives, the EMU from L’viv
the previous evening arrived in the bay just visible above the trailing engine, exit via the footbridge from which the photograph
was taken.

The Chełm train was only a 2 car DMU as expected, and their pre-booked tickets were, as usual in this
part of the world, checked by the guard on the platform before they were allowed to board the train.
This on a wednesday was around 1/3rd full throughout with comings and goings at UZD stops. It was a
fascinating journey in the border area west of Kovel’ as our members were trying to establish the
current situation on both gauges. Even though the Warszawa - Kyiv overnight sleeper service uses this
section not many reports are seen. Unfortunately the exact extremity of the SG tracks could not be
determined for two reasons. Firstly Kovel’ station had no visible interlaced tracks and a long rake of BG
carriages blocked sight of the far platforms so it was assumed any SG rails must run through on the
north side to reach the substantial yards to the east of the station. Secondly the SG track diverged out
of sight from the western approaches of Kovel’ on a 2km long loop line further to the north of the BG
track which had been thought to be for access to transhipment sidings, but this is not the case as

Google Maps shows this line has no sidings on it. Once back alongside each other (as the SG remained
separate but parallel on the north side all the way from Kovel’ to the border) the SG track showed
signs of some use but with rakes of Polish registered private owner wagons at Matseiv and much
shinier SG rails west of there, regular SG freight reaches at least 33km east from Jagodin. Matseiv is 25
km short of Kovel’.
Elsewhere en route a large store of what were assumed to be SG M62’s were passed, and it was noted
that the BG platform for UZD internal trains at the intermediate station of Lyuboml’ could only be
reached by flat crossings of the SG tracks at either end of the station, so as the Kovel’ – Chełm DMU
did not call there it could be argued that it (and the overnight service) use a short distance of unusual
track. Also at Lyuboml’ there was an interlaced but out of use industrial branch heading SW away from
the station area, so there was also a separate SG crossing of the BG, all making for a complicated
layout. There were more PKP registered standard gauge wagons in the Jagodin station area, together
with a large active transhipment shed with an UZD standard gauge M62 to assist with shunting to and
from this facility. This time the Ukrainian border checks were completed whilst the train was stationary
at Jagodin with passports taken off train for checking and stamping, with the Polish checks on board
after Dorohusk including sniffer dogs. Neither Jagodin nor Dorohusk are advertised calling points, and
BG wagons were seen in Poland at Dorohusk, plus also just east of Chełm where steel coil was being
transhipped. Unexpectedly a BG track continued to the west of Chełm station and was shiny, and this
flat crossed the SG line after 4.5km to diverge to the north with Google maps showing a factory at km
So ended a very enjoyable Ukrainian circuit, with the Przemyśl services looking safe, but the Chełm
crossing currently has three problems so may not be so secure. Firstly it must be expensive to operate
if just a 2 car DMU, secondly the onward service to Warszawa is currently affected by a lengthy
engineering work closure and associated diversion, and thirdly the previous smuggling problem which
directly led to withdrawal of earlier cross border services has resumed. Just before travelling a Polish
on-line news article claimed that the new DMUs were being damaged and on travelling it could be
seen that all panels, equipment access hatches and everything in the toilet with screws or rivets had
thin blue labels stuck over any joins with manually written dates on them to highlight tampering.

[063] Australia – World’s first solar powered train starts operation at Byron Bay
A refurbished 70-year-old 'red rattler' running on a three-kilometre stretch of disused rail line at the
popular tourist destination of Byron Bay is being billed as a world-first. This is a short section of the
former Casino - Murwillumbah railway which closed 13 years ago. Byron Bay is 48 miles from Casino,
32 miles from Murwillumbah.
The initial journey with almost 100 passengers on board was on 16 December 2017. The $4-million
project is the brainchild of multi-millionaire businessman Brian Flannery, who owns a resort in the
area. Tim Elderton, from the Lithgow Railway Workshop, was tasked with building curved solar panels
and a battery system to power the train. Electric bus technology has been re-engineered for use on a
train. There are solar panels on the roof so it can recharge itself, and for cloudy days there are also 30
kilowatts of solar panels in the station roof which can be used to charge the batteries. The train can
manage 4-5 trips before it needs recharging.

[064] India – No leaf fall season, just a fog season
Winter is the problem time for fog in the Ganges basin and the effects on train operation can be
severe. Trains get delayed for hours, causing a ripple effect on the congested network. The dense fog
forces drivers to slow down to as low as 15 km/h as a safety requirement -- resulting in delays ranging
from 4 to 22 hours.
Rattled by the massive disruption in services year after year in winter, the railways have initiated
several steps to use technology to fight fog, but these are still at the trial stage. The steps include a
Train Protection Warning System (TPWS), a Train Collision Avoidance System (TCAS), and a Terrain
Imaging for Diesel Drivers (Tri-NETRA) System, with the latest one being LED fog lights to improve
visibility so that drivers can maintain normal speeds. However, while these tech-tools are still being
tried, the use of the tried-and-tested detonators (locally called crackers) is still in vogue during fog.
Since drivers cannot see the signals, crackers are put on the track ahead of the station. When the train
passes over the crackers they burst and alert the drivers that a station is approaching.
The North Eastern Railway Lucknow Division has adopted a different approach. It has announced that
eight Express and Intercity trains will be suspended from 1 December to 13 February. Other trains
have been ‘partially’ suspended and will terminate short of their normal destination.

[065] India – 108 year old rubber-tyred monorail re-opened
[BLNI 1237.280, BLNI Extra 14.B45] The demonstration line of the Patiala State Monorail Trainway at
The National Railway Museum, in Chanakyapuri, New Delhi has recently been re-opened. A member
who visited this line in March 2016 had found that the engine was in steam but unable to move due to
a mechanical fault.

[066] Indonesia - Jakarta airport rail link inaugurated
The 36.4 km rail link to Jakarta’s Soekarno-Hatta International Airport (SHIA) began full commercial
operation on 2 January, following a formal inauguration by President Joko Widodo. Trial services had
been launched on 26 December to promote the new line. A 12 km branch has been built to connect
the airport station with the national rail network at Batu Ceper, from where trains operate over
existing tracks to reach the capital. Construction of the branch began in mid-2015. At present Railink is
operating an hourly service from 06:00 to 23:00, although a 15 minute interval service is envisaged in
the future. Trains from SHIA call at Batu Ceper and Duri, where they reverse to reach the new
Sudirman Baru station at BNI City, which is the current temporary terminus. Connections with the
suburban network are provided at Duri for passengers to and from Kampung Bandang and Jakarta
Kota. End-to-end journey time is 55 minutes. Airport express services are due to be extended to
Manggarai in 2019, following the completion of reconstruction work at this key hub on the south side
of the city. In the meantime, a feeder bus connects the airport trains at Sudirman Baru with locations
in the city centre, including the main inter-city station at Gambir. It was announced at the inauguration
that three more airport rail links would be opened in 2018. Services to Padang’s Sultan Mahmud
Badaruddin II airport in western Sumatra and Palembang’s Minangkabau airport in southern Sumatra
are expected to begin running in May, while that to Surakarta’s Adi Sumarmo airport in central Java
will follow in November. Railink already operates the country’s first airport express service between
Medan and Kuala Namu airport in eastern Sumatra.

[067] Israel/Jordan/Saudi Arabia – Hejaz railway
Israel is currently investigating possibility of rebuilding the former (then narrow gauge) railway with a
view to reconnecting it with Saudi Arabia (Al – Monitor 9 January). Israel has already built a standard
gauge line from Haifa Port, taking roughly the same route as the original Hejaz branch, (opened to
passengers 16 October 2016), to Beit She’an; this would be extended to the River Jordan border
crossing at the King Hussein bridge, from which Jordan would connect the line to the Saudi operation;
this is a distance of about 15km, but requires significant tunnel and bridge construction due to
challenging topography, costing an estimated 2 billion NIS. From there, Jordan would extend the line
to Saudi Arabia; the whole distance required from Beit She’an is 124 kms. While the original Hedjaz
was substantially to ease the passage of pilgrims to the holy cities of Makkah and Madinah, the
primary reason for the rebuild is to provide a freight corridor against the possibility of political and
warring obstruction to routes via the Suez Canal and the Red Sea. The Israeli Minister of Intelligence
and Transportation stated on 13 December 2017 that the project studies have been completed, and
plans ready to execute within a year or two if approved by Jordan and Saudi Arabia. While Israel’s
involvement in such a scheme might have been though impossible not so long ago, her relations with
some Arab nations, including Saudi Arabia, are much improved.

[068] Saudi Arabia - Inaugural run on Haramain high speed line
An inaugural train ran between Madinah and Makkah over the Haramain high speed railway on 31
December 2017, completing the 450 km trip in 2 hours 52 minutes. Marking the start of a
demonstration phase which will see trains run between Madinah and Makkah on Fridays and
Saturdays until the planned start of commercial services in mid-March 2018, the inaugural trip fulfilled
a commitment by the Al Shoula consortium to commence initial operations before the end of 2017.
Doubts had persisted until late December about whether the inaugural run could take place, not least
because the stations at Jeddah and Makkah are far from complete. In the event temporary facilities
were provided.

[069] USA - Brightline finally opens
The long awaited start of Brightline in Florida finally happened on Saturday 13 January with the launch
of an introductory service between West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale in southern Florida. This is
the first time a privately owned company in the U.S. has developed and operated an express passenger
rail system since 1983, when the Denver and Rio Grande Western Railroad discontinued their Rio
Grande Zephyr.
Brightline operates over the tracks of the Florida East Coast Railway, which have been rebuilt and
upgraded for operation at 125 to 160 km/h. The company is initially operating 10 trains each way per
day over a 74 km section of its planned Miami – Orlando route, offering a journey time of around
40 min. Services are expected to be extended by a further 46 km south from Fort Lauderdale to Miami
Central later this year although construction of the multi-modal transport hub and related property
development is running late. Brightline’s newly-built stations at Fort Lauderdale and West Palm Beach
also include commercial and residential properties. Trains will not run north of West Palm Beach until
the new line between Cocoa and Orlando Airport has been completed. Work on this 200 km/h section
is now expected to begin later this year for opening around 2020.

There are 2 classes of accommodation: Select and Smart. Select will have larger seats, complimentary
snacks and access to their Premium Select Lounge. As of 08:30 the day it was announced the Brightline
website was down due to “overwhelming excitement.”

[070] Uzbekistan – New and planned infrastructure
The 335 km of new infrastructure required for the 355 km line from Bukhara to Miskin was built by
Boshtransloyiha in just one year. The route was originally planned to run from Navoi, but this was
changed to Bukhara. Construction took place from each end simultaneously, with the rail heads
meeting during celebrations of the anniversary of independence on 1 September 2017. The single
track line is being used by freight trains until the earthworks settle, at which point it will be upgraded
to carry passenger services. Electrification is also planned.
A ceremony on 9 January marked the completion of a project to electrify the 325 km Qarshi – Termez
route and this has completed the 25 kV 50 Hz electrification of the 831 km corridor from Tashkent to
Termez on the River Amu Darya which forms the Afghan border.
Elsewhere, tenders have been called for electrification of the 145 km single track line linking Pap,
Namangan and Andijon in the Ferghana Valley, which has been directly connected to the rest of the
Uzbek network since the opening of the electrified Angren – Pap line in June 2016. Completion is
planned for the second quarter of 2020.

List of special trains on lines without passenger services (as at 24 January)

Note – Entries marked with a “+” have been updated within the past 4 weeks

Germany 2018

17. 02. + OVEB 2 x Adorf(Vogtl) - Zwotental and return
Branch lines in the Hannover area
17/18. 02. Sauren u. a. Harsleben - Abzw Halberstadt Ost FULLY BOOKED
u. a. Ulm-Söflingen Em West - Ulm Rbf - Ulm Hbf Em Nord
17. 02. + EF Helmstedt Draisinenbahn Staudernheim - Lauterecken-Grumbach PLANNED
u. a. Emmelsum
24. 02. DGEG (Cottbus -) Peitz Ost - Schwarze Pumpe
Werlte - Lathen and return
02. 03. DGEG u. a. AB Silberhütte [also 10.V, 2.VI, 15.XII]
Railtour around Köln
10. 03. DGEG Special train IN PLANNING
Mannheim Industriehafen IN PLANNING [also 22.IX, 20.X]
17. 03. LDC u. a. Aachen Nord, Breinig, Frenz PLANNED
(Lengerich (Westf) -) Hasbergen - Georgsmarienhütte and return
24. 03. + ASM (Cottbus -) Guben - Czerwieńsk (- Wolsztyn) and return [DE/PL]
Special trains around Nossen
31. 03. FKS (Erfurt Hbf -) Artern - Donndorf(Unstrut) and return
Lommatzsch - Ziegenhain [also 8/9.IX]
07. 04. AKE (Cottbus -) Horka - Węgliniec (- Wrocław Gł.) and return [DE/PL; also 1.XII]
Branch lines in Minden
14/15. 04. IBSE Railtour around Trier
Seitzsteg - Augsburg Ring - Augsburg Messe - Seitzsteg [also 18.VIII]
21. 04. + HE Mannheim Running day at Ziegeleibahn Herzfelde
(Naumburg(Saale)Hbf -) Wangen(Unstrut) - Donndorf(Unstrut) and return [also 23.VI,7-
21. 04. DGEG 9.IX,2.XII]
22. 04. + ET Rochlitz - Penig [also 30.VI, 1,28/29.VII, 25/26.VIII]
Zeche Zollverein
28. 04. + LDC u. a. Lathen - Werlte, AB Haren(Ems), AB Dörpen, Meyer-Werft Papenburg IN PLANNING
Shuttles Greifswald - Greifswald-Ladebow Hafen
29. 04. - 06. 05. DGEG Special trains in Mecklenburg and Denmark PLANNED
Shuttles Olbernhau-Grünthal - Neuhausen(Erzgeb)
01. 05. + IG Unstrutbahn

05/06. 05. + Schienentrabi

05. 05. + LDC

12. 05. Sauren

13. 05. AKE

19. 05. BSM

19. 05. ???

20. 05. + IG Unstrutbahn

02. 06. Pursche

09/10. 06. + Schienentrabi

09. 06. AKE

30. 06. DGEG

13-15. 07. Press

16-20. 08. DGEG

19. 08. TG Ferkeltaxi

25. 08. DGEG Special train in Rheinland PLANNED
Shuttles Ibbenbüren-Aasee - Dörenthe Hafen
26. 08. ET TWE and EEB PLANNED
(Erfurt Hbf -) Artern - Roßlebenand return [also 3.X]
01. 09. DGEG (Chemnitz -) Spreewitz - Schwarze Pumpe and return
Shuttles Berlin-Lichterfelde West - Rathaus Steglitz
07. 09. + IG Unstrutbahn 8.IX: Neubrandenburg - Friedland(Meckl) 9.IX: Hafenbahn Neustrelitz
Shuttles Bw Arnstadt - Erfurter Kreuz
08. 09. TG Ferkeltaxi Railtour around the Ruhrgebiet PLANNED
08/09. 09. MKB Goods lines and harbour lines of Würzburg PLANNED
Meppen - Herzlake Bf and return
08/09. 09. Sauren VEV PLANNED
Neubeckum - Beckum - Waderslohand return
15/16. 09. + Arnstadt Ennigerloh - Neubeckum - Münster(Westf) Hbf and return

29. 09. DGEG

30. 09. DGEG

03-07. 10. DGEG

06. 10. Sauren

27. 10. DGEG

22. 12. + ET

23. 12. + ET

Europe 2018

04.02. + Sila Moccone - San Nicola Silvana Mansio and return [also 11,18,25.II, 4,11,18,25.III] IT
Special train around Wrocław PL
10. 02. TurKol (Toruń Gł. - Grudziądz -) Brodnica - Sierpc (- Toruń Gł.) PL
Goods lines in Champagne PLANNED FR
24. 02. TurKol Sulmona - Castel di Sangro and return [also 29.IV, 13.V, 24.VI, 8,28.VII, 19,25.VIII, 2.IX, 14.X,
4.XI, 26.XII] IT
03/04. 03. DGEG

04. 03. Molise

04. 03. + Landesbahn Tour of Wien by special tram: Bahnhof Erdberg - 18 - 71 - 6 (via new Ostbahn underpass) - 6 - AT
49 - 46 - Reichsratstraße - 2 - Schleife Teichgasse - Bogen Ottakringer Straße - 44 -
Erdbrustgasse - Bogen Maroltingergasse - Schleife Joachimsthaler Platz - 10 - Schleife Dornbach
(2x üb. Gleise 2 u. 10) - 2 - Reichsratstraße - Ring - Börsenschleife - Ring - Schottentor - Ring -
Kai - 2 - Heinestraße, Mühlfeldgasse - Praterstern - 0 - 71 - St. Marx - Bahnhof Erdberg

09-11. 03. KŽC Special train around Břeclav CZ
Sulmona - Carpinone and return [also 11.VIII, 16.IX] IT
25. 03. Molise Railtour of central Finland PLANNED FI
u. a. Děčín východ - Děčín-Prostřední Žleb, Němšová - Lednické Rovné [CZ/DE/AT/SK] CZ
20-24. 04. BLS Special trains in Hungary [HU/HR] HU
Praha-Braník - depo Kačerov CZ
05-08. 05. + Steam Story "On the Narrow Gauge through West Prussia" PLANNED PL
Special train around Eastern Wien PLANNED AT
17-22. 05. PTG Haniska pri Košiciach - Mat'ovce ŠRT SK
Railtour of Northern Sweden SE
02. 06. + ??? Luxemburg and Hennegau PLANNED LU
"Holiday by train in Slovakia VI" SK
14-17. 06. DGEG Diversion of most ICE services between Arnhem Centraal and Utrecht Centraal via the
Betuweroute [also 20-26.VIII] NL
23. 06. Zellhofer Karapčiv -Mežyriččja
Special train around České Budějovice UA
04. 07. RTC Balkan railtour [BG/RS/MK/GR] CZ
u. a. Übg Timelkam MK
13-22. 07. PTG Railtour in Portugal AT
Railtour around Český Krumlov PT
27-29. 07. DGEG CZ

04-12. 08. KŽC

11/12. 08. NS

16-22. 09. + Wendelin

20. 09. ČD

29. 09. - 07. 10. PTG

06-09. 10. Steam Story

18-23. 10. PTG

16-18. 11. KŽC

Overseas 2018 Darjeeling Narrow and broad gauge railways in India IN
18. 03. - 04. 04. PTG Four goods lines in Myanmar MM

09-25. 11.

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