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14th April 2018




This newsletter covers the World outside the British Isles from information
supplied by members.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Compilers or of the Society.

International Editor (to whom all email and postal contributions should be sent):
Paul Griffin, 7 School Bell Mews, Church Lane, Stoneleigh, COVENTRY, CV8 3ZZ
Email: [email protected]
Deputy International Editor: Derek Woodward, 68 Church Street, Matlock, DERBY, DE4 3BY


West Palm Beach railroad station officially opened to passengers in January 1925 as a Seaboard Air Line Railway
depot. As well as Seaboard trains, the station was served from 1939 by the Silver Meteor and Amtrak continued the
service to the station when it took over intercity passenger train services in 1971. Both the Silver Meteor and
Amtrak's Silver Star continue to use the station and the member who provided the picture had passed through on
the southbound Silver Star a few days earlier. The station was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in
1973. Tri-Rail service to the station began in 1989, and that is how our member got there from Miami. The City of
West Palm Beach, following a purchase of the building in 1988, funded an extensive and award winning restoration
completed in April 1991. In summer 2012, the city finished an improvement project that included more than five
dozen trees around the building. Today the original station building is used mainly as a waiting room, ticket sales
being from a kiosk further up the platform near the new overbridge.


[131] Belgium – Network map updated from 2018
Changes to line 161A (diveunder at Watermael) and line 20 at Lanaken included, but line 289 has still
not been removed. Line 37/2 is shown in yellow, so out of use.

[132] Bosnia/Macedonia - Unofficial timetable
Unofficial timetables for Bosnia-Herzegovina and Macedonia, in German, can be found at this link:

[133] Croatia - Banova Jaruga – Daruvar – Pčelić update
This line may have reopened but the section north of Daruvar has a service that ranks with what Zafra
- Huelva had in past years. It's basically an ECS working:
Virovitica 04:25 Daruvar 06:04/06:05 Banova Jaruga 07:41
Banova Jaruga 19:42 Daruvar 21:12/21:14 Virovitica 22:54
The other 'trains' are buses. So it's a high summer job to get it in twilight - the southbound train in
June. However, at least there's a hotel in Virovitica, about a mile from the station. The whole service is
run by a single unit class 7122 DMU, which overnights at Virovitica. Unfortunately the service
is unreliable because many HZ DMUs are out of use owing to lack of maintenance, so
bustitution between Virovitica and Daruvar is not uncommon. The Sunday train through to Zagreb
looks more promising as it runs at a civilised time of the day - 16:25 from Virovitica. It is the return
working of a Friday train from Zagreb, so probably has a better likelihood of running. However, it runs
only until earlyish May and from early September, which suggests that the stock is used for a more
lucrative weekend working during the summer months. Regarding Table 42, the line between Čaglin
and Našice Grad is still OOU, with no known date for reopening. The skeleton service between Našice
and Našice Grad continues.

[134] Germany – Draisine operation starts in Schleswig Holstein
The Malente–Lütjenburg railway was a 17km standard gauge, branch line in the north German state of
Schleswig-Holstein running from Bad Malente- to Lütjenburg. It officially closed in 1996, but excursions
ran until 2000. A draisine operation ran from 2006-2008, but a change of ownership for a proposed
heritage railway proved unsuccessful. New operator Draisinen-bahnen Berlin/Brandenburg GmbH &
Co. KG will restart draisine operations in May 2018. Details and booking at:

[135] Germany – Freight line to old nuclear power station in use again for seasonal service
The train departs Rheinsberg (Mark) at 13:20 for Stechlinsee Bahnhof, returning at 14:20. Dates of
operation are Saturdays and Sundays from 30 June to 26 August. Normal VBB tickets are not valid.

[136] Germany – Nossen to Riesa to reopen gradually
The Nossen-Riesaer Eisenbahn-Compagnie GmbH (NRE) received permission in January to start
operations on the (Nossen -) – Rhäsa - Starbach - Ziegenhain (Sachs) section, which is 7.4 km. The NRE
plans to rehabilitate more of the line towards Riesa this year.

[137] Germany - Dannenberg Ost – Lüchow currently closed
The railway line between Lüchow and Dannenberg Ost (line 6905) is currently closed due to a
damaged bridge over a watercourse near Müggenburg.

[138] Germany – Ulm avoiding line in use later this year
The works for the electrification of the Ulm – Aulendorf – Friedrichshafen line begin with a new
substation and the groundbreaking for this was in Ravensburg on 23 March.
Work on the foundations of the catenary masts is planned to start on 10 September with Ulm Hbf to
Laupheim West closed until 8 December. To relieve Ulm, the IRE trains to/from Stuttgart are extended
to Neu-Ulm. In addition Ulm Hbf is to be largely closed in order to connect the new ICE line tunnels at
the north end from 25 October until 9 November, so no long-distance trains will pass through Ulm, but
there will still be connections to Stuttgart as well as to Augsburg and München.
From 25 October until 9 November the hourly Neu-Ulm to Stuttgart IRE will be diverted to VBK Ulm in
the large Ulm-Söflingen marshalling yard and use the Ulm avoiding curve to Ulm Nord to/from

[139] Germany – Falkenberg (Elster) service pattern changes
Recent changes to the services using Falkenberg (Elster), which is a major junction midway between
Berlin and Dresden, mean that most of the curves south east of the station are now in use. EGTRE has
been updated to reflect the changes and diagrams added to make them easier to follow.

[140] Italy – Work on the Formia to Gaeta railway to start again in autumn
BLNI Extra 21 (Italy (2) revealed that some track had been laid on this 9.2km closed branch, with a
symbolic reopening in April 2016. The new owners, Consorzio di Sviluppo Industriale del Sud – Pontino,
controlled by the Lazio region, had been unable to find funding for the final 3 km into Gaeta, but now a
grant for €10M has been received, and subject to paperwork being completed work can commence in
Autumn 2018. The new station in Gaeta will be on the existing station square, but a few hundred
metres short of the former station. In Formia the DMU service will run in alongside track 1 on the
alignment previously used by the branch trains, but with no connection to the RFI network.

[141] Netherlands – Eemshaven service starts
The Groningen to Roodeschool service was extended to Eemshaven on Wednesday, 28 March 2018.
Gricers should note that the end of the line is a new 2.6km branch to the Borkum ferry passenger
terminal. The reason for the train service is to allow easy connection onto the Borkum Ferries which is
why the service is not a clock face one. Eemshaven is now the most northerly station in the
Netherlands. The new Roodeschool station opened on 8 January 2018 and is on Hooilandseweg which
is on the Eemshaven line. The short stub of about 700 metres to the former station is freight only.

The new station is below the sea wall at Eemshaven

The brown line (roughly east – west) at the bottom of the map is the freight line taken by the Mercia Charters
railtour of September 2014. The newly built line follows the sea wall northeast then east and is approximately 2.6km

[142] Netherlands - Breda south curve enters use
From 8 April 2018 most IC trains on the Amsterdam – Brussels route will take the high speed line from
Antwerpen to Breda via the Breda south curve. At Breda they will reverse and continue (via the
connection from the Dordrecht line) on the high speed line to Rotterdam, Schiphol and Amsterdam.
The south curve has not previously seen regular passenger use.

Courtesy of

[143] Portugal - Covilhã to Guarda reopening gets closer
A ceremony was held on 5 March to mark the official start of work to upgrade the 46.5 km Covilhã —
Guarda route, closed to traffic since 2009 due to a bridge problem. 10 km has already been completed
and the new contract will renew the remainder of the track, refurbish six bridges and electrify the
route at 25kV. Completion is expected in 2020. The work is part of the North International Corridor
project which runs from Pampilhosa on the Lisboa — Porto main line to Vilar Formoso on the Spanish
border and aims to increase freight capacity from 14 to 25 trains/day, while increasing train lengths
from 500 m to 750 m. The Covilhã — Guarda component includes the construction of 1.5 km of single
track to provide an east to west connection between the Beira Alta and Beira Baixa routes, avoiding
the need for trains to reverse at Guarda. This will provide a diversionary route for international
services during the corridor upgrade, so gricers take note!

[144] Serbia/Macedonia/Greece - The Hellas Express farce
Trains 334/335 run Beograd - Skopje – Thessaloniki and v.v. and are marketed as the Hellas Express.
After being re-introduced at the December timetable change low passenger numbers have led to their
withdrawal at the end of March until the summer season starts with dates from 1./2. June until
30.9./1.10.2018. The low passenger numbers are attributable to the inevitable slow start in rebuilding
the clientele, as well as rail replacement on the section Gevgelija – Thessaloniki this year, allegedly due
to strikes on the Greek side, but only Mondays to Fridays! Poor timetabling has not helped. The 18:37
departure from Beograd meaning a very early morning arrival in Skopje and just missing a southbound
Athina train at Thessaloniki with a long wait for the next one. The northbound service just fails to
connect at Beograd with the international train to Budapest and Wien.

[145] Serbia - Passenger trains to return on Novi Sad to Zrenjanin route
Rehabilitation of line 31 between Novi Sad and Orlovat Stajalište is well underway and should be
complete by the end of June with a line speed of 80 km/h. Although mainly to avoid petrochemicals

passing through the tunnels in Beograd, the line will also be used by passenger trains between Novi
Sad and Zrenjanin after a gap of 12 years. The passenger service is planned to resume from 1
September. In 2021, this route will be the shortest link between two of the three European Capitals of
Culture, Novi Sad and Timişoara.

[146] Slovakia - Seasonal trains summer 2018
On line 112 three pairs of cycle trains operate from (Záhorská Ves -) Zohor - Plavecké Podhradie on
Saturdays and Sundays from 28.IV. until 14.X.
On line 122, Trenčianska Teplá - Trenčianske Teplice, there are four train pairs on Saturdays and
Sundays from 16.VI until 2.IX.2018 as well as a further six trains on various dates. Details at:
On line 187, Spišské Vlachy - Spišské Podhradie, trains run from 25.V. until 2.IX . There will be four train
pairs marketed as "Hanička" operated by LTE Logistics and Transport Slovakia, and they will run on
Saturdays and Sundays in this period as well as on Fridays in the period 25.V. to 1.VII.

[147] Slovakia – Rides available on course of former narrow gauge
Ružomberok is on the Bratislava to Košice main line between Žilina and Poprad Tatry. From 1908 to
1974, there was a 24 km long narrow-gauge line (760mm) from Ružomberok to Korytnica and from
Ružomberok southwards a 3.5 km section of the original alignment remains in use to Zápalkáreň,
regauged to 1435 mm and serving industrial premises. On 25 November 2017, for the first time, a
historic diesel railcar operated between Ružomberok station and the former Ružomberok malá stanica
station (km 2.2). More trips are scheduled for weekends in the summer of 2018.

[148] Spain - Variante de Pobra de San Xiao non-progress
In February 2016 a member griced Betanzos-Infesta - Monforte de Lemos - León in order to do the
existing line south of (Lugo -) Pobra de San Xiao before the new cutoff, on which work was well
advanced, opened. Having seen nothing about the opening he investigated and found the following.
On 14 December 2017, the local paper reported that ADIF seemed to be about to open the line.
Although no specific date had been given, official sources indicated that the opening of the section
was imminent and a test run with a locomotive from Monforte de Lemos was scheduled for the
following week. Last September, the Government stated that ADIF had planned to finish the works
before the end of 2017. The Government then said: "In accordance with the established procedures,
the Railway State Security Agency (AESF) will be proposed to put into service the aforementioned
variant so that they issue the necessary authorization." On 12 January, another paper reported
that ADIF had finalised (halted?) the work in the absence of a connection with the current line. No date
has been given for its entry into service. In addition to a small amount of work, ADIF must complete
some bureaucratic procedures, such as the corresponding authorization from the State Railway Safety
Agency. It seems that test runs have yet to be carried out and have not yet been agreed with RENFE.
The works began more than a decade ago. The Ministry of Development awarded the contract in
November 2006 for 90 million euros, after which work began. However, there were some stoppages,
such as in 2014. The line is more than seven kilometres long and has two tunnels, and four
viaducts. There is a new station at Moscan, which will replace Pobra de San Xiao station. So good old
Spanish bureaucracy strikes again! If anybody needs the existing line it appears that they still have

[149] Spain - Madrid Atocha to expand and changes at Madrid Chamartin
A second phase for expansion of Madrid Puerta de Atocha station was presented in mid-March which
anticipates an increase from 22M passengers per year to up to 40M a year. A new underground hall
with two 420 metre long platforms and four standard gauge tracks will be constructed under the
current Iberian gauge tracks 14 and 15. At present the northern part of the high speed system is
served by Madrid Chamartin and the southern and eastern part by Madrid Atocha, with gauge
changing capability needed for services connecting the two systems. The new standard gauge Méndez
Álvaro tunnel from Chamartin to Atocha will resolve this problem and commissioning is in progress.
When the tunnel opens Atocha will be the hub for all high speed corridors in Spain. Use of the new
tunnel will be optimized by installing two new tracks on the section Atocha - Torrejón de Velasco in the
south of Madrid to relieve capacity constraints. Changes are also afoot at Madrid Chamartin, which
currently has 15 Iberian gauge tracks for local, medium and long-haul traffic and 6 standard gauge
tracks for high-speed railways. The current Iberian gauge tracks 14 and 15 will be converted to
standard gauge and another four standard gauge tracks (22 to 25) will be built.


[150] Nigeria - Getting Nigeria's railways back on track with China's help
Nigeria has unveiled a major railway expansion project to ease congestion on roads and to boost the
economy. Some 57 years after independence colonial buildings, relics of a bygone era, remain the
headquarters of the Nigerian Railway Corporation (NRC). Driving towards the station, there are
glimpses of decades-old tracks overgrown with grass while discarded carriages, train parts and
equipment are scattered around the compound. A 30-minute train ride upstate is the station of Iju, in
a suburb of Lagos where workers are building, by hand, a new formation for SG tracks alongside the
existing line. They are constructing 144km of modern tracks to connect the bustling coastal city of
Lagos to Nigeria's third-largest city, Ibadan. This is the second stage of the government's railway
modernisation project. The first - the railway between the capital, Abuja, and the northern city of
Kaduna - was completed last year. The third will be to link Kano in the north of the country to the
coastal cities of Port Harcourt and Lagos in the south.
Past ambitions to upgrade the railways have been thwarted by inadequate funding, but apparently the
Lagos to Ibadan line - a £1.1bn scheme - is fully funded. Most of the money came from the Export-
Import Bank of China whose concessionary loans are at interest rates of 1.5%. In return for cheap
loans, Chinese contractors are being used for the construction process. A new deal, signed with a
group of infrastructure companies led by General Electric, should create at least 100,000 jobs.
Although the West African state is opening up its rail system to private investors, many Nigerians
remain unconvinced that the entire project will see fruition because of the government's past failures.
There are fears that the project will slow down ahead of the 2019 general election - something that
tends to happen in Nigeria with long-term projects as ruling parties divert money towards building
easier projects, like clinics, to win votes. Heavily adapted from a BBC news item.

[151] USA – Pikes Peak Cog Railway closes
After 126 years of operation, The Pikes Peak Cog Railway has decided not to reopen this spring for the
2018 season, or for the foreseeable future. Over the past several months, the railroad has undergone

a major evaluation and it has been determined that the infrastructure and equipment has run its
course. The railway is in the process of determining next steps and action plans for the future. The last
day of operation was 29 October 2017.

List of Special Trains on Lines without Passenger Services

Germany 2018 Diversion of all trains on Sat and Sun between Brackwede and Herford via Line 2990
Diversion of IC 1188 between Hamburg Hbf and Rendsburg via Hamburg-Horn (- Bad Oldesloe -
10. 3-15. 4. + DB Neumünster)
23. 3-1. 5. + DB Diversion of Long distance trains between Berlin Südkreuz and Dresden-Neustadt via Falkenberg(Elster) -
Zeithain Bogendreieck
20-23. 04. DB Mannheim Industriehafen IN PLANNING [also 22.IX, 20.X]
2 round trips harbour lines Hamburg [also 11/12.V, 14.VII, 11.VIII, 8.IX, 13.X]
21. 04. HE Mannheim (Piesberg Zechenbahnhof -) Osnabrück Altstadt - Lengerich Dyckerhoff and return
21. 04. + Nordpuls (Staßfurt -) Michendorf - Saarmund - VBK Genshagener Heide - Berlin Südkreuz - DTM and return
21. 04. ODF (Lengerich (Westf) -) Hasbergen - Georgsmarienhütte and return [also 21.X]
21. 04. + EF Staßfurt (Piesberg Zechenbahnhof -) Osnabrück Hbf - Lengerich(Westf) - Bad Iburg and return [also 14.X]
22. 04. ET (Cottbus -) Guben - Czerwieńsk (- Wolsztyn) and return [DE/PL]
22. 04. ODF 3 roundtrips Berlin via Glasower Damm Ost - Flughafen Berlin Brandenburg - Berlin-Grünau
28. 04. LDC Diversion of long distance trains between Eberswalde and Berlin Hbf vmtl. via Abzw.Karower Kreuz West -
28. 04. AKE Hohen Neuendorf - Hennigsdorf Nord - Berlin-Spandau
28. 04. + DB Trips via Trier West [also 1.V]
Münster(Westf)Hbf - Neubeckum - Beckum - AB Holcim West Zement GmbH - Beckum - Neubeckum -
28/29. 04. + Dampfspektakel Zementwerk Anneliese - Münster(Westf)Hbf
29. 04. ASM Shuttles Bohmte Ost - Bohmte-Bruchheide
(Trier Hbf -) VBK Koblenz (- Brohl) and return
29. 04. MEM 2 x Rund um Trier (Trier Hbf ab 9.50 + 14.50 Uhr)
30. 04. + Dampfspektakel (Erfurt Hbf -) Artern - Donndorf(Unstrut) u. zrk.
30. 04. + Dampfspektakel Adorf(V) - Zwotental and return
01. 05. IG Unstrutbahn Shuttles Lommatzsch - Ziegenhain(Sachs) [also 8/9.IX]
02. 05. + DGEG Nossen - Meißen T.
05/06. 05. + FELP (Cottbus -) Horka - Węgliniec/Kohlfurt (- Wrocław Gł./Breslau Hbf) and return [DE/PL; also 1.XII]
05. 05. IG Nossen Staßfurt - Egeln
05. 05. LDC Neustrelitz Hafen - Neustrelitz Hbf
05/06. 05. NbSE Freiberg(Sachs) - Nossen, Brand-Erbisdorf, Nossen - Starbach, Nossen - Döbeln Hbf
05. 05. HBN Shuttles Offelten - Preußisch Oldendorf - Wehrendorf
06. 05. + DGEG Anschlussgleise in Minden FULLY BOOKED
10. 05. MEM Leipzig-Plagwitz - L-Leutzsch - Leipzig Messe - Burgkemnitz (?) - Oranienbaum(Anh) (- Wörlitz) and return
12. 05. + Sauren Trier circular [also 9.VI]
12. 05. EMBB Chemnitz-Hilbersdorf Museum - Niederwiesa, Dresden-Altstadt - Dresden-Neustadt
13. 05. + AKE Seitzsteg - Augsburg Ring - Augsburg Messe - Seitzsteg and sidings. Straßenbahn-Stadtrundfahrt Schleife
13. 05. + OSEF Messe and Oberhausen [also 18.VIII]
19. 05. BSM Running day brickyard railway Herzfelde
(Dorsten -) Oberhausen West - Meerbeck (- Moers -) Trompet - Krefeld-Linn and return
19. 05. ??? (Naumburg(Saale)Hbf -) Wangen(Unstrut) - Donndorf(Unstrut) and return [also 23.VI,7-9.IX,2.XII]
19. 05. + BG Herten Shuttles Neustrelitz Hbf - Bürgersee; on 26.V also to Schlossgarten
20. 05. IG Unstrutbahn Tram tour Leipzig V and Gera
25-27. 05. HBN Freight lines in Niederrhein PLANNED
26/27. 05. + Krollmann Stolberg-Altstadt - Breinig
26. 05. DGEG (Piesberg Zechenbahnhof -) Osnabrück Altstadt - Klus - Bohmte - Bohmte Ost (- Bad Essen) and return
26. 05. + AKE 31.V-1.VI OHE, 2.VI Walsrode, 3.VI VGH PLANNED
27. 05. ODF Werbig oben - Werbig
31. 5.-03. 6. DGEG (Weimar -) Erfurt Hbf Bft Linderbach - Erfurt Ost and return
02. 06. BmD
02. 06. + TEV

02. 06. Pursche "Unruhestandstour" Freight line tour
02. 06. EMBB Leipzig-Plagwitz - L-Thekla (- Lviabenau) and return
03. 06. BmD 4 trips Berlin-Schöneweide - B-Tempelhof - B-Moabit - B-Lichtenberg - B Ostkreuz - B-Schöneweide
09/10. 06. Schienentrabi Rochlitz - Penig [also 30.VI, 1,28/29.VII, 25/26.VIII]
09. 06. AKE Zeche Zollverein
09. 06. + BG Herten (Dorsten -) Bottrop - Oberhausen-Osterfeld - Oberhausen West - Duisburg-Ruhrort and return [also 15.IX]
17. 06. MEM Shuttles Wehrendorf - Hafen Wehrendorf
22-24. 06. IG Nossen Shuttles Brand-Erbisdorf - Berthelsdorf(Erzgeb) - Freiberg(Sachs) - Nossen
23. 06. Hartmannsdorf Dampfdraisinenfahrten vmtl. bis Waldenburg bzw. Penig
28. 06. + DB Diversion of IC trains between Münster(Westf) Hbf and Wanne-Eickel via Dortmund-Scharnhorst - D-
-01. 07. Obereving - D-Mengede
30. 06. DGEG Lathen - Werlte, AB Haren(Ems), AB Dörpen, Meyer-Werft Papenburg IN PLANNING
30. 06. + Sauren Wittlager Kreisbahn FULLY BOOKED [also 14.VII]
07/08. 07. MEM Shuttles Holzhausen-Heddinghausen - P&R-Parkplatz an B65 in Bad Holzhausen
13-15. 07. Press Shuttles Greifswald - Greifswald-Ladebow Hafen
14. 07. ME Hamm (Hamm(Westf) -) Schwerte(Ruhr) - Hagen-Hengstey - Hagen-Vorhalle - Wengern Ost - Witten Hbf -
Dortmund-Wischlingen (- Dortmund-Mengede)
28. 07. ME Hamm (Hamm(Westf) -) Dortmund Signal-Iduna-Park - Bochum-Langendreer - Bochum-Riemke - Gelsenkirchen-
Bismarck - Bottrop Süd - Oberhausen Hbf (- Essen-Werden) and return
16-20. 08. DGEG Special train in Mecklenburg (Denmark or Westpreußen) PLANNED
Leipzig-Plagwitz - L-Leutzsch - L-Wahren (- Wismar) and return
18. 08. EMBB Ocholt-Westerstede - Sedelsberg and return
Shuttles Olbernhau-Grünthal - Neuhausen(Erzgeb)
18. 08. + Sauren Hamburg-Bergedorf Gbf - H-Bergedorf Süd
Special train in Rheinland PLANNED
19. 08. TG Ferkeltaxi Shuttles Rheinsberg - Stechlinsee; also to (25.) and from (26.) Neustrelitz
Shuttles Ibbenbüren-Aasee - Dörenthe Hafen
23-26. 08. BmD TWE and EEB PLANNED
(Erfurt Hbf -) Artern - Roßleben and return [also 3.X]
25. 08. DGEG (Chemnitz -) Spreewitz - Schwarze Pumpe and return
Shuttles Berlin-Lichterfelde West - Rathaus Steglitz
25/26. 08. HBN Lintorf - Offelten
Shuttles Bw Arnstadt - Erfurter Kreuz
26. 08. ET Bahnpark - Augsburg Hbf - Augsburg Ring - Seitzsteg - Augsburg West - Augsburg Hbf - Bahnpark [also
01. 09. DGEG Hoyerswerda - Spreewitz - KW Boxberg
Herzlake Bf
07. 09. IG Unstrutbahn Ruhr area railtour PLANNED
08. 09. TG Ferkeltaxi Goods lines and Harbour lines in Würzburg PLANNED
Nossen - Meißen T. (- Dresden -) Meißen T. - Döbeln (- Leipzig -) Großbothen - Sermuth - Großbothen (-
08/09. 09. MKB Grimma -) Döbeln - Nossen
(Augsburg Hbf -) Landsberg(Lech) - Schongau u. Zwischenfahrt Schongau - Landsberg(L) and return
09. 09. MEM
Leipzig-Plagwitz - Güterring - Leipzig Engelsdorf (- Oschatz) and return
15/16. 09. Arnstadt VEV PLANNED
Großheringen - Buttstädt, Gotha - Emleben, Bad Salzungen - Vacha
16. 09. Bahnpark Unterlemnitz - Ebersdorf-Friesau (?), Tršnice - Františkovy Lázně, VBK Gotha [DE/CZ]
Augsburg Shuttles Neustrelitz Hbf - Schlossgarten
Shuttles Gütersloh Nord - Hövelhof
25. 09. + OSEF Neubeckum - Beckum - Wadersloh and return
Ennigerloh - Neubeckum - Münster(Westf)Hbf and return
29. 09. + Sauren

29. 09. DGEG

30. 09. DGEG

03-07. 10. DGEG

06. 10. LOEV

07. 10. Bahnpark
21. 10. EMBB
27. 10. DGEG
27. 10. TEV
29.10-2.11. DGEG
07. 12. HBN
09. 12. ET
22. 12. ET
23. 12. ET

Europe 2018

16. 04. + TurKol (Kościerzyna) -) Chojnice - Nakło n N. - Gniezno (- Poznań Gł.) PL

21/22. 04. + Chmelař Královec – Žacléř CZ
21. 04. PL
SMK Chojnice (Chojnice - Lipusz - Kościerzyna -) Bąk - Lipowa Tuch.(- Wierzchucin -) Tuchola - Pruszcz
22. 04. Bagienica - Tuchola (- Chojnice) IT
28. 04. AT
28. 04. + FFI (Salerno -) Benevento - Pietrelcina and return PL
29. 04. IT
29. 04. FdBB Shuttles Mixnitz Lkb. - RHI Breitenau [also 21.V, 16.VI, 7.VII, 8.IX] AT
29. 04. IT
30. 04. + TurKol Wolsztyn - Powodowo and return CANCELLED CZ
01. 05. PL
02. 05. + Molise Sulmona - Castel di Sangro return [also 13.V, 24.VI, 8,28.VII, 19,25.VIII, 2.IX, 14.X, 4.XI, 26.XII] PL
05-08. 05. CZ
05. 05. (St. Pölten Hbf -) Schrambach - St. Aegyd and return SK
07-11. 05. PL
12. 05. + FFI Milano Lambrate - Novara - Varallo Sesia and return CZ
12-18. 05. HU
17-22. 05. KDS Kladno Kladno-Dubí - Skanzen Mayrau [also 15.IX] HU
26/27. 05. PL
26. 05. + TurKol Jelenia Góra - Lwówek Śl. and return CZ
26. 05. HU
26. 05. + TurKol Marciszów - Wojcieszów Górny SK
26. 05. FI
27. 05. Steam Story Děčín východ - Děčín-Prostřední Žleb, Němšová - Lednické Rovné [CZ/DE/AT/SK] CH
02. 06. CZ
09. 06. + Košická dhž Košice - Spišska Nová Ves - Levoča and return CH
10. 06. PL
11. 06. + PR Diversions over Suwalki avoiding line PL
14-17. 06. PL
20. 06. KDS Kladno Mořina, Čertovy schody RO
23. 06. PL
23. 06. + Kohary Környe - Pápa, Csajág - Lepsény, Balatonszentgyörgy - Sármellék, Sellye - Villány, PL
04. 07. SK
05. 07. PTG Special train in Hungary and Croatia [HU/HR] SK
13-22. 07. SE
23-29. 07. TurKol (Poznań Gł.-) Kołobrzeg - Kołobrzeg Port FR
23. 07. PL
27-29. 07. kolmix Kojetín - Tovačov LU
04-12. 08. SK
07. 08. ÉSZAKERDŐ (Miskolc -) Papírgyár - Mahoca and return [also 21.VII, 20.X] CH
11. 08. IT
11/12. 08. + Košická dhž (Košice -) VBK Plaveč - Muszyna (- Krynica) and return [SK/PL] NL

11. 08. + HMVY Seinäjoki - Kaskinen and return SK
18. 08. SK
25. 08. FWF Running day brickyard railway Körbligen SK
15/16. 09. CZ
??? Praha-Braník - depo Kačerov
15. 09. CZ
16-22. 09. VHE Sumiswald-Grünen - Wasen i. E. UA
20. 09. CZ
29. 9.-7. 10. TurKol (Poznań Gł.-) Rogoźno Wlkp - Czarnków and return MK
06-09. 10. AT
13. 10. TurKol Round trip Poznań area [also 22.VI, 11.XI] SK
18-23. 10. PT
DGEG Narrow gauge through West Prussia PLANNED

+ Augusta Forest railway Comandău

+ TurKol Legnica - Rudna Gwizdanów (- Głogów -) Rzepin - Międzyrzecz and return

TurKol Międzyrzecz - Nietoperek and return

RTC Haniska pri Košiciach - Mat'ovce ŠRT

+ Košická dhž (Košice -) Moldava n. B. - Medzev and return

PTG Special train in Northern Sweden

AJECTA (Longueville -) Provins - Villiers St. Georges and return [also 27.X]

+ TurKol Ełk – Olecko - Suwałki

DGEG Luxembourg and Hennegau PLANNED

KŽC Holiday by special train in Slovakia [SK/PL/UA]

Hell (Brig -) Oberwald Viag - Realp Viag (- Chur) and return [also 9.VIII]

+ Molise Sulmona - Carpinone and return [also 16.IX]

NS Diversion of ICE between Arnhem Centraal and Utrecht Centraal via Betuweroute [also 20-

+ Košická dhž (Košice -) Plešivec - Ochtiná - Slavošovce (?) and return

+ Košická dhž (Košice -) Plešivec - Muráň and return

+ Košická dhž (Košice -) Bardejov - AB Obuv-Special (?) and return

NFP Agl. Sandsteinbruch Libuň - Střeleč, Agl. Heizkraftwerk Dvůr Králové n. L. (?), Smiřice -
Hněvčeves, Liberec Agl. DPML, Dolní Bousov - Kopidlno, VBK Nymburk (?)

+ ČD odstavné nádr. Spořilov, Metrans terminál Praha-Uhříněves

Wendelin Karapčiv - Mežyriččja

ČD Special train in České Budějovice

PTG Special train Balkan circular [BG/RS/MK/GR]

Steam Story Viag Timelkam

+ Košická dhž (Košice -) Rožňava - Dobšiná and return

PTG Special train in Portugal

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