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18th February 2017

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18th February 2017



This newsletter covers the World outside the British Isles from information
supplied by members.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Compilers or of the Society.
International Editor (to whom all email and postal contributions should be sent):
Paul Griffin, 7 School Bell Mews, Church Lane, Stoneleigh, COVENTRY, CV8 3ZZ
Email: [email protected]
Deputy International Editor: Derek Woodward, 68 Church Street, Matlock, DERBY, DE4 3BY


On 10 and 11 December 2016 TransRhinRail ran shuttles from Colmar to Neuf Brisach Ville where there was a large Christmas
market. It had been hoped that the 11:30 from Colmar on the Sunday would be extended a further 1.1km along the private line
owned by the City to Volgelsheim station, from where heritage trains run by the Chemin de Fer Touristique du Rhin operate to
Sans Soucis. However despite the best efforts of the organisers, the City authorities failed to respond, so the train, pictured
above, only went to Neuf Brisach Ville where the picture of the two car Caravelle DMU, festively adorned, was taken. It was full
on the outward journey, so advance booking was indeed essential. Shuttles should also operate in December 2017.


[063] Europe – Interrail promotion
There is a 15% discount on Global and certain one country passes booked before the end of March.
See for details.

[064] Belgium - Fares for older passengers
Those over the age of 65 can buy a ticket to anywhere in Belgium after 09:00 on weekdays and
anytime at weekends and holidays for €6.00. With an aging membership information like this is of
value to members travelling overseas, so members are encouraged to send in further details of age
related fares and discounts for the benefit of other members.

[065] France - Pont St Vincent to Vittel closes
During 2016 Lorraine completed an ambitious project for its TER rail network, introducing even-
interval services and boosting frequencies. But single track un-electrified branch lines were abandoned
by Grand Est which blamed previous administrations and SNCF. So, with the usual excuse that new
speed restrictions made it impossible to run the timetable properly (= economically), on 19 December
2016 Mirecourt, Contrexéville and Vittel lost their rail services to Nancy. The line from Vittel to Merrey
remains open for the trains of eau minérale bottles, but for how long? Courtesy of the SNCF Society

[066] France – The ghost metro stations of Paris
A fascinating and well illustrated article can be found at:

[067] France – The first part of a multi-country InterRail grice
A railtour in Denmark on 20 August was advertised as doing what the latest Ball European Atlas
showed as an out of use branch to Haderslev, and this gave a member the opportunity to combine this
with the 26 August closure for tram conversion of the DSB branch from Åarhus to Odder. As the
previous weekend was the last of diversions via a freight line in France, on working out the cost of
flights between the two countries it became clear that a 15 day continuous global interrail was just as
economic as flying between them, so the trip evolved into visits to threatened list lines in France, the
diversion, through Germany to Denmark plus gaps in coverage in Sweden en route to a budget flight
from Stockholm to include the four threatened lines in Finland!
This complex itinerary started by flying to Tours which has no buses into the nearby city as the Airport
website advises that public transport access is the north end tram terminus of Vaucanson, a
straightforward 10 minute walk away at the end of the end of the Airport access road. Tours only has
the one tram line so our member decided to travel its entire length. On the southern part towards
Lycee Jean Monnet he found that where it crosses the River Cher between tram stops Suzanne
Valadon and Fac 2 Lions, the tramway is on the exact alignment of a closed SNCF line. Abutments
remain beyond the 90° tram curves on and off the new bridge, plus the old formation is a footpath on
the south side of what was the Chemin de Fer de la Vendee line to Chinon and beyond. Initially they
had their own station in Tours but the section between Tours and Joué-lès-Tours was abandoned from
5 May 1970, with the original viaduct over the Cher demolished as part of a project to canalise and
strengthen the river banks to allow development. The present-day SNCF alignment, connecting Joué-

lès-Tours with the PO main line, was provided at the same time and both the old and new bridges are
known as the Pont de la Vendee. The tram depot is about 0.5km beyond the northern terminus with a
gate across both tracks after 200m.
Next was the threatened SNCF line from Saumur via Thouars to La Roche-sur-Yon, as apart from “le
Train des Plages” pair in summer from Saumur going on to Les Sables D’Olonne on the Atlantic coast it
is impossible to travel this approximately 140km line in one day. Staying at Saumur eliminated any
connection issues for a 08:54 departure, so with the selected Hotel opposite the station, a point was
made to meet the previous evenings return at 21:17. This was a Wednesday/Thursday in mid-August
and over a hundred alighted at Saumur, plus the same 4 car Bi-mode unit the next morning was
standing room only long before journeys’ end. This may in part be due to the inclusion of the whole
line in Region Pays de la Loire €45 two days consecutive TER travel for up to five passengers offer,
(available between 1 April and 30 September 2016) even though this service passes through a large
part of neighbouring Poitou Charentes around Bressuire. Our member considers that there is no way a
line of this length can be covering its costs for passenger services, but fortunately there is sizeable
freight traffic from quarries with associated branches around and east of Thouars so it is thought that
only west of here is under threat of complete closure. The line is even electrified from Saumur to
Thouars and the Bi-mode unit used this, but all the freight trains and locos seen in the area were
From Les Sables D’Olonne the plan was to cover the three lines from Nantes to the coast, but on
passing the junction for the inland line to Cholet at Clisson, a search of the excellent offline InterRail
timetable App (highly recommended) revealed just three train pairs a day, with other services buses,
so plans were revised to include this and the other branch to Cholet from Angers. The 17:41 from
Angers on a Thursday was heavily used by commuters, many travelling all the way to Cholet, but the
18:33 departure from there to Nantes had single figure passengers, and its short length track
suggested that if sizeable expenditure became necessary this service would also be under threat.
The following morning was planned for the third of the three coastal lines and was an absolute must as
a recent Today’s Railways paragraph advised that agreement had been reached and finance arranged
for a 4 kilometre realignment of the branch to Le Croisic by 2021. This will relocate the line to run
north of Donges and close the current route which runs through an Oil Refinery. Even Donges station is
inside the complex. Travelling over the line suggests that roughly half of the existing route would be
needed to serve the refinery, and any new line would re-join the existing route at the west end near to
an existing junction to an in-use electrified branch to a substantial harbour system.
The next objectives were the weekend only diversion of IC services from Paris Nord towards
Maubeuge via the freight line from Ormoy-Villers to Le Meux-Croix-St Ouen due to major track works
at Creil, combined with the summer only enhanced services to the northern coastal resorts of Le
Treport and Dives-Cabourg. After an Ouigo “no frills” TGV from Nantes to Tourcoing skirting Paris via
Charles de Gaulle airport station plus an EGTRE listed rare curve at Lille, Le Treport was first,
approaching via Abbeville on a line which normally has just one pair of trains a day, with enhanced but
unbalanced by day services on summer weekends. As Le Treport is the terminus of two lines, the ideal
scenario was to travel in on one and out on the other but research showed this was only possible
without spending many hours in Le Treport on one combination a week, based around the service
from Laon departing Amiens at 09:36 on a Saturday. This arrived as a well filled 12 coach DMU, and on
the branch vegetation was hitting the train sides, although apart from one section track condition and
speed were reasonable. Le Treport station is on the opposite side of the river mouth to the main part

of the town and there is no nearby road bridge, so pedestrians have to walk over two harbour lock
gates, which are just wide enough for prams etc., to reach it. This must put off locals so the enhanced
summer loadings could be what keep these lines open. After a pleasant 1h 25m on the coast in
glorious sunshine, the mid-morning departure on the other line towards Beauvais was a 4 car DMU
and unsurprisingly lightly loaded. It was noted with amusement that the junction one station outside
Le Treport is at a village named Eu! (On board announced as "Uh"……).

The delightfully named station of Eu is in the outskirts of Le Treport

Continuing into Paris the diversion was covered in the late afternoon on a round trip from Paris Nord
to Compiègne, with plans then to go to Dives-Cabourg on the Sunday. Unfortunately, on arriving at
Paris Saint Lazare the next morning our member discovered that the station was completely closed for
engineering work until 13:00. Interrail App searches confirmed that it was impossible to get to Dives-
Cabourg and back by train once services resumed, but as Caen and Dives-Cabourg are not that far
apart, if there was a bus the branch could still be done one way, so the decision was made to risk it. On
arrival at Caen what should have been a missed minus 4 minute bus connection was made thanks to
the driver initially having a problem with his ticket machine, but there was a later departure anyway so
the plan would still have worked! This earlier arrival gave time for a wander to the beach at Cabourg, a
brisk 20 minute walk away as Dives-Cabourg station is on the edge of the conurbation. The 17:31 train
had few passengers on departure but quickly filled at the numerous intermediate stations towards
Trouville-Deauville (which has IC's to Paris) so even though services only run to Dives-Cabourg in
summer plus winter weekends, it not being on the threatened list appears correct.
Travels in France were going remarkably well apart from the Saint Lazare engineering work, a total
contrast to attempts in May where operational issues plus the first series of National and even local
strikes meant numerous missed lines, so with the flexibility of an InterRail plans were revised to
remain in France for additional days. At the top of your travellers wish list was a second attempt at
Bourg-en-Bresse via Oyannax to St Claude as in May the expected connecting train after arriving from
Dole from the north was bus substituted as an alleged knock on effect of a previous strike. So after a
positional day from Paris Bercy (which is being renamed Paris Bercy - Burgundy Pays d'Auvergne on 13
September) to Lyon via main and secondary routes not previously ticked off led to St Claude being
reached successfully the next day, and your correspondents opinion is that the 32km north of Oyannax
is seriously threatened for continuing train services due to minimal loadings, very poor track, slow
speeds and just three pairs a day. With now three days to reach the agreed in advance Danish tour
joining point at the far end of a branch, thoughts turned to what new SNCF track could be done en-
route combined with an ICE dash across Germany, which meant heading north on one of just two daily

passenger services that use the line from Merrey to Neufchateau. Perhaps surprisingly they are both
TGV’s between Dijon and Nancy but timings unfortunately meant this was not on the one of the two
that also avoids Culmont-Chalindrey. A night in Nancy led nicely into doing one of the four pairs a day
from Epinal to Lure to reach Belfort and then Strasbourg to leave France, but in trying to squeeze in as
much track as possible relied on a 9 minute connection from a train arrival to an SNCF bus departure if
doing the Remiremont branch before Epinal! This was risked as that line would be left unvisited some
way from any other required track, and although late running and a held connection at Arches
suggested this was foolhardy, the only problem in the reduced time at the branch end was establishing
which vehicle in the adjacent bus station was the SNCF one, so everything worked out. Two InterRail
App stated connections of less than 10 minutes also fell into place meaning the 13:55 TGV from
Strasbourg to Frankfurt could be caught to complete the French part of this odyssey.

[068] Poland – Steam over freight lines
Polish travel group Turkol are organising a number of multi-day steam tours with significant freight line
content. Details (in Polish) at on the right hand side of the home page.
Although organised by Turkol, as you might expect Wolsztyn Experience have some involvement in
these trips and for four of them are organising bookings for a British party including accommodation.
Booking for the whole trip through them means you will be seated in a first class carriage at the front
of the train and be sat with other UK cranks. Julian Worth, the UK booking co-ordinator will be happy
to take bookings for the full trip(s). If you have any queries please email him at jkworth@
He would prefer to receive payments in the form of cheques as it is easier to keep track of things,
payable to Wolsztyn Experience please. Payments can be sent to:-
J Worth, Appleton House, West Street, Childrey, Wantage, Oxon OX12 9UL

[069] Portugal – Rehabilitation of Guarda – Covilhã finally starts
Minister of Planning and Infrastructure Pedro Marques has announced the start of work to rehabilitate
the Guarda – Covilhã section of the Beira Baixa route by mid-2019. To be completed within a budget of
€88m, rehabilitation of the railway, which has been out of use since 2009, would provide a strategic
link on a north-south axis within Portugal as well as providing a cross-border route into Spain via the
frontier crossing at Vilar Formoso. The European Union is to cover 85% of the cost, and the project
forms part of the Ferrovia 2020 Investment Plan issued by Infraestruturas de Portugal in February
2016. This in turn is mostly based on the PETI3+ proposals developed by the previous government.
The rehabilitation work consists of electrification, reinforcement of six steel girder bridges and track
renewals along 46 km of the route, complementing a 10 km section that was renovated under a
previous investment programme. Station refurbishment is planned at Maçainhas, Benespêra and
Barracão. Level crossings around Guarda are to be removed where possible, or fitted with automated
gates and warning systems. Once completed, the modernisation work should allow CP’s regional
passenger services to link the two towns in 40 minutes and permit the operation of 600 metre long
freight trains. Works are expected to be completed in the first quarter of 2019, with trains expected to
resume by the summer.
Approval has also been given to start work on the Beiras Link, a 1.5 km single track electrified chord
that would provide a connection at Galegas between the Beira Baixa and Beira Alta lines. This would
relieve capacity constraints and provide an alternative route for freight trains between Spain and
Portugal, avoiding the Porto – Lisboa main line. It is also intended to complete work to enable
750 metre long freight trains to run over the Beira Alta corridor linking Vilar Formoso with Coimbra
and Porto.

[070] Serbia/Bulgaria - Niš to Dimitrovgrad loses passenger service

From 1 February the two International trains which used this line ceased to do so and instead trains
run Beograd -Niš and Dimitrovgrad-Sofia with no alternative transport provided on the non-electrified
Niš to Dimitrovgrad section. Loadings have always been poor, so whether or not the summer months
will see through services resume remains to be seen.

[071] Spain – The Irun to Bilbao railway, points of interest
This Euskotren railway was traversed recently, almost ten years since our member first travelled the
line. There were a number of new cut-offs and buried sections that have been commented on before
but it was actually slightly frustrating knowing these were there but rarely being able to spot the "old
route". Progressing westwards an obvious new section trails in from Altza in the form of a twin track
tunnel on the left. On alighting at Herrera a train going to Altza arrived within a minute, and reached
Altza after two minutes. The return service left within two minutes meaning that the "branch" was
done in six or seven minutes! At Altza the tunnel carries on and is supposed to reach Pasaia, thereby
eliminating the current alignment. However no evidence of this could be determined at either end. A
realignment clearly still under construction is at Loiola where the current bend right through the
station is being straightened out and work is far advanced and continues actively so perhaps this is one
project that will see completion in the near future. On entering the environs of Bilboa at Etxebarri the
new twin track tunnel was complete but without wires, so this appears well advanced towards
creating Metro line 3. What will then happen to the existing line into the terminus station?

[072] Spain – Travelling on the Amorebieta N-E curve
Trains normally run from Bilbao to Bermeo direct via the west to north curve of a triangular junction,
but on Sunday mornings between midnight and 06:00 four train pairs run from Bermeo to Amorebieta
Geltokia via the east to north curve. Our member waited at Amorebieta Geltokia for the first of these
services to arrive from Bermeo. After a connection with a late night train from Bilbao, the return
service set off for Bermeo with 30 people on board including our member. How well the next three
trains fill can only be guessed at, but this service has run like this for many years so must be seen as

[073] Turkey (European and Asiatic) - Work resumes on Marmaray tunnel
The Marmaray immersed tube tunnel which links railways on either side of the Bosphorus Strait
opened on time in October 2013, but upgrading of approach routes to create a 77 km high-capacity
corridor between Halkali on the European side and Gebze in Anatolia has been subject to considerable
delay. OHL was appointed to lead the project in October 2011, which includes station rebuilding work
and triple-tracking on the Asian side to allow long-distance and high speed trains to serve Istanbul’s
Haydarpașa terminus. Now it seems a contract modification has been agreed with the Turkish
government and work is reported to have restarted on sites at Atakoy and Zeytinburnu on the
European side and Kartal, Bostanci and Kiziltoprak in Anatolia. The revised completion date for the
work is now 31 December 2018.


[074] Australia - Solar power for Melbourne trams?
Melbourne’s extensive tram network could soon be running on electricity supplied by large-scale solar
power plants under plans unveiled by the government of the Australian state of Victoria. Around
35MW of power from the proposed solar farms will be linked to Melbourne’s tram network with the

government voluntarily surrendering renewable energy certificates to match the amount of electricity
used by all of Melbourne’s trams. A tender will be issued soon to build Victoria’s first large-scale solar
farms with a capacity of 75MW, by the end of 2018. At 250km, the Melbourne tram network is the
largest in the world, carrying 204 million passengers annually.

[075] Chile -Rancagua Express carries first passengers
State railway EFE began trial operation of its new commuter service between Santiago and Rancagua
on 24 January. Initially there are three departures from the capital during the morning peak, and one
at 20:45 on Fridays. There are departures from Rancagua at 07:20, 10:00 and 19:30. From 2 May it is
intended to start operating throughout the day, with the end-to-end journey time reduced from 90
minutes to 70 minutes. Operating from Rancagua in the morning and from Santiago in the evening, an
express service will run non-stop to cover the 81.8 km in just 60 minutes. The project has involved
track renewals, the refurbishment of 10 stations and the introduction of smart card ticketing as well as
the acquisition of a new fleet of EMUs.

[076] Djibouti - New line to Ethiopia inaugurated
A ceremony was held at Nagad station in Djibouti on 10 January to mark the official opening of the
new 752km electrified standard-gauge railway to the Ethiopian capital Addis Ababa. The railway was
inaugurated in Ethiopia on 3 October, when trial services began. Commercial operation of passenger
and freight services is expected to start early this year.

[077] Peru - For those who like a little comfort in their train travels
Belmond has revealed that it will launch South America’s first luxury sleeper train, the Belmond
Andean Explorer, in Peru. The new train, expected to launch May 2017, is set to travel along one of the
highest rail routes on earth traversing the Peruvian Andes from Cusco to Lake Titicaca and Arequipa.
The train accommodates 68 guests in en-suite cabins including two double cabins, 20 twin cabins and
12 bunk bed cabins for two people. And there’s an observation car. For more information see

[078] USA – Get a cheap rail ticket
A useful website which allows the user to search for the cheapest Amtrak fares over a 30 day period:



This is provided as a service to members and details must be checked with the organisers.

Austria – Wien tram special
The Landesbahn are running their annual tram special around Wien on Sunday 5 March. Further
details are now on their website: The organiser, Karl
Zellerhofer, is happy to accept email bookings and pay on the day. [email protected]

Germany/Poland – International service diverted
The Berlin Lichtenberg - Wroclaw Glowny weekend service is diverted via the Horka - Wegliniec border
crossing on the weekends of 18/19 March and 25/26 March.

IBSE – List of Special Trains on Lines without Passenger Services

Note: Entries marked with a “+” were updated within the last four weeks.

Germany 2017

18/19. 02 + DB Diversions of some EC and IC trains between Vaihingen(Enz) and Esslingen(Neckar) via
Langes Feld - Zazenhausen [also 25/26.II, 4/5,27-30.III]
25/26. 02. + Sauren Shuttles Pritzwalk - Putlitz
26. 02. + IGSO (Norddeich -) Westerstede-Ocholt - Carolinenhof and return
04. 03. + DG 41 096 (Hildesheim Hbf -) Berlin Südkreuz - DTM and return
04. 03. + DGEG u. a. Rheine- Spelle, TNB, GME
04. 03. (Letschin -) Abzw Werbig oben - Werbig (- Küstrin-Kietz) and return
05. 03. BmD 3 x (Berlin-Lichtenberg -) Biesdorfer Kreuz - B-Schöneweide - B-Tempelhof - B-Moabit -
+ BmD Berlin-Lichtenberg
Egeln - Staßfurt - Abzw Halberstadt Ost - Harsleben (- Blankenburg(Harz)) [Connection for Rübeland]
11. 03. + NbSE and return
(Leipzig-Plagwitz -) Böhlen(b Lpg) - KW Lippendorf and return
11. 03. EMBB Diversion of RE trains between Berlin and Wrocław via Horka unt Bf - Horka Gbf - Węgliniec [DE/PL]
18/19. 03. + DB [also 25/26.III]
(Berlin -) Meißen T. - Nossen - Freiberg(Sa) (- Holzhau) and return
25. 03. + BmD Mannheim Industriehafen [also 13.V]
u. a. Aachen Nord, Breinig, Frenz
25. 03. HE Mannheim Diversion of IC 118, 119 via Aeschach Abzw. - Lindau-Reutin
25. 03. + DGEG Almost all lines tour (99 %) of Straßenbahn München
Shuttles Staßfurt - Leopoldshall (Bw) [also 24/25.VI, 23/24.IX]
27-30. 03. + DB Shuttles Oranienbaum(Anh) - Ferropolis [also 23.IV, 6./7.V, 5./6.VIII, 24,30.IX, 1.X]
Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk and return [DE/CZ]
29. 03. Seidlitz (Chemnitz -) Döbeln - Nossen - Freiberg(Sachs) (- Chemnitz)
(Schöneck(Vogtl) -) Zwotental - Adorf(Vogtl) and return
01/02. 04. Siede (Schwarzenberg(Erzg) -) Zwotental - Adorf(Vogtl) and return
u. a. Dresden-Neustadt - Dresden-Altstadt [also 10.VI]
01/02. 04. NbSE Railtour in the west of the Ruhrgebiet
Running day at Parkeisenbahn Vatterode [also 3-5.VI, 1/2.,22/23.VII, 5/6.VIII, 2,3,30.IX, 1,3,28/29,31.X]
08/09. 04. + DVG Gütersloh Nord - Hövelhof [also 30.IX, 8.X]
Trains between Lommatzsch and Ziegenhain [also 4./5.VI, 9./10.IX]
14. 04. + OSEF Shuttles Bocholt - Mussum [also 10.IX]
Seelingstädt(b Werdau), Kayna
15. 04. + SEM Chemnitz (Chemnitz Hbf -) Riesa - Röderau (- Hamburg) and return
Shuttles Hafenhubbrücke - Niedrigwasserschleuse Steinkopfinsel
15. 04. + VSE Staßfurt - Egeln
Rundfahrten Hamm(Westf)Rbf
16. 04. + VSE (Leipzig-Plagwitz -) Berlin Südkreuz - DTM and return
Rochlitz(Sachs) - Rochsburg - Penig [also 1/2.VII, 12/13.VIII]
22. 04. + OSEF Shuttles Diepholz - Sulingen(Han)
Shuttles Bw Darmstadt-Kranichstein - Abzw. Stockschneise (- Groß-Gerau-Dornberg) /- Darmstadt Hbf
29/30. 04. + Sauren Running day at Parkbahn Lauchhammer [also 1/2.VII(?),3.X]
(Chemnitz -) Zwotental - Adorf(Votgl) and return
29. 04. - 01. 05. + PE Vatterode u. a. Remscheid-Bliedinghausen
Heringen(Werra) - Gerstungen (- Apolda) and return
30. 04. + Osningbahn Special trains in Saarland, Lothringen and Luxemburg [DE/FR/LU]
Shuttles Greifswald - Greifswald-Ladebow Hafen
01.05. Schienentrabi (Chemnitz -) Döbeln - Nossen - Meißen T. (- Dresden - Chemnitz)
Shuttles Olbernhau - Neuhausen(Erzgeb)
01.05. VEFS u. a. Ankum - Bersenbrück, Cloppenburg - Friesoythe
Shuttles Gelände ECA Aschersleben
06. 05. TG Ferkeltaxi Shuttles Bw Arnstadt - Erfurter Kreuz
Proposed special train in "Weserbergland"
06/07. 05 zugparty u. a. Gotha - Emleben, Straußfurt - Sömmerda
(Nürnberg Hbf -) Nürnberg Ost - N-Dutzendteich - Nürnberg Rbf - Fürth(Bay)Hbf (- Nürnberg Hbf)
06/07. 05 + MEBF u.a. Brohl Hafen
Proposed special train from Dortmund or Bochum
06/07. 05 NbSE Shuttles Gütersloh Nord - Hövelhof
u. a. Neuhausen(Erzg), Marienberg(Sachs)
14. 05. + ME Hamm Neubeckum - Wadersloh and return

20. 05. + EMBB

20/21. 05. Schienentrabi

25. 05. + Osningbahn

25-28. 05. Kranichstein

01. 06. Lauchhammer

03. 06. + SEM Chemnitz

10. 06. + Sauren

10. 06. + SZR Müller

15-18. 06. DGEG

14-16. 07. + Press

18. 08. + SEM Chemnitz

20. 08. TG Ferkeltaxi

26. 08. + DGEG

09/10. 09. NbSE

16/17. 09. Arnstadt

23. 09. DGEG

30. 09. TEV

15. 10. + FME

28. 10. + DGEG

25. 11. DGEG

10. 12. + ET

10. 12. + TG Ferkeltaxi

22. 12 + ET

23. 12 + ET Ennigerloh - Neubeckum - Münster(Westf)Hbf and return

Europe 2017 + Turkol Railtour around Poznań [also 25.XI, 9.XII] PL
18. 02. NBIK u. a. Bad St. Leonhard - Zeltweg AT
04. 03. Special tram tour of Wien VIII AT
05. 03. + Landesbahn Sulmona - Isernia and return FULLY BOOKED IT
05. 03. + Molise (Praha hl. n.) Praha Krč - depot Kačerov [10/14 h] CZ
18. 03. + MhmP Agrigento - Porto Empedocle and return IT
19. 03. + FFI u. a. Åstorp - Kattarp SE
25. 03. + SMoK u. a. Mimoň st. nádr., Liberec doln. nádr., Černousy - podg. Studniska, Lubań Śl. - Leśna, PL
07-09. 04. podg. Wilka - podg. Ręczyn, Turoszów [CZ/PL/DE]
KŽC Railtour around Marseille including Rhone right bank line FR
(Toruń Gł.) Czersk - Kościerzyna PL
07-09. 04. + ABFC Kościerzyna - Lipowa Tuch. (- Wolsztyn) PL
09. 04 + Turkol Bydgoszcz Gł. - Szubin and return PL
11. 04 + Turkol Kojetín - Tovačov and return CZ
11. 04 + Turkol Special trains in Hungary HU
16. 04. + kolmix (Chemnitz Hbf - Forst(Lau) -) Żagań - Głogów - Leszno (- Wolsztyn) and return [DE/PL] PL
26. 04 - 02. 05. Railtour around Amsterdam Docks NL
29. 04. PTG u. a. Jelenia Góra - Lwówkek Śl., Legnica - Jerzmanice Zdrój, Legnica - Rudna Gwizdanów PL
29. 04. zugparty u. a. Lučenec - Somosköújfalu, Komárom - Komárno [SK/HU] SK SK
01-03. 05. Mercia Shuttles Mixnitz Lokalbahn - RHI Breitenau [also 5,10.VI, 8.VII, 12.VIII, 16.IX] AT
05-08. 05. + Turkol Railtour in Denmark DK
13. 05. Steam Story (Poznań Gł.) Kołobrzeg - Kołobrzeg Port and return PL
18-23. 05. + FdBB (Miskolc -) Papírgyár - Mahóca and return [also 22.VII, 28.X] HU
27/28. 05 PTG Inowrocław - Kruszwica and return PL
27. 05 + Turkol Inowrocław - Wapienno and return PL
15. 06. + ÉSZAKERDÖ Nurmes - Vuokatti and return FI
15. 06. + Turkol Międzychód - Skwierzyna (- Gorzów Wlkp.)and return PL
17. 06. + Turkol (Wolsztyn -) Międzyrzecz - Międzychod and return PL
18. 06. steamrail Nurmes - Kontiomäki and return FI
18. 06. + Turkol u. a. Kołobrzeg - Kołobrzeg Port, Szczecin Dąbie SDA - SDC PL
23. 06. + Turkol Special trains in Finland FI
23. 06. steamrail u. a. Vranov nad Topľou - Trebišov, Medzev, Dobšiná, Slavošovce, Muráň, Fiľakovo - Somosköújfalu, SK
01-09. 07. + Turkol Velký Krtíš, Ipolytarnóc - Lučenec, Zvolen - Šahy, Radošina, Nitrianské Pravno (od. elektrárna Nováky?)
01-04. 07. PTG [SK/HU] SK
Steam Story Broad Gauge Haniska při Košiciach - Mat'ovce and return AT
(Mauterndorf -) St. Andrä - Tamsweg (- Unzmarkt) and return PL
05. 07. + RTC u. a. Aleksandrów Kuj. - Ciechocinek SK
`Holiday with the Railcar` (East Slovakia, Broad Gauge, Steelworks Haniska při Košiciach) IT
20. 07. + Club 760 u. a. Sulmona - Castel di Sangro and return [also 20.VIII, 8.X, 5.XI, 26.XII] SK
(Košice -) Plešivec - Slavošovce and return PL
21-24. 07. + Turkol (Poznań Gł. -) Międzyrzecz - Międzychód Letnisko and return PL
(Gorzów Wlkp. -) Skwierzyna - Międzychód and return RO
05-13. 08. KŽC Special trains in Bulgaria and Romania IT
Sulmona - Castel di Sango and return, Isernia - Castel di Sangro and return SK
06. 08. Molise (Košice -) Medzilaborce - Łupków (- Sanok) and return [SK/PL] FI
(Nurmes -) Lieksa - Pankakoski and return BG
12. 08. + Veterá u. a. Umfahrung Sofija, Niš Ranž., Trubarevo Ranž., Gradsko - Šivec, Dikea - Svilengrad,
Simeonovgrad - Nova Zagora [BG/RS/MK/GR] UA
12. 08. + Turkol u. a. Потутори/Potutory - Бережани/Brzezany IT
(Milano -) Novara - Varallo Sesia and return SK
12. 08. + Turkol u. a. Radošina, Topoľčianky SK
(Košice -) Moldava nad Bodvou - Medzev and return
02-09. 09. PTG JO
Special trains in Jordan
17. 09. Molise IN
(Lengerich(Westf) -) Münster(Westf)Hbf - Neubeckum - Lippstadt - Warstein and return
23. 09. + Veterá
Narrow and broad gauge lines in India
29. 09. steamrail

30. 09. - 07. 10. + PTG

01-08. 10. Wendelin
01. 10. FTI
21/22. 10. + KŽC
28. 10. Veterá

Overseas 2017 BLS
10-15. 05

Germany 2018

06. 01. + ET

Overseas 2018 Darjeeling
18. 03. - 04. 04.

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