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Published by John Padula, 2019-06-12 10:24:16

Travel Brochures From 4K

Travel Brochures From 4K

Ceremonies Map of Mexico Mexico
Dia de los muertos is a big MAP
part of mexican culture. It by Amina Sanchez
celebrates our deceased koy koy koy
ancestors. The picture
below shows a dia de los IMAGE
muertos favorite:
calaveritas de azúcar.

IMAGE Cancun, Land of tropics
Calaveritas de azúcar playa del
mexico city.

Mexico food IMAGE plants
Mexico has a huge The plants in mexico are
variety of food. Most dolphin dry plants and are mostly
popular foods in the US is Animals cacti and aloe. But the
burritos and tacos. But other plants that are in
there are more foods that Dolphins, parrots what mexico are: palm trees
are quite interesting. The more could you ask for in ,coconut trees, and more
first one is menudo. a vacation!?????? Well in IMAGE
Menudo is a soup that mexico there are more
contains cow belly( tripe) than just dolphins and Coconut tree
and cow tongue. parrots. There's
IMAGE butterflies, eels, manta
rays, and more!! It’s a
menudo perfect place to get
emotionally attached to

Mexico cities Map of
The cities in
Mexico are busy. Some cities in Mexico
They have many are Cancun, Puebla,
museums, shops,
theaters, and art and Mexico City

Mexico City is
the largest city in
North America.
20 million + people
live in Mexico city.

Come To
you won’t
regret it!!!!!!!!

Plants and A beach, a desert, Villages and
animals and a mountain in Farms

In the highlands of Mexico If you are a farmer in
mexico dahlias grow. mexico you would probably
Dolphins live in the oceans Land and Sea grow corn, squash, beans,
surrounding mexico. peppers, rice, wheat, bananas,
In the rain forests of Mexico has mountains, coffee, and vanilla. Corn is the
mexico live parrots. In the beaches, rain forests, and most important crop to farmers
winter monarch butterflies deserts. The coast of in Mexico
migrate to mexico. Mexico has bad
Tarantulas live in the desert hurricanes. Very high The houses in Mexican
in Mexico. waves and strong winds village are very colorful. Most
can hurt and destroy villages in Mexico have
Dolphins in beaches and buildings. houses, a church, a school, a
Mexico Also Mexico has two gulfs. market, and a plaza. People
meet in the plaza which is a
public space.

A village and farm
in Mexico

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