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Newsletter APRIL 2018

Providing a quality, comprehensive, Jesus-centered
academic and career-technical high school education
that will place young men and women into a post-secondary
educational institution or onto a successful career path.

FALL 2017 Saturday Program Update

It take
 s that extra burst of energy - a Spirit- SPRING 2018
breathed desire to create and innovate, perhaps,
to brave the cold on a brisk Saturday morning to “Wisdom” usually makes us think of the
invest in honing your skills as a high school student. abstract reflections of philosophers from a
It was this theme of the newness and creativity disengaged stance. What if cultivating
opened up to us by Jesus’ resurrection and ignited wisdom actually involves an integrated
in us by God’s Spirit that we explored this past fall development of ourselves in our manual
term. In addition to our vocational classes, we skills, our spiritual posture before God, even
spent a day on the campus of Cairn University, in our engagement with our neighborhood?
hosted a resume workshop in conjunction with We’ve kicked off each Saturday with a
Timoteo Sports, and closed out our term with a reflection on how a posture of wonder - a
memorable Christmas Party. healthy “fear” of the Lord - opens us up to

gain wisdom, in its many different forms.
With about 25 students taking classes
with us each week, God has given us
our largest group of students yet for a
Saturday term. We look forward to an
upcoming camping trip together.

Contents p. 4 p. 5 p. 6

p. 2 p. 3 ‣ Merriment in ‣ Designing our New ‣ Igniting
May (5/19): Logo” by Christina the Flame
‣ Introducing ED, ‣ “The Spark of “Jubilee” Open Faith Johnson (Media Campaign
Anita MacBain the Spirit”: House Invitation Instructor) Update

‣ “Finding God & Welding Instructor Contact us!

Calling” by
Isaiah Jimenez Moses DeHart We’d love to 4455 N. 6th St, Philadelphia, PA 19140

on Welding as a
(carpentry student) Spiritual Practice

hear from you. [email protected] | 215-821-8823

Introducing Executive Director Finding God and Calling
Anita MacBain

 By Jeremy Chen and Isaiah Jimenez
by Lizzie Walker
One of our desires at Vocatio is to contribute to making
The quest for an Executive Hunting Park not only a neighborhood by
Director is over for Vocatio. geography, but by its sense of community. Besides
Anita MacBain has joined the organizing opportunities for students and neighbors to
team to lead us in our efforts collaborate on community projects with our CEI
to develop the high school initiative, we also intentionally bring in community
by the Fall of 2018. She and leaders as “vocational speakers” to interface with our
her husband Ken began youth, using their experiences and unique vocational
working in North paths as a bridge into the students’ lives. This
Philadelphia in 1994 when vocational forum uniquely brings together Vocatio’s
they became missionaries three core values - CHRIST, COMMUNITY, and CALLING.
with International teams
working with the Cambodian churches in Philadelphia. In Consider the perspective of one of our students -
2000, they began a non-profit called LOGAN Hope and Isaiah Jimenez, who has taken Carpentry, Welding,
started a Christ-centered K-8 school two years later. Since and SAT/ACT Prep classes with us:
then, Anita and her family have been committed to joining
God in the work that he’s been doing in their neighborhood. “Our vocational speakers have been
Anita firmly believes that the experience she had in starting invited to speak about their purpose in
LOGAN Hope School and even the jobs that she had prior to life. Usually, they share about how God
that prepared her to accept the calling as Executive Director has helped them overcome life obstacles.
at Vocatio. In launching LOGAN Hope, Anita and her team One thing that usually comes out is
had a puzzle to solve - figuring out the paperwork that how they moved from unbelief
needed to be done, finding people to hire who shared the towards faith. They start to see their
same vision and passion for the school and community, lives turn around for the better, and they
recruiting students and families to participate in the school. themselves even start inspiring others to
To Anita, “It was all about building Christ-centered know God and find hope for their lives.
relationships with the people who were shareholders in
the school.” To make Vocatio Career Prep High School a One of the speakers whose story helped
reality in Hunting Park, Anita charges us with 3 objectives: me a lot was Christina Faith, our film instructor. She
shared about some of her struggles before she started
1. Pray! We must trust that the Lord will provide for our following God. It’s so much more impactful to hear the
needs for teachers, and students, as well as the funds to way someone rose up from a tough background and
renovate our new building and to operate the school. childhood to become an inspiration. Hearing the journey
of people who ran the streets becoming church-planters
2. Connect! We need to connect with our community, who rap God’s Word - those stories can really influence us
families, and our partners. We invite partnership to help to trust God more.
build the culture of our school and share resources and
knowledge. I don’t know what my future calling is, but at this
moment - it is to keep growing in honesty and in opening
3. Do! Vocatio will be the best school we can be for Jesus - up to other people. At this moment, I’m thinking about
one that strives to make classes exciting to students, pursuing the Marines; if that doesn’t work out, I have a
equipping them to serve in whatever vocations God has passion for acting. It is an amazing feeling to become
prepared for them. someone else for a moment while still being me.

Currently, I’ve been going to church for more than a
year. I feel that I am coming to know God better. As I stick
around it is becoming easier to hear his voice.”

Anita’s love for the community paired with her previous Left: Isaiah posing in front of
experience in starting another school will help us expand as a shed he built alongside
an organization. We’re grateful for how God has already used other carpentry students
her and anticipate new seasons of growth with her This shed is FOR SALE!
leadership! For inquiries, email us at
[email protected]

The Spark of the Spirit While welding, all you see is a little patch of
glowing red where the arc is, along with a few
Spiritual Reflections from Behind the Hood sparks, with the backdrop of total darkness.
You can only see about a quarter to half inch
A graduating senior at Cairn 
in front of you. Sometimes that’s how life is: a
University, Moses has spent lot of darkness and just a faint glow - maybe
the last 3 years instructing just enough to see half a step ahead. But as
welding with Vocatio while long as that glow is there - that spark of the
pursuing his undergraduate Holy Spirit, redemptive potential remains. And the
Spirit will never leave us; the spark will always be there.
studies. On the projects
completed by Vocatio welders When it comes to redemption in the welding shop,
something I’m learning is that welding itself is
dotting the landscape of our redemptive.There’s been a process to this, because
community, he notes:“It’s so when I first started at Vocatio, I had this idea that
cool for my students to walk welding was simply something I would use to get to
around the neighborhood and the more important work of “reaching the youth.” But
be able to point to things and I’m realizing more and more that God cares not only
say ‘I did that.’ Now another about making welders good, he cares about making
part of them is invested in the good welds. Welding done well – out of overflowing and
abundant love for God, love for neighbor, and love for
community — they have craft, is itself a beautiful act of worship (and a very
added another phrase to the acceptable one at that!).Welding itself is part of the
“very good” of God’s creation, so it’s something to get
conversation.” Over time, excited about! It’s never separate from the beauty of
Moses has come to recognize the gospel, of course, but it’s part and parcel to that
the deeply spiritual nature of beauty. As I share a contagious excitement for welding,
the seemingly mundane work the creator and redeemer of the craft will be much
more attractive, beautiful, believable.
of welding.
One of my favorite moments this past term came
Reflect with Moses on when a welding student suddenly stopped welding,
welding as spiritual practice → lifted up his helmet, and with wide eyes and a smoking
electrode in hand, excitedly lectured me about how
utterly amazing welding is! I could hardly contain my
excitement. As a teacher, that’s as exhilarating as
summiting Everest.When he finally ran out of breath, I

let out a whooping hallelujah, and then asked:“If
welding is this amazing, and if the people who discovered
it had amazing minds, how much more amazing is the
one who first created it?”

The redemptive aspects of welding flow like current
through Spirit-charged lives of integrity.The youth are
watching — studying our lives to see if our words line
up with our actions.They want to see if the current is
really flowing through us, or if there’s a short in the
circuit somewhere. But when it is flowing, you’d better
stand back! Flash! There arcs redemption, and the Spirit
surges forward, sparking new lives and communities.

by Moses V. DeHart


— Join us for —

Merriment In May


When: Saturday, May 19, 2018 | Drop-in hours: 1 - 4PM.
Where: Joy in the City (4455 N 6th Street, Philadelphia, PA 19140)

CELEBRATE with us the purchase of

our new school building by joining us

on an interactive tour to experience

Vocatio! Meet instructors and current

students in our Saturday or summer

programs, travel through our

workshop area, all while enjoying

some light refreshments. Drop by

PAGE 4 anytime between 1PM and 4PM.

Vocatio’s New Logo: The Design Process

 by Christina Faith Johnson, Digital Media Instructor

Re-designing the Vocatio logo was not simply another task to be done; I felt
personally invested in finding the fresh look that would also reflect the
mission and vision of Vocatio. We wanted to create a logo that would reflect
students, staff, and supporters alike - one that will retain its relevance 20
years from now. Finally, we wanted our logo to represent Christ in a way
that goes beyond the obvious, ubiquitous symbols of Christian faith (e.g.
cross, dove, Bible, fish). At Vocatio, we aim to present Jesus to our students,
who come from diverse faith and non-faith backgrounds, in a way that is accessible, that resists
cultural caricatures, and that displays the reality of God’s Spirit in us. By sidestepping the baggage
often associated with symbols of religion and faith, this design intentionally opens up space for
creative avenues to share Jesus as our foundation, life, and hope in the conversations that will
inevitably arise as people inquire about the logo’s meaning and the intentions behind the design.

The Graphic Emblem: With the emblem, we integrated three elements together to Previous Logo:
form a torch (itself, a symbol of hope and victory): a person, a book, and a flame.
The person represents a teacher or mentor - with arms raised in instruction (or, While our efforts remain focused locally,
perhaps, worship). The book represents our spiritual foundation (the scriptures) and the decision to remove “HUNTING
academic rigor (curriculum). The flame, a carryover from our original logo, is the PARK” was aimed at more inclusivity
“pilot light” that sparks creativity in us - towards those who don’t identify as
the Holy Spirit. Finally, the laurels - strongly with our immediate community.
a traditional symbol for academic
achievement - surround the torch, Color Palette: We aimed for bright
picturing the way our school protects colors that could be used for a school
students’ flames, providing them a mascot or uniform colors in the
nurturing place to burn bright. future. With orange as our base,
Navy, White and the Gold accent
color were added to complement.

“Say it right!” The “V” and Smaller Text: Although we often simply go by “Vocatio”, Typography:
“O” had to stand out a bit to clarifying that we are a career prep school gives our logo “Charter” - serif font
help with vocalization; when intentionality - allowing people to recognize the focused, Style: Modern,
people see it this way, they educational nature of Vocatio’s calling in the neighborhood. softened with curve
say “Vo-ca-ti-O” instead of
“vo-ca-tion.” PAGE 5

Vocatio Career Prep High School → → May 2018 → →
Our New Building!
4455 N. 6th St
Philadelphia, PA 19140 ✓ By God’s grace and thanks to
generous partners at Jubilee
Type to enter text Church, we have acquired a
permanent site nearby to develop
October 2017 April 2018 Campaign Update our high school! Hallelujah! Thank
• Including pledges and in-kind God with us!

donations, we have raised about ✓ Renovations will begin shortly. Pray
$381k towards our goal of $600k. for the process to go smoothly.
• We still need $219k to put ourselves
in a good position to open the doors Below: Architect’s rendering for new building
of our school in August 2018. renovations, outfitting the hall for school usage

April 2018 August 2018

0 Current: $381k Goal: $600k


Mark your calendars…

Summer 2018 Session 1ST MONDAYS Fall 2018 High School

>> REGISTER.VOCATIOSCHOOL.ORG << PRAYER FOR + Express interest in enrolling
+ Vocational Electives: FILM + DENTAL + your 8th grader with us!
CARPENTRY + SAT PREP + BUSINESS & MORE! May 7, June 4, [email protected]
July 2, Aug. 6 @ + Consider our unique curriculum
+ MEALS + SPEAKERS + WORKSHOPS + TRIPS + and educational approach
COMMUNITY PROJECTS + SUMMER STIPEND 6PM + August 2018: Our doors open
with an inaugural 9th grade
+ DEDICATED at 4455 N. 6th St. class.

SMALL CLASS SIZES Partner with us!

+ JUNE 25 - AUG 3, ✓ Checks may be sent to:
MONDAY - FRIDAY, Vocatio Career Prep High School

8AM-3PM. 4455 N. 6th St., Philadelphia, PA 19140

+ STUDENTS ENTERING ✓ Or give online (one time or monthly):

PPAAGGEE 56 [ We are a 501c3; All gifts are tax-deductible. ]

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