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Published by membersonly, 2018-04-24 01:35:05


23rd July 2016

Supplement to e-BLN 1261 BLN Pictorial 23 July 2016

Something a little different from BLN Pictorial this time round, as we offer a 'puzzle' issue to test your knowledge with some pictures of station signs and
mileposts. Firstly the station signs - those members travelling frequently between Crewe and Manchester will be familiar with the display of station signs at
Handforth, where the Friends of Handforth Station, with the co-operation of Northern Rail, have put together a splendid array of 'Handforth' signs in the
style of various station operators, current and past, and in the UK and abroad. With thanks to our Treasurer, Ian Mortimer, we're able to offer you a
selection of the Handforth signs and challenge you to work out whose is the style on each sign - with a little help from some clues. We finish the 'station
signs' section with four signs from countries other than the UK, whose locations might also challenge you. Unfortunately your Sub-Ed is a careless fellow
and it's entirely possible that his hand may have slipped while preparing some of the images, and there could be a few bits missing - but we're sure you'll
manage to work them out. Where not otherwise attributed, the station sign pictures are Ian Mortimer's.

We're also grateful to our member Ian Delgado, whose invaluable Unusual Track website is available to all for the price of a very modest donation to
Railway Children. Ian has very kindly provided BLNP with a set of photographs of railway mileposts, again complete with clues as to their locations, which
are all in the UK. All the milepost pictures are Ian Delgado's.

Sadly we're not able to offer enormous (or indeed any) cash prizes to reward your knowledge, initiative, perseverance and intuition, but provided that
your Sub-Ed's unreliable memory will last that long, the answers to the 11 operators, 4 countries and 10 UK locations will appear in the next BLN Pictorial.

1. An operator saying 'non' to lower case. 2. It might connect two urban rail systems. 3. British Isles, but not UK.

4. Their social club might have a Four Rail Bar. 5. They own the main bus operator in Telford. 6. A very Enterprising operator.

7. Runs the Northern Line, among others. 8. The Barrow boy beside a wide valley 9. Wot - no driver?

10. Opened in 1979, serves Disneyland, Austin and 11. This operator's name means 'speed'. 12. This European country obviously aims high.
Admiralty (Photo : Dave Cromarty 2004)

13. A good place to stop for locally grown tea. 14. If only ... but this Westerham's nowhere near 15. This Hell can reach -25°C in winter . It's in
(Wikimedia user Krankman (Own work (own the M25. It's quite near to the location of a Europe, but not the EU.
picture)) [CC BY-SA 3.0 , GFDL ], via Wikimedia very bad head-on collision in February 2016.
Commons) (Dave Cromarty 2006) (Wikimedia contributor Røed 17:30, 22 April 2007
Own work (own picture), licence CC BY-SA 2.5)

We turn now to Ian Delgado's milepost pictures - see if you can work out where in the UK each of them is.
They're in alphabetical order - except for the last one!

1. John Balliol was awarded the crown on this very spot. 2. I hear it's not known for late arrivals.

3. Where the underground crosses over the overground! 4. Stopping here may help you zero in on this location.

5. Come here to go thither? 6. You would almost kill to get this one.

7. The DLR stops short of here. 8. Is the waiting passenger checking the football results?

9. There's a racecourse in this town, as Kevin Atherton 10. Déjà vu?
would have you know.

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