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18th March 2017




This newsletter covers the World outside the British Isles from information
supplied by members.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Compilers or of the Society.

International Editor (to whom all email and postal contributions should be sent):
Paul Griffin, 7 School Bell Mews, Church Lane, Stoneleigh, COVENTRY,CV8 3ZZ
Email: [email protected]
Deputy International Editor: Derek Woodward, 68 Church Street, Matlock, DERBY, DE4 3BY


The station was designed by Arthur Benison Hubback in what has been described as the "Neo-Moorish/Mughal/Indo-
Saracenic/Neo-Saracenic" style which was not uncommon at the time. The station opened 1 August 1910. In 1995, access to
KTM Komuter services was introduced at the station, but after the diversion of long-distance intercity rail traffic on 15 April 2001
to Kuala Lumpur Sentral, less than a kilometre south, the station's importance diminished and redundant station facilities were
withdrawn. Intercity trains still pass through this station but no longer stop. The entire station is still served by both KTM
Komuter and goods services. The station now houses a railway museum. Our member comments that this iconic station is now
in need of some tender loving care.


[097] Albania – Limited service running
A visitor on Sunday 26 February arrived at Durrës by ferry from Italy and found a limited service
running between Durrës and Kashar (the current end of the line in outer Tirana). Timings were not
published anywhere from what he could see, so the next departure could only be ascertained by
asking staff on the platform. A couple of days later activity was observed from the road on the Shkodër
to Podgorica freight line with a wagon being rerailed by a crane and a loco with wagon in attendance.

[098] Austria - Wien to Marchegg to be electrified and doubled
The "Marchegger Ostbahn" runs from Wien to Marchegg and thence to Bratislava. It is currently non-
electrified single track in Austria. Work commences in 2018 to double track the line from Wien
Erzherzog Karl-Straße to Marchegg and the Slovakian border and electrify it as well, presumably from
Wien Hausfeldstraße which is the end of S-Bahn service S80. The line speed will be increased to

[099] Croatia - EU backs electrification project
Plans to modernise and electrify the 24.2 km Zaprešić - Zabok line northwest of Zagreb have been
backed by the JASPERS technical assistance partnership. The Ministry of Maritime Affairs, Transport &
Infrastructure received formal notification of the decision on 17 February. EU co-financing has been
set at €80.8m, and completion is envisaged for 2019. Several sections of new alignment are planned,
including two short tunnels and several bridges. All level crossings will be eliminated, and the stations
renovated, with Zabok station to be rebuilt and brought within the Zagreb suburban network.
The project will shorten the Zagreb – Zabok journey time from 58 to 39 min for stopping services and
from 47 to 24 min for non-stop services.

[100] France - Excursion on rare branch and more planned
On 15 April steam loco 141 TB 424 will work an AJECTA special train from Longueville over the Provins
to Villiers St Georges branch. Details at This will be the first passenger train over this
15.9km freight line for about 20 years. AJECTA are planning to operate regular services over the line
with 140 C 231 from 2018 or 2019.

[101] France - Paris Tram 11 Express
According to L'Echo du Rail November 2016 this tram-train will commence running between Le
Bourget and Epinay-sur-Seine in July 2017 on dedicated track alongside the Grande Ceinture northern
sector. This is shown in the Schweers+Wall Eisenbahn Frankreich Band 1 Nord as "under construction.”

[102] France – Rare track on offer
South of Pierrelatte on the classic Lyon – Avignon (Rhone east bank) line there are little used
connections to and from the LGV Méditerranée. The raccordement Sud de Bollène-Lamotte-du-Rhône
is in use on individual weekdays between 27 February and 13 April and allows southbound trains from
Paris/Lyon on the LGV to divert onto the Rhone east bank line and call at Avignon Centre rather than

Avignon TGV. The trains affected are; TGV 6131 (Paris Lyon - Marseille), TGV5123 (Lille Europe - Lyon
Part Dieu - Marseille) and TGV 6827 (Strasbourg - Lyon Part Dieu - Marseille).
There are Rhone West bank diversions from 20 March to 14 April. Three train pairs on weekdays stop
at St Peray (on the West bank) instead of Valence and therefore use bridges over the river south of
Valence at Loriol and again north of Valence.
There are also diversions of trains on the Paris to St. Quentin line from 20 March to 8 July via Ormoy-
Villiers and the freight line to Compiegne. Trains take 10 minutes longer than normal to Compiegne
and do not stop in Creil.

[103] France/Germany – Last chance for Bouzonville to Niedaltdorf?
This cross-border line has passenger trains every year in the form of Dillingen to Bouzonville shuttles,
but only on Good Friday for the market in Bouzonville. The line is up for closure/ sale in Germany but it
is reported that the 2017 passenger trains will run. Could be the last chance to travel the line as freight
on the line ended in 2013. Timings are already on HAFAS. A 2 hourly service even hours xx:10 from
Dillingen, returning from Bouzonville even hours xx:15, so a two train service.

[104] France - Belfort to Delle reopening postponed
The reopening of this line, originally planned for the end of 2017 has been delayed, partly, it is
claimed, because of “a period of frost which severely disrupted the schedule”. This seems a little
feeble – surely heavy frosts in central Europe are an annual event? Track laying will now start in mid –
April and completion of the project is expected in the second half of 2018.

[105] Germany – Trains from Lutherstadt Wittenberg to Eilenburg again this year
2017 is the 500th anniversary of the Reformation started by Luther in Lutherstadt Wittenberg and as
part of the celebrations trains run from Lutherstadt Wittenberg to Eilenburg via Bad Düben on
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays from 14 April to 31 October, except on the 27/28 May. 10/11 June is a
special timetable, otherwise the draft timetable shows through trains depart from Eilenburg at 08:28,
11:43 and 18:33 and from Lutherstadt Wittenberg at 10:03 and 16:53.

[106] Germany - Strecke 6945 (Pritzwalk West to Putlitz) up for sale or closure again
Passenger trains ceased 31 July 2016 and the line speed has since reduced to only 20 kph. DB Netze
require any new operator to renew a level crossing next year, but with no traffic on the line finding
anyone wanting to do this could prove difficult.

[107] Germany - Waren (Müritz) to Inselstadt Malchow under threat?
In the draft timetable from Land Mecklenburg-Vorpommern for Dec 2017, there is no mention of RB15
(KBS173) Waren (Müritz) - Inselstadt Malchow. It is the belief of forum posters that this indicates that
this rump of the former through service to Parchim (which ceased two years ago) is up for closure.

[108] Germany – News around the Länder
A press release from the Ministry of Transport In Baden-Württemberg at the beginning of February
2017 announced that infrastructure expansion between Denzlingen and Elzach is delayed. The works

include electrification of the line, planned to be complete by the end of 2019 for commencement of
electric services in March 2020, though this will obviously be put back.
In Berlin, on the Leipzig line just south of S-Bahn station Berlin-Lichterfelde Süd, a 7.8 km branch used
to run west, then north to Teltow Hafen on the Teltow Canal. This was line 6517, the Teltower
Industriebahn. Freight ended in 1998, though railtours were able to go at least part way down the line
for some years after. The Brandenburg press recently reported that the remains of the railway are
being dismantled. The local authority have the intention of making parts of it into a trail.
Velgast - Barth (KBS 192) will close in December 2017 unless a political change of mind occurs.
South of Göttingen station line 1800 was formerly freight only and provided an alternative route from
the station to Abzw. Grone, on the line to Eichenberg. In the current timetable all trains from
Göttingen platforms 4 or 5 take this 2.3km route.
The 5.3km branch (line 9160) from Ankum to Bersenbrück on the Osnabrück to Oldenburg line has
been out of use, but in January 2017 the owners, the Ankum- Bersenbrücker Eisenbahn, organised a
freight train with 31 wagons of potash for Raiffeisen Agrar GmbH at Ankum. It was concluded that
reactivation of the line is feasible, but considerable modernisation is needed. Raiffeisen Agrar are
interested in a 1 km extension to their plant for use by both potash and cereals traffic.
Between Rheine and Leer is the junction station of Lathen from where a 25.2km branch goes east to
Werlte. The section beyond Sögel (km 14.3) has been closed for repairs, and these were completed in
November 2016. A new freight station has been built at Werlte at Sögeler Strasse/Kasernenstrasse,
though what the traffic will be is unclear. Freight should start running by the end of 2017.

A DGEG railtour reach Sögel on 16 May 2010, but permission to go further was refused due to condition of the track, which is
visibly extremely rusty in the foreground of the picture.

S2 trains on timetable 450.2 leave Duisburg Hbf from platform one and use line 2319 between Abzw.
Duissern and Abzw. Kaiserberg en-route to Oberhausen. Strictly one for those who must do every line
as even Schweers and Wall doesn’t bother to give the number, though the line (previously freight only)
can be discerned. It is the middle one entering Abzw. Kaiserberg.
Strecke 9614 Hafenbahn Köln -Deutz. The press were informed at the beginning of February 2017 that
the Port of Köln-Deutz had been sold for housing development. Rail and harbour operations are to
cease by the end of 2020. All rail and port infrastructure will be removed, so it will be the end of the
5km branch from Köln-Kalk Nord to Köln-Deutz Hafen.
In the eastern Harz HSB system south of Alexisbad is the station of Silberhütte. A short freight stub
goes south west for about 500 metres to Waldhof Silberhütte and several special trains will travel the
line this year. Dates are 15/16 April, 25 May, 3 June and 16 December. Information on the trains at
The railway between Halle and Merseburg is completely blocked for engineering work from 26 March
until 20 May 2017. During this period RB trains, generally hourly, are diverted via Halle-Angersdorf and
Buna Werke. Long-distance trains not routed via the Schnellfahrstrecke to and from Erfurt are diverted
via Nordhausen.
A new, temporary north-west to north-east curve connects the Magdeburg and Lutherstadt
Wittenberg lines thereby avoiding a reversal at Roßlau (Elbe). The four trains using it are all RE services
and can be found at EGTRE DE17/201. The trains disappear in the draft 2018 timetable so would be
gricers need to do the curve this year.
Part of Merseburg to Schafstädt line to permanently close
The passenger service on line 6806, [Merseburg] – Buna Werke – Schafstädt, ended 14 December
2014. Now the Eisenbahn-Bundesamt has authorised closure of the section between Bad Lauchstädt
(km 10.865) and Schafstädt by the DB Netz by 31 December 2017. There was no freight so nobody
wanted to take it over and, surprisingly, no-one objected to the closure.

[109] Netherlands – New station opens
On 22 August Utrecht Vaartsche Rijn opened, just south of Utrecht Centraal.

[110] Poland/Ukraine - Daily service across border from July
From 1 July a new Russian Gauge train (actually a new Polish built DMU) will run several times a day
between Chełm in Poland and Kovel in the Ukraine, reinstating a service which ended in June 2000.
From Chełm standard gauge services will allow passengers to get to Rejowiec, Warszawa and Zamość.
There are also attempts to set up a direct connection from Lviv to Kraków, with a small possibility that
the two trains could start this summer.

[111] Portugal – More electrification
Lagos to Tunes is to be electrified, thereby allowing electric services to run Lagos to Faro and Vila Real
de Santo António. Completion is expected by 2020.
On the line between Porto Campanhã and Valença do Minho (the Linha do Minho) the 44km section
between Nine and Viana do Castelo is to be electrified. Work commenced on 30 January 2017 on the
modification of tunnels and stations.

[112] Sweden/Finland – The final part of a multi-country Interrail grice (3)
Thoughts now turned to reaching a Monday afternoon flight to Helsinki as this has been booked from
Stockholm Arlanda Airport, partly because of price and partly because required track could be done
along the way. It was possible, with an early start from Malmö to travel via Karlskona and Kalmar (to
recover a previous bustitution gap from Berga to Hultsfred) and catch the last scheduled service in
2016 on the 70km long preserved narrow gauge line to Västervik, a service near to the top of your
correspondents wish list!! All worked as planned, even cheekily checking with the guard on his train
north from Kalmar via Hultsfred towards Linköping if the southbound back towards Hultsfred could be
held at the booked passing point of Rimforsa rather than get off one station before; she phoned the
other guard and it was arranged…..[!] Returning to Hultsfred for the narrow gauge departure at 18:10,
the single railbus arrived empty and left with just four adults and two children so a single fare of
120SEK [about £11] meant it was hardly a money making service. Track condition was good overall,
but with a number of speed restrictions through bouncy and swaying sections. The family alighted part
way at a camping site leaving just a sleeping and slightly inebriated normal known to the driver and
your scribe to travel to Västervik where the last 5km are shared with SJ on Interlaced tracks which it
was noted are separately signalled by gauge. Keeping a low profile until arriving at Vastervik at 19:56,
on then chatting with the driver your writer was advised that loadings in late August had not been
good so they were considering bringing forward the operating dates for 2017, and as suspected the
joint running section with SJ and its associated costs are a huge part of their overheads.

Västervik station with an old 891 mm gauge railcar contrasting with a modern standard gauge DMU in the next, much higher,

An invitation was then given to view the shed by remaining on the railbus for the short distance
beyond the station as overnighting in Västervik enabled the line to Linköping line to be viewed in
daylight. An early morning train to Linköping, then a fast train to Stockholm for the expensive Arlanda
Express (as it was included in an Interrail) meant that the flight was easily made for a first ever visit to
Finland. Advance planning had been required to travel the four threatened VR lines in three days as
this meant staying in two towns with limited hotel options. BLNI covered another members visit back
in March so suffice to say this traveller had a close escape as after arrival at Jyväskylä on the 12:12
from Seinajoki via Haapamäki, the return working at 16:25 was bustituted due a defective DMU. The
same railbus had worked the inbound service with no obvious difficulty as it arrived on time. Perhaps
of concern for those still to travel this line is that the bus alternative kept to time at least as far as
Haapamäki as your correspondents itinerary took him back there after travelling the also threatened
line from Orivesi. The few connecting passengers were waiting on the platform rather than the station
approach road suggesting this is not a regular occurrence..... yet. It also has to be said that the
Seinäjoki – Haapamäki - Jyväskylä line is much the dodgiest for remaining open for freight if passenger
closure goes ahead in December as no stations, closed or open apart from the nearest one to Jyväskylä
had shiny sidings for timber or other traffic, and the line speed and track condition is not as good as
the other threatened lines. Illustrating this point, the 11:47 Joensuu - Nurmes train left 12 minutes late
after waiting for the connecting train from Helsinki, but arrived at Nurmes on time with no timetabled
recovery time at stations. Single railcars were used on all except the [Tampere] - Orivesi - Haapamäki –
Keuruu line, suggesting they are no hopers as all four closures total 526km!! An excellent finish to a
somewhat varied InterRail, which mushroomed into nothing like the original plan…….


[113] Algeria – New line opened
Finally, after 25 years of work, a new 40 km railway has opened between Oran and Arzew, a large
Hydrocarbon port to the east. This project has suffered enormous delays. More can be found (in
French) at:-

[114] Syria - Passenger trains return to Aleppo
Syria’s transport minister visited Aleppo on 25 January to mark the resumption of passenger services in
the country’s largest city more than four years after operations were suspended due to the civil war.
According to the Syrian Arab News Agency, Syrian Railways (CFS) will operate four return services per
day between the Aleppo’s main station and Jibrin, which is situated east of the city near the
international airport. Each train will accommodate up to 600 passengers. The Ministry of Transport is
planning to extend the service to Industrial City.

[115] USA – Caltrain electrification delayed
New Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao has halted a $674 million federal grant that was earmarked
for the project of electrifying Caltrain — an essential piece in connecting the high-speed rail project
between San Jose and San Francisco. This threatens major delay for the overall rail project because
construction contracts already negotiated and signed for the Caltrain section were due to expire
shortly after the decision was announced, so whatever happens the project will need to be re-

tendered. Caltrain needs to modernise regardless of the high-speed rail connection — ridership has
tripled since 2004, and the project also involves increasing capacity along the line.

IBSE - List of Special Trains on Lines without Passenger Services
Note: Entries marked with a "+" were updated within the last four weeks.

Germany 2017

18/19. 03. DB Diversion of d. RE Berlin <-> Wrocław via Horka unter Bf - Horka Gbf - Węgliniec [DE/PL] [also

25. 03. BmD (Berlin -) Meißen T. - Nossen - Freiberg(Sa) (- Holzhau) and back

25. 03. HE Mannheim Mannheim Industriehafen [also 13.V]

25. 03. DGEG u. a. Aachen Nord, Breinig, Frenz

27-30. 03. + DB Diversion of some EC/IC trains between Lindau-Aeschach and - Lindau-Reutin avoiding
Lindau Hbf.

29. 03. Seidlitz HGK/RWE

01/02. 04. Siede München tram tour

01/02. 04. NbSE Shuttles Staßfurt - Leopoldshall (Bw) [also 24/25.VI, 23/24.IX]

08/09. 04. DVG Shuttles Oranienbaum(Anh) - Ferropolis [also 23.IV, 6./7.V, 5./6.VIII, 24,30.IX, 1.X]

14. 04. OSEF Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk and back [DE/CZ]

15. 04. + ??? Open day Feldbahn Plaußig 9-12/13 hours [also 25.V]

15/16. 04. + FKS u. a. AB Silberhütte [also 25.V, 3.VI, 16.XII]

15. 04. SEM Chemnitz (Chemnitz -) Döbeln - Nossen - Freiberg(Sachs) (- Chemnitz)

15. 04. VSE (Schöneck(Vogtl) -) Zwotental - Adorf(Vogtl) and back

16. 04. VSE (Schwarzenberg(Erzg) -) Zwotental - Adorf(Vogtl) and back

22. 04. OSEF u. a. Dresden-Neustadt - Dresden-Altstadt [also 10.VI]

29/30. 04. Sauren Goods lines in the western Ruhrgebiet

29. 04. PE Vatterode Open day Parkeisenbahn Vatterode [also 3-5.VI, 1/2.,22/23.VII, 5/6.VIII, 2,3,30.IX,
-01. 05. 1,3,28/29,31.X]

30. 04. + DGEG u. a. Sundern(Sauerl), Arnsberg Süd

30. 04. Osningbahn Gütersloh Nord - Hövelhof [also 30.IX, 8.X]

01. 05. Schienentrabi Trips Lommatzsch - Ziegenhain [also 4./5.VI, 9./10.IX]

01. 05. VEFS Shuttles Bocholt - Mussum [also 10.IX]

02. 05. + DGEG Goods line in the Ruhrgebiet, ggf. TKS Duisburg

06. 05. + TG Ferkeltaxi WISMUT-Netz

06/07. 05. zugparty (Chemnitz Hbf -) Riesa - Röderau (- Hamburg) and back

06. 05. + DGEG Goods lines in northern Ruhrgebiet

06/07. 05. MEBF Shuttles Hafenhubbrücke - Niedrigwasserschleuse Steinkopfinsel

06/07. 05. NbSE Staßfurt - Egeln

13. 05. + ASM (Dortmund Hbf -) Dortmund-Derne - Abzw Horstmar - Bergkamen - Hamm Rbf Hde - Bft
Bönen Autobahn - Bönen - Logistikzentrum Ruhr-Ost - AB Am Mersch - Bönen -
Schwerte(Ruhr)Ost - Arnsberg(Westf) - Neheim-Hüsten - Sundern(Sauerl) - Neheim-Hüsten
RLG - Arnsberg Süd - Neheim-Hüsten (- Dortmund Hbf)

14. 05. ME Hamm Rundfahrten Hamm(Westf)Rbf

19. 05. + Seidlitz Frechen - Kippstelle Fürstenbergmaar - Rommerskirchen - Umspannwerk Rommerskirchen -
Kippstelle Abtsbusch - Lst Frimmersdorf - KW Frimmersdorf - Frechen

20. 05. EMBB (Leipzig-Plagwitz -) Berlin Südkreuz - DTM and back

20/21. 05. Schienentrabi Rochlitz(Sachs) - Rochsburg - Penig [also 1/2.VII, 12/13.VIII]

25. 05. Osningbahn Shuttles Diepholz - Sulingen(Han)

25-28. 05. Kranichstein Shuttles Bw Darmstadt-Kranichstein - Abbetween Stockschneise (- Groß-Gerau-Dornberg) /-
Darmstadt Hbf

01. 06. Lalsohammer Fahrtag Parkbahn Lalsohammer [also 1/2.VII(?),3.X]

03. 06. + SEM Chemnitz (Chemnitz -) Zwotental - Adorf(Vogtl) and back
10. 06.
10. 06. Sauren u. a. Remscheid-Bliedinghausen
15-18. 06.
17. 06. SZR Müller Heringen(Werra) - Gerstungen (- Apolda) and back
14-16. 07.
15. 08. DGEG Special trains in Saarland, Lothringen and Luxemburg [DE/FR/LU]
18. 08.
20. 08. + OSEF Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk (- Žatec) and back [DE/CZ]
26. 08.
09/10. 09. Press Shuttles Greifswald - Greifswald-Ladebow Hafen
16/17. 09.
23. 09. + OSEF (Löbau(Sachs) -) Peitz Ost - KW Jänschwalde and back
24. 09.
30. 09. SEM Chemnitz (Chemnitz -) Döbeln - Nossen - Meißen T. (- Dresden - Chemnitz)
14. 10.
15. 10. TG Ferkeltaxi Shuttles Olbernhau - Neuhausen(Erzgeb)

28. 10. + DGEG u. a. Ankum - Bersenbrück, Cloppenburg - Friesoythe, Sedelsberg - Westerstede-Ocholt
25. 11.
10. 12. NbSE Shuttles Gelände ECA Aschersleben
10. 12.
22. 12. Arnstadt Shuttles Bw Arnstadt - Erfurter Kreuz
23. 12.
Europe 2017 DGEG vsl. Special train in "Weserbergland"
18. 03.
25. 03. EM Vienenburg u. a. Oranienbaum(Anh) - Ferropolis
07-09. 04.
TEV u. a. Gotha - Emleben, Straußfurt - Sömmerda
07-09. 04.
09. 04. + OSEF Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk (- Pardubice) and back [DE/CZ]
11. 04.
11. 04. FME (N rnberg Hbf -) N rnberg st - N-Dutzendteich - N rnberg Rbf - F rth(Bay)Hbf (- N rnberg
15. 04. Hbf)
16. 04.
26. 04-2. 05. DGEG u. a. Brohl Hafen
29. 04.
DGEG vsl. Special train from Dortmund and Bochum
29. 04.
01. 05. ET Shuttles Gütersloh Nord - Hövelhof
02. 05.
02. 05. TG Ferkeltaxi u. a. Neuhausen(Erzg), Marienberg(Sachs)
03. 05.
03. 05. ET Neubeckum - Wadersloh and back
05-08. 05.
13. 05. ET Ennigerloh - Neubeckum - Münster(Westf)Hbf and back
18-23. 05.
20. 05. + MhmP (Praha hl. n.-) Praha Krč - depo Kačerov [10/14 h] FULL CZ
27/28. 05.
27. 05. SMoK u. a. Åstorp - Kattarp SE
15. 06.
KŽC u. a. Mimoň st. nádr., Liberec doln. nádr., Černousy - podg. Studniska, Lubań Śl. - PL
Leśna, podg. Wilka - podg. Ręczyn, Turoszów [CZ/PL/DE]

ABFC Region Marseille – Freight lines on right bank of Rhone FR

TurKol (Toruń Gł.-) Czersk - Kościerzyna PL

TurKol Kościerzyna - Lipowa Tuch. (- Wolsztyn) PL

TurKol Bydgoszcz Gł. - Szubin and back PL

+ AJECTA (Longueville -) Provins - Villiers-St-Georges and back FR

kolmix Kojetín - Tovačov and back CZ

PTG Special trains in Hungary HU

zugparty (Chemnitz Hbf - Forst(Laus) -) Żagań - Głogów - Leszno (- Wolsztyn) and back PL

+ Mercia u.a. Hafen Amsterdam CANCELLED NL

+ TurKol (Wolsztyn- Leszno - Głogów - Żagań - Jankowa Żag. (- Jelenia Góra(Rsgb)Hbf) PL

+ TurKol (Zgorzelec -) podg. Studniska - Turoszów and back [PL/DE] PL

+ TurKol Jelenia Góra - Zebrzydowa (- Zgorzelec - Jelenia Góra) PL

+ TurKol Legnica - Jerzmanice Zdrój and back PL

+ TurKol (Jelenia Góra -) Legnica - Rudna Gwizdanów - Głogów - Leszno (- Wolsztyn) PL

Steam Story u. a. Lučenec - Somosköújfalu, Komárom - Komárno [SK/HU] SK

FdBB Shuttles Mixnitz Lokalbahn - RHI Breitenau [also 5,10.VI, 8.VII, 12.VIII, 16.IX] AT

PTG Special train in Denmark DK

+ MhmP Train around Praha CZ

TurKol (Poznań Gł. -) Kołobrzeg - Kołobrzeg Port and back PL

ÉSZAKERDŐ (Miskolc -) Papírgyár - Mahóca and back [also 22.VII, 28.X] HU

+ TurKol (Poznań Gł.-) Inowrocław Rąbinek - Kruszwica and back PL

15. 06. TurKol Inowrocław - Wapienno and back PL
17. 06.
18. 06. steamrail Nurmes - Vuokatti and back FI
18. 06.
23. 06. TurKol Międzychód - Skwierzyna (- Gorzów Wlkp.) and back PL
25. 06.
01-09. 07. TurKol (Wolsztyn -) Międzyrzecz - Międzychod and back PL
01-04. 07.
steamrail Nurmes - Kontiomäki and back FI
05. 07.
20. 07. TurKol u. a. Kołobrzeg - Kołobrzeg Port, Szczecin Dąbie SDA - SDC PL
21-24. 07.
05-13. 08. PTG Special train in Finland FI
06. 08.
12. 08. Steam Story u. a. Vranov nad Topľou - Trebišov, Medzev, Dobšiná, Slavošovce, Muráň, Fiľakovo SK
12. 08. - Somosköújfalu, Velký Krtíš, Ipolytarnóc - Lučenec, Zvolen - Šahy, Radošina,
12. 08. Nitrianské Pravno (od. elektrárna Nováky?) [SK/HU]
27. 08.
13-17. 09. RTC Breitspur Haniska při Košiciach - Mat'ovce and back SK
17. 09.
23. 09. Club 760 (Mauterndorf -) St. Andrä - Tamsweg (- Unzmarkt) and back AT
29. 09.
30. 09.-07. 10. TurKol u. a. Aleksandrów Kuj. - Ciechocinek PL

01-08. 10. KŽC ``Holiday in the railcar`` ( stslowakei, Breitspur, Stahlwerk Haniska při Košiciach) SK
01. 10.
21/22. 10. Molise u. a. Sulmona - Castel di Sangro and back [also 20.VIII, 8.X, 5.XI, 26.XII] IT
28. 10.
25. 11. Veterá (Košice -) Plešivec - Slavošovce and back SK

TurKol (Poznań Gł. -) Międzyrzecz - Międzychód Letnisko and back PL

TurKol (Gorzów Wlkp.-) Skwierzyna - Międzychód and back PL

+ Molise u. a. Isernia - Castel di Sangro and back IT

Kramer u. a. Karakuyu (evtl. Schleife) - Burdur, Gümüsgün - Isparta TR

Molise Sulmona - Castel di Sango and back, Isernia - Castel di Sangro and back IT

Veterá (Košice -) Medzilaborce - Łupków (- Sanok) and back [SK/PL] SK

steamrail (Nurmes -) Lieksa - Pankakoski and back FI

PTG Special train Sofia, Niš Ranž., Trubarevo Ranž.?, Dikea - Svilengrad, Simeonovgrad - BG
Nova Zagora [BG/RS/MK/GR]

Wendelin u. a. Потутори/Potutory - Бережани/Brzezany UA

FTI (Milano -) Novara - Varallo Sesia and back IT

KŽC u. a. Radošina, Topoľčianky SK

Veterá (Košice -) Moldava nad Bodvou - Medzev and back SK

+ TurKol Train around Poznan [also 9.XII] PL

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