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23rd June 2018




This newsletter covers the World outside the British Isles from information
supplied by members.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Compilers or of the Society.

International Editor (to whom all email and postal contributions should be sent):
Paul Griffin, 7 School Bell Mews, Church Lane, Stoneleigh, COVENTRY, CV8 3ZZ
Email: [email protected]
Deputy International Editor: Derek Woodward, 68 Church Street, Matlock, DERBY, DE4 3BY


The branch from Kiskoros to Kalocsa
closed on 3 March 2007, depriving
rail travellers of the use of the
delightful station building at Kalocsa.
The first station in 1882 was
temporary, and the permanent MÁV
station was opened in 1885.
The building was rebuilt in 1937-38
by Lajos Gábor, an artist based in
Kalocsa and decorated with folk
motifs and woodcarvings. Later, the
station building was declared a MÁV
railway monument with a plaque on
the wall of the building announcing
this. The building is in excellent
condition and parts are in use as a
private dwelling.


[210] Austria - Ötscherland-Express
The "Ötscherland-Express" museum trains of the NÖLB Niederösterreichische Lokalbahnen Betriebsges
will be operating between 19 May and 30 September between Kienberg-Gaming and Lunz am See.
Between Lunz and Göstling an der Ybbs there will only be Christmas special trains on 8 December and
9 December this year.

[211] Bosnia - Part of Una line reopening to passenger services
[BLNI 1298.051] On 1 July passenger services will return to the Blatna to Bihać section of the Una line
south of Novi Grad following completion of the renewal of the overhead line equipment on the 34 km
section. Bosnia and Herzegovina Federal Railways (ŽFBiH) have announced that the train will be one of
their Talgo sets and will run overnight with passengers enjoying use of sleeping compartments. The
reopening means that ŽFBiH will have achieved its ambition of reconnecting all of the largest towns
and cities in Bosnia and Herzegovina to the national passenger network for the first time in 27 years.
Freight resumed several years ago as far south as Martin Brod.

[212] Czech Republic – Weekend service Bruntál to Malá Morávka
From 30 June to 2 September there are five train pairs between Bruntál and Malá Morávka every
Saturday, Sunday and holiday. At Malá Morávka, a bus will be waiting to take excursionists to the

[213] Czech Republic - Hrušovany u Brna to Židlochovice branch to reopen in 2020/21
The Czech Railway Infrastructure Administration (SŽDC) announced last year that the 2.7 km branch
between Hrušovany u Brna (on the main line to Breclav, due south of Brno) and Židlochovice was to be
reopened at the request of the South Moravian region. Now it has issued a call for tenders for the
work to repair and electrify the line within 23 months of the contract being let. That means services
could commence in the 2020-21 timetable with two trains per hour. Passenger trains last ran in 1979.

[214] Germany – Long branch in Bavaria to retain service
[BLNI 1299.076] The trial operation between Gotteszell and Viechtach will, according to a recent
report, be extended for a further three years.

[215] Germany – Short sections of freight line in use by passenger trains
ICE 1726 (Fridays and Sundays) to Berlin departs from Halle (Saale) main station at 18:39, track 12, and
to avoid conflict with other services uses line 6347 (the goods yard west bypass) as far as Abzw. Ab
where it joins the Bitterfeld line.
Southbound trains from Duisburg on RB35 (Wesel – Mönchengladbach) leaving from platform 1
apparently take line 2311 (the freight train exit) to Duisburg-Hochfeld Süd.

[216] Germany – Heritage line loses one branch
In previous years heritage trains have run on summer weekends from Bad Bederkesa to the mainline
station of Bremerhaven Hbf, thence to the sidings at Bremerhaven-Wulsdorf where the train reversed

to access the short branch to Bremerhaven Fischereihafen. Although this is shown as happening in the
Museums Kursbuch for 2018, it is incorrect. Due to track condition no trains can go to Bremerhaven
[217] Germany - Feldbahn Piesberg to be extended
The heritage railway ‘Museum für feldspurige Industriebahnen Osnabrück Piesberg’ has been granted
the finance to build a 3km extension around the northern part of the site starting from Bahnhof
Industriemuseum and ending Bahnhof Grubenweg. It will run mainly over old railway routes and link a
number of interesting industrial sites.

[218] Germany – Ambitious plans from EVS
Euregio Verkehrsschienennetz GmbH (EVS) is a railway infrastructure company in the Greater
Aachen/Eschweiler/Düren area. The network map at shows ambitious plans for future lines in the
area. These are:
Alsdorf-Kellersberg to Aldenhoven Siersdorf branch in planning/construction (with later gradual
extension to Baesweiler Setterich or Baesweiler-Carl-Alexander-Park).
[Stolberg] - Abzw Quinx – Würselen - Aachen Nord in planning to connect with a new line to be
constructed from the mainline between Aachen and Stolberg into the centre of Aachen to Aachen
Bushof Elisenbrunnen.
Stolberg (Rheinl) Hbf to Aachen-Walheim and Aachen-Schmithof and onwards towards Eupen is in pre-
planning. EVS plan to renew the Rüstbach viaduct (between Stolberg Altstadt and Stolberg-Breinig)
from 12 March 2018 to 12 December 2018 to increase line speed. Completion of electrification is
foreseen for mid 2021.

[219] Hungary – Some observations from the PTG tour in May
Line 153 is a branch running from Kiskőrös to Kalocsa, a sizeable town not far from the Duna (Danube).
Passenger services ended in March 2007, but military specials to the Kalocsa Training Centre (Kalocsa
kiképző központ) continued for a while and station signs for the station are still present. The training
centre, now closed, was approximately 3.2km beyond Kalocsa station in the western suburbs of the
town. The decision to build a huge vegetable oil processing plant by the Duna led to the reconstruction
of the entire line, and a lengthy extension westwards from the training centre to the new plant. The
first freight ran on 1 June 2012.
The PTG tour ‘Hungary for More’ on 20 May is believed to be the first passenger train to run over the
extension, and reached a level crossing within sight of the factory gates 7.1km from Kalocsa station.
The tour brochure referred to this point as Kalocsa Baráka Foktő. The line continues for a further
kilometre through the gate to sidings which end near the Duna. The line to the vegetable oil plant
diverges just before the station at Kalocsa and a short branch also goes from this point northwards to
cereal silos. This was slightly overgrown, but clearly useable. The tour brochure mentions bioethanol
from the vegetable oil plant and cereals as the main traffic on line 153, as well as occasional military
specials. The tour also travelled the 1.5km branch to Baja Dunapart in the southern city of Baja. This
docks branch curves south off the Baja to Bátaszék line just before the Duna bridge. There are
ambitious plans to extend the port facilities. East of Baja is the small town of Bácsalmás. Eastbound
passenger trains nowadays turn north towards Kiskunhalas, but a line used to continue east to

Subotica (now in Serbia) and then, on a line which is still in use, back into Hungary to Szeged. There are
proposals to rebuild the Bácsalmás to Subotica line, but at present the political will is lacking.

[220] Hungary – Narrow gauge news
Line 308 - Almamellék – Sasrét. This forestry railway has suffered from a limited service as well as
being difficult to reach. But now there are two weekend train pairs from 21 April to 29 October as well
as improved bus connections from Szigetvár on the Nagykanizsa – Pécs railway. Since 1 May there
have been four services on bus line 5875 which runs Szigetvár - Szentlászló - Ibafa - Boldogasszonyfa (-
Terecseny) until 30 September with times as follows:
No. 3 Szigetvár 9:10 - Almamellék 9:41, No. 6 Almamellék 12:45 - Szigetvár 13:16, No. 19 Szigetvár
16:20 - Almamellék 16:51 and No 12 Almamellék 17:00 - Szigetvár 17:31.
Line 324 - Gyöngyös – Szalajkaház. Continuing renovation works means there is (again) no train service
on this forest railway in 2018.
Line 333 Debrecen-Fatelep – Hármashegyalja. This is the Zsuzsi Erdei Vasút and upgrading works mean
that the section Debrecen-Fatelep - Hétvezér will have no train service in 2018. A new station is to be
built at Debrecen-Fatelep, close to the boiler house, so until this and associated trackworks are
completed, Hétvezér is the temporary terminus.
East of Budapest there is a new 600mm gauge park railway in Gödöllő called the Gödöllői Kisvasút
which is located in an Arboretum southeast of the Gödöllő MAV station. By the beginning of April 130
metres had been laid, and the target is about 800 metres for phase I. In phase II the line will be
extended a further kilometre to the MÁV station Gödöllő-Állami telepek, which is south of the main
station of Gödöllő. Opening is planned for 2 June 2018. After phase II may come phase III, which at the
moment is simply a plan to extend the railway at a later date by another 5 kilometres to the pilgrimage
church of Máriabesnyő.

[221] Poland/Czech Republic - Tourist trains reopen cross border line
Koleje Dolnośląskie have introduced a service between Wroclaw in Poland and the popular tourist area
of Adršpach in the Czech Republic. This reopens the line between Wałbrzych (Poland) and Meziměstí
(Czech Republic), with trains running at weekends and holidays until 2 September. Passenger trains
had been withdrawn in 2003.

[222] Poland – Timetable news
Line 73 The long closed (Kielce) - Sitkówka Nowiny - Busko-Zdrój branch has two Regio train pairs 30
June to 2 September on Sat + Sun.
321 the long rumoured reopening of Gniezno – Września – Jarocin is now timetabled
340 Confirmation Poznań Gł - Oborniki Wlkp - Piła Gł remains closed until 31 August 2018.
366 Rzepin avoider in use
452 Allegedly R-85202 Słupsk - Bydgoszcz Główna on Sundays travels on line 963, a long connection
from the suburban to the "normal" main line route west of Gdynia main station. This is not at all clear
on the Atlas Maly so if anyone travels can they advise/describe the route taken please?
530 Suwałki area freight curve Papiernia - curve 517 - Las Suwalski. The diversions as per EGTRE
PL18/500a planned from 7 to 11 May did not take place at short notice due to a lack of project
documentation, but there is a rescheduling in September.

The Białośliwie Narrow Gauge runs from 29 April until 24 June 2018 only on individual days. On
Sundays (also 31 May), there are three trips to Pobórka but during the summer holidays, weekly trains
should travel much further to Wysoka and back. At the end of June (29 June to 1 July) there is also the
annual festival.

[223] Russia/Ukraine - New bridge opens, but only for road at the moment
Vladimir Putin opened the new road and rail bridge between the mainland and Crimea on 15 May
2018, replacing ferry services over the Kerch strait. The Crimean Bridge (the name was the winner in
an on-line vote) is 18.1 km long, making it the longest bridge in both Russia and Europe. At the
moment the bridge is only taking road traffic. Completion of the rail link is scheduled for early 2019.

[224] Serbia - Požarevac to Majdanpek being upgraded
The company "Infrastruktura železnice Srbije" started 6 months of repairs on 90 km of the Požarevac -
Majdanpek line on 22 May 2018. The company will carry out the repair as part of the ongoing
maintenance of the railway line with its own machinery and its own personnel. The work includes the
replacement of rails and sleepers because the Požarevac - Majdanpek railway line, built in 1938, is in
very poor condition. To date, only a few sections of this route have been renewed over a total length
of about 40 kilometres, and that was in 1991. Currently a 50-kilometre section is only passable at 10 to
20 km/h, and the remaining 40 kilometres at 50 km/h. After the overhaul, the train journey time will
be reduced from the current four hours to 75 minutes and the axle load increased from the current 16
tonnes to 22.5 tonnes.

[225] Switzerland – A members one week visit
In mid May (2018) a member spent a week with his wife on a 2 centre holiday in Switzerland, traveling
from Zurich Airport via the "tube" better known as the Gotthard Base Tunnel to their first ‘base’ –
Lugano. From here they were well placed to do the (previously missed due to its extended closure)
Capolago to Generoso Vetta line. As an added bonus they traversed the Capolago Lago extension on
one of the twice daily lakeside starts. When he told his wife that she was probably one of a
relatively few U.K. women to have done the extension at least in the last few years, she was
understandably underwhelmed!
Before leaving Lugano they enjoyed a trip on the Monte San Salvatore funicular after which they
travelled to Lausanne but this time via the breathtaking slow scenic route Göschenen - Andermatt-Brig
Bahnhofplatz- Brig - Lausanne. They stayed at the railway themed Hotel a la Gare complete with a
model railway set up beneath the glass floor of the breakfast room. Highlights from the Lausanne base
included the Blonay - Chamby 'gap' with reversal into the Chamby Musee by steam train courtesy of
the Chemin de fer-musee Blonay – Chamby, a run from Aigle to Champéry (fantastic scenery) and
across into France to view Mont Blanc from Chamonix. Finally your correspondent was at last able to
complete the Gstaad - Zweisimmen section previously missed due to maintainance work.

DMU no.12 waits at Capolago Lago with the 11:10 departure for Generoso Vetta via Capololago Riva

A busy scene outside the Blonay - Chamby Museum. Passengers disembark adjacent to the buildings.
By British standards, a health and safety nightmare with no public/moving trains separation.

[226] Ukraine – New Beskyd tunnel opens
[BLNI 1299.086] The Beskyd tunnel was officially opened on 24 May, with the first revenue earning
trains running through it the next day. The 1,822 metre-long tunnel will remove a single-track
bottleneck on the L’viv – Chop section of pan-European Corridor V which carries 60% of all railfreight
between Ukraine and the EU. The new Beskyd tunnel is double track with a bore 8.5 m high and
10.5 m wide and replaces an old single track tunnel. Three cross-passages were excavated to the old
tunnel, which is to be retained as an access route for emergencies.


[227] Canada - Huron Central Railway to close service on line to Sudbury
Genesee & Wyoming Canada Inc. has announced that its Huron Central Railway (HCRY) subsidiary will
halt service on its 176-mile line from Sault Ste. Marie, Michigan, to Sudbury, Ontario, by the end of
2018. The announcement follows the recent “refusal of support" from Transport Canada's National
Trade Corridors Fund, which considers the railway economically unviable without government support.
The northern Ontario short line operates under a 1997 lease agreement with Canadian Pacific and
serves major employers in the region, including Domtar, Algoma Steel and Eacom but needs CA$46.2
million over five years to pay for track upkeep and repairs, and to make federally mandated safety
upgrades on infrastructure.

[228] Mexico - Manzanillo tunnel expected to open in June and new line to Celaya
The 492 metre Manzanillo railway tunnel will connect the Vaso II railway viaduct at Laguna de
Cuyutlán with Manzanillo port. The project will allow trains to avoid the congested city centre and
improve railway and port efficiency by eliminating five railway-highway crossings and is designed to be
8.5m high in order to accommodate double-stacked wagons. It is a key logistics infrastructural project,
linking Manzanillo to the Port of Veracruz on the Caribbean coast, bypassing the Panama Canal for the
transport of Chinese imports to the rest of the country or to export products from the states of Colima
or Jalisco to the EU or the US. Road to rail transport will reduce road traffic in Manzanillo, one the
most important Mexican tourist areas. Rail freight companies Ferromex and KSCM are currently
completing a new 45km railway and rail freight station close to the city of Celaya, in the state of
Guanajuato. The new line will serve a major industrial.

[229] Malaysia - Second airport rail link opens in Kuala Lumpur
A new rail link to Sultan Abdul Aziz Shah Airport in Kuala Lumpur was inaugurated on 1 May. The route
branches off the metre-gauge line that links Kuala Lumpur with Port Klang at Subang Jaya and runs
north along the alignment of an older freight line for 4.1 km to Sri Subang, before climbing onto a 4 km
viaduct and terminating at Terminal Skypark. In the near future intermediate stations will open at
Glenmarie and Sri Subang. The route becomes part of a newly designated Line 10, which runs between
the airport and KL Sentral.

[230] Peru/Bolivia – New line to connect the two countries for freight
A new railway line to be financed by Swiss and Austrian investors will be constructed between Peru
and Bolivia. The main aim is to provide Bolivian exporters with access to the Peruvian Port of Ilo, as an
alternative to the Chilean Port of Arica. The new line will start from Desaguadero, a town shared by
both countries in the Andes. It is planned for the line to continue east to the Atlantic ports of
Argentina and Brazil, but construction through Peru will start ahead of this.

List of Special Trains on Lines without Passenger Services

Deutschland / Germany 2018

10. 06. DB Regio Diversion d. RB-Linie 12 between Oranienburg and Berlin-Lichtenberg via Abzw Berlin-
-08. 07. Karow West - Berlin-Karow
17. 06. + VBV Shuttles im Lokpark [also 16.IX]
17. 06. MEM Shuttles Wehrendorf - Hafen Wehrendorf
22-24. 06. IG Nossen Shuttles Brand-Erbisdorf - Berthelsdorf(Erzgeb) - Freiberg(Sachs) - Nossen
23. 06. (Naumburg(Saale)Hbf -) Wangen(Unstrut) - Donndorf(Unstrut) [also 7-9.IX,2.XII]
23. 06. + IG Unstrutbahn Steam draisine trip from Wolkenburg (vmtl. to Waldenburg and Abzw Penig
24. 06. Hartmannsdorf (Bamberg -) Strullendorf - Schlüsselfeld
24. 06. Diversion d. IC 2021 via Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein - Oberlahnstein
24. 06. + Steigerwaldbahn Adorf(V) - Zwotental (- Falkenstein(V) - Zwickau-Pölbitz - Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf -)
+ DB Freiberg(Sachs) - Nossen - Ziegenhain(Sachs)
28. 06. + OVEB Diversion of IC trains between Münster(Westf)Hbf and Wanne-Eickel via Dortmund-
-01. 07. Scharnhorst - D-Obereving - D-Mengede
30. 06. DB Trip on Meckl. Südbahn [also 7,14.VII, 4,11,25.VIII]
30. 06. Wittlager Kreisbahn FULL [also 14.VII]
01. 07. + ??? Diversion of IC trains between Würzburg Hbf and Treuchtlingen via Nürnberg Rbf
07/08. 07. Sauren Shuttles Holzhausen-Heddinghausen
13-15. 07. DB Shuttles Greifswald - Greifswald-Ladebow Hafen
14. 07. MEM (Hamm(Westf) -) Schwerte(Ruhr) - Hagen-Hengstey - Hagen-Vorhalle - Wengern Ost -
Press Witten Hbf - Dortmund-Wischlingen (- Dortmund-Mengede)
14. 07. ME Hamm Diversion of most RE 11 between Bochum and Soest via Abzw Dortmunderfeld (- Unna);
-09. 09. also RE 1, RE 3 and FV-Züge between Dortmund and Hamm(Westf) via Bergkamen
28. 07. + DB Regio Lathen - Werlte, Haren(Ems) Hafen, AB Dörpen SOLD OUT
28. 07. (Lübeck Hbf -) Berlin Südkreuz - DTM IN PLANNING
28. 07. + DGEG (Hamm(Westf) -) Dortmund Signal-Iduna-Park - Bochum-Langendreer - Bochum-Riemke -
+ HEL Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck - Bottrop Süd - Oberhausen Hbf (- Essen-Werden)
29. 07. Dorsten - Kusenhorst, Hafen Dorsten
29. 07. ME Hamm (Schleiz West -) Adorf(V) - Bw (?) - Zwotental (- Schleiz West)
18. 08. Seitzsteg - Augsburg Ring - Augsburg Messe - Seitzsteg and sidings and trams
DGEG Stadtrundfahrt u. a. m. Schleife Messe and Oberhausen
18. 08. + OVEB Leipzig-Plagwitz - L-Leutzsch - L-Wahren (- Wismar)
18/19. 08. + BSM Shuttles Wünschendorf(Elster) - Fuchsbachtal PLANNED
18. 08. Ocholt-Westerstede - Sedelsberg
19. 08. EMBB Shuttles Olbernhau-Grünthal - Neuhausen(Erzgeb)
23-26. 08. + EFWO Hamburg-Bergedorf Gbf - H-Bergedorf Süd
25/26. 08. Shuttles Rheinsberg - Stechlinsee
26. 08. Sauren Shuttles Ibbenbüren-Aasee - Dörenthe Hafen
31. 8.-2. 9. TG Ferkeltaxi Shuttles Werdau West - Seelingstädt(b Werdau) [also 8/9.IX, 6/7.X]
01. 09. BmD TWE and EEB PLANNED
05. 09. HBN KW Boxberg
07. 09. ET (Erfurt Hbf -) Artern - Roßleben [also 3.X]
08/09. 09. + EFWO Shuttles Lommatzsch - Ziegenhain(Sachs)
08. 09. DGEG (Chemnitz -) Spreewitz - Schwarze Pumpe
08. 09. OSEF Nossen - Döbeln Hbf [also 15/16.XII]
08/09. 09. IG Unstrutbahn Shuttles Berlin-Lichterfelde West - Rathaus Steglitz
09. 09. FELP Lintorf - Offelten
15/16. 09. TG Ferkeltaxi Shuttles Bw Arnstadt - Erfurter Kreuz
16. 09. IG Nossen Bahnpark - Augsburg Hbf - Augsburg Ring - Seitzsteg - Augsburg West - Augsburg Hbf -

22. 09. Augsburg Bahnpark [also 23,30.IX]
29. 09. HE Mannheim Mannheim Industriehafen [also 20.X]
29. 09. Sauren Herzlake Bf
30. 09. DGEG Ruhrgebietsrundfahrt PLANNED
06. 10. DGEG Goods lines and harbour lines in Würzburg PLANNED
LOEV Nossen - Meißen T. (- Dresden -) Meißen T. - Döbeln (- Leipzig -) Großbothen - Sermuth -
07. 10. Großbothen (- Grimma -) Döbeln - Nossen
Bahnpark (Augsburg Hbf -) Landsberg(Lech) - Schongau [also 14,21.X, 8/9.XII]
13. 10. Augsburg
14. 10. OVEB Adorf(V) - Bw Adorf(V)
14. 10. VDM (Stein am Rhein -) Etzwilen - Rielasingen [CH/DE]
14. 10. ODF (Piesberg Zechenbahnhof -) Osnabrück Hbf - Lengerich(Westf) - Bad Iburg
+ BmD 3 x Berlin-Schöneweide - nördl. Innenring - Potsdam Hbf - südl. Innenring - Berlin-
21. 10. Schöneweide
21. 10. ET (Lengerich (Westf) -) Hasbergen - Georgsmarienhütte
25. 10.-9. 11. EMBB Leipzig-Plagwitz - Güterring - Leipzig Engelsdorf (- Oschatz)
27. 10. DB Regio Diversion of IRE between Neu-Ulm and Stuttgart via Ulm-Söflingen - Ulm Nord
27. 10. DGEG Hafen Bottrop, Hafen Cöln-Neuessen
29. 10. TEV Großheringen - Buttstädt, Gotha - Emleben, Bad Salzungen - Vacha
-02. 11. DGEG Unterlemnitz - Ebersdorf-Friesau (?), Tršnice/Tirschnitz - Františkovy Lázně/Franzensbad,
VBK Gotha [DE/CZ]

Europa / Europe 2018

17. 06. + NSMK (Chabówka -) Rabka Zdrój - Dobra kj PL
Running day NPŽ Nitra [also 16-19.VIII, 9.IX, 5/6.XII] SK
17. 06. + NPŽ Waldbahn Comandău RO
(Wolsztyn - Leszno -) Kąkolewo - Gostyń. PL
20. 06. Augusta Poznań round trip [also 11.XI] PL
(Chabówka -) Rabka Zdrój - Kasina Wielka [also 30.VI, 1,7/8, 14/15, 21/22, PL
21. 06. TurKol 28/29.VII, 4/5,11/12,25/26.VIII]
Legnica - Rudna Gwizdanów (- Głogów-) Rzepin - Międzyrzecz. PL
22. 06. + TurKol Międzyrzecz - Nietoperek. PL
(Handlová -) Prievidza - Nitrianske Pravno. SK
23/24. 06. + NSMK Sulmona - Castel di Sangro [also 8,28.VII, 19,25.VIII, 2.IX, 14.X, 4.XI, 26.XII] IT
Diversion of night trains betweenSalzburg Hbf and Salzburg Parsch via.Salzburg- AT
23. 06. TurKol Gnigl Vbf (29.VI 23:00 - 2.VII 4:30)
Ružomberok - Ružomberok malá st. [also 6,14.VII, 2.IX] SK
23. 06. TurKol Nurmes - Kontiomäki FI
Nowy Sącz - Rabka Zdrój (- Chabówka) . [also 8,15,22,29.VII, 5,12,26.VIII] PL
23. 06. PPS Haniska pri Košiciach - Mat'ovce ŠRT SK
(Košice -) Moldava n. B. - Medzev . SK
24. 06. + Molise Nurmes - Kontiomäki (- Oulu) FI
Waldmühle - Wien-Liesing (-Ernstbrunn) AT
29. 06. + ÖBB (Oulu -) Kontiomäki - Nurmes FI
-02. 07. Special train in Northern Sweden SE
Diversion of EC trains between Jenbach and Brenner via Inntal-Tunnel AT
29. 06. KžmV Joensuu - Ilomantsi [also 17,19.VIII] FI
30. 06. steamrail Kokkola - Ykspihlaja tavara FI
(Miskolc -) Papírgyár - Mahoca [also 29.IX, 20.X] HU
01. 07. + NSMK

04. 07. RTC

05. 07. Košická dhž
06. 07. steamrail

07. 07. Kaltenleutgeben

08. 07. steamrail

13-22. 07. PTG

14.07.-3.9. ÖBB

14/15. 07. steamrail

14/15. 07. + HMVY

21. 07. + ÉSZAKERDŐ

21. 07. KMH (Bratislava -) Prievidza - Nitrianske Pravno SK
23-29. 07. AJECTA (Longueville -) Provins - Villiers St. Georges [also 27.X] PL
23. 07. TurKol Ełk - Olecko, Olecko - Suwałki SK
27-29. 07. DGEG Luxemburg and Hennegau PLANNED FI
27-29. 07. VLAKY.NET Jablonica - Brezová pod Bradlom SK
28. 07. + Veterá Trenčianska Teplá - Lednické Rovne IT
29. 07. + HMVY Shuttles Rauma - Kokemäki
03/04. 08. HMVY Turku - Kalaranta SK
04-12. 08. KŽC Holiday train in Slovakia VI [SK/PL/UA] PL
07. 08. Hell (Brig -) Oberwald Übg - Realp Übg (- Chur) [also 9.VIII] SK
11. 08. Molise Sulmona - Carpinone [also 16.IX] CZ
11/12. 08. NS Diversion of most ICE between Arnhem Centraal and Utrecht Centraal via
Betuweroute [also 20-26.VIII] RO
11-19. 08. DGEG Narrow gauge in Westpreußen and Poznan CZ
11. 08. Košická dhž (Košice -) Plešivec - Ochtiná - Slavošovce (?) FR
12. 08. + ??? Miniature railway in Finland rautatiemuseo Hyvinkää FI
15. 08. + NSMK (Chabówka -) Rabka Zdrój - Nowy Sącz AT
18. 08. Košická dhž (Košice -) Plešivec - Muráň SK
25. 08. Košická dhž (Košice -) Bardejov - AB Obuv-Special (?)

02. 09. (Wien -) Zellerndorf - Laa an der Thaya - Mistelbach - Mistelbach Lb

08. 09. ČD (Brno -) Ivančice - Oslavany [also 1.XII]

15/16. 09. Grumpy Railtours Agl. Sandsteinbruch Libuň - Střeleč, Agl. Heizkraftwerk Dvůr Králové n. L. (?),
Smiřice - Hněvčeves, Liberec Agl. DPML, Dolní Bousov - Kopidlno, VBK Nymburk

15/16. 09. + APM Cornățel - Hosman

15. 09. KDS Kladno Kladno-Dubí - Skanzen Mayrau

15. 09. ČD Spořilov, Metrans terminál Praha-Uhříněves

16-22. 09. Wendelin Karapčiv - Mežyriččja

17.09.-12. 10. SNCF Diversion Lyon-Part-Dieu - Avignon Centre via right bank of Rhone

20. 09. ČD Special trains in České Budějovice

28. 09. steamrail (Nurmes -) Lieksa - Pankakoski

29. 9. -07. 10. PTG Balkans round trip [BG/RS/MK/GR]

06-09. 10. Steam Story Übg Timelkam

06. 10. VLAKY.NET Šaľa - Neded

13. 10. Košická dhž (Košice -) Rožňava - Dobšiná

14. 10. + NSMK Nowy Sącz - Rabka Zdrój (- Chabówka)

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