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Ebtekarat Al Sharq has the plwasure to introduce ourselves as one of the leading of steel
manufacture and fabricators in the region .
Ebtekarat Al Sharq established in 1992 at Riyadh with the objective of active involvement in
the field of architectural metals work and steel fabricators .
Ebtekarat Al Sharq has the presence throughout the Saudi Arabia, expanding regionally and
internationally with an exension in Qatar .
This will enable Ebtekarat Al Sharq to comfortably serve the needs of valuable clients with the

Ebtekarat Al Sharq moved into Qarat market and has already completed and supplied several
projects with its products .
Ebtekarat Al Sharq has completed mega architectural metal and structural steel projects whith
in the region with the appreciation of clients .



Ebtekarat Al Sharq Contracting Est. is a corporation established in 1992, and has been in
continuous operation since that date.
The principals of the company collectively have 40 years experience in Structural Steel,
StainlessSteel,Aluminum,Steel Pipelines Fabrication,
Also Steel Cladding and Aluminum Composite Panel Cladding .
Ebtekarat Al Sharq is a financially stable company, with an excellent reputation of produc-
ing quality work.
Our safety record is excellent and match’s with Aramco rules.


Ebtekarat Al Sharq Contracting Est. vision is to be a World Class manufacturer of
quality, custom, precision parts and fabrications that is chosen by our customers
because we provide quality that meets or exceeds their expectations, deliveries that
are on-time or early, prices that are affordable; ideas, services and solutions that
solves their problems and improves their products and businesses.


We aim to become pioneers in manufacturing steel in the region and for our projects to
have an added value for our clients .


Mr.Ali Alkhlaifi Mr.Faisal Alfoqaha Mr.Nasser Al-hilali

Chairman General Manager Vice General Manager


We Do ?


Ebtekarat Alsharq is a custom metal fabrication facility specializing in all phases of
fabricating in steel, stainless steel and aluminum.

We have fair and competitive prices and would be happy to quote on any project you may
have whether it’s from prints or hand sketches.

Our design team is always willing to help with the development or design of your project.


Hand Railing Ebtekarat Al Sharq Est Engineering
manufacturer the hand railing of various sizes&
6 shape for industrial and offshore installation.
It is also available with kick plate or W/O
kickplate,with fixing arraignment. Type of
constructions ERW PIPES/Seamless pipes/
Angles/Flats Etc..

Structure Steel

We can Supply various structure steel more than
5000 tons annually, the capability of scaffold is
18,000 tons annually. We have hundreds producing
equipment›s, such as digital control drill machine,
cutting machine ,Automatic H-type steel fabricating,
Automatic Gantry Sub-merged Arc Welding and Etc..
We also have testing equipment which control the
quality if our products. Our products are mainly for
industry workshop, public bulidings,power plants and
various construction and equipment structure.


Fence With Concrete Barrier

Ebtekarat Al Sharq provides installation of fences and gates to a wide
variety of commercial companies. Whether your needs are for athletic,
security, decoration, construction or utility, we undertake with time bound
We provide installation and design specification service to: Commercial /
Industrial - Contractors - Architects / Engineers - Schools - Public Works -
Municipalities - City / Government Organizations - Etc..


Guard Rails

In traffic engineering, highway guardrail may prevent an errant vehicle from
impacting roadside obstacles which may be either man-made (sign structures,
culvert inlets, utility poles) or natural (trees, rock croppings), running off the
road and going down a steep embankment, or veering off the roadway into
oncoming traffic (commonly referred to as a median barrier). Roadside obstacles
are typically referred to as fixed objects. A secondary objective is keeping the
vehicle upright while deflected along the guardrail. The most common type of
guardrail in use today is the Blocked-Out W-beam (Strong Post). Strong-post
W-beam guardrail consists of wood posts and wood blockouts or steel posts
with wood or plastic blockouts. The wood or plastic blockouts reduce or
minimize a vehicle snagging on the posts upon impact. In addition, a blockout
may be used to increase the offset of guardrail with an obstacle such as a curb.


Heavy Duty Guard Rail

Expenses from damaged equipment can be costly. Ideal Heavy Guardrail
protects and saves all your valuable assets; pedestrains, Employees
equipment and facility. Our Heavy Duty Guardrail deflects forklift
impact better than any other manufactured guardrail .

Stainless Steel bollards

Product Description :
The stainless steel bollards come in brushed a variety of grade and size
Stainless steel bollards provide a contemporary design to all schemes.
Installation :
Bollards supplied with welded fixing spikes to ensure firm ground anchorage.
Excavate holes to depth of approx. 400mmx300mm diameter and cast into
concrete. Seek local advise is unsure.
Maintenance :
To ensure your stainless steel product maintains its original shine and stain free
appearance regularly clean


Steel Bollard

Ebtekarat Al Sharq manufactures the largest range of security anti-ram steel
bollards in the KSA. From traditional to contemporary styles you will find
an excellent range of quality hot dip galvanized bollards to compliment any
scheme or location. The hot dip galvanizing ensures a rust-free life for the
bollard of your choice. The high tensile strength and vandal resistance of
galvanized steel bollards ensures suitability for most anti-ram and security
Ebtekarat Al Sharq steel bollards have a choice of fixing options to adapt to
the individual bollard and its location. Root, base plate, anti-ram or removable
fixings can be selected, and reflective bands in red, yellow or white can be
incorporated for maximum vision when light is shone upon it.
A selection of standard RAL or BS colours can be used to enhance the
bollard›s appearance. Steel bollards may also be provided in a wet paint finish.


Industrial Circular And Straight Ladder

Ebtekarat Al Sharq Est. Stairways offer an
enduring flexibility simply not found elsewhere.
Our Industrial Stairways are built from quality,
heavy-gauge steel and come in a variety of tread
designs. All the components of our Industrial
Stairs are pre-manufactured and matched to
each individual application.


Parking shade canopies

commercial carports, corporate parking shade structures, covered parking structures, car shelters,
& other vehicle parking shelters of tensioned fabric cool California parking lots. They protect cars,
boats, motorcycles, maintenance vehicles, and trucks at corporate yards, office buildings, automotive
dealerships, hospitals, airports, stadiums, country clubs, industrial parks, shopping centers, apartment
complexes and condominiums.


Wood Benches and Steel Benches

Wood Benches and Steel Benches are made with high quality wood or steel, aluminum
or granite support, most wooden benches are made for public buildings , malls, parks,
airports, etc..


Steel Bins

Steel Bins (Stainless Steel, Aluminum) With or without wood are mostly
made for public building , transportation ports and parks, made with high
quality product and made to last several years


Stainless Steel Grills

We are accepted as the modern day manufacturer and supplier of Stainless Steel Grills.
Fabricated with utmost precision under the guidelines of high qualified professionals utilizing
the best quality raw material and sophisticated technology, our products are offered in
several specifications. Admired for easy to install, low maintenance, high durability, longer
service life and ability to withstand extreme weather and temperature, they have achieved
huge requirement in the market

Earth Pits

Earth Pits offer a confined and user friendly admittance point for preservation purpose and the periodical measure of electrical
confrontation of a buried earthing system.
In order to total routine capacity of electrical resistance just take away the lid from the installed earth pit and attach a lead from
the confrontation meter to the earthing conductor.


Glazing Systems

Ebtekarat can design, engineer, finish, fabricate, assemble and glaze all necessary
components to provide a complete enclosure package. Our expansive aluminum product line
comprises of standard or custom-designed Glazing Systems that range from Curtain Walls to
Aluminum Composite Panels and Total Vision Glazing Systems to Aluminum Specialties.
We have advanced machines, such as, Semi-Automatic Glass Cutting Machine, Automatic
Glass Feeder, Butyl-Injection Machine for Corner Sealing of Spacer Frame, Automatic Butyl
Coating Machine with Drum Pump System.


Stainless Steel Divider

Stainless Steel Divider is specially made for interior and exterior projects we fabricate with
high level stainless steel and made for heavy duty ,light maintinace and long stabialty


Pipe Shoes and saddles

Ebtekrat al sharq is proud to provide a complete line of Pipe Shoes and Saddle supports. We
offer Pipe Shoes and saddles in three categories: Split Beam construction, welded flat bar or
double upright construction in accordance to your requirements and dimensions. In addition,
we can supply these in various guided shoe assemblies as illustrated.
These shoes can be built with our TRI*SLIDE slide bearings finished in PTFE over PTFE,
Stainless Steel over PTFE, stainless Steel over Graphite, or any other combination that you
require. We are also able to supply Mechanize & Alloys for high temperature applications,
Permali or Composite Supports for Cryogenic applications, and can fabricate these out of
machined block or poured to specific needs.


Steel mold

Steel mold for making precast pre-tensioned pre-stressed concrete bridge columns


Statement of
Quality Policy
and Authority

Ebtekarate El-Sharq Quality Control System has been established to assure
compliance with the applicable sections of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel

This System is intended to be used in the fabrication and /or repairs of billet, (slab
header) standard and custom-designed box headers and vessels in accordance with
Section VIII Division I. In the event other types of vessels are to be fabricated or
repaired in the future, the system will be expanded and /or revised as required.
Repairs to existing pressure vessels shall be to the requirements of the Nation
Board Inspection Code, Latest Edition (ANSI/NB24-).

The responsibility and authority for implementation of this system has been
assigned to the quality control manager. The quality control manager has been
given the authority and organizational freedom to identify quality control problems
and to initiate, recommend and provide solutions. Problems that cannot be resolved
by the quality control manager shall be brought to me for final resolution based on
code requirements.


Organizational CEO

Sales Engineer HR Operation Manager R&D Chef Accountant

Product Engineer HSE Engineer QA/QC Engineer


Quality control

In Ebtekarate El-Sharq the quality control process adheres and strongly conforms
to the standards and regulations of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers
(ASME) and the American Petroleum Institute (API) in the production steps,
starting from customer specification review and modeling the product design
and detailing of major and minor components to material purchasing, fabrication,
welding and inspection. Herby some details of production processes;
- Customer Request .
- Design & Detailing .
- Material Requisition .
- Material Receiving & Inspection .
- Parts Machining .
- Parts Assembling .
- Fit-up Check .
- Parts Welding .
- Welding Inspection .
- Sand Blasting and Painting .
- Painting Inspection .
- Release For Shipment .



The raw material has to be cut to size. This is done with a
variety of tools. We have Special shearing machines which
produce cut metal with proper dimensions and straight
edges. Ebtekarat El-Sharq CNC Plasma cutting torches,
usually natural gas powered. Plate steel is loaded on a
table and the parts are cut out as programmed.



Forming is a process of material deformation; a raw
material piece is formed by applying force to an object.
The process of forming can be controlled with the use
of tools such as punches, bending and rolling machines.
Through proper design and use of tools with machinery
we create a repeatable form which can be used to create
products for many industries, including construction, civil
and architectural, etc.



Welding is the main focus and the core job in Ebtekarate EL-Sharq Factories
of steel fabrication. The formed and machined parts will be assembled and
tack welded into place then re-checked for accuracy. The welding engineer
completes welding as per the engineering drawings if welding is detailed or as
per his /her own judgment if no welding details are provided.
Special precautions may be needed to prevent warping of the weldment due to
heat. These may include re-designing the weldment to use less weld, welding in
a staggered fashion, using a stout fixture, covering the weldment in sand during
cooling, and straightening operations after welding.
Straightening of warped steel weldments is done with an Oxy-acetylene
torch and is somewhat of an art. Heat is selectively applied to the steel in a
slow, linear sweep. The steel will have a net contraction, upon cooling, in the
direction of the sweep. A highly skilled welder can remove significant warpage
using this technique.

Final assembly

After the weldment has cooled it is generally sand blasted, primed and painted.
Any additional manufacturing specified by the customer is then completed. The
finished product is then inspected and shipped.




Our Clients :

* Alodaylia-Abqaiq Pipeline . * Al khurasaniya refinery Gas and Oil Separation . * Ghzlaniya Refinery .
* Princesses Noura University for Women . * Dammam Sea port . * Dhahran Airport .
* Al Rashid mall Al-Khobar . * Al Atfaq Sports club-Main Gymnasium area 3000 square meters .
* Electric Power station Gzlan –western area . * Al-Majd T.V channel .
* Many Other projects in Saudi Arabia and gulf countries . * Aramco Research Centre .







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