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Inproma capability statement2019

Inproma capability statement2019


Brand Awareness & Recogniton


rev 07/15/2019

Ways to Incentive Recognize & Reward

What makes an incen ve plan a good fit for a given company?

How about for your company?

The number of disengaged employees in the US workforce today is cos ng $450-$500 Billion per year totaling
75% of all employees. And these numbers con nue to rise. Companies are looking for ways to increase employee
engagement, retain the right employees, maintain brand awareness and build company culture. This is what
Inproma does best. When set up properly, the right plan will mo vate your team to reach specific metrics—and
help your company reach those goals. Your plan should be structured around your organiza on’s needs.

Ways to use incentives

• Years of Service • On-boarding • Uniforms

• Sales • Safety • Project Milestones

• Customer Service • Health & Wellness • Job Well done

Reward Options to choose from:

Brand Name products

Web based pla orms can be used to reward employees with Brand name products and can be either point
based, or merit based.
There are mul ple pla orms with thousands of products to choose from based on your goals and budgets.

Branded Apparel & Products

• Reinforces company culture
• Creates a great feedback circle
• Engages & retains employees
• Achieves strategic Goals

Branded apparel and products in combina on with a program name is a great fit for incen ve programs. The
key element of every great customized reward system is social currency. It’s not only an acknowledgment at
the me it’s awarded, but it also draws compliments and recogni on of the work behind the achievement.
Every me it’s worn its seen and felt as a badge of honor. That posi ve word-of-mouth makes the incen ves
more popular, increasing the likelihood that everyone will want to earn their own sharp-looking a re, even if
your company has remote workers.


How to Plan a budget for an Employee Incentive program

When deciding on a budget, keep a few things in mind.


Are you able to hire and keep good talent?
Is turnover a concern? Sick leave? Or workman’s comp issues?
How does employee turnover impact your business?
What is the financial cost of turn-over?
___________(per employee) x_____ (# of employees)=$________________
What does it take for you to hire and keep good talent today that is different from the past?
How much me & money is spent on training an employee?
$___________( cost per hour) x # of employees being trained)= $__________
$___________( cost per hour) x # of employees training)= $__________


How o en are employees calling in sick? OR is hurt at work?
How does an injury affect your workman’s compensa on fees?
_____________# of injuries x (increase in compensa on per employee)=$_____________
Total Losses in 1yr. :$_____________
Budget:= Total Losses x _% willing to spend of Total losses in 1 yr.

LLC 877.926.2246 4

Case History

• Inproma created a program with multiple tiers and
categorized by color to encourage continuous motivation
among employees.
• Increased the number of first time winners within one
quarter by 230% and increasing qualified jobs by 318%.
Upon completion of program:
• Had 2- 9x winners within 3 years. Program ran 3x longer than
previous program.
A new program was created with new products and continues


Case History

Q Analysts

• Inproma created seamless platforms to reward and
recognize employees based on years of service, project
milestones, and on the spot recognition
• By creating a model with reoccurring recognition
employees are encouraged and motivated to do their best
• Employees and consultants know what they are striving
• Strengthens company culture

LLC 877.926.2246 6

Core Capabilities


Inproma offers company Web-stores as a service to purchase products easily and quickly. We offer a custom
designed interface to match your company image. You have complete flexibility to select the products that
meet your needs. With our stores you can order mul ple sizes in a single entry and view color and logo
op ons. Addi onal op ons include budget tracking by employee or group. We also offer repor ng capabili es
including order summaries, totals by user, inventory usage and financial compliance. Feel at ease knowing you
are taken care of in mes of disaster with our disaster recovery plan.


Case History


• Inproma Created a Supply-on-demand uniform store
• By creating this model, it solved over stock issues
• Allowed ordering to be cost effective and seamless
• Orders shipped within 3-5 business days (Embroidered)

LLC 877.926.2246 8

Core Capabilities

In-house Embroidery

Gone are the days where inventory is purchased and
sits on the shelf. With our award winning in-house
embroidery, we minimize and even eliminate the need
for pre-embroidered logoed merchandise. You can
change your logo or change your mind without incurring
large financial burdens. These benefits give our clients
the unique flexibility to tailor their uniform program to
precisely fit their needs. These processes will reduce or
elimina ng the large financial commitments of branded
merchandise. We do this without compromising product
selec on or quality. Our various fulfillment models
include supply on demand (Just-in- me) and hybrid (Just-
in-case /Just-in- me). These business models deliver
the best combina on of price, selec on, quality and low
inventory risk to our valued clients.


Fulfillment Model Options:

Supply-on-Demand (Just-in-Time)
There is no inventory; orders are grouped and sizes are purchased
as requested. Items are embroidered and shipped to the client. We
buy only the necessary sizes, which reduces or elimina ng waste
and avoiding addi onal purchases. Turnaround me for an order is
approximately 7-14 business days.

Hybrid (Just-in-Time/Just-in-Case)
Forecas ng models are created based on informa on we collect to
an cipate your business’ need. Inproma selects product quan es
and sizes. Items are embroidered and ready for packing once an
order is placed. We keep product-on-hand, in low quan es keeping
your money as you prefer it: liquid. Less used sizes are purchased
on-demand or kept in smaller quan es. Your order ships within
3-10 business days a er receipt of order. This op on offers a faster
turnaround than supply-on-demand while s ll taking advantage of
volume pricing We make sure that your items are always available
providing the buffer between our clients and our vendors.

Typical Fulfillment (Just-In-Case)
Forecas ng models are created and items
are purchased based on need. They are
embroidered and placed on the shelf un l
purchased by the customer. When items in
inventory are low, addi onal stock is ordered.
Your money is invested in inventory and as sizes
are depleted, more sizes will be requested.
Items are purchased in bulk and may not be
purchased o en.

LLC 877.926.2246 10

Core Capabilities


Our clients have control over the addresses orders should be
delivered to, whether it’s one or one hundred loca ons! We
can lower shipping costs by group ordering and bulk shipping.
Our company store orders are packaged with their order form
and heat-seal closed ensuring accuracy and safety of your order.
We are certain that all of the items ordered are delivered to
the end users, elimina ng the and freeing your me. No more
separa ng ar cles of clothing for distribu on or reviewing what
was ordered and by whom. This is all done for you, in one order,
and one sealed bag. No coun ng of items; distribu on to the
end user is fast and simple.

If you require quick delivery either na onally or interna onally, we have the solu on for you.
Our team around the globe is available to you assist you. We lower your costs by saving on
freight and duty.

LLC 11

Historical Perspective

Regina Munroe is founder of Inproma, LLC. Although she received a master’s degree in chemistry, her
entrepreneurial spirit led her to start a business embroidering logos on apparel for friends, family, small
businesses and ultimately loyal clientele in Fortune 500 firms. Regina’s ability to listen, create custom art and
produce large and small orders in-house, positioned her as a leader in the promotional products industry.
Realizing that the purchasing process in the promotional industry was changing; she reinvented the company by
offering ‘Supply on Demand’ company stores, uniform programs and incentive programs.

Her awards and recognition are numerous, including: recipient of the Silver Pyramid Award for Inc. Regina
Munroe, owner and president, holds a master’s degree in advertising (MAS), a title earned by the top 5% of
the industry leaders. As of 12/31/12 there are only 830 MAS certified professionals from over 18,000 industry
professionals. Inproma has competed in two National Promotional Products Competitions,The Pyramid
Awards, taking the silver both times for Employee Incentive Programs for 2012 and 2013, and a recipient of the
2014 PPAI Pyramid Award.

LLC 877.926.2246 12

Awards & Recognition

Year Award

2019, 2015, 2014 PPAI Pyramid Recipient of Employee Incentive Programs

2013 Supplier of the Year Northern CA Supplier Development Council
2013 PPAI Pyramid Recipient of Employee Incentive Programs
2012 PPAI Pyramid Recipient of Employee Incentive Programs
2012 President -Promotional Marketing Association Northern CA (PMANC)
2010 General Service Administration (GSA) Contract
2006-2014 Board of Directory PMANC, (President,VP, Past President and Board)
2005-2007 Treasurer- Business Marketing Association
2005 Ana Maria Arias Award-Latina Entrepreneurship Wells Fargo & US
Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, Latina Style Magazine

2005 MBDA Service Award- First Runner Up
2003-2005 MBEIC -Memberer Minority Input Committee
2003 2nd Place National Embroidery Competition
2002 Entreprenuer of the Year- Hispanic Business Salute

LLC 13

Company Profile Regina A. Munroe
Principal Owner:
Title: Inproma,LLC.
Company: 541 Taylor Way, Ste 7
Business Address San Carlos, CA 94070

Telephone: t. 877.926.2246
f. 650.551.9550
E-mail: [email protected]
Race/Ethnic Identification: Hispanic American
Certification: Female
WRMSDC (minority)
In Good Standing: WBENC (woman owned)
Date of Establishment
SBA(Small Business)
SDBA (Small Disadavatage Business)
CPUC (CA Public Utilites Commision)


LLC 877.926.2246 14

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