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21st July 2018




This newsletter covers the World outside the British Isles from information
supplied by members.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Compilers or of the Society.

International Editor (to whom all email and postal contributions should be sent):
Paul Griffin, 7 School Bell Mews, Church Lane, Stoneleigh, COVENTRY, CV8 3ZZ
Email: [email protected]
Deputy International Editor: Derek Woodward, 68 Church Street, Matlock, DERBY, DE4 3BY


Beograd main railway station (Železnička stanica Beograd Glavna) closed on 1 July 2018 with trains transferred to
Beograd Centar and Topcider. It was built between 1882 and 1885, but badly damaged in WW2 when two side
towers were destroyed and never rebuilt. The station area will be used for the Beograd Waterfront Project, but the
monumental station building is designated a Cultural Monument of Great Importance, and it proposed to turn it into
a museum. The date in roman numerals on the entrance says 1884, but this was actually the year the first train ran, a
ceremonial opening taking place before the building was actually finished.


[255] Austria - Donauuferbahn permanently severed
The Donauuferbahn runs along the north bank of the Donau (Danube) from St. Valentin and Enns in
the west to Krems in the east. Historically a through route until 12 December 2010, it now comprises
three separate sections.
[Linz] – Enns/St. Valentin – Sarmingstein still has a passenger service. The middle section between
Sarmingstein and Emmersdorf is closed and in mid May 2018 work began on the dismantling of several
bridges between Weins-Isperdorf and Emmersdorf. One was only rebuilt in 2008. Removal of tracks
from level crossings has also started. A petition for ‘the rescue of the Donauuferbahn at the last
minute’ has been launched and points out there is a large aggregate quarry in the closed section which
supplies 100,000 tonnes of railway ballast annually. Nevertheless work to remove all the rails by the
end of 2019 and close all tunnel portals is programmed.
The eastern part of the line between Emmersdorf and Krems is a heritage railway called the
Wachaubahn. Trains run 31 March to 28 October 2018 on Saturdays, Sundays & Holidays and daily 2
July - 28 September 2018.

[256] Austria - Zayataler schienentaxi extended
Line 181 ran between Mistelbach and Ernstbrunn. Since September 2012 a heritage railway called the
Zayataler schienentaxi has operated between Mistelbach Interspar and Asparn a.d. Zaya. The route
was extended on 27 May 2018 to the Draisinenalm Grafensulz (formerly Grafensulz). Trains run every
Sunday and public holiday until the end of October. Draisine rides are also available between
Ernstbrunn and Grafensulz or Asparn a.d. Zaya on certain dates. Information and timetable are
available at or

[257] Belgium – Coastal tramway to be rerouted
A tramway runs the length of the Belgian coast between De Panne and Knokke. In 2013 it was decided
to change the route of the line between Lombardslijde-Westende and Nieuwport Ijzerbrücke and this
is now under construction with opening in December 2018. The new section is 2km long and runs in
the central reservation of the N34 coast road. The old line via Nieuwportlaan will be abandoned after

[258] Bulgaria - More detail on schematic of lines around Gorna Oryahovitsa
A members earlier schematics of the complex had shown the Varna main line making a double-track
exit from the east throat of the station. A recent visit revealed that that the Varna route has a brief
single-track section before the commencement of double track, so the diagram has been modified
accordingly and can be seen in e-BLNI.

[259] Czech Republic – Developments on the heritage railway from Velké Březno to Zubrnice
In recent years the lines preservation group have recovered old track materials from the Ceska Lipa rail
factory with the aim of extending the line up to 4.7km beyond Zubrnice towards Lovečkovice. But
before this is completed the Labem/Elbe right bank line will become ETCS only and the Hurvinek DMU
which currently starts the heritage service from Usti nad Labem Strekov almost certainly will not be
equipped with it. That means trains will have to start from a new platform on the branch at Velké
Březno and the connection to this from the main line will no longer be possible. Further up the old line
a private individual wants to reopen a section of track between Lovečkovice and Verneřice in the next
few years.

[260] Czech Republic – Line to close in 2019?
The draft plans for the 2019 timetable proposes that can be found at: The proposal is for timetable
178 Svojšín – Bor to lose its passenger traffic.

[261] Czech Republic - Zastávka u Brna – Důl Jindřich heritage railway extends to main line
West of Brno on the line to Studenec and Okříšky is the station of Zastávka u Brna, from where a
standard gauge railway used to run south to Oslavany. The northern section has a heritage railway
which has been slowly converting the line to 600 mm gauge, working north from Důl Jindřich. After 11
years they have now reached Zastávka u Brna and services run to the rebuilt station. Timetable at:

[262] France – AMITRAM – a regional tram museum
On 12 and 13 May, AMITRAM celebrated 50 years of preserving old trams and buses on a site at
Marquette in the northern suburbs of LILLE. The association operates a short line along the bank of the
river Deûle. The track is metre gauge, electrified at 600 volts. The AMITRAM web site describes the
museum here:
Preserved items include numerous local trams and buses and some Swiss and German trams. The two
principal preserved trams (420 + 432), operated on the museum line, were originally built for ELRT
(L'Electrique Lille Roubaix Tourcoing). This interurban tramway opened in 1909 and was also known as
the "Mongy" after the engineer who created the network. The tramway is still in service.
The class "400" trams (built by Franco-Belge company) were very modern for their époque, with
bogies, electric lighting and heating, large windows and enclosed driving cabins. Capacity was 100 and
top speed was 58 kph. 35 tramcars of this type were built between 1909 and 1926. They were retired
in the early 1950's. Courtesy of the French Railways Society

[263] Germany – News from the Länder
Brandenburg: - The planned reactivation of passenger traffic from Templin to Joachimsthal is delayed
until at least the December timetable change.
As in previous years passenger trains will run on between Finsterwalde and Lichterfeld on the
industrial railway to Sallgast. There are three train pairs running on Sundays from 17 June until 7
October 2018. Timetable at:
Hessen: - Spitzke SE, a leading company in rail infrastructure construction, has acquired a 15,000 m2
plot of the former air base at Erlensee and thus a new business location in the Rhine-Main area. The
connection from Hanau Nord to the air base is to be reactivated quickly and the existing track systems
are to be expanded.
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern: - This summer there will be seasonal traffic on the Mecklenburg Südbahn,
but for only six days, each with three to four train pairs between Parchim and Malchow Inselstadt.
From Güstrow via Karow to Hp Silbermühle there is only one service, on 4 August 2018.
The timetable for 2018 can be found at:
The works to extend the Klütz to Reppenhagen narrow gauge line by another two kilometres to Gutow
commenced in May 2018.
Sachsen: - Table 517 services from Chemnitz turn south onto the branch at Floha and head for
Cranzahl. At the midway point is Wilischthal. A few hundred metres south of this station a bridge is
currently under renovation until 30 September. On both sides of the bridge makeshift platforms have
been built, connected by a two hundred metre walkway, a fact not evident from the timetable. This
will leave an annoying gap for gricers who seek to travel the line in this period.
Sachsen Anhalt: - The Ascherslebener Verkehrsgesellschaft mbH is proposing a trial service over the
branch from 10 to 16 September 2018 operating every two hours between 05:00 and 20:00. The last
passenger train was on 26 September 2002.
Schleswig Holstein: - Peat mining in the Himmelmoor ceased at the end of June 2018 rather than 2020
as originally planned, closing the Quickborner plant which was the last peat factory in Schleswig
Holstein. Although freight traffic by the 600 mm Lorenbahn has ended, the Torfbahn will continue to
operate for visitor trips. Since 2015, the Torfbahn Himmelmoor has offered round trips on a 4km

section on the first and third sunday of the month between April and October. (www.torfbahn-

[264] Italy - Study to re-open Sicignano to Lagonegro as a tourist line
The single track, non-electrified 78km branch from Sicignano degli Alburni to Lagonegro ran south east
from the Battipaglia to Potenza railway line in southern Italy before closure in 1987. The track bed and
route was intact until April 2017 when two iron bridges were removed in Padula. RFI had previously
disconnected the line from the RFI network at Sicignano. Now a study has been launched with the aim
of reinstating the railway for tourist purposes. A two phase reopening is proposed – Sicignano to Polla,
then Polla to Lagonegro. Full Italian text and photos: -

[265] Netherlands – New metro line to open
On 22 July the so called Noord-Zuid lijn opens in Amsterdam, but live pilot testing rather than a fully
commissioned service, so expect problems and delays. Interesting animated graphic of the route at: Here is the new map of the entire system:

[266] Poland – Koszalin narrow gauge extension
The narrow gauge railway from Koszalin Wąsk. to Rosnowo Ośrodek resumed operation on 26 June.
Not previously reported is that Rosnowo Ośrodek is actually 400 metres from the previous terminus at
Rosnowo Wąsk, and by the side of a lake. Apparently this extension dates back to 30 April 2017! From
June to September 2018 there are three train pairs every Saturday and Sunday.

[267] Switzerland – Bulle and Broc
The platforms at Bulle are too short and narrow and cannot be adapted to conform to the Disability
Equality Act so the station will therefore be moved slightly. Work schedule: Pre-project: completed,
Plan approval procedure (PAP) in progress, Planchy 2018 – 2019, Bulle 2019 – 2020 and Bulle - Broc-
Fabrique: 2023 – 2024. More info, in French, with plan of new station at:
There was no sign of any work observed during a recent visit. There are two branches into the factory
from the station. The short right hand one was rather rusty: it seems to serve a small building
containing a loco and a siding containing a powder (milk? chocolate?) tank wagon. The left hand
branch was shiny but the short turn round time did not permit further exploration.

[268] Lithuania - Line reopens after ten years
LG have announced that services are to resume between Klaipėda and Šilutė this summer. The service
was ‘temporarily’ stopped over ten years ago, partly due to construction work on a bridge, but was not
resumed on completion of the bridge works.

[269] Norway - Diversions on Oslo to Bergen line again
From 23 June until 5 August the line between Asker and Drammen is closed to all traffic, so Oslo
Sentral to Bergen trains are diverted between Oslo and Hønefoss and use the freight line between Roa
and Hønefoss.

[270] Serbia – Further news on renovation of Požarevac- Majdanpek
Further to the previous BLNI entry on this line, the Deputy Prime Minister Zorana Mihajlovic visited the
construction site in early June and announced that the renovated section will be put back into
operation from 21 November 2018. A resumption of passenger traffic is also expected with trains
running at 80km/h on the renovated section. The last passenger train operated on 21 June 2013.

[271] Slovakia – Reopening in draft timetable and Nové Mesto - Bratislava Petržalka opens again
The draft timetable for 2019 was at
2019.html, but seems to have disappeared. In timetable 188 the section Plaveč - Čirč was shown as
reopening with a pair of trains on Friday and Sunday. From 10 June 2018 Bratislava Nové Mesto -
Bratislava Petržalka reopened for passenger traffic, Mondays to Fridays at hourly intervals.

[272] Slovenia – New weekend ticket available
A new weekend ticket is now available. The "Ticket IZLETka" is valid only on Saturdays, Sundays and
public holidays in Slovenia. Details at:

[273] Spain - Venta de Baños to Burgos high speed line delays
Thanks to the latest issue of "Today's Railways" we now know why there has been a deafening silence
about this high speed line - originally forecast to open around 2013! The last update was that it was to
be available for test running by this summer. More information comes from the "El Pais"
newspaper. At the end of last year, ADIF carried out tests on the newly constructed Frandovínez
viaduct over the Arlanzón river. It found "deficiencies that show evidence of noncompliance with the
technical prescriptions required by these structures". Apparently, the viaduct did not pass the load
tests because the strength of the concrete was below that specified. As the defect was attributable to
the contractor, ADIF ordered them to demolish the viaduct and rebuild it. At first, they tried to avoid
demolition with less drastic solutions such as reinforcements but ADIF refused. The demolition started
at the beginning of May and will take about 2 months, with reconstruction taking 3 more. "Today's
Railways" reports that also (i) an embankment near Venta de Baños has subsided, causing track which
had already been laid to buckle and (ii) there are defects "on the approach to" another bridge near
Quintanillega. "El Pais" says the opening will now be delayed until at least summer 2019.

[274] Spain – New station at Huelva
A new station opened at Huelva on 25 April. It is located about 800m east of the old station on the
south side of the line and has 4 platform faces as opposed to 2 at the old station. As it lies at a slight
angle to the old line, there are about 400m of new track for the serious gricer to do, although 800m of
existing track has now closed. The old station was closer to the historic heart of the city but the new
one is said to be closer to the commercial centre.

The new station at Huelva, showing a distinct lack of anything nearby.


[275] China/Nepal - Rail link between China and Nepal agreed
Construction of a trans-Himalayan rail link connecting China and Nepal is expected to be completed
within seven years, following the signing of a memorandum of understanding between the two
countries on 21 June. The Lhasa – Xigase railway in Tibet which opened in 2014 is currently being
extended westwards, and a 540 km section as far as the Kyirong free trade zone is expected to open in
2020. The 150 km cross-border link would run south from Kyirong to Kathmandu via the existing
border crossing at Rasuwagadhi, 75 km north of the Nepalese capital. Following the signing of the
MoU on 21 June, Gyawali told the Kathmandu Post that the detailed planning report for the Kyirong –
Kathmandu line should be completed in 18 months, adding that construction was expected to take
around five years after that. China is already providing technical assistance to Nepal’s Department of
Railways to assist with feasibility studies for nine lines within the country totalling 945 route-km. These
include a 287 km east-west trunk route linking Kathmandu with Pokhara via Galchhi and a second line
diverging from this route at Muglin to serve Chormara, Nawalparasi, Bardhaghat, Lumbini and Butwal,
close to the Indian border.

[276] Colombia - Over 1000km of line to reopen
The railway line between La Dorada (close to Medellin and Bogota) and the Port of Santa Marta on the
Caribbean coast is to be reopened. Santa Marta is a strategic port for exports to the EU and the
eastern USA, mainly coal, fruit and corn. At the same time, the government has announced that it will
upgrade the railway between La Dorada and Chiriguaná, close to the border with Venezuela.
Chiriguaná is an important coal mining area. Both railway lines had to be closed in 2010 after severe
rainfall caused extensive washouts. The lines have a total length of around 1,030 kilometres.

[277] Egypt – Plans to build railway as alternative to Suez Canal
A new line is planned which will connect the Port of Alexandria and Damietta on the Mediterranean
coast to the Port of Nuweiba on the Red Sea. Freight can be transported between the two seas in
three hours, which is a considerable reduction from transport times through the Suez Canal.
Passengers will be transported but a major use is for transport of materials necessary for the
rebuilding of Iraq and Syria. Phase 1 will include the construction of a 200km railway line between the
Mediterranean ports of Alexandria and Damietta. Phase II will connect the Port of Damietta to the Port
of Nuweiba, a coastal town in the eastern part of the Sinai Peninsula, by a 500 km railway line.

[278] North Korea – Railway developments
The Koam – Tapchon railway viaduct opened on 30 May, crossing Sokjon Bay on the east coast to
connect a fishing port development on the Songjon peninsula to the national rail network. It has also
been reported that that trial running began in mid May on the Hyesan – Samjiyon railway, a standard
gauge line in the northeast of the country which has been built to replace a 760 mm gauge line.

[279] Uganda - Tororo to Gulu line secures EU grant
The European Union (EU) has reportedly agreed to grant €21.5m to repair the 375km Tororo - Gulu
Line, unused since 1993. Ugandan authorities are hoping to reopen the line in 2020. Inadequate road
and rail transport infrastructure is considered a main constraint to business and trade. Reopening the
line will also benefit South Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo, as they both import goods
through Uganda.

List of Special Trains on Lines without Passenger Services

Germany 2018

14. 07. DB Regio Diversion of most RE 11 between Bochum and Soest via Dortmunderfeld (- Unna); also
-09. 09. RE 1, RE 3 and. IC trains between Dortmund and Hamm(Westf) via Bergkamen

16-29. 07. + BVG Diversion of Line M8 via Rosa-Luxemburg-Platz - Hackescher Markt

28/29. 07. + Schienentrabi Rochlitz - Penig [also 25/26.VIII]

28. 07. DGEG Lathen - Werlte, Haren(Ems) Hafen, AB Dörpen SOLD OUT
28. 07. HEL (Lübeck Hbf -) Berlin Südkreuz – DTM IN PLANNING

28. 07. ME Hamm (Hamm(Westf) -) Dortmund Signal-Iduna-Park - Bochum-Langendreer - Bochum-Riemke -
Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck - Bottrop Süd - Oberhausen Hbf (- Essen-Werden)

29. 07. DGEG Dorsten - Kusenhorst, Hafen Dorsten

04. 08. + NbSE Egeln - Staßfurt - Ferropolis [also 15.IX]

04. 08. + Meckl. Südbahn Shuttles Silbermühle - Karow(Meckl) - Priemerburg (- Güstrow)

18. 08. BSM Seitzsteg - Augsburg Ring - Augsburg Messe - Seitzsteg and tram tour u. a. m. Schleife
Messe and. Oberhausen

18. 08. EMBB Leipzig-Plagwitz - L-Leutzsch - L-Wahren (- Wismar)

18/19. 08. EFWO Shuttles Wünschendorf(Elster) - Fuchsbachtal PLANNED

18. 08. Sauren Ocholt-Westerstede - Sedelsberg.

19. 08. TG Ferkeltaxi Shuttles Olbernhau-Grünthal - Neuhausen(Erzgeb)

23-26. 08. BmD Hamburg-Bergedorf Gbf - H-Bergedorf Süd

25/26. 08. HBN Shuttles Rheinsberg - Stechlinsee; also Zu- (25.) and Abbringer (26.) from/to Neustrelitz

26. 08. ET Shuttles Ibbenbüren-Aasee - Dörenthe Hafen

31.8.-02.9. EFWO Shuttles Werdau West – Seelingstädt (b Werdau) [also 8/9.IX, 6/7.X]


05. 09. OSEF KW Boxberg

07-09. 09. + IG Unstrutbahn (Naumburg(Saale) Hbf -) Wangen(Unstrut) - Donndorf(Unstrut) [also 2.XII]

07. 09. IG Unstrutbahn (Erfurt Hbf -) Artern - Roßleben [also 3.X]

08. 09. + ASM (Dortmund Hbf -) Do-Derne - Do-Obereving - Do-Nette - Herne-Rottbruch Hgn - Crange -
Gelsenkirchen-Bismarck - Gelsenkirchen Hafen - Ge-Bismarck - Ge-Nordstern - Bottrop Süd
08/09. 09. FELP - Bergwerk Prosper - Hafen Prosper - Bottrop Süd - Gerschede - Oberhausen Walzwerk -
08. 09. TG Ferkeltaxi Obh West - Oberhausen Hbf (- Mülheim-Styrum - Dortmund Hbf)
08. 09. IG Nossen Shuttles Lommatzsch - Ziegenhain(Sachs)
08/09. 09. MKB (Chemnitz -) Spreewitz - Schwarze Pumpe
09. 09. MEM Nossen - Döbeln Hbf [also 15/16.XII]
09. 09. + VDM Shuttles Berlin-Lichterfelde West - Rathaus Steglitz
10-16. 09. + NbSE Lintorf - Offelten
15/16. 09. Arnstadt Shuttles (Stein am Rhein -) Etzwilen - Rielasingen [CH/DE]
15. 09. + BG Herten SPNV-Probebetrieb Staßfurt - Egeln
16. 09. + VBV Shuttles Bw Arnstadt - Erfurter Kreuz
16. 09. + BEF (Dorsten -) Bottrop - Oberhausen-Osterfeld - Oberhausen West - Duisburg-Ruhrort
16. 09. Bahnpark Shuttles in Lokpark
Augsburg (Basdorf -) Berlin-Gesundbrunnen - westl. Innenring - Berlin-Schöneweide
22. 09. HE Mannheim Bahnpark - Augsburg Hbf - Augsburg Ring - Seitzsteg - Augsburg West - Augsburg Hbf -
29. 09. Sauren Bahnpark [also 23,30.IX]
29. 09. DGEG Mannheim Industriehafen [also 20.X]
30. 09. DGEG Herzlake Bf
03-07. 10. DGEG Railtour in the Ruhrgebiet PLANNED
Goods lines and Harbour.lines in Würzburg PLANNED
07. 10. Bahnpark Nossen - Meißen T. (- Dresden -) Meißen T. - Döbeln (- Leipzig -) Großbothen - Sermuth -
Augsburg Großbothen (- Grimma -) Döbeln - Nossen
13. 10. OVEB (Augsburg Hbf -) Landsberg(Lech) - Schongau [also 14,21.X, 8/9.XII]
14. 10. VDM
14. 10. ODF Adorf(V) - Bw Adorf(V)
14. 10. BmD (Stein am Rhein -) Etzwilen - Rielasingen [CH/DE]
(Piesberg Zechenbahnhof -) Osnabrück Hbf - Lengerich(Westf) - Bad Iburg
21. 10. ET 3 x Berlin-Schöneweide - nördl. Innenring - Potsdam Hbf - südl. Innenring - Berlin-
21. 10. EMBB Schöneweide
25. 10. DB Regio (Lengerich (Westf) -) Hasbergen - Georgsmarienhütte
-09. 11. Leipzig-Plagwitz - Güterring - Leipzig Engelsdorf (- Oschatz) .
27. 10. DGEG Diversion of IRE between Neu-Ulm and Stuttgart via Ulm-Söflingen - Ulm Nord
27. 10. TEV
29. 10. DGEG Hafen Bottrop, Hafen Cöln-Neuessen
-02. 11. Großheringen - Buttstädt, Gotha - Emleben, Bad Salzungen - Vacha
Unterlemnitz - Ebersdorf-Friesau (?), Tršnice/Tirschnitz - Františkovy Lázně/Franzensbad,
VBK Gotha [DE/CZ]

Europe 2018

14.7.-3.9. ÖBB Diversion of EC between Jenbach and. Brenner via Inntal-Tunnel AT
21/22. 07. + KžmV Shuttles Ružomberok - Zápalkáreň [also 28/29.VII,
4/5,11/12,18/19,25/26,29.VIII-2.IX] SK
21. 07. ÉSZAKERDŐ (Miskolc -) Papírgyár - Mahoca [also 29.IX, 20.X] FR
21. 07. KMH (Bratislava -) Prievidza - Nitrianske Pravno PL
22. 07. + TurKol (Olsztyn Gł.-) Czerwonka - Mrągowo. LU
23-29. 07. AJECTA (Longueville -) Provins - Villiers St. Georges [also 27.X] CZ
23. 07. + TurKol Olecko - Suwałki SOLD OUT CZ
23. 07. + TurKol (Olsztyn Gł.-) Ełk - Olecko

27-29. 07. DGEG Luxemburg and Hennegau PLANNED

27-29. 07. VLAKY.NET Jablonica - Brezová pod Bradlom

28. 07. Veterá Trenčianska Teplá - Lednické Rovne.

28. 07. + MBŽS Shuttles (Mladá Boleslav hl.n. -) Dobrovice - Dobrovice TTD [also


29. 07. HMVY Shuttles Rauma - Kokemäki FI
03/04. 08. HMVY Turku - Kalaranta . SK
04-12. 08. KŽC Railway Holiday in Slovakia VI [SK/PL/UA] AT
07. 08. + FdBB Shuttles Mixnitz Lkb. - RHI Breitenau [also 8.IX] IT
07. 08. Hell (Brig -) Oberwald Übg - Realp Übg (- Chur) [also 9.VIII]
11. 08. Molise Sulmona - Carpinone [also 16.IX] SK
11/12. 08. NS Diversion ICE between Arnhem Centraal and Utrecht Centraal via PL
Betuweroute [also 20-26.VIII] SK
11-19. 08. DGEG Narrow gauge in Westpreußen and Poznan IT
11. 08. Košická dhž (Košice -) Plešivec - Ochtiná - Slavošovce (?) SK
12. 08. ??? Round trip Miniature railway Suomen rautatiemuseo Hyvinkää CZ
(Chabówka -) Rabka Zdrój - Nowy Sącz CZ
15. 08. NSMK Running day NPŽ Nitra [also 9.IX, 5/6.XII]
(Košice -) Plešivec - Muráň. RO
16-19. 08. + NPŽ Rocchetta Sant’Antonio-Lacedonia - Conza-Andretta-Cairano CZ
18. 08. Košická dhž UA
25. 08. + FFI FR

25. 08. + FFI Avellino - Conza-Andretta-Cairano . CZ
25. 08. FI
Košická dhž (Košice -) Bardejov - AB Obuv-Special (?) MK
02. 09. (Wien -) Zellerndorf - Laa an der Thaya - Mistelbach - Mistelbach SK
08. 09. ČD SK
15/16. 09. Grumpy (Brno) -) Ivančice - Oslavany [also 1.XII] PL
Railtours PT
15/16. 09. Sandsteinbruch Libuň - Střeleč, Agl. Heizkraftwerk Dvůr Králové PL
APM (?) Smiřice - Hněvčeves, Liberec Agl. DPML, Dolní Bousov - CZ
Kopidlno, VBK Nymburk (?)

Cornățel - Hosman

15. 09. KDS Kladno Kladno-Dubí - Skanzen Mayrau
15. 09. ČD Depot. Spořilov, Metrans terminál Praha-Uhříněves
16-22. 09. Wendelin Karapčiv - Mežyriččja

16. 09. + FFI (Torino PN -) Ceva - Ormea [also 8.XII]

17. 9. SNCF Diversion from Lyon-Part-Dieu - Avignon Centre via right bank of
-12. 10. ČD Rhone
Special train in České Budějovices
20. 09.

28. 09. steamrail (Nurmes -) Lieksa - Pankakoski

29.9-7. 10. PTG Special train around Balkans [BG/RS/MK/GR]

05-08. 10. + Steam Story Übg Timelkam

06. 10. VLAKY.NET Šaľa - Neded

13. 10. Košická dhž (Košice -) Rožňava - Dobšiná

14. 10. NSMK Nowy Sącz - Rabka Zdrój (- Chabówka)

18-23. 10. PTG Special train in Portugal

11. 11. + TurKol Round trip in Poznan
16-18. 11. KŽC Special train Český Krumlov

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