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5th March 2016



This newsletter covers the World outside the British Isles from information
supplied by members.

Opinions expressed are not necessarily those of the Compilers or of the Society.
International Editor (to whom all email and postal contributions should be sent):
Paul Griffin, 7 School Bell Mews, Church Lane, Stoneleigh, COVENTRY, CV8 3ZZ
Email: [email protected]
Deputy International Editor: Derek Woodward, 68 Church Street, Matlock, DERBY, DE4 3BY


Contributions from members are always welcome and should be sent to the editor at the address above.
Items with associated photographs would be especially welcome.

The road rail bridge over the Taramakau river near Greymouth, New Zealand is unusual for the developed world in as
much as the rail track is within a significant but single track road (the State Highway 73 that has two lanes except over
bridges), and there are no signals controlling either road or rail. Trains or cars have to stop before going over the bridge
and check for no oncoming cars, and cars have to check that there is no train as well as no car coming in the opposite
direction. A sign indicates who has priority if two cars arrive at the stop point on both sides of the bridge at the same
time. Although this indicated priority in the direction our member was travelling by car, he would not have continued if a
train had arrived on the other side at the same time!


[090] Austria – Closures in Kärnten
The Kärnten regional government, which pays for the passenger service, is withdrawing the service on two
lines at the December 2016 timetable change. These are Rosenbach to Weizelsdorf, on which the only
train is 0624M-F Rosenbach-Villach (4670), and Hermagor to Kötschach-Mauthen. The remaining section of
this branch from Arnoldstein is to be retained and electrified.
Apart from this, two stations on the main line from Villach to Schwarzach-St Veit will close, namely Penk
and Mallnitz-Obervellach (This will be closed to local passenger trains only. The Tauern tunnel car shuttle
will continue to run). Also closing are Tainach-Stein on the line from Klagenfurt to Dravograd in Slovenia
and Winkl in Rosental between Rosenbach and Villach.

[091] Belgium - Exercise tests Schuman — Josaphat tunnel
(BLNI 1247.438) An exercise to test safety equipment and emergency planning was held during the early
hours of 26 February in the tunnel connecting Schuman and Josaphat stations in Brussels, involving the
police and emergency services as well as infrastructure manager Infrabel and train operator SNCB.
The exercise simulated the evacuation of a train making an emergency stop in the tunnel after a smoke
alarm had been activated. The first emergency personnel arrived in the tunnel some 12 min later at 01.55,
with 40 passengers treated on the spot for injuries or evacuated via the tunnel’s emergency escape routes.
Involving 150 participants and lasting for 2 hours, the exercise including establishing an operational
command post, throwing a security cordon around the site and setting up a forward medical treatment
station. With safety procedures as well as equipment including fire alarms and smoke extractors
successfully tested, Infrabel expects the 1 250 m tunnel to enter service on 4 April.

[092] France – Local trains replaced by buses around Bordeaux
Due to a shortage of between 16 and 20 drivers at Bordeaux, 24 TER trains are being replaced by buses
each day between 8 February and 2 July. The services affected are Bordeaux - Coutras - Angoulême,
Bordeaux - Le Verdon, Bordeaux - Arcachon, Bordeaux - Bergerac - Sarlat, Agen - Perigueux and Bordeaux –

[093] France – Possible cuts to night trains this summer
Overnight trains are to remain between Paris and Briancon, Rodez, Toulouse and La Tour de Carol. The
state will cease to finance all other night trains from 1 July. These no longer subsidized routes will be
offered to the open market.
It seems incredible that the Roussillon coast and Cote d'Azur could lose their night services right in the
middle of the summer break.

[094] Germany – Obscure route not to be used
(BLNI 1248.005) The Aachen to Stuttgart service that would have used the curve between Köln-Ehrenfeld
and Köln West which was to have commenced on 18 March has now been deferred until an unspecified
future date.

[095] Germany - Wehrhahn tram tunnel opens in Düsseldorf
Düsseldorf Lord Mayor Thomas Geisel officially launched services through the Wehrhahn tram tunnel at
12:30 on 20 February. Regular passenger services began the following day.
The 3.4 km route links Bilk in the south with Wehrhahn in the northeast through the centre of Düsseldorf.
The line has six underground stations, in addition to surface stations at Bilk and Wehrhahn, both of which
offer interchange with S-Bahn services. At Heinrich-Heine-Allee interchange is provided with the existing

north-south U-Bahn route. Ridership on the Wehrhahn line is expected to be 50 000 passengers per day.
The line is used by routes U71, U72, U73 and U83, which have replaced five street-running tram services as
the streets above the tunnel have been remodelled.
Construction of the 2.27 km 8.3m diameter tunnels started in November 2008. In addition, the route uses
300 m of existing tunnels excavated under and around Heinrich-Heine-Allee in the 1980s.

[096] Italy - Dolomite rail link to be studied
A feasibility study for the construction of a rail link between Calalzo, Cortina d’Ampezzo and Toblach
(Dobbiaco) is to be undertaken within three years, following the signing of a memorandum of
understanding by the Veneto and Trentino-Alto Adige regional authorities on 13 February.
Calalzo is the terminus station of a single-track unelectrified line from Belluno, while Toblach is around 65
km away on the electrified Val Pusteria line.
The new line would be suitable for speeds of between 80 and 100 km/h with a minimum curve radius
between 300 and 400 m. The southern section via either Valle del Boite or Auronzo di Cadore is estimated
to cost €500m to €700m, the northern section €500m.
An earlier line between these towns, the Ferrovia delle Dolomiti, was also 65 km in length. This was a
narrow gauge line which closed in 1964.

[097] Latvia - Tram investment planned in Riga
Riga operator Rīgas Satiksme has announced plans to build a 3.6 km tram extension, as part of a larger
project that includes infrastructure renewal and additional rolling stock. The extension to the northeast of
the city centre would run along Pērnavas iela, Senču iela, Zirņu iela, Skanstes iela and end at Sporta iela.
Work would be carried out in conjunction with the reconstruction of 3 km of routes 5 and 9 and the depot
on Brivibas iela. The project also includes the procurement of 12 low-floor trams. The estimated cost is
€90m, of which up to €76m would be covered by EU funds. The remainder would be financed by Rīgas
Satiksme, the city or the national government. If EU funding is secured, work would have to be completed
by 2023.

[098] Poland – Observations at the Gdańsk end of the SKM line
Gdańsk Śródmieście is the new eastern terminal of all bar a handful of the Szybka Kolej Miejska (SKM)
services that cross the Trojmiasto (the collective name for the three cities of Gdynia, Sopot and Gdańsk) to
Gdynia and points west. Consequently the west facing bay platforms at Gdańsk Główny are almost disused
now, as services continue about another kilometre to this single island platform with tracks both sides. The
SKM trains operate on separate lines running broadly parallel to the main lines out of Gdańsk Główny
often separated by concrete walls that appear to be ready to support buildings or roads above. The new
terminal provides interchange with several tram lines above but is otherwise largely a building site.
Observed from trains heading out of Gdańsk the tracks serving these platforms have no connection to the
main lines to the east and so form a sort of short parallel branch from Gdańsk Główny perpetuating the (at
very least operational) separation of the SKM tracks from others all the way to Gdynia.

Gdańsk Śródmieście terminus

[099] Romania - New curve under construction and another branch reopens
A recent visitor noticed that after leaving Vinţu De Jos it appears that some groundwork has been done to
build an avoiding curve from the Alba Iulia line towards Sibiu thereby avoiding Vinţu De Jos.
Another former Regiotrans branch reopened from 15 October from Goleşti to Câmpulung and on to Parcul
Kretulescu 2 Kms further on. There are two return trips a day, connecting from București .

[100] Russia (European) - Track you won’t be gricing anytime soon
Moscow has a secret underground tube system built during the reign of Stalin and code-named, D-6 by the
KGB. Nowadays it is often referred to as Moscow metro-2, however the Federal Security Service (FSB) of
the Russian Federation will neither confirm nor deny its existence. If rumour is to be believed Moscow
metro-2 is far larger than the public Metro with 4 lines that run between 50-200m deep allowing the
Kremlin to connect directly with FSB HQ, the government airport and an underground town at Ramenki.

[101] Serbia – Beograd Centar station inaugurated
Prime Minister Aleksandar Vučić inaugurated the first phase of Beograd’s future main station on 26
January. Eight of the ten tracks and five of the six platforms at Beograd Centar (also known as Prokop)
station are now being used by two daily return services to Novi Sad and 105 suburban services a day.
The next phase, scheduled for completion in 2018, is the construction of the station building and access
roads. It is envisaged that the current main station located closer to the city centre will then close.
Transferring inter-city and international trains from the old terminus to the new through station would
shorten their route and release 80 acres of land for redevelopment.
The construction of a new main station in Beograd has been proposed for more than 80 years, with more
than 30 plans put forward between 1945 and a final agreement in March 1971. Construction of Beograd
Centar began in December 1976. The railway infrastructure was partly finished in 1977-78, but work was
abandoned in late 1978 on the grounds of cost. Trains were able to run through the station site from 1984
when a new bridge over the River Sava was completed. Work restarted in 1996, but once again stopped
owing to financial difficulties in 2001. From the mid-1990s the station was in limited use for suburban

[102] Spain - Driverless metro reaches Barcelona airport
A further section of the orbital driverless metro line in Barcelona was inaugurated on 12 February. The
19·6 km north-south Line 9 Sud in the west of the city connects Zona Universitària with stations at both
terminals of the airport. There are 15 stations, including six interchanges. Services operate from 05.00 to
midnight, with trains running every 4 min at peak times and every 7 min off-peak. The original section of
Line 9 between La Sagrera and Can Zam, which opened in 2009 has now been renamed Line 9 Nord. Work
is continuing on the construction of the final section which will eventually connect the two isolated lines
and Line 10 from La Sagrera to Gorg.
Metro operator TMB says that the opening of Line 9 Sud has increased the total length of the metro
network by around 20%. Of this, 30·5 km or 25% of the network is operating in driverless mode.

[103] Spain - More observations from south east Spain
Moixent - La Encina
The Iberian Gauge between Moixent and La Encina occupies the AV formation that was completed as long
ago as 1997. The old IG formation between these points has subsequently been widened to take two
tracks and reinstatement of this route would be a necessary preliminary for the AV formation to be
converted to SG, however work appears to have stalled on this without any ballast or track being laid. Just

north-east of Moixent station a new un-ballasted formation goes off initially northwards from the L'Alcudia
line through a tunnel then turns left through ninety degrees and flies over the AV formation to link up with
the original IG formation.
La Encina, gauge changer plan
As an example of the difficulties and delays on this stretch of LAV, ADIF announced in 2014 that a gauge
changer would be built at La Encina which would allow AV services using the IG from Valencia to access the
SG LAV there. In March 2015 the Ministry of Development announced government funding for this but a
mere seven months later this particular project appears to have been cancelled, if the article at .. is to be believed.
One change that has occurred in the past year at Alacant is that the lines from the Cercanias platforms
which formerly ran above ground now link into the SG lines from platforms 5 and 6 of the main station and
hence use the new tunnel. The connection to the Sant Gabriel line is now an underground junction.
Monforte-del-Cid - Murcia LAV
At the start of the year this was one of the sections of line in the list of 1000km of track scheduled to open
this year. Our member was expecting to find work mostly complete but viewed from the IG line there is
still a considerable amount of work outstanding, with ballast not even laid along much of the line. Just
south of Albatera-Catral there is a new, as yet unopened, station at San Isidro. Approaching Orihuela the
IG switches to the new LAV formation and will share it with a single SG track all the way to Murcia. At
Murcia del Carmen station itself construction work has only just started with the car park being dug up to
make way for some SG sidings. Completion is a long way off!
Murcia - Chinchilla (- Albacete)
The Ball map shows a very long cut-off (27 km in length) north of Cieza, and this is the Variente de
Camarillas. Work was started on this around 2006 but was halted in 2010 after completion of the
earthworks and structures in the face of budget cuts. When viewed from the train the workings looked all
but abandoned but a recent news article states that the Port of Cartagena will/has applied for an EU
investment grant to help finance completion of this project so it is not dead yet.

[104] Spain – Reopening postponed
The reopening of the line between Antequera-Santa Ana and Granada, which was due on 7 February, has

now been postponed until June. Buses will continue to replace trains between Antequera-Santa Ana and


[105] Spain - Some thoughts from the new timetable
Granada - Antequera Santa Ana. According to Railway Herald 481, ADIF has signed a contract for safety &
security systems for 6 tunnels on the above line. A consortium comprising Alsthom & Indra will undertake
the work. It sounds from this as though the line won't reopen for some time.
The only trains operating out of Granada are to/from Almeria. Both the Barcelona sleeper and all trains
to/from Antequera S.A. are still suspended.
The former main line from Madrid to Córdoba has a short section with only one train pair. This is between
the two curves which give access to the branch to Jaén from the east and west. The only train is the Garcia
Lorca which is the 09:04 Barcelona Franca to Sevilla Santa Justa. This loco hauled train has long been
considered threatened, so this might be a good (if short) section of track to travel in 2016.

[106] Switzerland - New track at Zürich and how to do it
Zürich Altstetten to Hard Junction, formerly used by hourly Basel to Zurich airport trains which avoided
Zurich HB closed to passengers after the passage of train IR 2088, 21:04 Zürich Airport to Basel, on 12
December 2015. From the following day the trains were rerouted via Zürich HB.

The new timetable starting 13 December saw intercity trains from St Gallen or Romanshorn towards Olten
and Bern use the Durchmesser line from Oerlikon, platforms 31 and 32 at Zurich and then the new bridges
to join the existing line at Altstetten (platforms 6/7). Trains FROM Olten and Bern do not use the new
bridges but a new connection from the existing south arrival line (Osteinfahrt) that lets them access the
line on the viaduct that comes from Oerlikon/Wipkingen and then arrive at platforms 33/34.
S14 trains leaving platforms 31/32 towards Altstetten will have a choice of routes to access the other side
of Alstetten station (platforms 3/4). They can either use the route described above for trains from Olten (in
either direction) or follow the outbound intercity route until a crossover just before the second new bridge
and then join the line that connects Wiedikon with Altstetten. The latter may be the default move as it
does not conflict with the fast lines. (The S14 cannot use the second bridge - the 1156m
Letzigrabenbrucke- as it only connects with the fast lines at Altstetten and these have no access to the S14
route towards Afoltern am Albis).
The new track in Zürich can all be done on a zone 110 (Zürich central area) day ticket.
xx:01 ex Zürich Oerlikon(to Basel) covers the new mainline route via the bridges to Altstetten arrive xx15.
xx:44 ex Altstetten (to Zürich Flughafen) arrive Oerlikon xx:57 covers the eastbound mainline route.
S14 xx:13 xx:43 ex Oerlikon arrive Altstetten xx:24 xx:54 covers the westbound S-Bahn route.
S14 xx:05 xx:35 ex Altstetten arrive Oerlikon xx:16 xx:46 covers the eastbound S-Bahn route.
To have covered all the new routes all four of the above have to be done.


[107] Australia – Australia’s weirdest railroad crossing?
Visit this website for pictures of an interesting alternative to a conventional flat crossing.

[108] Egypt – Train recovery with a difference
A train left stranded in the Egyptian desert for nine years is being moved to Cairo by lorry, media reports
say. The train was on what was originally part of a line opened in 1999 linking Egypt's Western Desert with
a port on the Red Sea. The line, subject to shifting sands, was forced to close due to difficulties maintaining
it and after thieves stole some 150km of tracks. The train, unable to move, was left stranded and forgotten
in the Kharga oasis, west of Luxor. Now, engineers from a private haulage firm have finally begun
dismantling it and loading it piece by piece into lorries destined for the capital. According to reports, they
were initially detained by local police, who thought the engineers were trying to steal the train.

[109] Iran/China - First 'Silk Road' train arrives in Tehran from China
The first train to connect China and Iran arrived in Tehran on Monday 15 February loaded with Chinese
goods, reviving the ancient Silk Road, the Iranian railway company said. The train, carrying 32 containers of
commercial products from eastern Zhejiang province, took 14 days to make the 9,500-kilometre (5,900-
mile) journey through Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan. This was 30 days shorter than the sea voyage from
Shanghai to the Iranian port of Bandar Abbas.
The train is planned to run every month and the frequency will be increased if necessary. It is run by
private companies using existing routes.
According to Iranian media, more than a third of Iran's foreign trade is with China, which is Tehran's top
customer for oil exports.
The Silk Road is an ancient network of commercial land and sea routes, named for the lucrative Chinese
silk trade, that were central to business across the Asian continent connecting China to the Mediterranean

[110] South Korea - Line to the Demilitarised Zone to be reinstated
As part of events to mark the 70th anniversary of the partition of the Korean peninsula, on 5 August
President Park Geun-hye attend a ceremony to launch work to reinstate the 9·3 km Baengmagoji –
Woljeongi South Korean section of the former 222 km Gyeongwon Line between Seoul and Wonsan.
Main works on the US$129m project funded by the Unification Ministry are expected to begin in October
for completion by 2017. Park said ‘opportunities will always be open’ for North Korea to take part in the
project, which would enable the next 2·4 km section through the Demilitarised Zone to be reinstated.
‘Reconnecting the Gyeongwon Line, which shared in the joys and sorrows of the Korean people, will be the
starting point to heal the painful history of the Korean Peninsula’, said Park. It would also ‘serve as a
starting point to lead Korea down a path toward unification and into a future with hope.’

[111] Turkey - Izmir suburban extension opens
A 22 km extension of Izmir’s IZBAN suburban rail network opened on 6 February. The first 23 km section of
the Southern Line, from Alsancak to Cumaovası, opened in August 2010. This has now been extended
south from Cumaovası to Tepeköy with six more stations. The Northern Line, linking Alsancak with Aliağa,
opened in December 2010.
Both lines are operated by the IZBAN joint venture of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality and state railway
TCDD, which owns the infrastructure. The two routes are electrified at 25 kV 50 Hz and are operated by
three-car EMUs. CAF supplied the original 33 trains of class 22000, while Hyundai Rotem supplied 40 trains
known as class 23000.

[112] USA - First Hill Line opens in Seattle
Seattle’s second tram line opened on 23 January. The 4.2 km First Hill Line connects Capitol Hill with
Pioneer Square, serving 10 stops. Services are operated with seven bidirectional three-section Inekon
trams ordered for $30m. These are equipped with lithium-ion batteries produced by Saft that allow off-
wire operations, and only the track used when travelling towards Capitol Hill has overhead wires.
There are plans to extend the line at both ends. A northern extension from Capitol Hill to Broadway with
two stops is envisaged, and a link from Pioneer Square would connect the line to the South Lake Union
Line at Westlake Hill.

List of Special Trains on Lines Without Passenger Services

Germany 2016

05-07. 03 + DB Diversion of several IC trains between Wuppertal Hbf and Köln Hbf via Düsseldorf Hbf
06. 03. + DB Diversion of EN trains between Würzburg Hbf and Passau Hbf via Olching - München Nord Rbf
- München-Feldmoching
12./13. 03. + IBSE IBSE Special trains around Bremen:
19. 03. + OSEF u.a. Dresden-Neustadt - Dresden-Friedrichstadt [also 31.XII]
19. 03. Special train in Thüringen IN PLANNING
25. 03. DGEG Freiberg(Sachs) - Nossen and return [also 25/26.VI,21.VIII,30.X]
26. 03. IG Nossen u.a. Dresden-Neustadt - Dresden-Altstadt, Meißen Triebischtal - Nossen - Freiberg(Sachs)
26. 03. + zugparty u.a. Nossen - Meißen Triebischtal [also 10.XII]
26. 03. + IG Nossen Shuttles Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk/Rumburg [DE/CZ]
02. 04. + OSEF u.a. Königs Wusterhausen Hafen, Berlin-Spandau Gbf - Johannesstift
02. 04. BmD u.a. Langenlonsheim - Büchenbeuren IN PLANNING
08. 04. DGEG (Löbau(Sachs) -) Peitz Ost - ZEB - Spreewitz - Kamenz(Sachs) (- Löbau(Sachs))
09. 04. + OSEF Mannheim Industriehafen [also 28.V,24.IX,29.X]
09./10. 04. + HE Mannheim Diversion of night trains between Fürth(Bay)Hbf and Passau Hbf via Nürnberg Rbf (- Ingolstadt -)
+ DB München Nord Rbf

23. 04. DGEG u.a. Brohl Hafen IN PLANNING
23. 04. + OSEF (Löbau(Sachs) -) Meißen-Triebischtal - Nossen and return
24. 04. + DGEG (Tauberbischofsheim - Würzburg Hbf -) Jossa - Fulda and return
24. 04. + DB Diversion of EN trains between Nürnberg Hbf and Passau Hbf via München-Karlsfeld -
München Nord Rbf - München-Feldmoching
30. 04. + zugparty (Lutherstadt Wittenberg -) Guben - Czerwieńsk (- Wolsztyn)and return [DE/PL]
30. 04. DGEG u.a. Altenkirchen(Ww) - Siershahn, Montabaur - Wallmerod, Kerkerbach - Steeden (?)
01. 05. Blankenberg Running day at Feldbahn Blankenberg [also 5,15.V, 12,19.VI, 11.IX, 3.X]
01. 05. Lauchhammer Running day at Parkbahn Lauchhammer
01. 05. - 18. 05. Diversion of several IC trains between Celle and Hannover Messe/Laatzen via Lehrte Nord -
+ DB Hannover-Wülfel
04.-08. 05 Rail tours around Köln Hbf - HGK/RWE,Köln-Niehl, RIM, KVB-Special train, via Kall
14/15. 05. + BDEF Shuttles Penig - Rochsburg [also 18/19.VI,2/3.VII,10/11.IX]
16. 05 Schienentrabi Shuttles Osnabrück - Mettingen [also 28.VIII]
16. 05. Tour by Railbus Lommatzsch - Ri. Leuben / Ziegenhain
21. 05. + ET Wittgensdorf ob Bf -Hartmannsdorf, Chemnitz Süd - Chemnitz-Zwönitzbrücke, Industriebahn Mosel
21./22. 05. + FELP Shuttles Hafen Magdeburg [also 10/11.IX]
28./29. 05. + TG Ferkeltaxi IBSE-Special trains around Nürnberg
28./29. 05. Nossen - Ri. Lommatzsch
28. 05. MEBF Tecklenburg - Lengerich (- Emden) and return
28. 05. IBSE (Emden -) Abelitz - Aurich and return
04. 06. + IG Nossen (Löbau(Sachs) -) Dresden-Neustadt - Dresden-Altstadt (- Schwarzenberg(Erzg)) and return
+ ET
15. 06. + IGSO Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) (- Mladá Boleslav) and return [DE/CZ]
18. 06. + OSEF (Hagen Hbf -) W-Langerfeld (- Wuppertal Hbf -) Düsseldorf-Gerresheim - D-Derendorf Dnf - D-Reisholz -
Benrath tief - Krupp-Werk - D-Reisholz - D-Derendorf Dnf - D-Rath - AB Vallourec - D-Rath -
18. 06. + OSEF Ratingen West - AB Stahlkontor Hahn u. Preymesser - Ratingen West - Abzw Hardt (- Hagen Hbf)
18./19. 06 + Sauren (Leipzig-Plagwitz -) Berlin Südkreuz - DTM and return
19. 06. Shuttles Koblenz Hbf - DB Museum
25./26. 06 EMBB (Dresden-Neustadt -) Kamenz(Sachs) - Hosena and return [also 21.VII]
30. 07. + DB Döbeln - Nossen - Freiberg(Sachs) and return
14. 08. + OSEF u.a. Löbau(Sachs) - Ebersbach(Sachs) - Rumburk, Děčín-Prostřední Žleb - Děčín východ [DE/CZ]
27. 08. + IG Nossen (Chemnitz Hbf -) Olbernhau-Grünthal - Neuhausen(Erzgeb) and return
10. 09. + OSEF Meppen - Essen(Old), Lathen - Sögel
10./11. 09 Special train in Sauerland IN PLANNING
11. 09. TG Ferkeltaxi Tram tours in München
17. 09 DGEG u.a. Kamenz(Sachs) - Hosena, Abzw Altdöbern Süd - Abzw Lindthal, Großräschen Süd
17./18. 09. DGEG u.a. Nossen - Döbeln [also 4.XII]
25. 09 + Siede Shuttles Cottbus - Bh Cottbus
30. 09. - 03.10. + OSEF u.a. Übg Jena-Göschwitz [also 22.X]
30. 09. - 04.10. + IG Nossen Special trains on the OHE network IN PLANNING
01. 10. + LDC Diversion between Kassel Hbf and Fuldatal-Ihringshausen via Kassel Rbf
03. 10. NVS u.a. Falkenberg(Elster) unt Bf - ob Bf, Leipzig-Mockau - Messe, Döbeln - Meißen T.(?)
09. 10. DGEG Schongau - Landsberg(Lech)
09. 10 + DB Regio (Gera Hbf -) Erfurt Gbf - Erfurt Nord (- Nordhausen) and return
10. 10. + OSEF Special train in and around Aachen IN PLANNING
BEM (Löbau(Sachs)) - KW Boxberg
Europe 2016 NVS
05. 03. + OSEF
06. 03.
+ CFTSA (Vouziers -) via Amagne-Lucquy (- Paris Est - Longueville) and return FR
+ Landesbahn Sidings on the Badner Bahn AT

06. 03. + FFI Sulmona - Isernia and return IT
16-18. 03. TR
19. 03. Kramer Karakuyu - Gümüsgün - Burdur / Isparta AT
20. 03. PL
20. 03. + OGEG (Ampflwang -) Timelkam (- Admont -) Hieflau - Eisenerz and return IT
26. 03. AT
27. 03. TurKol Żagań - Szprotawa and return SK
01-03. 04. CZ
10-16. 04. + FTI (Milano - Chivasso -) Aosta - Prè S. Didier and return UA
16. 04. PL
16. 04. + MLV Shuttles Zwettl - Waldhausen PL
24. 04. AT
27. 04. + TREŽ Shuttles Trenčianska Teplá - Trenčianske Teplice [also 7.V, 4,25.VI, 2.VII-4.IX, 10.IX, 19.XI, 13.XII] NL
29. 04. - 03.05 SI
30. 04. KŽC Special train around Jihlava IT
30. 04. - 01.05 CZ
00. 05. + Wendelin u.a. Torfbahn Dovžycja, Waldbahn Vyhoda, Berehove - Iršava PL
01. 05. PL
02. 05. TurKol (Toruń Gł. -) Aleksandrów Kuj. - Ciechocinek and return PL
03. 05. PL
03. 05. + TurKol Bydgoszcz Gł. - Szubin and return PL
07-09. 05. ES
07. 05. + Landesbahn (St. Pölten Hbf -) Schrambach - Markt St. Aegyd am Neuwalde and return AT
08. 05. FR
14. 05. + NVBS u.a. Lage Zwaluwe - Moerdijk, Also sidings at Oss Elzenburg and Utrecht Lage Weide PL
14. 05. HU
21. 05. PTG Slovenia and Trieste [SI/HR/IT] PL
28/29. 05. PL
05. 06. + Molise Sulmona - Castel di Sangro and return [also 29.V, 7,20.VIII, 9.X, 6.XI, 26.XII] PL
08-11. 06. SK
12. 06. + CSIMC Shuttles Soos - Kateřina AT
12-18. 06. BA
19. 06. SHK 5-day special train in Niederschlesien IN PLANNING PL
25. 06. PL
26. 06. TurKol u.a. Wolsztyn - Powodowo (?) PL
02. 07. FR
31. 07. + TurKol Railtour around Poznań [also 22.X, 26.XI, 10.XII] IT
06-14. 08. SK
13. 08. TurKol u.a. Wierzbno - Skwierzyna [also 13.VIII] PL
28. 08. AT
29. 08. + TurKol u.a. Międzyrzecz - Międzychód [also 8.X] PL
03-11. 09. SE
10. 09. BLS Railtour in Spain PL
10. 09. PL
18. 09. + FdBB Shuttles Mixnitz Lb - RHI Breitenau [also 14-16.V,9.VII,17.IX] IT
19-24. 09. FR
02. 10. + TRR (Metzeral -) Colmar - Volgelsheim and return IT
28-30. 10. CZ
TurKol u.a. podg Dziarnowo - Kruszwica, Inowrocław - Wapienno

+ MÁV Nosztalgia (Kelenföld - Pusztaszabolcs -) Mezőfalva - Paks and return

TurKol u.a. Stare Bojanowo - Śmigiel

TurKol u.a. Kołobrzeg - Kołobrzeg Port

TurKol u.a. Wągrowiec - Rogoźno Wlkp. [also 11.XI]

+ Steam Story Special trains on AWT network in West Slovakia [CZ/SK]

+ MLV Schwarzenau - Zwettl - Waldhausen [also 24.IX, 3/4.XII]

PTG Special train in Bosnia and Herzogovina [BA/HR/RS]

TurKol u.a. Kołobrzeg - Kołobrzeg Port, VBK Szczecin Dąbie

TurKol (Poznań Gł. -) Gniezno - Nakło (- Białośliwie) and return

+ TurKol (Wolsztyn -) Międzyrzecz - Sulęcin and return

+ AJECTA (Longueville -) Gouaix - Montereau (- Moret-sur-Loing) and return

+ Molise Isernia - Sulmona and return

+ KŽC "Holiday with the railcar 2016" [CZ/SK/PL/UA]

TurKol u.a. Międzyrzecz - Międzychód Letnisko, Międzychód - Łowyń

+ Landesbahn (Wien Praterstern -) Paasdorf - Mistelbach Lb and return [also 3.IX, 4.XII]

+ TurKol u.a. Jankowa Żag. - Żagań

PTG Special train in South West Sweden

TurKol Żagań - Lubsko and return

+ TurKol (Wolsztyn -) Leszno - Głogów and return

+ Molise Isernia - Campo di Giove and return

Siede Southern France

+ FTI (Milano -) Novara - Varallo Sesia and return

KŽC Special train CZ/SK

Note: Entries marked with a “+” were updated within the last four weeks.

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