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St. Stephen's Monthly Newsletter for December 2019

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Published by communications, 2019-11-26 19:53:54

December 2019 Scroll

St. Stephen's Monthly Newsletter for December 2019

The Scroll

December 2019

Gifts that Give Market

Rev. Rob Robertson Contact Information
Senior Pastor
Tammy Lydon
Extension 104 Director of Music Ministries

Extension 107

Rev. Jiyeon Kim Harold Mansfield
Associate Pastor Maintenance Engineer

Extension 103 703-978-8724

Rev. Forrest Teague Veronica Mayes
Associate Pastor Preschool Director

Extension 105 Kathleen Quinn
Preschool Assistant Director
Mike Faunda
Director of Media Ministries Susan Snow
Financial Manager
Kristie Jackson
Administrative Assistant Extension 106

Extension 100 Rob Vaughan
Coordinator of Communications
Esther Lee
Accompanist Extension 110

Dr. Ingrid Lestrud Karen Wells
Children’s Music Ministry Coordinator Office Manager

Extension 102

St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church

9203 Braddock Rd., Burke, VA 22015


Advent is a season of preparation for Christmas, the celebration of the Savior’s birth. This Advent, you are invited to join
the St. Stephen’s Church family in preparing for Christmas by being part of a new four-week Sunday morning sermon
series titled, Journey to Bethlehem. We will examine some of the events leading to Jesus’ birth in a manger in Bethlehem

and the responses of the people to whom God reveals the coming of this momentous event! Prepare for the birth of
Emmanuel, God with us, who came upon a midnight clear, by taking the historical and spiritual Journey to Bethlehem!

Week 1: December 1 Luke 1:5-25 Ready for the Coming of the Lord?
Week 2: December 8 Luke 1:26-38 Greetings, Favored One!
Week 3: December 15 Luke 1:39-56 Singing Songs of Praise!
Week 4: December 22 Matthew 1:18-25 God Changes Plans!

Your Gift that Gives all Year

As we have done for the past several years, St. Stephen’s is dedicating the Christmas
Eve offering to helping those who are homeless find a home. We call this offering our
Manger Ministry because when Jesus was born his family was homeless too. This is a
gift that gives so much more than it seems on the surface. A home is stability – a place
to cook healthy meals, the same school to go to month after month, an address a
potential employer is looking for. We work with two partner organizations,
Homestretch and New Hope Housing, as well as people who come directly to the church for help.

We give out of our love for God; we give as a gift for Jesus; we give to grow in our relationship with God and one
another. Please join us by donating on Christmas Eve using the special Manger Ministry envelope provided or by sending
in a donation to Manger Ministry. Your gift will certainly multiply love in our community and beyond.

Our Church Family

New Members: Carolyn Robertson, Sean and Christine Wise (Andrew, Stephen, Molly)
New Constituents: Jeff and Melissa Stockwell, Joel and Christina Jenkins, Nick and Amber

A Conversation with M. Angel Catala

M. Angel Catala is a member sacraments. The other side is in the world, being out there
of St. Stephen’s who is
as the hands that St. Stephen and others were asked to be.
currently in the process of The specific work in the world depends on the specific gifts
becoming a Deacon in the of the deacon and the needs in the community. I’ve been an
United Methodist Church. St.
Stephen’s is excited to artist since I was born, doing everything from video, graphic
support him in this process, design, painting. The gift of being an artist has been central
and Rob Vaughan, our to my call because it allows me to translate abstract concepts
Communications in a way that hits people in their heart. I feel called to create
Coordinator, sat down with media of any type that helps people understand and
him for about an hour to talk embrace topics of social justice.

about what it is that deacons Rob: How does the appointment process work?
do, how M. came to feel himself called into that role, and
how he hopes to serve God and the church in the future. M. Angel: As a deacon, we do not get appointed by the

We don’t have space in the Scroll for a full transcript of the Bishop as elders [pastors] do. We find our own places. We
interview, but some highlights, condensed and edited for find our own church and our own job in the world and
clarity, are below.
bring those to the Bishop, and she has to sign off on it. That

Rob: I’m Presbyterian, so I have no idea what a deacon gives you the freedom to work somewhere as long as that
does… call and place are relevant to your call, but if you are pulled
away, you can go and find somewhere else to be helpful.
M. Angel: Being in this church make sense, because St.
Stephen was one of the first seven people called to be a Rob: How has your sense of call evolved and grown?

deacon by the apostles. St. Stephen was one of the people M. Angel: I was originally called when I was 17. I grew up
assigned to take care of humanitarian needs while the Catholic, and there was a trip to a monastery that I was
apostles interest were more evangelical. We are one of the going to miss because I was sick. One of the nuns came to
few denominations in the United States who ordain my house and picked me up so I wouldn’t miss it. At that
deacons. Other denominations have deacons who are retreat, I was called into the fabric of ordination, but it
charged, but ours are set aside because there is a calling. We didn’t feel right at that time. When I was 19 I was teaching a
are called to four things: Word, Service, Compassion, and Bible study, and felt it again, but it still wasn’t the right time.
Justice, and it’s the last part that gets me excited. I’ve been In 2017, Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, where I was born,
led, numerous times over my life, as an artist and as an and still have family, and it made me look at life in a
educator to a ministry of social justice. Deacons in some different way, and it’s led me to finally embrace this calling.
ways have two sides. One side is in the church, where

deacons can preach and teach, but not perform the

Welcome Center Updates

Since paper recycles better, the Welcome Center has switched to paper cups for both hot and cold beverages. We were
unable to find cup sleeves, so feel free to use double cups for hot drinks. Thank you to all our hosts!

What is the Bible Challenge? What if I fall behind?

A church wide opportunity to deepen our faith by joining Not a problem! Really! We have a strict “come as you are”
with other people to read the Bible in a year. policy when we meet. This means that we keep in mind that

How does the Bible Challenge work? this is not a competition or a race, and we’re not concerned
about where folks are in the plan. Instead we focus on what

Each day we set aside time to read the bible using a reading we’ve learned (or struggled with) along the way, so that we
plan developed by The plan is available can encourage each other. If you fall behind you’ll still
in PDF format and also as a handy mobile app (from the benefit from the meetings and discussion, and I'm sure
App Store or wherever you get your apps). Woven into the you'll find that you’re in good company! :)

reading plan are short informative videos that introduce you Why should I do the Bible Challenge?
to what you’ll be reading. You’ll find a sample video at this
link. Once a month we meet to discuss what we’ve been Most of us have certain passages in the Bible that we’re

reading, discuss any questions/difficult passages we may familiar with. This is an opportunity to move beyond those
have encountered, and generally encourage each other. passages and take a tour of everything that God has placed

How much time will this take? at your disposal in his Word. You’ll be sharing the journey
with other folks, and the different perspectives we each

I’d recommend setting aside about 30 minutes a day for bring adds a richness to what we learn. Lastly, and most
this. Some people may take less time, others more. importantly it’s an opportunity to deepen your knowledge
of, and relationship with God.

How can I sign up?

Sign up by writing #21 on your Connect Card on Sunday or
by contacting Pastor Rob!

December Hypothermia
7 and 8 Sheltering 2020

Gifts that Give Mark your calendars – March 8-15
Holiday Market
Your help is needed – meals, visiting, driving!
Holiday giving that helps right the imbalances
in the world. Give gifts that benefit our world! St. Stephen’s will be serving as a shelter for homeless
Fair Trade Market—Jewelry, coffee and chocolate, men and women again in the new year! Mark your
Christmas decorations, household items, and much calendar to help!

more! Contact Cathy Liverman, Sonja Tussing, Julie
Bryant, Scott Prothero, Dick Collier, or Pastor Forrest
to volunteer.

Many volunteers are needed! Thanks!!

15 16 17 18 19 20 21

8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) 8:00 AM Preschool (C58) 8:00 AM Preschool (C58) 6:30 AM Coffeemen Community 8:00 AM Preschool (S) 6:00 PM MPK 10:00 AM Great
9:30 AM Cherub Choir (C42) 9:15 AM Where Moms 9:30 AM Maranatha Singers Group (Peet's) 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/K/ Salvation Christian
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S) M18/20/M9) Fellowship Choir
9:45 AM Sunday School Connect (C40) (M10) 8:00 AM Preschool (S) Committees (M9) (FS)
10:45 AM Children's Choir (FS) 3:00 PM Youth Study Hall 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 9:30 AM Wednesday Women's Bible 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces 6:00 PM SHINE!
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S) (FS)
12:15 PM Let's Get Together-1st & 2nd (FS) (offsite) (M5) Study (M8) (M10)
12:15 PM Mustard Seed Ministry (S) 6:30 PM Orchestra (S) 11:15 AM Lunch With 11:00 AM Men's Bible Study (C40) 7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir
4:00 PM Deadline for SCROLL Articles 7:00 PM Bible Study for 12:00 PM Retired Men's Lunch (M9)
5:30 PM Comfort Gathering (C40) Friends (M18/20-K) 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/ (M10)
5:30 PM Youth Group (M30/M9/FH/M18- Women (M8) 6:00 PM Girl Scout Troop
7:00 PM Chancel Choir (M10) FHH/M9/K/M16/M18-20)
20/M16/C40/C41/K) 7:00 PM Scout #1965 (K/ 54075 (FS) 7:00 PM Cmmte: Youth Ministry (M5)
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led 6:45 PM Cub Scout #1131 7:30 PM Children & Family Council
Worship Service (WC) 7:30 PM Mighty Peals of Joy (M9/M16/M18-20/K/ (FS)
FH/FHH) 7:30 PM Cmmte: Finance (C41)
(M9) 7:00 PM Source Band (S) 8:30 PM Youth Wings 'n' Rings (M30)

22 23 24 25 26 27 28

8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) 3:00 PM Youth Study Hall 9:30 AM Maranatha Singers Christmas Day OFFICE CLOSED
9:30 AM Cherub Choir (C42) (offsite) (M10) OFFICE CLOSED 5:15 PM Girl Scout Troop
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S) 6:30 AM Coffeemen Community
9:45 AM Sunday School 6:30 PM Orchestra (S) 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 1186 (FS)
10:45 AM Children's Choir (FS) 7:00 PM Bible Study for (M5) Group (Peet's) 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S) 9:30 AM Wednesday Women's Bible
12:15 PM Mustard Seed Ministry (S) Women (M8) 6:45 PM Cub Scout #1131 (M10)
5:30 PM Youth Group (M30/M9/FH/M18- 7:00 PM Chancel Choir (M10) (M9/M16/M18-20/K/ Study (M8) 7:00 PM Grace Ministries
7:30 PM Mighty Peals of Joy FH/FHH) 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/
20/M16/C40/C41/K) Praise Band (S)
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led (M9) 7:00 PM Source Band (S) FHH/M9/K/M16/M18-20) 7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir
7:30 PM Church Council (C41)
Worship Service (WC) 8:30 PM Youth Wings 'n' Rings (M30) (M10)

29 30 31 1 2 3 4

8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) 3:00 PM Youth Study Hall 9:30 AM Maranatha Singers New Year's Day 10:00 AM Coloring, 5:00 PM First 10:00 AM Great
9:30 AM Cherub Choir (C42) (offsite) (M10) OFFICE CLOSED Cardmaking & Fridays - Salvation Christian
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S) 6:30 AM Coffeemen Community Conversation Green Fellowship Choir
9:45 AM Sunday School 3:15 PM FACETS Meal Prep. 11:00 AM Staff Meeting Community Group Groceries (FS)
10:45 AM Children's Choir (FS) (FHH/K) (M5) Group (Peet's) (M12) (FH/FHH)
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S) 9:30 AM Wednesday Women's Bible
12:15 PM Mustard Seed Ministry (S) 6:30 PM Orchestra (S) 6:45 PM Cub Scout #1131 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces
5:30 PM Youth Group (M30/M9/FH/M18- 7:00 PM Bible Study for (M9/M16/M18-20/K/ Study (M8) (M10)
FH/FHH) 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/
20/M16/C40/C41/K) Women (M8) 7:00 PM Grace Ministries
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led 7:00 PM Chancel Choir (M10) 7:00 PM Source Band (S) FHH/M9/K/M16/M18-20) Praise Band (WC)
7:30 PM Mighty Peals of Joy 7:30 PM Cmmte: Outreach (C58)
Worship Service (WC) 7:30 PM Cmmte: SPPRC (M8) 7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir
(M9) 7:30 PM Cmmte: Trustees (C41) (M10)
8:30 PM Youth Wings 'n' Rings (M30)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

1 2 3 4 5 6 7

8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) 8:00 AM Preschool (C58) 8:00 AM Preschool (C58) 6:30 AM Coffeemen Community 8:00 AM Preschool (C58) Setup for Advent 9:30 AM UMW
9:30 AM Cherub Choir (C42) 9:15 AM Where Moms 9:30 AM Maranatha Singers Group (Peet's) 10:00 AM Coloring, Festival (FH/ Maranatha
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S) WC/S/GP/ Concert (S/GP/
9:45 AM Sunday School Connect (C40) (M10) 8:00 AM Preschool (C58) Cardmaking & FS) WC)
10:45 AM Children's Choir (FS) 3:00 PM Youth Study Hall 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 9:30 AM Wednesday Women's Bible Conversation
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S) Community Group 8:00 AM 10:00 AM Advent
12:15 PM Mustard Seed Ministry (S) (offsite) (M5) Study (M8) (M12) Preschool Festival (FH/WC/
5:30 PM Youth Group (M30/M9/FH/M18- 6:00 PM Girl Scouts # 1465 6:30 PM Source Planning 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/ 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces (C58) GP/FS/S/K)
6:00 PM Youth Sunday (M10)
20/M16/C40/C41/K) (M10) FHH/M9/K/M16/M18-20) 7:00 PM Girl Scout S.U. 5:00 PM First 10:00 AM Gifts that
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led School Teachers (M5) 6:45 PM Cub Scout #1131 6:30 PM Cmmte: Preschool (C59) 5415 Cookie Manager Fridays - Give (WC)
6:30 PM Orchestra (S) 7:30 PM Cmmte: Outreach (C58) Training (m18-20) Green
Worship Service (WC) 7:00 PM Bible Study for (M9/M16/M18-20/K/ 7:30 PM Cmmte: SPPRC (M8) 7:00 PM Grace Ministries Groceries
FH/FHH) 7:30 PM Cmmte: Trustees (C41) Praise Band (WC) (FH/FHH)
8 Women (M8) 7:00 PM Source Band (S) 8:30 PM Youth Wings 'n' Rings (M30) 7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir
7:00 PM Chancel Choir (M10) (M10)
8:30 AM Gifts that Give (WC) 7:30 PM Bible Challenge
8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) 12
9:00 AM Birthday Party (WC) Participant Meeting
9:30 AM Cherub Choir (C42) (M18/20) Grace Ministries Food
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S) 7:30 PM Mighty Peals of Joy Sorting (FS)
9:45 AM Sunday School (M9)
10:45 AM Children's Choir (FS) Preschool (WC)
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S) 9 10 11 8:00 AM Preschool (C58) 13 14
12:15 PM Mustard Seed Ministry (S) 5:15 PM Girl Scout Troop
5:30 PM Youth Group (M30/M9/FH/M18- Preschool (WC) Preschool (WC) Preschool (WC) Grace Ministries 6:00 AM Grace
8:00 AM Preschool (C58) 8:00 AM Preschool (C58) 6:30 AM Coffeemen Community 1186 (FS) Food Sorting Ministries Gift
20/M16/C40/C41/K) 9:15 AM Where Moms 9:30 AM Maranatha Singers 6:30 PM Cmmte: Music (FS) Distribution Prep
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led Group (Peet's) (WC)
Connect (C40) (M10) 8:00 AM Preschool (C58) (M5) Preschool (WC)
Worship Service (WC) 3:00 PM Youth Study Hall 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 9:30 AM Wednesday Women's Bible 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces 8:00 7:30 AM Grace
(offsite) (M5) Study (M8) (M10) AM Preschool
6:30 PM Orchestra (S) 4:00 PM Donuts With 11:00 AM Creative Hearts/Creative 7:30 PM Boy Scout Round (C58)
7:00 PM Betty Whitehurst 3:00 PM Grace
Daisy (offsite) Hands (M9) Table (FH/M18-20) Ministries Gift
Circle (C40) 6:45 PM Cub Scout #1131 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/ 7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir Distribution
7:00 PM Bible Study for Prep (WC)
(M9/M16/M18-20/K/ FHH/M9/K/M16/M18-20) (M10) 4:00 PM Grace
Women (M8) FH/FHH) 7:00 PM Cmmte: FIT (C40) Ministries Set-
7:00 PM Chancel Choir (M10) 7:00 PM Source Band (S) 7:30 PM Cmmte: Church & Society Up
7:30 PM Mighty Peals of Joy 7:30 PM Girl Scout Service
Unit 54-15 (FS) (C41)
(M9) 7:30 PM Stephen Ministry (C58)
8:30 PM Youth Wings 'n' Rings (M30)

The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women
whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons
through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative supportive fellowship; and to expand
concepts of mission through participation in global ministries of the church.
Membership is open to any woman who indicates her desire to belong and to participate in the Global
Mission of the Church through the United Methodist Women.

Betty Whitehurst Circle: The Betty Whitehurst Creative Hearts, Creative Hands: Our
Circle will meet on Monday, December 9 at 7:00 needlework ministry, open to all, ordinarily meets
pm at the home of Jane Keck. Our program will in M9 the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month.
be a Yankee Swap gift exchange. We welcome any from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm. This month, we’ll just
women who would like to join us. We meet the meet on the 2nd Wednesday (December 11) as the
2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 pm, usually at 4th Wednesday is Christmas, and many of us will
the church be enjoying our finished projects! Please join us
for all or part of the time, whatever works for
Faithful Friends Circle: The Faithful Friends you. Bring a project, your lunch, and a beverage.
Circle will not meet in December.
The UMW Reading Program: This month’s
Service4Others: In December S40 will have a book is If I Should Die Before I Live: Meditations for
Wrapping Party for our Homestretch families on Seniors, by Richard Renwick Smyth. This book
Thursday, December 19 at 7:00 pm at the home contains 36 meditations, which contain Bible
of Jeanne Sclater. We will be wrapping presents verses at the beginning of each meditation. The
for two families our church has adopted through main themes deal with faith, love and hope. The
Homestretch. author discusses what constitutes being blessed.
One example is this: "You're blessed when you've
New Dimension Circle: Please help spread the worked up a good appetite for God." This is on
word! This group is for all women of our church, the 2020 Recommended Reading List.
in any season of life – who might not be able to
participate in UMW in person or on a regular Frances Allen Circle: The Frances Allen Circle
basis, but who would like to feel connected to will meet Thursday, December 12 at 9:30 am at
current UMW activities at St. Stephen’s, in our the home of Kay Burrier. A wonderful selection
District, and beyond. We invite you to help us of Christmas music will be presented, followed by
grow – you can join and encourage others to join an amazing assortment of Christmas goodies and
the New Dimension Circle email list for a the always enjoyable "Yankee Swap." Guests and
monthly update and occasional additional emails prospective members are welcome to enjoy the
about specific events, opportunities, or prayer fun with us.

Teen Circle: The Teen Circle Circle will meet on
December 8 at 11:00 am in M9. The program will

be on Receiving and there will be lunch. Wednesday Women’s Bible Study: Special no


UMW is open to all women in the church and our activities include six circles
(including a teen circle and an e-mail circle called the New Dimension Circle),
a Bible Study, a book club, the Creative Hearts, Creative Hands sewing group
(which includes the Prayer Shawl Ministry), an annual Women’s Weekend retreat,
and the Maranatha Singers. For more information on any of our activities please pick up a blue UMW
Activity Sheet in the Gathering Place or on the UMW Bulletin Board.

homework classes in December! Special Save the Date! Advent Festival, Saturday,
devotional classes for Dec 4, 11, 18 because we December 7 at 9:30 am: The United Methodist

take a break from the book to focus on the Women will be participating in the Advent
Advent Season. (After December we start up Jan 4 Festival. The Maranatha Singers will be presenting
with the book again). Our class party will be off- their annual program of holiday music at 11:00
site on one of the weeks, so please contact the am. The theme this year is “♫ Here Comes

coordinator if interested in starting this month for Christmas!” Some of the songs that will be sung
details. The workbook is Hope in the Psalms and it's are: “All is Well, Christmas Night,” “I’ll Be Home
an interactive way of diving into the Psalms -- for Christmas,” and “Light Up the Tree.” Along
beautiful and heartfelt poems set to music which with the music program will be an ornament

are still relevant every day of our current path to a exchange (please bring an ornament with your
better relationship with God. And yes, Christ is in name, address, and phone number on it to put on
the Old Testament, here in the Psalms stories. It's the tree in the Gathering Place to exchange with a
tricky and exciting! This is a casual and friendly prayer partner), a Candle Burning ceremony to

group of women who meet 9:30 to 11 am every honor or commemorate loved ones, and after the
Wednesday. Call today to get more information. performance a reception (please bring a plate of
Remember that every Bible studier was once a Christmas goodies to share). There will also be a
beginner and everyone helps each other. It's a fun Fair Trade Christmas Market, a Food Truck, and

time, so prayerfully consider this be your time to DIY Advent Craft Stations. Everyone is invited to
participate in this very special event – there will be
spend with God's word. something for all. Be looking for other important
information on the Festival in the Gathering Place
UMW Board Meeting: Our next UMW Board and in other areas of the church. Please mark your
meeting will be on Monday, December 16 at 9:30 calendar for this wonderful beginning of the Holy
am. We will meet at Debbie Eshelman’s home for Christmas season.
the meeting and Christmas Social. All are welcome
to attend. Please mark your calendar for this wonderful

beginning of the Holy Christmas season.

Did You Know? Preschool Chapel Edition!

Do you know that St. Stephen’s Preschool has a monthly chapel service
called ‘Noah’s Ark’? It is a special opportunity for students, ages 3 years
and older, to hear an engaging, developmentally appropriate story from the
Bible. Children attend Noah's Ark monthly under the guidance of Pastor
Jiyeon Kim. Each month, a preschool class makes artwork to share the
story with other friends in the time of Noah’s Ark. Please find a picture of
the recent Noah’s Ark about David and Goliath. To further encourage
strong family/school partnerships, parents, guardians and caregivers are
invited to join their children for the Noah's Ark gathering, which typically
occurs within the last 30 minutes of the school day before pick-up. We are
so proud of St. Stephen’s continued support for preschool families by
providing scholarships and inviting them to special events.
Here are areas you can support Children’s Ministry:
Area you can support Children’s Ministry:
• A Kindergarten Sunday School Assistant Teacher: We are looking for someone who loves
children and wants to help kindergarteners know more about God by teaching, caring, and building
relationships with them. Job description and written training materials are provided. Time
commitment is 1-1.5 hours per week during the school year. The person will serve in December 2019,
February, April and 1st Sunday of June 2020.
• Living Nativity Costume Coordinator: Living Nativity is held on Sunday, December 22 at 10:30
am until 12:30 pm in the front lawn. Primary role of the Costume Coordinator is to encourage
children to be part of Living Nativity and help them to find a costume and items for themselves to be
angels, shepherds, and wise men.
We look forward to seeing everyone at
the Advent Festival on Saturday,
December 7, from 10 am until 1 pm
Our Cherub Choir and Children’s
Choir will be singing in the concert at
11 am

“I’ve seen the Lord”
John 20:18

Youth Ministry News for 7-12 Graders

Youth Lock In!
• when, Jan 10-11 7pm-8am
• where, St. Stephens with a
trip to Fairfax Ice Arena
• Who, 7-12 graders
• How much, $20 with scholarships available.
• What we eatin, late night IHOP run
• dDadline to sign up online is Dec.16

Don’t Forget:
Confirmation Orientation is January 12

at 12:15 pm at St. Stephen’s!


St. Stephen’s UMC
9203 Braddock Road
Burke, VA 22015

December 2019

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