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Stromberg Carlson 2017 Catalog

Stromberg Carlson 2017 Catalog


Product Catalog 2017



An aluminum assist railing that folds
in either direction without tools.
Comes fully assembled.
Made in the USA.

AM-200 White Finish
AM-300 Silver Sparkle Finish
AM-800 Black Finish
FP-1002-R Replacement Wrap
AM-250 White Finish (Mini)
AM-255 Black Finish (Mini)

Rail Mate Mini

The new Rail Mate is specifically designed to give the most Soft Touch
support where it’s needed: safely entering and exiting your
RV. Manufactured for comfort and ease of use, the Rail Mate is It’s nice to grab a handle instead of a strap. With the
removable, stores during travel and sets up in just minutes. soft touch molded finger grip handle, stepping into
AP-101 Rail Mate your RV is a pleasure. Made in the USA.
AH-100 Assist Handle White
l Lightweight and easy to AH-150 Assist Handle Black
EZ Open Handle
l Handle measures
approximately 38” Don’t back down; open your
RV door safely from any step.
l Rail extends approximately l 32” tall handle
25” from the coach l Aluminum and nylon parts

l Designed for most double, never rust
triple and quad entry l Works on all paddle handles
manual steps l Permanently attaches to your

l Made in the USA RV door
l Made in the USA
adjustable AZ-320
bracket EZ Open Hand Rail White
EZ Open hand Rail Black


Manual RV Steps

Quickly and easily replace your old electric or manual RV step

Hickory Springs Aluminum Steps ANUFACTURED BY HS

New non-rusting aluminum tread with non-slip safety Transportation & Specialty
grit tape saves weight and dresses up any entrance. Manufacturing Company
Made in the USA. M


SMRA-24-10 Single, 7” Rise
SMRA-24-20 Double, 7” Rise
SMRA-24-30 Triple, 7” Rise
SMRA-24-39 Triple, 9” Rise
SMRA-24-40 Quad, 7” Rise

Hickory Springs Steps Manual Steps by Flexco PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA

Hickory Springs Manufacturing has the largest OEM supplied step These steps are used at the OEM level and
in the RV industry. Best to replace what’s already on your unit. will replace any step on the market.
20” single and double steps are
SM-24-10 Single, 7” Rise available as well as “low profile”
SM-24-20 Double, 7” Rise single steps. The sturdiest step in the
SM-24-30 Triple, w/ 7” Rise marketplace. Made in the USA. Detail
SM-24-39 Triple, w/ 9” Rise drawings at
SM-2410-39 Triple, w/ 9” Rise
SM-24-40 Quad, w/ 7 1/2” Rise SMFP-1100 24” Single
SM-01 Outrigger Installation Kit (Rails, Bolts, Nuts) SMFP-1120 20” Single
SMFP-1200 24” Single Low Profile
SMFP-1220 20” Single Low Profile
SMFP-2100 24” Double
SMFP-2120 20” Double
SMFP-3100 24” Triple 8” Drop
SMFP-3200L 24” Triple 9” Drop
SMFP-4400 24” Quad 8” Drop


Stabilize your entry step to eliminate the
sway when you enter and leave your coach.
Supports up to 750 lbs.
JSS-4 Adjusts 4” to 7-3/4”
JSS-7 Adjusts 8” to 13-1/2”
JSS-85 Adjusts 8-1/2” to 16”


Fifth Wheel Landing Gear

LG-179013 LG-179014 LG-177202

291/2” Lead Leg, 291/2” Follow Leg, 331/2” Lead Leg, LG-119113 ELECTRIC
Drop Leg and Pin Drop Leg and Pin Drop Leg and Pin LANDING GEAR
Pull Pins LG-1
LG-177201 LG-146059 LG-146060 29.5” Leg, 5500 lb Motor
331/2” Follow Leg, Lead Leg Repair Kit Follow Leg Repair 33.5” Leg, 5500 lb Motor
Drop Leg and Pin – Venture only Kit – Venture only LG-3
29.5” Leg, 6500 lb Motor
LG-142178 LG-196308 LG-141893 LG-4
33.5” Leg, 6500 lb Motor
Standard Motor, HD Motor, High Speed Motor,
5500 lb, 5500 rpm 6500 lb, 5430 rpm 5500 lb, 7140 rpm MANUAL LANDING GEAR
LG-217884* LG-242728 LG-145236 29.5” Leg

* Replacement motors
and landing gear legs are
with both Venture and Lippert
landing gear

LG-179015 LG-119226

Standard Motor and HD Motor and IP Manual Crank
IP Rated Switch Rated Switch Handle
IP Rated Switch Aluminum Gear Box
LG-119225 LG-210475 LG-5 LG-6
LG-XS LG-Brackets
Dual Power
Foot and Pin 9” Round Foot Pad 1”x1” and ¾” x ¾” Weld-on Brackets, Dual Power Conversion
(rectangle) Telescoping Tubes set of 2 Conversion Kit
Kit 33.5” Leg
29.5” Leg 5500 lb Motor
5500 lb Motor


Steps and Stools Safety first when entering
and exiting your RV

Platform Steps Platform Steps

Our large platforms PA-250 Best unit to clean P-102
provide traction, Adjustable Aluminum Step your shoes at Plastic Platform
are strong and rustic sites supported by steel rails
easy to use. Maximum load 500 lbs
l Both steps work S-150
at two levels Steel Platform
Maximum load 300 lbs
l Adjusts from 4” and
Each leg adjusts independently 8” tall
for un-level camp sites.
l 24” x 16”
l 15/8” leg adjustment platform
l Platform size 19” x 14”
l Adjusts from 63/8” Step Stool

PA-100 Aluminum Step to 8” tall l 15-1/2” high,
l Maximum load 1,000 lbs 11-1/2” wide
l 8” tall
l 31/2” tall when folded l First step is 7”
l Platform size 19” x 14” from the ground
l Lightweight 7 lbs and store the smallest
l Maximum load 1,000 lbs l Maximum
load 330 lbs
Both aluminum steps support up to 1,000 lbs
l When folded: 7” deep, 12”
wide, 17-1/2” tall
PA-202 Step Stool


Electric Tongue Jack Electric Stabilizer Jack
l 3200 lbs, at 32”
This cover keeps the weather off of l Single motor operates both legs
and out of your electric tongue jack l Automatically finds its own center
while you are parked or traveling.
Fits all electric tongue jacks. after each leg touches the ground
JET-01 Electric Tongue Jack Cover l Both legs always have equal pressure applied
l Constructed of heavy gauge steel;
precision fabricated parts
The surprise in this Jack-in-a-Box is that it l Powder Coat Finish
stabilizes more than 10,000 lbs. Features include:
JHD-32 Electric Stabilizer Jack
l Two jacks per carton JB-20 JB-30
l New folding handle 24" Scissor Jacks

allows jacks to store l Bowtie base sits well on soft surfaces
in small compartments l Expands from 4” to 24” in height
l Each jack stabilizes l Keeps your RV level and stable
over 10,000 lbs JSC-12 24” Scissor Jack
l U-Top fits most frames Holds up to 2500 lbs per jack
l All parts are powder-coated JSC-24 24” Scissor Jack
or zinc-plated for corrosion Holds up to 5000 lbs per jack
JB-20 Set of two Jacks 30" Scissor Jacks
Ajusts 20” to 34”
JB-30 Set of two Jacks l Keeps your RV level and stable
Adjusts 31” to 45” l Expands from 5” to 30” in height
l Bowtie base sets well on soft surfaces
l Holds up to 5000 lbs. per jack

JSC-30 30” Scissor Jack


Electric Tongue Jack “No Sweat”
trailer hook-ups

Our family just got stronger!

Jacks With Built in Motor Protection
to Guard Your Investment

5 inch drop
down foot

2500 Pound Capacity 5000 Pound Capacity 3500 Pound Capacity

l 18” travel l 18” travel, with an additional 5” l 18” travel, with an additional 5”
l 1 LED light drop down foot drop down foot
l Emergency crank through head
l 2” heavy wall outer tube l 2 separate LED lights l 2 separate LED lights
l Built-in level l Emergency crank through head l Emergency crank through head
l 23/16” heavy wall outer tube l 23/16” heavy wall outer tube
JET-2500 Black l Built-in level l Built-in level

JET-5000 Black JET-3555 White

JET-3755 Black

All Stromberg Carlson jacks are covered by a 2 year warranty



Trailer Tray

The first trailer tongue
cargo carrying system!

Adjustable to fit most “A” frame
trailers on the road today. Your tow
vehicle’s suspension guarantees
this is the softest riding area on
your trailer.  Supports up to 300 lbs. Distance from
top of A-frame to top of tray is approx. 305/8”, top
of A-frame to bottom of tray is approx. 291/2” tray
measures 32” W x 20” D (notched corners). Made in
the USA.
CC-255 Trailer Tray

Bike Bunk TO RV’S FRESH Fresh Water
A raised receiver on the “A” frame is the TO CAMPGROUND
perfect place to put your bikes. Our Bike WATER SUPPLY • 17” wide, 61/2” tall
Bunk allows any bike rack designed for • Holds up to 75 feet of hose
a 2” receiver to fit. Your application will • Stores hose accessories
be determined by turning radius and • Each hose end unwinds, bulk
positioning of the rack. Supports 100 lbs
CC-275 Bike Bunk of hose remains in caddy
HC-75 Hose Caddy

Tire Carriers RV Bumper Receiver
The Stromberg Carlson universal tire carrier l Fits 4” and 41/2” square bumpers
works great on travel trailers and fifth wheel l Provides 2” receiver opening
travel trailers with no welds to break. The l Supports 200 lbs (always default to your
formed column is flanged and gusseted to bumper rating capacity)
reduce tire vibration. The folding carrier has a l Cannot be used for towing
built in stop so the tire won’t fall when tilted l Heavy steel construction and zinc plated hardware
down, giving you access to rear storage. TR-1 Universal Rigid l Can be mounted on top or bottom of
TR-2 Universal Folding your bumper BA-100
RV Bumper Receiver
Cargo Caddy Cargo Tray Slides

l Platform’s inside dimensions are 23” x 60” Back to back slides cover pass through compartments.
l Expanded metal floor drains water off
l Supports 500 lbs. of cargo (Multiple length combinations can be used to fit any compartment.)
l Powder coated to resist rust CC-100 Cargo Caddy
Plywood and carpet not
l Tie down holes are provided CC-125 Cargo Caddy Bike Rack included. Width of finished
l Fits in a 2” receiver slide determined by plywood.
(Hardware for 2 bikes included)
Made in the USA
KV-36 36” deep Tray Slide
KV-44 44” deep Tray Slide
KV-48 48” deep Tray Slide
KV-54 54” deep Tray Slide


RV Ladders

Universal Exterior
RV Ladder

Can go on the rear of any RV—straight
or contoured. Rugged construction
keeps you safe when going up to
do maintenance on the roof or just
hanging your chairs on the ladder.
250 lbs maximum.*

LA-401 Exterior Ladder
LA-401BA Extaerior Ladder, Black

feature for
rear walls)

Starter Ladders Bunk Ladders

Get a leg up on climbing Our bunk ladders provide small feet easier
your coach’s ladder to access access to their beds or larger feet easier access
your roof top maintenance to stored materials. Comes with rubber tread
with our 48” starter ladder. covers to provide comfort to bare feet. Use
Supports up to 250 lbs the small hook and extrusion for a positive
maximum at12˚ angle.* attachment or the larger hook so no facia board
needs to be drilled. Available in multiple lengths
and colors. 250 lbs maximum at 11˚ angle.*

LA-148 LA-148 Starter Ladder LA-460 60” Ladder
LA-466 66” Ladder
LA-460B 60” Ladder Black
LA-466B 66” Ladder Black

*Weight ratings are based on proper installation

All Stromberg Carlson ladders are constructed with 1" tubing.


RV Ladders

Ladder Chair Rack Roof Rail

Our RV Ladder Chair Rack gets your style of chair to the l Universal roof rail adjusts to fit all RVs
campsite or seasonal lot. The strap and buckle secure l Seven roof stanchions included
l Bright anodized finish
your chairs as you travel. This LA-500 Roof Rail
rack does not rattle, and allows
traffic to the roof by simply 60”
pulling the pins and swinging
the storage arms out of the way. 90”
Made from aluminum. 50 lbs

LA-104 Ladder Chair Rack


2460-A 8532-CP 8510-CP

Ladder Bike Rack 2460-A Hooks for bunk ladders. Both styles in 1 bag.
8532-CP Rubber Feet for Bunk Ladders. 2 per bag.
Our bike rack attaches to your RV Ladder and is secured 8510-CP Rubber tread cover for Bunk Ladders. 1 per bag.
to ensure a “no rattle” rack. Once installed, pins can be
pulled to easily give you access
up and down your ladder. Carries 8535 8531 8521-BK 8525-BK
up to two bikes. Made from 8535-B 8531-B
aluminum to match the no rust
finish of your RV Ladder.50 lbs 8535 / 8535-B (black)
maximum. Aftermarket Standoff assembly. 1 per bag. (Stromberg, Top Line, Surco)
8531 / 8531-B (black)
LA-102 Ladder Bike Rack OEM Standoff assembly. Shipped 12” long, trim to length. Round base. 1 per bag.
(Christenson Industries, Atwood and others)
8521-BK Roof Mounting Bracket for LA-401 and LA-401BA (black). 1 per bag.
8525-BK Swivel Castings for LA-401 and LA-401BA (black). 1 per bag.


FST-9975 Nut Only 8540-NT 8540-CP

Standoff Nut only. Used in the top of bunk ladders and in standoffs. 1 per bag.
8540-NTB (black)
Replacement treads can be installed without disassembling ladder. 1 per bag.
End cap only. 1 per bag.

All racks for use with Stromberg Carlson 1" tubing ladders.


Fifth Wheel Tailgates


4000 Series

VG-97-4000 Ford Super Duty Trucks, 1999 - 2016 Our composite gate is
VG-04-4000 Ford F150 Trucks, 2004 - 2014 lightweight, strong as steel and
VG-15-4000 Ford F150 Trucks, 2015 - 2016 has louvers that will never rust
VGM-99-4000 GM Trucks, 1999 - 2006
VGM-07-4000 GM Trucks, 2007 - 2013 l Gate improves vision, reduces drag
VGM-14-4000 GM Trucks, 2014 - 2016 l Accessory louvers available for added privacy
VGD-02-4000 Dodge Trucks, 2002 - 2009 l 2 year limited warranty
VGD-10-4000 Dodge Trucks, 2010 - 2016 l Glass filled composite materials
VGT-70-4000 Toyota Tundra Trucks, 2007 - 2016 l Rotary latches & cables included
l Key locks gate

onto truck
l Single handed

l Made in the USA

VI-4000, Tailgate Insert

Vented Tailgates 100 Series Tailgate Fits

100 Series l All steel design Ford
l Open design improves vision
l Custom fitted VG-97-100 1999 – 2016 F-250 & F-350 Super Duty
l 100 lbs weight limit
VG-04-100 2004 – 2014 F-150

VG-15-100 2015 – 2016 F-150

* Additional gates and fits available

GM/Chevy All Series (classic body style)
2500 & 3500 Series (classic body style)
VGM-99-100 1999-2006 1500 Series (new body style)
All Series
2007 All Series (accommodates lift assist)
VGM-07-100 2007

2008 – 2013
VGM-14-100 2014 – 2016


VGD-02-100 2002 1500 Series
2003-2008 All Series
2009 1500 Series (functional fit)
2009 2500 & 3500 Series
VGD-10-100 2010 – 2016 All Series


VGT-70-100 2007 – 2016 Full Size Tundra only

See for additional gates and fits.


Extend A Line

Extend-A-Line clothes PROUDLY MADE IN THE USA

dryer attaches to your RV Ladder in less than a minute,
allowing your wet items the fresh air they need to dry.

l Six independent arms can carry towels, suits, or clothes
on hangers

l Supports 10 lbs per arm, 60 lbs maximum load when
evenly spaced

l Chrome plated arms and a plastic body resist rust
l Wall mounted bracket

provided for home use,
or for RVs without ladders

Model No. CL-27 stores 40”

Model No. CL-36 stores 52” Patents Pending CL-02 CL-01
14” CL-36 Extend A Line CL-02 allows CL-01 to be used CL-01 attached on 4” sq bumpers
(39” usable line space) in a 2” hitch or 2” x 6” A frame
CL-27 Extend A Line
(27” usable line space)


“A slide out room
for your shower”

EXT-3542ORB l Pivots into your shower Stake & Grill
Fits tubs 35”- 42” wide in Bronze Finish stall when not needed
WHITE FINISH From burgers to brats, coffee to tea;
l Can be used to drip dry this is the way to cook when camping.
EXT-3542 laundry over your shower
Fits tubs 35”- 42” wide in White Finish basin l Grill measures 15" wide x 22" long
SATIN FINISH l Stake measures 36" long
l Adds up to l Adjusts on stake to desired heat
EXT-3542S 30% more l Upturned edges keep even hot dogs
Fits tubs 35”- 42” wide in Satin Finish shower
space on the grill
l Rotates 360˚
l Fits tubs l Chrome finish cleans easily
35” - 42” l Designed for many seasons of use
l Nylon bag included for neat and
GR-1522 Stake & Grill
tidy storage

Bumper Mount The Hot Stick
Clothes Line
l Non-conductive wooden handle stays cool to the
l 48” long aluminum uprights touch and accommodates 2-handed grip
l Can be mounted up to 7’ apart
l Strong and durable l Rust resistant stainless steel shaft
l Can be removed for travel without tools l 42” long poker to maintain safe distance

CL-100 Bumper Mounted Clothes Line from fire
l Hooked shaft end to maneuver

firewood and stoke embers

FP-42 The Hot Stick


New for 2017 Fresh Water Hose Caddy

TO RV’S FRESH • 17” wide, 61/2” tall
WATER INLET • Holds up to 75 feet of hose
• Stores hose accessories
• Each hose end unwinds, bulk of hose

remains in caddy

HC-75 Hose Caddy


RV Bumper Receiver Electric
Our Bumper Receiver can be used with most hitch Tongue Jack
mounted accessories - bike racks or carriers.
5000 Pound Capacity
BA-100 RV Bumper Receiver l Fits 4” and 41/2” square bumpers
l Provides 2” receiver opening l 5000 lb capacity
Step Stool l Supports 200 lbs (always default to l 18” travel, with an

your bumper rating capacity) additional 5” drop
l Heavy steel construction and zinc down foot
l 2 separate LED lights
plated hardware l Emergency crank
l Cannot be used for towing through head
l Can be mounted to the top or l 23/16” heavy wall outer
bottom of your bumper l Built-in level
l 2 year warranty
l 151/2” high, 111/2” wide
JET-5000 5000 lb Jack
l First step is 7” from the ground

l Maximum load 330 lbs.

l When folded: 7” deep
x 12” wide x 171/2” tall

l Aluminum construction
PA-202 Step Stool

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