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Published by MANNY CHINCHILLA, 2019-09-08 22:02:15

History of me

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History of me
By Manny Chinchilla

I visit San Francisco when i was 10.
It took us 2 to 3 hours to get there.
It took us 30 minutes to visit the
golden gate bridge. When look
down from the bridge it feel like you
will fall off. My brother was so
worried that i was going to jump off
because i kept on jumping ever
where. Everyone in my family did
not go all the way to the other side
but me and my dad. After we got
back where we were sleeping me
and my brother start to play some
games we had so much fun the
time we were there. By the time we
got back it was 3:00 pm in the night.


For the religion i pick catholic because i don’t
know about it a lot. They have over one
billion members. The core beliefs of the
catholic faith, are in the Nicene creed. They
believe i one god, that made heaven and
earth. They believe jesus christ as the load
ad the only son of god.


The cellphone improved my life. When i get
lost anywhere. The cell phone can save
many people life throughout the year.
Without this invention in my life i would no be
pick up on time to my house. If i ever get lost
it will take them a long time to find me or
maybe never.


I have no rules i my house. If i do
something bad, they will not say
anything to me. They will tell me to fix
what i did and then they will leave me
to fix it. When i become older and do
something bad they will just go find
something to do and let me fix the
problem. I never break a rule
because we don’t have one. If they
ever make one and if i break it they
will just take my computer from me


I do not have chores. I only get
money if my dad need help to do
something around the house. And
same with my mom. Not every time i
get money for doing something. Like
doing my bad i get no money. I will
earn around 15 to 60 and only get 60
if i did good at the job they gave me
and if my grades are good.


I have one brother and one sister.
My brother name is Davey and my
sister name is Emely. My parents
are nice and help me a lot. We like
to eat dinner and that is one of the
things we like to do as a family.
Everyone in my family are hard
works but me. My mom does most
of the work in side the house and
my dad does the outside

S(social )structures

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