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Published by Phoenix Conversions, 2017-05-18 14:57:03

Webasto Mercedes Sprinter HVAC

Webasto Mercedes Sprinter HVAC

Auxiliary HVAC | Mercedes Sprinter

Standard Tie-in n Extreme Climate System

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Standard Tie-in HVAC | London

The London is a low profile, rear heating and cooling unit that is installed at rear headliner
with conditioned air delivered forward into the cargo space. The placement of the London
offers convenience and occupies minimal space.

London HVAC Unit

Air distributor with orbital
directional vents is standard.
Other ducting options are available.

System tie-in with

refrigerant T-Block


Standard Tie-in HVAC | London

Vehicle Integration - Cooling

The London HVAC is tied into the Mercedes Sprinter OEM front HVAC for cooling and utilizes the vehicle‘s existing
in-line condenser and compressor.

Vehicle Integration - Heating

Heating is achieved by plumbing the London‘s hot water heater core to the vehicle‘s engine coolant loop. Hot
water flow is controlled by Webasto hot water valve and auxiliary pump.

Product Features: Control Unit

n High capacity headliner Controller with on/off switch, variable fan speed and variable
heating and cooling unit temperature control is standard. The controller is packaged in overhead
n Low profile to occupy minimal console, or can be located anywhere inside the vehicle.
n 12 Volt (or 24 Volt models
available upon request)
n Variable temperature control
n Hot water heating and cooling
n Operation from one single

Specifications London
Color Black
Cooling Capacity
Heating Performance 32,500 BTU/h (9.5 kW)
Refrigerant 44,500 BTU/h (13.0 kW)
Nominal Voltage
Max. Power Consumption @ 12V R134A
Max. Air Flow Evaporator Blower 12V
Dimensions L x W x H 21 A
471 cfm (800 m3/h)
21.7 x 15.7 x 7.1 in (550 x 400 x 180 mm)

17 lbs (7.7 kg)


Extreme Climate Stand Alone HVAC

For applications that require maximum cooling capacity, the Extreme Climate Stand Alone
HVAC has rear headliner mounted higher capacity Kiev, auxiliary engine driven compressor
and a roof mounted, low-profile condenser (Valencia) and optional under chassis HTC

Air distributor with Optional High-performance, twin-fan,
rectangular directional ModulAir Valencia Condenser is lightweight
ducting system with low noise operation and less
vents is standard for optimal air than 6“ in height
Auxiliary Kiev HVAC
Compressor Unit

Optional Under
Chassis HTC


Extreme Climate Stand Alone Rear HVAC

Vehicle Integration - Cooling

Kiev rear HVAC is integrated with independent refrigerant loop consisting of auxiliary compressor, roof mounted Valen-
cia condenser or under chassis HTC condenser

Vehicle Integration - Heating

Heating integration and function is identical to Standard Tie-in Rear HVAC.

Product Features: Specifications Kiev

n High capacity, horizontal Color Black
heating and cooling unit Performance 46,000 BTU/h (13.4 kW)
n 12 Volt (or 24 Volt models Nominal Voltage
available upon request) Max. Power Consumption @ 12V 12V
n Anti-Freeze Sensor Dimensions L x W x H 18 A
n Variable temperature control Weight 33.7 x 14 x 7”
27.6 lbs (12.5 kg)

Additional HVAC Configurations | Madrid Rooftop HVAC

53,000 BTU/h | 1,236 cfm


Optional Accessories | Universal Ducting - ModulAir

Optional low-profile (less than 2“) Webasto ModulAir, ceiling mount air ducting kit -
connects to London Tie-in or Kiev high capacity system for evenly distributed air delivery.
The kit is available in black or gray and sections can be ordered individually for optimal


Auxiliary HVAC Kits | Mercedes Sprinter

Standard Tie-in HVAC Kit n London HVAC Unit n Harnesses
Extreme Climate Kit n A/C Plumbing n Controller
Compressor + Mount Kit n Hot Water Plumbing n Brackets
ModulAir Duct Kit
n Kiev HVAC Unit n Harnesses
n Valencia or HTC Condenser n Controller
n A/C Plumbing n Brackets
n Hot Water Plumbing

n Compressor
n Mounting Hardware

n Black or Grey
n 4-Piece Set
n Optional

High performance aftermarket heating and
cooling systems engineered for vehicle specific
platforms that minimize install time and
maximize reliability.


Mobile + Online Support

n Mobile Dealer Locator available for iOS and Android devices
n - interactive website featuring product brochures and information
n - training and technical documentation
n - order the latest brochures/catalogs

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