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December 2019 The monthly newsletter of Congregation B’nai Amoona

From Rabbi Carnie Shalom Rose

Shalom! Good stories are “Rabbi - how dare you repeat the same And so, in an attempt to address this Sabbatical Update:
always worth repeating. sermon eight times?! Do you take us for important need, we have established a spe- A Note from Rabbi Carnie
So as we prepare ourselves fools? Don’t we deserve fresh insights and cial Rabbi’s Chanukah Gift Fund here at and Rebbetzin Paulie Rose
once again for the joy- new material each time you speak? Isn’t it B’nai Amoona. Contributions to this fund
ous Festival of Chanukah, your job to prepare new material to move will again be used to provide for the holiday Shalom Chaverim! We all know the
I want to share with you and inspire us?” needs of underprivileged children in our famous Yiddish saying: “Der Mensch
one of my all-time favorite own community, throughout the U.S., in Tracht Un Got Lacht - The human being
tales. Calmly, the Rabbi rose from his seat and other Diaspora Communities and especially plans and the Almighty Laughs!” Never
It involves a dynamic, much sought-after in a barely audible voice stated matter-of- in our beloved Jewish Homeland, Medinat have truer words been spoken...Just last
Rabbi who arrives in his new community. factly: “When you heed the words of my Yisrael. month, we announced that after defer-
On his first Shabbat, the Rabbi delivers a first sermon, when you are moved to do as I ring our Sabbatical from the 2018-19 aca-
powerful oration that is greeted by the con- suggested in my sermon, now no less than 8 One beautiful Minhag (custom), which demic year to 2021-22, out of necessity,
gregation with great fanfare. “Simply bril- times, I’ll move on to something new. Until has become part of our family’s reper- our plans have again changed. Due to the
liant! The best sermon I have ever heard! you do, I’ll keep repeating myself. Didn’t toire, is to take the money, which would construction, the strain on the operat-
Our new Rabbi is a genius! How fortunate you engage me to help get you to take your have otherwise been used for one night’s ing budget, and the need to help secure
are we to have secured such a marvelous Judaism more seriously?” worth of Chanukah presents, and dedicate a new Assistant Rabbi, a new Rabbinic/
scholar!” these funds to Tzedakah (charitable causes) Cantorial Intern, a new Youth Director and
The next Shabbat, the Rabbi ascends the This story is so very poignant because it which will help those in need. Kindly now a new Executive Director, the B’nai
Bimah and the Kehillah waits – with baited aptly describes the purpose of this missive. send your contributions to Congregation Amoona leadership, in consultation with
breath – for their already beloved preacher Each and every year, for the last 14, I write B’nai Amoona payable to Rabbi Rose’s our family, have agreed that it would be
to share additional pearls of wisdom. Much to you before Chanukah asking for your Discretionary Fund. You may also make best to forgo the next Sabbatical. Though
to their surprise, the Rabbi repeats the support. a contribution online at we were looking forward to this time for
very same sermon he gave the prior week. givinglight. study and growth, we surely understand
“Maybe he forgot? Or maybe – because And so, as we prepare to celebrate the that we are needed here in St. Louis
there were so many new people in Shul this wonderful and joyous Holiday of Chanukah, As always, I remain confident that – at this time of transition. We are most
week – he decided to repeat the sermon? Chag HaUrim, the Festival of Lights – a together as a holy and conscious Kehillah, a excited by the challenges and opportuni-
Either way, it was fantastic; surely worth time when we enjoy good food, copious community of Menschen - we can positively ties that lie ahead and look forward to
hearing a second time!” gifts and moments of great delight with impact the lives of those who are most in working closely with our lay and profes-
However, much to the shock and dis- family and friends - I am asking you to once need. Todah Rabbah – in advance – for your sional team to continue building on the
may of the community, the Rabbi repeated again pause and consider the needs of our ongoing support and for responding once successes and momentum that have
the exact same sermon for six consecu- Jewish brothers and sisters here in St. Louis, again to my “perpetual sermon”. been initiated over the course of the last
tive Shabbatot. “Totally unacceptable! We in Eretz Yisrael, as well as the world over few years. BA is not only our Shul, it is our
need an Executive Committee Meeting right who are in dire need of our generosity. With blessing for a joyous Chanukah extended family and sometimes, fami-
away and we need to set this upstart Rabbi filled with acts of selflessness, love and lies need to make difficult decisions. We
straight. He needs to prepare new material Many members of our worldwide laughter, thank you all for your continued support,
for each Shabbes. Why in the world would Mishpachah – our extended Jewish Family encouragement, concern and love and
we ever hire someone who can only deliver – are without sufficient funds to make ends Carnie look forward to co-creating the next era
one good sermon?!” meet – let alone to provide Chanukah Gelt/ in the history of our illustrious congrega-
The next night, the Rabbi is summoned Gifts to their children. Clearly Chaverim, Rabbi Carnie Shalom Rose tion! LeEyla U’LeEyla - May we continue
before the Congregation’s leadership. we cannot sit by idly and allow the “afflic- The Rabbi Bernard Lipnick Senior Rabbinic Chair to strive for ever higher heights and
tions of poverty and austerity” to pervade deeper depths.
the lives of Jewish children/families during 314-576-9990 x105
one of the most celebratory and joy-filled [email protected]
times of the year.

From our President, Jeff Singer

Shalom! fect the ride for our families. The ability ness, the quiet, the multitude of words
I want to share what the to share a ride with the hard-working team captured us all. We knew we were in a good
first 120 days of my presi- at BA has been an honor. You can tell how place even though we were standing still.
dency have been like. The they care so much for the horses, going
overwhelming comments above and beyond to make sure everything I invite you and your family to take a ride
shared with me before tak- is functioning, and clean, on board. The with us, pick out the horse you like best and
ing office was that I should music is beautiful, inspirational, touching don’t miss out on what can be an extremely
be prepared for a wild roll- and in rhythm with the motion of the horses. rewarding experience.
er coaster ride; that is, expect twists and
turns, vicious ups and downs; don’t even The uniqueness of this merry-go-round As for the merry-go-round, thank
attempt to take the ride without being fas- is that it rarely closes and it’s open to the you for the honor of letting me
tened in and hold on tight. entire community. The interaction, conver- take a ride with you. I’m secure
Reality has set in, although I would com- sations, and friendships which are devel- in my belief that this ride will
pare the ride more to a merry-go-round. oped over the 360-degree journey have been be an ongoing fulfilling and
It’s been a nice easy ride, with passengers so inspiring to witness. Over the High Holy memorable experience.
aplenty. Everyone on board has been happy Days the capacity on the ride expanded. It
and open with their feelings on how we can was like magic; a welcoming ride for all, See you in the Big Tent.
make B’nai Amoona better. The horses go moving at the speed for each individual to
up and down; such joyous ups have been experience in prayer. Jeff
witnessed: Aufrufs, B’nai Mitzvah, Baby
Namings, Anniversaries, along with a few At one point, on Yom Kippur Day the Jeff Singer
downs: Unexpected deaths, funerals, Gets. ride DID stop, as if time stood still. There 314-249-9607
The Klei Kodesh never waver as they con- was not a malfunction, but an unbelievable [email protected]
tinue to demonstrate they are the Lifecycle Moment in Time occurred. A moment I
experts, identifying each time how to per- highly recommend you seek out next year:
Cantor Sharon’s Contemplative Service.
The inspiration, the solace, the peaceful-

2 December 2019


On the Development Side

For the past several of our Kehillah. Did You Know? important to give up to construction change;
months, a team of extreme- Whereas most celebrants receive gifts, however, the wood surfaces may be refin-
ly devoted individuals, Amazing families – won- ished and re-positioned in order to bring an
Tracey Singer, Elizabeth Cantor Sharon is giving us a gift - a con- derful Simchas – loving even deeper beauty to the sculpture.
Wright, and Jennifer Smith, cert of her favorite show tunes as well as memories – special bonds
have been working on B’nai a few liturgical selections. By now you – life’s milestones – what These are the only dedications of this type
Amoona’s next BIG event have received the Save-the-Date card. More do these have in common? in the Shul. Bricks are ordered in batches to
- Cantor Sharon’s Sweet 16 Celebration! details are forthcoming, but I encourage Each (and more!) can be keep the shipping costs down and are typi-
A concert honoring 16 years of beautiful everyone to Save-the-Date for this momen- celebrated, honored or cally ordered for installation in the spring.
music tous evening. This will be the concert of remembered with a special gift to B’nai Either a brick or a Special Occasion Plaque
On March 29, 2020 we will celebrate the decade! Amoona in the form of either a brick for is a wonderfully unique and lasting way to
how fortunate we are to have had Sharon Derech Hashalom, the Path of Peace, or a honor your family and friends in a manner
bring us 16 years of sweet, inspirational, Beth brushed satin brass plaque mounted under that can be enjoyed by all. Please feel free
and beautiful music and how much we the beautiful carved wood collage forming to contact me if you are interested in either
look forward to many more years of the Beth Saltzman our Special Occasions Wall. of these exceptional opportunities.
same. Always with a smile and kind word, Vice President, Development With the construction, we have been
Sharon has been instrumental in educating patiently awaiting the right timing for care- Also, as a reminder of how easy anoth-
so many of our students, from the youngest 314-680-5964 ful placement of our new bricks when the er type of giving can be – don’t forget
to the most senior, learning, singing, and [email protected] outdoor path on the north side of the Gallery that each time you order from Amazon a
Davening prayers and reading Torah, as part gets reset. However, the Special Occasions portion of the proceeds will be given to
Wall is quite another story. Previously in B’nai Amoona if you log in through the
the Tober Lobby, the new wall will become Amazon Smile program. Please utilize this
an integral part of the recent construction simple and effortless way to give back to
placed prominently for all to enjoy. These the Shul with every purchase you make
lasting remembrances can be given for a through Amazon. Just recently a congregant
variety of special occasions – weddings, emailed us to share that B’nai Amoona
birthdays, anniversaries, Bris or baby-nam- received a quarterly donation of $65.54
ings, B’nai Mitvah, graduations, the list is and to date, AmazonSmile had donated a
only as long as your imagination! Bricks total of $998.70 to the Congregation. Just
which are $360 or Special Occasion Plaques think, if all of our members utilized the
which are $1,000, are distinctive and spe- Amazon Smile program when shopping, our
cialized gifts benefitting B’nai Amoona as donation numbers could easily reach into
donations to the Endowment Fund (and are the thousands! So when shopping Amazon,
tax deductible). Both members and non- please remember to log in using smile.ama-
members may gift to either program, as may and support our Shul in a simple
groups of friends and family. and impactful way!
Previously, the Special Occasions Wall
plaques were placed under a beautiful wood Gail
collage depicting the history and major
life-cycle events of Congregation B’nai Gail Armstrong
Amoona. The carved wood collage was too Director of Development

314-576-9990 x126
[email protected]

Cantor Sharon's Sweet 16 Celebration!

A Concert Honoring 16 Years of Beautiful Music.

S- -u-Mn- -ad- -ra-c-y-h,- -29-7-:0-0- -p-m- -

Save CELEBSRWAEETTIO16NMusic From B'nai Amoona To Broadway
Date See You There!

December 2019 TheBABulletin 3

Our Community

Upcoming B’nai Mitzvah Mazel Tov to...

December 14, 2019 Mark and Gloria Roberts & Jerry and Sharon Schnayer on the birth of their
Bar Mitzvah of Nathaniel Arbeit grandson, Levi Richard Schnayer. Proud parents are Stacey and Jonathan
Son of Jeffrey Arbeit & Joanne Beren Schnayer of Deerfield, IL. Great-grandparents are Paul and Rose Roberts.

December 21 2019 As of 10/25/19
Bar Mitzvah of Zakharya Rakhmanov
Son of Manuel & Nomi Rakhmanov Be a Greeter

Condolences Shalom, I am Karen They are:
Polishuk and I am the Alan Fine, Alan Spivack, Barb Rosenfield,
The Congregation extends heartfelt sympathy to the families of: As of 10/25/19 Greeter Chair. Barrv Yusman, Ed Herzog, Eric Wallerstein,
Harvey Wayne Friedman James Wallace, Jay Englander, Lenny
Ricard “Ric” Dolgin I want to take this oppor- Frankel, Linda Rosenblatt, Linda Weinstein,
Nancy Lynn Satz tunity to thank all of the Lisa Binowitz, Marilyn Humiston, Marla
Annabel Weisel Greeters that took time Goldstein, Michael Litwack, Rick Abrams,
Joseph Bernard Schenberg away from their Davening Shari Cohen, Andy Mayer, Barry Milder,
Jerome “Jerry” I. Kaskowitz and their families to stand in the Gallery and Sue Rich, Phyllis Traub, Randi Schenberg.
Geraldine Green at the various doors to assure that everyone Again, THANK YOU all so much! You
was welcomed into our beautiful Sanctuary fill over 260 spots on my schedule during
May their memories be a source of blessing! during the High Holy Days. the year and close to 60 time slots over
They are: the High Holy Days - I am always over-
Rick Abrams, Gary Andrew, Ronald whelmed by the support I receive which
Becker, Brent Cantor, Cliff Chelist, Shari makes this so rewarding.
Cohen, Byron Crecelius, Lance Finland, If anyone is interested in becoming a
David Lanson, Leonard Frankel, Marla Greeter, either for Shabbat or the High Holy
Goldstein, Denny Greenberg, Mark Days, please feel free to contact me. I would
Heller, Steve Hirsch, Jim Hirshfield, love to speak with you.
Barbara Hoffman, Bob Hoffman, Marilyn I just wanted to publicly acknowledge all
Humiston, Andy Mayer, Barry Milder, Sue of these people that give so much!
Rich, Linda Rosenblatt, Barb Rosenfield,
Randi Schenberg, Dave Steinberg, Alan B’Shalom,
Taxman, Phyllis Traub, Jeff Waldman, Larry
Waldman, James Wallace, Linda Weinstein. Karen
I also want to take this opportunity to
thank the Shabbat and Friday night Greeters Karen Polishuk
that Greet 52 weeks a year, making sure Greeter Chair
everyone is welcomed - not only our mem- 314-954-2661
bers, but visitors to our Shul for Simchas
and Celebrations. [email protected]

Member Spotlight SDeercveicmebSecrhSehdaublebat

Meet Karen Polishuk

Karen is a realtor get more involved without there being a large December 7 Vayetze
who works with a time commitment. You can contact Karen December 14
team of six people direcly at [email protected] or call December 21 Vayishlach
and finds it so much the Shul office for more information! Bar Mitzvah of Nathaniel Arbeit
fun! She loves help- December 28
ing people find their Karen’s favorite thing about B’nai Amoona Vayeshev
dream home. Her is that it feels like home as she is able to Mevarechim Hachodesh
mom was a realtor reconnect with her family. Her grandfather Bar Mitzvah of Zakharya Rakhmanov
and Karen also owns and mother both went to Shul and Karen
a real estate apprais- remembers going with her family. Miketz
al business which originally was owned by Rosh Chodesh
her father. Karen feels she knows (or at least recog- Shabbat Chanukah
Karen’s connection to B’nai Amoona goes nizes) 80-90% of BA members by going to
way back as she is a 3rd, possibly 4th genera- Shul very often. Even though she is very Have a Seat in our NEW Guller Chapel
tion BA member. She grew up in the Trinity busy, she is so happy she makes time and tries
building with Rabbi Lipnick. Interestingly, to go every week! We are thrilled about our new Chapel
Karen’s daughter, Ashley, became a Bat chairs! Have you seen them? Come take
Mitzvah at BA on the same day of the year Karen and Ronnie have been married for a look and a seat! All of our Minyanim
as Karen. 27 years. They are both native St. Louisans are now being held in this beautiful
Karen became active in 2009 when she but they met in LA when they both lived new space. Please join us for a Service!
took a Wednesday morning class in order to there but eventually came home to STL. See for
get to know Rabbi Rose. It was one of the Her daughter Ashley Demoff lives in Los Service times.
best things she’d ever done. Angeles. In California, when she was rais-
Karen is the Greeter Committee Chair, and ing her daughter, she worked at the Jewish
has been, since 2013. Although it’s a huge preschool in Newport Beach.
time commitment, she is following in her
mother’s footsteps by always finding time to Karen has been involved with the Barnes/
give back despite working full time. Jewish Auxiliary.
By the way, if anyone wants to be a
Greeter, more volunteers are needed. The Karen is most passionate about her family.
task is perfect for anyone who already goes She enjoys being with them and considers
to Shul regularly or, for people who want to the time she spends with them very precious.
A perfect day for Karen is to be at the beach,
with her husband and daughter, doing nothing
besides enjoying their company and reading
a book!

4 December 2019


Lifelong Learning


What do you remember about the first plan…and care about making sure that your children, our Rabbi Carnie Shalom Rose, Cantor Sharon Nathanson,
time you were taught about Chanukah? students, have positive Jewish learning experiences each Rabbi Neal Rose, and Rabbi Josef Davidson
Was it about the miracle of the flame last- and every time they are here. Our faculty knows that it is
ing more than one day….Was it about the not only WHAT you teach...but HOW you teach! Ellye Alperin Guy Nachum
great battle that happened? What do you Tamir Armoza Amy O’Grady
remember? Was it the smell of the Latkes I ask each of you, this month, to take a moment and say Jan Baron Maddy O’Grady
frying or the spinning of the Dreidel? thank you to our faculty at B’nai Amoona. Have your stu- Jaeson Becker Rachel Persellin-Armoza
We often choose not to teach students the real story of dents write them a card! Bring them a special little mes- Noam Birka Rachael Peters
Chanukah; however, this year I think it is more important sage. Give them an extra smile, or make a donation to Ori Birka Chani Pinsberg
than ever for our students and families to hear the story. one of our funds in their honor! Please reach out to Gail Amissa Blumenthal Elisa Recht
To understand and realize the power of dedication and Armstrong at [email protected], and she would be Adin Bogner Kobi Recht
rededication which is so important in our community and happy to help make that possible! Jonah Boyer Tal Recht
world, this is THE story that talks about dedication and Aydan Bricker Brandi Roach
rededication. The word Chanukah means Dedication and No matter your choice…give our faculty the Chanukah Terri Canis Taliyah Roash
the real story includes how Jews have dedicated them- gift of appreciation and let them know how much we Golda Cohen Zakai Rose
selves through both faith and action in the pursuit of reli- truly do SEE their DEDICATION to the Jewish future Gayle Dorshow Levi Rose
gious and human ideals. and supporting our youth! David Fox Ellior Rose
At Chanukah time I always look around to see the Idena Freedman Noah Rosenbloom
true heroes of today. Those that are committed to help- Chag Sameach! Naomi Gluck Charlie Rosenzweig
ing other succeed, to following their passion for chang- Sarah Goldblum Gabriella Ruskay-Kidd
ing the world for the better, and seeing the possibilities all Liessa Lesley Goldenberg Emma Ruskay-Kidd
around us. Ariela Grad Madeleine Ryan
This once again always brings me to our faculty at the Liessa Alperin Maya Gross Limor Shacham
Meyer Kranzberg Learning Center. Do you realize that Director of Innovative Erez Haluf Naya Shacham
over 25 teens choose, literally choose, to get up early Learning & Engagement Isabella Herman Sarah Silverberg
on a Sunday morning and spend time here helping our Melanie Huet David Smith
younger students learn and be supported? That we have 314-576-9990 x116 Ethan Kadet Alyssa Smith
a dedicated staff of faculty who go far beyond the lesson [email protected] Aura Kavadlo Sadie Taxman
Jessica Landy Marci Thal
Sophie Libow Ethan Wallerstein
Diane Light Talia Wallerstein
Noga Melnick Halle Wasserman
Ophira Melnick Becky Zoole
Evan Mielke

Early Childhood News


Dec. 19 Boker Tov Chanukah Sufganiyot/“Good Morning Chanukah Donut Holes” Children love holidays! The planning, decorating, card sending and cooking are all
opportunities to include your young child. It’s important to remember that it doesn’t have
Dazzle Days (vacation days for full time students) to be only about running from event to event and opening presents. Take a little time to
Dec. 23 – 8:00 am – 4:00 pm relax and celebrate being together with family, friends and community. The following
Dec. 24 – 8:00 am – 1:00 pm ideas were thought of specifically for Chanukah, however, many of them can be applied to
Dec. 26, 27 & 30 – 8:00 am – 4:00 pm any special holiday family time.
Dec. 31 - 8:00 am – 1:00 pm
“No School” Days A few ideas to make each night of Chanukah special:
Dec. 25 & Jan. 1 -3 (Jan. 3 - Staff Development Day) 1st Night: Light every Chanukiah (menorah) your family has collected
Jan. 6 - School Resumes 2nd Night: Hold a Dreidel play-off
3rd Night: Giving Back – Choose a family Tzedakah (community service/donation) project
BA YOUNG FAMILIES CALENDAR AT A GLANCE 4th Night Video yourselves singing holiday songs and watch it together
5th Night: Family outing
DECEMBER 6th Night: Bake something special together
Dec. 8 Jump Into the LRECC Fundraiser - 3:00-5:00 pm 7th Night: Earth Conscious Gift - eco-friendly gift, such as a cool lunch box or container,
Dec. 13 Tot Shabbat Dinner and Service - 6:00 pm
a recycled purse, or a plant to grow. Wrap it in recycled paper from a different
8th Night: Attend the Men’s Club sponsored Chanukah Dinner at BA

I wish each of you a Chag Chanukah Sameach (A Happy Holiday)!


Anita Kraus
Director of Early Childhood Education

314-576-9990 x127
[email protected]

December 2019 TheBABulletin 5

Lifelong Learning

Camp Ramot Amoona - Summer 2020

Shalom, whole family! We will have some exciting
​I am so excited to be the camp activities including Beeshul, Omanut,
Musika, and more. The camp theme will
new Camp Director for be announced at this event. Every camper
Machane Ramot Amoona. who comes to the event will get a special
I have already started plan- present!
ning for Summer 2020 and
am looking forward to all Please at so that
of the possibilities. We are we make sure we have enough supplies for
so excited to have new and returning camp- everyone.
ers at camp this summer. Summer 2020
will be full of long lasting camp traditions Registration opens in December!
like Yom Yisrael, the Camp Oneg, and Once registration goes live you will
Maccabiah as well as the favorite camp
activities of Beeshul (cooking), Sports, and receive an email with all of the informa-
Omanut (nature). tion. Campers who have already registered
This summer we will be having camp in for camp by the Winter Meetup will get a
the newly renovated B’nai Amoona build- special gift.
ing. This will provide the comfort of being
back at the B’nai Amoona facilities that we Although I am not permanently in St.
are used to with the exciting aspects of uti- Louis until May, I am reachable by email
lizing our new facilities to their full poten- and phone and I would love to hear from
tial. you. Please feel free to reach out to me
As the summer begins to approach here with any questions or concerns that you
are some things to keep on your radar: have.
Ramot Amoona Winter Meetup will be
December 22 from 3:00-4:30 pm. Todah Rabbah,
This is a great way to reconnect with
old camp friends and counselors as well Kyla
as meet new friends! An event for the
Kyla Gersten
Director, Camp Ramot Amoona

[email protected]

10th Grade Confirmation D.C. Trip

What’s better than a trip to Washington D. C. with
your Confirmation class? These 14 teens had an
incredible experience - just ask them!! Fourteen of
our Confirmation students, led by Liessa Alperin, Aura
Kavadlo, and Ethan Shuchart enjoyed a 4 day trip to
D.C. last month! They presented position papers in
two legislative offices, visited the Holocaust Museum,
enjoyed the Smithsonians and had a Jewish tour of
the Monuments! That’s only a few of the highlights.

6 December 2019


Get Involved

Men’s Club at BA
My father always taught know anyone well enough to make friends. more than a social event. Money raised at
me that in order to have a Then one afternoon I received a call ask- this event helps pay for Jewish camp schol- December
friend, first you must be a ing me to attend a Men’s Club event and arships for kids at B’nai Amoona. I’d like 19 General Meeting - 7:30 pm
friend. B’nai Amoona is I agreed to go. I expected to sit in an hour to thank Creighton Cohn and Neil Peters 29 Chanukah Dinner - Watch for details!
no different. If you want long meeting where they argued about par- for providing leadership and co-chairing January
to feel connected, first liamentary procedure and issues with the this amazing event. I’d also like to thank 22 General Meeting - 7:30 pm
you must get connected. minutes from the last meeting...I could not Scot Fowler, Jon Hoffman, Ed Herzog, and February
Men’s Club is an easy way to connect to have been more wrong. What I found was a Jay Englander for being the team that made 2 World Wide Wrap- 9:00 am
the greater BA community with just a tiny welcoming group of guys, some older than Scotch in the Sukkah such a huge success.
bit of effort. me and others younger than me. I remem- Fun was had by all and money was raised Kevin
I’m Kevin Litt, President of B’nai ber it being the first time I felt personally to help kids who want to have a fulfilling
Amoona Men’s Club. I joined B’nai connected to B’nai Amoona. I encourage Jewish summer camp experience. Kevin Litt
Amoona six years ago and I was looking you to take a small step to get better con- Men’s Club President
for ways to connect with the people around nected with the amazing Congregation Please watch for registration for the [email protected]
me. While everyone has always been kind around you, be it through Men’s Club, Men’s Club Family Chanukah event
and welcoming, Shabbat Services and pass- Sisterhood, or as a Minyannaire. scheduled on December 29, check out the
ing people in the halls when dropping my upcoming events and keep your eyes on the
son off at MKLC didn’t allow me to get to We had our incredible Scotch in the Weekly Ennouncement for the fun events
Sukkah event in October which is much coming up!

Sisterhood News YOU’RE INVITED!
Torah Fund Rosh Chodesh Circle Breakfast WITH Hedy Lamarr
2019-2020 AND NY Times Best Selling Author Marie Benedict
Meets monthly, towards the beginning of the
Our Silent Fund Hebrew month. Check the Ennouncements Thursday, January 16th
event “Torah for more current information. Upcoming
Fundsgiving” is here! dates are: Congregation B’nai Amoona, 324 S. Mason Rd. 63141
Rosh Chodesh Kislev: 9am - Doors open for seating & continental breakfast • 9:30am - Author program begins
It is the perfect time Wednesday, December 4 7:00 pm
to count our blessings and have an All about Chanukah: Adding meaning to your Audience Q&A and book signing follow program.
opportunity to spread “Chesed” (kindness). holiday! All of Benedict’s titles available for purchase at event.
Let’s give thanks to the seminaries of the Rosh Chodesh Tevet
Conservative/ Masorti Movement which are Shabbat,December 28 12:30 pm Join us for a delicious continental breakfast and the
helping to “build” (Livnot U’Lehibanot- to More details coming soon! captivating life story of the stunning beauty and
build it and be built by it) future generations. famous movie star, who started life in pre-WWII
Any donation is greatly appreciated. Book Club Austria as Hedy Kiesler, before escaping the Nazis
for a future in Hollywood, international intrigue, and
To receive a pin: Did you know that B’nai Amoona and Kol scientific invention.
Benefactor $180 Rinah Sisterhoods have a joint book club
Guardian (with a pearl) $300 that meets at St. Louis County Library, 1640 Lamarr was one of the most glamorous, Oscar-
Associate (with a ruby) $600 S. Lindbergh 10-11:30 am. Upcoming books nominated movie stars of the 1940s. Her greatest
Patron (with a diamond) $1200 Dec 26: Letters to My Palestinian Neighbor legacy, however, may be her groundbreaking
- Yossi Klein Halevi (204 pages) yet unsung advances in communications, including
To donate, please mail your payment to: Contact Enid Weisberg-Frank at technology leading to our modern day cell phones,
Andrea Cantor [email protected] or 314-853-3643 for Wi-Fi, GPS, and Bluetooth.
12510 Conway Holmes Court more information about the Book Club.
St. Louis, MO 63141 THE ONLY WOMAN IN THE ROOM, the fictionalized
Rachel biography of Lamarr, is the NY Times best-seller from
Please make your checks payable to Benedict, author of THE OTHER EINSTEIN, CARNEGIE’S
Torah Fund Rachel Taxman MAID, and her latest book, LADY CLEMENTINE.
President, Sisterhood
For information please contact co-chairs: Tickets: $10 in advance (deadline by noon Friday, Jan 10) • $12 at the door
Lori Sheinbein: [email protected] 314-322-5006 Purchase: online at or call 314.576.9990
Mercedes Gelman: [email protected] [email protected] • Tickets & Registration Required
• Limited Seating

Presented by:

Become a Minyannaire Social Action

DO YOU RECOGNIZE Laura & Debra I am thrilled to report that Operation The Social Action Committee and the
THIS PIN? The beautiful Isaiah was a huge success, with increased Men’s Club are collecting new, unwrapped
Minyannaire pin is presented Laura Shapiro & Debra Spigel contributions compared to last year. Thank toys, gloves, hats, and scarves for the
to every adult man or woman Minyan Co-Chairs you to everyone who donated and helped Carver House Wrap on December 15.
who becomes a Minyannaire. us sort food. Please leave your items in the Social
The “dark blue” section of the [email protected] Action collection bins in the coat closet to
Pin indicates “YOU” are the I would like to remind everyone that the right of the receptionist’s desk. Please
10th person who assures a Minyan. If you’re hunger is a year-round problem. By the join us on Sunday, December 15 at 10:00
reading this flyer you are already taking the time you read this, our Yom Kippur dona- am to help wrap the presents - no experi-
first step in joining our dedicated group. tions will have been given away. Please ence is necessary. :)
Becoming a Minyannaire is a Mitzvah and bring something for the food pantry when-
gives us a greater purpose to provide com- ever you come to Shul. Our collection cen- Thank you for supporting our Social
fort and support for those who want to recite ter is located to the right of the receptionist Action Committee. We love new ideas and
Kaddish (the memorial prayer) for their desk. new members, please contact me.
loved ones. This dedicated group has begun
to dwindle so we need YOU to keep B’nai Our current project is collecting pull Laura
Amoona’s tradition of continuing our Minyan tabs from aluminum cans: beverages, tuna,
Services. Plus, we have the distinction of pet food, etc. Ronald McDonald House, Laura Goldmeier
being among the first to Daven in our “brand a home away from home for parents of Social Action Committee Chair
new” Guller Chapel! Join together with critically ill children, collects these and
other dedicated members to help to assure converts them to cash to support their mis- 314-997-1253
the necessary minimum of ten (10) members sion. During Mitzvah Day in January, join [email protected]
are present to hold a Service. Whether you the Social Action Committee as we finish
choose to attend a morning Service before the project with a presentation of the tabs
heading out for the day or stop by after work to our local Ronald McDonald House. You
to Daven the evening Service, we look for- can find a large plastic jar near the Social
ward to welcoming you! Action collection site.

December 2019 TheBABulletin 7

In Tribute

The Congregation acknowledges with thanks the following contributions:

YAHRZEITS Kantor Harriette S. Arkin Sharon Kirsch & Ed Rosen Annabel Weisel A special note from
IN MEMORY OF Debbie & Hal Tzinberg Doralu & Frank Chanen KAREN CHOD MEMORIAL CAMP Marta & Mike Goldberg our Rabbis and Cantor:
Lillian Schoenfeld Caryn & Bruce Sandweiss Marla & Ed Cohen ASSISTANCE FUND Oscar Goldberg Though we do not publish
Barbara Gross & Terry Pollack Sandy Kaplan IN HONOR OF the names of those who
Anne & Marc Schoenfeld The Raiz Family BEN SACHS BREAKFAST FUND Dotty & Jim Ellis, Bride & Groom of Jerry Kaskowitz make contributions to
Rose Kanter Mandel Jewish Community Cen- IN MEMORY OF the Torah Oscar Goldberg our Discretionary Funds
ter of Cleveland Les Sherman’s 90th birthday (as a way to protect their
Harvey Gerstein Susie, Stuart, Jake & Megan Zim- Edie & Harvey Brown Rosalie Franklin & Oscar Goldberg PAUL & BETTY MENDELSON & request for anonymity),
Lee Dreyfus merman IN MEMORY OF Beth Saltzman FAMILY FOOD FOR THE NEEDY we deeply appreciate your
Jane & Ken Rubin Mac Brown FUND continued thoughtfulness
Marilyn & Les Rosen Marilyn Young Edie & Harvey Brown Sheryl & Larry Zigler IN MEMORY OF and generosity. Todah
Rose Friedman Barbara Levin & Barry Rosenberg Rita Balk Dotty & Jim Ellis, Bride & Groom of Harvey Friedman Rabbah & may you
Prue & Jeff Gershman Edie & Harvey Brown the Torah continue to be blessed
Gerry & Jerry Friedman Teri & Michael Rosenblum CAMP RAMOT AMOONA JONA- Lydia, Brad, Julie & Amara Fried- from On-High.
Bess Grodsky, Maury Grodsky Gianna Jacobson & Todd Siwak THAN GOLDBERG SCHOLAR- Rosalie Franklin & Oscar Goldberg man ~ Rabbi Carnie Shalom
Jerome R. Nuell SHIP FUND Schmuel Lyons Bar Mitzvah PEGGY & HAROLD ROSENTHAL Rose, Cantor Sharon
Goldee Miller Ann & Bruce Brophy IN MEMORY OF EDUCATOR FUND Nathanson, Rabbi Neal
Viola Beckerman Beth & Bob Brandon Marshall Oser Stephanie & Barry Yusman IN MEMORY OF Rose, Rabbi Josef Davidson
Phyllis & Ken Bravo Sandy & Bob Rudman Nancy Levin’s speedy recovery Peggy Rosenthal In addition, we do not
Rita Beckerman Janet & Lee Shapiro and Family CAPITAL CAMPAIGN DONATION Harvey Novack publish contributions made
Carole & Zachary Mann Phyllis & Gerald Wachs IN MEMORY OF Susie & David Gitt Robert A. Rosenthal by our Klei Kodesh and
Wolf Hoffman Susan & Michael Hyman Rita Balk IN MEMORY OF Barbara Green Board President.
Barb & Bob Hoffman Amy & Marc Morgenstern Rhonda & Andy Oberman Karen Chod Dorothy Riemer
Ethel Leaders, Dorothy Pessen Lindy Kramer Lurie, Meryl Kramer Dorothy Riemer Linda & Michael Rosenblatt Make a Tribute to
Marjorie & Syd Pessen Brown, Joshua Kramer & Ilana Rhonda & Andy Oberman Jackie & Barry Chod PLANT A TREE FUND honor or remember
Isadore Gellman Kramer Mickey Goodman IN MEMORY OF
Vivian Gellman Mercedes & Miguel Gelman H. T. Blumenthal, PhD, MD a loved one at
Theodore Pokres Amy & Ira Kaplan Jackie & Barry Chod Fred A. Blumenthal, PhD
Martin Pokres Maria & Anthony Cohen Jerry Kaskowitz RABBI ABRAHAM E. HALPERN
Leslie & Ron Becker EDUCATION FUND donations
Rosalie Franklin & Oscar Goldberg IN MEMORY OF
Jacob Herman, Samuel Z. Cherrick, Annabel Weisel Fran & Harvey Cantor’s Gold Certifi- Dorothy Riemer Siegmund & Helene Halpern or contact
Alvin M. Extein, Sarah Yolkut Fran & Harvey Cantor cation from Audubon Society Karen Techner Gail Armstrong
Susan & Marc Lapp Rosalie Franklin & Oscar Goldberg RABBI BERNARD LIPNICK at 314-576-9990
Lorraine & Jordan Cherrick Janet & Barry Lutz Dotty & Jim Ellis Bert Schweizer FOUNDATION FOR THE CON-
Isidor Williams Betsy Enger IN MEMORY OF SERVATIVE MOVEMENT x126
Dorothy Riemer Susie & David Gitt IN MEMORY OF
Maurice Williams Barbara & Marty Heligman KIDDUSH FUND Bess & Maury Grodsky
Nathan Perlstein Judy Pearlstone Dotty & Jim Ellis IN MEMORY OF Joy Levin
Madelon Scallet Harvey Wayne Friedman IN HONOR OF SHABBAT MUSIC PROGRAM
Lou Slade Maria & Anthony Cohen Harvey Greenstein’s birthday Roslyn Schneider & Ari Schneider FUND
Cookie & Ron Hollander Dorothy Riemer Lyss children & grandchildren TION FUND Bill Solomon’s complete recovery
Milton Gold, Sadie Gold, Judy Gold Carla & Leonard Weintraub DR. EDWARD & MARLA COHEN IN HONOR OF Susan Nathanson
Sheila & Darryl Gold Rhonda O’Brien & Steve Rosen IN MEMORY OF Dorothy Riemer
Eda Bensky Barbara Green Joe Cohen Phyllis Goldberg Susan Nathanson
Cheryl Perl IN MEMORY OF Jerry Kaskowitz
Gerry & Jerry Friedman Betsy Enger Marla & Ed Cohen Rita Balk Lester Goldman
Harry Synes, Louis Bialok Marsha & Steve Funk Jerry Kaskowitz SETH M. CHARLSON CAMP
The Lander Family Phyllis Goldberg RAMOT AMOONA SCHOLAR-
Monica & Joel Perlmutter Kathy & Tom DeWosking Marla & Ed Cohen Jerry Kaskowitz SHIP FUND
Arlene O’Connell Maria & Anthony Cohen Dorothy Riemer IN HONOR OF
Leslie & Ron Becker Phyllis Goldberg Sandy & Lenny Komen’s grandson’s
Shirley Rosen Lanie & Milton Goldenberg Marla & Ed Cohen LINDA ROTSKOFF EARLY CHILD- B’nai Mitzvah
Frieda Davidson Julie & Lenny Frankel ENID GREENSTEIIN FUND HOOD CENTER DONATION Nancy & Alan Charlson
Rabbi Josef Davidson Marlene & Marvin Rosengarten Rita Balk Erwin Kreisman Fran Brownstein
Joseph Hoffman Nancy & Alan Charlson
Richard Baron Janet & Barry Lutz Robert Kreisman Joe Schenberg
Joan Hoffman Loretta & Art Seltzer Shirley Halpern Mansbach Jorry Bensky’s birthday Gail & Allan Feinberg
Hannah Lapp Bert Schweizer II
JoAnn Chelist Janet & Barry Lutz Enid Weisberg-Frank & Bruce Nancy & Alan Charlson
Jerry Lapp Loretta & Art Seltzer GARY & PHYLLIS TRAUB CAMP Frank Seth Charlson
Nancy Sagel Florin Debbie & Hal Tzinberg Sheryl & Larry Zigler IN HONOR OF IN MEMORY OF
Bernard Perlmutter Fran & Harvey Cantor Micah Alperin’s Bar Mitzvah Rita Balk
Enid Weisberg-Frank & Bruce Marcia & Hesh Lyons Gary Myers Nadine Spitz Beigelman
Larry Perlmutter Frank Phyllis Traub chanting Haftorah MARSHA BRIN WOLFF ENDOW- Bertha Thal
Joan Hoffman MENT FUND Doris Taterka-Abrams
IN HONOR OF Julie & Lenny Frankel Maya Klein’s speedy recovery Pearl F. Waldman IN MEMORY OF
Dotty & Jim Ellis, Bride & Groom of Esther & Harvey Greenstein Marisa Waldman Rita Balk
the Torah Judy & Bob Handleman Sheryl & Larry Zigler MEYER KRANZBERG CENTER Sidney Goldstein
Rozella & Jerry Lapp Ed Balk James Polacheck ING FUND IN MEMORY OF
Gail, Hershey, Adam, Jeremy & Loretta & Art Seltzer IN HONOR OF Dorothy Riemer
Seth Feldstein Joyce & Dan Rudman Sheryl & Larry Zigler Micah Alperin’s Bar Mitzvah Enid Weisberg-Frank & Bruce
Shirley Tzinberg Eleanor Glick Sharon & Allen Mariam Enid Weisberg-Frank & Bruce Frank
Esther & Harvey Greenstein Marcia Handler Allan Traub Frank USY – YOUTH GROUP
Betsy Enger Lanie & Milton Goldenberg Sharon & Allen Mariam NATHAN & BELLE STOLIAR IN MEMORY OF
Joan Hoffman Rozella & Jerry Lapp HAROLD & MILDRED GULLER CANDY FUND Jerry Kaskowitz
Fran & Harvey Cantor Becky (Vesper) & Bobby Goldberg FUND IN MEMORY OF Myrna & Jay Meyer
Gloria & Mark Roberts new Marilyn Zimbalist IN MEMORY OF Jerry Kaskowitz
grandson Amy & Larry Perlmutter Barry Fendelman Eunice & John Reichman Tributes received after Oc-
Enid Weisberg-Frank & Bruce Cindi & Keith Guller OSCAR & ELAINE GOLDBERG tober 29, 2019 will appear
Frank Joe Schenberg HARRY LANDER MEMORIAL NEW IDEA FUND in the next bulletin.
Micah Alperin’s Bar Mitzvah Loretta & Art Seltzer FUND IN HONOR OF
Esther & Harvey Greenstein Dr. & Mrs. Howard Sussman IN MEMORY OF Gary Wolff
Mollie Nathanson’s Bat Mitzvah Anonymous Bea Lander Oscar Goldberg
Loretta & Art Seltzer Julie & Lenny Frankel Maureen Garfield & Family Ed Mass
Sheldon Enger’s 2nd Bar Mitzvah JACK & SALLY FIVEL MUSIC Oscar Goldberg
Shirley Tzinberg Jim Polacheck DONATION Terry & Harvey Hieken’s great
Linda Spitzer Gavatin’s birthday Trudy Traub IN MEMORY OF grandson
Elaine Lending Sally Fivel Oscar Goldberg
Mitchel Smith’s Bar Mitzvah BALK FAMILY TNT FUND Sharon & Steve Schwartz IN MEMORY OF
Elaine & Mark Smith IN MEMORY OF JACOB AND EDITH SHEINBEIN Hyman Lazerwitz
Fran & Harvey Cantor leading Rita Balk TORAH CARE FUND Judy Lazerwitz
the way with gardener’s Gold IN MEMORY OF Elaine Goldberg
Certificate Gloria Cotlar Rita Balk Debbie & Jeff Dalin
Kathy & Tom DeWoskin Enid Weisberg-Frank & Bruce Sharon Kirsch & Ed Rosen
IN MEMORY OF Frank Edith Sheinbein
Rita Balk Barbara & Harvey Cotlar
The many friends of Lynnsie Balk The Kantor Children of Alan
(Z”L) & Liz (Z”L) – David, Mark &
Barbara Green
Ruthie (Goldberg) & Mitch Rubin

8 December 2019


324 South Mason Road | St. Louis, MO 63141-8029
314-576-9990 | Fax 314-744-4016

Jeff Singer, President
To put into perspective what was hap- Among the founders of B’nai Amoona were Abraham Alan Fine, Treasurer
pening around the time when our congre- Tuchler and his wife Ernestine. Abraham was born in Edward Herzog, Secretary
gation was founded consider: 1845 in Krakow (then part of the Austrian Empire). He Judith Isaacs, Vice President, Member Engagement
• Pogroms in Eastern Europe were driv- immigrated to the United States as a young person. He Joel Perlmutter, Vice President, Religious Affairs
ing many thousands of Jews to immigrate joined the Union Army and fought in the Civil War as Avi Rosenzweig, Vice President, Education
to the United States or to Ottoman con- a Private in Company C of the 51st Regiment of the Beth Saltzman, Vice President, Development
trolled Palestine Pennsylvania Volunteer Infantry and was wounded in David Kantor, Member-At-Large
• Baron Edmond de Rothschild financed Zikhorn action. After the war he came to St. Louis and, in 1868, Andy Mayer, Member-At-Large
Yaakov, one of the first successful Zionist settlements he was one of the founding members of Sheerith Israel Howard Morse, Member-At-Large
in Palestine Congregation. In 1884, he and his wife and some oth- Gary Wolff, Honorary Member-At-Large
• Queen Victoria was the reigning English Monarch ers left that congregation and founded B’nai Amoona
• Dr. Kellogg patented “flaked cereal” Congregation. He was elected our first Recording AUXILIARY PRESIDENTS
• Dow Jones published its first stock index Secretary. He died in 1903. Ernestine died in 1937. In her Rachel Taxman, Sisterhood
• The First long distance telephone call was made obituary, published in the St. Louis Star and Times, it was Kevin Litt, Men’s Club
between Boston and New York City proudly proclaimed that she was a “charter member of the Jonah Boyer, BAUSY
• Alaska became a U.S. territory B’nai Amoona Congregation…”.
• The Cornerstone for the Statue of Liberty was laid KLEI KODESH & STAFF
• Grover Cleveland was elected president Lester Carnie Shalom Rose, Rabbi Bernard Lipnick Senior Rabbinic Chair
• The St. Louis World’s Fair was 20 years away Sharon Nathanson, Cantor
• The Civil War had ended only 19 years earlier Lester Goldman Neal Rose, Senior Rabbinic Scholar
314-304-1997 Josef Davidson, Rabbi
Mira Davis, Rabbi Bernard Lipnick Cantorial Intern
[email protected] Bernard Lipnick (Z”L), Rabbi Emeritus
Leon S. Lissek, Cantor Emeritus
BA Youth Department Takes on Andy Schwebel, Executive Director
Kadima Kinnus Liessa Alperin, Director of Innovative Learning and Engagement
Gail Armstrong, Director of Development
Jon Hoffman, Mashgiach
Anita Kraus, Director of Early Childhood


01 1 9 20





9:00 AM - NOON

Join us for Opening Ceremonies and projects at
B’nai Amoona and around the community!

Have a special project you want to see happen
at Mitzvah Day?

Please contact Liessa Alperin at
liessa @bnaimaoona .com.

More details coming soon!

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