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READING WHILE YOU WAIT - DECEMBER 2015 - single pgs.docx

READING WHILE YOU WAIT - DECEMBER 2015 - single pgs.docx

From the Editor

… Cnr Oceanview Road & Schnapper Road
Ettalong Beach NSW 2257
Hi there, and welcome to the December
edition of Reading While You Wait. Telephone : 02 4344 6828
Mobile : 0407 299 562
To begin with, thank you to everyone who
has given feedback over the year, we really DINING | LIVE ENTERTAINMENT | CINEMA DEALS
do appreciate all of your comments and
will continue to act on your suggestions _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
whenever it is possible.
For December we naturally have some Every day the Beef and Barramundi offers
Christmas themed articles, one in particular
relates to a Christmas during wartime, and you the best in value
our first book review is one on the lives of
dolphins which does sound a good read. Wednesday Night, Locals night –
Perhaps there is a dolphin enthusiast on 2 course Dinner, Main & Desserts plus a
your gift list?
glass of wine for $35pp
Our new website is close to completion and Thursday Night, Ribs night –
expected to be up and running before the Rack of BBQ Pork Ribs and a beer or glass of
end of the year. There you will be able to
read selected articles, and also subscribe to wine for $25
receive notification of and access to each Friday Night, Movie night –
monthly edition as it is released. So, you Buy any main meal and purchase a movie
will no longer have to wait for a hardcopy
as the current edition will be available to ticket for $8
download at
Sunday Night, Easy Night –
As always, we have more articles, trivia, Buy any main meal and purchase a movie
Sudoku and other amusements so enjoy this
month’s Reading While You Wait and we’ll ticket for $5
see you next time you’re waiting … until then,
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! NOW OPEN FOR LUNCH THURSDAY
Colleen Daniels
Editor Friday & Saturday evenings –
Live Entertainment with Trevor D'Mello
Listen as Trevor sings through his vast repertoire
of music which spans the eras from the 50s right

through to today’s hits.

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Where did Christmas colours originate? There are many theories. Some historians say the
use of red and green at Christmas originated in Italy where the national flag is red, green
and white and that the custom spread from there.

Wherever it began it’s hard to imagine any colour other than red representing Christmas so well.
While there are different coloured bows, multicolour candy canes and even pink poinsettias, if Santa
wasn’t wearing red it just wouldn’t be right.

Red catches the eye. The most emotionally intense colour, red is even said to raise your pulse rate. It
attracts people to each other and birds to berries. In Nature's Palette: The Science of Plant Colour
(pub. 2010), author David Lee says it's clear that red is exciting for people too. It's the colour of

And we can’t forget Santa’s famous reindeer, Rudolph ~ his nose is bright red, of course.

Remember to be careful with those Christmas decorations

Ladders, sharp hooks, Remember these tips to avoid accident or injury –
electricity – decorating for
Christmas is fun but it can be Ladder safety: Follow ladder weight and placement
risky, and dismantling your instructions. Have someone to hold it for you and to pass
holiday cheer can be too. decorations as you take them down.

As the time comes to move Wear gloves: Put on a pair of work gloves if you’ll be taking
into the New Year, make sure down lights or other decorations from trees or other sharp or
you stay safe while packing rough textures outdoors.
away the decorations.
Get rid of the broken stuff: Throw away any strands of lights
Many families follow their that are missing bulbs, have exposed wiring or aren’t working.
own Christmas traditions for Also make sure you safely dispose of broken glass ornaments
the right time to put up their and decorations.
decorations but no matter
when they go up, the time Disposing of the real tree: If a real tree, make sure it’s not put
will come to dismantle and anywhere that it could become a fire hazard.
pack them away for next
year. Your artificial tree and Christmas decorations: Store your
artificial tree and your decorations in airtight containers and
place them in a cool, dry place. Seal the containers with duct
tape to keep spiders and insects out.

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Christmas time 1914: If you're pushing age 60, more or less, and
Soldiers paused war have a sedentary lifestyle, you are among the
group of people who would benefit most from
It was December 1914, the first night doing a little exercise.
before Christmas of World War I.
German and English soldiers were in Nine studies, which included 122,000 people,
trenches that slashed parallel lines across were recently analysed for the British Journal
thousands of miles. Neither side could of Sports Medicine. The researchers concluded
advance and neither side would retreat. that over a ten year period, those starting to
do a very modest amount of exercise
Across the narrow strip of no man's land, benefited the most. They were 22 percent
sometimes only a matter of yards, they more likely to live longer.
could hear each other sloshing about in
knee-deep water. One English soldier Those who exercised two to three times more
wrote that "We used to shout remarks at than that gained another 6% reduction in
each other, sometimes rude ones, but mortality and those who exercised the most
generally with less venom than a couple had a 7 percent increase over them.
of London cabbies after a minor
collision". The study authors recommend about 15
minutes of moderate exercise, such as
The Germans decorated scrawny bushes walking, five days a week.
with candles and put them atop their
parapets. A few soldiers on both sides
poked their heads up, then shakily stood
up and showed themselves to be
unarmed. In spots up and down the lines
in Belgium and northern France, enemy
soldiers began to approach each other
and unofficial cease-fires were agreed to.

Corporal John Ferguson was among the
first to venture out. To find where he was
in the dark, soldiers kept calling out
"Fergie." The Germans, thinking it was a
holiday greeting, called "Fergie" back to
them. But singing was a way enemies
spoke without a common language.

When the Germans finished a carol, the
English sang "The First Noel", the
Germans sang "O Tannenbaum, and so it
went. When the English started "O Come
All Ye Faithful," the Germans joined in
with "Adeste Fideles" (the Latin version).

They gathered together and souvenirs
such as coins, buttons, badges and pipes
were exchanged. Canned beef and jam
were traded for sausage and chocolate.
English cigarettes bought German cigars.
They raised their cups and pledged to
each other's health.

On the same day, both sides gathered
their dead and buried them in one place.
The joint burial service was held with
prayers in both German and English as
the troops faced each other.

The Christmas truce ceased the next day,
and shots again rang out.

HOROSCOPE This month in history

ARIES: Take time to analyse 2015. Think º 3 December 1824 - Hume and Hovell
about what worked and what didn't. That discover the Goulburn River (naming it
includes last year's big dinner and family get- Hovell River)
togethers. Lots to consider there.
º 4 December 1872 - The 'Mary Celeste'
TAURUS: Some things can be put off until is found abandoned off the coast of
January, but some can't. Decide what you Portugal, with its cargo intact, but no
really have to do before the break. Get it done crew or passengers aboard
and get out of there.
º 20 December 1894 - Sir Robert Gordon
GEMINI: When the annual holiday party at Menzies, 12th Prime Minister of
work is at hand, be sure to show up for it. Use Australia, is born
the opportunity to connect with the people
you want to meet. º 27 December 1803 - Convict William
Buckley escapes (and is the origin of the
CANCER: Avoid working around a problem. Australian phrase "Buckley's chance”,
Don't trap yourself into doing a task the old “you’ve got Buckley’s”)
way when a new-technology way is better
even if it takes more time in the beginning. º 8 December 1980 – John Lennon, ‘The
Beatles’ singer and songwriter, is
LEO: Eat and drink selectively over the murdered in New York
holidays. Skip co-workers goodie trays or just
take one small piece. They'll like you just as It’s a fact
much if you just take a sample.
hIn Iceland it is a long-held tradition to
VIRGO: Hate shopping? Save time and
aggravation by a one-stop visit to the gift-card exchange books on Christmas Eve, and new
section. Get cards that can be used anywhere books are published only once a year in the
and let them make their choices, they’ll like lead-up to Christmas. So every November
that. the people of Iceland experience what is
known as “the Christmas book flood”. This
LIBRA: Christmas cruises and holidays are is when publishers flood the market with
more expensive, but also more relaxing. You new or [sometimes] re-released books for
won't have to decorate the house or try to visit Christmas.
all your relatives on the same day.
hSanta Claus is called Babbo Natale in
SCORPIO: Maybe your dream wish for the
new year is work related. Maybe it's not. If it Italy; in France he is known as Pere Noel, in
includes a big ticket item like a new car or a Afrikaans he is Kersfees Vader, and in Japan
boat, check your finances. he is Santa Kurousu.

SAGITTARIUS: Over the next year, your hIn England, the definition of a White
concept of what it means to feel "at home in
the world" will change. You could revamp Christmas is when a snowflake is observed
your current digs or even move. to fall on the roof of the London Weather
Centre during the 24 hours of 25
CAPRICORN: If you end this year feeling December.
overburdened, look forward to 2016, which
could be your year to work from a calmer, TRIVIA (answers on back page)
internally quiet place.
1. Helsinki is the capital city of which
AQUARIUS: Your communication skills will country?
come to the fore as the year draws to a close.
Bosses and co-workers appreciate your ability 2. The Nobel Peace Prize is awarded
to calm the waters in difficult times. in which country?

PISCES: Family and friends help during this 3. What is the currency of Switzerland?
season and offer harmony, gentle fun and
relaxation close to home. They have their
expectations, but don't over-extend yourself.

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The lighter side


I told my wife she was drawing
her eyebrows too high. She
looked surprised.

Q: How does Good King
Wenceslas like his

A: Deep and crisp and

Signs of the times Quotes

 In a restaurant: "Customers who consider Education is when you read the fine
our waitresses uncivil ought to see the print. Experience is what you get if
you don't.
 In the offices of a loan company: "Ask
about our plans for owning your home." Pete Seeger

 In a shop: "Our motto is to give our What I don't like about office
customers the lowest possible prices and Christmas parties is looking for a job
the next day
Phyllis Diller

Christmas (proper noun)

that special feeling that only
comes with an empty bank


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people with disabilities.
Every week in the schoolhouse book store is children’s story time from

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Open 10am - 3pm Mon – Friday and 9am - 2pm Saturdays.

Get the landing party ready as Star Trek returns sudoku

in 2017. How to solve Sudoku puzzles

CBS Television has announced it will revive the To solve a Sudoku, you only need
Trek universe with a new weekly series. It will logic and patience. No math is
premiere in the US on CBS, and the weekly Simply make sure that each 3x3
square region has a number 1
series will then be available for a monthly fee via through 9 with only one
an on-demand streaming platform. occurrence of each number.
Each column and row of the large
The 50 year anniversary of Star Trek is in 2016. grid must have only one instance
A feature film, Star Trek Beyond, is also of the numbers 1 through 9.
The difficulty rating on this
scheduled for 2016, but it will be unrelated to puzzle is medium.
the television series.
No information is available about characters, but
it’s probably safe to guess that a pointy eared
alien might be among them.

Submitted anonymously:

E“mWaiel rweaedreer caotntNri[email protected]
–stwoeramnds oduorwrenadSerosuatphp.r.e.ctiahteeyphhoatods,qreuciitpeesa, jnokiems,praidcdtles,
pmooanetmeorsiua, lrlirmecceoeraiivcsketdsl,,othrr’aosvlseeol lsretoodrciisekcsrpeettlicao.tnfP.ouUrbmnlilceaisstsion of
amdvoisetdlyotvhiesriwbilsee, icnonhtriigbhutotridweill..b.e jaucsktnoawmleadzgiendgby..f.i”rst

name, surname initial and suburb (if advised) eg submitted by
Ben J of Kariong.

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Book Review Swedish Glogg!

The glorious lives and myths of dolphins Our hot summers may not favour a
heated beverage, and over-indulging in
Dolphins always look like they are alcohol certainly isn’t encouraged at
smiling. How can we not love them? Christmas or any other time - but you
don’t have to be feeling the chill to
So asks author Susan Casey whose book, enjoy the aroma and taste of a hot,
Voices in the Ocean, is an exploration of mulled wine.
dolphin life and their interactions with
humans. According to the New York Times, King Gustav I Vasa of Sweden loved
the book is a mix of science, pseudo-science, “glodgad vin” (glowing hot wine) back in
and a kind of New Age mysticism. 1609. Swedish glogg contains brandy or
caraway vodka.
But Casey's book is intended, in part, to be
mystical. Casey fell in love with dolphins Traditional Swedish Glogg
during a difficult time after a divorce and the
death of her father. Feeling lonely, she went Ingredients (4 servings)
for a swim in Hawaii only to be joined by a
pod of spinner dolphins. The experience, she 2 ½ cups water
says, was a bolt of lightning, filling her with ¾ cup golden raisins
awe at the fun of swimming with the
squeaking creatures. 2 teaspoons whole cloves
1 tablespoon whole cardamom seeds or 2
Joyous is the way she portrays these gleeful pods cracked open)
creatures of the ocean. They are clowns, she 1 3-inch (7.6cm approx) stick cinnamon
says, and also incredibly intuitive and
empathetic. ½ cup sugar
¼ cup blanched almonds (raw, no skin)
Some reviewers say she goes off the deep end
saying things like dolphins can tell if a woman 2 bottles dry red wine (750 ml each)
is pregnant. This is not proven but it is treated (use burgundy or port)
as fact in the book. At other times she quotes, Brandy to taste (optional)
without scepticism, people who assert dolphins
are mind readers who can transmit messages Tie the cloves and cardamom pods in a
about opera. cheesecloth bag. Add to the water, raisins
and almonds in a medium saucepan. Bring to
Still, Casey's book offers many examples of a boil and simmer for 30 minutes.
dolphins displaying great acts of apparent
selflessness, courage and empathy and Remove and discard the spice bag. Strain the
reviewers say it is a lively read. raisins and almonds from the liquid and
Voices in the Ocean is based on Casey’s years
of swimming the open seas with dolphins, Stir in sugar until dissolved with the wine in
interviews with leading experts and protectors, a larger pot. Reheat to a simmer (do not
and her extensive travels. boil). Serve in mugs with a few raisins and
almonds. You can prepare the spiced water
Voices in the Ocean by Susan Casey, Doubleday, mixture early in the day. Fill a decorative
320 pages. bowl with the raisins and almonds. Just
before guests arrive, reheat the mixture in a
larger pot, add the wine and simmer. Add
brandy for those who want it.

TRIVIA ANSWERS: 1) Finland 2) Norway 3) Swiss Franc
Disclaimer: Statements and opinions expressed in articles, reviews and other materials herein are those of the authors;
the editors and publishers. While every care has been taken in the compilation of this information and every attempt
made to present up-to-date and accurate information, we cannot guarantee that inaccuracies will not occur, and we will
not be held responsible for any claim, loss, damage or inconvenience caused as a result of any information within
these pages or any information referred to. Certain information is drawn from freely available internet information for
which we will not be held responsible. Mention of external web sites does not imply or mean that we endorse or
accept any responsibility for the content or the use of such web site. We take the liberty of correcting or modifying
spelling in line with Australian English.

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