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19th May 2018




This newsletter covers the World outside the British Isles from information
supplied by members.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Compilers or of the Society.

International Editor (to whom all email and postal contributions should be sent):
Paul Griffin, 7 School Bell Mews, Church Lane, Stoneleigh, COVENTRY, CV8 3ZZ
Email: [email protected]
Deputy International Editor: Derek Woodward, 68 Church Street, Matlock, DERBY, DE4 3BY


In 1979 work commenced to build a new 39km railway between the Pitești to Curtea de Argeș branch at Vâlcele, and
Râmnicu Vâlcea, on the Piatra Olt to Sibiu railway. This would create a fast route between Bucuresti and Râmnicu
Vâlcea, Valea Oltului and Sibiu. Part of the line was opened in 1989 but a combination of cheap construction and
landslides due to unstable ground caused this to close in 1998. There was an attempt by the Adrian Nastase
government to repair the line, but this was abandoned and the rails were removed in 2004. Even though the line
was never completed, the infrastructure was impressive, with two tunnels (Gibei 2250 metres and Plotisina 1910
metres) as well as three large viaducts (Topolog, at 1440 metres the largest in the country), Sâmnic 540 metres and
Sâmnicel 270 metres), six smaller viaducts and bridges over the Olt and Argeș rivers. The picture was taken by a
German photographer ten years ago. Nothing much has changed since.


[174] Belgium – Work restarts on line 161 and 124
Line 161 connects Brussels with Namur. On Wednesday 28 March 2018 work restarted on line 161,
initially between the stations of Watermaal and La Hulpe. Making this section of line four track gives
the most operational benefits and therefore the most benefit to passengers. Despite the fact that
much of the work has already been done, the commissioning of this section is scheduled for 2024.
The second part, between Ottignies and the branch to Louvain-la-Neuve, will start soon. Due to the
shorter distance (2 km) and the fact that no tracks need to be moved for this work, this project will be
completed in December 2023. Between La Hulpe and Ottignies, the third and final part of the Line 161,
work will start again within 2 years and by the end of 2026 this part must be completely four-track.
The modernisation works at Ottignies station and the station area will be completed by 2029.
Line 124 runs from Brussels to Charleroi. In the second half of 2018 the work between Waterloo and
Braine-l'Alleud will be restarted. The commissioning of the 4 tracks on the section Waterloo - Braine-
l'Alleud and the opening of the Moensberg stop (Ukkel) are planned for 2025. The civil engineering
works are only complete for a third of the total distance of 23 km. In Flanders and Brussels, the works
can only be restarted when new permits are issued.

[175] Finland – Infrastructure observations from the BLS Finland tour
The project to double parts of the line between Oulu and Seinäjoki has been progressing for some
years now and the Ylivieska to Kokkola section was completed in 2015. The opportunity was taken to
straighten out a 1.7 km section between Sievi and Eskola. The old line is now abandoned with a bridge
removed and at its furthest extent is 150 metres away from the new line, making this a significant
deviation of interest to those who travelled the line prior to 2015.
Further south is the newly electrified (2016) freight branch from Pännäinen to Pietarsaari/Jakobstad
and Alholma. The line is used for transport of crude wood and cellulose to and from the cellulose
factory at Alholma and for export of paper from the Jakobstad paper mill as well as for export of wood
products from Jakobstad port. The BLS tour travelled on this line and it was noted that a north to south
curve was under construction.

Approximately a kilometre long, the curve is expected to be completed this year. At present all traffic
from the south must reverse in the yard at Pännäinen, but this will no longer be needed when the
‘Bennäs triangle’ is completed.
In the outskirts of Helsinki Pasila station is being rebuilt as well as seeing the construction of two
additional tracks (approx 1.5km long on the western side of the station) and platforms for use by both
long distance and commuter trains. This will provide extra capacity for a station which is the second
busiest in Finland with over a thousand trains per day. Opening is expected in 2019.

[176] France – Le Tréport to Abbeville
SNCF has confirmed that the ‘temporary’ closure of the line commences on 28 May 2018 for 5-7 years.
Other ‘temporary’ closures have proved to be permanent, but we shall see.

[177] France – News from Brittany and Normandy
A member spent a few days in the Brittany/Normandy area recently and has supplied a couple of
snippets of news. There are no trains between Retiers and Chateaubriant, with some trains
terminating at Janzé, until 28 August 2018 due to engineering works, and as a piece of history the
whole line was closed 12 February to 30 March for track work on the branch. Also there are no direct
services shown this summer, until 6 July at least, from Granville northwards to Coutances round the
Folligny avoiding curve.

[178] France - The Tour de la Region Grand-Est (Attigny revisited)
Members who participated in the Societies 2015 excursion to France on the Sud Ardenne Explorer will
recall that after visiting Challerange the tour returned to Attigny and proceeded towards the junction
at Amagne-Lucquy as far as the SNCF boundary, from where it was necessary to walk to the SNCF
station. That leaves the sort of irritating gap which makes hardcore gricers grit their teeth. The
operator of the tour was the Chemin de Fer Touristique Sud Ardenne (CFTSA), and since then they
have run tours from their Attigny base to various destinations on the SNCF network with the ECS
running over the offending connection.
As part of CFTSAs 2018 programme they had advertised a day trip to Strasbourg with (after Longuyon)
different outward and return routes, the latter including the freight line from Béning to Bouzonville,
which was of interest to a number of members who proceeded to get themselves booked on the tour.
At some point the possibility of joining the tour ECS at Attigny was raised, and rather surprisingly
CFTSA agreed to allow this. Plans were accordingly made, but even the best laid plans are at the
mercy of SNCF with the word grève (strike), soon featuring heavily in the planning.
The problem, as anyone who watches the news will know, is that the major French Railway Union
called a series of strikes in protest against the Government’s decision to change the railway workers
conditions of contract. The good news was that the tour date, and the preceding day, were not strike
days, but the day after the tour was a strike day and clearly there was the potential for problems
which could lead to the tour being cancelled. Two days before the tour, with many members already in
France or en-route, word was received that there was a possibility of the tour being stranded in the
evening by the run down prior to the strike. Anxious times, but the following day the problem
appeared to have been resolved and the tour was on!

Which is why seven members got up at a most ungodly hour for either a taxi from Charleville-Mézières
to Attigny or a members car from Reims to Attigny, timed to arrive, at CFTSAs request, for 06:00. On
arrival they were shown into an office to wait with CFTSA train crew/members for the two car
Caravelle DMU to be readied for departure. Three Czech enthusiasts were also present, having driven
overnight. The first glimmering of dawn greeted them as they walked along the platform and boarded
the Caravelle for a slow journey to Amagne-Lucquy. The English speaking contingent were soon joined
by Nicholas, who members on the Sud Ardenne Explorer will remember as the anglophile Frenchman
who gave the marvellous commentary on board that train. He would do the same throughout this
tour, first in French then in English. There was a pause at a signal at the SNCF boundary, then the train
crawled over the connection and joined the main line before crossing over to enter the platform
furthest from the station building. Success for part one of the days objectives! The ECS move was
complete – now would come a wait for the passengers to arrive and other trains to get out of the way.
It was a glorious Spring morning and soon the train was on its way to pickups in Charleville-Mézières,
Sedan, Montmédy and Longuyon, where another member was waiting to board. Throughout the day
there would be five minute photostops at various stations. The one at Conflans-Jarny was of interest
because of the long lines of withdrawn locomotives in the sidings and even some withdrawn TGVs
visible in the distance. The tour publicity had included a map of the proposed route which was
decidedly ambiguous in respect of whether the train would take the Metz avoiding line (and a rare
curve) or pass directly through Metz station. The timings sheet handed out on the train left no doubt
as a time was present for Metz Ville, though as a minor bonus the train was routed on the west side of
Woippy yard before crossing over to pass through Metz Nord and then a non-stop (just!) run through
Metz Ville station. The best photostop was undoubtedly that at Lutzelbourg, where the ruined Château
de Lutzelbourg on a hill above the station made for a marvellous picture.

Lutzelbourg, with the eponymous Chateau on the hill above the station

More photostops followed as the train headed steadily for Strasbourg with arrival in the bay platforms
only a few minutes late. The original plan had been for several hours in Strasbourg, but with time
constraints due to the impending ‘grève’ this had been cut back to 40 minutes – just enough time for a
look at the station and refreshments. For those who have not been to Strasbourg, the front of the old
German built station is now behind a vast glass structure which provides additional space for
passenger use.

The original Strasbourg station building can be seen through the glass panels

After a group photo in front of the train, the tour duly set off for Béning, taking the secondary line
through Sarreguemines, which despite its poor service was well maintained and relatively fast. At
Kalhausen the branch from Sarre Union trailed in, trains being limited to weekdays when children are
at school. At least one member looked longingly at it, but clearly the line would have to wait for
another day. Béning is a significant junction where the line from Saarbrücken in Germany to Metz was
joined briefly, but now interest lay with the 32.7 km freight line to Bouzonville, the star attraction of
the tour. The railway history of the area is quite complex, but the lines to be travelled were built by
the French before being taken over by Germany after the Franco-Prussian war and incorporated into a
German oriented network with an emphasis on rapid deployment of troops by train for defensive
purposes, a situation which lasted from 1871 to 1920 and explains the many Germanic names of towns
on line such as Creutzwald and Kuntzig.

Creutzwald was formed in 1810 by the merging of the three villages of La Croix, La Houve, and Wilhelmsbronn. It
continued to be known as Creutzwald-la-Croix until 1961, when the name was simplified, and as can be seen the
former railway station still bears this name. Creutzwald was the last town in France to have a working coal mine, in
La Houve, which closed on 23 April 2004.

The region of Alsace Lorraine and its railways were incorporated back into France after WW2, but right
hand running persists to this day. Béning - Bouzonville – Thionville is double track and electrified at
25kV. The 19.2km from Béning to Hargarten-Falck has numerous branches which support a number of
industries as well as a large power station. At Hargarten-Falck a line from Germany used to trail in and
the combined line passed through difficult terrain requiring two tunnels – Hargarten (376 metres) and
Téterchen (996 metres) both of which were twin bore, each tunnel being double track, though only
one bore is in use today. After Téterchen tunnel the line split, with one long closed line heading south
west to Courcelles-sur-Nied (between Metz and Remilly), the other continuing to Bouzonville. Before
Bouzonville the line from Niedaltdorf and Dillingen in Germany passes underneath before running
alongside into Bouzonville station. This line is used on Good Friday each year for special trains from
Dillingen to the market in Bouzonville and a service operated at Easter 2018 despite DB putting the
line up to the French border up for sale. As the train entered Bouzonville it was noticed that smoke
was coming out of the 25kV transformer building. Local people had also noticed this and within a few
minutes of the train’s arrival the fire brigade turned up, wanting, quite understandably to talk to
someone from the SNCF. The only SNCF staff anywhere near Bouzonville was the driver of the railtour,
who promptly headed for the offending building. Word also filtered through that there was a problem
operating the level crossing barriers at the Thionville end of the station, so there was some serious
concern amongst passengers wishing to leave the train at Thionville – especially those wanting to
catch the Paris train. After almost half an hour the whistle went and the charter set off again,
photostops being dispensed with to ensure connections were made. A freight train stranded by the

power going off was passed, but loss of the 25kV supply was of no concern to a DMU! Thionville to
Bouzonville had a two train weekdays only service for many years, but this has been bus substituted
since April 2016 with no sign of it being reinstated. The only use of the entire section of line travelled
was by a diverted international overnight service some years ago, with the usual odd selection of dates
so beloved of French timetable programmers but even then on some occasions the train did not take
the booked route, making many people, including the author, reluctant to commit to the journey.
Three members made a narrow connection onto a train to Luxembourg, from where two of them
travelled on to Brussels and Trier respectively. The author, safely away from the impending ‘grève’,
checked into his hotel opposite Luxembourg station and enjoyed an early night!

[179] Germany – Temporary reopening of freight line for schools service
A bridge closure in Betzdorf is severely restricting traffic, including buses, into the city, so a nearby
freight line is being pressed into service for school children. From 7 May 2018 to (probably) 30
September 2018, but NOT the summer holiday period 25 June to 3 August, a train pair will operate on
line 9278 from Gebhardshain-Steinebach to Scheuerfeld WEBA and back. Times are Gebhardshain-
Steinebach depart 07:00, and Scheuerfeld WEBA depart 13:40. A word of warning – it is unclear
whether passengers other than schoolchildren will be allowed on the trains.

[180] Germany - Museumsbahn Deinste - Rehnkamp
The length of the Museumsbahn Deinste – Lütjenkamp has now almost doubled with the
commissioning of the extension to Rehnkamp to a total of 2 km. However, the extension from
Lütjenkamp to Rehnkamp is not normally used by the steam trains on the few operating days each
year, but only when there is ‘strong demand and fine weather’. This makes turning up and hoping for
the full length of the line something of a lottery. However, on 8 July a special trip the full length of the
line will be made with departure from Deinste at 09:40, returning at 11:10. A cost sharing basis will
apply, paid in cash on the day. If interested please e-mail Jorg Haensel at [email protected]

[181] Moldova/Ukraine - Reopening postponed
Work to reopen the Basarabeasca - Berezyne line was supposed to have started in summer 2016. An
article in Lok-Report
lueckenschluss-verschoben.html reveals the usual story: this work, planned for 2017, has been
postponed owing to lack of funding.

[182] Romania – Another line closes
Line 904 runs Titu - Târgovişte – Pietroşiţa. Passenger traffic on the Fieni - Pietroşiţa section had been
reduced to a Sunday train pair, and even this was withdrawn on 12 March 2018.


[183] Argentina – Estación Buenos Aires closes
BLNI 1291.415 reported the start of work on 6 July 2017 of the new 5.6km elevated alignment that will
allow Belgrano Sur services to run into the Plaza Constitución terminus of the 1676 mm gauge Roca
network in 2019, thereby eliminating the need for Buenos Aires station. The station is misnamed as it

has never been the major terminus of the city, but obtained the name for historic reasons. The last
day of services to Estación Buenos Aires was 30 April 2018. The penultimate station Sáenz (also known
as Dr A Sáenz) will become the new terminus until the new elevated alignment is completed, at which
point it will be an elevated through station.

The present network showing Buenos Aires station

[184] USA – Restored railway reconnects Southern Nevada cities
The Nevada Southern Railroad Museum in Boulder City operates a heritage railroad which offers
passenger excursion trains a 7-mile, 45 minute round trip on part of the Boulder branch, opened by
the Union Pacific Railroad in 1931 to ferry people, supplies and equipment to the construction site for
what would become the Hoover Dam. The state obtained the tracks and right of way from the Union
Pacific Railroad in 1985 and the heritage operation started in 2002. As part of the Interstate 11 project
the railroad bridge over US Route 93 that was removed in 1998 during the widening of Highway 93
into Interstate 515 has been replaced by a 364 feet long art deco-style steel truss bridge. The Boulder
branch rail line, a spur that curves away from the main Union Pacific line in Las Vegas, runs through
Henderson and now — once again — connects to Boulder City. Now that the historic rail line is
reconnected the Henderson Public Works Department is examining what should be built along the
route while restoring sections of track that haven’t been updated since the 1930s. Nevada Southern is
now in talks with Union Pacific and the city of Henderson to construct a railyard and station so the
train can turn around without making any backup moves, increasing the heritage train return trip from
7 miles to 14 miles.

[185] USA – San Francisco BART system extends
The Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) has publicly announced the opening of the new eBART line (also
known as the Contra Costa County Extension) on 26 May after an opening ceremony the day before at
Antioch station. The new line runs for 10 miles from the former terminus at Pittsburg/Bay Point to the
new terminus at Antioch and is mostly in the middle of State Highway 4, exiting the freeway at the
east end where there is a small yard/shop on former railroad right-of way. Services will be operated by
Stadler DMUs, which will allow services to extend east to Brentwood/Tracy should the Mococo line
segment ever be funded and railroad agreements negotiated. The DMUs run on their own tracks and
connect with the existing BART system at a transfer platform just outside of the Pittsburg/ Bay Point
Station. Riders simply exit one train and walk across the platform to board the other train. The transfer
platform is only reachable by train.

List of Special Trains on Lines without Passenger Services

Germany 2018

20. 05. IG Unstrutbahn (Naumburg(Saale)Hbf -) Wangen(Unstrut) - Donndorf(Unstrut) and return [also 23.VI,7-
0. 05.
25-27. 05. OVEB Shuttles Adorf(V) - Zwotental
26/27. 05.
26. 05. HBN Shuttles Neustrelitz Hbf - Bürgersee; on 26.V also to Schlossgarten
26. 05.
27. 05. + Krollmann Tram Special train (Sa: Jena + So: Gera) CANCELLED

28. 05. + FdE Harbour railway Hannover-Linden
31. 5.- 03.
06. AKE Stolberg-Altstadt - Breinig
02. 06.
02. 06. ODF (Piesberg Zechenbahnhof -) Osnabrück Altstadt - Abbetween Klus - Bohmte - Bohmte Ost
02. 06. (- Bad Essen) and return
02. 06.
03. 06. OSEF Shuttles Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk [DE/CZ]

03. 06. DGEG 31.V-1.VI OHE, 2.VI Walsrode, 3.VI VGH PLANNED

09/10. 06. BmD Werbig oben - Werbig
TEV (Weimar -) Erfurt Hbf Bft Linderbach - Erfurt Ost and return
+ Pursche "Unruhestandstour" railtour POSTPONED
EMBB Leipzig-Plagwitz - L-Thekla (- Lübbenau) and return
BmD 4 x Berlin-Schöneweide - B-Tempelhof - B-Moabit - B-Lichtenberg - B Ostkreuz - B-
DB Diversion of IC 1926 between Münster(Westf)Hbf and Hannover Hbf via Osnabrück Süd -
Osnabrück Rbf
Schienentrabi Rochlitz - Penig [also 30.VI, 1,28/29.VII, 25/26.VIII]

09. 06. AKE Zeche Zollverein
09. 06.
BG Herten (Dorsten -) Bottrop - Oberhausen-Osterfeld - Oberhausen West - Duisburg-Ruhrort and
10. 06. return [also 15.IX]
-08. 07.
14. 06. + DB Regio Diversion d. RB-Linie 12 between Oranienburg and Berlin-Lichtenberg via Abzw Berlin-
17. 06. Karow West - Berlin-Karow
22-24. 06.
23/24. 06. + DB Museum Draisine trips in DB-Museum Nürnberg
23. 06.
28. 6. -1. MEM Shuttles Wehrendorf - Hafen Wehrendorf
30. 06. IG Nossen Shuttles Brand-Erbisdorf - Berthelsdorf(Erzgeb) - Freiberg(Sachs) - Nossen
01. 07.
07/08. 07. + FELP Shuttles Lommatzsch - Ziegenhain(Sachs) [also 8/9.IX]
13-15. 07.
14. 07. Hartmannsdorf Steam draisine from Wolkenburg (towards Waldenburg or Penig)

28. 07. DB Diversion of IC between Münster(Westf)Hbf and Wanne-Eickel via Dortmund-Scharnhorst
28. 07. - D-Obereving - D-Mengede

29. 07. Sauren Wittlager Kreisbahn FULLY BOOKED [also 14.VII]
18. 08.
18. 08. + DB Diversion of IC-Trains between Würzburg Hbf and Treuchtlingen via Nürnberg Rbf
19. 08.
23-26. 08. MEM Shuttles Holzhausen-Heddinghausen - P&R-Parkplatz and B65 in Bad Holzhausen
25/26. 08.
26. 08. Press Shuttles Greifswald - Greifswald-Ladebow Hafen
01. 09.
07. 09. ME Hamm (Hamm(Westf) -) Schwerte(Ruhr) - Hagen-Hengstey - Hagen-Vorhalle - Wengern Ost -
08. 09. Witten Hbf - Dortmund-Wischlingen (- Dortmund-Mengede)
08. 09.
08/09. 09. + DGEG Lathen - Werlte, Haren(Ems) Hafen, AB Dörpen
09. 09.
15/16. 09. ME Hamm (Hamm(Westf) -) Dortmund Signal-Iduna-Park - Bochum-Langendreer - Bochum-Riemke -
16. 09. Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck - Bottrop Süd - Oberhausen Hbf (- Essen-Werden)

22. 09. + DGEG Dorsten - Kusenhorst, Hafen Dorsten
25. 09.
29. 09. EMBB Leipzig-Plagwitz - L-Leutzsch - L-Wahren (- Wismar) and return
29. 09.
30. 09. Sauren Ocholt-Westerstede - Sedelsberg and return
03-07. 10.
06. 10. TG Ferkeltaxi Shuttles Olbernhau-Grünthal - Neuhausen(Erzgeb)

07. 10. BmD Hamburg-Bergedorf Gbf - H-Bergedorf Süd

13. 10. HBN Shuttles Rheinsberg - Stechlinsee and (on 26 August) to/from Neustrelitz
14. 10.
14. 10. ET Shuttles Ibbenbüren-Aasee - Dörenthe Hafen
21. 10.
21. 10. DGEG TWE and EEB lines PLANNED

IG Unstrutbahn (Erfurt Hbf -) Artern - Roßleben and return [also 3.X]

TG Ferkeltaxi (Chemnitz -) Spreewitz - Schwarze Pumpe and return

IG Nossen Nossen - Döbeln Hbf [also 15/16.XII]

MKB Shuttles Berlin-Lichterfelde West - Rathaus Steglitz

MEM Lintorf - Offelten

Arnstadt Shuttles Bw Arnstadt - Erfurter Kreuz

Bahnpark Bahnpark - Augsburg Hbf - Augsburg Ring - Seitzsteg - Augsburg West - Augsburg Hbf -
Augsburg Bahnpark [also 23,30.IX]

+ HE Mannheim Mannheim Industriehafen [also 20.X]

OSEF Hoyerswerda - Spreewitz - KW Boxberg

Sauren Herzlake Bf

DGEG Ruhr area round trip PLANNED


DGEG Goods lines and harbour railways in Würzburg PLANNED

LOEV Nossen - Meißen T. (- Dresden -) Meißen T. - Döbeln (- Leipzig -) Großbothen - Sermuth -
Großbothen (- Grimma -) Döbeln - Nossen

+ Bahnpark (Augsburg Hbf -) Landsberg(Lech) - Schongau and return [also 14,21.X, 8/9.XII]

OVEB Adorf(V) - Bw Adorf(V)

VDM (Stein am Rhein -) Etzwilen - Rielasingen [CH/DE]

+ ODF (Piesberg Zechenbahnhof -) Osnabrück Hbf - Lengerich(Westf) - Bad Iburg and return

+ ET (Lengerich (Westf) -) Hasbergen - Georgsmarienhütte and return

EMBB Leipzig-Plagwitz - Güterring - Leipzig Engelsdorf (- Oschatz) and return

25. 10.-9. + DB Regio Diversion of IRE between Neu-Ulm and Stuttgart via Ulm-Söflingen - Ulm Nord
27. 10. + DGEG Hafen Bottrop, Hafen Cöln-Neuessen
27. 10. TEV Großheringen - Buttstädt, Gotha - Emleben, Bad Salzungen - Vacha
29. 10. DGEG Unterlemnitz - Ebersdorf-Friesau (?), Tršnice/Tirschnitz - Františkovy Lázně/Franzensbad,
-02. 11. VBK Gotha [DE/CZ]
07. 12. HBN Shuttles Neustrelitz Hbf - Schlossgarten
09. 12. ET Shuttles Gütersloh Nord - Hövelhof
22. 12. ET Neubeckum - Beckum - Wadersloh and return
23. 12. ET Ennigerloh - Neubeckum - Münster(Westf)Hbf and return

Europe 2018

17-22. 05. PTG Special train in Hungary [HU/HR] HU
19. 05. + ??? Operating day NPŽ Nitra (15-22 Hrs) [also 5/6.XII] SK
21. 05. Shuttles Mixnitz Lkb. - RHI Breitenau [also 16.VI, 7.VII, 8.IX] AT
26/27. 05. FdBB (Poznań Gł.-) Kołobrzeg - Kołobrzeg Port PL
26. 05. TurKol Kojetín - Tovačov CZ
26. 05. kolmix (Miskolc -) Papírgyár - Mahoca and return [also 21.VII, 20.X] HU
26. 05. ÉSZAKERDŐ (Brno hl.n.-) Náměšť nad Oslavou - letiště Sedlec and return CZ
26. 05. + ??? Seinäjoki - Kaskinen and return FI
27. 05. HMVY Operating day Ziegeleifeldbahn Körbligen CH
02. 06. FWF Praha-Braník - depo Kačerov CZ
03. 06. ??? Wrocław Osobowice - Wrocław Sołtysowice, Wrocław Gł.- Sobótka Zachodnia, Wrocław PL
+ TurKol Kuźniki - Wrocław Nadodrze
Sumiswald-Grünen - Wasen i. E. CH
09. 06. VHE (Bohumín -) Karviná hl. n./ - Petrovice u K. - Karviná město and return CZ
(Poznań Gł. -) Rogoźno Wlkp. - Czarnków and return PL
09. 06. + ČD Poznań round trip [also 22.VI, 11.XI] PL
(Chojnice -) Człuchów - Przechlewo and return PL
10. 06. TurKol Shuttles (Protivín -) Číčenice - Týn nad Vltavou and return CZ
Waldbahn Comandău RO
11. 06. TurKol (Wolsztyn - Leszno) -) Kąkolewo - Gostyń and return PL
Legnica - Rudna Gwizdanów (- Głogów -) Rzepin - Międzyrzecz and return PL
16. 06. + SMK Chojnice Międzyrzecz - Nietoperek and return PL
(Handlová -) Prievidza - Nitrianske Pravno and return SK
16. 06. + Vltavotýnská Ružomberok - Ružomberok malá st. [also 6,14.VII, 2.IX] SK
Nurmes - Kontiomäki and return FI
20. 06. Augusta Haniska pri Košiciach - Mat'ovce ŠRT SK
(Košice -) Moldava n. B. - Medzev and return SK
21. 06. TurKol Nurmes - Kontiomäki (- Oulu) FI
(Oulu -) Kontiomäki - Nurmes FI
23. 06. TurKol Special train in Northern Sweden SE
Diversion of fast trains between Jenbach and Brenner via Inntal-Tunnel AT
23. 06. TurKol Joensuu - Ilomantsi and return [also 17,19.VIII] FI
(Bratislava Prievidza - Nitrianske Pravno and return SK
23. 06. + PPS (Longueville -) Provins - Villiers St. Georges and return [also 27.X] FR
Ełk - Olecko, Olecko - Suwałki PL
29. 06. + KžmV Luxemburg and Hennegau PLANNED LU
Jablonica - Brezová pod Bradlom SK
30. 06. + steamrail Special train holiday in der Slvakiai VI [SK/PL/UA] SK

04. 07. RTC

05. 07. Košická dhž

06. 07. + steamrail

08. 07. + steamrail

13-22. 07. PTG

14. 07. -03. 09. ÖBB

14/15. 07. + steamrail

21. 07. + KMH

23-29. 07. AJECTA

23. 07. TurKol

27-29. 07. DGEG

27-29. 07. + VLAKY.NET

04-12. 08. KŽC

07. 08. Hell (Brig -) Oberwald Übg - Realp Übg (- Chur) and return [also 9.VIII] CH
11. 08. Molise Sulmona - Carpinone and return [also 16.IX] IT
11/12. 08. NS Diversion of ICE between Arnhem Centraal and Utrecht Centraal via Betuweroute [also 20- NL
11-19. 08. + DGEG Narrow gauge in West Prussia and Poznan PL
(Košice -) Plešivec - Ochtiná - Slavošovce (?) and return SK
11. 08. Košická dhž (Košice -) Plešivec - Muráň and return SK
(Košice -) Bardejov - AB Obuv-Special (?) and return SK
18. 08. Košická dhž (Wien -) Zellerndorf - Laa a d. Thaya - Mistelbach Lb AT
(Brno -) Ivančice - Oslavany and return [also 1.XII] CZ
25. 08. Košická dhž Agl. Sandsteinbruch Libuň - Střeleč, Agl. Heizkraftwerk Dvůr Králové n. L. (?), Smiřice - CZ
Hněvčeves, Liberec Agl. DPML, Dolní Bousov - Kopidlno, VBK Nymburk
02. 09. + Kladno-Dubí - Skanzen Mayrau CZ
Spořilov, Metrans terminál Praha-Uhříněves CZ
08. 09. + ČD Karapčiv - Mežyriččja UA
Diversions Lyon-Part-Dieu - Avignon Centre via Rhone West Bank FR
15/16. 09. Grumpy Special trains in České Budějovice CZ
Railtours (Nurmes -) Lieksa - Pankakoski and return FI
Balkan-Special train [BG/RS/MK/GR] MK
15. 09. + KDS Kladno Timelkam AT
Šaľa - Neded and return SK
15. 09. ČD (Košice -) Rožňava - Dobšiná and return SK
Special train in Portugal PT
16-22. 09. Wendelin Special train in Český Krumlov CZ
Sereď - Leopoldov SK
17. 9.-12. 10.+ SNCF (Mistelbach -) Wolkersdorf im Weinviertel - Wien-Simmering (- Bad Fischau-Brunn) AT

20. 09. ČD

28. 09. + steamrail

29. 9.-7. 10. PTG

06-09. 10. Steam Story

06. 10. + VLAKY.NET

13. 10. Košická dhž

18-23. 10. PTG

16-18. 11. KŽC

01. 12. + Albatros

08. 12. +

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