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4th July 2015




This newsletter covers the World outside the British Isles from information
supplied by members.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Compilers or of the Society.

International Editor (to whom all email and postal contributions should be sent):
Paul Griffin, 7 School Bell Mews, Church Lane, Stoneleigh, COVENTRY, CV8 3ZZ
Email: [email protected]
Deputy International Editor: Derek Woodward, 68 Church Street, Matlock, DERBY, DE4 3BY


In central Sweden, close to the border with Norway, a freight line runs northwest from Mora to Blyberg. It used to
continue to Marbäck, but this section has recently closed. Just north of Oxberg the line crosses the Osterdal river on a
combined road and rail bridge that was previously manually guarded, though today automatic signals are used. It is
believed to be one of only three remaining in Sweden. The recent PTG tour of central Sweden stopped on the bridge for
some hasty photographs, a pleasant surprise for the BLS member who was waiting at the back of the train expecting a
picture on the move.


[243] Albania – Station opening in outer Tiranë
Further to BLNI 1235.214, the new station at Kashar was inaugurated on 26 May, and is 7.6km from the
centre of Tiranë. Services on the 36 km Tiranë – Durrës route were suspended in September 2013 when
Tiranë station closed so the site could be cleared for a new boulevard. There is a bus connection from
Kashar station to the city centre, pending a longer-term plan to build a new Tiranë Public Transport
Terminal in the northwest of the city which would provide a rail, bus, minibus and taxi interchange. Other
upgrades to the HSH network are planned, and a study is underway for service to Rinas, site of Tiranë’s

[244] Czech Republic – Ticket for summer
ČD are again offering this network ticket for 14 days second class travel on all ČD trains. The offer is valid
from 1 July until 31 August 2015. Tickets are sold at ČD ticket counters or through the ČD eShop. The ticket
is valid for 14 consecutive days, but no later than until 31 August 2015.
The price is CZK 1,190, for holders of a ČD In Karta card (with any valid customer application) and for ISIC
cardholders the price is CZK 990. More information (in English) and a link to the eShop at :-

[245] Czech Republic – Trains return to Jakartovice, and beyond
BLNI 1205.113 reported that the Opava to Jakartovice branch was confirmed as closing on 7 April 2014.
Good news now, as the Railway Capital company will operate summer services from Opava not only to
Jakartovice but also through to the end of the line at Svobodne Hermanice. Three return trips a day
Saturdays, Sundays and holidays 27 June to 28 September. There is also one return on Friday evenings.

[246] Czech Republic - Planned engineering projects
Správa Železniční Dopravní Cesty (SŽDC) is the national railway infrastructure manager in the Czech
Republic. Its main customers include passenger train operator České Dráhy and its cargo subsidiary ČD
Cargo. The SŽDC in-house magazine sometimes includes details of upcoming engineering projects. These
two may be of interest. The first is information about the upgrading of the Praha Vrsovice to Hostivar line.
This involves closure of the current JR220/221 through Praha-Strasnice station. The line will be rebuilt on a
more southern alignment, basically 4 tracking of the current Vrsovice to Malešice line up to the point
where the Hostivar line diverts. Strasnice station will be closed and replaced by two new four platform
stations at Praha-Eden and Praha zahradni mesto.

Proposed future track layout

Secondly, SŽDC also plan to install a new flyover on the Prerov avoiding line to avoid conflicting moves.
Details in this mag from p24.

[247] France - Correction to BLNI 1234.205
An extremely reliable source has confirmed that the mineral water carried away from near La Bourboule is
not Volvic but a local water marketed as own brands by some supermarkets.
Volvic water is taken away over a single track electrified branch from Riom station to the plant at Mozac.
[248] France – Le Mont Dore branch lingers on
Despite the guard of the train indicating closure of the Le Mont-Dore branch in July (see BLNI 1234.205)
the TER website indicates that the meagre train service continues beyond the 5 July timetable change to
December 2015:

[249] France - France – Update on the train du Bas-Berry
Updating BLNI 1227.070, the preservation group SABA at the southern section of the metre gauge Blanc
Argent line, should run into Luçay le Mâle station for the first time from 21 June 2015. They had previously
been able to work only to the station limit board - even though the Blanc Argent (on behalf of SNCF) trains
have not worked between Valençay and Luçay le Mâle since 17 October 2009 when that section was
"temporarily" closed by RFF because of condition of track. SABA hope, eventually, to extend to Valençay.
News item at 2015 timetable at :-

[250] Germany - Lichterfeld trains running again this year
On Sundays from 7 June to 4 October trains will run again on part of line 6591 from Finsterwalde to
Lichterfeld. They run from Finsterwalde past the old station of Kingmühl-Lichterfeld (km8.5) to a junction
where they then leave 6591 and head southwards on an industrial branch for a further 1.6km to
Lichterfeld Besucherbergwerk F60. The reason for the journey is to see the colossal machine that removes
lignite from an opencast mine. Trains depart Doberlug-Kirchhain at 11:30 and 16:50, Finsterwalde at 11:45,
13:00, 14:45 and 17:00. The return trip from Finsterwalde costs €8.

[251] Netherlands – Keycard allows access to platforms
A member inter-railing into the Netherlands arrived at Enschede from the German side earlier in the year
and was unable to access the Dutch platforms with his Interrail as they all had barriers and his InterRail did
not have a bar code. Whilst he was going straight back into Germany at that time, the plan was to later in
his trip cross the border at Venlo, so he was concerned as to how he would get access. On enquiry at the
booking office, he was given a Keycard which folds over to the size of a credit card and could be used to
access the platforms. His recollection was that it could be used up to three times.

[252] Norway – Notodden visit
The NSB branch to Notodden is worked by ex Swedish Y1 single railcars running to/from Porsgrunn, and
the 18:03 from Skien on Monday 8 June left with just 9 passengers, losing a few and gaining none at
Nordagutu, the junction station with the Oslo - Stavanger line, meaning only 4 travelled to Notodden on
what was the last train of the day. This loading, the branch having no weekend service and just eight pairs
a day, all makes the recent decision by Telemark county, Jernbaneverket and the Ministry of Transport, to
not just provide funding until 2017 after what was believed to be a serious threat of closure but to also
electrify the branch to the “new” station in Notodden all the more puzzling. When the closure threat was
aired there had been various discussions about the branch in enthusiasts circles as it is suspected a
number of BLS members may not be aware of some new track to be done at Notodden! To explain further
Notodden is part way along the branch to Tinnoset which lost its passenger service to the far end
according to Wikipedia on 1 January 1991 leaving a residual service terminating at the existing Notodden
station which is some way out of town. It was then discovered that the current NSB service runs to a

different Notodden station situated alongside the town bus station, but what had not been fully
appreciated was that this is not related to the existing electrified railway, but at the end of a converted and
un-electrified siding running 800m due west from the south throat approach to the old station, hence the
need for the railcars. So the terminus is now much nearer the town centre, and apparently opened as long
ago as 25 August 2004!

The station and platform at Notodden, which, it will be observed, is not electrified despite the rest of the branch being

From a journey on Monday 8 June it could be established that this is basically an upgrading of a headshunt
that was previously used to allow freight to reach a quayside after a reversal, with the line now a simple
fully signalled single track serving a single platform behind the bus station booking office, running mostly
alongside but at a lower level to a road. Even though Wiki states Tinnoset no longer has freight, one of the
old Notodden station tracks was very shiny and the far end colour light signal was lit, so as no unit stables
at Notodden overnight it would appear there is traffic from somewhere towards Tinnoset. Reinforcing this
the old Notodden station building was occupied as a DB Schenker office.
After arriving at Notodden at 18:52, the railcar did not return south until 20:09 and there would have been
a lengthy wait at Nordagutu before the next train to Oslo, not arriving there until 23:25. By catching a
19:20 bus on route TE1, Oslo was reached at 21:30!
[253] Poland - Bilet dla Seniora
The Karte Seniora, which required purchase of a special card, has been replaced by a new offer from PKP
Intercity. In future a Bilet dla Seniora (Ticket for Seniors) is available to anyone over the age of 60 for
journeys on PKP Intercity, either first or second class, and offers a 30% discount on the normal fare. No

card is necessary. The offer is available from mobile apps, on internet bookings, ticket offices, ticket
machines and from the guard (with the exception of EIP trains). To confirm you are entitled to the discount
simply show your photo Id (a passport in the case of UK citizens).

[254] Spain - Zaragoza Cercanias
C1 runs hourly from Casetas where it simply reverses in a platform loop off the main line towards
Pamplona into Delicias where all the long distance and AVE services call. On the other side to Miraflores
the frequency is half hourly, some gaps are plugged with longer distance services to Huesca and Lleida
calling all stations (Portillo, Goya, Miraflores) while others are simply short workings. The terminators at
Miraflores use a specific bay platform with the two through tracks flanking an island platform adjacent.
The 1993 Quail atlas for Spain clearly shows Portillo outside a tunnel running to short of Miraflores. Both
are now well submerged with the old Portillo station still extant towering above the new much smaller
station itself well above track level, so the vertical realignment alone could be 50 metres! Also the Iberian
gauge route towards Valencia used to curl away south west from here, but this is now accessed from
north of Delicias so these lines have moved very considerably. Your correspondent is unsure when all this
happened but all the plans and emergency action notices at Portillo are dated 2009 so this might give a
clue to the timing of these seismic events!?

[255] Spain - Suburban line extensions in Catalunya
There has been no progress reported on these works in the Barcelona area, so a member has investigated
using the internet. The regional government of Catalunya took over work a few years ago on the
extensions of the FGC Vallès line from Terrassa Rambla to Terrassa Nacions Unides and from Sabadell
Estació to Sabadell Ca n'Oriac, which had been suspended owing to funding problems. Construction work
on the Terrassa line is complete apart from some work on stations. Test running should have started in
April 2015 and the line is expected to open in the summer. Work is still in progress on the Sabadell line and
further delays were announced by the regional government in November 2014, so it is not expected to
open until 2016. Note that the extension will involve closure of the short section from Sabadell Estació to
the present terminus of Sabadell Rambla.

[256] Switzerland - Travels by Steam tour, train and tram around Switzerland (Part 2)
6 January. SBB electric loco 460-118 (again) took the group from Basel SBB to Bern Hbf where Bern-
Lötschberg-Simplon Bahn heritage “Blue Arrow” class BCFe4/6 2 car EMU NO. 736 dating from 1938
awaited. This took the group on a run over the original BLS main-line which opened in 1913 using a.c.
electric traction from day 1 and never steam worked (beyond Frutigen). Running from Bern Hbf by way of
Ostermundigen, Münsingen, Thun, Spiez, Mülenen (for a photostop) and Kandersteg, forward views were
afforded from the driving cab through the many tunnels on this route, including through the Lötschberg
tunnel itself, one of the ‘wonders of the age’ when it was built. A lineside stop near Hohtenn was arranged
for a photographic run-past (difficult to imagine that being arranged on a busy electrified mainline in the
UK). After reversal and lunchtime at Brig the tour returned by the same route to Thun, thence to Burgdorf,
which was the end of journey for 736, which quickly returned to the traction depot. Here group members
were free to return to Basel using their Swiss Passes as they saw fit. The latter section of the return route
(Thun – Konolfingen - Burgdorf) was, our member understands, Switzerland’s very first mainline electric
route, opening with a low voltage a.c. installation in 1899 (another line which never saw steam operation
in ordinary service), and upgraded to standard 15kV a.c. around 1930ish. (It was indeed the first mainline
electrified route – see Editors comment in BLNI 1220.388).
Proceeding by service train from Burgdorf to Solothurn (a modern BLS EMU, class 566), our member
changed at Solothurn onto the metre gauge Aare-Seeland Mobil 3 car EMU, departing from Solothurn
station forecourt, heading for Langenthal, reversing over the recently built extension at Oensingen. On
arrival at Langenthal, the night still being young, completion of the ASM system beckoned. This meant two

return trips on the branch to St. Urban, as only alternate trains go to the end of the line at St. Urban
Ziegelei (Zeigelei means brickworks, not to be confused with Spiegelei which is fried egg…). And sitting in a
nice warm EMU was a lot better (for colds etc.) than standing on a freezing platform awaiting the following
shuttle to the end of the track. Considering this was the evening rush hour by now, the end of the line was
not exactly busy. Apart from our member, the only other person to alight at St. Urban Zeigelei was a
woman who quickly disappeared into the freezing fog. Back at Langenthal, SBB loco 460-018 sped him
back to Olten, for onward connection to Basel (with 460-065) making the hotel’s evening meal with about
8 minutes to spare. Incidentally, the ASM has the interesting practice of naming its new 3 car EMU sets
after planets, hence MERKUR, VENUS, MARZ and NEPTUN being noted.

[257] Switzerland – New tunnel opens on the Lausanne to Brig line
The deviation at Sierre on the Lausanne to Brig line incorporating the new 373m Gobet tunnel opened for
southbound trains on 27 April and as double track on 31 May. The reason for the new bore was the tunnel
profile which did not allow double decker trains. The deviation incorporates about 600 metres of new line
including the tunnel. Subject to confirmation this decreases the line distance slightly, but only by an
estimated 11 metres. Line speed has been raised to 140 km/h in the area.

[258] Switzerland – Gricing season bus substitutions
Andermatt-Oberwald MGB. Monday to Thursday after 19:30 until 24 September then 28/29-30. Sept.
Fluerier-Buttes TRN. All trains Monday to Friday 30 June to 21 August 2015 and 30 August to 11 Sept.
Courtepin-Fribourg TpF. All trains 04 July to 23 August.
Bex-Gryon TPC (BVB Bex-Villars Sur Ollon). All trains 01 May to 21 August.
Zofingen-Suhr. All trains 06 July to 12 December.
Degersheim-Brunnadern/Neckartal SOB (St Gallen-Rapperswil). All trains 06 July to 09 August.
Yverdon-Ste Croix. All trains 06 July to 18 July.
Henggart-Marthalen (SBB Winterthur-Schaffhausen). All trains 12 July to 7 August.
Delemont-Delle. All trains 14 July to 31 July.
Zell-Rohrbach (BLS Wolhusen-Langenthal). All trains 2000 17 July until close of service 09 August


[259] Canada - Toronto Airport express opens
Toronto celebrated the launch of its airport rail link on 6 June, when Union Pearson Express was
inaugurated. From Toronto Union station, UP Express trains run along Go Transit's Kitchener Line for 22km,
calling at Bloor and Weston stations before diverging onto a new 3km elevated branch, which follows the
route of Highway 409 to reach the airport station at Pearson International Terminal 1. Services operate at
15-minute intervals with a journey time of 25 minutes, and Metrolinx Presto contactless smartcards can be
used onboard offering a one-way fare of $C 19 ($US 15.30). Services are operated by a fleet of 18
Sumitomo DMU cars, which are formed into two and three-car sets. The vehicles have been configured to
enable straightforward conversion to electric traction if required. The Kitchener Line is likely to be one of
the first Go Transit lines to be electrified and electrification of the airport branch would be included in this

[260] India - Trip to India January/February 2015 (Part 1)
Following the LCGB tour to Sri Lanka two members flew to India. After three days by the sea in Kerala they
travelled from Ernakulam Town to Coimbatore Junction on the Sabari Express, a mere four and a half hours
of its 1564 kms 30 hour journey from Trivandrum to Hyderabad. An express in India is not the fastest of
trains. Despite being a day train their compartment was a sleeper which is quite normal on Indian trains.
Only curtains closed the compartment from the corridor and this is conducive to talking to fellow

travellers. At Coimbatore they met Mr Natarajan of the Heritage Steam Chariot Trust who is a steam
enthusiast supporting the Nilgiri Hills Railway, normally referred to as the Ooty Line. He appeared on one
of the BBC programmes on Indian Hill Railways. The only train of the day up the hill leaves early so it was
better to stay overnight at the lower end town of Metupalaiyam rather than at Coimbatore..
The line from Metupalaiyam to the major intermediate town of Coonoor was completed in 1899 after 45
years of planning. Continuation to Ootacamund, or Ooty as it is normally known, was completed in 1908.
Total length of the metre gauge line is 46 kms and it climbs nearly 1,900 metres up the eastern slopes of
the Western Ghats. The maximum permissible speed on the non-rack sections, Mettupalaiyam-Kallar and
Coonoor-Ooty, is 30 kph while between Kallar and Coonoor, the Abt rack and pinion section, the maximum
permissible speed is 13 kph. There are 16 tunnels between Kallar and Ooty. The steepest gradient on the
rack section is 1 in12.
The lower section was previously worked by the class X coal fired steam rack locomotives manufactured
by the Swiss Locomotive Works of Winterthur, Switzerland. These are compound 0-8-2T. Attempts to
convert these to oil firing were unsuccessful so four new steam locomotives were built by the Golden Rock
Workshop, Tiruchirapalli, India. They are numbered X 37396-9 and are basically the same design as the
older locomotives, but oil fired. They came into service 2011-4, obviously some of the newest steam
locomotives operating anywhere in the world.
Next day our members were booked, or so they thought, on the 07:10 narrow gauge steam train up the
rack to Coonoor, the only train of the day on this section. Despite the tickets saying confirmed they were
told they were on a waiting list. Luckily just two seats on the train were unoccupied two minutes before
departure and they took them. They were in the first compartment at the front, facing forward, the best
seats on the train as the locomotive pushes the train. The views as it climbs are fantastic and several stops
are made for water giving passengers the chance to get out and mingle with each other (and the
monkeys). From the fact it was full there must be scope to have an extra train in each direction.
Arriving in Coonoor they had been told to report to the Station Master but he said he could not give
permission to visit the shed, so he directed them to the Shed Master. He could not give permission either
so after a mobile call at UK overseas rates (£20) to some distant unknown place permission was given. On
showing pictures taken there twelve years ago to the shed staff all work in the shed ceased. Most of the
steam and diesel locos on the line were seen there including the stored coal fired locomotives. One of the
latter is kept in reserve and was to be steamed that day, but it had been postponed. After this the train
was caught to Ooty, pushed as normal by a YD4 diesel. There are four return trips a day on this section. It is
rare for a steam locomotive to get to Ooty. Despite all these available locomotives the services can use just
one steam and two diesel locomotives each day.
To save a lot of time they were driven to Mysore from Ooty and made a visit to the Railway Museum. It
was necessary to use the GPS on his mobile phone to show the driver where it was! This was opened in
1979 and was the second in India. The exhibits include a Pacific and were in reasonably good condition. A
list is available on Mysore Palace is also well worth
a visit. From here they proceeded to Bangalore and flew to Delhi for three days.

[261] USA - Houston opens light rail lines
Houston celebrated the opening of two light rail lines on 23 May with music, fireworks and free travel. The
Green and Purple lines add 13.4 route-km to the network, connecting with the 20.5 km north-south Red
Line. The Green Line, also known as the East End Line, links the Theater District with Altic/Howard Hughes
and has seven stops including an interchange with the Red Line at Central Station Main. The final eastern
section of the route from Altic to Magnolia Park Transit Center is still under construction, and expected to
open in 2017.
The Purple (Southeast) Line diverges from the East End Line at EaDo/Stadium and runs to Palm Center,
adding a further six stops. The lines have been built by the Houston Rapid Transit joint venture led by

Parsons and also including Granite Construction, Kiewit and Stacy & Witbeck. The joint venture also built
the 8.5 km northern extension of the Red Line, which opened in December 2013.



This is provided as a service to members and details must be checked with the organisers.

France - Freight curve in use at Lens
There appear to be some works between Lille and Douai on 11/12 July with some non-stop Lille - Arras and
vice versa TERs which presumably take the third (freight only) side of the triangle south of Lens. See:-
uillet%202015_tcm64-52722_tcm64-52721.pdf. The TER Nord-Pas de Calais journey planner suggests this
is repeated 25/26 July.

Germany - Freight only connection at Stuttgart
On 11,12,18,19 and 26 July 2015 IC 118 and IC 119 will be diverted, not calling at Stuttgart and
terminating at or starting from Ulm). IC 118 leaves Ulm 14:08, Göppingen 14:45 and Plochingen 14:59
with the next stop Heidelberg at 15:53. IC 119 leaves Heidelberg at 12:06 and arrives Plochingen at 12:54,
Göppingen 13:08 and Ulm at 13:47. There is a limited (5 trains a day in each direction) Monday to Friday
service on most of the diversionary route (line 4720) between Unterturkheim and Stuttgart Zazenhausen
(continuing to Kornwestheim), but from Stuttgart Zazenhausen to Stuttgart Zuffenhausen (line 4820),
where the Heidelberg line is joined, is freight only.

India - Narrow Gauge and steam
The Locomotive Club of Great Britain is running a 15 night trip to India starting in Delhi on January 22nd. It
will visit the narrow gauge railways of the Kangra Valley, Simla and Darjeeling (recently reopened
throughout), the latter two with steam and also mainline steam and visits to the two main railway
museums in India. There will be more railway travel and opportunities for sight seeing, including an
optional extension to Agra to see the Taj Mahal. Price will be £2,300 at current exchange rates for shared
accommodation at very good hotels with flights available for £400 return to Delhi from the UK. There are
already sufficient numbers to guarantee the tour will run.
For further details contact Chris Lewis, [email protected] or 07720755829.

IBSE List of Special Trains on Lines without Passenger Services

erte Eintr Note: Entries marked with a "+" were updated within the last four weeks.

Germany 2015

04/05. 07. + ??? Operating day Parkbahn Lalsohammer [also 3.X]
Bebra 3x Rund um Hamburg
04. 07. ??? Operating day Feldbahn Domsdorf [also 13.IX]
??? Operating day Eichenberger Waldbahn
05. 07. OSEF Werkbahnnetz Vattenfall – FULLY BOOKED
DB Diversions d. ICE 102 üb. Übg Düsseldorf Hbf
11/12. 07. IG Nossen u.a. Nossen - Freiberg(Sachs) [also 19.IX,31.X]
Bahnpark Bahnpark Augsburg - Augsburg Hbf (- Utting) and return[also 26.VII, 2,9,16.VIII]
14. 07. + Augsburg
EMBB (Leipzig-Plagwitz -) Böhlen(b Lpg) - KW Lippendorf and return
15. 07. + ET (Lengerich - Bielefeld Hbf -) Gütersloh Hbf - Gütersloh Nord - Bad Laer -

18/19. 07.

19. 07.

25. 07.
01. 08.

15. 08. + AVL Gütersloh Nord - Gütersloh Hbf (- Bielefeld Hbf)
16. 08. TG Ferkeltaxi Shuttles Walsrode - Bomlitz [also 13.IX]
22. 08. TEV Shuttles Neuhausen(Erzg) - Olbernhau
u.a. Gotha - Emleben, Bad Langensalza - Bad Langensalza Ost, Hohenebra -
29/30. 08. + Ausflugsverkehr Ebeleben, Straussfurt - Kölleda, Erfurt Ost - Erfurt West, Erfurt Anschl. Siemens
29/30. 08. IBSE Shuttles Rheinsberg(Mark) - Stechlinsee
30. 08. + IG Unstrutbahn [or 17/18.X] Special train around Nürnberg PLANNED
05. 09. + DB (Naumburg(Saale)Hbf - Erfurt Hbf -) Artern - Donndorf(Unstrut) and return
05/06. 09. DB Shuttles (Koblenz Hbf -) Koblenz-Lützel - DB-Museum
05/06. 09. + OSEF Shuttles Pockau-Lengefeld - Marienberg(Sachs)
11-13. 09. IBSE (Löbau(Sachs) -) Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk (- Turnov) and return[DE/CZ]
12. 09. + EF Staßfurt Tram Special PLANNED
12. 09. + ArcelorMittal (Staßfurt -) Artern - Wangen(Unstrut) (- Freyburg(Unstrut)) and return
13. 09. DVG Round trip in ArcelorMittal Works, Bremen
19. 09. + HE Mannheim (Dessau Hbf -) Oranienbaum(Anh) - Ferropolis and return
19/20. 09. + OSEF Hafen Mannheim [also 31.X]
19. 09. Osningbahn Shuttles Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk/Rumburg [DE/CZ]
26. 09. VFSEV (Bielefeld Hbf -) Einbeck-Salzderhelden - Einbeck Mitte and return
27. 09. ODF [or 27.IX] Hafenbahn Stuttgart PLANNED
03. 10. IG Unstrutbahn Piesberg - Osnabrück Hbf - Uffeln and return
10. 10. DGEG (Erfurt Hbf -) Artern - Wangen(Unstrut) and return
12. 10. OSEF Goods lines in Rheinland and Düsseldorf PLANNED
(Löbau(Sachs) -) Kamenz(Sachs) - Hosena - Hoyerswerda - Spreewitz - KW
16. 10. ET Schwarze Pumpe - Tagebau Nochten and return
05/06. 12. FV BAE (Lengerich(Westf) -) Hasbergen - Georgsmarienhütte and return
05. 12. IG Nossen (Lutherstadt Wittenberg -) Pratau - Eilenburg (- Leipzig Hbf)
(Nossen - Klingenthal -) Zwotental - Adorf(Vogtl) (- Nossen) PLANNED

Europe 2015

11. 07. + ATTCV Carnoules Platanes - Carnoules - Cavaillon - Pertuis (- Veynes-Dévoluy) FR
11. 07. + FdBB Shuttles Mixnitz Lb - Breitenau Hst [also 19.IX] PL
(Poznań Gł. - Malbork -) Elbląg - Frombork and return SK
18. 07. TurKol HU
25. 07. Veterá (Bratislava -) Jablonica - Brezová pod Bradlom and return SK
26. 07. Störk (Miskolc 7:30 -) Papírgyár - Mahoca - Papírgyár 11:38 (- Miskolc ca. 12:00) FR
26. 07. TurKol (Poznań Gł.-) Wągrowiec - Rogoźno Wlkp. - Czarnków and return AT
26. 07. SPDŽ (Trenčianska Teplá -) Nemšová - Lednické Rovne and return CZ
08. 08. TurKol (Poznań Gł.-) Międzyrzecz - Międzychód Letnisko and return SK
08. 08. + BLS Attigny - Challerange - Amagne-Lucquy PL
15. 08. + MLV Special train from Zwettl [also 26.IX, 5/6.XII] VA
Shuttles Kojetín - Tovačov [also 28.IX] SK
15/16. 08. + ČD Piešťany - Vrbové and return RO
16. 08. SPDŽ RO
23. 08. VSVT Rund um København [also 30/31.VIII] GR
30. 08. TurKol (Wrocław Gł. - Legnica -) Kamieniec Ząbk. - Nysa (- Brzeg - Wrocław Gł.) BA

19/20. 09. Mercia Kosovo

19-27. 09. DGEG Includes Vatican city branch
(Bratislava -) Zohor - Plavecké Podhradie and return
19. 09. KPHŽD

24.09-03.10. PTG Steam railways in Romania

25.09-05.10 SFS Special train in Greece
??? Shuttles Cornătel - Hosman
26/27. 09. TurKol (Wrocław -) Legnica - Złotoryja and return
03. 10.

03-10. 10. PTG Special trains in Greece
07-14. 10. IGE u.a. Tuzla - Banovići + Schmalspurbahn, Ilijaš - Vareš

10-12. 10. KŽC Special train around Bratislava [SK/CZ] SK
12-20. 10. PTG Special train in Southern Greece (Peloponnese railway) GR
15-29. 10. SERVRAIL Special train in Greece BA
17. 10. TurKol (Toruń Gł. -) Sierpc - Brodnica (- Grudziądz - Toruń Gł.) PL
17-25. 10. + DGEG Special train in Bosnia and Herzogovina [BA/HR] CZ
24. 10. + Mercia Goods lines in Rotterdam and Sloehaven
21. 11. + TurKol (Poznań Gł. -) Wągrowiecz - Rogoźno Wlkp. and return

29. 11. Landesbahn (Wien Praterstern -) Paasdorf - Mistelbach Lb - Bullendorf and return
04. 12. ČD Příbram - Kovohutě Příbram

05. 12. KHT Includes Zvolen avoiding line

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