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St. Stephen's Monthly Newsletter for January 2020

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January 2020 Scroll

St. Stephen's Monthly Newsletter for January 2020

The Scroll
January 2020

Boy Scout Luminaries
at Antietam
Photo by Dan Peck

Rev. Rob Robertson Contact Information
Senior Pastor
Tammy Lydon
Extension 104 Director of Music Ministries

Extension 107

Rev. Jiyeon Kim Harold Mansfield
Associate Pastor Maintenance Engineer

Extension 103 703-978-8724

Rev. Forrest Teague Veronica Mayes
Associate Pastor Preschool Director

Extension 105 Kathleen Quinn
Preschool Assistant Director
Mike Faunda
Director of Media Ministries Susan Snow
Financial Manager
Kristie Jackson
Administrative Assistant Extension 106

Extension 100 Rob Vaughan
Coordinator of Communications
Esther Lee
Accompanist Extension 110

Dr. Ingrid Lestrud Karen Wells
Children’s Music Ministry Coordinator Office Manager

Extension 102

St. Stephen’s United Methodist Church

9203 Braddock Rd., Burke, VA 22015


A New Four-Week Sermon Series Begins Sunday, January 5

“Eureka!” is an exclamation that celebrates a new discovery or invention! It was first attributed to the Ancient Greek
mathematician and inventor Archimedes, when he had his scientific epiphany while taking a bath approximately 2,250
years ago! Archimedes “discovered” the relation between weight and volume! Other men and women, whether it was Sir
Isaac Newton, John Wesley, Gertrude Elion or Jane Goodall have had their revelations or epiphanies when they
discovered something new! Of course, before each of these discoveries, these people devoted themselves to their fields of
study! During the Eureka! sermon series, through the power of the Holy Spirit, we will devote ourselves to discovering
more about Jesus that we might have our own epiphanies and “eureka!” moments about Jesus and what he means to the
lives of everyone who call themselves his “disciples!” Eureka! Join the discoveries this January, beginning on Epiphany

Date Scripture Message Title

January 5, 2020 Matthew 2:1-12 Overwhelmed with Joy!
January 12, 2020 Matthew 3:13-17 This is the One!
January 19, 2020 John 1:29-42 Lamb of God!
January 26, 2020 Matthew 4:12-25 The One Who Calls!

Our Church Family

New Constituents: Christian & Natalie Hoover

Blood Drive God’s Welcome Class

January is National Volunteer “Gospel hospitality is God’s welcome is a
Blood Donor Month, and St. welcome that is deep and wide . . . into a
Stephen’s will be hosting its next new into a new way of seeing and living . . .
blood drive on Monday, Jan. 20 into abundant life, into God’s own life,”
(the Martin Luther King holiday) writes Amy Oden. Join us for a two-week
from 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm in the study based on Oden’s book God’s Welcome:
Fellowship Hall. Inova Blood Hospitality for a Gospel-Hungry World to learn
Donor Services reports that about the practice of extending God’s
currently, there is an urgent hospitality. Led by Lorac Lawton and Ed
need for the following types of blood: A+, A-, B+, B-, Baird. January 5 and 12, 12:30-2:00 pm in M9. Book,
O+, O- and AB-. lunch, and childcare provided.

You are eligible to donate if you are in good health, weigh Practicing God’s Welcome
at least 110 pounds, are at least 16 years of age, and have
not donated whole blood since Nov. 25, 2019. The Inova Sunday, January 19
team will also have the ALYX system available for those 5:30 – 7:30 pm
who wish to donate “double reds.”
Dinner, Discussion, and Chapel Service
If you have previously signed up to donate, you will be
contacted to confirm your appointment. New donors are Please come and participate in St. Stephens’ 35th
especially welcome. Please reinforce that New Year’s annual remembrance and celebration of the
resolution to be more helpful to others in need by being a ministry of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
blood donor and giving someone the “gift of life.”
Speaker: Grace
Serve With Us Stephenson

First Fridays/Green Groceries Grace is a long-time
member of St. Stephen’s
Join us January 3, and whose boundless energy
the first Friday of every and love has helped many
month for First people through outreach
Fridays/Green ministries in our area and
Groceries, our monthly in New Jersey where she
distribution of fresh
produce to our now lives.
neighbors in need.
Let’s gather as a community for dinner, discussion, and
Grace Ministries worship. Please invite your friends and neighbors.

Join us the afternoon of Men often hate each other because they fear each other;
January 24 for setup, they fear each other because they don't know each other;
and/or the morning of they don't know each other because they can not
January 25 for the communicate; they can not communicate because they are
distribution and cleanup separated.
of Grace Ministries, our
monthly distribution of ~ Martin Luther King, Jr. 1958
food, clothing,
children’s items, and household items to our neighbors in Sponsored by the Church and Society Committee
need. Grace Ministries occurs the 4th weekend of most
months, with some shifts for holidays.

What is the Bible Challenge? What if I fall behind?

A church-wide opportunity to deepen our faith by joining Not a problem! Really! We have a strict “come as you are”
with other people to read the Bible in a year. policy when we meet. This means that we keep in mind that

How does the Bible Challenge work? this is not a competition or a race, and we’re not concerned
about where folks are in the plan. Instead we focus on what

Each day we set aside time to read the bible using a reading we’ve learned (or struggled with) along the way, so that we
plan developed by The plan is available can encourage each other. If you fall behind you’ll still
in PDF format and also as a handy mobile app (from the benefit from the meetings and discussion, and I'm sure
App Store or wherever you get your apps). Woven into the you'll find that you’re in good company! :)

reading plan are short informative videos that introduce you Why should I do the Bible Challenge?
to what you’ll be reading. You’ll find a sample video at this
link. Once a month we meet to discuss what we’ve been Most of us have certain passages in the Bible that we’re

reading, discuss any questions/difficult passages we may familiar with. This is an opportunity to move beyond those
have encountered, and generally encourage each other. passages and take a tour of everything that God has placed

How much time will this take? at your disposal in God’s Word. You’ll be sharing the
journey with other folks, and the different perspectives we

I’d recommend setting aside about 30 minutes a day for each bring adds a richness to what we learn. Lastly, and
this. Some people may take less time, others more. most importantly it’s an opportunity to deepen your
knowledge of, and relationship with God.

How can I sign up?

Sign up by writing #21 on your Connect Card on Sunday or
by contacting Pastor Rob!

Boy Scout Luuminaries at Antietam Hypothermia
Sheltering 2020
Boy Scout Troop 1131, which is affiliated with St.
Stephen’s, has been one of select community groups who Mark your calendars – March 8-15
set out 23,000 luminaries for the first Saturday in
December evening drive-through at Antietam National Your help is needed – meals, visiting, driving!
Battlefield, site of the single bloodiest day in U.S. history.
St. Stephen’s will be serving as a shelter for homeless
Welcome Center Updates men and women again in the new year! Mark your
calendar to help!
Since paper recycles better, the Welcome Center has
switched to paper cups for both hot and cold beverages. Contact Cathy Liverman, Sonja Tussing, Julie
We were unable to find cup sleeves, so feel free to use Bryant, Scott Prothero, Dick Collier, or Pastor Forrest
double cups for hot drinks. Thank you to all our hosts! to volunteer.

Many volunteers are needed! Thanks!!

12 13 14 15 16 17 18

12:00 AM Boy Scouts (FH) Preschool (WC) Preschool (WC) Preschool (WC) Preschool (WC) Preschool (WC) 10:00 AM Great
8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) 9:15 AM Where Moms 8:00 AM Preschool (WC/ 6:30 AM Coffeemen Community 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces 6:00 PM MPK Salvation
9:30 AM Cherub Choir (C42) Christian
9:30 AM Sr. High Sunday School Class (K) Connect (C40) FS/M18-20/FH) Group (Peet's) (M10) (FH/K/ Fellowship
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S) 3:00 PM Youth Study Hall 9:30 AM Maranatha Singers 8:00 AM Preschool (WC/FS/M18-20/ 7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir M18/20/ Choir (FS)
9:45 AM Sunday School M9)
10:45 AM Children's Choir (FS) (offsite) (M10) FH (M10)
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S) 6:30 PM Orchestra (S) 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 9:30 AM Wednesday Women's Bible
12:00 PM Church & Society Book Study 7:00 PM Betty Whitehurst
(M9) (M5) Study (M8)
12:15 PM Mustard Seed Ministry (S) Circle (C40) 4:00 PM Donuts With 11:00 AM Men's Bible Study (C40)
5:30 PM Youth Group (M30/M9/FH/M18- 7:00 PM Bible Study for 12:00 PM Retired Men's Lunch (M9)
20/M16/C40/C41/K) Daisy (offsite) 4:00 PM Deadline for SCROLL
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led Women (M8) 6:45 PM Cub Scout #1131
Worship Service (WC) 7:00 PM Chancel Choir (M10) Articles
7:30 PM Mighty Peals of Joy (M9/M16/M18-20/ 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/
19 K/FH/FHH)
(M9) 7:00 PM Source Band (S) FHH/M9/K/M16/M18-20)
8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) 7:30 PM Girl Scout Service 7:00 PM Cmmte: Youth Ministry (M5)
9:30 AM Cherub Choir (C42) Unit 54-15 (FS) 7:30 PM Children & Family Council
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S)
9:45 AM Sunday School (FS)
10:45 AM Children's Choir (FS) 7:30 PM Cmmte: Finance (C41)
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S) 8:30 PM Youth Wings 'n' Rings (M30)
12:15 PM Mustard Seed Ministry (S)
5:30 PM Youth Group (M30/M9/FH/M18- 20 21 22 23 24 25

20/M16/C40/C41/K) Martin L. King, Jr. Day 8:00 AM Preschool (WC/ 6:30 AM Coffeemen Community 8:00 AM Preschool (FS) Grace Ministries 7:00 AM Grace
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led 2:00 PM Blood Drive (FH/ FS/M18-20/FH) Group (Peet's) 8:00 AM Preschool (WC) Food Ministries
5:15 PM Girl Scout Troop
Worship Service (WC) FHH) 9:30 AM Maranatha Singers 8:00 AM Preschool (WC/FS/M18-20/ Sorting (FS) 5:00 PM Cub Scout
3:00 PM Youth Study Hall (M10) FH 1186 (FS) 4:00 PM Grace #698 Pinewood
6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 Derby (FH/
(offsite) 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 9:30 AM Wednesday Women's Bible Ministries FHH)
6:30 PM Orchestra (S) (M5) Study (M8) Committees (M9) Set-Up
7:00 PM Bible Study for 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces
11:15 AM Lunch With 11:00 AM Creative Hearts/Creative
Women (M8) Friends (M18/20-K) Hands (M9) (M10)
7:00 PM Chancel Choir (M10) 7:00 PM Grace Ministries
7:30 PM Mighty Peals of Joy 6:00 PM Girl Scout Troop 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/
54075 (FS) FHH/M9/K/M16/M18-20) Praise Band (S)
(M9) 7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir
6:45 PM Cub Scout #1131 7:30 PM Church Council (C41)
(M9/M16/M18-20/ 8:30 PM Youth Wings 'n' Rings (M30) (M10)

7:00 PM Source Band (S)

26 27 28 29 30 31 1

8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) 9:30 AM UMW Board 8:00 AM Preschool (WC/ 6:30 AM Coffeemen Community 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces 10:00 AM Great
9:30 AM Cherub Choir (C42) Meeting (C40) FS/M18-20/FH) Group (Peet's) (M10) Salvation
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S) Christian
9:45 AM Sunday School 3:00 PM Youth Study Hall 9:30 AM Maranatha Singers 8:00 AM Preschool (WC/FS/M18-20/ 7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir Fellowship
10:45 AM Children's Choir (FS) (offsite) (M10) FH (M10) Choir (FS)
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S)
12:15 PM Mustard Seed Ministry (S) 6:30 PM Orchestra (S) 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 9:30 AM Wednesday Women's Bible
12:15 PM Starting Point (C41) 7:00 PM Bible Study for (M5) Study (M8)
5:30 PM Youth Group (M30/M9/FH/M18-
Women (M8) 6:00 PM Girl Scout Adult 6:00 PM Racial Justice & Faith (M18-
20/M16/C40/C41/K) 7:00 PM Chancel Choir (M10) Training (C41) 20)
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led 7:30 PM Mighty Peals of Joy
6:45 PM Cub Scout #1131 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/
Worship Service (WC) (M9) (M9/M16/M18-20/ FHH/M9/K/M16/M18-20)
8:30 PM Youth Wings 'n' Rings (M30)
7:00 PM Source Band (S)
7:30 PM Boy Scout Patriot

District Committee


Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday

29 30 31 1 2 3 4

8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) 3:15 PM FACETS Meal Prep. 11:00 AM Staff Meeting New Year's Day 10:00 AM Coloring, 5:00 PM First 10:00 AM Great
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S) (FHH/K) (M5) OFFICE CLOSED Cardmaking & Fridays - Salvation
9:45 AM Sunday School Conversation Green Christian
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S) Community Group Groceries Fellowship
5:30 PM Youth Group (M30/M9/FH/M18- (M12) (FH/FHH) Choir (FS)
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces
Worship Service (WC) (M10)

7:00 PM Grace Ministries
Praise Band (WC)

7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir

5 6 7 8 9 10 11

8:30 AM Traditional Worship Service (S) 9:15 AM Where Moms 9:30 AM Maranatha Singers 6:30 AM Coffeemen Community 9:00 AM Frances Allen 7:00 PM Youth 12:00 AM Youth
9:30 AM Cherub Choir (C42) Connect (C40) (M10) Group (Peet's) Circle (C40) Lock-In Lock-In (FH/
9:45 AM Contemporary Worship (S) (FH/WC/ WC/K/M9)
9:45 AM Sunday School 3:00 PM Youth Study Hall 11:00 AM Staff Meeting 9:30 AM Wednesday Women's Bible 5:15 PM Girl Scout Troop K/M9)
10:45 AM Children's Choir (FS) (offsite) (M5) Study (M8) 1186 (FS) 8:00 AM UMM
11:00 AM Classic Worship Service (S) Breakfast (K/
12:00 PM Church & Society Book Study 6:30 PM Orchestra (S) 6:30 PM Source Planning 11:00 AM Creative Hearts/Creative 6:30 PM Cmmte: Music M18-20)
7:00 PM Bible Study for (M10) Hands (M9) (M5)
(M9) 9:00 AM NVAEYC
12:15 PM Mustard Seed Ministry (S) Women (M8) 6:45 PM Cub Scout #1131 6:30 PM Boy Scouts #1131 (FH/ 7:00 PM Bits & Pieces (FS)
5:30 PM Youth Group (M30/M9/FH/M18- 7:00 PM Chancel Choir (M10) (M9/M16/M18-20/ FHH/M9/K/M16/M18-20) (M10)
7:30 PM Mighty Peals of Joy K/FH/FHH) 12:00 PM Boy Scouts
20/M16/C40/C41/K) 7:00 PM Cmmte: FIT (C40) 7:30 PM Boy Scout Round (FH/K/M9/
6:30 PM Evening Chapel: A Youth Led (M9) 7:00 PM Source Band (S) 7:30 PM Cmmte: Church & Society Table (FH/M18-20) M30/M16)

Worship Service (WC) (C41) 7:45 PM Mostly Men Choir
7:30 PM Cmmte: FACE (M8) (M10)
7:30 PM Stephen Ministry (C58)
8:30 PM Youth Wings 'n' Rings (M30)

The organized unit of United Methodist Women shall be a community of women
whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons
through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative supportive fellowship; and to expand
concepts of mission through participation in global ministries of the church.
Membership is open to any woman who indicates her desire to belong and to participate in the Global
Mission of the Church through the United Methodist Women.

Betty Whitehurst Circle: The Betty Whitehurst The UMW Reading Program: This month’s
Circle will meet on Monday, January 13 at 7:00 pm book is Meaningful Work: A Quest to Do Great

in C40. Jeanette Parham will lead the program. If Business, Find Your Calling, and Feed Your Soul, by
this would be your first time meeting with us, we Shawn Askinosie, founder of Askinosie
meet the 2nd Monday of the month at 7:00 pm at Chocolate, with Lawren Askinosie. The author
was a criminal defense lawyer, who believed that if
the church.
he continued in that profession for one more year,
Faithful Friends Circle: The Faithful Friends he would die due to the stress. He left the law
Circle will meet at Darlene Allison’s home on profession and went on a retreat at a monastery,
Tuesday, January 14 at 7:15 pm. Suzanne Cerney where he learned that it was just as important to
will present the UMW pledge program. be in a state of "being" as it was to be in a state of

Service4Others: Watch the bulletin for details "doing." He realized that it was his passion to
about the January meeting and mission make delicious chocolate in a people-focused
workplace. He established business practices for
teamwork, as well as programs to help the cocoa
New Dimension Circle: Please help spread the farmers' communities (for example, working with
word! This group is for all women of our church, the schools to end malnutrition). The author
in any season of life who might not be able to wrote his own "Rule for Life" to give him balance
participate in UMW in person or on a regular between his work life and his spiritual life. The
basis, but who would like to feel connected to Rule is a guide to daily "belonging to Christ." This
current UMW activities at St. Stephen’s, in our is not on the 2020 Recommended Reading List.
District, and beyond. We invite you to help us
grow – you can join and encourage others to join Wednesday Women’s Bible Study: We are
the New Dimension Circle email list for a continuing the workbook Hope in the Psalms and it's

monthly update and occasional additional emails an interactive way of diving into the Psalms --
about specific events, opportunities, or prayer beautiful and heartfelt poems set to music which
are still relevant every day of our current path to a
concerns. better relationship with God. And yes, Christ is in
the Old Testament, here in the Psalms stories. It's
Teen Circle: The Teen Circle will meet on tricky and exciting! This is a casual and friendly
January 12 at 11:00 am in M9. The program will group of women who meet 9:30 to 11 am every
be on Changes.

Wednesday. We start the new year on January 8.

Remember that every Bible studier was once a
beginner and everyone helps each other. It's a fun
time, so prayerfully consider this be your time to

spend with God's word.


UMW is open to all women in the church and our activities include six circles
(including a teen circle and an e-mail circle called the New Dimension Circle),
a Bible Study, a book club, the Creative Hearts, Creative Hands sewing group
(which includes the Prayer Shawl Ministry), an annual Women’s Weekend retreat,
and the Maranatha Singers. For more information on any of our activities please pick up a blue UMW
Activity Sheet in the Gathering Place or on the UMW Bulletin Board.

Frances Allen Circle: The Frances Allen Circle UMW Board Meeting: Our next UMW Board
will meet Thursday, January 9 at 9:30 am at St. meeting will be on Monday, January 27 in C40 at

Stephen’s in the UMW Room (C40). Rev. Forrest 9:30 am. All are welcome to attend.
Teague will be our guest speaker. Prospective
members and guests are welcome. Advent Festival, Saturday, December 7 from
10 am to 1:00 pm: The United Methodist
Creative Hearts, Creative Hands: The times Women, with the Maranatha Singers and the
they are a changin’! Time to rethink Creative Children’s Choirs helped kick off the holiday

Hearts-Creative Hands Needlework Group and season with a concert during the Advent Festival.
make decisions about its future. Come join us on As part of the music program from 11:00 am to
Wednesday, January 8 at 11:00 am in M9 to help noon there was a Candle Burning Ceremony to
shape the future. Just one can make a difference. honor or commemorate loved ones. Following the
performance there was an ornament exchange and
UMW Charitable Gifts for 2019: Each year the a reception in which UMW members and others
St. Stephen’s United Methodist Women sends brought plates of Christmas goodies to share and
donations to many worthy groups as a way of enjoy. Other activities of the Advent Festival
providing assistance. We hope that with our small included a Gifts that Give Market, DIY (Do It
donations to these many groups, we can add our Yourself) stations, and a food truck where lunch
items could be purchased. All were invited - there
touch to others’ in addressing issues such as was something for everyone. It was a very
hunger, housing, poverty, and hopelessness. We successful day and a wonderful beginning of the
sent the following assistance in 2019: we sent $100 Holy Christmas season.
each to: The Lamb Center, Africa University Farm
Development in Zimbabwe, Virginia United
Methodist Homes, Chaplain Service Prison UMW Board Officer Installation and Awards
Ministry, St. Stephen’s UMC Preschool, United Presentations: This event will take place on
Methodist Family Services, Jill’s House, Rising Sunday, January 26 at the 8:30 am service.
Hope United Methodist Church, FACET’s
Fairfax, and Fairfax FISH. We also sent donations
of $144 to the Lamb Center, and $143 each to
Rising Hope United Methodist Church and St.

Stephen’s UMC Youth Mission Trips from the
Frances Allen Circle, which is one of the smaller
groups of the United Methodist Women. These
donations, along with others that we have sent

through our quarterly dues to the Alexandria
District United Methodist Women each year help
us to realize our goal of expanding our concept
of mission through participation in the global

ministries of the church and the world.

In the New Year, Children and Family Ministry continues to
provide opportunities for the families to get together
and build up relationships among them as they learn
more about the love of God.

• 3-year-old Devotional Kits Presentation

 Who?: 3 years old children and their parents
 When?: Sunday, January 19, 2020 @ 8:30 a.m., 9:45

a.m. & 11:00 a.m.
 Where?: Dedication of kits in Sanctuary during

morning worship services
 What’s happening?: Kits are given to families with

children who are 3 or turning 3 within 2020 to help
develop spiritual practices at home such as reading
the Bible together, prayer, and daily devotions and
having a prayer before dinner.

 Let’s Get Together for Preschool and Kindergarten Families

 Who?: 3 year old - Kindergarten children and their parents
 When?: Sunday, January 19, 2020 @ 12:15-1:15 p.m.
 Where?: Fireside Room
 What’s happening?: Activities include a light lunch, games, information sharing,

encouragement & fellowship among parents
 More info: Childcare is available for older or younger siblings

 Family Bowling

 Who?: All children and their families
 When?: Monday, January 20, 2020 @ 10:00 a.m.
 Where?: Burke Bowl America on Guinea Road
 What’s happening?: Activities include a 1 game of bowling, fellowship, and a lot of

laughter and cheers.
 Details will be available soon.

“I’ve seen the Lord”
John 20:18

Youth Ministry News for 7-12 Graders

Youth Lock In!
• when, Jan 10-11 7pm-8am
• where, St. Stephens with a
trip to Fairfax Ice Arena
• Who, 7-12 graders
• How much, $20 with scholarships available.
• What we eatin, late night IHOP run
• Signup online:

Don’t Forget:
Confirmation Orientation is

January 12
at 12:15 pm at St. Stephen’s!


January 2020

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