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22nd February 2020

Welcome and Introduction

Welcome to the public exhibition of the proposals for the
future of 55 Broadway and the neighbouring 100 Petty
France and Wing Over Station buildings in the heart of
historic Westminster.

Integrity International Group has recently purchased the complex
with the intention of becoming the new long-term custodians of 55
Broadway, sensitively restoring the Grade I listed early-modernist
building and opening it up to the public through its conversion to
a high-quality hotel, owned and operated by Integrity International
Group and its Chairman, leading hotelier Tony Matharu.

We are keen to understand the views of our neighbours and the local
community about how 55 Broadway can contribute positively to its
neighbourhood as a high-quality hotel, before submitting a planning
application to Westminster City Council.

We would be grateful if you could complete a feedback form once
you have reviewed the exhibition and return this via the ballot box
or email. The exhibition materials are also available via our website

Members of our project team are available to discuss the proposals
and respond to any questions you may have.

The Team


EPR Architects is an award-winning practice with
an established reputation for quality architecture,
masterplanning and interior design.

About Tony Matharu, Chairman of Integrity The team has an array of experience delivering
International Group hotels and hospitality projects including The Ned
in the City of London, the Rosewood in Holborn
and are currently working on the Old War Office on

Tony, Founder and Managing Director of Grange
Hotels and Founder and Chairman of Blue Orchid
Hotels, is a former “Hotelier of the Year” having
graduated in Law and Economics.

Tony combines his passion for hospitality with The Ned
philanthropy, sport and community engagement;
as a trustee and London City Chairman of the Lord’s OTHER KEY MEMBERS OF THE PROJECT TEAM
Taverners, Vice President of Oracle Cancer Trust,
Chairman of Integrity International Trust; and a • Client – Integrity International Group
Director of the London Business Improvement • Lead Architect – EPR Architects
District - “Bee London”. Tony is a recipient of an • Heritage Consultant – KM Heritage
Honorary Doctorate of Letters and is a Fellow of • Development Manager – Trilogy Real Estate LLP
ESCP Europe Business School. • Planning Consultant – DP9 Ltd
• Project Manager – Quartz Project Services
A former winner of “Best Small Hotel Company” • Transport Consultant – Caneparo Associates
(Business Travel Awards), Tony has recently • Employer’s Architect – Buchanan Hartley
founded London’s latest independent hotel
chain: Blue Orchid Hotels under his Integrity Architects
International Group. He is Founder and Chairman • Employer’s Agent & Quantity Surveyor – Quartz
of an international hospitality consultancy – Global
Hospitality Services. Project Services
• TfL Liaison – Stuart Robinson Consultancy
Tony is committed to caring for, respecting and • Economic Consultant – Volterra
engaging with the local community: having • Structural Engineer / Civil Engineer – Elliott
supported The Thorney Island Society and Vincent
Square Residents Association for a number of years. Wood
Tony is particularly dedicated to enriching the lives • Mechanical and Electrical / Acoustic, Vibration,
of the youth of Westminster and has committed
to supporting the work of St Andrew’s Club, the Air and Sustainability Engineer – Hoare Lea
world’s oldest youth club, which has been making
a priceless contribution to the local community for
over 150 years. Tony founded Integrity International
Trust to build better futures for the most vulnerable
people in society.

Public Exhibition

55 Broadway – an iconic building

55 Broadway was built between 1927 and 1929 in an Due to the exceptional architectural interest of the
art-deco, early-modernist style as the headquarters building and its position as a milestone in 20th
of the Underground Electric Railways of London Ltd Century design, this was upgraded to a Grade I
which at the time was gradually taking control of listed status in 2011.
London’s privately-run public transport companies.
The building still retains many of its original
The new building served as both offices and as a features, such as the lobby and landings, as well as
symbol for the Underground Electric Railways of wood panelled boardrooms on the 7th floor.
London, which was subsequently taken into public
ownership and became London Transport in 1933. Under our proposals , the conversion of 55
Broadway to a high-quality hotel will see these
As the tallest office building in the capital at the unique features sensitively retained and celebrated,
time, it was dubbed ‘London’s first skyscraper’ with the public able to access and view this
at just over 53 metres and won the RIBA London landmark civic building for the first time.
Architecture Medal upon its completion.

55 Broadway was awarded Grade II listed status by
English Heritage in 1970.

Construction workers at
55 Broadway

55 Broadway being Drawing of proposals for
constructed in the late 1920 55 Broadway

Public Exhibition

Famous Figures in the History of 55 Broadway


The architect of 55 55 Broadway was
Broadway was Charles commissioned by
Holden (1875 to 1960), Lord Ashfield who was
who designed more the Chairman of the
than 50 London Underground Electric
Underground stations Railways of London
in the 1920 and 1930s. Ltd between 1910 and
In addition to his work 1933, a predecessor of
on the Underground, Transport for London.
one of Charles Holden’s
other notable work in
the capital is the Senate
House of the University
of London.


The Vice-Chairman and Chief Executive of the
Underground Electric Railways at the time 55
Broadway was commissioned was Frank Pick,
who oversaw many of the Underground’s most
recognisable symbols, including the roundel Tube
Station signs and the Underground Map which is
still in use today.

He appreciated the importance of design in
his work, employing some of the most forward
thinking artists and designers of the day, and had a
unique working relationship with architect Charles

Public Exhibition


This building was erected in the 1970s and relates in height to
neighbouring Albany House. The two properties form a modest and
understated terrace as a whole.

100 Petty France follows the building line of the previous building on
the site, Electric Railways House, engaging with 55 Broadway in a similar
way. The steel element is clad in Portland Stone with a grey/ green stone
spandrel panel below the windows.

The rear façade is a property cladding system with back painted glass
panels and strip windows. An unusual feature is an elliptical stair / lift core
that forms a transition between the building and the ‘Wing Over Station’
building. An unsightly and clumsy bridge at the rear links four levels of the
building to 55 Broadway

100 Petty France is to be retained and converted into hotel bedrooms.


The Wing Over Station building was developed as an e
Railways House in 1922 – 24 to designs by Sir Albert Ric
Charles Gill. It has no street elevations and is utilitarian
was innovative for its time as an early example of a bui
railway line.

It forms one side of the Albany House Courtyard and h
elevation against St Ermin’s Hotel to the rear. It is prop
building in its current form and to convert it to hotel b

55 Broadway 100 Pet

The 55 Broadway site
consists of three parts.

extension of Electric 55 BROADWAY
chardson and
n in appearance. It The first part of the site comprises the Grade I listed
ilding spanning a 55 Broadway building which was constructed of
Portland stone on a metal frame and completed in
has a stepping 1929.
posed to reclaim this
bedrooms. The building was until recently the head office of
Transport for London who have sold the site to
tty France Integrity International Group and are in the process of
moving to other office buildings in the capital which
meet the requirements of modern office occupiers.

Whilst retaining many of its historic features, the
building is tired internally and in need of investment
to sensitively facilitate its renewal.

At ground floor, there is the 55 Broadway arcade
which was introduced in the 1980s and comprises a
series of small retail units, as well as the entrance to St
James’s Park underground station.

In the centre of the ground floor, is the reception
area for the office building, which means users of the
underground who are approaching from the south
are required to undertake a circuitous route through
the arcade.

Wing over station

Our Vision for 55 Broadway

Integrity International Group, as the new long-term custodians of 55 Broadway, has
three principle objectives for the future of this landmark building.

1. To open-up 55 Broadway for public benefit by providing access, supporting the
community and contributing to the local economy.

2. To cherish the building and celebrate its heritage.
3. To create a high-quality hotel worthy of the building, to be owned and operated by a

dedicated hotel expert.

Design inspiration

Key internal heritage features

Public Exhibition

Sectional view of
the proposed hotel

Permeability and Place Making

55 Broadway is a landmark building at a point of the arcade which was introduced in the late 1980s.
notable significance. It stands at the centre of a key
junction between two major axes supplying central Our proposals will seek to reinstate this direct
London with connectivity.
north – south route which formed part of Charles
The north-south axis connects Horseferry Road and
Milbank to St James’s Park and Mayfair, while the Holden’s original vision. This will enable a more
east-west axis connects Victoria Railway Station to
Westminster and to Parliament Square. It makes a permeable site resulting in ease of public access
wayfinding node on significant pedestrian routes
that serve both visitors and the local resident and directly through the building towards from Milbank
working community. EPR Architects 55 Broadway

and Victoria through to St James’s Park.Pre-applicationDocument
November 2019
55 Broadway

Opening 55 Broadway in1t.o5 a| PmlaocreeMpaukbinligcly

The primacy of the cruciform plan (the Four Winds) and public

accessible scheme will improve visual andaccess to the station from Victoria Street, Parliament Square
and St James’ Park.

functional links in the heart of Westminster.

At present, the direct route through the ground EPR Architects 55 Broadway
floor of the building is blocked by the office Pre-application Document
reception requiring pedestrians to walk through November 2019

A. 55 Broadway

1.5 | Place Making

The primacy of the cruciform plan (the Four Winds) and public 1929-19H29o-lHdoeldnens’s VVisiisoinon Public Access
access to the station from Victoria Street, Parliament Square Public Access to underground stationPublic access to underground station with separate office
and St James’ Park. 1989 - ReOtffaicilearcade
entrance from the east.
Public accResestaiisl Adricvaedrteed thr
with seperate office entrance from the central offiHceoetenltrance.

EPR Architects 55 Broadway
Pre-application Document
November 2019

55 Broadway

1.5 | Place Making B.

The primacy of the cruciform plan (the Four Winds) and public 1929 - Holden’s Vision 1P9uP1c8eu9bnb98tlir9clOPa-ilufca-ofbRicfRclfciiecAeceeAestscactecinailcestarsiaedsrlnicvcseAaers.dteredicstahrddouigevh erertatilespdacetsharroounud tgheh 2019 - Proposal
access to the station from Victoria Street, Parliament Square retaiRletsaipl Aarcacdee s around the central office
and St James’ Park. Public access to underground station with separate office entraHontelce Public access to undergro
entrance from the east. entrance from the east.

C. 1929 - Holden’s Vision D. 1989 - Retail arcade 2019 - Proposal

KEY: Public access to underground station with separate office Public access is diverted through retail spaces around the 2019- ProposalPublic access to underground station is reinstated with hotel
entrance from the east. central office entrance. entrance from the east.
A. St James’ Park
B. Westminister Public Access to the underground with
C. Victoria hotel entrance from the east


D. Milbank Public Access Retail Arcade
Westminister Office
Victoria 9


Public Exhibition

The New Hotel

The new hotel would consist of around 500 rooms, located KEY:

in the three parts of 55 Broadway.

EPR Architects Spa55 Broadway
Pre-application Document
The existing cruciform structure of 55 Broadway readily November 2019

55 Broa dwa y Hotel Reception and Public Area

lends itself to the sensitive conversion from office use 6.3 | PPuubblicliScpaAceccess
around corridors, to high-quality hotel rooms.
Retail Arcade

St James’ Park Underground


The premium hotel rooms would be located within 55 Station Entrance

Broadway from the 2nd to the 9th floors, whilst smaller

rooms would be located within 100 Petty France and

Wing Over Station.

This approach would ensure that the hotel is genuinely
accessible and attractive to a range of visitors.

The structure of the floors and our commitment to Plant Room
working with the heritage of the building would also
mean construction and any disruption to neighbours BOH
would be kept to a minimum. Refuse

An ancillary food and beverage and retail offer would also Staff Entrance
beEPlRoAcrachtietedctsat the gro5u5nBdroafdlowoayr, helping to activate the area
around the site and ePnrec-aopuplricaagtioinnDgocpumeoenpt le into this unique
building in line with HNoovledmebner’s20o19riginal vision for the site.

EPR Architects

The first floor would be converted to a series of informal

Proposed SECOND FLOOR PLANand formal meeting spaces and conference suites, which
55 Broadway
Pre-application Document
November 2019

55 Broadway GrGournoduFnlodor fAloxoomretric

55 Bwrooaduwlday also be accessible to hotel guests, visitors and the

6.3 | Public AccessPrep-auppbliclaictio. n Document

November 2019 KEY:

ProposedA spa area would be introduced at the ground floor and Informal Meeting Space
lboacsaelmreesnidtelnevtselapnrdoSvwidEoirCnkgeOrasNd. dDitiFonLaOl aOmRenPitLy AfoNr guests, Meeting Room

Event Space

By refurbishing the existing building and delivering an Bedroom
26.5 m²
energy strategy that optimises carbon reduction within
the historic fabric of 55 Broadway, we are ensuring that we 21.4 m²

deliver a more sustainable developmNeenw tGwlashs iRleoofprotecting
its heritage.

19.9 m²

Meeting Room Bedroom Bedroom
224.4 m² 19.1 m² 19.2 m²

Bedroom Bedroom
19.3 m² 19.4 m²

Acc. Bedroom New Glass Roof
28.0 m²
New Glass RoofMeeting Room Bedroom Bedroom
42.9 m² 26.5 m² 19.9 m²

Meeting Room Bedroom
39.1 m² 21.4 m²

Meeting Room Bedroom
224.4 m² 19.9 m²

Meeting Room Store Bedroom
73.5 m² 18.9 m² 16.7 m²

Meeting Space - Pre Bedroom Bedroom
Fun3c4t9io.7nmA²rea 19.1 m² 19.2 m²

Bedroom Bedroom First floor Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom
26.0 m² Bedr1o8o.3mm² AxometricBedroom 18.6 m² 18.5 m² 21.9 m²
19.3 m²
Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom 16.9 m² Admin Acc. Bedroom
18.3 m² 18.3 m² 18.2 m² M18e.3etmin²g Room 1B7.e2dmro²om 28.4 m² 25.2 m²

71.8 m² 19.4 m²

Meeting Room Bedroom WC Bedroom Acc. Bedroom BoH
42.9 m² 27.6 m² 12.4 m² 19.9 m² 28.0 m² 5.4 m²

Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom Linen Admin Acc. Bedroom Public Ex
21.0 m² 20.3 m² 20.4 m² 23.2 m² 13.8 m² 68.8 m² 26.8 m²
Bedroom Bedroom
28.0 m² 21.3 m² Store Bedroom WC BoH Bedroom Bedroom Bedroom
32.6 m² 35.9 m²

Hotel Public Area Spa
Hotel Reception and Public Area
Public Space
Retail Arcade

Hotel Entrance

Retail Original building plan

Public route from Victoria Street

Lightwells enclosed with glazed roofs for naturally 29 PLANT PLANT
lit meeting and pre-function rooms. BOH
Informal Meeting Space BOH TFL
New Glass Roof RETAIL
Bedroom Event Space BOHRETAIL F&B
20.4 m² F&B ENTRANCE
Proposed typical upper-floor plan TFLENTRANCE BEDROOM SUPERIOR






New Outdoor Amenity Space

Under the proposals, the existing terraces at the The use of the terraces would be conditioned
10th floor would be sensitively enhanced with through the planning application to ensure that
additional landscaping and planting in order to they do not cause disruption to guests of the hotel
provide hospitable space for access by guests, or neighbouring residents.
residents and visitors to these historically significant
spaces with close up views of the ‘Four Winds’
sculptures for the first time.

The ‘North Wind’ public
sculpture by Eric Gill

Rooftop Restaurant
Rooftop Bar
Gallery Space

Public Exhibition

Operational Management Statement

The main public access point to the hotel would The new hotel will be staffed 24 hours a day, 7
be via the eastern arm of the cruciform on the days a week with a security phone number to be
corner of Broadway. A secondary access would
provided to neighbouring residents.
be located on Petty France.

The main hotel reception will be on the first floor, The ground floor would consist of a series of
with concierge and guest service desks on the restaurants and retail units, that would be
ground floor. accessible to the public, creating a place in

which visitors, residents and workers will wish
to spend time, meet and relax throughout the


Public Exhibition

Transport and Servicing

• 55 Broadway benefits from excellent • The owners’ assessments suggest that
public transport links, being located the single use of the building as a hotel
directly above St James’s Park would require no additional servicing
Underground Station. As a result, vehicles than in the current use.
no visitor parking is proposed at this
location. • Our proposals have been developed
in a way that seeks to be respectful to
• Guests at the hotel would be all local residents, sharing St Ermin’s
encouraged to arrive and depart either Hill with St Ermin’s Hotel and keeping
by public transport or taxi with taxis servicing away from residents in the
waiting on Broadway, away from area. Integrity International Group
residential properties. is also committed to consolidating
servicing requirements to reduce
• Deliveries, waste and refuse would vehicular traffic.
all be undertaken via a dedicated
servicing bay at the ground floor of
the Wing Over Station section, which
would be accessed through St Ermin’s

Proposed ground
floor plan

Public Exhibition


Sustainability is one of our core principles; IIG • As we refurbish the site, we will replace outdated,
recognises the importance of ensuring, wherever inefficient plant equipment with smart mechanical
possible, that our buildings are environmentally and engineering technology and introduce
sustainable and create a positive impact for the wider secondary glazing where possible, targeting a
community. 15% improvement on emissions compared to the
current building.
• With 55 Broadway we are retaining the entire
building which, along with protecting its historic • We are supporting the biodiversity of the area by
architectural features, reduces the amount of introducing a new ecological garden and urban
construction work and new materials required. bee hives at upper levels.

On track for London Plan target of 35% reduction in CO2
emissions compared with building regulations.



30% 45% 55% 70% 85%

BREEAM assessment levels

Public Ex

Read about some of the work that we, and the organisations we support, undertake to
accomplish the global goals established by world leaders for sustainable development.

Affordable and Clean Energy – pioneering designs Responsible Production and Consumption –
joining the big climate fightback
Tower Suites, Integrity International Group’s newest
hotel in the City of London, has an innovative, high- We encourage our team to volunteer and participate
quality design delivering low energy demand. in a mass tree planting campaign across London and
The hotel has achieved the BREEAM “Excellent” the UK to help reach the government’s aim of 1.5bn
sustainability qualification. The pioneering features new trees by 2050 and the net zero carbon target. We
of Tower Suites enable a large percentage of the are always on the lookout for innovative ways to make
building’s total energy usage to be generated
from renewable energy sources, satisfying the a positive sustainable impact on the environment.
requirements of the City Corporation’s clean energy

development plan for 2026.

Climate Action – demonstrating responsibility to Sustainable Cities and Communities
our environment
The nearbyStAndrew’sClubhasbeenenrichingyoung
With the power of collaboration, we sustainably lives for over 150 years. They are a local charity and
source environmentally friendly products and are community based youth club in Westminster, where
committed to working with local suppliers. We also around 40% of children are classed as living below
encourage guests in our hotels to conserve on energy the poverty line. They provide a safe, welcoming and
active environment that helps their members, aged
consumption. five to adulthood, develop educationally, socially
and personally through a wide range of sport, art,
practical skills, trips out and training. IIG is committed
to supporting the local youth of St Andrew’s Club in

sustaining the running of their programmes.


Timescales and Next Steps

Key milestones:

Planning Planning decision Start on site: Projected
submission: expected: Late 2020 programme:
Spring 2020 18 - 24 months
Q4 2019

Next Steps

Thank you for attending our public exhibition.

Your feedback is essential to us as we prepare our proposals. We
welcome your comments before we submit our planning application
to Westminster City Council.

We would be grateful if you could take the time to fill out a feedback
form and to put any questions you may have to members of our
project team.

We are committed to an open-dialogue with our neighbours
regarding our application. To get in touch with us following the
exhibition, please contact:

[email protected]
020 3900 3676

The exhibition material and feedback form is also available via our

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