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BILSTEIN 2016 Streetrod Catalog

BILSTEIN 2016 Streetrod Catalog


There are no better shocks for your street machine than Bilstein ®
monotube gas pressure shocks. As an original equipment supplier
to BMW, Ferrari, Jaguar, Mercedes-Benz, and Porsche...Bilstein Part Number Comfort Collapsed Recommended Spring SPECIALTY APPLICATIONS
knows what it takes to tune a vehicle’s suspension for superior Sport Extended Mounted Length Length
performance while maintaining the highest level of comfort. FRONT PART# Description
Bilstein produced the first monotube gas pressure shock 19s5tr6seteNetoesml wbaiotddhyhBistilshsottcehkiens A409120010 n/a F4-BE3-B491-H0 MUSTANG II – Front
absorber and continues to lead in the technology. Our A409120030 COMFORT 9”-12” 10.5” n/a AK1350
outstanding performance comes from our superior design and A410130010 n/a MUSTANG II – Rear –
precision manufacturing processes. Our unique Digressive Working A410130030 SPORT 9”-12” 10.5” also works great with air ride Front/Rear set up
Piston features fewer parts than conventional twin-tube shocks n/a
and the “self adjusting” valving eliminates the hassle of manual REAR COMFORT 10”-13” 11.5” n/a STEEL BODY FOR MUSCLE CARS, CLASSICS
adjustable shocks. n/a
A409120520 SPORT 10”-13” 11.5” n/a AND RESTORATIONS
A409120530 n/a
A410130520 NON COILOVER SHOCKS n/a These shocks are all built from extruded steel tubes and are painted yellow
A411150530 SPORT 9”-12” 10.5” 8” Make/Model Year Front Rear
A411150520 8”
COMFORT 9”-12” 10.5” 8” Buick / Grand National /
SPORT 10”-13” 11.5” 10” Regal 73-87 B36-0949 B46-0929
A409122010 10”
A409122030 COMFORT 10”-13” 11.5” Buick / Skylark 64-67 BE3-2972 AK2080
A410132010 8”
A410132030 COMFORT 11”-15” 13.5” 8” Chevy / Sedan / Wagon 55-57 AK3501 AK3502
A411152010 10”
A411152030 SPORT 11”-15” 13.5” 10” Chevy / Impala SS 94-96 B46-1104 B46-0929

REAR COILOVER SHOCKS 8” Chevy / Caprice / Impala 65-90 B46-1104 B46-0929
A410132530 COMFORT 9”-12” 10.5” 8” Chevy / Camaro 93-02 B36-1913 B36-1914
A410132510 8” 82-92 B36-0201 B46-1021
F‘C6Bu53lillyscVthceeuatintssetsCoissomiitlwosivteohrns A411152530 SPORT 9”-12” 10.5” 10” 77-81 B46-1104 B46-0156
A411152510 10” 70-76 BE3-2972 B46-0156
Bob RJoodhnSshoonp’sfGea-Ftourrcese COMFORT 10”-13” 11.5” 68-69 BE3-2972 AK2073 Mono leaf
Hot FRONT 8” BE3-2972 AK2074 Multi leaf
‘cCuusdtaombuiBltilsbtyeAinlaCnoJiloovhenrsson’s SPORT 10”-13” 11.5” 8”
A509122010 10”
A509122030 COMFORT 11”-15” 12.5” 10”
A510132030 SPORT 11”-15” 12.5” n/a Chevy / Chevelle / Malibu 64-66 BE3-2972 AK2080
A511152030 COILOVER SHOCKS n/a Chevy / Corvette 63-82 B36-0222 B46-0232
53-62 B46-0283 B46-0493
REAR COMFORT 10”-13” 11.5” n/a

A510132530 SPORT 10”-13” 11.5” Chevy / Monte Carlo / SS 73-88 B36-0949 B46-0929
A511152530 COMFORT 11”-15” 12.5” Chevy / Nova 73-74 B36-0949 AK2071
A511152510 68-72 AK2070 AK2071
CSumstooomtsh‘h4Bo0ocdkwsyitoAhnluBamillslintfoueuimnr SPORT 11”-15” 12.5”
corners FRONT
COILOVER SHOCKS – HEIM MOUNT* Ford / LTD II / 72-79 B46-1497 B46-1498
F4-BOA-0000836 Torino / Cobra
COMFORT 9”-12” 10.5”
FRONT Ford / Mustang 99-04 V36-4138-H3 BE5-2959-H0
SPORT 9”-12” 10.5” 94-98 V36-4138-H3 BE5-6418-H0
F4-BE3-E612-H0 87-93 V36-4138-H3 BE5-2148-H1
COMFORT 10”-13” 11.5”
Jay pLoewnoer’sedra1d9ic6a6l 1O0l0ds0 Thoorrosneapdoowfeerattwuirne-stuBriblsotbeiing SPORT 10”-13” 11.5” Mercury / Gran Marquis 65-82 B46-1495 B46-1496
block Chevy COMFORT 11”-15” 12.5” Mercury / Cougar 74-79 B46-1495 B46-1496
SPORT 11”-15” 12.5” Oldsmobile / Cutlas /

COMFORT 10”-13” 11.5” Pontiac / Firebird Same as Camaros by Year

SPORT 10”-13” 11.5” Pontiac / LeMans /
Tempest / GTO
COMFORT 11”-15” 12.5” 68-72 AK2070 B46-0929
64-66 BE3-2972 AK2080
SPORT 11”-15” 12.5”

CHROME SHORTY Bilstein is constantly developing new shock
applications. If you don’t see your car listed,
COMFORT 8.3”-11.81” 10-11” please inquire.


COMFORT 9.3”-13” 11.15”


COMFORT 9.8”-14.6” 12-13”

*Smooth Body Non Coilover Shocks with Heim Mounts are also available. Please A company of
call for information. ThyssenKrupp Technologies

Cruise night on the Call toll free for the Bilstein retailer nearest you, or visit our website to learn © 2008 Printed in U.S.A. PP2461
boulevard in So Cal more about our leading technology and to see the full selection of Bilstein shocks.

1-800-537-1085 •

Bilstein Gas Pressure Shock Absorbers Bilstein Gas Pressure Shock Absorbers
ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America ThyssenKrupp Bilstein of America


Bilstein Standard Coilover Shocks All Bilstein Performance Shock Absorbers Feature Our World Class Leading Pushing the Boundaries of Technology,
Monotube Technology & Design Performance and Comfort...
Featuring traditional bushing style
mounts, polished aluminum shock Bilstein “Smooth Body” Bilstein Steel Body Shocks With Bilstein monotube shocks, you don’t have
body and come standard with Non Coilover Shocks to compromise or sacrifice your ride quality for
coil mounting hardware. Coil For muscle car, classic performance on your street machine’s suspension.
springs sold separately. Fully polished aluminum and restoration applications,
shock body and bushing style these shocks feature a painted ■ Bilstein’s world class leading monotube design for
Shock shown with optional mounts. They are available steel body and are offered as superior heat dissipation, more efficient operation
PermaStar® coil spring. for both front and rear an original equipment and longer life
The PermaStar® coating applications in a choice of replacement to fit in the
provides a “chrome” look “comfort” or “sport” valving. stock mounting locations. ■ Independent compression and rebound valving
without the drawbacks custom tuned for each application
New Bilstein Heim of traditional chroming. Bilstein Chrome Shocks
Mount Coilover Shocks This special coating ■ Massive 1.81” piston diameter provides superior
process won’t damage 36mm diameter steel body performance and comfort
These monotube shocks the spring rate or with deep luster chrome
feature race style spherical reduce spring life and finish. They are available ■ Each shock made in the U.S.A. and fully dyno tested
rod end mounts top and will never rust. Plus it for front applications in a to insure you get the best ride possible
bottom. This allows the requires virtually no choice of “shorty”,
shock to pivot more at the maintenance to keep “mid-length” and ■ Unique digressive valving system produces full damping
mounting points through its bright, shiny “long” body models. capability within 2mm of shaft movement – compression
the entire suspension appearance. and rebound instantly responds to changing road input
travel. The heim mounts
also are narrower than ■ Limited Lifetime Aftermarket Warranty
traditional bushing style ■ Coilover or smooth body aluminum and steel body models
mounts, allowing these
shocks to fit in tighter for stock to fully custom applications, including:
spaces. Precision rolled
threads provide easy and • Tri 5’s • Mustang II
accurate spring adjustment.
Available for front and rear • Parallel Leaf • Factory Replacement
coilover applications.
(see application listings on back of literature)

Bilstein Monotube VS. Twin Tube Shock Design... TWIN TUBE
The photo on the right dramatically illustrates the size
difference between the working piston inside a Bilstein
monotube shock and one found in a typical “twin tube”
shock. The Bilstein piston has 228% larger surface area
than the average conventional twin tube piston offering
greater road sensitivity and superior vehicle control.


Narrow .7” Bilstein BTS tuning
(17.9mm) systems offer a dramatic
heim style increase in your vehicle’s
shock mounts handling performance.
They include 4 coil springs
with a specially-tuned spring
rate and Bilstein’s monotube
gas pressure shocks or struts.
The Bilstein BTS system provides
a lower stance and tighter road
handling capability. Please visit the
Bilstein website at for
a complete listing of vehicle

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