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St. Stephen's Monthly Newsletter for November 2019

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November 2019 Scroll

St. Stephen's Monthly Newsletter for November 2019

The Scroll

November 2019

November Grace Ministries
Photo by Cathy Liverman

Rev. Rob Robertson Contact Information
Senior Pastor
Tammy Lydon
Extension 104 Director of Music Ministries

Extension 107

Rev. Jiyeon Kim Harold Mansfield
Associate Pastor Maintenance Engineer

Extension 103 703-978-8724

Rev. Forrest Teague Veronica Mayes
Associate Pastor Preschool Director

Extension 105 Kathleen Quinn
Preschool Assistant Director
Mike Faunda
Director of Media Ministries Susan Snow
Financial Manager
Administrative Assistant Extension 106

Extension 100 Rob Vaughan
Coordinator of Communications
Esther Lee
Accompanist Extension 110

Dr. Ingrid Lestrud Karen Wells
Children’s Music Ministry Coordinator Office Manager

Extension 102

St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church

9203 Braddock Rd., Burke, VA 22015


Prophet • Priest • King
New Sermon Series Begins November 10

A new three-week Sunday morning sermon series, Prophet Priest King: The Ministry of Jesus and his
Followers, begins on Sunday, November 10th at St. Stephen’s Church. It will conclude on Christ the King
Sunday, November 24th. At the 8:30 am, 9:45 am and 11:00 am services, we will be examining the Munus
Triplex or the threefold office or ministry of Jesus and how his followers are called to live out these
offices in each of our own ministries. In Jesus, the messianic hope of Israel was fulfilled, not only in
Christ as king, but also the Priestly, and the Prophetic functions among the people of God. These offices
have been for the work of our salvation and the salvation of the entire world.
John Wesley, the prime founder and shaper of the Methodist movement, writes in his Explanatory Notes
Upon The New Testament of the threefold office and our need as fallen humans. Writing about the Gospel
of Matthew, Chapter 1, he notes, “The word “Christ” in Greek, and “Messiah” in Hebrew, signify
“Anointed”; and imply the prophetic, priestly, and royal characters which were to meet in the Messiah.
Among the Jews, anointing was the ceremony whereby prophets, priests, and kings were initiated into
those offices. And, if we look into ourselves, we shall find a want of Christ in all these respects.” The
“want of Christ” is reflected in the Munus Triplex, also known as "the Triple Cure," referring to these
offices of Christ providing the remedy for us in our fallen condition. I hope you will be present for our
new series and will find one person to attend worship with you!

Our Church Family

New Constituents: Andy & Jade Burnett
Baptisms: Genevieve Taylor Brant, daughter of Bob & Jenna Brant

2019 Altar Guild
Each week members of the St. Stephen’s Altar Guild help
Flower to get our church ready for worship by lining up the
Program hymnals in the pews, changing the paraments on the
altars, filling the altar candles with oil so they stay lit for all
In honor or memory of your the services, and straightening up the Gathering Place.
They also make sure that we have sufficient hymnals,
loved ones, you may purchase poinsettias, or Bibles, pens and other materials in the pews. Without
their attention to detail, our worship experience would be
simply donate to the Christmas Flower Fund for noticeably different.

decorating the Sanctuary. Lately the Guild has operated with about thirteen
members, and generally two are scheduled each week to
Donors and honorees will be listed in the work together so that the teams serve every six weeks or
so. This fall four of our faithful will be leaving due to
bulletin. Flowers may be taken home after the moves or retirement, and we desperately need more
members. We will provide training. Please call Judy Ryan
last Christmas Eve Service. They should be re- (703-978-0096) for more information or to volunteer.

moved before Friday, January 3 Please thank your Altar Guild Volunteers: Susan Evans,
Lesley Hatch, Kathy Hoffman, Terry Holmes, Muriel
Please complete the order form and make Jedlicka, Beth Jones, Rachel Martinez, Rue Nunnally, Judy
Ryan, Jessie Sherwood, Barbara Surles, Jean Taylor, and
your check payable to St. Stephen’s UMC. Note Betty Ann Van Matre.

“Christmas Flower Fund” in the memo line. 2020 Altar Flowers

Place check and St. Stephen’s UMC You may now sign-up to provide Altar Flowers in 2020.
form in the offering 9203 Braddock Road The Altar Flower Calendar may be found in the Gathering
plate or mail to: Burke VA 22015 Place.

DEADLINE for orders or donations Help Organize Lunch with Friends
is Sunday, Nov. 10!
One member of our organizing committee is moving soon
Please print as you want it to appear and we need help! It requires only 2.5-3 hours on the third
Tuesday of every month, Sept. through June, as well as
Your Name: bringing a dessert to share. Contact the Church Office if
you can help. We NEED YOU!
Ushers Needed for All Services
In memory of:
St. Stephen's is in need of more ushers for all Sunday
______________________________________ morning services. Ushers are an integral part of our
______________________________________ worship service and this is an excellent opportunity for
fellowship and service to the church. It's once or twice a
In honor of: month, whatever works for you and you don't have to
miss any of the service. Also, it's a great way to get to
______________________________________ know everyone in our church family! Training is provided
______________________________________ and you will be paired with an experienced usher. If you
are interested in serving the Lord in this capacity, please
______ Plant(s) X $9.00 = $ _________ contact the Church Office.

Christmas Flower Donation = $ _________

Total amount enclosed = $ _________
Check one:
I will take my flowers home by Jan. 3_____
Please donate my flowers. _______

The Vision of St. Stephen’s Church

Receive Christ as the key to life,
awake and alive, growing in knowledge and love of God.

Reflect Christ as the catalyst for community,
inclusive and engaged, igniting mission and service for all.

Relay Christ as the call for a new generation,
convinced and committed, sharing faith and hope with others.

Dear St. Stephen’s family,

On Sunday, September 29th,we concluded the Sunday morning sermon series, Receive, Reflect, Relay Christ. During
the three-week series, we focused upon the vision statement of St. Stephen’s Church. Both the mission and vision
statements are the result of more than two years of prayer, study, congregational surveys, reflection, holy conferencing,
drafting and re-drafting, and then more holy conferencing. In April 2011, the Church Council of St. Stephen’s Church

approved both current mission and vision statements.

A mission statement is the WHY, that is, the reason why we exist. St. Stephen’s exists to make disciples of Jesus Christ, as
we seek the fulfillment of God’s reign and realm in the world. The vision statement, however, is the WHAT. It is the
more specific what that describes the clear, inspirational, and long-term, desired change resulting from our ministry
together as we open ourselves to God working in and through us in the power of the Holy Spirit. One of the functions of
our vision statement is it should help everyone, who is part of the body of Christ at St. Stephen’s, to stay on the same
page and moving in the same general direction. We should want our church family, including church members, regular
attendees and staff, to see in faith the vision of what our church will look like in the future. Also, we want to be able to
effectively communicate our vision with our guests and local community.

On the last Sunday of the Receive, Reflect, Relay Christ series the congregation was invited to participate in a five-
question survey about our vision statement. Three of the response questions asked for a short answer. Those responses
are still being reviewed. The other two questions asked for people to rate their agreement to a statement on a scale of one
(strongly disagree) through five (strongly agree). There was a total of 135 responses to the two statements. The results are
as follows:

Statement 1: The Vision is relevant to our life and ministry at St. Stephen’s Church.

Strongly Disagree 2 3 4 Strongly Agree
1 0% 10.25% 23% 5
.75% 66%

Statement 2: The Vision is helpful in relaying to others the focus of our life and ministry together.

Strongly Disagree Strongly Agree

0% 2.3% 10.25% 26.7% 60.75%

These results point to continued strong acceptance of the vision statement, both directing the life and ministry of St.
Stephen’s and relaying the vision of St. Stephen’s to others. BUT I believe there also should be a next step for each of us!
As individuals, we too should discern how we are individually living out the call to Receive and Reflect and Relay Christ.
Are there ways that you are or are not stepping out in faith to Receive and Reflect and Relay Christ? I encourage you to
trust God, ask God to give you a vision of your next faithful steps, and then trust God to be with you as you Receive and
Reflect and Relay Christ.

I look forward to hearing how God is producing fruit on your faithful steps.

In God’s Love and Service,

Pastor Rob Robertson.

10 11 12 13 14 15 16

Grace Ministry Food Sorting (M9) OFFICE CLOSED Grace Ministry Food Sorting Grace Ministry Food Sorting (M9) Grace Ministry Food Sorting Grace Ministry Grace Ministry Food
8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) Preschool (WC) (M9) Preschool (WC) (M9) Food Sorting (M9)
9:30 AM Cherub Choir (C42) Veterans Day 6:30 AM Coffeemen Community Group Sorting
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S) 9:15 AM Where Moms Preschool (WC) Preschool (WC) (M9) 8:00 AM Trustee
9:45 AM Sunday School 8:00 AM Preschool (FH) (Peet's) 9:00 AM Frances Allen Circle Work Day
10:45 AM Children's Choir (FS) Connect (C40) 9:30 AM Maranatha Singers 8:00 AM Preschool (FH) Preschool (WC)
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S) 3:00 PM Youth Study 9:30 AM Wednesday Women's Bible (C40) 4:00
12:15 PM Let's Get Together-PK & K (FS) (M10) 5:15 PM Girl Scout Troop
12:15 PM Mustard Seed Ministry (S) Hall (offsite) 11:00 AM Staff Meeting (M5) Study (M8) PM Deadlin
5:30 PM Youth Group (M30/M9/FH/M18- 6:30 PM Orchestra (S) 4:00 PM Donuts With Daisy 11:00 AM Creative Hearts/Creative 1186 (FS) e for
20/M16/C40/C41/K) 7:00 PM Bible Study for 6:30 PM Cmmte: Music (M5) SCROLL
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led (offsite) Hands (M9) 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces (M10) Articles
Worship Service (WC) Women (M8) 6:45 PM Cub Scout #1131 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/FHH/ 7:30 PM Boy Scout Round 6:00 PM MPK
7:00 PM Chancel Choir (FH/K/
(M9/M16/M18-20/K/ M9/K/M16/M18-20) Table (FH/M18-20) M18/20/
(M10) FH/FHH) 7:00 PM Cmmte: FIT (C40) 7:30 PM Online Bible Study M9)
7:30 PM Mighty Peals of 6:45 PM Girl Scout Service 7:30 PM Cmmte: Church & Society 7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir
Unit 54-15 (C41)
Joy (M9) 7:00 PM Source Band (S) (C41) (M10)
7:30 PM Girl Scout Service 7:30 PM Cmmte: FACE (M8)
Unit 54-15 (FS) 7:30 PM Stephen Ministry (C58)
8:30 PM Youth Wings 'n' Rings (M30)

17 18 19 20 21 22 23

Grace Ministry Food Sorting (M9) Grace Ministry Food Grace Ministry Food Sorting Grace Ministry Food Sorting (M9) Grace Ministries Food Sorting Grace Ministries Grace Ministry Food
8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) Sorting (M9) (M9) 6:30 AM Coffeemen Community Group (FS) Food Sorting (M9)
9:30 AM Cherub Choir (C42) Sorting (FS)
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S) 9:15 AM Where Moms 8:00 AM Preschool (FH) (Peet's) Grace Ministry Food Sorting 7:30 AM Grace
9:45 AM Sunday School Connect (C40) 8:00 AM Preschool 8:00 AM Preschool (FH) (M9) 4:00 PM Grace Ministries
10:45 AM Children's Choir (FS) 8:00 AM Preschool Thanksgiving Ministries
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S) 9:30 AM UMW Board Thanksgiving Celebration 8:00 AM Preschool (WC) Set-Up
12:15 PM Mustard Seed Ministry (S) Meeting (C40) (FS) Celebration (FS) 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131
5:30 PM Youth Group (M30/M9/FH/M18- 9:30 AM Maranatha Singers 9:30 AM Wednesday Women's Bible
3:00 PM Youth Study (M10) Committees (M9)
20/M16/C40/C41/K) Hall (offsite) 11:00 AM Staff Meeting (M5) Study (M8) 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces (M10)
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led 11:15 AM Lunch With Friends 11:00 AM Men's Bible Study (C40) 7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir
6:30 PM Orchestra (S) (M18/20-K) 12:00 PM Retired Men's Lunch (M9)
Worship Service (WC) 7:00 PM Bible Study for 6:00 PM Girl Scout Troop 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/FHH/ (M10)
54075 (FS)
Women (M8) 6:45 PM Cub Scout #1131 M9/K/M16/M18-20)
7:00 PM Chancel Choir (M9/M16/M18-20/K/ 7:00 PM Cmmte: Youth Ministry (M5)
FH/FHH) 7:30 PM Children & Family Council
(M10) 7:00 PM Source Band (S)
7:30 PM Mighty Peals of (FS)
7:30 PM Church Council (C41)
Joy (M9) 7:30 PM Cmmte: Finance (C41)
7:30 PM Cmmte: Worship (M8)
8:30 PM Youth Wings 'n' Rings (M30)

24 25 26 27 28 29 30
8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) 9:15 AM Where Moms 9:30 AM Maranatha Singers 6:30 AM Coffeemen Community Group OFFICE CLOSED CLOSED
9:30 AM Cherub Choir (C42) Connect (C41) (M10) (Peet's) Thanksgiving Day
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S) 5:15 PM Girl Scout Troop
9:45 AM Sunday School 3:00 PM Youth Study 11:00 AM Staff Meeting (M5) 9:30 AM Wednesday Women's Bible
10:45 AM Children's Choir (FS) Hall (offsite) 6:00 PM Girl Scout Adult Study (M8) 1186 (FS)
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S) 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces (M10)
12:15 PM Mustard Seed Ministry (S) 6:30 PM Orchestra (S) Training (C41) 11:00 AM Creative Hearts/Creative 7:00 PM Grace Ministries
5:30 PM Youth Group (M30/M9/FH/M18- 7:00 PM Bible Study for 6:45 PM Cub Scout #1131 Hands (M9)
Praise Band (S)
20/M16/C40/C41/K) Women (M8) (M9/M16/M18-20/K/ 6:00 PM Racial Justice & Faith (C41) 7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led 7:00 PM Chancel Choir FH/FHH) 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/FHH/
7:00 PM Source Band (S) (M10)
Worship Service (WC) (M10) 7:30 PM Boy Scout Patriot M9/K/M16/M18-20)
7:30 PM Mighty Peals of District Committee 8:30 PM Youth Wings 'n' Rings (M30)
Joy (M9)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

27 28 29 30 31 1 2

8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) 9:15 AM Where Moms 8:00 AM Preschool (FH) 6:30 AM Coffeemen Community Group 1:00 PM Concert Rehearsal 5:00 PM First Youth Retreat
9:30 AM Cherub Choir (C42) Connect (C40) 9:30 AM Maranatha Singers (Peet's) (S) Fridays - (offsite)
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S) Green
9:45 AM Sunday School 3:00 PM Youth Study (M10) 8:00 AM Preschool (FH) 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces (M10) Groceries 8:00 AM Girl Scout
10:45 AM Children's Choir (FS) Hall (offsite) 11:00 AM Staff Meeting (M5) 9:30 AM Wednesday Women's Bible 7:30 PM Online Bible Study (FH/FHH) Adult Training
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S) 6:45 PM Cub Scout #1131 7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir Event (C40/
12:15 PM Mustard Seed Ministry (S) 6:30 PM Orchestra (S) Study (M8) C41/C58/C59/
2:00 PM Concert Rehearsal (S) 7:00 PM Bible Study for (M9/M16/M18-20/K/ 6:00 PM Racial Justice & Faith (M18-20) (M10) C60/M18-20/
3:00 PM Cmmte: Nominations (M5) FH/FHH) 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/FHH/ FH/M8/M9)
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led Women (M8) 7:00 PM Source Band (S)
Worship Service (WC) 7:00 PM Chancel Choir 7:30 PM Cmmte: Stewardship M9/K/M16/M18-20) 10:00 AM Great
(M5) 7:00 PM Prayer Service (WC) Salvation
3 (M10) 8:30 PM Youth Wings 'n' Rings (M30) Christian
7:30 PM Mighty Peals of Fellowship
Daylight-Saving Time Ends Choir (FS)
Youth Retreat (offsite) Joy (M9)
8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) 7:00 PM Coffeehouse
9:30 AM Cherub Choir (C42) Concert (WC)
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S)
9:45 AM Sunday School 4 5 6 7 8 9
10:45 AM Children's Choir (FS)
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S) Youth Retreat (offsite) 9:30 AM Maranatha Singers 6:30 AM Coffeemen Community Group 10:00 AM Coloring, Grace Ministry Food
12:15 PM Mustard Seed Ministry (S) 7:00 PM Chancel Choir (M10) (Peet's) Cardmaking & Sorting (M9)
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led Conversation
(M10) 11:00 AM Staff Meeting (M5) 9:30 AM Wednesday Women's Bible Community Group 8:00 AM Preschool
Worship Service (WC) 7:30 PM Bible Challenge 6:30 PM Source Planning Study (M8) (M12) Pictures (FS)

Participant Meeting (M10) 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/FHH/ 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces (M10) 8:30 AM UMM
(M18/20) 6:45 PM Cub Scout #1131 M9/K/M16/M18-20) 7:00 PM Grace Ministries Veteran's
7:30 PM Mighty Peals of Breakfast (FH/
Joy (M9) (M9/M16/M18-20/K/ 7:00 PM Cmmte: Preschool (C59) Praise Band (WC) K)
FH/FHH) 7:30 PM Cmmte: SPPRC (M8) 7:30 PM Online Bible Study
7:00 PM Faithful Friends Circle 7:30 PM Cmmte: Trustees (C41) 7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir 9:00 AM NVAEYC
(WC) 8:30 PM Youth Wings 'n' Rings (M30) (M18/20)
7:00 PM Source Band (S) (M10)

The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women
whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons
through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative supportive fellowship; and to expand
concepts of mission through participation in global ministries of the church.
Membership is open to any woman who indicates her desire to belong and to participate in the Global
Mission of the Church through the United Methodist Women.

Betty Whitehurst Circle: The Betty Whitehurst Creative Hearts, Creative Hands: Our
Circle will meet on Monday, November 11 at 7:00 needlework ministry, open to all, will meet in M9

pm at St. Stephen’s in C40. Rev. Forrest Teague, the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month
our new Associate Pastor, will lead the program. (November 12 and 26) from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm.
We welcome any women who would like to join We can be thankful for each other! Please join us
us. We meet the 2nd Monday of the month at for all or part of the time, whatever works for

7:00 pm at the church you. Bring a project that is portable, your lunch,

Faithful Friends Circle: The Faithful Friends and a beverage.
Circle will meet on November 5 at 7:15 pm in the The UMW Reading Program: This month’s
Welcome Center. The program will be Come See a book is How the Woman at the Well Became the Well
Special Harp given by Penny Crickenberger. Guests Woman: A Memoir of an Extraordinary Ordinary Life,

are welcome. by Donna Rhodes. At the age of 7, the author
entered the foster care system, where she lived
Service4Others: In November S40 will help to with 2 unloving families, and eventually back to
prepare breakfast for Grace Ministries. Watch the her biological mother, with whom she had a
Sunday Bulletin for details as to the date, time, and complicated relationship. By the time she was 21
place for this activity. years old, she was on her own with 2 small

New Dimension Circle: This e-mail circle is for children. She dealt with a tremendous number of
women of our church who for whatever reason hardships along the way to eventually finding
cannot participate in a monthly circle meeting, but happiness. The author can relate to the story of
would like to be informed about current UMW the woman at the well in John 4: 4-30, and she
activities, present concerns, and information on quotes these verses in the book. This book is
listed on the 2020 recommended reading list.
UMW and St. Stephen’s in general.

Teen Circle: The Teen Circle Circle will meet on
November 10 at 11:00 am in M9. The program
will be on Gratitude.


UMW is open to all women in the church and our activities include six circles
(including a teen circle and an e-mail circle called the New Dimension Circle),
a Bible Study, a book club, the Creative Hearts, Creative Hands sewing group
(which includes the Prayer Shawl Ministry), an annual Women’s Weekend retreat,
and the Maranatha Singers. For more information on any of our activities please pick up a blue UMW
Activity Sheet in the Gathering Place or on the UMW Bulletin Board.

Frances Allen Circle: The Frances Allen Circle UMW Board Meeting: Our next UMW Board
will meet on Thursday, November 14 at 9:30 am meeting will be on Monday, November 18 in

in the Parlor (M8). Judy Graves, formerly with the Room C40 from 9:30 - 11:30 am. All are welcome
Library of Congress, will be our guest speaker. It to attend.
would be a pleasure to welcome guests and
prospective members. Save the Date! Advent Festival, Saturday,
December 7 at 9:30 am: The United Methodist
Wednesday Women’s Bible Study: Although Women will be participating in the Advent

the group is midway through the book, GOOD Festival. The Maranatha Singers will be presenting
NEWS!! - each chapter is a different Psalm. So, their annual program of holiday music. The theme
come try out a great study of these amazing this year is “♫ Here Comes Christmas!” Some of
poems set to music – delve deeper in the facts of the songs that will be sung are: All is Well,

the times, and focus more on wisdom revealed – Christmas Night, I’ll Be Home for Christmas, and
for a more Christ-centered story that God wants Light Up the Tree. Along with the music program
to give you! (Yes, Christ is in the Old Testament – will be an ornament exchange (please bring an
ornament with your name, address, and phone
we just have to learn where we see Him.)
number on it to put on the tree in the Gathering
It’s a casual, friendly, supportive group of women Place to exchange with a prayer partner) and a
Candle Burning ceremony to honor or
who meet at 9:30 am every Wednesday, working commemorate loved ones. We invite you to
our way through a creative workbook – Finding participate in both of these activities. More
Hope in the Psalms. Everyone reading God’s information on the Festival will be forthcoming.
word is always a beginner: curious, excited, hungry Please mark your calendar for this wonderful
and ALWAYS where God wants us. And it’s a fun beginning of the Holy Christmas season.
time!! Prayfully consider this to be your Psalms,
your time.

Ways to Get Connected with Your Church Friends!

This year, Children and Family Ministry focuses on
providing age-based fellowship opportunities for
children and families and supporting them to build
up relationships with each other regularly. We created
a gathering called “Let’s Get Together” for five
different groups on different Sunday after the 11 am
service. Activities include a light lunch, information/
wisdom sharing, encouragement and fellowship
among parents. Depending on the targeting group,
kids may stay with the parents for the whole time or
have their own fun time with Sunday School teachers
or childcare providers. Two gatherings happened in
the past two months, and three will be coming up. Our goal is to help the kids and
families to make their church friends that they can meet outside of church events
and support each other as someone is going through a life crisis or tough time as a
supporter and prayer partner.

In addition to the gathering, we are also compiling a Family Directory to help the
families connect more easily. Participation is voluntary. Only those, who give
permission to share their contact information with others, will be given others’
information. The Family Directory will include the following information: child's
name & age/grade, parent name(s), and parent email address(es).

There are more ways to get connected with your church friends. Please check Sunday
bulletin or Children’s Weekly eNews for upcoming events.

Also, we look forward to seeing everyone at the Advent Festival on Saturday,
December 7, from 10 a.m. until 1 p.m. Our Cherub Choir and Children’s Choir will
be singing in the concert. More detailed information about this intergenerational
event can be found elsewhere in the Scroll.

“I’ve seen the Lord”

John 20:18

Youth Ministry News for 7-12 Graders

What’s Coming Up!
• Sunday School 9:45 am Sr. High in M30, Jr. High in M9

• Youth Group Sundays at 5:30 pm
• Evening Chapel Sundays at 6:30 pm

• Monday Study Hall
3-5 pm at King’s Park Peet’s
• Wednesday Wings ‘n’ Rings
8:30 - 10pm in the Youth Room (16+)
• No Youth Group on Nov. 3
• No Study Hall on Nov. 4
• New Chapel Series Starts November 10:
Women in the Bible led by the Women of St. Stephen’s
• Confirmation Orientation

January 12 at 12:15


St. Stephen’s UMC
9203 Braddock Road
Burke, VA 22015

Thanksgiving Grace Ministries!
Your Help is Needed!

Many, many hands and hearts are needed to help Donating clothing or toys: gently used men’s,
this year as we anticipate serving over 400 families women’s, youth, and children’s clothing, baby items,
in need by providing turkeys and Thanksgiving toys, children’s books
foods, in addition to other food and clothing Volunteering to sort food and clothing:
donations. Friday, Nov. 22, 3:30 to 6:00 pm
Please consider helping by: Help distribute turkeys, food, and clothing:
Donating Thanksgiving foods: specific needs are Saturday, Nov. 23: 6:30 am to 1 pm
for canned sweet potatoes and cranberry sauce Cleanup:
(food donations needed by Wednesday 11/20 and Saturday, Nov. 23, 11:30 am to 2 pm
can be left in the Gathering Space closet or Room Pray: Lift up this ministry in prayer

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