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dan is on the highway and he needs to go to work or he will be fired.

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Published by Jose Cardona, 2019-05-08 09:35:25

Popped Wheel Story

dan is on the highway and he needs to go to work or he will be fired.

Popped Wheel Story
BY Jose Cardona    

Dan is on the highway driving to work. It 

was a cool sunny day. Dan was just listening to 
some country songs. Dan was just waiting 
until he got to work. Dan could not wait. He 
loves his job at the office. Then Dan hit a 
spike trap on the highway. Dan was mad he 
said who puts a spike trap in the middle of the 



`Dan then called a taxi. Dan was scared to 

go to work because he would be fired. Dan was 

quivering and scared in the taxi when he got 

off the taxi, he walked in the office. Dan was 

walking until he saw one of his coworkers.She 

said, “you’re in so much trouble! The Boss 

wants to see you in his office right now.  




  Dan was trying to stall. He said, I have to 
go to the bathroom. “Dan went and came back. 
He said, “I forgot something in my car. “Dan 
got his tie and went to go see his boss. Dan's 
boss’s chair was turned around then he 
turned around not as frustrated as he 



Dan's boss shouted so loud the other people 

could hear him. Dan explained what had 

happened His boss gave him one more chance. 

He said, “you better not be last again or you 

will get fired next time. Dan went to his job 

got fired and then Dan went 

to go find another job better than the office 

which Dan used to work at.  



Dan went to an interview then got the job. 
He was so happy that he had a job again, 
and he promised to himself that he will never 
be late because every time he went to hit” the 
hay, ‘he put an alarm clock at 6:00 and his job 
started at 7:00 so every time he woke up at 
6:00, and he was never late again! He lived 

happily ever after.  


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