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Published by Devin Zhao, 2019-05-07 17:17:35

MSDU is da Best!

MSDU is da Best!


By: Tester


And, welcome back to Tester’s channel where we bring the videos to you.

Because this is MSDU’s 2nd anniversary of his ULTIMATE channel, I will make a

slideshow to present him to all of the fabulous people out there(though MSDU is

more fabulous). Please subscribe to him(PLEASE).He has posted over 500 videos

and loves Fortnite and Pixel Gun. Now, enough of this freaking

moonshine and let’s go straight to

the slideshow! Oh and yes, did I

mention that you should subscribe

to him?

Tfue’s Tofu

MrSkunk LOVES tofu. So, he decided to watch Tfue. He wanted to know if he
can make some yummy tofu for him to eat. So, he went to his house and knocked
on the door. Tfue was streaming, and when he got killed, he said “What the f***?
Which n**** is knocking on my f***ing door?” When he opened the door, he saw
MSDU waiting on the porch of his house. He asked, “Can you cook me tofu?” Tfue
replied,” I don’t know how to cook some f***ing tofu. Why did you ask that?” That
enraged MrSkunk. He got so angry that he ate Tfue, and surprisingly, he DID taste
like tofu. This is his first epic story.



Tester, George, Harold, Captain Underpants, Kiler Shot, Mr Lesbian Gamer,
Rainbow Frog, Ice Cube, EPICGAMES, Cubic Games, Gameloft, Trickstars,
Barack Obama, Ian, Logitech, Blackhart, Luxe, Master Key, Ember, Peely, Hybrid,
Raven, TheRealJohnWick, Duck, Graeter's Ice Cream, Ninja, PewDiePie,
Nomatth, MarchedSlinky92, Swat Santa, Phoenix Motorcycles, Ferrari,
Lamborghini, Tesla, Bugatti, McLaren, and Dog Man

Thank you all for making this present come TRUE!

Just be ready to surprise MrSkunk...

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