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Dominican University Student Fashion Show 2021

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Published by Dominican University, 2021-04-06 11:19:42

Secret Garden

Dominican University Student Fashion Show 2021

Table of Contents

Committees 3
Models and Dressers 4
The 2020 Senior Class 5
2020 Junior Collections 7
Guest Alum 9
Senior Collections 10
The 2021 Senior Class 19
Awards 28
Special Thanks 29
Programming Support 30

The 2021 Fashion Class Presents:


Dominican University
Fashion Show

Dominican University’s annual runway show takes a new spin this
year in accordance to COVID-19 guidelines. Our show—traditionally
set in the Lund auditorium—moves to a historic outdoor location at the
heart of our campus, the quad. We invite you to join us in our secret
garden, where we are showcasing senior and junior collections from
our graduating designers. This production is sponsored by the Fashion
Department in collaboration with the fashion merchandising students.

In Memory of Richard H.

The Dominican University Fashion Department wants to acknowledge
the invaluable contribution to our students from Richard H. Driehaus
and the Driehaus Design Initiative.

Richard H. Driehaus passed away on March 9, 2021. His contributions
to Chicago arts and culture, investigative journalism, and the built
environment are monumental. His philanthropy in education has
been transformational for the Department of Fashion at Dominican
University. Through the Driehaus Design Initiative, our department has
received thousands of dollars to support the purchase of materials
and state-of-the-art equipment. The Driehaus Design Initiative was
established to promote and encourage design education and to
foster public appreciation and understanding of all aspects of fashion
design and history. The fashion faculty in our department, our partners
at Dominican University, and our very own innovative and talented
emerging fashion designers are forever grateful for this support and
the opportunity many of our students have received to be a part of the
Driehaus Awards for Fashion Excellence and the thrilling fashion show
that we look forward to every year.

Thank you, Mr. Driehaus, for your support to fashion and design
endeavors in Chicago and at Dominican University.
Enjoy your front row seat.

Thank You, Donna!

Dominican University’s president Donna M. Carroll has been an
ardent supporter and ally of the Fashion Department. Every year,
we are honored to have her join us to announce student awards and
scholarships during our fashion show. We are thrilled that Donna
will join us once more on Sunday, April 25th to celebrate student
excellence before she retires later in the year. We look forward to
having her as a guest at our fashion show for many years to come.

The faculty, alumni, and current students at the Fashion Department
want to express our immense gratitude to Donna for her support
thorough years.


Fashion Show Committees

Directors Outdoor Stage, Runway,
Show: Music, Photography
and other Production
Gillian Jones Elements:
Alisha Morgan
Antonia Bennet
Fundraising and Grelda Castrejon
Garment Set-up and
Gillian Jones Dressers:
Alisha Morgan
Nicole Koziwloski
Virtual Show, Emma McGreer
and Program: Models, Make-up,
and Hair:
Bridgette Bazin
Mia Mendez Isabella Navarro
Claudia Cartagena

Models 4

Alex Damato Dressers
Anne Hitterman
Ariel Kimbrough Brianna Yanga
Caleigh Monahan
Brenda Dean
Caroline Halperin Leslie Perez
Claudia Cartagena Maya Villareal
Daria Twarowski

Diana Chavez
Erin Gregory
Estefany Garcia
Evelyn Abundes
Francheliz Sanchez
Hannah Danha
Jacey Staples
Jenifer Martinez
Jenny Oliver
Julian Escontrias
Kathryn Greenlea
Kenneth Redfield
LaShawna Johnson
Madison Creamer
Madly Espinoza
Maria Blancas
Mia Martinez
Natalie Stellato
Nicole Klatchko
Osvaldo Alvares
Prabjhot Dhillon
Raina Villareal
Rose Kochis
Susana Cevedo
Yaslynn Sepulveda


The 2020 Senior Class

Saturday, April 24th

Audra Laird

This collection is inspired by Audra’s time in Paris, amalgamating the
beauty she saw in the art, culture, and architecture. She wants to convey
the aesthetic of romance, accentuate the form, and show everyone a
glimpse of Paris through her eyes.

Dejah Mansfield
Monsieur Carnaby

Inspired by 1960s peacocking at Carnaby street when men dressed in
exuberant ways to express themselves. Monsieur Carnaby takes a modern
look at peacocking with an updated look at the clothing worn on Carnaby
street, while also adding a feminine touch for more inspiration.

Heather Hans
Delicate Dancer

Delicate Dancer is a collection inspired by the art of ballet. Heather sought
to accomplish the delicacy and beauty of ballet through hand-beaded
corsets, traditional ballet skirt silhouettes, tutu designs, and feathers for
movement of the garments.


The 2020 Senior Class

Sunday, April 25th

Aileen Moreno
Xenomorph AM

Xenomorph AM presents a ready- to-wear collection that possesses a
strong presence of empowerment. The dark-futuristic side of aliens inspires
this collection that allures you with its strange aura.

Claire Groppe
Structured Mystery

This collection is inspired by the geometric forms found within architecture
and enhanced by the artistry of the feminine mystique. The focus of the
collection is not the garments, but the intrinsic beauty of the women who
wear them.

Evelin Zermeno
Colores de la Tierra

This collection drew inspiration from Mexican clay art. From murals to
pottery, Mexico is known for its exuberant use of bright color combinations.
These feminine silhouettes aim to make women feel alive and beautiful,
while paying homage to the country from which Evelin came from.


2020 Junior Collections

Shayla Byron Claudia Cartagena

Utonium Moeraki

A collection that focuses on My collection is a combination
the mixture of sugar and spice of nature and architecture
and everything nice for modern representing Moeraki spherical
women. boulders which helps create my
illusion of fashion.


2020 Junior Collections

Anna Meraz Joshua Ocampo

Magdalena Juanita

I believe we should be proud of Named after my mother, this

where we come from and embrace collection captures the essence

the beauty in our culture. Let’s of utility within modern streetwear

reinvent a way that takes us to the today while highlighting precision

next level. and detail.


Guest Alumn

Natalie Zysko
enzee boutique
Elmhurst, IL

enzee boutique is a neighborhood treasure dedicated to serving the
fashion industry with a philanthropic focus.

“We believe that buying smart means shopping to make a difference.
We invest in products that contribute to certain causes which make
the world a better place. Whether it be feeding a starving child for
each product purchased or manufacturing all products in a vegan-
friendly, cruelty-free manner, we make it our goal to support brands
that support charitable causes. By representing these brands for long
periods of time, we have created a culture of care in the way we do



Senior Collections

Midnight Sky

Coco Chanel gave us the
little black dress that has
remained a staple in every
modern woman’s closet. In
my collection, I take the
sophistication and presence of
her little black dress and add
textured fabric and twists of
elegant lace to continue the
feeling of a woman’s beauty
in modernity. It’s my way of
dressing up the twenty-first
century woman in a little black



Senior Collections

Midnight Sky


Senior Collections

Chronique d’amour

You are the only one that
could tell your story; how

you tell it is up to you.
Claudia’s wedding gowns
express your individuality

and weirdness as you
embrace the world around
you. Her garments are fit for
a magical day. There is no
limit to expressing yourself.
Chronique D’amour Designs
is not fulfilling a dream, just
telling your be a

part of this story.


Senior Collections

Chronique d’amour


Senior Collections

Bon Voyage

My resort wear takes a
woman to a new level of
enjoyment. While on vacation
she can lay around and feel
comfortable or dance the
night away and never skip a
beat. From one moment to
the next she has an outfit that
fits any occasion. With colors
that peak at night or during
the day, my collection is
perfect for stepping out and

having a ball.


Senior Collections

Bon Voyage


Senior Collections


Heavily inspired by the
figures of glass vases
and their beautiful bends
and edges, as well as the
vibrant and precious flowers
that rest within them, this
collection blurs the lines
of typical fashion; offering
patience, delicate detail, and
atypical art as a wearable

form. Enjoy!


Senior Collections



Senior Bios

Bridgette Bazin
Major: Fashion

Bridgette is one of the fashion show’s
promotion committee members. She
has always loved fashion, so it only
seemed right for her to study it. She
loved learning about the ins and outs
of the fashion industry at Dominican,
where Bridgette was presented with
several opportunities to further her
career. She went to New York with the
Fashion Department and dressed at the
Dominican shows, as well as outside
shows. Upon graduation, Bridgette
plans to work in styling or as a bridal

Antonia Bennet
Major: Fashion

Antonia originally wanted to pursue
a career in music, but soon realized
that she disliked studying theory and
practicing the piano for hours on end.
After graduating from Oakton, Antonia
did not know if she wanted to major in
fashion, graphic design or business. It
was not until 2018 that Antonia finally
decided to pursue a degree in fashion
merchandising. The curriculum at
Dominican and her background in retail
made her rethink about a possible
career in the fashion industry. After
graduating from Dominican, Antonia
plans to earn her master’s degree in a
fashion-related field.


Senior Bios

Shayla Byron
Major: Fashion Design

Shayla’s career goals are in fashion styling,
specifically editorial, personal, catalog,
and wardrobe styling. She is interested in
learning and connecting with a variety of
people in the industry. Additional interests
include visual merchandising and owning
her own business.

Claudia A. Cartagena
Majors: Fashion design and
Fashion Merchandising

Claudia transferred to Dominican University
with the intent of pursuing a career in
nursing. However, it was not until she
participated in a Dominican fashion show,
that she discovered a new world beyond
science. She then discovered her love
for fashion by taking design classes that
enriched her knowledge in the fashion
industry. Her time here allowed her to
discover creativity and learn new techniques
in the design and merchandising field. Upon
graduation Claudia intends to expand her
knowledge as a designer, travel around the
world to later develop her own brand and
fulfill her dreams.


Senior Bios

Grelda Castrejon
Major: Corporate Communication
Minor: Fashion Merchandising

Grelda is the daughter of Brenda Viveros
Ayala and Raymundo Castrejon, one of
the first in her family to graduate from
college. Her passion for photography and
fashion collide with her love of Instagram
and she hopes to share her life through it.
She hopes to find a job that allows her to
travel since she could not get enough while
studying abroad in Spain this past spring.
Upon graduation, Grelda aspires to pursue
a career in social media, interior design, or
retail buying. She hopes to make her abuelita
Aurora (who is now resting) proud.

Gillian Jones
Majors: Fashion Merchandising
and Marketing

Gillian is one of this year’s fashion show co-
directors. Throughout her time at Dominican,
Gillian has been able to explore her many
interests and passions. On campus, she took
part in the Mazzuchelli Honors Program,
became a member of the International
Business Honors Societies (Beta Gamma
Sigma and Alpha Chi), and received the
2019 Carole Zucco Scholarship in Fashion
Merchandising. She also played on the
Women’s Volleyball team all four years. Upon
graduation, Gillian plans to begin working at
Kohl’s Corporate to start her career in the
Retail Buying field.


Senior Bios

Nicole Koziwloski
Major: Fashion Merchandising
Minor: Management

Nicole always knew that she would do
whatever it took to enter the doors of the
fashion industry. Teaching herself illustration
and prospering through learning how to
sew she found a connection to fashion
design. However, fashion business was her
ultimate passion. She entered her education
at a community college and began work
experience at once. Earning a scholarship
with the Phi Theta Kappa Honor Society,
she transferred to Dominican University.
Currently, she is a commercial manager at
Zara. After graduation, she hopes to obtain
experience in corporate positions in fashion

Emma McGreer
Major: Fashion Merchandising
Minor: Marketing

Emma is originally from Rochester, NY. Her
interest in fashion and love for Chicago
brought her to Dominican University.
She enjoyed the way Dominican lets her
express and embrace her creativity. Emma
volunteered in the past 2019 fashion show
at Dominican as a dresser and is delighted
to be on the garment setup and dressers
committee for this year’s fashion show. She
is currently interning with Salute for Style, a
nonprofit that supports and provides clothing
for female veterans and women in military
families. Upon graduation, Emma plans to
become a retail buyer in New York City.


Senior Bios

Mia Mendez
Major: Fashion Merchandising
Minor: Marketing

Mia has spent her time at Dominican as a
well-rounded and very involved student.
She was president of the Organization of
Latin American Students for two years and
has been in the club for four. Mia has spent
time as a Student Ambassador and a Torch
Leader. She has four years of customer
service experience, making her a problem
solver and excellent communicator. Mia has
traveled to New York, Spain, and Morocco,
and brings global knowledge to everything
she does. She is currently interning as a
content creator with Artshow Chicago and
has previously interned at PrendaBella
managing their social media. Mia has a love
for photography and graphic design and
hopes to utilize these skills in her pursuit of a
career in social media marketing.

Anna Meraz
Majors: Fashion Design and
Fashion Merchandising

Anna Meraz is an enthusiastic aspiring
visual merchandiser. After graduation
she would like to find an assistant visual
merchandising role at a company that will
allow her to work her way up. For the past
five years she has worked retail and learned
how to lead herself and others to drive sales.
With hands-on experience in and outside
of school she has also been exposed to
various merchandising roles where she
has been given the opportunity to learn in
different settings and adapt.


Senior Bios

Alisha Morgan
Major: Fashion Merchandising
Minors: Marketing and Women
and Gender Studies

A Kansas City, MO native, Alisha relocated
to Chicago and hopes to pursue a career
in fashion event planning and marketing
in New York City. While at Dominican she
volunteered at many fashion events and
interned with Zzazz Productions, Denny
Burlin Sales, Inc., and currently Tsquare
Marketing. She was afforded the opportunity
to study fashion in Milan, Italy, and learn
from professionals in New York City in 2019.
She is excited to complete her education
as co-director of this year’s fashion show!
Alisha has a deep love for travel and a
passion for social justice.

Isabella Navarro
Major: Fashion Merchandising

When she first entered college as a
neuroscience and psychology major,
Isabella’s career path looked vastly different
than what it is today. She was studying
to become a doctor but found herself
turning to fashion as a means of stress
relief. Eventually, she realized that this
was the industry in which she was truly
meant to thrive, and she transferred to
Dominican in 2019 in order to pursue fashion
merchandising. To Isabella, merchandising
blends the best parts of both art and
science—two of her greatest loves. Upon
graduation, she plans to become a retail
buyer in the Chicagoland area.


Senior Bios

Joshua Ocampo
Majors: Fashion Design and
Fashion Merchandising

Raised by a single mother, Joshua is
one of the first in his family to graduate
college. Initially being a biology major,
Joshua had no sewing experience prior
to his start at Dominican. Now, garment
making is what he knows best; interning to
make costumes for the Goodman Theatre
and finishing two collections of his own.
Upon graduation, Joshua plans to pursue
a career in visual merchandising to fund
his bespoke garment creations, as well as
having his work displayed in a museum
one day. With all his hard work, Joshua
hopes to make his mom and his family


Fashion Department
Scholarships and Awards

Each year students from the Fashion Department are recognized
for their outstanding achievements. The following awards will be

announced and presented on Sunday April 25th.

Fashion Department Fashion Design
Scholarships Awards

Excellence in Merchandising Outstanding Individual Design

Carole Zucco Scholarship in Outstanding Junior Collection
Fashion Design
Outstanding Senior Collection
Carole Zucco Scholarship in
Fashion Merchandising

Driehaus Senior Fashion

Driehaus Junior Fashion


Special Thanks

The Dominican University Fashion students would like to thank the following
individuals and organizations for their contributions to the 2021 fashion show.

Fashion Department Award Presentation
President Donna Carroll
Melissa Carr, Department Chair
José Blanco F., Class Professor Jurors
Lisa Hopkins Newell
Tracy Jennings Peach Carr, Peach Carr Designs
McKinley Johnson Suze Solari, The Style Lab with Suze
Tracey Tarantino, Zzazz Productions
Dominican University
Support Production Manager

Chad Rohman, Dean Rosary College Samantha K. Barr
of Arts and Sciences
Sound Director
Dave Carlson, Manager, Event
Services Danfer Flores

James DeFily, Executive Director, Program Design
Operations, Buildings, and Grounds
Summer Smith
Deb Kash, Director Auxiliary Services
Hair and Makeup
Sasha Santiago, Office of Campus
Safety Asma Hussain
Empire Beauty School
Carol J. Seley, Director of Campus
Safety & Risk Collaborations

Merchandise DU Department of Art, Art History and
Aaron Sobel DU Department of Theatre Arts and
A&A Custom Apparel Music
DU Fashion Club
Ticket Sales DU Rosary College of Arts and
Patrick Serrano DU Office of Public Safety
DUPAC Box Office
Photography and
Videography CAUSEGEAR
José Blanco F. & Raúl J. Vázquez
Beth Madison
Benjamin Rivera Rios
Eileen Molony
Sari Pina
Melissa Tassone


Programming Support

The Dominican University Fashion Department expresses
gratitude to the following sponsors for their generous support.

Dominican University
Fashion Show

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