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CV19News - The Covid Report compiled by Arnold (AJ) Jameson.

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Published by CV19News, 2021-06-01 07:43:37

CV19News - The Covid Report

CV19News - The Covid Report compiled by Arnold (AJ) Jameson.

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sick, but the antibody (AB) itself may turn against your body creating havoc and massive auto-
immune disease.
o it attacks your organs by molecular mimicry.
o this “vaccine” is not a vaccine, but an exceptionally well-designed genetic modification
technology; it is a well-designed killing tool!
o Governments around the world are saying NO to mRNA vaccines because they are a form of
o Remember that genocide is absolutely a key part of the Deep State Plan


 The spike protein AG presented to host immune system in 1 of 2 ways:
Spike protein fragment antigen (AG) binds MHC-1 receptor in ER & then MCH-1 Protein
Complex leaves ER as vesicle to be exocytosed at plasma membrane. This MCH-1 Protein
Complex then binds to and activates cytotoxic T-cells.

 Pathway 2 – Antibody-Mediated IMMUNITY
Remainder of article discusses this pathway.

How the Shot Supposedly Works

 The Spike protein mRNA is created from the viral DNA spike protein sequence via reverse

 Spike protein mRNA is then transcribed by ribosomes to create the spike protein.
 mRNA codes for the spike protein on corona viruses (there are 37 corona viruses that we

have known about for at least 60 years, but only 7 infect humans).
 Host DNA is indirectly, not directly, affected.
 Spike protein binds to ACE2 receptors to gain entry into the host cell to begin replication.
 It takes up to 6 weeks for this spike protein to be fully expressed & for re-exposure

problems to surface.
 Then, host immune system generates antibodies (AB) against the spike protein.
 The problem is that the AB against spike protein is a non-neutralizing AB; that is, it is

NOT made against the entire virus, but only against the spike protein.
 This Spike protein antibody (AB) is a non-neutralizing antibody (unlike measles, mumps,

chickenpox, shingles, etc. antibodies).
 An antibody (AB) has 2 FAB fragments and 1 FAC fragment in the shape of a “Y” (which is

creepy in and of itself ==> Family Y).
 FAB fragments bind to the antigen to neutralize it and make it go away. With this shot, the

FAC fragment causes a lot of problems.
 The FAC fragment can bind to tissue in the lungs, Eosinophiles, Basophils, other receptors

that can cause anaphylactic shock, can cause direct modification of macrophages, and
can cross-react with human tissues to cause autoimmune disease via molecular mimicry.
 A key problem is B cell sensitization – the AB generating B cells retain memory of the
AB forever (Memory B cells).
 We have no idea how long the spike protein will last in the host;
 We have no idea how long the AB will last in the host;
 We have no idea how long the B cells will continue to be active;
 And for the rest of host’s life, the host may be susceptible to autoimmune

disease, shock, allergies & death from this injection.

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10 Mechanisms by which this Injection Can Cause Harm (Dr. Tenpenny can only covers a few in
this video)

10 Ways these “Vaccines” will Hurt You

Too complicated for me so I did not take notes. see 7M.

She explains how messenger RNA (mRNA) works. The messenger causes the ribosomes to create
a protein and that process indirectly changes your DNA as the body makes spike proteins.

* There are 35 to 40 catalogued coronaviruses. This process causes the virus to replicate.

The generated antibody does not behave like a normal antibody. . ..

The antibody can bind to tissue in your lungs and cause anaphylactic shock and other things.

* The antibody-producing process will be there forever because there is no off switch.

We have no idea how long the mRNA messenger will continue to be translated and create the
proteins, etc. and there are no long-term studies to tell us. For the rest of your life, you may be
susceptible to auto-immune disease, shock, allergies and death!

* People who had the shot and say “I am fine” are okay until they get re-exposed to a Coronavirus.

* She explains how the virus starts to replicate and you get an infection worse than if you had not had
the shot because the body attacks ALL the newly embedded spike proteins throughout the
body and that massive hyperimmune response eventually leads to septic shock as the body fights
off the assumed massive infection.

* They did not do animal studies because they knew the animals would get sick or die as happened
post-SARS1 after the initial attempts in 2005 to create coronavirus mRNA vaccines.

* The antibody can cross the blood-brain barrier and cause 2 proteins in the brain to malfunction.
You can then get ALS or frontal lobe degeneration (Alzheimer’s and dementia) as a result.

* A cytokine storm occurs when the MP1 macrophages (e.g. the arsonists) cause the inflammatory
response (i.e. starts the fire), but the MP2 macrophages (e.g. the firemen) never show up because
these protectors are killed off by the vaccine-induced antibodies. THERE IS NO OFF SWITCH!

Viral Vector Vaccines

* The new J&J shot takes the spike protein and puts it inside an Adenovirus (common cold virus) that
combines to your cell and opens up and deposits the spike protein antibody inside your cell. This
process accomplishes the same end result as mRNA vaccines, just with a different mechanism.

* The end result is that all 3 of the vaccines make these antibodies that are going to be so
destructive. Studies indicate that there are 28 organs in your body that can be attacked by that
antibody. You can have 100 different symptoms (so it is hard to diagnose). It can cause cancer.

* It’s mass murder.

PEG – Polyethylene Glycol

 The coding around the mRNA is unstable, so they had to encase it in a lipid bubble
(liposome) or the immune system would naturally destroy it.

 The lipid bubble contains (PEG). It is wrapped in a bubble of polyethylene glycol which
allows the virus to replicate after it bypasses the immune system and enters the cell.

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 Humans have been sensitized (i.e. primed or made allergic to) PEG via many, many
products over the decades.
 In 1960, about 2% of population was sensitized to PEG.
 In 2021, about 70-72% of population is now sensitized to PEG.

 PEG reaction can cause an acute allergic reaction and/or anaphylactic shock & death.
 PEG is in the Moderna & Pfizer shots.

Concept of “Re-Exposure” or Antibody Dependent Enhancement

 Many folks have taken the shot and say, “Look at me, I’ve had no problems!!!”
 Well, the problem comes when that person is re-exposed to any of the coronaviruses.
 The anti-spike AB can then set up autoimmune disease.
 Anti-spike AB can bind to the spike protein; AG-AB complex internalized in macrophages

(MP); RNA of virus is released inside the MP, then causes OVERWHELMING infection
(MUCH WORSE than had you never had the shot).
 They have been trying to develop ABs against corona virus since 2005 because the flu, a
coronavirus, has a large burden of disease worldwide and there are coronaviruses other
than flu that also have a large burden of illness (so getting a coronavirus vaccine is
 Scientists have NEVER been able to get their studies (ABs against the full virus) past the
safety studies on rats, rabbits, ferrets, hamsters & monkeys. These animals all got
extremely sick or died on re-exposure to coronavirus. Failure on both safety & efficacy.
 These evil, Cabal, deep state scientists are very smart & have almost unlimited money to
spend on their genocidal projects.
 With COVID vaccine, they did not even bother with animal studies, and went straight to
human trials knowing the premeditated outcome.
 Rashes and things like that are an allergic reaction.

AG-AB complex can cross the Blood Brain Barrier (BBB)

 Can convert two proteins in the brain and cause them to malfunction.
 When these two proteins are corrupted, one leads to ALS and one to Frontal Temporal

Lobe Degeneration (Alzheimer’s Dementia).
 Covid Vaccine is linked to infertility (placental protein deviously & malevolently contained

in shot causes generation of Anti-placenta AB).

Mechanism of Cytokine Storm

 Macrophages (MPs) are the little garbage eaters of the immune system.
 Two types of macrophages (MP): MP1 & MP2
 MP1 is active on initial infection.
 When MP1 attacks pathogen, cytokines are released.
 Cytokines are proinflammatory & cause fever & call in (NK) natural killer cells.
 As infection begins to resolve, MP2 come in like fire fighters to quell & calm the hot

inflammatory soup & then begin to clean up debris.
 MP1 ==> increased cytokines (what you want in initial infection)
 MP2 ==> decreased cytokines (also what you want to resolve initial infection)
 The Anti-spike AB inactivates MP2’s by binding the FAC fragment to the MP2 cells ==>
fire fighters CANNOT show up because they are inactivated, so the cytokine storm goes
on and on and on. The OFF SWITCH has been deactivated – “There is an ON SWITCH,

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New J&J Shot

 We have very little information on this shot.
 Spike protein is inserted into an adenovirus to gain entry into host (there are > 100

different strains for adenovirus)
 Some adenoviruses turn on ONCOGENES that can cause cancer.

Autoimmune Disease & the “Vaccine”

 A well-know immunologist tested the Anti-spike AB on 55 tissue types to determine cross-

 The Anti-spike AB cross-reacted with 28 of the tissue antigens.
 Thus, you can see how a plethora of autoimmune diseases can take hold.
 Hundreds of Sx can look different, but underlying pathology is that the Anti-spike AB, via

molecular mimicry, interacts with up to 28 different tissue AGs in multiple organ systems.

VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System)

 As of 2/18/21 VAERS has over 1000 reported deaths.
 This is about 10% of what is out there, so 10,000 – 100,000 deaths are possible, SO FAR.
 > 19,0000 adverse events reported.
 This is about 10% of what is out there, so really there are likely 190,000 to 1,000,000

adverse events possible SO FAR.
 In the next 4-18 months, we can expect to see massive injury & major death numbers

arising from these shots.

FDA & CDC have violated 3 areas of Federal Law to allow the Emergency Use Authorization
for the “Vaccine”

 Given a 99.91 % Survivability of COVID, a “Vaccine” is much less “effective”. This is part
of the Emergency Use Authorization criteria that is being violated.

Other Effective Treatments that can also PREVENT infection.

 HCQ (hydroxychloroquine), Zinc, Ivermectin, High Dose Vitamin C & High Dose Vitamin D


 Vaxx causes Creutzfeld-Jacob Disease! 25 min. video by
Jana Ben Nun. Imperative message and warning to everyone
who remains ignorant of the globalist agenda to reduce the
worlds population by 90% before 2030!!

 Zombie Apocalypse Coming? CDC’s own words!

 Cited documentation: COVID-19 RNA based vaccines and
the risk of prion disease J. Bart Classon MD

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“The risk-benefit calculus is therefore clear: the
experimental vaccines are needless, ineffective
and dangerous. Actors authorizing, coercing or
administering experimental COVID-19
vaccination are exposing populations and
patients to serious, unnecessary, and
unjustified medical risks.” Doctors for Covid
Ethics, April 29, 2021

An explosive new study by researchers at the
prestigious Salk Institute casts doubt on the current crop of gene-based vaccines that
may pose a grave risk to public health. The article, which is titled “The novel
coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in illness”, shows that
SARS-CoV-2’s “distinctive ‘spike’ protein”..” damages cells, confirming COVID-19
as a primarily vascular disease.” While the paper focuses strictly on Covid-related
issues, it unavoidably raises questions about the new vaccines that contain billions of
spike proteins that could greatly increase the chances of severe illness or death. Here’s
an excerpt from the article dated April 30, 2021:

“In the new study, the researchers created a “pseudovirus” that was surrounded by SARS-
CoV-2 classic crown of spike proteins but did not contain any actual virus. Exposure to this
pseudovirus resulted in damage to the lungs and arteries of an animal model—proving that
the spike protein alone was enough to cause disease. Tissue samples showed inflammation in
endothelial cells lining the pulmonary artery walls. (Note– “Vascular endothelial cells line
the entire circulatory system, from the heart to the smallest capillaries.”)

The team then replicated this process in the lab, exposing healthy endothelial cells (which line
arteries) to the spike protein. They showed that the spike protein damaged the cells by
binding ACE2. This binding disrupted ACE2’s molecular signaling to mitochondria
(organelles that generate energy for cells), causing the mitochondria to become damaged
and fragmented.

Previous studies have shown a similar effect when cells were exposed to the SARS-CoV-2
virus, but this is the first study to show that the damage occurs when cells are exposed to the
spike protein on its own.” (“The novel coronavirus’ spike protein plays additional key role in

The new research paper is the equivalent of a hydrogen bomb. It changes everything
by confirming what vaccine critics have been theorizing for months but were unable
to prove.

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Now there is solid evidence that:
1. Covid-19 is primarily a disease of the vascular system (The vascular system,
also called the circulatory system, is made up of the vessels that carry
blood and lymph through the body.) and not the respiratory system.
2. The main culprit is the spike protein. (Spike protein–“a glycoprotein that
protrudes from the envelope of some viruses” Merriam-Webster “Like a
key in a lock, these spike proteins fuse to receptors on the surface of cells,
allowing the virus’s genetic code to invade the host cell, take over its
machinery and replicate.” Bruce Lieberman)

Simply put, if Covid-19 is primarily a vascular disease and if the main instrument of
physical damage is the spike protein, then why are we injecting people with billions
of spike proteins?

Here’s how architect and author, Robin Monotti Graziadei, summed up these
developments on you tube:

“So, we have been told for the last year, that the only role the spike protein was supposed to
play was to enter the human cells. (But) It’s clear, that that is not what they do, (since) they
give you illness, vascular illness. Vascular illness can have many manifestations. They can
include sinus vein thrombosis, blood clots, bruising, and longer-term conditions. Do you
think it’s a good idea to bypass the first (defenses) of your immune system, …and inject…
trillions of spike proteins in your cells given the information that has just been released by
the Salk Institute? Think about it….

Salk Institute researchers have told us –without any ambiguity– that the spike protein is a
fundamental part of the Covid-19 disease. Yes, it’s true that the spike protein with the N-
protein, will not replicate. However, trillions (of these proteins) induced by the vaccine
injection have the capacity to create damage in your vascular system. This is what the study
says and what has been published by an extremely important center for biological studies.
This is not a conspiracy theory. I think, at this stage, there is enough information to consider
whether we will be told the truth in the coming days, because such information should be on
the cover of every newspaper and the top story on every news channel. And what they should
say is this: “The fundamental and technological basis –on which all of the vaccines that were
distributed in the West– is flawed. We thought that the spike protein would only enter the
cells to create antibodies so if you faced the wild virus, it would not latch onto your cells,
however, we were wrong. We were wrong because the spike protein in itself, creates disease,
and if you inject trillions of them into a human body, there will be manifestations of disease
in many cases.” It is not safe to inject trillions of spike proteins into a muscle, because it
bypasses layers of your immune system which could have potentially neutralized the
virus… By crossing the threshold of the human body through the injection of these
compounds, you are not giving your immune system the chance to mount a strong enough
response to the spike protein in order to neutralize it. (The vaccine) will have this disease-
creating spike protein in it if you agree (to take) any of these vaccines. ….It is now up to us to
try to fix the mistake they have made.” (Robin Monotti Graziadei on the new Salk Institute research
paper, You Tube, –See it before it is removed)

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Perfectly stated and right on the money. Graziadei extrapolates the hidden meaning
of the Salk report and clarifies its significance. How are the public health officials,
the politicians, the media and the rest of the pro-Covid Vaxx camp going to respond
to these revelations especially with the imprimatur of the Salk Institute affixed to the
front of the report? Will they try to sweep it under the rug or will they try to divert
the public’s attention to the ‘variant’ hobgoblin? Or will they try something else
entirely, like claim that one class of spike proteins are good for you while others lead
to protracted illness and death? What will they do?

Doctor Vladimir Zelenko, who has been nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for his
use of hydroxychloroquine in the treatment of COVID-19 patients, had this to say:
“Do you understand what this means——we are injecting viral genetic
code for the spike protein into innocent people and it gets into almost
every cell In the body.” (Nobel nominee, Zelenko has also been banned from

Indeed, that’s precisely what they’ve done. And, let’s not forget, the vaccine
manufacturers have complete legal immunity for the injuries they produce. Legal
immunity means moral impunity.

So what effect will these spike proteins have on the people that have gotten

Here’s what the Doctors for Covid Ethics have to say in their latest article that was
published just this week:

“The vaccines are dangerous to both healthy individuals and those with pre-existing chronic
disease, for reasons such as the following: risk of lethal and non-lethal disruptions of blood
clotting including bleeding disorders, thrombosis in the brain, stroke and heart attack;
autoimmune and allergic reactions; antibody-dependent enhancement of disease; and
vaccine impurities due to rushed manufacturing and unregulated production standards….

...all gene-based vaccines can be expected to cause blood clotting and bleeding disorders….
The vaccines are not safe.” (“COVID Vaccines: Necessity, Efficacy and Safety”, Doctors for Covid

There it is in black and white: “The vaccines are not safe”. Here’s more from an
article at Children’s Health Defense about Professor Yehuda Shoenfeld, the Israeli
clinical immunologist who is widely credited as the “father of autoimmunity.”
Shoenfeld approaches the issue from an entirely different angle. Take a look:

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“Shoenfeld’s primary concern boils down to what’s called molecular mimicry. There are a
number of genetic sequences that are identical both in the human genome and that of SARS-
CoV-2 …

The immunologists go on to draw particular attention to the identical sequences in a specific
group of proteins found deep in the lungs (the site of ARDS/covid pneumonia)… This is a
concern Shoenfeld …

It’s why Shoenfeld and colleagues have been banging on the drum during the vaccine
development phase last year, arguing that peptide sequences used in the new vaccines
should be unique and not be common to ones found in the body.

For a predisposed individual, an adverse reaction to the vaccine, Shoenfeld and colleagues
argue, could be enough for them to be tipped over the edge — into autoimmune disease. One
of the most obvious signals for predisposition is to already have one of the over 100
autoimmune diseases that are charging through industrialized societies. Yet, with the father
of autoimmunity sounding the warnings of autoimmune risks, there is scarcely a word of
caution being uttered by governments rolling out the mass vaccination programs. Shame on
them.” (“Are We on the Verge of a ‘Super-Epidemic’ of Autoimmune Diseases?” Children’s Health Defense)

My limited understanding of “molecular mimicry”, is this: By injecting proteins into
the body that are so similar to the Covid proteins that are wreaking havoc in the
vascular system, we could trigger a situation in which the body’s immune system
attacks its own organs or vascular system. Which is why the author asks: Are We on
the Verge of a ‘Super-Epidemic’ of Autoimmune Diseases?

In earlier articles, we presented the views of scientists and medical professionals
who anticipated the issues that are now emerging in relation to the spike protein.
For example, here is an excerpt from a piece about pediatric rheumatologist, Dr. J.
Patrick Whelan, who said the following in a letter to the FDA:

“I am concerned about the possibility that the new vaccines aimed at creating immunity
against the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein have the potential to cause microvascular injury to the
brain, heart, liver and kidneys in a way that does not currently appear to be assessed in
safety trials of these potential drugs….

“Before any of these vaccines are approved for widespread use in humans, it is important to
assess in vaccinated subjects the effects of vaccination on the heart. As important as it is to
quickly arrest the spread of the virus by immunizing the population, it would be vastly worse
if hundreds of millions of people were to suffer long-lasting or even permanent damage to
their brain or heart microvasculature as a result of failing to appreciate in the short-term an
unintended effect of full-length spike protein-based vaccines on these other
organs.” (“Scientists Challenge Health Officials on Vaccinating People Who Already Had COVID”, Global

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We also pointed out that “gene-based vaccines release a spike protein that spreads
throughout the body, gets trapped in the bloodstream and collects in the layer of
cells (endothelial cells) that coat the blood vessels.” We think the new research by
the Salk Institute supports this general theory.

Also, according to Dr. Hyung Chun, a Yale cardiologist, the cells “release
inflammatory cytokines that further exacerbate the body’s inflammatory response
and lead to the formation of blood clots. Chun has stated: “The ‘inflamed’
endothelium likely contributes not only to worsening outcome in COVID-19, but also
is considered to be an important factor contributing to risk of heart attacks and

This seems to suggest that the spike protein from the vaccine can have the same
effect as the spike protein from the infection. Here’s more:

“Individuals with COVID-19 experience a vast number of neurological symptoms, such as
headaches, ataxia, impaired consciousness, hallucinations, stroke and cerebral hemorrhage.
But autopsy studies have yet to find clear evidence of destructive viral invasion into
patients’ brains, pushing researchers to consider alternative explanations of how SARS-CoV-2
causes neurological symptoms….

If not viral infection, what else could be causing injury to distant organs associated with

The most likely culprit that has been identified is the COVID-19 spike protein released from
the outer shell of the virus into circulation. Research cited below has documented that the viral
spike protein is able to initiate a cascade of events that triggers damage to distant organs in
COVID-19 patients.

Worryingly, several studies have found that the spike proteins alone have the capacity to
cause widespread injury throughout the body, without any evidence of virus.
What makes this finding so disturbing is that the COVID-19 mRNA vaccines manufactured by
Moderna and Pfizer and currently being administered throughout the U.S. program our cells
to manufacture this same coronavirus spike protein as a way to trigger our bodies to
produce antibodies to the virus.” (“Could Spike Protein in Moderna, Pfizer Vaccines Cause Blood Clots,
Brain Inflammation and Heart Attacks?” Global Research)

The above quote is key to grasping what Covid really is and why the new vaccines
threaten to greatly exacerbate the problem. As Chun says:

“…autopsy studies have yet to find clear evidence of destructive viral invasion
into patients’ brains, pushing researchers to consider alternative
explanations of how SARS-CoV-2 causes neurological symptoms….”

Copyright ©2021 P a g e | 160

This observation is correct. The research does not indicate “viral invasion into
patients’ brains”.

Why? Because–as the Salk report indicates– it is not the viral infection that is
getting into the brain but the spike protein that has passed the blood-brain barrier
via the vascular system.

Here’s Dr Chun again: “what else could be causing injury to distant organs
associated with COVID-19?”

Once again, it is not the virus but the spike protein and the autoimmune response.

Finally, Chun acknowledges that the new vaccines “program our cells to
manufacture this same coronavirus spike protein as a way to trigger
our bodies to produce antibodies to the virus.”

The production and distribution of these potentially lethal injections goes way beyond
mere recklessness. This is an unprecedented global catastrophe that could result in the
deaths of millions. How long will this insanity continue?

**** COMMENTARY ****

Based on this and much more research I have done, the question needs to be asked?
Does it seem at all rational to you to inject an unproven, Emergency Use Authorization
Only experimental gene modification technology into your body that:

 is designed to manufacture the very coronavirus spike protein throughout your
body with the hope that you will then mount an immune response to the spike
protein and which will be limited in ONLY those parts of the body where it is

 will know when to stop producing the spike proteins and not continue forever?
 will not be too much like the other 28 tissues in your body that have identical or

similar spike proteins that could cause your body to attack itself when later
challenged in the future with another exposure to a spike protein virus or
vaccine? (this is the very definition of AIDS or auto-immune deficiency
syndrome). Previous animal test subjects ALL died when re-exposed!!!


The evidence from experts worldwide is emerging that those test subjects who take
these shots are likely setting themselves up for a lifetime of autoimmune health issues
that Big Pharma is planning to treat!

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June 4, 2021 -

New peer reviewed study on COVID-19 vaccines suggests why heart
inflammation, blood clots and other dangerous side effects occur.

In a recent interview with Canadian radio broadcast host, Alex Pierson, Dr. Byram Bridle’s
comments, and reporting on a new study that was just released, has gone viral.

Dr. Bridle’s resume is extensive. He is a viral immunologist and currently an associate professor
of virology and immunology at the University of Guelph in Ontario, Canada. He leads research
teams studying the natural power of a patient’s immune system to eliminate one’s own cancer
cells. His teams also study host responses to viruses and other inflammatory stimuli. He also
teaches students in the Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, graduate and undergraduate
programs, at Guelph.

Dr. Bridle is very much pro-vaccination but has recently been voicing his concerns from data
gleaned from a recently released bio-distribution study out of Japan, outlining why
complications and severe side-effects are occurring after taking the C-19 vaccine(s). He states
that he has all the peer-reviewed data in hand, to back up everything he is saying, along with
other internationally recognized expert colleagues.

Listen to his interviews for yourself and learn this very important information from Dr. Bridle.
See his complete guest profile, articles, and other videos at

For a full transcript of his video featured below, visit the link to the source article under the
title above.

In this short 8-minute interview, he states that:

"We made a BIG mistake. We didn’t realize it until now. We thought
the spike protein was a great target antigen. We never knew that the
spike protein itself was a toxin and was a pathogenic toxin."

We think it's time to listen up, and listen close, because these vaccines might not be what their
pushers say they are. A portion of the transcript is highlighted below but be sure to listen to
the entire video to get it all in context.

Copyright ©2021 P a g e | 162

Dr. Bryam Bridle - Latest Research on Covid Vaccines and Spike Protein Dangers

Alex Pierson: … there’s a big push to get kids as young as 12 the shot as soon as possible. But
not everyone’s confident about it… There are a lot of parents who are kind of nervous about
putting something into their kids… there have been several dozen cases of heart problems…
Mostly males… around 22 years of age and younger, are getting heart inflammation. So, 1-4
days after getting the shot, they get like a shortness of breath, a fatigue, and some very specific
chest pain. Let’s bring in Dr. Byram Bridle, he’s an associate professor of viral immunology at
the University of Guelph. Doctor, you’ve been very open on this whole issue. And, you know,
you’re not an anti-vaccine by any stretch. But what do you think about this inflammation in the
heart? And is it an actual threat?

Dr. Byram Bridle: Thanks for having me on. Yeah, as you said, I’m very much pro vaccine, but
always making sure that the science is done properly and that we follow the science carefully
before going into a public rollout of vaccines. I hope you let me run with this a little bit, Alex. I
forewarn you and your listeners that the story I’m about to tell is a bit of a scary one. This is
cutting edge science. There’s a couple of key pieces of scientific information that have become
privy to just within the past few days that has made the final link. So, we understand now…
exactly why these problems are happening, and many others associated with these vaccines.
Let me assure you that everything that I’m stating… is completely backed up by peer reviewed
scientific publications, and well-known and well-respected scientific journals… So your listeners
are going to be the first to hear the public release of this conclusion; this is what it is:

The SARS coronavirus to has a spike protein on its surface. That spike protein is what allows it
to infect our bodies... The vaccines we’re using get our cells in our body to manufacture that
protein. If we can mount an immune response against that protein, in theory, we can prevent

Copyright ©2021 P a g e | 163

this virus from infecting the body. That’s the theory behind the vaccine. However, [the] heart
problems, [problems with] the cardiovascular system, bleeding and clotting, is all associated
with severe Covid-19.

What has [just now] been discovered by the scientific community is the spike protein, on its
own, is almost entirely responsible for the damage to the cardiovascular system if it gets into
circulation. Indeed, if you inject the purified spike protein into the blood of research animals,
they get all kinds of damage to the cardiovascular system, and it can cross the blood brain
barrier and cause damage to the brain.

Now, at first glance, that doesn’t seem too concerning because we’re injecting these vaccines
into the shoulder muscle. The assumption up until now has been that these vaccines behave
like all of our traditional vaccines; that they don’t go anywhere other than the injection site.
So, they stay in our shoulder. Some of the protein will go to the local draining lymph node in
order to activate the immune system. However, this is where the cutting-edge science has
come in, and this is where it gets scary. Through a request for information from the Japanese
regulatory agency, myself and several international collaborators have been able to get access
to what’s called a bio distribution study. It’s the first time ever that scientists have been privy
to seeing where these messenger RNA vaccines go after vaccination.

In other words, is it a safe assumption that it stays in the shoulder muscle? The short answer
is absolutely not. It’s very disconcerting. The spike protein gets into the blood, circulates
through the blood of individuals. Over several days post vaccination, it accumulates. Once it
gets into the blood, it accumulates in a number of tissues, such as the spleen, the bone
marrow, the liver, the adrenal glands. One that’s of particular concern for me is it accumulates
at quite high concentrations in the ovaries. [In the blood of 11 of 13] young health care
workers who had received the Moderna vaccine… they found the spike protein in circulation....

We have known for a long time that the spike protein is a pathogenic protein. It is a toxin. It
can cause damage in our body if it gets into circulation. Now, we have clear cut evidence that
the vaccines that make our bodies… manufacture this protein. Plus, the protein gets into blood
circulation, and once in circulation, the spike protein combines to the receptors that are on our
platelets and the cells that line our blood vessels. When that happens, it can do one of two
things. It can either cause platelets to clump and that can lead to clotting; that’s exactly why
we’ve been seeing clotting disorders associated with these vaccines. It can also lead to
bleeding. And of course, the heart’s a key part of the cardiovascular system. That’s why we’re
seeing heart problems.

It can also cross the blood brain barrier and cause neurological damage. That’s why also in the
fatal cases of blood clots, many times it’s seen in the brain. And, also of concern is… that the
antibodies from the vaccine get transferred through breastmilk. And the idea was this may be a
good thing because it would confer some passive protection to babies.

Copyright ©2021 P a g e | 164

However, what they found inadvertently was that the messenger RNA vaccines actually get
transferred through the breast milk… delivering the vaccine vector itself into infants that are
breastfeeding… the spike protein gets into circulation [and] any proteins in the blood will get
concentrated in breast milk. Looking into the adverse event data base in the United States, we
have found evidence of suckling infants experiencing bleeding disorders in the gastrointestinal

[In fact, there are now recent reports of infants dying within days of the mother getting

So, this has implications for blood donation right now. Canada Blood Services is saying people
who have been vaccinated can’t donate. We don’t want transfer of these pathogenic spike
proteins to fragile patients who are being transfused with that blood. This has implications for
infants that are suckling. And this has serious implications for people for whom SARS
Coronavirus is not a high-risk pathogen, and that includes all of our children.

In short, the conclusion is we made a big mistake. We didn’t realize it until now. We thought
the spike protein was a great target antigen. We never knew the spike protein itself was a toxin
and was a pathogenic protein.

So, by vaccinating people, we are inadvertently inoculating
them with a toxin. And some people this gets into circulation.
And when that happens, in some people it can cause damage,
especially to the cardiovascular system.

I have many other… legitimate questions about the long-term safety, therefore, of this vaccine.
For example, with it accumulating in the ovaries, one of my questions is “will we be rendering
young people infertile, some of them infertile?”

Byram W. Bridle
Associate Professor | PhD

Prologue: Not surprisingly, since speaking out on this topic and sending an urgent letter to the
top doctors, medical officers, and politicians in Canada, he has been harassed and viciously
attacked online, as well as threatened by the governing regulatory bodies. We’ve all seen this
happen time and time again: when the very individuals we should be listening to, like scientists,
doctors, virologists or immunologists, speak out against the mainstream narrative, there is an
immediate and targeted campaign to discredit them that ensues. And that should raise a big
red flag in and of itself, shouldn’t it?

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There is no immediate threat of severe COVID-19 in the majority of Canadian children and

As of May 28, 2021, there have been 259,308 confirmed cases of SARS-CoV-2 infections in Canadians 19 years and
under. Of these, 0.48% were hospitalized, 0.06% were admitted to ICU, and 0.004% died1. Seasonal influenza is
associated with more severe illness than COVID-19.2

Pfizer BioNTech’s clinical data in children are limited and provide no information on rare but
serious adverse effects or long-term safety as well as efficacy.

Pfizer BioNTech’s study included 2,260 children and adolescents, 12-15 years of age, 1,131 of whom received the
vaccine. This is a very small number of adolescents and does not permit an evaluation of rare but serious side-effects,
such as effects that may happen in only 1:5,000 adolescents. Furthermore, with most of the adolescents followed for
only 1 or 2 months after their 2nd dose, there is no data to support long-term safety.

All of the COVID-19 vaccines in Canada are “Authorized under Interim Orders”.

This means that continued use of the experimental vaccines is contingent on the collection of additional data from Pfizer
BioNTech’s on-going study as well as other surveillance systems, including studies that Canadian adolescents are being
invited to enroll in at the time of vaccination, to evaluate the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines.

COVID-19 vaccines authorized for use in Canada result in production of virus spike protein.

The Pfizer BioNTech vaccine is injected in a shoulder muscle. It was assumed that spike protein production takes place in
white blood cells at this location, and then these cells present the spike protein on their surface so that a full immune
response can take place. However, cells of the muscle and other organs may also take up the vaccine.

It was assumed that the spike proteins do not end up in circulation; however, this is being
challenged by recent studies.

Ogata et al., 20213 reported the detection of spike protein in the plasma of 3 of 13 young healthcare workers following
vaccination with Moderna’s mRNA-1273 vaccine. Based on a review of Ogata’s supplementary data, there is evidence
that the spike protein may be detected as late as 28 days after vaccination. The data are limited and warrant further
investigation for both Moderna and Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines.



Page 1 of 2 v520210607

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Recent studies indicate the spike protein, itself, may potentially be harmful.

Recent studies4 suggest that the spike protein produced in response to vaccination, may bind and interact with various
cells throughout the body, via their ACE2 receptors, potentially resulting in damage to various tissues and organs. This
risk, no matter how theoretical, must be investigated prior to the vaccination of children and adolescents.

Health Canada authorized the COVID-19 vaccines without biodistribution and
pharmacokinetic studies on the virus spike protein.

Given the concerns about the spike protein, it is important that we fully understand:
which cells are actually involved in the production of the spike protein, seeing that Pfizer’s own study submitted to
the Japanese authorities shows the deposition of vaccine nanoparticles in various tissues and organs5;
whether the spike protein is gaining access to the circulatory system and, if so, for how long;
whether the spike protein crosses the blood-brain barrier;
whether the spike protein interferes with semen production or ovulation,
whether the spike protein crosses the placenta and impacts a developing baby, or
whether the spike protein is excreted in the milk of lactating mothers.

The same information is needed for the S1 subunit of the spike protein, the part that binds to ACE2 receptors; and which
has also been detected in the plasma of individuals following mRNA-1273 (Moderna) vaccination (Ogata et al., 2021).

The toxicity studies conducted with the Pfizer BioNTech vaccine do not allow for a safety
assessment of the spike protein.

Although Pfizer BioNTech conducted toxicity studies, including a reproductive toxicity study, they used rats as the animal
model. Although rats have ACE2 receptors, these receptors have very low binding affinity for the spike protein. Of 14
mammalian species evaluated6, ACE2 receptors of rats and mice had the lowest spike protein binding affinities, while
ACE2 receptors in humans and rhesus monkeys had the highest. So, while the current toxicity studies provide useful
information on vaccine components, questions still remain regarding the safety of the spike protein they code for.

Where our children and adolescents are concerned, it is crucial that we carefully follow a precautionary
principle. Children and adolescents have a miniscule risk of severe illness and death from COVID-19. The
risk of vaccination, no matter how theoretical, must be fully investigated and understood.

Canadians must question the accelerated and indiscriminate vaccination of all children and adolescents with
a vaccine for which critically important biodistribution, pharmacokinetic, and safety data on the SARS-CoV-2
spike proteins are missing.

The Canadian government should be called upon to immediately halt the mass vaccination program of
children and adolescents until such time as these studies are conducted and the uncertainties about the
potential pathogenicity of the spike protein can be addressed.

____________________________ v520210607


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Most people are unaware of the voluntary reporting system that medical personnel can use to report
injuries and deaths associated with a vaccination. It has been estimated that only 1% of cases actually get
documented in this system so the real numbers are likely to be 100 times higher than shown here. When
the Covid19 vaccination program was getting rolled out, tender bids went out the scientific community
looking for programmers to design software that would be able to track a high volume of expected adverse
reactions related to these new experimental vaccines. Below are some links and screenshots to an
alarming trend that has emerged in injuries and deaths in just the first few months of this mass
vaccination program worldwide. These numbers speak for themselves.

See the complete auto updating list here:

CDC: 1265 DEAD 25,212 Injuries
Following Experimental COVID mRNA following-experimental-covid-mrna-vaccines
460 Dead 243,612 Reported Injuries from COVID19
Vaccines Reported in the U.K.

FDA Issues Emergency Use Authorization for Another Experimental COVID-19 Vaccine

All of these EUAs are illegal, as safe and effective treatments for COVID-19 are readily available, including hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin,
and also high-dose Vitamin C administered via IV fluids.
One family in New York had to go all the way to the New York Supreme Court to allow them to save their mother’s life by giving her ivermectin,
which the hospital refused to do, and would have rather stood back and watched her die. See:

New York Supreme Court Judge Saves 80-Year-Old Patient from Death by Ordering Hospital to
Give Life-Saving Ivermectin

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Charles Hoffe has been a medical doctor for 28 years in the small,
rural town of Lytton in British Columbia, Canada. The town is
comprised of many indigenous groups and the “First Nations.”

When Dr. Hoffe was given 900 doses of the Moderna
experimental COVID-19 injections, he administered the doses
through the Lytton Medical Clinic to those who wanted them.

He chose not to inject himself.

Dr. Hoffe reports that the result of injecting 900 people among the indigenous First Nations community was
that 2 people went into anaphylactic shock, one person died, and several others have suffered what appear
to be permanent disabilities. He relates how one of his patients is in so much pain now, that she prefers
death to life. By contrast, no one in the community died or became permanently disabled due to the COVID-
19 virus for the past year.

Dr. Hoffe reported these adverse reactions by email to the medical personnel in his community who were
responsible for the roll-out of the Moderna shots, which included pharmacists, nurses, and doctors in his area,
a total of about 18 people he says. His email expressed grave concern over the side effects he was seeing, and
he asked if perhaps they should pause the injections for a while.

He reports that within 48 hours he received a very stern rebuke from his superiors at the Interior Health
Authority accusing him of causing “vaccine hesitancy” and that they were going to report him to BC College of
Physicians and Surgeons. They forbade him from saying anything negative about the Moderna shots by issuing
a gag order against him.

Dr. Hoffe explains that this is a method of intimidation that is being used against other doctors who have
become too afraid to speak out, because the College of Physicians and Surgeons has great authority to shut
down doctors’ careers, or heavily fine them.

As he continued to see more injuries the following week, he became very angry about his gag order. He was
told that if he had any concerns about the injections that he had to contact the medical health officer in
charge of the Moderna roll out.

He did, but when he did not receive a reply, he decided to write an open letter directly to Dr. Bonnie Henry,
British Columbia Provincial Health Officer, in direct defiance of his gag order since he made it public.

Here is a copy of his letter to Dr. Henry and the other to his church congregation…

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See the source articles and videos listed under Dr. Hoffe’s profile at







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Make no mistake about it, the mainstream media, like Bloomberg News, is deeply entrenched
in this Covid-19 hoax and has been a huge part of the success of this New World Order global
depopulation project since the very beginning. Anyone who has been paying attention to
media deception for a while knows that, since the consolidation that took place in the media
industry after the tech bubble stock market crash of 2000, just six major corporations now
control over 90% of all the media messaging we ever hear, and that is by design.

Through ownership of
virtually hundreds of
subsidiary major media
outlets in all media
formats, from newspapers
to magazines to television
to online news channels,
the level of cooperation
and common messaging
between these so-called
“competitors”, right down
to their use of the exact
same phraseology, is no
longer a quasi-debatable
coincidence but is quite
obvious to those of us who
are observant.

Without the media pushing
the propogandist message,
this fraud would not be
possible. But why do they
do it, you might ask?

Media outlets receive an estimated 70% of their annual advertising revenue from Big Pharma,
the very industry that has the most to gain from the fear-induced push for mass vaccination
programs. And, during Covid-19 and the resulting business closures, a huge portion of the
remaining 25-30% of the revenue is coming from governments pushing the jabs.

So, it should not be too surprising that the media will lie, twist, distort, and conflate truth at
every opportunity to protect those ad dollars. As I read this Bloomberg article against the
backdrop of the research contained in this report, and against other research not included, I
was able to see the deception in plain sight. Let me explain.

Copyright ©2021 P a g e | 177

New research in early 2021 has revealed that those who were vaccinated earliest (6-8 months
prior) are now reaching the point at which the mRNA so-called vaccines are causing what is known
as Antibody Dependent Enhancement (ADE), or Pathogenic Priming, where the body is producing
excessive amounts (billions or trillions) of the S1 spike protein that is said to be the damaging part

of the coronavirus. These spikes, like the pointy parts of those
little burrs that stick to your socks like Velcro when you walk
through a forest or dense brush
area, are sticking to the epithelial
cell walls of at least 28 different
organ tissues throughout the
body and also to the blood platelets which may cause them to
coagulate (clot) or possibly even to rip open and spill their contents.
(See the index of this report for more on this topic.)

Once this occurs, it makes the subject extremely susceptible to any future exposure of the spike
protein causing the victim to go into a severe auto-immune response which attacks every cell in
the body that is now binding to the spike protein. The immune system interprets this a massive
system-wide “infection”, and the body literally attacks itself (i.e., an autoimmune disease, AIDS)
leading to sepsis shock and possibly death for those with severe comorbidities.

As you re-read the Bloomberg article you will notice that the authors and the scientists are
pondering why the vaccinated people are experiencing “break-through infections” at “a surprising
high rate.” They also state that it is not “clear how likely they are to spread the virus to others,
and now there’s growing concern that vaccinated people may be more vulnerable to serious
illness than previously thought”. The University of California even admits that “it’s quite clear
that we have more breakthroughs now”. The media is pretending to be mystified while lying!

In the Provincetown outbreak, ¾ of the new cases we among the vaccinated who are just as likely
to transmit the virus as the unvaccinated. The authors acknowledge that breakthrough cases in
Israel have led to an uptick in hospitalizations because protection wanes within a few months.
What they fail to mention is that ~86% of new cases in Israel are coming from the double
vaccinated. Of course, they offer no more evidence for why, other than posing the hypothesis
that perhaps the delta variant is to blame, and the vaccines are less effective against the new
variants, but that booster shots might somehow be the answer in the coming months.

Here is the reality: the Covid injections are causing the body to produce huge quantities of the
spike protein which the RT-PCR test incorrectly identifies as a new variant, which in turn is being
presented as more infectious and more deadly and is the real reason why the virus is breaking
through the protection of the vaccine. Of course, their solution is to vaccinate with booster shots
every six months due to an assumed waning immunity. The truth of the matter is that the PCR test
does NOT test for a virus and there is no test specifically for the Delta, Lambda, or any other Greek
letter variant for that matter. It is all an illusion designed to scare and coerce you into taking the
vaccine at huge taxpayer’s expense and at severe risk to your own health! Don’t do it!

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A groundbreaking preprint paper by the prestigious Oxford University Clinical
Research Group, published Aug. 10 in The Lancet, includes alarming findings
devastating to the COVID vaccine rollout.

The study found vaccinated individuals carry 251 times the load of COVID-19
viruses in their nostrils compared to the unvaccinated.

By Dr Peter McCullough

While moderating the symptoms of infection, the jab allows vaccinated individuals to
carry unusually high viral loads without becoming ill at first, potentially transforming
them into pre-symptomatic super spreaders.

Copyright ©2021 P a g e | 179

This phenomenon may be the source of the shocking post-vaccination surges in
heavily vaccinated populations globally.

The paper’s authors, Chau et al, demonstrated widespread vaccine failure and
transmission under tightly controlled circumstances in a hospital lockdown in Ho Chi
Minh City, Viet Nam.

The scientists studied healthcare workers who were unable to leave the hospital for two
weeks. The data showed that fully vaccinated workers — about two months after
injection with the Oxford/AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine (AZD1222) — acquired,
carried and presumably transmitted the Delta variant to their vaccinated colleagues.

They almost certainly also passed the Delta infection to susceptible unvaccinated
people, including their patients. Sequencing of strains confirmed the workers
transmitted SARS-CoV-2 to one another.

This is consistent with the observations in the U.S. from Farinholt and colleagues, and
congruent with comments by the director of the Centers for Disease Control and
Prevention conceding COVID-19 vaccines have failed to stop transmission of

On Feb. 11, the World Health Organization indicated the AZD1222 vaccine efficacy of
63.09% against the development of symptomatic SARS-CoV-2 infection. The
conclusions of the Chau paper support the warnings by leading medical experts that the
partial, non-sterilizing immunity from the three notoriously “leaky” COVID-19
vaccines allow carriage of 251 times the viral load of SARS-CoV-2 as compared to
samples from the pre-vaccination era in 2020.

Thus, we have a key piece to the puzzle explaining why the Delta outbreak is so
formidable — fully vaccinated are participating as COVID-19 patients and acting as
powerful Typhoid Mary-style super-spreaders of the infection.

Vaccinated individuals are blasting out concentrated viral explosions into their
communities and fueling new COVID surges. Vaccinated healthcare workers are
almost certainly infecting their coworkers and patients, causing horrendous collateral

Continued vaccination will only make this problem worse, particularly among frontline
doctors and nurses, workers who are caring for vulnerable patients.

Health systems should drop vaccine mandates immediately, take stock of COVID-
19 recovered workers who are robustly immune to Delta and consider the ramifications
of their current vaccinated healthcare workers as potential threats to high-risk patients
and coworkers.

See more from Dr. McCullough on the website at

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June 16, 2001

Of the 700 physicians responding to an internet survey by the Association of American
Physicians and Surgeons (AAPS), nearly 60 percent said they were not “fully vaccinated”
against COVID.

This contrasts with the claim by the American Medical Association that 96 percent of practicing
physicians are fully vaccinated. This was based on 300 respondents.

Copyright ©2021 P a g e | 181

Neither survey represents a random sample of all American physicians, but the AAPS survey
shows that physician support for the mass injection campaign is far from unanimous.

“It is wrong to call a person who declines a shot an ‘anti-vaxxer,’” states AAPS executive
director Jane Orient, M.D. “Virtually no physicians are ‘anti-antibiotics’ or ‘anti-surgery,’
whereas all are opposed to treatments that they think are unnecessary, more likely to harm
than to benefit an individual patient, or inadequately tested.”

The AAPS survey also showed that 54 percent of physician respondents were aware of
patients suffering a “significant adverse reaction.” Of the unvaccinated physicians, 80 percent
said, “I believe risk of shots exceeds risk of disease,” and 30% said “I already had COVID.”

Other reasons for declining the shot included unknown long-term effects, use of aborted fetal
tissue, “it’s experimental,” availability of effective early treatment, and reports of deaths and
blood clots.

Of 560 practicing physicians, 56 percent said they offered early treatment for COVID.

Nonphysicians were also invited to participate in the survey. Of some 5,300 total participants,
2,548 volunteered comments about associated adverse effects of which they were aware.
These included death, amputation, paralysis, stillbirth, menstrual irregularities, blindness,
seizures, and heart issues.

“Causality is not proven. However, many of these episodes might have resulted in a huge
product liability or malpractice award if they had occurred after a new drug,” stated Dr.
Orient. “Purveyors of these COVID products are protected against lawsuits.”

The Association of American Physicians and Surgeons has represented physicians in all
specialties since 1943. Its motto is omnia pro aegroto, everything for the patient.


So, if the doctors who are treating the patients say these vaccines are at best not required and
at most deadly, why would anyone risk the shot when the chance of dying with a Covid
diagnosis is about the same?

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Chapter 9: VIRUSES

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In a recent ruling, judges at the German Federal Supreme Court (BGH) confirmed that the measles virus
does not exist. Furthermore, there is not a single scientific study in the world which could prove the
existence of the virus in any scientific literature. This raises the question of “what was actually injected into
millions of people over the past few decades?”

Not a single scientist, immunologist,
infectious disease specialist or
medical doctor has ever been able to
establish a scientific foundation, not
only for the vaccination of measles
but any vaccination for infants,
pregnant women, the elderly and even
many adult subgroups.

The fact that many vaccines are
ineffective is becoming increasingly
apparent. Merck was slapped with two
separate class action lawsuits
contending they lied about the
effectiveness of the mumps vaccine in
their combination MMR shot, and
fabricated efficacy studies to maintain
the illusion for the past two decades
that the vaccine is highly protective.

Studies such as one published in the Human and Experimental Toxicology journal found a direct statistical
correlation between higher vaccine doses and infant mortality rates. The study, Infant mortality rates
regressed against number of vaccine doses routinely given: Is there a biochemical or synergistic toxicity?,
was conducted by Gary S. Goldman and Neil Z. Miller who have been studying the dangers of vaccines for
over 25 years.

MMR Vaccine

In the United States, children typically receive their mumps vaccination as part of the Measles, Mumps,
and Rubella (MMR) vaccine. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advises children to
receive their first dose between 12 and 18 months, and their second between the ages of 4 and 6.

Evidence has been published in the medical literature that vaccinated persons can get measles because
either they do not respond to the vaccine or the vaccine's efficacy wanes over time and vaccinated
mothers do not transfer long-lasting maternal antibodies to their infants to protect them in the first few
months of life.

Brian Hooker's published paper, is a comprehensive analysis of the CDC's own data from 2003 revealing a
340% increased risk of autism in African-American children following the MMR vaccine.

Copyright ©2021 P a g e | 184

Brian Hooker's research in the Translational Neurodegeneration Journal provides the most recent
epidemiological evidence showing that African American males receiving the MMR vaccine prior to 24
months of age or 36 months of age are more likely to receive an autism diagnosis.

Whistleblower, Dr. William Thompson, confirmed that "the CDC knew about the relationship between the
age of first MMR vaccine and autism incidence in African-American boys as early as 2003 but chose to
cover it up." He remarked "we've missed ten years of research because the CDC is so paralyzed right now
by anything related to autism. They're not doing what they should be doing because they're afraid to look
for things that might be associated." He alleges criminal wrongdoing by his supervisors, and he expressed
deep regret about his role in helping the CDC hide data.

Measles Virus Does Not Exist

German biologist Dr. Stefan Lanka initially offered 100,000 euros to anyone who could provide scientific
evidence that the measles virus existed. He had initially been ordered to pay up in court after Doctor David
Bardens attempted to claim the prize after providing the biologist with a study that had been published in a
medical journal. At that time, a Judge in the regional court in Ravensburg, South Germany, ruled in the
favour of Dr. Barden’s in a controversial decision claiming the criteria for evidence had been met.

The First Civil Senate of the BGH confirmed a judgment by the Higher Regional Court of Stuttgart (OLG) in
February 2016. The sum of 100,000 euros which was offered as a reward for scientific proof of the
existence of the alleged measles virus did have to be paid to the plaintiff. The plaintiff also was ordered to
bear all procedural costs.

Five experts have been involved in the case and presented the results of scientific studies. All five experts,
including Prof. Dr. Dr. Andreas Podbielski who had been appointed by the OLG Stuttgart as the preceding
court, have consistently found that none of the six publications which have been introduced to the trial,
contains scientific proof of the existence of the alleged measles virus.

In the trial, the results of research into so-called genetic fingerprints of alleged measles virus have been
introduced. Two recognized laboratories, including the world's largest and leading genetic Institute, arrived
at exactly the same results independently. The results prove that the authors of the six publications in the
measles virus case were wrong, and as a direct result all measles virologists are still wrong today: They
have misinterpreted ordinary constituents of cells as part of the suspected measles virus.

Because of this error, during decades of consensus building process, normal cell constituents were
mentally assembled into a model of a measles virus. To this day, an actual structure that corresponds to
this model has been found neither in a human, nor in an animal. With the results of the genetic tests, all
thesis of existence of measles virus has been scientifically disproved.

The authors of the six publications and all other persons involved, did not realize the error because they
violated the fundamental scientific duty, which is the need to work "lege artis", i.e. in accordance with
internationally defined rules and best practice of science. They did not carry out any control experiments.
Control experiments would have protected authors and mankind from this momentous error. This error
became the basis of belief in the existence of any disease-causing viruses. The expert appointed by the
court, Prof. Dr. Dr. Podbielski, answering to the relevant question by the court, as per page 7 of the protocol
explicitly confirmed that the authors did not conduct any control experiments.

The OLG Stuttgart overturned the judgment of the court of first instance, dismissed the action and
referred, inter alia, to the central message of Prof. Podbielski with respect to the six publications. The
plaintiff filed an appeal against the judgment of the OLG to the Supreme Court. As reason he stated his
subjective, yet factually false perception of the trial sequence at the court in Stuttgart, and the assertion

Copyright ©2021 P a g e | 185

that our naming of facts about measles posed a threat to public health. The plaintiff's position was
rejected by the Supreme Court in plain words. Thus, the Supreme Court confirmed the Judgment of the
OLG Stuttgart from February 16, 2016.

The six publications submitted in the trial are the main relevant publications on the subject of "measles
virus." Since further to these six publications there not any other publications which would attempt by
scientific methods to prove the existence of the measles virus, the Supreme Court judgment in the
measles virus trial and the results of the genetic tests have consequences: Any national and international
statements on the alleged measles virus, the infectivity of measles, and on the benefit and safety of
vaccination against measles, are since then of no scientific character and have thus been deprived of
their legal basis.

Upon enquiries which had been triggered by the measles virus contest, the head of the National Reference
Institute for Measles at the Robert Koch Institute (RKI), Prof. Dr. Annette Mankertz, admitted an important
fact. This admission may explain the increased rate of vaccination-induced disabilities, namely of
vaccination against measles, and why and how specifically this kind of vaccination seems to increasingly
trigger autism.

Prof. Mankertz has admitted that the "measles virus" contains typical cell's natural components
(ribosomes, the protein factories of the cell). Since the vaccination against measles contains whole "whole
measles virus", this vaccine contains cell's own structures. This explains why vaccination against measles
causes frequent and more severe allergies and autoimmune reactions than other types of vaccination. The
court expert Prof. Podbielski stated on several occasions that by the assertion of the RKI with regard to
ribosomes in the measles virus, the thesis of existence of measles virus has been falsified.

In the trial it was also put on record that the highest German scientific authority in the field of infectious
diseases, the RKI, contrary to its legal remit as per 4 Infection Protection Act (IfSG), has failed to create
tests for alleged measles virus and to publish these. The RKI claims that it made internal studies on
measles virus, however, refuses to hand over or publish the results.


Facts About Viruses That Will Shock You
Medical Journal Verifies That Vaccinated Populations Are Transmitting Disease Without Symptoms

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Chapter 10:

Copyright ©2021 P a g e | 187

Molecular Biologist and Toxicologist Calls on the CDC to
Immediately Halt Covid Vaccine Production & Distribution

Source: - Dr. Janci Chunn Lindsay is the Director of Toxicology and
Molecular Biology for Toxicology Support Services, LLC. She holds a doctorate (PhD) in Biochemistry and
Molecular Biology from the University of Texas Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences, M.D. Anderson Cancer
Center-Houston. Dr. Lindsay has extensive experience in analyzing the molecular profile of pharmacologic
responses as they pertain to the dose/response relationship. Her expertise centers on evaluating the complex
dynamics of toxicity, such as toxicant pharmacology, exposure route, host metabolism, and subsequent cellular
effects as they relate to the contribution of specific substances to impairment, health risk, or human disease.

Dr. Lindsay has over 30 years of scientific experience with an emphasis on the study of inhalation (pulmonary)
toxicology involving pulmonary pathologies such as asthma, reactive airway disease, chronic obstructive
pulmonary disease (COPD), asbestosis, mesothelioma, and pulmonary fibrosis—that may be claimed following
chemical, drug, or particulate exposure.

Dr. Lindsay also has experience in performing health risk assessments and evaluating the toxicological profile of
a variety of consumer and industrial products, chemicals, biologics, genetic biologics, and pollutants.

Dr. Lindsay also has experience in analyzing and evaluating molecular markers of disease in the modern field of
“Toxicogenomics”, particularly with respect to benzene and asbestos and differential drug metabolism

Additionally, Dr. Lindsay performs forensic toxicology investigations with respect to cases involving drugs their
effects and alcohol cases involving issues of impairment of psychomotor functions as they relate to driving or
operating machinery.

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The most highly cited physician on the early treatment of COVID-19 has come out with an
explosive new interview that blows the lid off the medical establishment’s complicity in the
unnecessary deaths of thousands.

McCullough is professor of medicine and vice chief of internal medicine at Baylor University
and teaches at Texas A&M University. He is an epidemiologist, cardiologist and internist and

has testified before the Texas State Senate related to COVID-19 treatments. He holds the
distinction of being the most widely cited physician in the treatment of COVID-19 with

more than 600 citations in the National Library of Medicine.

Dr. Peter McCullough said these deaths have been facilitated by a false narrative bent on pushing an
all-new, unproven vaccine for a disease that was highly treatable.

He said the alleged Covid-19 virus is a bioweapon and the
vaccines represent “phase two” of that bioweapon.

“As this, in a sense, bioterrorism
phase one was rolled out, it was
really all about keeping the
population in fear and in isolation
and preparing them to accept the
vaccine, which appears to be phase
two of a bioterrorism operation”,
McCullough said in a June 11 webinar
with German attorney Reiner Fuellmich
and several other doctors.

See video W300 on our welcome page as this video is often deleted due to copyright violations.

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He noted:

“Both the respiratory virus and the vaccine delivered to the human body the
spike protein, the gain of function target of this bioterrorism research.”

“Now I can’t come out and say all this on national TV today or at any time,” he continued. “But what
we had learned over time is that we could no longer communicate with government agencies. We
actually couldn’t even communicate with our propagandised colleagues in major medical centres,
all of which appear to be under a spell, almost as if they are hypnotized right now.”

He did not hold back in his criticism of his colleagues in the medical community.

“And doctors, good doctors, are doing unthinkable things, like injecting
biologically active messenger RNA that produces this pathological spike protein
into pregnant women. I think when the doctors wake up from their trance, they’re
going to be shocked to think what they’ve done to people.”

In the interview McCullough said:

“The first wave of the bioterrorism is a respiratory virus that spread across the world and
affected relatively few people—about one percent of many populations—but generated
great fear.”

He said the virus targeted primarily people over 50 with multiple medical
conditions. It poses almost no risk to children.

He said 85 percent of the more than 600,000 U.S. deaths could have been
prevented with a multi-drug treatment given in the early to mid-point of the disease.

Instead, people were told to stay home and not return to the hospital unless their
symptoms got worse, such as severe breathing problems. By then it was too late for
many. They were placed on ventilators and died.

The vast majority of doctors jumped in lockstep to follow these erroneous “guidelines”
handed down by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the U.S. Centre for Disease
Control (CDC). Those guidelines neglected to place any focus on the treatment of
sick patients and, from the beginning, as early as April 2020, started emphasizing the
need for a vaccine as the only real hope of beating back the virus.

The federal Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System [VAERS] logged 5,993
reports of deaths of people injected with the COVID vaccine between Dec. 14,
2020, and June 11, 2021. That’s more than all the deaths reported to VAERS
from all other vaccines combined over the last 22 years.

But these numbers, as shocking as they are, don’t scratch the surface of the actual
number of dead Americans, said McCullough.

“We have now a whistleblower inside the CMS, and we have two
whistleblowers in the CDC. We think we have 50,000 dead Americans. Fifty
thousand deaths. So, we actually have more deaths due to the vaccine per
day than certainly the viral illness by far. It’s basically propagandized
bioterrorism by injection.”

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McCullough added that “every single thing that was done in public health in
response to the pandemic made it worse.”

He said the suppression of early COVID treatments, such as hydroxychloroquine
and especially Ivermectin, “was tightly linked to the development of a vaccine.”

Without the suppression of the already-available treatments, the government would not
have been able to legally grant Emergency Use Authorization to the three vaccines
rushed to market in the USA by Moderna, Pfizer and Johnson & Johnson.

In the case of Moderna, the U.S. government is co-patent holder through the National
Institutes of Health, a clear conflict of interest, and confidential documents reveal
Moderna sent a coronavirus mRNA vaccine candidate was sent to a US University
in December 2019, weeks before Covid-19 was allegedly known to even exist.

“I published basically the only two papers that teach doctors how to treat COVID-19 at
home to prevent hospitalization and death…If treated early, it results in an 85
percent reduction in hospitalizations and death,” McCullough said.

So not only were the vaccines rolled out unnecessarily by suppressing already
available, effective treatments, but the FDA and CDC are now covering up tragic
numbers of deaths caused by their experimental mRNA injections.

McCullough said he has organized groups around the world that emphasize early

“Governments have actually tried to block early treatment of Covid patients, so we
created a home patient guide,” he said. (OneDrive PDF download link available at!AgV-Cd98Qo-qk-YHlq2tLqJoiT8cxA?e=SegVJW).

“We broke through to the people, and the people who got sick with COVID called in to
get medications from mail-order distribution pharmacies. So, without the government
even knowing what went on, we crushed the epidemic here in the United States towards
the end of December and January.”

“We basically took care of the pandemic with about 500 doctors and telemedicine
services. And to this day, we treat about 25 percent of the US COVID-19 population that
actually are at high risk, over age 50 with medical problems or present with severe
symptoms. And we basically handled the pandemic, and at the same time we’ve tried to
keep ourselves above the political fray.”

McCullough said his focus has recently turned to the unnecessary and dangerous

“We are working to change the public view of the vaccine. The public initially accepted
the vaccine and we had to kind of slowly turn the ship. Now, in the U.S. the rates of
vaccination have been dropping since April 8. Most of the vaccination centers are

“We have a lot going on in the United States. We are engaging more and more

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In summary, all the 455 contacts were excluded from SARS-CoV-2 infection, and we conclude
that the infectivity of some asymptomatic SARS-CoV-2 carriers might be weak. No severe acute
respiratory syndrome coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2) infections was detected in 455 contacts by
nucleic acid test.

COMMENT: Asymptomatic transmission between people is a myth! Masking or requiring anyone
to social distance who is not presenting with illness, is useless at best and cruel and inhuman
punishment at worst.

MORE to come….

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