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This interactive flipbook is created for our holiday homework by group 6 of class: VI-K

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Holiday Homework VI-K (Group - 6)

This interactive flipbook is created for our holiday homework by group 6 of class: VI-K

Ek Bharat
Shreshtha Bharat

Enhancing To enhance
understanding to interaction between
strengthen unity
people of diverse
Promoting culture
greater mutual
understanding Pairing states and Union
Territories annually for


Build emotional
bonds amongst


Group Information

 Total members : 6
 Team Name : Team Asteroids
 Member names: Atrij Kanav Jeff Gayatri

Dhriti Jeana

Contributions of
each member
subject wise:

ENglish Holiday Homework

Taj Mahal Charminar Victoria Memorial

Facts: Facts: Facts:

The Taj Mahal is made up of It was built to celebrate The structure is built using a blend of
28 different types of rocks the elimination of the both British and Mughal architecture

The Taj Mahal was concealed Plague, which was which is known as Indo-Saracenic
by the ASI during World War widespread at that time. Revival architecture.

2. It was covered with a huge Charminar was the very The figure ‘Angel of Victory’is erected
scaffold which made it to first multi-storey building on the central dome of Victoria
Memorial. During WWII it was
appear like stockpile of built in Hyderabad. painted black.

Adjectives: Adjectives: Adjectives:

Beautiful, White, Enormous, Brown, Massive, Seductive Magnificent, Imposing, Breathtaking

Red Fort Qutub Minar Hawa Mahal

Facts: Facts: Facts:

Red Fort, well-known for its Before 1974, the general Sawai Pratap Singh, the developer of
breathtaking architecture
which is compact with a public was allowed to access it was a devotee of Lord Krishna. So,
multitude of palaces used once
by a number of Mughal rulers. the top of the minar he made it in the shape of the crown of

Rang Mahal, one of the most accessed. Lord Krishna.
remarkable places in the fort
means ‘Palace of Colours’ The top floor of the minar Most of the people might not be
was destructed by the knowing that there are three small
Adjectives: lightning and rebuilt by temples inside the Palace. They are
Firoz Shah Tughlaq. Govardhan Krishna Temple, Prakash
Historical, Astonishing, Temple, and Hawa Mandir.
Innovative Adjectives:
Mesmerising, Humongous,
Gorgeous Royal, Unique, Marvellous

ह िंदी अवकाश गृ कार्य


 बिहार भारत के प्रमुख राज्यंो में से एक है।
 उसके िाद सन 2000 म,ंे बिहार से ही झारखण्ड कय भी अलग बकया गया |
 बिहार भारत में तीसरी सिसे िडी जनसंोख्या राज् है|
 बिहार नाम संोस्कृ त और पाली शब्द “बिहार” से बलया गया है।
 उस्ताद बिस्मिल्लाह खान जसै े संगो ीतकारयंो के बलए बिहार प्रबसद्ध है।
 सिसे िडा शहर और राजधानी पटना है।
 बिहार मंे बहन्दू 83.2 % हैं तथा मसु ्मिम 16.5 % है |
 इसम ें भारत के उत्तर-पिू ी भाग मंे स्मथथत एक प्रबसद्ध ऐबतहाबसक राज् है और इसकी राजधानी

पटना है। यह जनसोंख्या की दृबि से भारत का तीसरा सिसे िडा प्रदेश है जिबक क्षते ्रफल की दृबि
से िारहिाों(12) है। १५ निम्बर, सन् २००० ई॰ कय बिहार के दबक्षणी बहस्से कय अलग कर एक
नया राज् झारखण्ड िनाया गया।
 बिहार में 38 बजले हैं जय 9 मण्डलयंो मंे िटँ े हैं । बिहार भारत का एक प्रशासबनक राज् है। बिहार नाम
का प्रादुभािा सोभं ित: िौद्ध बिहारयों के बिहार शब्द से हुआ है बिहार भारत के उत्तर भाग मंे स्मथथत
एक बिशषे  राज् है, और  उस गािों की सोखं ्या ितमा ान मंे 45076 हंै ।
 भारत का सिसे परु ाने बहोंदू मोंबदरयों में से एक मडोंु ेश्वरी मंबो दर बिहार में ही है. यह मंबो दर पोंिरा पहाडी
के बशखर पर स्मथथत है. इसकी ऊों चाई लगभग 600 फीट है । साल 1812 से लेकर साल 1904 तर
बिबटश यात्री आर.एन. माबटान, फ्ांबो सस िुकानन और ब्लाक ने इस मबंो दर का भ्रमण बकया था.
परु ातत्वबिदयों के अनुसार यहाों के बशलालेख 389 ईस्वी के हैं ।

पांोच सोंज्ञाएों पांोच सिानाम

 बिहार इसमंे 
 झारखण्ड इसकी
 भारत
 पटना यह
 बिस्मिल्लाह खान उस


Math Holiday Homework

a)- State Name Number of Number of
soldiers soldiers
S.No. Uttar Pradesh
Punjab 2,71,928 (Estimated to
1 Haryana 1,91,702 Nearest Ten
2 Thousand)
3 Maharashtra
4 Kerala 2,70,000

1,65,702 1,70,000
1,43,951 1,40,000

1,27,920 1,30,000




=10,000 soldiers

State Name The number of soldiers estimated

Uttar Pradesh


Science Holiday HOMEWORK

A successful entrepreneur who used Benefits of Hydroponic Farming:
hydroponic farming
 Saves water – The water used in
Vipin Rao hydroponic farming is 10 times less than

Born in a farmer’s family in Saidpur village the water used in farming with soil .
of Haryana, Vipin Rao Yadav never thought  Nutrient Control- Hydroponic
of becoming a farmer. His father was a
traditional farmer who knew the pros and cons systems feed plants a nutrient
of it well and hence Vipin was sent to solution mixed with water, giving the
Gurgaon to pursue his studies. After getting a
degree in B.SC Computers in 2015, Vipin was farmer better control over what
placed in a company where he was not earning nutrients their crops soak up.
enough to live comfortably in an expensive city
like Gurgaon. So, he started looking for other  There are no insects, so pesticides
options. Meanwhile, a friend suggested that and other chemicals are not needed.
Vipin visit the nearby Krishi Vigyan Kendra And because the environment can be
(KVK), where interviews were in progress for better controlled, consumers can
training in protective cultivation in purchase hydroponic produce feeling
floriculture. Vipin claims that these fruits and comfortable that their food is of the
vegetables are more nutritious, as all 17 highest quality and cleanest.
nutrients including the recently discovered
cobalt required for plant growth, are present
in the mixture used to grow them. Also, one
can control the temperature in the polyhouse

and grow unseasonal produce too.

Two plants that grow from
hydroponic farming:

Radish Strawberry

Vipin Rao

Social Science Holiday Homework

Konark Sun Rabindra
Temple Bhavan

Architecture: Architecture:

The Sun Temple in Konark exhibits the traditional The complex stands on a 1.45 hectare site amongst
Odisha style of architecture, also known as Kalinga other art institutions forming the cultural ce ntre of
New Delhi. The administrative block, Y-shaped in
architecture, on a grand scale. It is designed as a plan, is a four-story structure to house offices of the
massive chariot mounted on 12 pairs of intricately three academies and a library. A 1.2m roof overhand
carved giant stone wheels that are drawn by a set protects building surfaces from the streaking effects
of rain.The long walls of the administrative block are
of seven mighty stone horses. load¬bearing in brick masonry, whilst the end walls
of the wings are in random rubble stone masonry.

The sun temple was made from three types of The skylights were blocked, a very deep false ceiling
stone. Chlorite was used for the door lintel and installed, a wall built closing the open mezzanine,
frames as well as some sculptures. Laterite was and the floor ripped up to be replaced by cheap
used for the core of the platform and staircases wood
near the foundation. Khondalite was used for other
parts of the temple.


The temple was conceived to symbolize the Rabindra Bhawan was built to mark the birth
emergence of the Sun-god with twelve pairs of centenary of Rabindranath Tagore, who in addition
wheels and seven horses, representing seven days
to being a poet and novelist, was an artist,
of a week and twelve months of a year. playwright and composer.

Française (French)

:Mascot for Sustainable City:
(Mascotte de la ville durable)


Changes being brought by sustainable practices:

(Changements apportés par des pratiques durables.)

 Les villes seraient plus propres. (Cities would be cleaner.)
 Atténuation de l'impact du réchauffement climatique. (Mitigation of the impact of

global warming.)
 Il y aura moins de déchets. (There will be less waste.)
 Meilleure qualité de l’air. (Better air quality.)
 Il réduira l'empreinte carbone et la quantité de toxines rejetées dans

l'environnement, ce qui le rendra sûr. (It will reduce carbon footprint and the amount
of toxins released into the environment, making it safe.
 Obtenir facilement des ressources publiques (Easy gaining of public resources)

-:Physical Education:-

Cricket Player: Badminton Player:
Kapil Dev Saina Nehwal

Achivements: Hockey Player: Achivements:
Dhyan Chand
She became the first Indian to
He scored a brilliant knock of win two singles gold medals
175 in a match against in 2010 and 2018 in the
Zimbabwe on 18th June 1983. Commonwealth Games.

He is the only player to have Saina Nehwal has won over
scored 4000 runs and taken 24 international titles,
400 wickets in test cricket. including 11 Super Series
titles. In 2016, she was
Weightlifting Player: conferred the coveted Padma
Bhushan by the GOI.
Mirabai Chanu Achivements:
Boxing Player:
He earned three gold medals
during an era when India Marry Kom
dominated Field Hockey.

Achivements: Chand played his final
international match in
Mirabai Chanu opened India’s 1948 scoring more than 400
medal account at the Olympics goals.
2020 by clinching a silver
medal. Achivements:

Chanu bagged a historic silver She became the first Indian female boxer to win a gold medal in
medal in women’s 49kg the Asian Games in 2014 at Incheon, South Korea.
category. She is also the only boxer to Asian Amateur Boxing Champion
for a record of six times.


“There is no better deliverance
from the world than through art”

Folk Music of India

One famous element of Bhatiali music:


Bhatiali folk song relates to the
river song sung by boatmen sailing
downstream (or “bhata”) the rivers
of Bengal after days hardwork. It’s

LYRICS ( one of the elements of
this genre of music) relates to the
culture, joy and livelihood of the
people of Kolkata (the city of Joy)
along the banks of Hoogly river
who remain joyous with art and
culture despite of all the struggles

in life.

Origin: History: Significance: Artists:

Bangladesh may be called a Bhaitaili lyrics Since the country is Notable collectors,
vast village but the traditionally basically riverine, the composers and
consist of writers in the
murmuring sound of its Bhatiali forms an
rivers, the murmuring sound metaphorical and
of its air, patterning sound emotional verses important genre of folk genre are Miraz
of the rain fall, the charming about the waters music. Folk music is Ali, Ukil Munshi,
and the situation
scenery of green gardens, of boatmen and formed and develops Rashid Uddin.
the sweet songs of Doyel, fishermen. Among according to the
Koyel etc have bloomed the the 14 subjects of environment. Jalal Khan, Jang
bud of sympathy and eternal Bahadur, Shah
beauty in the minds of the folk music in Differences in the
Bangladesh, that natural environment are Abdul Karim and
people of the country. includes Deha- Umed Ali.
Ultimately the ever flowing reflected in the people Between the 1930s
tatva and of the different regions.
time and the tune of the Murshid-tatva , The dialects too vary and 1950s,
sweet songs created an Bhatiali deals with Bhatiali has seen
affection and love in the Prakriti-tatva across the different its golden age,
memory of the human regions.
beings which may be called when most of
the base of our folk songs.
these personalities

were contributing

to the genre.

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